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Can two people who can't overcome their own pasts help each other move on and find happiness? When a disillusioned rock star is confronted by an anxiety ridden travel writer, he has a week to prove he's not one of the bad boys she's sworn off. But first he has to convince himself and find out why she's running herself into the ground by running around the world.Chelsea SpeCan two people who can't overcome their own pasts help each other move on and find happiness? When a disillusioned rock star is confronted by an anxiety ridden travel writer, he has a week to prove he's not one of the bad boys she's sworn off. But first he has to convince himself and find out why she's running herself into the ground by running around the world.Chelsea Spencer is a travel writer who has spent the last six years traveling at a punishing pace that leaves little time for food or sleep. When her body shuts down in the Australian Outback, her doctors give her strict orders to stay put for two months. Chelsea complies by staying in Seattle with her brother, but for Chelsea, stopping is more hazardous than running. Old anxiety and panic fueled by feelings of helplessness flood Chelsea when her mind isn't otherwise occupied and the months seem like torture. All she wants is to get back on the road without any further complications; like a broken heart....

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Blindsided Reviews

  • Katrina Passick Lumsden
    2018-10-28 15:22

    So here I am, reviewing yet another mindless, corny, predictable romance novel. I can understand why these books are so addicting, they don't require a lot of thought and they allow you to escape into a fantasy world, which is what all good writing should do. Truly good writing, however, does not make you gag or roll your eyes in inappropriate places. I struggled with how many stars to give Blindsided because I'm not sure it was bad enough to receive a measly two stars. But then, when I really thought about it, it definitely wasn't good enough to receive three. I would rather round down and give other potential readers a more realistic review than try a sunny take on things and disappoint people by getting their hopes up in regards to a mediocre story. Blindsided is the story of a young, troubled woman named Chelsea, thrown together by fate with aging, jaded rock star Nate. I was wary from the first page when I spotted the use of the word "detritus" amongst generally common-place, every day words. When this occurs in fiction, the only thing I can think is that the audience is being tricked into thinking the author has a large vocabulary when in reality, the author peaked at a thesaurus every now and then. I really don't think it's necessary to be a literary poseur when writing romance fiction.The only thing really holding this story up was the sex scenes, which are plentiful. I generally enjoy sex scenes, but there were almost too many in this book. I wasn't offended in the least, I was just beginning to get bored with Chelsea's wetness and Nate's throbbing erection. Seriously, find something else to do. However, when they did find something else to do, they were ridiculously boring cliche's. Nate has given up groupies, wants to settle down with the right woman, is the misunderstood bad boy with a heart of gold, blah, blah, blah. Chelsea is the fiercely independent (yeah, right) career woman with a secret who doesn't want to be tied down to yet another bad boy whom she's sure will break her heart. Yes, it's one of those stories where the stereotypical gender roles are reversed...the kind of story that makes me wonder why any woman would want a man like Nate. He acts like a woman. If that's what you want, you might be a lesbian. But I digress...I will never understand why characters like Chelsea are regarded as strong and independent when in reality, Chelsea is a scared, emotionally detached, weak co-dependent. If she were a truly strong woman, she wouldn't be nearly killing herself running around the world in an attempt to outrun her past. It's Nate taking her by the hand and forcing her to face her demons that makes all the difference. Without Nate's interference, Chelsea would have continued on her self-destructive path, likely right to her grave. So she's strong and independent, yet weak enough that she needed a man to help her turn her life around....? I'm really tired of romance writers trying to have it both ways. I think the thing that bothered me the most about this book (aside from the predictability, numerous writing errors, and deluxe mac 'n' cheese), was Chelsea. I could not, in any way, relate to this character...which is strange considering she suffers from a panic disorder, something I've struggled with for the past 12 years. It just isn't believable. Her panic, her brand of self-medication, her "recovery"...none of it is believable, and it is, of course, wrapped up far too easily. Panic disorders are a serious medical condition that, once developed, never really go away. Yet, once Chelsea gets some closure on her previous issues, she's miraculously healed! Tada! Look, Ma, no more crazy! This book can never be accused of flirting with reality. Oh, and can I just ask, what is the obsession with tiny women paired with ginormous men? Is it some sort of infantile victim complex? Chelsea is described as a very thin 5'5" while Nate is a muscle-bound 6'4". As a curvy, 5'10", I find it repulsive that female authors continually insist on portraying truly feminine characters as "petite". It's sexist. And I'm tired of it.

  • Karla
    2018-11-17 16:24

    Such a promising start, with an interesting set of circumstances, then a lot of mindless narrative, and the book took forever to get to the heart of the matter.There’s an instant attraction between Nate and Chelsea, and it actually worked very well and was quite believable. What didn’t work was the explanation that was given for Chelsea’s need to “run”. It just didn’t ring true for me, and I’m not quite sure it was explained in enough detail. I kept going back to see if I missed something. That’s never a good sign. There was also a secondary story that involved Chelsea’s brother, Tony, and his girlfriend Jen. It had no place in this book and felt like filler. On its own it might have been a nice little novella, but it added nothing to the story, other than additional words that might have been better used to elaborate on Chelsea’s not so believable “panic disorder”. The author does write very well, there is no denying that. What I mean by that is, she has a way with words, she just needs to stick to the point and not go off in so many different directions. She wrote some very sensual, passionate encounters between Nate and Chelsea. I enjoyed the dialogue between them, in and out of the bedroom, kitchen, car, broom closet; let’s just say they enjoyed each other. Nate was yummy bad boy, who just wanted some normalcy in his life. I could see how someone who lived that rocker lifestyle would want a sanctuary away from the endless fan recognition. Chelsea was fun in the beginning and then she became irritating with her indecisiveness. I wasn’t really on board with her explanations for her odd behavior, that bordered on self-destruction. Overall it wasn’t a horrible book; it was just confusing and long winded.

  • Morgan
    2018-11-11 17:46

    CLICK HERE TO READ MORE REVIEWS AT READING, EATING & DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFThis book was a good find! Blindsided by Sayer Adams was a steamy romance with a well-developed, intriguing storyline. The character were also well developed and very likeable. I’ve recently read a few adult novels that were mainly focused on the physical aspect of the characters relationship, but this novel isn’t only about sex. Blindsided shows you, step-by-step, how Nate and Chelsea’s relationship develops: emotionally and physically. Chelsea and Nate go on dates, talk about themselves, etc.! Their relationship was realistic and believable (compared to other fictitious couples who never have a relationship outside of the bedroom). A few negatives:Maybe I am younger than the intended audience for this book, but I really wish Nate’s character could have been younger. (I am NOT saying 40 is old!) I am saying that it was hard for me to picture a sexy, rock and roll god who is 40 years old. Early thirties would have been a lot more believable and easier for me to picture! Not everyone will see this as an “issue”, but I did.Let me intro this one….Blindsided is told by a couple characters perspectives, mainly Chelsea and Nate. However, you also occasionally hear from Tony, Chelsea’s brother. Here is where my weird personal quirk came in… After almost every intimate seen between Chelsea and Nate, Adams switched to Tony’s perspective. Not that he had any clue what was going on with his sister and the rock star at the time, but still this was weird for me. Many people will read this novel and think NOTHING of this, but it was a bit strange for me. Plus, I just didn’t really care for Tony’s story. I was so wrapped up in Chelsea and Nate that I didn’t want to hear anyone else’s point of view. I could have done without Tony’s perspective all together.Another thing that crossed my mind after reading this novel…where are all the paparazzi and screaming fans? They date around town quite a bit for this to have not been addressed. Just saying!I gave Blindsided by Sayer Adams 3 STARS. (Technically it's 3.25 STARS, LOL). 3 STARS means I liked it. Blindsided was an exciting, sexy story and I recommend it to older young adults. I am looking forward to reading the next In the Band novel by Sayer Adams about Nate’s drummer, Sean. I will let you know how the next book is too, so check back.-XOXOREADING, EATING & DREAMING

  • Dys
    2018-11-18 19:28

    A quick, easy read, but nothing much more than that. After years of endless women, aging rocker, Nick, has given up one night stands and flings. He's finally looking to settle down and hopes to accomplish this by...hiding out in the country, completely isolated and yelling at any woman who comes near him. Not really the most solid of plans. When Chelsea Spencer shows up at his door, Nick is ready to lay in to her. In reality, Chelsea doesn't have a clue who he is. She's spent the last 6 years running around the world as a travel writer. Her nonstop, grueling pace earned her a stay in the hospital and a prescription for a forced sabbatical - one that isn't going that well.When Nick and Chelsea meet, they share an instant connection. She could be the forever girl Nick's been waiting for. He could be the man Chelsea stops running for.///I didn't hate this book, but I didn't find it much to rave about either. It was...nice. If you're looking for a fast, light, cheese-filled book than this is a solid choice. If you're looking for something a bit deeper, emotional or real - skip this one. There are much better jaded rock star books out there.The story kept switching between smutty and cheesy, going a bit extreme in both senses. I can't believe I'm complaining, but there was almost too much sex in this book. It's almost the only thing they did other than mushy pseudo dates and kissy face moments. Chelsea must have ruined a ton of panties in her almost constant state of wetness. Between her moistness and Nick's never ending erection, I don't see how they found time to do much else.The alternating PoVs was well done enough, though the parts with Chelsea's brother were just odd. I didn't really see the point in including him or his own drama. Maybe if his side story was more developed I'd have understood it. Unfortunately for me, it was just a random bunch of paragraphs that distracted from the main story for no reason.Predictable, but enjoyable. 3/5 stars.

  • Wendy
    2018-11-17 19:44

    OH, MY GOSH!!!I can't even tell you how bored I am with this already and I just started. I don't think I can even read the rest of this book. I really really wanted to like this because I'm such a fan of the rock star falls in love kinda thing, but this is just slow and all out disaster for my tastes. There's not much for coversations and this is a major let down for me. I need more bantering, humor, emotion....SOMETHING. This just isn't good enough for me.

  • Vixster
    2018-10-25 17:35

    3.5*Enjoyed this book, I love an angry Alfa attitude, just wished Nate had a bit more fire than he did

  • Hbeebti
    2018-10-18 11:23

    Not bad but Chelsea was really annoying.

  • Kimi
    2018-10-18 18:49

    Really liked this book. I think their relationship happened too quickly but once I finished the book, I loved them together.

  • Kaetrin
    2018-11-07 15:26

    1.5 stars, rounded up. Why I read it: I saw it recommended in a list of rock star hero books and bought it for 99c from Amazon a while back. I had a hankering for a rock star and Mari Carr's Fix You wasn't released yet, so I picked this up.What it's about: (from Goodreads) Can two people who can't overcome their own pasts help each other move on and find happiness? When a disillusioned rock star is confronted by an anxiety ridden travel writer, he has a week to prove he's not one of the bad boys she's sworn off. But first he has to convince himself and find out why she's running herself into the ground by running around the world.Chelsea Spencer is a travel writer who has spent the last six years traveling at a punishing pace that leaves little time for food or sleep. When her body shuts down in the Australian Outback, her doctors give her strict orders to stay put for two months. Chelsea complies by staying in Seattle with her brother, but for Chelsea, stopping is more hazardous than running. Old anxiety and panic fueled by feelings of helplessness flood Chelsea when her mind isn't otherwise occupied and the months seem like torture. All she wants is to get back on the road without any further complications; like a broken heart.*SPOILER WARNING: I can't truly explain my thoughts about this book without giving spoilers. You are warned.*What worked for me (and what didn't): The premise of this story hooked me. We have a Rock Star who looks like a bad boy, complete with tattoos, muscle car and Harley but he's sworn off one night stands and hasn't been with anyone for two years. Chelsea has been burned by bad boys and, suffering from exhaustion from overwork, she's not up for a relationship. She knows a bad boy will break her heart and she hasn't the energy. Nate has to convince her he's reformed - he has all the bad boy sex appeal with none of the risk. So, I should have enjoyed it.Well, there were parts of it which I did enjoy. Some of the descriptions were sensual and painted a great word picture - like this:She ran her hands over his skin as if she was receiving oxygen through her fingertips.Adams, Sayer (2011-03-16). Blindsided (With the Band) (Kindle Location 1187). . Kindle Edition. or this She tried to keep her tone light to hide her fear. She was fairly certain that rock stars, like Rottweilers, could smell fear. Then they’d exploit it and seduce you right out of your underwear, your common sense and your heart.Adams, Sayer (2011-03-16). Blindsided (With the Band) (Kindle Locations 258-260). . Kindle Edition.The sex scenes were very steamy and I quite liked Nate as a character. He'd grown up on the streets and realised that his default reaction was often anger. Because he was trying so hard not to scare Chelsea off, to convince her to take a chance on him, he made serious effort to reign in his anger and to be the man he believed he could be. His story arc was interesting and (mostly) consistent.Where the book let me down was with Chelsea's character. We are given glimpses early on that Chelsea is suffering from some kind of illness (which turns out to be exhaustion - but a very serious version of it) but we don't know the reason for it for a long time. She's gunshy of bad boys but her worst experience was with an uptight preppie type guy. And it turns, out that he's the reason (in a roundabout way which I found a little hard to fathom) for her exhaustion. She hasn't dealt with the trauma of her relationship with Brandon and by the end of the book there is still no talk of therapy or anything which might actually help her. When Nate is finally allowed to know what her problem is, his solution (which Chelsea takes up) is, to say the least, a little off the wall. Okay, one last spoiler warning before I plunge in.It's been 8 years since Brandon physically assaulted Chelsea and tried to rape her. There is no physical evidence, any criminal prosecution would be her word against his (and I don't know whether the statute of limitations is an issue either - the book didn't specify) so Chelsea accepts that's not an option for her. Chelsea says she won't make public (to Brandon's bosses) what happened if he gives her a written apology, acknowledging his wrong doing in glorious detail, agrees to get - oh, you won't believe me so let's get it from the horse's mouth shall we? “I want a written apology. I want to know you know what it is you did. I want you to donate money to a victim’s assistance program. And I want you to sign up to take a rape and violence prevention course. I want you to learn to respect women, Brandon. Because you’re right, no court would sentence you after all these years and no physical evidence. But I know that you haven’t changed since then, and I don’t want other women to be hurt by you. I want you to include that you will do these things in your apology letter. That’s what I want from you, or I tell the partners about you.”Of course, Brandon says Hell No.Then Nate and Brandon get into a fight, Chelsea agrees to forego the apology letter in return for Brandon not pressing charges against Nate and all is okay becaues Chelsea has confronted Brandon and is safe with Nate. The end.That whole subplot seemed forced to me and it didn't make a great deal of sense to me. Chelsea literally worked herself to the point of exhaustion running away from the trauma of Brandon's actions but there was no talk of any kind of counselling. If Nate's mighty wang of loving hadn't helped (and it didn't because she continued this behaviour after they got together) then surely counselling would be a worthwhile option? And, really, did she SERIOUSLY think Brandon was ever going to hand her written proof of his assault which she could then use against him to have him prosecuted or to take a civil action? It seemed like the whole thing was there to create tension but the interesting tension was between Nate and Chelsea and it revolved around bad boys. And while Brandon was bad in the douchebag sense of the word he was in no way a "bad boy". So why was he the one which caused all the angst? Would it not have made more sense for Chelsea to have had bad experiences with, you know, actual bad boys - and for that to be the barrier? The thing was, there were bad boys in Chelsea's past, but they were glossed over and instead we got sleazy Brandon. Much more could have been made of Chelsea standing up to her mother instead of running away but that excellent conflict opportunity was mostly glossed over too. (Even though Chelsea's running away from her mother was kind of immature, it was a source of conflict).There was also an unnecessary and very briefly drawn subplot involving Chelsea's brother Tony and his "sometime girlfiend" Jen - they had been dating on and off for 10 years, lived in different states and for the life of me I could not see why Jen had put up with Tony's vacillation for so long. There wasn't enough of the storyline to really explain it and that page time could have been better devoted to the main couple I think.One other thing I'll mention which I found a little odd. The book appears to be set in 2005 (although I had to do algebra to work that out). Because Chelsea is 27 and was two years older than her 1980 VW Rabbit. The book was published in 2011 but there were some things which felt a little dated - for instance Nate didn't use a computer. Nate is only 39 so it seemed a little strange that he wouldn't have anything to do with computers - especially being a musician.So there were some story and characterisation problems but there were also some really good things in there too. So maybe a C+. Maybe I wouldn't have been quite as bothered by the strange Brandon plot if not for the huge amount of grammar, typographical and editing errors And they were legion. In fact, they deserve their own category.The editing: There were a lot of typos, many sentences which were missing words and some sentences which were almost incomprehensible. Here's some of the examples I highlighted. From his limited experience, he assumed that this would be when she would straighten herself up, but she didn’t. What was bothering her that pulling herself up wouldn’t help her? It seemed to fix everything else for her. Too bad that didn’t work for him. He’d love it if he could straighten his shoulders and she’d come running back to him. Adams, Sayer (2011-03-16). Blindsided (With the Band) (Kindle Locations 1366-1368). . Kindle Edition. They had talked for an hour and a half about mostly nothing, followed by ten minutes of tight, angry words. Which was par for the course. Despite having grown up together and knowing almost everything about each other, theystill found enough to talk about, albeit in a kind of verbal shorthand that only the two of them understood. Even their arguments were conducted in a protracted language now.Adams, Sayer (2011-03-16). Blindsided (With the Band) (Kindle Locations 1511-1513). . Kindle Edition. If she wouldn’t be leaving for Korea in three weeks, she’d bring Nate over to her mother right now.Adams, Sayer (2011-03-16). Blindsided (With the Band) (Kindle Locations 1738-1739). . Kindle Edition. Despite Nate’s very obvious temper, every minute she spent with him made it harder for her to right him off as just another garden variety asshole.Adams, Sayer (2011-03-16). Blindsided (With the Band) (Kindle Locations 1740-1741). . Kindle Edition. He was skillful as ever, his lips teasing hers, tender and unrelenting at the same time, his tongue pressing her lips apart to find the inner warmness of her mouth.Adams, Sayer (2011-03-16). Blindsided (With the Band) (Kindle Locations 2000-2001). . Kindle Edition. Her face belied her true feelings towards him.Adams, Sayer (2011-03-16). Blindsided (With the Band) (Kindle Locations 2619-2620). . Kindle Edition. Maddy was beautiful, but the longer she looked at her, the more she could see the hallmarks of her age, a certain wiseness to her eyes, even if there were no crow’s feet, and a certain confident set to her jaw.Adams, Sayer (2011-03-16). Blindsided (With the Band) (Kindle Locations 2649-2650). . Kindle Edition. Though clearly, his preference for women didn’t keep him from ogling anyone with breasts.Adams, Sayer (2011-03-16). Blindsided (With the Band) (Kindle Locations 2692-2693). . Kindle Edition.Brie from Romance Around the Corner recently talked about readers not putting up with bad editing, particularly in self published books. This is one of those books which could have been vastly improved by a good editor. Even if it only cost me 99c, it still cost me my time. And, really I can't recommend it. Because we deserve better as readers.Grade: D+

  • Meranda Thomas
    2018-10-19 15:50

    Worth the readEnjoyed this book, was a good love story, very Insta-love but still I liked it. My first read by this author.

  • Shannon
    2018-11-12 19:39

    I was gone on vacation for a week and I had some downtime where I was bored out of my mind. I didn't pack any books with me, but I had my iPod. After shuffling through a long list of books, I decided to give this a try. Now that I've had a few days to reflect, I'm still torn with how I felt about this story. There were several aspects I really liked and other things that really irked me. I guess for the most part I did enjoy reading this book. I loved the whole premise of a woman's car breaking down outside a rock star's hideaway. It could be considered cliche or farfetched, but I thought it was cute. I have a long list of sexy band guys I wouldn't mind running into myself. Normally, I don't have a problem with a typo or two and I'll just overlook it, but this is the type of book that I wouldn't blame people for complaining about lack of editing. The biggest problem was that there were extra words added that didn't need to be there. For example, there'd be both 'his' and 'him' and it came off like the author wrote a sentence and then rewrote it, only they didn't bother to delete the unneccessary parts of the original sentence. I don't know if that makes any sense with the way I tried to explain it, but that was an issue that came up quite a bit. I found myself constantly rereading certain parts to make sense of what was happening.As a main character, I thought Chelsea was just alright. I wanted to like her, but I was never fully won over by her. There were moments where she was so distant towards Nate and acted cowardly stupid and I wanted to throttle her. Chelsea was written to be a woman who's running from an undealt with tragic event in her life. Because of what she's been through she doesn't trust easily and doesn't want to fall in love. Unfortunately, her character failed to feel realistic and I didn't really buy her reasons for her actions. Of course, I thought what happened to her was terrible, but I failed to see what the thing with Brandon had to do with Chelsea working to the point of hospitalization and near death. It all seemed so ridiculous and over-the-top to me. I like a character with issues and sad pasts. However, this was just a case of too much to take seriously.Nate was one of the only reasons I made it through this book. I loved everything about him and I thought it was annoying how cold Chelsea sometimes acted towards him. If she didn't want him, I wouldn't mind having him be my boyfriend. Nate's the lead singer of a popular rock band and a self-proclaimed reformed bad boy. He's grown out of his groupie phase and now he just wants to experience something real and settle down with someone. He looks super intimidating with all his tattoos and 6'5 or so height, but he's just a big softie inside. Stage bravado aside, he's actually kind of insecure and many times he doesn't think there's a girl out there that would love him for who he really is. To be honest, I liked Nate a lot more than I liked Chelsea. She bugged me a bit and I thought he could've done better. Ultimately, I was glad he got his HEA because he deserved it. I may have been a little annoyed with Chelsea, but I wanted Nate to win her over because I liked him and she made him happy. I will say though that after Chelsea stopped being a buttface, she grew on me and I could see the good effect she had on him.I did feel like things started a bit too quickly between Nate and Chelsea. It was like wam-bam, 'you're sexy, let's jump in bed'. I didn't mind all the sex scenes, but I wished there would have been a bit more build-up before the deed was done. Also, there was so much emphasis on the physical attraction they had for one another, that I wanted there to be something they liked about each other besides that they were sexy or good in bed or etc. It doesn't feel like real love if that was all they had going for them. There was a side story with Chelsea's brother Tony and his girlfriend and I thought those two had more genuine chemistry than the lead couple. Fortunately, towards the end of the book, I finally got the emotional connection I'd been waiting for. I wouldn't expect them to click, but they were great for one another. They both had issues they had to work through and I loved how caring and protective Nate turned out to be and how he helped Chelsea deal with her panic and fears. Overall, the book was a bit mehh and now that I think about it, the story wasn't at all action-packed and nothing much happened, but it was entertaining enough to keep me reading. I loved Nate so freaking much and I probably wouldn't have made it if he wasn't one of the main characters. The storyline was a bit dramatic, but it was cute. I thought Nate's bandmate Sean was interesting in a sleazy sort of way. After getting a tidbit of Sean's love history, I hope the author writes a story about him because it could be pretty fun.

  • Lori
    2018-11-18 12:24

    Blindsided was a sweet story about a rock star who gave up the groupies and wanted to settle down with the right woman and a panic stricken woman who traveled the world writing in order to flea from a past incident she was trying desperately to avoid. Chelsea and Nate had instant chemistry and you could almost see the electricity flowing between the two. I couldn't help myself root for their HEA, but then again I always root for a HEA because who doesn't love them? Nate was exactly what Chelsea was trying to avoid....a sexy as sin, tattooed, bad boy who happens to be a rock star. Nate saw Chelsea as someone who was too good for him and deserved better but he tried so desperately hard to prove to her he wasn't the bad boy she saw him as. He was a good guy, he was sweet and manly in all the perfect places and moments. He is a bit older than our heroine but it didn't bother me, it almost seemed fitting because lets face it Rockstars have created this image and I think had he have been too much younger I don't know that I could have believed he wanted to avoid all groupies and find that special someone to create a life with. I liked Chelsea but had a hard time identifying with her wanting to run herself as down as she did based on what happened to her. Having gone through a situation exactly like our heroines but for years rather than a month just had me not believing that was the only reason she ran. I wish we could have learned a little more about her Mother and their relationship and why her presence makes Chelsea feel the way it does but saying that I do have to admit seeing what little we actually do I was cheering her on when she took the moment to stand up to her Mother.The reason why I couldn't give Blindsided more than 3 stars is because of Tony's story being thrown in there and even the short POV from Brandon. Tonys story come off as something extra to just add in, we didn't get much of a back story on either him or Jen and I found myself by 3/4's of the way through the book I would skim over or skip his parts because I just wasn't given enough to even care. As for the rest of the book, I did enjoy it. It kept my interest enough to satisfy me but it wasn't so good that I can already picture myself reading it again. It's definitely worth a read, because in my opinion who doesn't love that bad boy rockstar that finally meets the beautiful girl who he is willing to change for?

  • H.Lee
    2018-11-06 16:37

    I love this cover. Any man with tattoos is swoonworthy in my book. It must be the fact that I love bad boys?? Luckily, my husband has a few tatts to keep me occupied;) LOL!The story is told from several characters POV's. Mainly from Nate & Chelsea, but the writer threw in a couple of others too. I really enjoyed that aspect of the book. I like to get an idea of whom each character is and it is much easier to do while reading their thoughts and feelings.Chelsea is a travel writer and she has been heart-broken many times. She, too, loves the bad boys, which we all know that most of the time bad boys are only in it for one thing... Any who, she only has one night stands and does not get her heart involved at all. Until she literally lands on Nate's doorstep. With one evening, that all changes!Nate is singer in a rock band. He is 12 years older than Chelsea and is highly irritated when she comes knocking on his door. He thinks she is a fan and is very arrogant towards her. But once he realizes her innocence, he makes her an offer and convinces her to take it.The relationship between these two is exhausting. He is trying to save her and she is not willing to give herself over to him wholly. They have their ups and downs and eventually seem to come together.Although we get a glimpse into the mind of each character, I still did not feel connected to either of them. I wanted to love this book more, but for me, it was just okay. I was expecting Nate to be a little more "bad boy" but he was really a huge teddy bear. I did not get the bad boy vibe from him.One character that I would have liked to get to know better is Chelsea's mother! I would have loved to have her POV. She was so nasty and critical. She also was a major player in the book and part of the reason Chelsea is so screwed up.The book had a good storyline, 2 strangers coming together from an attraction and actually falling in love. I just wish it was more:( There were also a lot of grammatical errors and missing words."Look, sweetheart," he said as leaned against the doorframe, "Why don't you just tell me why you're here. If you just want an autograph and promise not to tell anyone where you found me, fine. Anything else and you can forget it."

  • Jamie Casey
    2018-10-23 18:50

    I liked the story just fine but it was very frustrating to read because nearly every page has a typo of either repeated words, or misspelled words. Extremely frustrated. Books like this make me wonder if self publishing is a good idea. It was a huge surprise before to find ONE error in a book. Now, and especially this book, there's more than one per page.Quotes or other favorite parts of the story:Chelsea's thought:Musicians were like poets with sexy attitudes and colorful pasts.Nate's thought:He shut his eyes and wished he could stop feeling like he was drowning. He had taken his sweet time before kissing her, studying her face for so long she thought she would scream. But it was worth the wait, the world tilting around her when his lips crushed against hers. They were soft, gentle but persuasive. If she hadn't been sure she wanted to sleep with him, the first touch of his lips would have changed her mind. Surrounded by his scent, his strong hand gripping her neck possessively, he was stirring erotic feelings she didn't know were possible. Her spleen was aroused, for heaven's sake.Chelsea's thought:Because Nate had made that rock seem like the safest place on earth. Wherever the circle of his arms was, that was a safe place.His tattoos were more a part of him than anyone understood, and he thought of themas revealing what was already there, rather than obscuring his flesh.And that was the woman he'd chosen to love. A woman who didn't cry when she'd told him about the worst months of her life, but who got torn up about a wound he barely remembered getting.Love required giving up control, and she couldn't do that. Not now, not ever.I love you with a panacea, curing all ills.Nate's thought:He loved her so much, he wanted her to have someone better than him, even if it hurt like hell to let her go.

  • Chris
    2018-11-16 11:29

    This was a well-paced, overall good read. There were a few grammer/proofreading errors and some formatting issues but it didn't affect the story at all, for me anyway.Nate is a tattooed, sexy, badass rock star living outside the city. Chelsea is a beautiful, but wounded travel writer, recovering from extreme exhaustion. Her beloved VW Bunny breaks down on the road outside of Nate's grandmotherly looking hideaway home. He is not happy at first by her 'invading' his sanctuary. Thinking she's a groupie out for a quick lay or an autograph, he puts on his surliest growl and tries to piss her off.The story goes right into a fun, mostly lighthearted read from that point on. There are roadblocks to their relationship along the way but it ends up working out in the end. So if you like hot, sexy, tattooed bad boy rockers, you might want to give this one a try.

  • Karen
    2018-11-04 11:38

    What I liked about Blindsided was that the main character, Chelsea, had some serious issues. This was a sweet story about two people that are having trouble getting together because of what they are running from. Nate is the seasoned rock star who has finally given up the groupies and is instantly intrigued by Chelsea.The downside was that I felt that there were a couple of parallel stories brought in with Brandon and Jen, as well as the story that came in with Tony. There just wasn’t enough backstory here and it didn’t fit right for me. The characters overall needed more development to connect with me as the reader.Overall it Blindsided was a good storyline. Give it a try! 3.0 Stars

  • Kindle Crack Book Reviews Cheri
    2018-10-30 15:43

    Love rock and roll romance w/a side of smut! I liked this book but I needed more back story on Nate (the hot inked up singer of Blindsided) on what made Nate --Nate. I also felt the same way about Chelsea (the emotional hot wreck). She swore off "bad boys" such as Nate - about 300 times...but couldnt tell you anything other than she had her heart broken by a few douche bags that might have played in a garage band. I think her real bad boy wore a suit? The overall story was good... but it needed some tightening up. I would love to read a part two of this book...or read another book by Sayer Adams. Definite potential!

  • Charli ღ Denae
    2018-11-16 15:38

    Blindsided, about an aging rock star and decade younger travel writer, was an original and sexy story. She has a thing against bad boys and he's ready to settle down but first, he has to prove that he's past his bad boy ways.Fiesty but flawed, Chelsea is an endearing character who made my heart ache. Having spent her whole adulthood running from her demons, she doesn't quite know how to deal with her feelings for Nate. Nate, on the other hand, knows exactly what he wants, Chelsea. Any way he can get her.These two do a lot of growing in a short time as they realize that love is about a lot more than fantastic sex.Refreshingly original.

  • April
    2018-11-08 17:28

    Hot! Spicy! You mean to tell me that people over 25 actually have hot and steamy sex, too!? Hawt-diggity! The fact that Chelsea and Nate had an immediate chemistry and the way that everything was described actually made it believable. I think the only thing that disappointed me was her episodes--not them particularly but the reason why. Maybe a bigger deal should've been made but in the end, I absolutely loved these two. There was a lot of mindless narrative, too. Yet, I couldn't stop thinking of Kellan Kyle from Thoughtless and Ryan Christensen from Love Unscripted. :)

  • Diana
    2018-10-29 15:37

    Rating: C-I had mixed feelings about this book. I tried to pin point a particular part that left me dissatisfied, besides the heroine being such a drama queen. I guess my problem was that the story did not live up to the impression of the description. I liked the idea of a girl with a troubled past learning to love again with the help of a rock star who wants to be more than an pop icon. However, the characters felt flat more often than not and the issues just seemed to be frivolous or inconsequential.

  • Leeanne
    2018-11-15 12:50

    Honestly I would like to do 3.75 stars. I thought it was a good, light hearted romance. Sometimes you just want a book like this aliitle predictable, a little hotness, a little past dug up, it was just the right amount if you ask me. The next point I want to make is that even though this was written in the third person you felt connected with both characters. It made me feel for them and wanted it to work out. I enjoyed it...

  • Megan
    2018-11-15 17:36

    This book definitely had its problems, but I actually really adored the story itself. Aside from several editing issues, the story was sweet and romantic with the added bonus of a hot leading male character as a singer in a band. And his tattoos were not lame. Yay! This book was a breath of fresh air--the conflicts were solved quickly and simply, so rather than being stressed by tension the whole time, I just sat back and enjoyed.

  • Kristy
    2018-11-17 11:39

    This was a cute story. Chelsea annoyed me some, but I'm having a hard time getting through books lately without being annoyed by the heroine. I had a hard time understanding her reasons for running an working herself to death though. What exactly did she fear? Did she fear the memories, or did she think her ex would come after her? I just didn't get it. It didn't seem like what happened was enough to send her running in fear for years and years.

  • Johanna
    2018-11-02 14:48

    So I really enjoyed the chemistry between the two main characters because it was so so so hot. The reason I gave it 3 stars however was because although they had great chemistry I could not wait to just finish the book. There were so many internal monologues that it frustrated me with all that internal thinking. I found myself wanting to read a lot more dialogue because that was great when it happened but it was to far and few in between.

  • Puna
    2018-11-17 11:27

    Chelsea is portrayed as being this independent, strong, woman when in reality she's a weak coward. 27 yrs old and has never stood up to her controlling witch's mother until there's a man in her life to back her up? Why deal with a problem in her life when she can just run away? I'm not a big jogging fan and this lady is a serious runner.

  • Megan Hubble-Roney
    2018-10-23 18:25

    Where's the author? Please please please come back and write some more. I loved every moment of Blindsided! I search out Sayer Adams looking for updates or new releases. My hope is that life got in the way and Adams isn't writing anymore, which would be a shame. Fantastic storyline and very well developed characters that are easy to sympathize with and enjoy.

  • Liz
    2018-10-26 12:24

    Nate is a rock star looking for a quiet life when Chelsea's car breaks down by his house and she seeks help from the brooding stranger. The story follows them helping each other over come issues and finding something they are both looking for.Loved the characters Nate and Chelsea. I will be looking out for more books from this author. A great quick read.

  • Diana
    2018-10-26 17:49

    I rate this book a 3.5. I enjoyed the story and the characters were presented so that you felt empathy for them. The author went off on tangents with other characters in the book almost as if she was setting up plots for future books. It interupted the flow of the connection with the main characters.

  • Amy
    2018-11-12 12:24

    I enjoyed the storyline and the chemistry between the characters was intense. Both of them had things from their past they were running from and just happened to run into each other along the way. I wasn't expecting the steamy love scenes throughout the book but they were appropriate for these two characters and written with a lot of passion.

  • CC
    2018-10-31 12:34

    I really wanted to like this book more but the typos and editing issues prevent this. If I am going to pay for a book, I expect it to be edited better, not necessarily for content but for grammar, structure and spelling. The story was good, I liked the characters. This is a great weekend read if you are looking for something to pass the time. I just could not get past the formatting issues.