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First authorized edition of Hemingway's collected poems; edited, with an introduction and notes by Nicholas Gerogiannis; illustrated in black & white...

Title : 88 Poems
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ISBN : 9780151280520
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88 Poems Reviews

  • Michele
    2019-07-06 11:08

    Ernest Hemingway, a poet?! Let's just say, there's a reason Hemingway is not known for his poetry.Take the terse, understated sentences usually propped up by the story line and framework within his books, completely remove any context, give it a vague title and voila! You have a Hemingway poem. His subjects range from football to booze, girls to war, and even a sprinkling of fishing...and vomit- there's an entire poem on it (every subject you'd expect from a man's man writer, right?).The book is arranged chronologically from the poems of his youth (the first being 1912 when he was 13) up until 1956. There is definite development in his poetry, less forced rhymes with more cursing and taboo topics as he gets older, but that doesn't necessarily make it good. It feels more like a novelty book, kind of like when you go see a movie because your favorite musician has a cameo- it's not their ideal medium in which to work but it's cool because it's them. That said, I can't recommend this book but it may be of interest to those who really, really like Hemingway. If you do take a gander, check out #11 [There was Ike and Tony and Jacque and me...:] and #69 Sequel. Those were some that I enjoyed.

  • Damian Reyes
    2019-07-21 13:03

    El problema es que esperaba la misma fuerza de la prosa de Hemingway trasladada a su poesía, lo cual pienso no pasa; de los 88 poemas que tiene el libro, me parece que acaso 10 son rescatables y solo un par verdaderamente buenos. Para mí el mejor poema es el 43: 'La edad lo requería'

  • Caleb Benadum
    2019-07-15 13:07

    As I began this book, I had no intention of giving it a three-star review. In fact, with my deep-seated Hemingway writer-crush, I figured I would love every second. That being said, this compilation does highlight some great poems by Papa H, such as Along With Youth. But the rest of the works are not very good, often small funny vignettes written for friends of his in letters or in private. Hemingway was infamous for his scholastic rigor when it came to his prose, I don't think he applied that to most of his poetry, which by and large he never meant to publish, and that shows. While worth a read, remember that Papa H has better works on the table.

  • Michela
    2019-07-01 13:59

    Premettendo che non mi piace Hemingway ho deciso comunque di leggere le sue poesie, "magari cambio idea sul suo conto" mi dicevo. Povera illusa. L'uso della rima baciata poi non lo vedevo dai tempi delle elementari.

  • Mike
    2019-07-06 13:08

    First Hemingway I've read. Fantastic and weird--just how I like it.

  • N.
    2019-07-20 16:20

    What. The. Heck.