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Paranormal private eye. Grim reaper extraordinaire. Whatever. Charley Davidson is back! And she's drinking copious amounts of caffeine to stay awake because, every time she closes her eyes, she sees him: Reyes Farrow, the part-human, part-supermodel son of Satan. Yes, she did imprison him for all eternity, but come on. How is she supposed to solve a missing persons case, dParanormal private eye. Grim reaper extraordinaire. Whatever. Charley Davidson is back! And she's drinking copious amounts of caffeine to stay awake because, every time she closes her eyes, she sees him: Reyes Farrow, the part-human, part-supermodel son of Satan. Yes, she did imprison him for all eternity, but come on. How is she supposed to solve a missing persons case, deal with an ego-driven doctor, calm her curmudgeonly dad, and take on a motorcycle gang hellbent on murder when the devil's son just won't give up?...

Title : Third Grave Dead Ahead
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Third Grave Dead Ahead Reviews

  • Suzanne (Doppleganger)
    2019-02-13 00:06

    This book was fabulous! I can honestly say I loved every single page, and not because of Charley's severe coffee addiction. That's just a bonus. I loved this book because Charley gets funnier, Reyes shows more of his hot devilish side, Cookie and Charley have the most hysterical dialogue, and Wong is...still in the corner. Somewhere about halfway into Third Grave it hit me that I was completely wrapped up in the plot. Charley isn't just the grim reaper, Reyes' love interest, or a crazy woman in search of her next coffee fix. She's a P.I. with some serious chops for the job. I didn't realize I was paying attention! I was laughing so much that it took me by surprise to find an honest-to-goodness mystery in the middle of all that comedy. Then at ~85% through the book, about when I'd adjusted to the concept of a mystery in my comedy, this emotional depth crept in and I got whalloped with it's intensity. Hiding the emotional content behind the comedy was sneaky as hell, but also extremely effective. It made the emotional whallop hit harder. My reactions to this book can be summed up like this:Smile, laugh, giggle, awwww, gasp, guffaw, P*SSED!, snort, swoon, WTF?, laugh, cry cry cry, WOW.Yes, you read that correctly. I 'guffawed'. Out loud. Well played, Ms. Jones. 5 stars. I'd give an extra-credit star for the coffee if I could.

  • Jilly
    2019-01-25 17:48

    dressed in a pair of comfortable jeans, a loose black sweater, and a pair of killer boots I got off a biker for a lap dance. He was pretty darned good, too, after I got past my aversion to back hair.Oh, Charley - she just cracks me up!In this book, Charley is asked to find a missing person, but she is sure that the guy who hires her is actually the person's killer. She is also suspicious that this guy will try and kill her too when he realizes that she knows the truth. Of course he's going to try and kill you! Everyone tries to kill Charley. She barely makes it through a day without at least one attempt on her life. And, this is making her dad surly. He has decided that she needs to give up the P.I. business and do something else. After reading this book, I'm inclined to take Dad's side. She really does take a lot of beatings.While she is working the missing person case, she is also looking for Reyes's dead dad. Apparently, the guy he went to prison for killing is not dead at all. It was a set-up. So, Reyes can possibly get released from prison? That would be convenient if there is ever going to be some sort of love story in the future. But, then.... awww, he totally screws it up -again- by the end of the book. Don't hold your breath, kids. These two are going to be dancing around this thing for a long time.Especially now that Charley has gotten involved with a biker gang. And, is kissing the leader... I wonder if he knows the lap-dance biker... We also find out that Charley is going to be getting a guardian angel in the form of one of her dead people. She is told that she will indirectly be involved with this person's death. When we first find out who died.... ouch! It was pretty horrible and I was only happy that this character would still be around in ghost form.(view spoiler)[ But, then it turned out that the author of this book was just totally messing with us, and her real guardian angel is awesomesauce! (hide spoiler)]There is also a little dead girl holding a knife and following Charley around, and there may or may not be a dead clown. Ugh! Clowns. Not even once.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Giselle
    2019-01-19 20:10

    "Death comes to those who wait. And to those who don't. So either way…"I could never get tired of our dear Charley Davidson. First Grave on the Right and Second Grave on the Left were both incredibly funny and smart. Third Grave Dead Ahead is no exception. It only took about 10 pages for me to be falling off my chair laughing.The plot in Third Grave Dead Ahead is similar to the others. Charley gets a case; trying to find a missing person, while dealing with Reyes and the other pain in the butt men in her life. The mystery behind the case isn't particularly hard to decipher. I had most of it figured out well before the end. But this book isn't to be read for the suspense behind the plot; read this for the incredible characters and especially entertaining dialogue. Don't get me wrong, the case is still fun, but the characters make the show.I can't say enough about the personalities in this series. Charley is, as always, witty, sarcastic and incredibly hilarious. I love how she takes everything lightly in grave situations. It doesn't only get her into trouble, it also makes her brave - which is a must for a PI. And don't fret, Danger and Will also make a few appearances. Her best friend and receptionist, Cookie, is equally entertaining, and she complements Charley like a hand and glove. We meet a few new characters as well that make a great addition to the story. I'm not sure what's going to occur with Donovan, but I'm positive it'll be pretty amusing. At least before it all goes to hell - yes the hell. As for Charley's dad, I don't really understand the length he went through to try to get his way in this novel. I'm getting a bit annoyed by him - he's not very nice, especially after painting a target on Charley's back in the previous book.Now... Reyes *sigh*, he's more present than in Second Grave on the Left, but he still hasn't really joined the cast of main characters. The coming apocalypse storyline also doesn't progress much. I'm hoping when it does we'll get to see more of him. On the other hand, we did get answers to a few burning questions I had from the previous books: Mistress Marigold and Owen Vaughn. I didn't expect to get both of those revelations in this one , so I was very pleased. I think Owen is a bit psychotic: I understand what happened was awful but to the point of attempted murder…? So I doubt we've seen the last of him.Third Grave Dead Ahead is no insignificant installment. It's fun, funny and full of charm. If you've enjoyed Charley before, you'll definitely enjoy her again in this one!"How would you feel about us becoming plumbers? I have a nice crack."--For more of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

  • ♥Rachel♥
    2019-02-18 17:04

    3.5 StarsAs usual I laughed my ass off (got weird looks from my hubby all the while, lol!) at Charley’s antics. The mystery was addictive, but I put a few things together way before Charley should have. I was surprised by at how things got serious real quick and there were grisly parts that creeped me out and wrenched my heart! Darynda really put Charley through the ringer in this installment! Betrayals from loved ones and something sad at the end made me feel terrible for Charley! I wished we got more meaningful interactions between Charley and Reyes, and that we got more information on him. I’ve already started the next book, and I’m happy to report we are finally getting somewhere on that front!

  • VampireNovelFan
    2019-02-12 23:10

    Dead on Arrival…I’m starting to wonder how many more directions we’ll get to these graves. Right, left, ahead… I don’t even know if Charley knows where she’s going anymore. I just hope the cemetery isn’t that big. Personally, I just want to know the directions to the exit.Third Grave Dead Ahead is the third installment of the Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones. Charley once again is pulled into a murder case, this time involving a possessive doctor and his missing wife. She’d like to be at her best, but after binding Reyes Alexander Farrow (Son of Satan and her lifelong protector) to his body, she’s haunted by him in her sleep, meaning she’s getting no rest at all. So she’ll just solve that little issue by staying awake. I go on record to say that Reyes is a better problem to have than Freddie Kruger…Unable to rely on Reyes’s help when faced with grave danger, she may actually need to take care of herself! Oh the shock!After reading this book, the events of book 2 were rendered completely pointless. Reyes goes from wanting his body to die (since it’s just a burden and he’d only rot in prison) to now wanting to save it to prove his innocence. Deux ex Machina much? He couldn’t have decided on that one whole book prior to this? There’s an excuse, but it’s as thin as the paper these books are printed on. Furthermore, I am completely apathetic to their relationship, and now he’s becoming a lot more of a problem than a sweet escape. Maybe in about 10 books from now they’ll actually fight, or do something way more interesting than what’s here.At this point these books feel really formulaic. There are constant punchlines (very few actually made me laugh), no poignant drama, more humans causing trouble (as if they should be an actual threat to the Grim Reaper), and we get breadcrumbs at best for any development that relates to Charley’s powers. I honestly ended up skimming to the dialogue to get through this book, making me realize that I simply do not like Charley.Finally the last 10% picks up in the paranormal department, but it should have happened a lot sooner. But of course, Charlie has to figure these things out for herself; it cannot be told. She’s just not smart enough to figure it out before the end.I am still scratching my head as to how she didn’t figure out how to reverse a particular spell when the solution ended up being…oh, I don’t know…ONLY THE MOST OBVIOUS THING TO SAY!!I gave three books a go. I really wanted to like it, but at this point this series is not for me. Where’s that exit again? Oh, here it is!*Review also posted to Amazon.

  • Dija
    2019-01-30 18:07

    The UF genre needs more series like Charley Davidson, and more heroines like Charley. Series like this are the reason I became obsessed with the genre in the first place. Series that make me seriously entertain the thought of an alternate world out there, one where the Son of Satan grim reapers, werewolves, vampires, angels, and the whole lot run free. I've always considered a healthy belief in "What if's" to be essential for one's mental growth, so no, I'm not at all concerned about my sanity after writing that. Third Grave Dead Ahead focuses more on the relationship between Charley and Reyes than the previous books. There's more on Charley's background and her "powers" here as well. Another love interest is also introduced, converting the love triangle to a harem instead (not that I'm complaining, mind you. Charley deserves all the love.) Speaking of, Charley is my role model. I aspire to be as lively, witty, strong, and brilliant as her. I have half a mind to simply quote all the passages I loved, present them as evidence for why Charley is the funniest UF heroine in creation, and leave it at that. But since I never miss the chance to gush about her, I'll add a "few" words. This book took a dramatic turn towards the end, and I'm amazed at how well Charley dealt with it. She convincingly proved that not only is she humorous, she can also be clever and mature when the situation calls for it. It's remarkable how she can manage to be so funny without seeming like an airhead in the least. So after all that praise, why is this still a 4-star book? Only because of one simply rule I have when it comes to giving 5 stars: if I have to take out the time to think about whether or not I loved a book enough to give it that rating, I won't. Because that thinking part alone means there was something missing, some sort of epic factor found in the other books I've rated 5 stars, that wasn't present here. Maybe I can't pinpoint it at the moment, but it usually comes to me the next time I give that high rating.Nonetheless, I LOVE this series. I feel the need to strongly emphasize this point again, especially after the previous paragraph. Charley Davidson (the series, not the character) is refreshing, exciting, original, and thoroughly engaging. It takes immense talent to turn everything into a joke at one moment and to reveal something serious or tragic the next. This is a light and funny book for the most part, but it has these great heart-wrenching, thought-provoking moments that do more for the series than all the jokes combined. And I think that, more than anything else, is what makes Dyranda Jones's writing style stand out against all the other UF authors out there. My love letter to Reyes (SPOILERS AHEAD!):Because of the way Third Grave ended, I composed a very friendly letter to Reyes and mailed it to his address within the depths of Hell. Here's a copy:Smexy Reyes,You know how much I love you, how I positively swoon every time you appear, and how I would even give up chocolate if it meant we could be together. But sweetie, you have got to stop playing these mind games with Charley, putting her in danger, keeping secrets from her, and hitting her. I'm sure you have your reasons, but until you put an end to this infuriating habit of yours...let me just remind you that she will always come first for me, even if you're hotter, and the next time you mess with her, I'll lock her up with Donovan and/or Garrett in a secluded bedroom and let lust run its natural course. How would you like that? My thoughts precisely. Now get your act together, and grovel at my Charley's feet, or I will execute this brilliant plan of mine. Courageously, DijaSome of my favorite quotes:Puppy love was a powerful elixir. I should know. The things I did for Tim La Croix, my senior-year crush. Unfortunately, I’d been in kindergarten at the time, otherwise he might have taken note.When everything is coming your way, you’re in the wrong lane.—T-SHIRTReyes hit me! He’d actually hit me! It didn’t matter that hitting me wasn’t really like hitting a regular girl and I’d be completely healed in a matter of hours. I was still a freaking girl, and he damned well knew it. I’d just have to hit him back. With a lead pipe. Or an eighteen-wheeler.“The top five things you never want to say to a grim reaper: I’m dead tired. You’re killing me. I’m dying to try that. This relationship will be the death of me.[...]The number one thing you don’t want to say to the grim reaper is…Till death do us part.”4.5/5 starsFor more reviews, visit my blog.

  • Anna M.
    2019-01-29 18:06

    My favorite so far!

  • Krystin Rachel
    2019-02-11 17:03

    “But give up my business? The same business I'd built from the ground up with my own two hands and designer Louis Vuittons? The same business for which I'd sacrificed blood, sweat, and tears? Well, maybe not sweat and tears, but there was blood. Lots of blood. Give it up? Not likely. Besides, what else would I do? I totally should've gone to Hogwarts when I had the chance.”Here I am, back again on this Charley Davidson bike...See what I did there? Like Harley Davidson? There's also a biker-gang in this novel, so this is double-y pun-tastic. Ha, that's a good joke. It is! Ugh, whatever. You'll see!*clears throat*In the latest (to me) Charley adventure there's a missing person, a shady client, a biker-gang that may be murderous, her dad trying to force her into a new profession, and of course, as always, Reyes Farrow - the super sexy Son of Satan. Oh, and Wong...forever in the corner. This book was delightful, really. Each new book, each new hardship forces Charley to become more and more. She's funnier, tougher, wittier. And she's a legit P.I. If you're paying attention, Charley isn't as surface as you could chalk her up to being. She's running this bitch. She's a Bawse. But I gotta say, on the flip side, I find Reyes to be increasingly rape-y. He's so rape-y, in fact, that Charley is spaced out on coffee and uppers for basically this whole novel, because every time she closes her eyes Reyes shows up and, like, gets super rape-y with her. I know everyone is all ohhhhlalala about their relationship, but honestly does no one else see how rape-y he is?! It's makes me so uncomfortable. Charley can't even sleep, people! Seriously, fuck this Son of Satan bitch. He doesn't have much of a personality outside of being a dickhole either. Always growling Charley! like she's a dog he's training. SatanBoy, talk to me like that one time...One time! Anyway, I don't really like him, is what I'm trying to say (Welcome to this week's edition of Unpopular Opinion's with Krystin.) And while we're on it, fuck her dad too. All these douchebag men trying to act like they can run her life better than she can. Pshhhhh, bitch please. “Never trust a man with a penis.”Anyway, aside from the consent issue, I loved this because I'm here for Charley - for her sarcastic venom, her view of life and death, her friendships and ghosts; her bumbling her way through each new case with heart and determination, even as all the trouble that seems to find her puts her back in the hospital again. She's got backbone and grit and she knows herself. She takes ownership of her unique abilities, she embraces them with pride and excitment, and she doesn't give a fuckkkkkk whether anyone disapproves of her life. She's gonna live it the way she wants to. And ain't no man gonna stop her! You'll see! Sooooo yeah....this book is definitely fun, a perfect way to spend some precious reading time. It feels like an important installment for Charley's journey. She's really coming into her own. For their genre, these books are my favourite.

  •  Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    2019-01-23 23:02

    This is actually the first book in the series that I've read, but it was fairly smooth sailing despite that fact. It did take me a while to get used to the quirky/corny humor. But I have to say, I enjoyed the time I spent with Charley, Reyes, Cookie, Garrett and the others. Don't let the silly humor fool you. Darynda Jones writes a good quality mystery story.Reviewed for Affaire de Coeur in the February 2012 Issue.

  • ☼♎ Carmen the Bootyshaker Temptress ☼♎
    2019-02-18 16:05

    Read April 2015What can I say besides I love Reyes but I also like Charley's sarcastic remarks.Re-read for a challenge

  • SubterraneanCatalyst
    2019-02-10 18:10

    I enjoy reading about Charley and her adventures with Cookie and the hot steaming tease that is Reyes. This book was better than the other two installments because we're getting more information about what Charley really is- we know she's a Grim Reaper. But what else is she capable of? Reyes has been hinting at this since the last book I believe and although that isn't expounded upon in detail here- we do get to see where this whole train is headed toward.Reyes:[I don't know who this man is..he's a model for Dolce & Gabbana though and a close approximation of what I think Reyes might look like]Do you get enough Reyes in this book? I'd say maybe- but he'll also piss you off, I know he pissed me off. I find this acceptable though because you know- he's the Son of Satan and all. He's bound to be at least a little tricky, somewhat dark, and not such a lovey dovey pansy right? Charley doesn't let you down. She's a woman in love but she's not a complete dunce. Amen to that.Garrett:[This is Wentworth Miller and who I imagine Garrett to be, I think he has enough intensity for Garrett's hard ass ways] I enjoyed Garrett so much more in this book than I ever have. Jones gives you many surprises and fun times with our lovely Garrett. While he's not a love interest, he is flirt worthy, protective and reliably straight laced and the straight man to Charley's quirk and Reyes' insidious beauty and scheming. I think I liked him's hard for me to confess this, better than Reyes in this book! The Plot and other Characters:Fun case with sitcom (but better) humor. I guessed a lot of it before I was 2/3rds in the book. Not a big problem except the "clue" seemed to be blinking with a big sign above it "I'M THE MURDER WEAPON! BINGO!". Some readers might also get tired of Charley's flippancy. I didn' made me laugh a lot, but it might annoy some readers. Mrs. Marigold: Sort of a letdown. Not a huge one but the scene could have been better and further embellished upon.Cookie: She really needs to get laid. That is all.The Guardian: Sweet, but I have mixed feelings. This was a fast read..almost too fast. Of course I'm a fan and I couldn't wait to get through this but I feel like maybe the book should have been longer. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm just too quick of a reader and I devoured this like chocolate laced with crack. No cliffhanger but you will definitely feel like you are ready for the next book NOW YESTERDAY WRITE FASTER JONES NOW.Bottom Line: If you like Charley and you've liked the other books, you will also like this a whole lot, read it.

  • Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞
    2019-01-24 18:49

    This whole book made me sleepy...well, except some of the Reyes scenes!! The problem is Charley is refusing to sleep and things are getting pretty crazy. Every time she goes to sleep, Reyes shows up and he is angry. Granted he wants her but he doesn't want to want her and Charley doesn't like that. Who can blame her? I'm not sure what it is about this series but it has sucked me in. I love all the snark, I love how dangerous and angry Reyes is, I love how crazy Garrett is and how sweet Cookie is. I could just go on and on. Of course, there's drama. There's a new case with a missing person and another case that involves Reyes. Both of them were very intriguing but sometimes all the puzzle pieces get a little confusing. We get to meet the biker gang that owns the asylum and that brought us some new and interesting characters. I'm not sure what to make of Donovan or where that is going to go but I sure do love Artemis and I definitely loved where that went! Mistress Marigold finally makes an appearance and she is as mysterious as ever. It's amazing the things she comes up. The ending was all kinds of crazy! I can't believe all the things that went on. I was so happy that Charley finally took a stand and although I don't like how it came about, I'm really curious to see what impact it will have. My heart went out to Garrett but I liked how that played out...I only wonder what he will remember. I can't wait to read the next book! Favorite quotes:♦ If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is NOT for you. —BUMPER STICKER♥ "You look good in wet."♥ “My goodness. Garrett on one end and Reyes on the other. It’s like a really hot, melty s’more.”♦ An integral part of any best friend’s job is to immediately clear your computer history if you die. —T-SHIRT

  • Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder's Pet ✘
    2019-01-21 20:09

    Seriously, there's too little Reyes in this series. Also, I'm having so much mixed feelings towards Charley; sometimes I so sure that she just is that dumb, and sometimes I'm sure she acts dumb on purpose....Rate: 2.5/3 stars.

  • Lisa Kay
    2019-02-05 15:56

    Quote at the beginning of Chapter 2★★★½✩ While I love Lorelei King, who narrates the audiobook with a wonderful tone of sarcasm, I also got the Kindle version from the library and ending up going with that one for the majority of the book, so I won’t review the audiobook.Okay, so it has been about five years since I read the last book in this series. Wow; time flys. I had to go back a review the “buddy reads” threads I participated in for the first two books to recall all the characters and plot lines. I will say what I thought then: while these books are very good, it often seems as if Darynda Jones is writing one plot line then switches midstream to another. I wouldn’t say they are plot twists... they actually feel to me like her mind decided to go off in another creative direction. And DJ is creative. I do enjoy her writing style and her humor, though.I am a little stumped by Reyes and Charley’s relationship, but then, what else is new? If I was baffled before, I am more so now. I do think Charley matures in this installment, which is refreshing, but she’s suddenly worried about just what Reyes is? Huh? There is some sadness, too, which I felt coming in #2. Just a warning for you. Hopefully, things will look better in #4.Love the red tennies on the cover. ☺

  • Hershey
    2019-02-16 16:54

    One thing you need to know about the Charley Davidson series:It is damn addictive!I'm completely obsessed with this series. I think there should be more books like the Charley Davidson series. A concoction of all the elements a reader would love. For those of you who are still wondering whether to read this series or not, just go ahead and buy the book. You will not regret it.Some of my favorite quotes:“The top five things you never want to say to a grim reaper: I’m dead tired. You’re killing me. I’m dying to try that. This relationship will be the death of me.The number one thing you don’t want to say to the grim reaper is...Till death do us part.”"Lead me not into temptation. I can find it myself"“Have you slept yet?''Sure. I took a power nap on the way over.''Didn't you drive there?''Yeah. Other drivers kept waking me up. Car horns should be illegal.'- Charley & Cookie” ____________________________________________My Charley Davidson reviews: First Grave on the Right (Charley Davidson, #1)Second Grave on the left (Charley Davidson, #2)Third Grave Dead Ahead (Charley Davidson, #3)For I have Sinned (Charley Davidson, #3.5)Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet (Charley Davidson, #4)

  • Jennifer
    2019-02-06 16:04

    Third Grave Dead Ahead is the third installment in Darynda Jones's paranormal mystery series titled: Charley Davidson. Charley is our heroine in this series, and she is in fact the Grim Reaper. I love this concept! ...and I love her! Charley is just an amazing heroine! She's got attitude, loyalty, a wild sense of humor, and a real-life dream man. Yep, sexy, sexy dream man...The series as a whole presents an ongoing story line that would be best enjoyed in order; however, there is a separate mystery presented in each book. After all, Charley works a day job as a private investigator as a front for her real line of work. There are tons of characters who make both exits and entrances in each installment so you never get bored with anyone during the series. I loved the first book, the second book was OK, and this third one is back on track and has me already looking for the next installment. If you haven't tried this series yet, you've got to check it out!My favorite quote:"I strode towards Mr. Coffee with lust in my eyes. We'd had a thing, Mr. Coffee and I, and there was just enough of him left for one more cup. No need to make a fresh pot, to get him all hot and bothered."The Charley Davidson series includes the following installments: (as of November 2014)

  • Christen (GoldiloxReads and Whimsify)
    2019-02-04 00:08

    This review will not contain spoilers for this book, but do not read it you haven't read books 1 and 2 in this series.Another wonderful installment in Darynda Jones' hilarious and sexy Charley Davidson series!Third Grave Dead Ahead begins almost where it left off - with Reyes back in jail and pisssssed at Charley. Since she bound him to his corporeal body he is stuck in jail and can't visit her incorporeally...except that he can. Every time Charley falls asleep he visits her, which would be HOT except that his visits include a lot of angry stares and growly words (and some other stuff that's not quite as bad...). So Charley has been drinking coffee nonstop and sleeping minimally, which makes for some very funny moments throughout the book. Charley is as snarky as ever, although I felt like she had more serious moments in this book than the other two, and I didn't mind those at all. There are also more Reyes moments in Third Grave, and I mean real Reyes moments, not just incorporeal Reyes moments. To keep from being spoiler-rific, I won't give any more details about that, but just know that all the Reyes that was missing from Second Grave is made up for in this one. Of course there is actually an official investigation that Charley and Cookie are handling (Oh Cookie, how I've missed you as Charley's 'straight man'!), and as always these plot points are just as interesting as the Charley-Reyes stuff. Charley is looking for a missing woman (isn't she always) and that brings in some of the best side characters in the genre: Angel, Rocket, and Garrett. If you loved the first two books in this series you will be thoroughly pleased with this one. All of the things that make this one of my favorite series are here - Charley's silly one liners and ridiculous train of thought, Reyes' hotness and enough Reyes scenes to whet your whistle, a great main plot, and secondary characters that I love love love. This book also moves along the continuing story of Reyes and Charley, and we learn even more about his childhood.If you are new to Charley's world I highly recommend checking out this series. It is a one of a kind and a can't-put-it-down kind of read!Read more of my reviews at

  • Kat Valentine
    2019-01-19 19:45

    Reyes is back and he isn't happy! When charley bound his soul to his body so that he couldn't to harm to himself,it set's reyes off and so every time charley falls asleep reyes comes to her hotter,sexier and madder then the last time .And if not being able to sleep isn't bad enough,,charley and crew out off on another case. Theirs a lot of twist's and turns for our favorite grim reaper and reyes has much planned for charley and company!!

  • Aly's Bookish Wonderland
    2019-01-21 21:59

    Charley is still lusting after a creep who threatened her with a knife, and then threatened her family.I'm honestly worried.GARRETT FTW.3.5

  • Ferdy
    2019-02-19 21:06

    Some Spoilers Charley, Danger and Will Robinson are back and better than ever. Charley is trying her best to stay awake to avoid Reyes who is visiting her in her sleep. Reyes is furiuos that Charley bound his incorperal self to his human body, thus leaving him vunerable. Even though he's angry at Charley he can't help smexing her up when he sees her. There's a lot of tension and resentment between Charley and Reyes, both hurting one other in order to protect the other. Unfortunatley for Charley, her love life is only one of her problems - her dad wants her to quit her job, Reyes has escaped from prison, Garrett is still tailing her and Charley must find a missing woman who she believes may have been murdered by her husband.The Good: - Charley is strong, smart and funny..she's dedicated to both her PI and Grim Reaper jobs. She rarely whines or feels sorry for herself.- Reyes..I liked him a LOT before but now I LOVE him. He's smart, powerful and sexy without being a total a**hole..although he does have his moments.-Cookie is an awesome best friend, a lot of authors will write crap female characters in order to make their heroine look better..that doesn't happen here..Cookie is a well rounded character - loyal, brave and witty.-Uncle Bob/Ubie isn't as present in this book as earlier books but he's still got Charley's back.. I'm hoping Ubie and Cookie get together.- I love Garrett almost as much as Reyes..I was suprised by his little twist at the end.-Gemma and Charley taking the first baby steps to rebuiding their relationship.-The side characters - Gemma, Angel, Mr Wong, Rocket, Luthor, Donovon and his gang - had strong personalities and depth instead of the usual UF were most side charcters are one dimensional. -The writing flowed well and was pretty hilarious.-The conclusion of the missing wife wasn't predictable. The Not So Good:-Charley's humour in serious situations did get annoying at times.-The reason why Owen Vaughn hated Charley enough to want to kill her was so lame and then Charley apologising to him..WTF?!!..he should be apologising to her..someone trying to kill you is worse than some stupid misunderstanding in high school. Him trying to kill her was such an overreaction..the whole thing was just stupid and Charley trying to make nice with him after he tried to kill her for no good reason..ugh.-Charley's guardian..I wasn't impressed with who it was at the end.-Reyes constantly threatening Charley..enough already..bloody hell, that's no way to treat the woman you supposedly love!! Reyes shows more affection to Amador, Bianca and their kids than he does Charley..all he seems to show Charley is distrust, lust and anger..he needs to start showing a little bit of affection towards her instead of just hornyness and hatred. -Reyes using Charley and it ending up causing Charley a LOT of pain..seriously?!..first her dad and now Reyes.. two men that claim to love her, they should be protecting her..not doing the bloody opposite and putting her in harm's way..I hope Charley doesn't just forgive Reyes in the next book!-Charley's dad is a douche..I was happy to see that his betrayl in the last book wasn't completely forgotten but I think Charley needs to stop making excuses for him.. he doesn't deserve her love and forgiveness.-Cookie needs some lovin!!! Why does Charley get all the fun?!-Charley's stepmother wasn't really in this book and I was hoping that Charley's dad and sister would finally see what a cow she is and stick up for Charley. -Charley doesn't know how to keep her mouth shut.. seriously..all of hell is trying to find her and she just tells everyone she meets that she's the Grim Reaper and that Reyes is the son of Charley retarded??!-Mistress Marigold was a let down..I was hoping for some long buried secrets or some sort of hellish conspiracy..not a boring bloody (view spoiler)[nun (hide spoiler)]I'm looking forward to the next book now that Reyes circumstances have changed.

  • Alex ☣ Deranged KittyCat ☣
    2019-01-25 17:08

    O.M.G! Full review to come.*********************************************Actual reviewSince reading the third book, I went away for the weekend, during which period I have also read the fourth book. I was very disappointed with that one, so I'll do my very best to remember the awesomeness of this one.Lead me not into temptation. I can find it myself. - T-ShirtThe most important change for me in this book is Reyes. Yes, he's the Big Bad and the supermodel son of Satan, but I prefer him in the flesh. His projection can go so far, and the only way his projection and Charley can have any action is if he takes hold of her soul. But a man made of flesh and blood is a whole other thing. A real touch, a real breath on the neck... priceless. And I rooted for him like crazy. That is until near the end, where his plot is uncovered. Why do the men in Charley's life keep doing that to her? And why does she stand it? Ok, it's clear she would eventually forgive them, but at least let her make a scene, a real scene, where she cuts deeply into their feelings if not into their flesh. But I think I'm slipping into the next book here. Stars, the anger!As for Charley, of course she's as cool as ever. I think Darynda Jones should write a manual about how to get Davidson's coolness and her good use of sarcasm. That book would sell, too. There's nothing better than saying the right thing at the right time, and giving little crap about the other person's feelings.And I need to give the author extra credit for not letting me figure out who the guardian is.That being said, I need to take a one day break before writing the review for the next Charley Davidson book. I had serious issues with that one. >.<

  • Shelley
    2019-01-29 20:54

    *Rating* 4-4 1/2*Genre* Urban Fantasy*Review Spoiler Free!*Paranormal Private Investigator and Grim Reaper Charley Davidson has more than a few problems this time around. Her main problem is the fact that she can’t sleep without having Reyes Farrow jumping her bones every time she closes her eyes. Reyes is extremely angry at Charley to the point where he ends up using her in a big way and now I’m extremely anxious to read the next installment to see what happens next.Charley is still one of the snarkiest and funniest characters I've ever read. No, I actually don’t get tired of her antics or how she continually finds herself deep in kimchee, or the fact that everyone around her thinks she is off her rocker or insane most of the time.I absolutely loved her interaction with Cookie (her best friend, neighbor, and receptionist) who plays a much larger role in this book than the previous two. I loved Uncle Bob’s actions as well, and even think Charley's relationship with her sister Gemma may be heading in the right direction after years of turmoil and not speaking to each other.I loved the fact another male character named Donovan was introduced to the series and looks to be playing a larger role in Charley’s life, which I can honestly say I don’t find fault with. I even liked the fact that Jones added a female FBI Agent named Carson to the story who takes a huge step in trusting Charley to find the missing wife of a doctor with a history of evil deeds.Charley ends up with several items on her plate. The first is discovering what happened to Teresa Yost. Right from the onset Charley knows that Dr. Yost is dirty and suspects him of ill-gotten deeds. This story is pretty much straight forward and solved in a satisfying manner.The second item on her plate is Reyes Farrow and the fact that he absolutely uses Charley to do his dirty work for him. In the end, it nearly costs Charley her own life as well as that of a major character that has been around from the beginning of the story.Charley and Cookie also discover the true identity of Mistress Marigold, and it’s actually quite brilliant! I love the fact that she knows so much about Charley and Reyes, and even lets Charley know that she is about to have a guardian on hand to protect her from the demons who want her and her access to Heaven.As for Charley’s personal life, I really hate her father right now, and what he does to Charley in order to make her quit being a Private Investigator. Hasn't he done enough already? (Note: If you haven’t read the first two books, please do!). This actually goes way PAST the point of being the right thing to do. For those who love Reyes, well, let's just say that you might want to change your tune just a little bit after reading what Charley ends up going through because of his actions, or shall I say inactions. The only positive, I guess, is that the interaction between Reyes and Charley is still hot, and he still jumps in and protects her when things look seriously dire. I just wish that he would stop toying with her with the whole “you need to figure out what you are capable of and fast because war is coming.” Thank you to Christen the Were Kitty for sharing this ARC with me!Expected publication: February 2nd 2012

  • Yona
    2019-02-09 17:59

    This series is kind of addictive.

  • Jess
    2019-02-16 22:47

    Review Posted: Happily Ever After - ReadsBlog Rating: 4.5/5“How many cups of coffee have you had today?”I counted on my fingers before remembering they should remain on the steering wheel at all times when driving. “Seven,” I said, swerving to narrowly miss a horrified pedestrian.“Just seven?”“And twelve-halves.” Charley running on days of no sleep. Oh yes…take a moment and imagine that, if you will. That’s what she’s in the middle of as THIRD GRAVE DEAD AHEAD opens, because every time she nods off, even for just a minute, she’s visited by an unwanted inmate, Reyes. He’s still pissed beyond belief that Charley bound him to his human body at the end of SECOND GRAVE ON THE LEFT and whenever Charley lets herself fall asleep she’s visited by Reyes in a dreamlike state where they can’t keep their hands off each other. Whether she’s calling to him or he’s invading her dreams, she’s not sure at this point. They have crazy hot…HOT, angry sex, and neither one really wants this happening. So Charley is keeping herself awake, has been for days and days and coffee is her new best friend. Fans of Charley can just picture what she’s like on crazy amounts of caffeine. Charley gets a job tracking down a missing woman. Her husband comes to Charley first asking for her help, but Charley’s 100% convinced that he’s the guilty party. She follows leads throughout the story trying to put the clues together and figure out where his wife, Teresa, is and after a visit to Rocket, she knows she’s still alive but time is running out.Charley’s got her trusty sidekicks helping her out, one more than willing to jump right in the middle of the action – Cookie is the best friend we all want and Charley needs her for her information/detective skills and just to have that friend she doesn’t need to keep any secrets from. It’s not every day you find a friend that you can admit to being the grim reaper to after all, and they still call you a friend. Her other, not so willing sidekick, is Garrett. Her Uncle Bob, or Ubie as she lovingly and sarcastically refers to him, put Garrett and his men tailing her, to try and keep her from getting killed. Try being the key word. Garrett’s none too pleased about this, but he does it and annoys Charley to no end giving her his top five things to never say to the grim reaper throughout the story.In addition to the missing wife storyline, Charley is dealing with a completely human and completely pissy Reyes. He has a mission he needs to finish, but won’t give out any details about it. He breaks out of prison, involving Charley in part of his escape and is in and out of her life, demanding she release him from his body. But Charley’s tried and has no idea how to do this. More on Reyes later *yes, tease.*As if this wasn’t enough, Charley is dealing with a biker gang that moved into the asylum where she goes to visit Rocket. After her sneaking in attempt gets her caught, by an overly-friendly Rottweiler, she ends up helping the gang out on a small case of figuring out who’s poisoning their guard dogs. And oh yeah, locking lips with their leader Donovan. Charley is a very busy girl in this third adventure.“Gemma Davidson,” she answered, her voice as groggy as I felt.“Where are you?” I asked.“Who is this?”“Elvis.”“What time is it?”“Hammer time?”“Charley.”(…)“Are you punking me?” I heard her fumbling with the phone.“Gem, if I was going to punk you, I wouldn’t simply turn off your phone. I would pour honey in your hair while you slept. Or, you know, something like that.”“That was you?” she asked, appalled.What continually gets me about these books is I’ll find myself laughing non-stop from the get go but there’s always that one scene or two, normally toward the end, where Charley has me tearing up. It’s usually something involving her family, who she has a hard time truly connecting with. In this case her Dad really turns on Charley and I ended up feeling so horrible for her and the decision he made that basically has him turning his back on her. I do love that she’s getting closer with her sister as Charley needs all the friends she can get. But in addition to an emotional scene with her Dad, there is tragedy and a death of someone Charley considered a close friend, even one of her best friends. It took me by surprise but the sadness doesn’t take over the end of book, it does end on a nice note, which I really needed since the ending got a little heavy with the emotions for Charley.Now, Reyes. I swear this guy, I don’t know what to think about him. One minute I love him, the next I can’t stand him. He was out playing his own game in this book and using anyone necessary to accomplish his mission, Charley included. He put her in danger, didn’t share any information and really ended the book on Charley’s bad side. Mine too. But there’s still just something about him that’s hard to resist. There’s obviously more to him then what we’ve seen, but with the way he used Charley he’ll need to redeem himself big time in the future.Reyes hit me! He’d actually hit me! It didn’t matter that hitting me wasn’t really like hitting a regular girl and I’d be completely healed in a matter of hours. I was still a freaking girl, and he damned well knew it. I’d just have to hit him back. With a lead pipe. Or an eighteen wheeler.“Are you okay?” SWAT guy asked me, studying my eyes.Damn, I loved it when men in uniform studied my eyes. Or my ass. Either way.There’s a lot of talk about Charley needing to figure out what she’s truly capable of, mostly coming from Reyes. She of course has no idea, no time, and initially no desire to figure it out, but we get a small sense of what he means when her emotions get so high, some interesting side effects happen. It feels like just the tip of iceberg with the power Charley has that she hasn’t voluntarily tried to tap into yet.Without a doubt, my absolute favorite part of this series is how Darynda writes Charley – the complete randomness of some of the things she says and does have me laughing out loud and usually in public. But the balance between Charley’s sarcastic, witty personality comes through the people in her life being able to keep up with her and more times than not, dish it right back. Charley runs this show, but the supporting characters give a great balance between keeping the storyline moving and being equally quick with the comebacks that compliment the character that Charley is.THIRD GRAVE DEAD AHEAD is full of laughs, continues to build on the overall series storyline that’s getting us closer to finding out just what Charley is capable of and has a lot of heart. I highly recommend giving this series a try, if you haven’t already. I can’t wait for Charley’s next case and to see if Reyes can redeem himself to Charley, and to me.

  • Beanbag Love
    2019-01-27 17:59

    Never would have thought I'd give one of these books five stars, but I just enjoyed the crap out of this one.The humor was appropriate rather than coming off mean spirited and forced as it did in the previous installment. The action was thrilling, mystery was decent and the emotion was real. I'm stopping myself right now from opening the next one. I only had one quibble and that had to do with (view spoiler)[Garrett's fate. I didn't want him to be dead, but it didn't make sense that he was still alive after they'd all been told by the doctors he was dead. I also expected Artemis to be her guardian and I didn't think Garrett would be gone forever, (hide spoiler)] but the way it was done held up against how well everything else was done made it feel weak and contrived. I'm interested to see how it plays out though, so it doesn't affect the rating.I'm aware the series can still spiral downward (only too aware after the past two years of trying to hook into new authors), but I can honestly say that this particular story in the series was an excellent read for me.

  • PaigeBookdragon
    2019-02-16 16:47

    Oh fuck. Wrong review. Here's the right one. --------------------Darynda Jones,What the hell? Don't ever joke about Garrett like that. Nopey nopey nope.By the way,did I mention that I'm still loving your series? I seriously dig your T-shirt quotes (or rather Charley's Tshirts).Be right back,Paige

  • Angela (Angel's Guilty Pleasures)
    2019-02-05 21:58

    Many have recommend the Charley Davidson series to me and now I’ve finally picked it up. I’ve been really enjoying this series and how things are progressing. The series does need to be read or listened to in order. Third Grave Dead Ahead is full of mysteries, betrayals, heartache, and revelations. There is a lot going on in this installment; with three different mystery’s happening, understanding exactly what Charley can do, and Charley now trying to get in and out of the asylum without the biker club catching her.The overall plot moved along well and now I know a bit more about Charley and her abilities, though we are not finished learning what she can do as the Grim Reaper. Their is much more to discover. I love the friendship Charley has with Cookie. Cookie is a great secondary character and just adds to the story. The witty humor continues to be fun, but at times if feel like Charley uses it to mask her stupid mistakes or maybe it’s her way of copping with a difficult and stressful situation. I do have to say I was rolling my eyes at some of the things Charley did in this one and I will point out that I didn’t care for how this one started, dream sex. Other then that I had fun and enjoyed the story and progress happening. Reyes of course plays a part in the story. He’s got his own agenda in Third Grave Dead Ahead and once Charley figures it out, it’s almost too late. Then to top it off she’s got her investigations and her family to deal with. She really hasn’t had it easy and dons’t have many people on her side. I was angry and sad for Charley. The men in her life really upset me. What Reyes and her father do, really made me sad. The Narrator, Lorelei King continues to make this series enjoyable. She does an outstanding job bringing Charley to life and all the characters. I continue to appreciate and like the audio version for this series. If you enjoy snarky humor and a good mystery then give the Charley Davidson series a try. I highly recommend the audio version for the series. Rated: 3.5 Stars

  • Julie
    2019-01-26 00:08

    Posted at Yummy Men & Kick Ass Chicks. I have some great quotes posted with my review on the blog. :)This right here, my review for Third Grave on the Left by Darynda Jones, is turning out to be one of the hardest reviews I’ve ever had to write. Not because I was sorely disappointed in the book but because it was such a fan-freakin’-tastic read I am afraid I won’t be able to put into words how much I enjoyed it! I mean, I want to go and find the highest hill in my area, climb on top of it and shout to everyone about how fan-freakin’-tastic this book is! This entire series for that matter. It’s just brilliant. Simply brilliant.Charley Davidson is a PI. She also happens to be the Grim Reaper. No big robes or anything, she just helps guide people to the light if they don’t find their way on their own. Because of this ‘other’ job, she can see and communicate with spirits. That is a handy dandy trick when you are a PI trying to find missing people. She is written so well, I am totally putting her on my favorite characters list when I have a chance. She is that awesome. One of the things I like so much about Charley is her humor. She is one of the funniest characters I have ever read. Yet even though she makes you laugh out loud at some of her dialogue and thoughts, she is so much more than a funny lady. She’s smart and clever and has such heart. She is a very well rounded character and if you have yet to meet her you have to have to have to.Reyes is well, I suppose he is the main love interest but he is also the basis for the ongoing storyline that goes through each book of the series to date. This time around, he’s a bit of a jerk but I still want to lick him all over. Yes, I keep saying that. There is a reason people. Reyes is sex on a stick. Whatever that means. But he is. Y-U-M. Dark and mysterious, dangerous and sexy… And still a bit of a mystery. Even after three books, we don’t know all there is to know. But we know enough that we’re not driven crazy by what he don’t know. Does that make any sense? See, difficult review to write! Reyes ‘plays’ his role very well in this book. And his ‘role’ changes considerably by the end of this book. I am very anxious to see how his character develops over the next few books.Quick recap of other characters worth mentioning: Cookie is always great. She is the perfect complement to Charley. Ubie is someone I want to give a big hug to. All the time. He is the rock Charley needs and he does that very well in this installment. Charley’s dad…many curse words came out of my mouth by the end of this book and they were all meant for him. I hope his actions are explained in the next book because, seriously, he’s an ass. Donovan is a new character and I really liked him. Yes, he pretty much comes out of nowhere and what he and Charley do is also pretty much out of nowhere but he works. Gemma is Charley’s sister. In book one she lived on my ‘characters I don’t like and sort of want to stab’ list. In book two, she came around as things were explained. Now I think she’s a good support for Charley. Garrett…oh Garrett. He is funny and smart and…pretty much a male version of Charley. Well, not exactly because that wouldn’t work well at all, but he is fun to read and after the whole ‘Reyes is a bit of a jerk’ feeling coursing through me after reading this book, I am inching towards Team Garrett. If there was a Team Garrett that is. Garrett was the cause of my teary eyes near the end of Third Grave. Such a touching scene and the perfect way to end this book.On top of the incredible characters, the entertaining mysteries and the overlying storyline, I also love the details that make this series incredible. Mr. Wong, the spirit that stares into the corner of Charley’s apartment, how things are never taken too seriously so your heart won’t keel over, how each chapter starts with a quote from a t-shirt or a bumper sticker (examples of these include “I know karate, and like two other Japanese words” and “If life hands you lemons, keep them. Because, hey, free lemons” and “Sometimes that light at the end of the tunnel is a train”)…tons of little ongoing details that not only bring this series together but that keep you smirking from book to book to book.There is one ongoing story in this series but each book also has its own mystery. The mysteries are always very well written and interesting to read. Trying to solve them is fun. And even though we have Charley and Reyes and Garrett and mystery and Grim Reaper stuff and and and…it all works! Darynda is a mastermind in her writing and she juggles these multiple points extremely well. You never feel lost or overwhelmed. You just feel giddy because you know you are reading an exceptional book from a fantastic series.Third Grave Dead Ahead was, for me, the perfect read. It kept me guessing, had me giggling, laughing, crying and smiling. From the opening quote “Death comes to those who wait. And to those who don’t. So either way…” to the last word “Men”, I was glued to the page. And even through my tears, I beamed. I may have even hugged the book a bit when I was finished with it. And I may have threatened (with love) my friends who were ‘going to read it next week or later’ and made them read it now or else. And now that they have read it, they are thanking me profusely. There may be a parade. They all loved it. I wasn’t surprised at all because there really isn’t anything not to love about this book.It is definitely going to be making an appearance on my Favorite Reads of 2012 list.5plus stars

  • Katie Michaels
    2019-01-23 18:12

    Just when I thought this series couldn't get any better, a new Charley Davidson book comes along and shows me just how very, very wrong I was. This story was absolutely amazing, taking me on a thrill ride from the very first page until the very last. Now that the book is over, I'm left stunned, satisfied, a little shaken-up, and mostly desperate... for the next book to come out.As the story begins, Charley is fighting to stay awake. That's because every time she closes her eyes, Reyes is there. He is as hot and sexy as ever, but he is also pissed as hell, since Charley bound him to his corporeal body. Now he can only come to her when she sleeps, and his body is stuck in prison. But we'll get back to Reyes in just a minute.Despite her lack of sleep, Charley is keeping busy. She is working a PI case, searching for a missing woman. But she is a multi-tasker and there is plenty more on her plate. From the mysterious Mistress Marigold to the bikers who have taken over the asylum where Rocket lives. From more problems with her Dad (who I'm liking less and less) to constant surveillance by Garrett Swopes. And if all that weren't enough, Reyes ends up breaking out of jail, sending her on the hunt for the man he was convicted of killing --a disgusting S.O.B. who is very much alive.If that sounds like alot, that's because it is. But Darynda Jones weaves it all together into this seamless masterpiece of action, suspense, humor and heart. The book is funny. It's really funny. Charley's snark and wit made me laugh out loud over and over again. But the dynamic between Charley and Reyes is what makes the book sing for me. I love him. And I love how he loves her, despite an extremely boneheaded plan that ended up hurting Charley terribly. As for the ending... I'm not going to say much, but there is a great twist... and big betrayal. I'm just blown away by the whole book. And I can't wait to see where the Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet takes us. 5 stars. *ARC Provided by St Martin's Press

  • Cat Russell(Addicted2Heroines)
    2019-02-11 17:45

    This is one of those rare series that I've consistently given 5 stars to. I'm very stingy with my 5 star ratings, but these stories have everything that I enjoy. A strong protagonist, engaging mysteries, lots of humor, enjoyable secondary characters, and a male love interest that has me drooling all over the pages. Simply put, I can't get enough of Charley and Reyes. The dynamics in their relationship take an unexpected turn in this third installment and we see a side of Reyes that is a little unnerving, along with a side that exposes his vulnerabilites.He seems to be a little more deserving of his nickname, "Son of Satan", when his mean streak appears. He has his reasons. Desperation being the main cause. But we also see a softer side of him when he is reunited with people that he cares about deeply.Although I didn't see many of the romantic elements that I enjoy in Charley and Reyes' relationship, I found the tension and the uncertainty hanging between them exciting. One thing is for sure, their relationship could never be considered stale or predictable. As with previous installments, Charley has her hands full with multiple mysteries occuring simultaneously. She attempts to locate a missing spouse, assists a local biker gang, and searches for the man that Reyes is spending time in prison for supposively killing.As always, I enjoyed every single moment of this story. I never know what Charley will do or say next. But what I do know is that she never disappoints.