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While Seth searches for Jenny, Dr. Heather Reynard of the CDC unravels Seth and Jenny's secrets.Alexander opens Jenny's mind to her deep past, and to the full horrific extent of her powers.Torn between her feelings for Alexander and Seth, and between her past lives and her present, Jenny must prepare to face her enemies, as well as the darkness within her......

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Alexander Death Reviews

  • Giselle
    2019-05-17 21:38

    *Spoiler free for the series!*This series started so innocently didn't it? I mean, we have Jenny who's a timid, broken girl with the touch of death--or disease, who keeps to herself (for good reason) being all innocent and sweet. Ha! Good one! Sweet little Jenny is no more. Her character changes tremendously between the first and third book of this series, both emotionally and mentally. Such a plot would not have thrived otherwise, It was a need, and it was done with perfection. Her growth mirrored the plot exactly, going from the Jenny she thought she was, to the Jenny she didn't know she had to be.Like its protagonist, this series has evolved from a cryptic horror into a complex, even scandalous plot. Again, and I keep mentioning it because it seems to be an ongoing misconception on these books, this is not intended for young readers! Yes it may have teenage characters, but it's a fully adult read that comprises of horror, sex, and drugs, followed by more horror, stronger drugs, and fully described sexual acts! Capish? *shoves book in your face because it's awesome* Isn't it the worst to review sequels and up? I feel like I've said it all in the previous reviews, and since I refuse to use spoilers, I'm pretty much at a loss. Don't take this the wrong way, it's a great installment that fully lived up to my expectations--although the first remains my favorite. I'm really enjoying how deep we're getting into this epically unique plot. The ending of Jenny Pox blew my socks off, which was the first leaf that turned this series into something completely unexpected. In this third book, and as the title portrays, we get to learn more about this Alexander fellow who started to appear mysteriously in the sequel. I thought his character was very unnerving. I knew I shouldn't trust him or his intentions, still, I found him indefinitely alluring. He has this charm that makes it easy to put our concerns on the back-burner. Besides Alexander, we also get glimpses into the perspective of the other characters, who are all on the hunt for Jenny; some to save her, others to kill her. It's an exciting and drama filled novel, like its predecessors. More characters means more story, which means more secrets revealed. We learn a great deal more about Jenny and the history surrounding her. I thought the various twists were woven in greatly and, while they're not made to shock necessarily, I appreciated how unexpected some were. And as I've mentioned previously, I do enjoy how JL considers the consequences such a plot would have on the real world, like the CIA and CDC's involvement. Not everyone can be oblivious to a bizarre disease that is sporadically and freakishly killing people, seemingly at random, and always with a particular girl present. I was satisfied with the way things ended in this novel. The series is filled with details ranging from their abilities to their complicated relationships, and I was weary of how things would all tie up at the end. BUT, a little bird told me that there was now (or will soon be) a fourth book *gasp*, so we will see how that ending compares. I will either be impressed at the ability of a planned trilogy to continue without feeling like we're beating a dead horse, or I will curse JL for life. Hey, it's totally his call!If you're a horror fan--think Carrie--then I'm sure you have read this series already so I have nothing else to say. Right? *glares*--An advance copy was provided by the publisher for review.For more of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

  • Craig Hansen
    2019-05-07 15:03

    Alexander Death wraps up J.L. Bryan's trilogy of novels that began in Jenny Pox and continued in Tommy Nightmare. The series, now called "The Paranormals," delivers more often than not when it comes to satisfying resolutions to character arcs.The first half of the novel is taken up by establishing the new player introduced at the end of Tommy Nightmare, Alexander, who finally wakes Jenny up to her past lives and her almost-godlike nature. After that, the novel moves at breakneck pace toward a final resolution for all concerned.Most satisfying were the clear fates laid out for key players Seth, Jenny, Ashley and Alexander. Less satisfying was the somewhat murkier, more suggested than detailed, fates of Tommy and Esmerelda.The story reaches all the way to Mexico and Central America, and eventually returns to where it all started: Fallen Oak.The story offers believable motivations throughout, and ends with a sense that the tale is at last complete. A mostly-satisfying read that should please those who enjoyed the first two installments.As before, Alexander Death focuses in young-adult-aged characters, but is not a young-adult novel. It's content is a bit more mature than that, though with all the climactic action, seems to benefit from a lighter touch of the intense stuff this time around.

  • Rosie
    2019-05-26 22:59

    In this final instalment of the Paranormals trilogy, Jenny is taken to Chiapas by Alexander, on the run from the government. Ashleigh and Tommy have escaped the chaos of the riot in Charleston undetected and Seth is trying to figure out what happened and where Jenny is. I liked the way the story opened with a flashback to Seth's past, reconnecting the reader to him after the unfortunate conclusion of Tommy Nightmare, and the hedonistic atmosphere of the episodes with Jenny and Alexander in Mexico were really well portrayed. However, those scenes did make me consider whether it should really be classed as YA; there's a bit too much sex and casual drug-taking for that. I don't disapprove of it, it made sense to the story, but I think the content would be a little unsuitable for, say, a fourteen year old. Whilst on the subject of genre, in many ways Alexander Death reminded me more of a thriller than a horror or PNR story, with the characters involved in different types of crime, political campaigns and trying to figure out who and what is at the bottom of the mysterious events and disappearances. The pace was consistent throughout and I found both Seth and Jenny's plot threads the most compelling to follow. Unfortunately, Ashleigh, who I've always found truly sinister, seemed a little unfocussed in her machinations and the threat she posed to Jenny and Seth was largely sidelined in favour of Alexander.As the end of a series this ticked all the right boxes, tied up the loose ends and provided a satisfactory conclusion for the characters, my only real frustration was that it felt a little rushed in places, with missed opportunities to expand upon situations. (view spoiler)[ After drawing out the separation of Jenny and Seth for over half the book, the reunion was wrapped up in a couple of chapters and it felt as though Jenny's realisation that she did still love and want to be with Seth was far too quick. I was expecting Alexander to maybe hold Seth prisoner (after all, a person who can heal you can be useful when you're in a dangerous profession like drug-trafficking) then maybe Jenny could have slowly come around and planned their escape. (hide spoiler)]I wanted to love this book, as I loved Jenny Pox and maybe my expectations were therefore unrealistically high but this is still a very well written and original series, definitely well worth a read.

  • Marisa
    2019-05-10 19:01

    This books marks significant changes in all of the characters. In this one, Jenny finds herself quickly taken under the wing of Alexander and his questionable influences. Despite myself, I was rooting for Alexander and Jenny though something seems off. He helps Jenny see into her past and the true source of her powers. That being said, be prepared for some major twists and turns! I won’t say much more because it’d be too easy to reveal too much. Originally, this was planned to be the final book in the series so I will say that most major questions are answered by the completion of the book.Warning: If you didn’t enjoy the level of horror/violence in the previous books, I would not continue with the series. It only gets more intense going forward. Contains horror and violence.Who Should Read it? Fans of fantasy in a contemporary setting or horror.See all my reviews and more at or @Read2Distract

  • Lorre
    2019-04-26 22:50

    In the beginning of this book I thought having Alexander in Jenny's life was a good thing. But then bit by bit we discover how Alexander is really like and how him knowing about his past lives has shaped him. I wasn't really liking who Jenny was becoming because of Alexander.Funny really that Alexander doesn't like Ashleigh because she's manipulative cause he's certainly a master in manipulation himself! Alexander is an interesting charachter to read about and getting a glimpse of Jenny like she was in past lives with the influence of Alexander was terrifying.I can't wait to see what the next (and sadly last) book of the series takes us!

  • Y.k. Greene
    2019-05-26 22:50

    This one wasn't quite as much fun for me as the previous books since there's pretty much no Ashleigh in it but it was a great look deeper into the world of these interconnected characters so I still enjoyed it.

  • Baily
    2019-05-13 22:36

    InterestingIt was a good middle school read for those interested in fiction and history alike. I’m more into non-fiction, but this was easy enough to enjoy.

  • Heather
    2019-05-17 17:42

    SPOILERS IF YOU HAVE NOT READ JENNY POX AND TOMMY NIGHTMARE DO NOT READ REVIEW BUY BOOKS!!!!!!!ALSO I'D LIKE TO CAUTION THAT THIS IS FOR OLDER YA READERS DEFINITELY NOT FOR YOUNGER READERSJL Bryan is a master storyteller and if you don't believe me, then read any of his stories and see for yourself. I'm writing today about the third book in his series, The Paranormals, Alexander Death. If you're up on the story thus far, you will not be disappointed with Alexander Death. It is fast paced and filled with so much energy and character that it is legendary. The characters have powers like none I've seen in YA. Jenny, tortured throughout two novels is now coming into her own. Jenny Morton, has been through way more than any single character that I've read about in my reading history! She's been tormented by Ashleigh Goodling all her life. She's been unable to touch people because she can give people a deadly disease, "Jenny Pox", her classmates have nicknamed it. She can't even hug her dad or pet the dog. She craved human touch and finally found it with her opposite, Seth. But after the town attacked them and Jenny unleashed herself, after her father was scared of her and after Seth betrayed her trust and she's in danger, the sexy stranger that claims to know her better than anyone and saves her seems like a great idea. So off to Mexico she goes with Alexander, El Brujo. Like the other Paranormals, Ashleigh, Seth, Esmerelda, Tommy and Jenny, Alexander also has his own kind of power. It's an interesting power and Jenny's power enhances it. But Alexander claims he wants to be with Jenny because they've been together through many lifetimes. He seems to remember all of them, while Jenny has no memory of the lives they've shared. Alexander treats her like no one has ever treated her. She has a servant who becomes her first real friend, Kisa, and her own room. She goes shopping and buys her own clothes and is actually able to save herself and Kisa from two thugs using her power, for good instead of evil for the first time that she can remember. And Alexander treats her with respect, he throws her a party and shows her what her power can do. He treats her like the goddess he says she is.But, is he really as good as he appears to be? JL Bryan leads you to think so. We never really know more than Jenny knows about Alexander. We know what Seth is doing to try to find her and we know that she isn't safe going back to the United States. But JL Bryan keeps what's about to happen a closely guarded secret until its thrust upon you and you're left wide open trying to deal with your emotions and the situation, just like Jenny. Who to believe? Who to trust? There is an underlying darkness, but there's always been that. And what about the Mayans? And the snakes? And the zombies?And the drugs? And is the CDC and Homeland Security still poking around the Fallen Oak "chemical plant" disaster? As I said this is such a fast paced novel I read it in one night. I sat there and drank in every word and the cautious person in me was saying, "Jenny, don't open the basement door." While the one that wanted her to finally have some fun and get some revenge was saying, "Go for it!" I vascillated throughout the entire book. And then I got to the last twenty pages and I kept thinking, "No way he can pull it all off in this amount of pages." And I kept reading and watching the page numbers go down and kept thinking, "No way he can finish this story in this amount of pages." I was worried about info dump or a neat and tidy bow or something like that. But the more I said "no way" the better the story got. That final battle, it was legendary! I've read some kick ass fight scenes this year and I've read some great fight scenes in this series, the one in Jenny Pox at the end is not to be missed! But this one, this one has got to be right up there with Buffy when they blow up Sunnydale High at graduation minus the mayor turning into a giant snake. It is monumental!By the time I got down to the last few cool down tie up loose end pages, I was so pumped full of adrenaline I was bouncing up and down on the bed. I felt like jumping on the bed, but the ceiling fan gets in the way. As it was I used the f-word on Twitter! That is how great this finale is to this series!You will not stop to eat or drink or even pee. You will glare at humans and animals that dare to interrupt you and you will kick yourself if you don't hurry up and read this series. The real origins of the Paranormals comes out in this book so you need to make sure you've got all three because once you've read the first one, you'll never want to wait for the second one and definitely not for Alexander Death.I loved every minute of this book. Every question was answered everything was completed, but not tied up with a bow. There were a few extras thrown in that I didn't expect and I loved the ending. Read it! Enjoy it! Tell me how much you loved it!

  • Heather
    2019-05-13 17:49

    Contains Mild Spoilers for Books 1 and 2, Jenny Pox and Tommy Nightmare in The Paranormals SeriesJenny Pox and its sequel, Tommy Nightmare, are two of my favorite paranormal books that I've ever read (click the titles for the reviews by Pushy and me). And the final book in The Paranormals trilogy, Alexander Death, and has just made the top of my list for favorite book. Jenny Morton as lived a hard life, one where she has to avoid all human and animal contact or risk infecting those unlucky enough to brush against her with a plague-like pox that can kill. In the first book, Jenny Pox, she finds that there is one person she can touch without the risk of killing them. Jenny's opposite is Seth, who has the power to heal with just one touch. But he is the boyfriend of Ashleigh, the girl who has made her entire life a living hell, and she ramps up her campaign of evil to take down Jenny when Seth leaves Ashleigh for the outcast. At the end of Jenny Pox, Jenny and Seth learn that there are more Paranormals out there than just the two of them and Ashleigh and that they have been reincarnating in the bodies of humans over countless millennia. In Tommy Nightmare, they learn that the other Paranormals always try to find one another when Tommy comes looking for his opposite. While Ashleigh spreads love with her touch, Tommy instills fear and hate with his, and he can't wait to meet up with Ashleigh. But when he can't find her, he takes aim at Jenny and Seth to get revenge for the missed opportunities. While finding a way to team up with Ashleigh, employing the powers of another Paranormal named Esmeralda, they set off to rip apart Jenny and Seth. Just when it looks like they've succeeded, Esmeralda’s opposite, Alexander swoops in and rescues Jenny from the middle of a huge riot at the end of Tommy Nightmare.In the beginning of Alexander Death, Jenny is grateful to Alexander for saving her from the crush of people that tried to rip her apart. While she didn't want to infect anyone, she couldn't help but feel bad about anyone that was harmed because of the powers that have plagued her forever. While Jenny has few memories of Alexander and their past lives together, he remembers every single incarnation. And he offers to help Jenny remember and bring her back from the pathetic mess that she is now to her former glory.While Alexander brings Jenny to his estate in Mexico, he treats her with respect and ultimately helps her get all of her past lives memories back. Alexander longs for the companionship that Jenny has given him throughout the incarnations, but he also wants the power that comes from just having her near brings. But does Jenny like what she was so many times before and what she then becomes when she remembers? I won't spoil that here, but she ultimately has some very hard decisions to make when Homeland Security, Mexico's version of the same entity, and the CDC bring out the full court press to find her. While Dr. Heather Reynard tries to figure out the mystery behind Jenny's disease spreading ability and subsequently Seth's ability to heal, Ashleigh inhabits Esmeralda's body and is up to her old political power plays while keeping Tommy on a very short leash. Throughout the book, Seth doesn't give up looking for Jenny, who has seemingly vanished without a trace. But if you have enough money, anything is possible and are willing to do some of the detective work yourself as Seth soon finds out.Ultimately in this book, Jenny finally comes to terms with who she is, what her powers are, and what she's been in the past, and how it has affected those around her. And she finally owns the situation, making what she finally wants out of it, not what others want her to do. Alexander Death is an excellent series ender, full of deceit, subterfuge, and danger. Each of the books in the trilogy is truly solid. JL Bryan did a fantastic job with this series, and in the end, an even better way of proving that just because you've always taken one path, doesn't mean that you can't make a new one that will make you happier and lighter. And Jenny and the man she chose in the end will definitely be happier with those choices, blazing a new trail. I give this one a five out of five.

  • Darleen
    2019-05-09 16:03

    » Review can also be found on Orchids & Amethysts.Title: Alexander Death (The Paranormals #03)Author: J.L. BryanRating: 4/5Even though Jenny hardly knows him, Alexander is the person she trusts the most right now. He rescued her from the police, so that has to mean something. He is not her opposite, yet she can't help feel drawn to him. Perhaps also because Alexander helps her to remember some of their past lives and their deep connection back then.In the meantime Seth is trying his best to find Jenny, which isn't the simplest task since Dr. Reynard seems to discover their secret.It's time for the final battle between the good and the bad.Eww. What a dumb summary of mine.I can't believe it's over now. I loved this series so, so much. I think Alexander Death was the weakest book in the series, but I loved it anyways.In the third book you first notice how deep the love of Jenny and Seth really is. I mean, you noticed it before but that was more like a typical first love thing. Now you truly understand that they belong together and what being the opposite for someone really means.Though, I've got to confess that my favourite couple in the whole series was Tommy and Esmeralda. Or even Pedro and Esmeralda. Too bad Pedro is just a normal human :/ But wait! That means I can have him, right? :D I would have liked to read more of him.So, Ashleigh is still in posession of Esmeralda's body, which really annoys me actually. Perhaps because I can't stand Ashleigh. Who could anyway? She is such a bitch and manipulates everyone around her. I'm surprised that she didn't find a way to rule the world during her past lives. Should have been easy for someone like her to get to that goal. Whatever.Tommy doesn't really take any side in this fight. It seems as if he is on the bad side, but all he actually wants is Esmeralda and since she is on the bad side, because she is Ashlegh right now, he thinks that Jenny and Seth are the bad guys here.Alright, so why on earth does Alexander have to disappoint me so damn much? I don't want to spoil anything, but you'll eventually figure out that he is not who he pretends to be. This crazy plan he is following, I still can't believe it. I don't even know what else to write, because I would spoil so much and I don't want to do that. To say a good thing, at least just one, I liked him in the beginning. That has to be enough positive stuff I said about him now :PI don't know what should say about Seth and Jenny, really. They didn't change, they are still the main characters and they still want peace for everyone, which seems still absurd since Jenny's power is to hurt and kill people. But with Seth by her side it seems like a good power somehow. Doesn't make much sense I know.Two small final confessions: #01. I don't like Heather Reynard, though I don't know why, but I'm not much into reading point of views from cops or even just doctors sides. That doesn't fit into teen paranormal books for me. But that's just how I see it. Heather's view was important for the books anyway. You wouldn't have understood some things otherwise. #02. I love Kisa! She is so adorable and I'm so sad that there wasn't much of her here.As I said - I'm sad it ended, but the ending is good and I am happy that I read this fabulous series!

  • Loretta
    2019-05-08 15:56

    This book starts off with Seth, as a child. Reliving his past, when his brother Carter, 1st learned about Seth’s... touch. Taking you into that moment, when his family received that dreaded phone call. Carter had died. This was not easy for Seth. As I was reading this I was so ‘emotional’! Really, wiped a tear. All Seth wanted was to save his brother. But, it was to late.At the ending of book #2 (Tommy Nightmare). Jenny had left with the ever mysterious Alexander. Who saved her from the riot in Charleston that had been created by the ever so evil ass Ashleigh & Tommy. After her rescue, she leaves with Alexander to Mexico. At the ending of book 2 I was so mad at Seth. I mean COME ON. Then I was like, Ooo Alexander, sounds... rather.. delish.For a second I think I changed sides. For a SECOND that is. Something about Alexander I didn’t like. I just could not put my finger on it. But, something was up with this... a perfect perfect. After some time in Mexico, Jenny finds answers to some questions. But, are they the truth?Alexander treats Jenny as a Queen. *ahem* Zombie Queen. Buying her gifts, having party’s, wanting nothing more than for Jenny to remember him, her past, their past lives ‘together’. As Jenny tries, she only remembers minor things.... at 1st...Seth is left, in Fallen Oaks, with no idea of where Jenny is. Or what has happened. What happened in Charleston? The girl, the mob, everything is just a little fuzzy & very weird to him at this point. He feels, it is almost like, Ashleigh's doing. But, Ashleigh is dead.... UH, NO!Thinking that Jenny was Kidnapped, Seth seeks her out. Turning to some big guys to find out what has happened. But, will they be able to help him? Or will he be left with more questions. When he finally finds Jenny, he is surprised.. Jenny has changed. Everything that happened in this book (and all the others) was simply genius. Edge of your seat, make you want to smack your momma good. Ok, maybe not smack your momma. But, def something. JL Bryan has this way, of pulling you in with every word, every page, ever chapter.. until your sitting on the edge of your bed, book in hand, biting your nails until they are nonexistent. You will think one thing is going to happen, then the switch will flip, leaving you with your mouth hanging open in awe. Never think you know what is going to happen. Because, once you do that idea will smack you in your face, revealing something new. Alexander Death was a great ending to a AMAZING trilogy! Although, I am very sad that it is over. I am so very glad that I have read this trilogy, as I can say it has been one of my favorite sets of books, in a while. You get very attached to the characters. I would love to learn more about them. JL Bryan rocked these books. If you do not read them, you are missing out on some very AWESOME things. Jenny Pox, Tommy Nightmare, & Alexander Death, will take you into the world of 6 extraordinary characters, all who have different stories, abilities, and challenges along the way. Some you will love, and some you will love to hate. But in the end, you will be so wrapped up in each and every one of them. *Sigh*Reveiew:

  • Jenny
    2019-05-25 14:47

    The moment a very young Jenny Morton released her pox on a rattlesnake she hoped to turn into a playmate but instead watched in horror as it died a gruesome death she made herself a permanent fixture in our minds and hearts, the pain and vulnerability resulting from her curse so tangible we almost didn’t want to continue her story knowing things for her would inevitably get far worse before she was granted happiness. The road through the trilogy has been a dark and twisted one, Mr. Bryan’s ability to inflict shallow emotional wounds that make us feel just enough of Jenny’s hurt without overwhelming us to the point we can no longer bear to read creating a reading experience we won’t soon forget. This final installment is as difficult to read as its predecessors, Jenny’s story reaching perhaps its lowest point yet as past and present collide to bring the truth of the six paranormals’ existence fully into the light.Alexander Death manages to be both the most enjoyable and least enjoyable of the three books, Jenny’s downward spiral into someone we don’t recognize as a result of an intimate betrayal and insidious manipulation unbelievably painful to witness, but at the same time our faith that Mr. Bryan will not lead us into the darkness without providing a flame to guide us back out is at its highest, and we just have to call on our patience as we read, continually scanning the blackness for that first flicker of orange to appear. Still distraught by the events at the conclusion of Tommy Nightmare, it’s easy for us to understand Jenny’s willingness to shed the sweet human innocence of this most current reincarnation and embrace the power memories of her past life help her to harness, but her change takes its toll on us as readers and we long for the moments when her need for Seth was strong and pure and something to truly envy before it was so monstrously corrupted.Added to the despair over Jenny’s new persona is the pain of Seth’s unwavering devotion to her now that he’s been freed of Ashleigh’s disgusting influence. Though we can’t help but still want to see a grand show of groveling for his past behavior, our love for Seth returns to its previous fervor as we watch him endlessly search for what has slipped through his fingers. Seth therefore continues to ascend as Jenny so tragically descends, and we spend much of the story wondering how and if they might ever meet in the middle again, or whether their feet have carried them too far in opposite directions to find their way back. We know each of them has an unbelievable strength of will however, allowing us hope that all will be well eventually despite the staggering evidence that continues to suggest otherwise.As with the previous two books, Alexander Death has some bothersome drug use and some more detailed sex scenes, so it's recommended more for older readers. Overall though, Mr. Bryan has written a brilliant series that challenges us emotionally and proves to us that he has little fear of knocking his characters down before slowly building them back up. For those who like dark and gritty tales with characters who scratch, tear, and claw at you until they work themselves under your skin permanently, this series is for you.Rating: 4/5

  • jD
    2019-05-02 16:47

    Wow!!!This trilogy has been one wild ride. Alexander Death was more than I expected. It's gotta be hard for any author to crank out three books that close together utilizing one core concept and a handful of key characters and turn it into perfection. I can't find a flaw in JL Bryan's vision. The man has skills.So when last I left off, Jenny had a few new problems. Namely, Ashleigh may not actually be dead just because her body is gone. Seth may or may not be the love of her life. Tommy and Esmeralda may or may not actually be important to the outcome. The CDC may or may not finally have the proof they need to put Jenny in a lab for the rest of her life. But most of all, Alexander may or may not hold the key to everything including who and what Jenny is.As it turns out, Alexander is one of the beings that has shared many lifetimes on the same side of the battle as Jenny. He finds a way to unlock her memories and she discovers that she has loved him for thousands of years. Alexander can raise the dead and when he is with Jenny, he can extend his puppet master talents tenfold. Jenny is safe at last with the being who compliments her talent. She now understands that there was a time when she was worshipped as a goddess. She starts to find a new grove in life and doesn't plan to reinstate Seth as a lover and friend. He crossed her bad in the last book or at least it really looked that way.Ashleigh 2.0 is back at her old tricks and evil to the core. I hate her. She has pulled her traditional team of powers together to fight Jenny and Alexander. It seems she has had Tommy Nightmare by her side in every previous life. Esmeralda has been a wildcard but pretty much in Ashleigh's court. Seth, it would seem, has always been Ashleigh's pawn. Alexander believes that although Seth and Jenny hooked up, Seth is still Ashleigh's tool even if he doesn't know it. That little twist just about killed me. I loved Jenny and seth together. I believed everything Alexander did was for Jenny's happiness. I believed he loved her and I was happy to see her safe at last. The problem for me was the fact that only Alexander remembered everything and was well ahead of everyone else. It seems they have to die and come back in the same lifetime to remember. Until this lifetime, Jenny had not died and come back so she did not know her own story. The question that nagged me the whole time was whether she remembered everything.I won't say if I was right or wrong about Alexander but I will say I was wrong about a whole lot of things. Everytime I thought I had this thing figured out, my internal genius took a blow. The story never did what I thought it would do. The characters were not as predictable as I thought and expected. This only made me love the story more. I am so happy to see there is another book planned although this one had a perfect wrap. I really want more and am excited to know that Mr. Bryan is not done with Jenny. I don't know if I could take Ashleigh again so I am hoping she is really dead this time although she will surely be reborn as they always are. At least now I can get some sleep. Whew!

  • Smash
    2019-05-15 14:51

    Read this review at Smash Attack Reads!*SPOILERS FOR PREVIOUS BOOK. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.*Smashtastic Synopsis: The final installment in the Paranormals Trilogy by J.L. Bryan, Alexander Death packed a punch. At the end of Tommy Nightmare, Alexander steps in and saves Jenny’s life from a mob riot caused by Ashleigh and Tommy. She is being pummeled to death, and has been severely hurt by Seth, so she makes the only viable decision. Alexander sweeps her away to Mexico, where he slowly opens her mind to her past lives, showing her that they are meant to be together. Meanwhile, Seth never gives up on Jenny, and searches until his finds her. Jenny is torn between her feelings for Seth and Alexander, both present very different futures for Jenny. What will her heart tell her to do? Interest in the book: I dare you to read Jenny Pox and not follow through with the entire series. And if you don’t…*sticks out tongue*Characters: I wanted to like Alexander during certain parts of this story, but deep down, I knew he was an evil dude looking out for his own arse. I knew it wasn’t wise to trust him but he was a charming son of a gun! Plus, he raises the dead. Win! Jenny really morphs in this book, and she is almost unrecognizable in the middle of the story. She has come to terms with her past, and with help from Alexander’s manipulation, becomes something she despises. Tommy takes a serious turn in this book, and I was quite pleased with his growth. Ashleigh brings her wickedness down like scalpels, and she is relentless when it comes to destroying Jenny! Seth knows in his heart that Jenny needs him, and he does not give up on her. *swoon*Worldbuilding: This story opens up with a memory of Seth and his older brother, Carter. It’s a touching scene and really sets the tone for the book. Throughout this entire series, we’re presented with a group of individuals who are so much more than meets the eye. As old as time, they’ve lived throughout the human history, molding history like putty in their hands. In present day, these individuals all have serious choices to make: Do I continue down the path I’ve always walked, full of death, destruction and deceit, or do I carve out the new path that my heart yearns for?Lasting Impressions: I was quite entertained, horrified and engrossed in this series from page 1 of Jenny Pox. The author created dynamic, interesting characters, a world rich with mythology that spans back to the beginning of time, horrific scenes and touching moments. I connected with the characters, even the not-so-sweet ones, and I was invested in their safety and future from the very beginning. To me, this is what a good story is all about.Smashtastic Entertainment Scale: Wicked Enjoyable

  • NaTaya Hastings
    2019-05-23 17:02

    I love the Jenny Pox books. I've loved every one of them. I read each of them -- including this one -- in a little over a day's time simply because I can't stand to put them down. The only thing that I noticed in this book -- and in book #4 which I am currently reading -- is that J.L. Bryan REALLY needs a better editor. Something that really, REALLY, REALLY bugged me in this book was near the end. It was just a tiny little thing, but it aggravated the stew out of me, and I just kept thinking, "This guy needs my phone number because I NEVER would have let a mistake like this fall through the cracks!" It's when Darcy is talking about the name of her baby. She named her Neveah -- NEVEAH (and no, I didn't spell that incorrectly). The name, itself, not terrible; not terribly original either, these days, but not terrible. However, then Darcy goes on to explain why she named her that. She named her that because it was "Heaven spelled backwards." Then she even says the baby's name again -- Neveah. NO! Neveah is NOT Heaven spelled backwards. Nevaeh, yes. Neveah, NO! So I even tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he's just trying to make Darcy look like a moron who couldn't even spell her own kid's name right, but nope. Nothing was ever said to correct it, and then now, in book number 4, there is another scene with Darcy and her baby, and THIS time, the name is spelled correctly each time. Nevaeh. I know. I know. It's just something tiny, but gah! It bugged the tar out of me.(There will be another rant about something small that happens in book four, which I am reading now, too. I guess I could get it out of the way now, but nah. I'll save it for the review of book four.)But okay, now that I've ranted about that! I did love the book. I especially loved the fact that they went deeper into the Paranormals' past lives. And I really enjoyed seeing a whole new side of Jenny -- the raw, unfiltered, powerful goddess of days past. It added a lot to the story. I'm also glad that she didn't STAY that way. If Bryan had kept Jenny in the power-hungry role, I would have lost a lot of respect and interest for the books, but he held her in that role JUST LONG ENOUGH. Then, he broke the spell and brought the real Jenny back. Bryan is great with timing. He knows exactly when to do things, exactly how long to keep going with things, and exactly when to end things. I've never had such a perfect mastery of literary timing. It's something about his work and talent that I truly envy. Anyway. Great stories. I recommend them to anyone who loves horror, the paranormal, or just a really great story of any kind. All three (and most probably the fourth one, too, though I'm not finished with it yet) are great from beginning to end.(But, seriously, J.L. Bryan -- you NEED me as your editor. ;-p)

  • Ashley - The Bookish Brunette
    2019-05-08 22:01

    *minor spoilers from the first two books*Alexander Death picks up exactly where we left off in Tommy Nightmare, and once again I am immensely impressed by how smoothly JL Bryan takes us from book to book!We begin this book with Seth as a little boy, recalling the events of his older brother Carter's death. *tears* Yeah... I'm crying on page FREAKING six here! I am very emotionally involved with these characters- I don't find myself ever actually CARING this much, EVER. Maybe I should seek professional help?Back to the book... Tommy and Ashleigh had set Seth up in an extremely compromising position and had Jenny walk in at the MOST inconvenient time, which resulted in her running out of the hotel in Charleston and straight into a mob of people riled up and filled with fear (by... guess who?) and ready to attack- HER.Lucky for Jenny, Alexander was there to rescue her... *swoon* She goes quite willingly with the ever sexy Alexander and his army of walking dead (WIN) and they flee to Mexico. Now let me clarify quickly... This is not a zombie book. Like Jenny's touch spreads the 'Pox', Alexander can raise the dead and control them... But there is no apocalypse or zombie takeover, just wanted to clarify that!Jenny and Alexander arrive in Mexico safely, and she's finally getting the answers that have evaded her for so long! He's trying to make her as comfortable as possible, he gives her things, throws her a party... but her thoughts keep drifting to Seth in the beginning. "Any of us can remember what we are. But it's a process, Jenny. So you can remember me. So we can be fully together, with both of us knowing who and what we are." ~AlexanderMeanwhile, back in Fallen Oaks, Seth is pining for Jenny and still not understanding WHY he did what he did. Through fuzzy memories, he starts piecing together that Tommy and Ashleigh were definitely behind what happened. He is suddenly positive that the guy who took Jenny (Alexander) must be in on it too. He has no idea that Jenny is with Alex because she WANTS to be... "You're the zombie queen." ~Alexander to Jenny*GASP* This is an absolute MUST read!!! Now, I will admit to being a BIT worried at times during the story... I can't tell you why or I'd ruin it! Just know that everything that happens is happening for a reason! Everything is not as it seems in Alexander Death, there are twists and turns and loads of freaking fabulousness!Alexander Death is the PERFECT end to an AMAZING trilogy! JL Bryan continues to baffle me with his greatness. Seriously! I am going to miss these characters so badly!!! I'm wicked sad that it's over... But as the cover says, "All things must end."

  • Lizzy Lessard
    2019-05-08 18:43

    I really loved Alexander in this book. He was a charmer. There were certain twists involving him that I saw coming, but it didn’t make him anymore less of a fun character. That and when Jenny was in his presence, she was FUN. I was really disappointed in Jenny at the end of the book. Not because it was out of character, but because I really preferred her other option. More FUN.Drugged Jenny = Fun Jenny.Sober Jenny = OMG life sucks Jenny.The locations in this book were so vivid that I could just imagine myself there with the characters. If it weren’t for the discrepancies, I might have loved this book more than the second. Those minor mistakes pulled me out of the story and turned this fantasy world back into just a book.I think that the setup for this part of Jenny’s story was flawed. The discrepancies from book 2 to 3 is the only reason I rated this book as low as I did.The most flawed was the character, Heather. In the second book she didn’t have much of a personality. She does things for plot purposes but overall she is very indifferent and focused on her work. All of a sudden in book 3, Heather tries to act like Mom of the Year because her daughter is in the hospital with cancer and she’s on chemo. How was this not mentioned in book two? At all (I double checked!)? Heather is in Haiti for months (two I think), goes directly to Fallen Oaks to investigate, goes to Charleston to investigate that, and never once visits or talks to her daughter. She talks to her husband ONCE in book two and shows disinterest when he mentions what their daughter is up to. Heather shows no regret in being absent from her daughter’s life, so I really don’t get the switch up.Also, in this book Seth finds Jenny’s car after 3 months of it being abandoned in a parking garage. But, how were the cops not able to find the car? There is a nationwide search for her and her vehicle, but the cops (who were directed by a certain villain to the exact location of Jenny and her vehicle) weren’t able to find it. It was on the top level of a full parking garage next to the area where all hell breaks loose. Why wouldn’t the cops search this place? It doesn’t make sense.Oh, and Seth is completely oblivious (aka dumb) to clues about what’s really going on. I really can’t stand him and I don’t understand why Jenny likes him considering everything that has happened. (C+)(I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.)

  • Kristilyn (Reading In Winter)
    2019-05-05 15:53

    I honestly don’t know why I put off reading the rest of this series past book one because now that I’m getting into the next books (and soon final book!) I am falling more and more in love with the series — and with J. L. Bryan! Seriously, the man has a mind on him and a crazy one at that! In my opinion, if you’re going to get into the Paranormals series, you have to be open to a lot of crazy things.While the last book started off with Tommy, in this book we get a little bit of Seth’s backstory, which was pretty interesting. The real question for him growing up was whether or not he should tell anyone about his ability to heal. I will admit that I wasn’t sure about Seth in this book — nor was I really sure about Alexander, another paranormal who showed up partway through the last book and saved Jenny in the end. Let’s just say I had a niggling in my brain about both of them throughout this whole book! Who was the good guy? Who was the bad guy? It was nice that the mystery was there and that it took so long for me to figure out what was happening. It made for an exciting read!And, since I’m speaking of characters, can I just say a little bit about Ashleigh? This girl is EVIL. Seriously. That word deserves to be in all capitals. Can someone throw her off a cliff already? If only she could be killed and STAY killed, but the thing with these paranormals (as we learned in book one) is that they don’t just die. I guess a girl can dream …At any rate, I love the world that J. L. Bryan has set up. It’s interesting to note that even though the characters are younger in this book, they have been around FOREVER. They’ve lived so many lives, so many EXCITING lives, that their roots really go deep. It’s been nice to really get to understand those roots in the past few books. We don’t just get to know more about the characters’ past in their current life, but we get to delve a little deeper into their history over the past centuries. Cool.I wouldn’t say this book was as exciting as the last two, but it was definitely up there and it really built the tension needed for the last book in the series — although I’m not too sure where that book will go since there’s not really a cliffhanger at the end of this one. I’m really not sure what to expect, but like I said before, I’m sure I can expect a crazy ending to the series!

  • Mari Stroud
    2019-05-17 21:57

    All right, I'm probably one of the biggest champions this book series has and will gleefully fangasm about it to anyone who stands still long enough to let me. JL Bryan has still created one of the most interesting and complicated heroines I've read over the past few years, and hands-down the best female villain. Ashleigh of the first book will never not be deliciously evil and clever. That being said, I do have to finally admit that the series is starting to suffer as it rounds into its third installment, so much so that I'm not sure yet if I want to read the fourth. (I would feel this way even if the wear and tear hadn't become so apparent, as Alexander Death comes to such a natural stopping place that to open the series up to further books seems a little forced.) Jenny has run off with Alexander in order to save her own life after Ashleigh's latest attack, Seth is trying to find Jenny again while being harassed by the Department of Homeland Security, Ashleigh is sadly marginalized as a villain, and Tommy...well, Tommy actually really disappointed me. The potential for truly epic villainy or even a stance as a solid antihero expressed in the second book of the series just sort of *poofs* off into nowhere, but he still gets his happy ending without actually doing anything to earn it. Throw in a fairly silly PSA about drug use and a what-the-hell black ops rescue, and I did a fair amount of giggling through my fingers at points of this book. This isn't to say that Alexander Death doesn't still have a great deal to recommend it, because it does. Though she doesn't get as much to do as in the first and second book, Ashleigh is still absolutely electric. (She's Randall Flagg with a better leave-in conditioner, people. I'm telling you, even if I didn't like Jenny so much, Ashleigh alone is worth the price of admission.) The descriptions of the kids' past lives are rich and varied, Seth is back to being the good-hearted goober we saw in the first book, and the final showdown ties together three books worth of themes and plot lines in a neat little bow. It's a fitting end to the series, but who am I kidding? I already know I'm going to read the fourth book sooner or later. It's like crack. (So maybe I was supposed to learn something about Jenny's little stroll down the dark side, after all.)

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-24 20:40

    This trilogy was amazing. I couldn't put it down from Jenny Pox all through Alexander Death. This is a must for all who love the paranormal. Great writing, great characters,and all around great reading. (Complete review follows) The Paranormals (Jenny Pox, Tommy Nightmare, Alexander Death) by JL BryanOkay so these are three separate books but I am not going to review each book individually because once you read Jenny Pox you will more than likely keep going until you read the last book, Alexander Death. That is exactly what I did. Once I started I couldn’t stop and had to read all three books to feel complete. I am glad I decided to read them once all three books were available because waiting would have been torture. As I have said before I have become a fan of JL Bryan’s writing style. I love detail and JL Bryan gives me just that. I don’t have to wonder about the characters or where the story is going. It is smooth transitions, intriguing plots, and descriptive detail that leads to a perfect reading experience. Each character in this trilogy was well written. I liked the growth of the characters over the span of the three books. Jenny goes from being isolated and afraid of her power to confident in her own skin. Seth is sometimes frustrating but I like him throughout. Ashley is the one I love to hate. Tommy was the only one I thought could have used some more “screen time” or in this instance “page time”. Alexander was a great addition, too bad he came along in book two but after reading all three I can see where his presence was around from the beginning. The storyline itself was a great one that captured my attention and had me going on this great ride from book one to book three with no pit stops along the way. I cruised through these books weathering all that JL Bryan threw at me. It was fantastic. I’ve read some of the reviews that are out there for each of these books. I must say tha I agree with most of them. I couldn’t say it any better so I won’t. All I can offer is that these books were very well written with great plots and characters. It is exactly what every reader hopes for in a book. An escape into a book that we experience not just read. I hope to experience more from this author. So far it’s been an amazing trip.

  • Sonatajessica
    2019-05-17 17:40

    The first 2 books in the Paranormals series were really great, this installment though was a disappointment. Especially character development was handled extremely poorly, Tommy and Esmaralda are almost non-existent and get horrible last scene, Ashleigh and Alexander never get granted any depth but are villains by the book, Jenny herself changes her mind about things (including love) within a page. There was almost nothing left of the slow build and introspection "Jenny Pox" had.If the mythology would have blossomed I might have been not as critical with these short comings but that was disaster field, too. We don't really get much new information on where the Paranormals come from and I didn't enjoy how they mostly seemed ruled by their powers and did the same things life after life. Only Jenny and Seth have something like free will? The reincarnation aspect could have been an interesting exploration about choices but it failed on that (and how does that work anyway, they all were similar age, but now that some have died will they reincarnate right away? Does that mean the last time they died at the same time???); we learn that Seth and Jenny do choose love but that was done so cheesy the last page made me want to throw my kindle out the window. This book had too much plot to focus on the interesting things and didn't have enough plot to come up with something interesting, in the other books I wondered where things might go, here I foresaw most turns and was gutted about the wasted potential. So sad how this series went downhill, but apparently most other fans here on goodreads seem to be satisfied. I am not sure I will go for the 4th book, right now I cannot see how there could be recovery from the damage done in "Alexander Death", it literally killed all the hopes I had after reading the first 2; maybe my hopes were unrealistic but they were born out of the other books so they couldn't have been too far out of reach. Just slightly above a 1 star rating for me.

  • Kelly
    2019-05-07 16:59

    Previously on The Paranormals: Oh, Jenny. You've had such a hard road, what with your inability to touch people without infecting them with diseases most vile. Then you found Seth. He made you happy. Of course, terrible Ashleigh found a way to spread her poisoned love and make you start to doubt him. She's such a jerk. Alexander stepped in and offered to teach you more about your powers. You accepted because the crowd trying to beat you to death didn't leave you much choice. Plus, you know, it was nice to be able to touch another person. I guess. I don't really have that problem. It just seems like it would be one of those things that really sucks.Anyway. This was one of those books that made me alternate between cheering Jenny on for making the choice to learn more about herself and her powers and shrieking at her in anger for walking away from Seth. I liked Seth. I liked him even after his indiscretion in book 2. Of course, there were some things that I didn't like about him, but Seth is kind of a work in progress and I wasn't willing to give up on him. By that token, I wasn't willing to let Jenny give up on him either.One of the things that has intrigued me since book 1 is the worldbuilding that J.L. Bryan has given us. The idea of these fantastic individuals who have helped shape history but who are so much older than our own world fascinates me. They've pushed humanity through the ages. They've incited wars and destruction. The juxtaposition between those past lives and Jenny's current life where she tries to go unnoticed and untouched pulled at me.For me, this book was a perfect ending to Jenny's story. Jenny grew, she learned, she made her choices. We got twists and turns (one of which tickled me pink), betrayal, love, happiness and understanding. Jenny's story has been told and I couldn't be happier with it.-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal

  • Meaganr
    2019-05-04 16:53

    Okay it's official I hate everyone in this book except for Seth and Jenny's dad. Even after finding out that Jenny has killed everyone and that she has done everything that you will read about in this book, her dad still finds way to love her, and I think he's awesome because of that. Seth is loving and understanding and naturally loyal (just not when he's under Ashleigh's spells), so you can't help but love him. But then there's Jenny. She's turned into such a bitch in this book and she makes SO many bad decisions and does so many drugs and basically just goes crazy while she's down in Mexico. Then of course there's Tommy who thankfully starts to grow a back bone, but is still useless. And then there's Ashleigh, and if you've read my reviews for the other books you know what I feel about her :P I have never read a book full of so many corrupted people in my life! But honestly, that didn't really ruin the book for me like you'd think it would. Without all of them, there would be no evil schemes to see pan out. The problem I had with this book was that it was very.... I guess cheesy would be the best word. We find out the whole story behind our magical friends and where they come from, but it's just so out there I found myself kinda rolling my eyes as I read about it. It was honestly just kinda stupid to me (view spoiler)[ and it made it worse that she was doing mushrooms when she found it out(hide spoiler)] And if you don't believe me about it being cheesy let me just tell you this... one of the last lines of the book was "Love was all that mattered in the Universe, Jenny understood now. Without it, existence was just a game of empty shells." I mean talk about cheesy :P.Overall, definitely not my favorite book of the series, but you definitely need to read it if you want to know how things work out :)

  • Joey Butcher
    2019-05-19 14:39

    At the end of Tommy Nightmare, Alexander rescues Jenny from Ashleigh and Tommy's riot in Charleston and brings her to safety in Mexico. Safety from the United States government and the friends and family that search for her, this is where he befriends Jenny and shows her not only her past lives, but everything her power is capable of. Alexander is a sexy, dead raising mobster your heart will be pounding over.Then there's Ashleigh, still up to her old tricks in Esmeralda’s body. She's tangled up with Tommy this time, but you'll see he doesn't play too big of a role. This time Ashleigh is making her way to the top of the government food chain and not letting anything get in her way.And of course Seth: frustrated and confused about what exactly happened that night and why he did what he did. We get to see a glimpse similar to the one we had with Jenny and the rattlesnake in the opening of Jenny Pox, only we meet Seth's brother Carter in a heart-wrenching scene. He's desperate to find Jenny and will stop at nothing to save the one he loves. After-all, money can buy you everything if you're a Barrett.In this third and final installment of The Paranormals Trilogy, J.L. Bryan keeps us on our toes as we get to know Alexander and discover for ourselves his intentions. We finally get to see that Jenny isn't just a victim anymore as she's growing up and finding who she is. This is the book that just as you think you have it all figured out, Bryan says, "not so fast..." using his excellent storytelling skills to pull the rug out from beneath you. With everything leading up to this epic finale, there's no other rating I can give than a 5.Yes, you HAVE to read this book! It's quick, easy and will keep you up all night in anticipation for more. Alexander Death was the perfect end to The Paranormals Trilogy.To see more of my reviews visit

  • Katrina Passick Lumsden
    2019-04-26 19:55

    I liked this book. I did. Just liked. I can't really rave about it except to say that I'm glad it wrapped things up in regards to the fearsome foursome that was Jenny, Seth, Ashleigh, and Alexander. I wonder if J.L. Bryan purposely left Tommy and Esmeralda's story open-ended. There's definitely room there for a spin-off story of some kind if he chose to take that route. All in all, however, I didn't find Alexander Death nearly as engaging as the first two books in the series. In fact, I would say the series started strong with Jenny Pox, then just went steadily downhill from there. I can't really pinpoint too many specific complaints about this book except to say that it alternated between dragging along at a snail's pace and racing forward far too quickly. Everything was paced about evenly (slowly) up until the last 30-40% of the book when things took a surprisingly abrupt turn and sped toward the end. It was a little disorienting, and it gave me the impression that Mr. Bryan realized too late he was running out and room and needed to wrap things up. On top of that, the character of Ashleigh was played out long before the end of this book, and it seemed like she was also wearing on the author's nerves. The explosive final confrontation, as opposed to the huge blow up in the first book, was tame and quick. I got the overall impression that Mr. Bryan was just tired of writing this story...just as I was tired of reading it.

  • Emma (BelleBooks)
    2019-05-17 18:00

    Alexander Death is the third and final book in The Paranormals series. I have to say at first I honestly didn't know how much more of this story could be told after reading the second book, Tommy Nightmare.The book itself starts off right where we left Jenny in the previous book, on her way to Mexico with this strange new character who can raise the dead, Alexander.As the story unfolds we find out more about Alexander and his previous lives he has spent with Jenny. Meanwhile while the two are relaxing in Mexico, Seth hires a firm to track down Jenny having realised that Ashleigh is still alive and was behind the riot at the end of book two.At the same time Dr. Heather who was working the original case at Fallen Oaks starts to dig a little deeper and starts to believe that something paranormal rather that biological was behind the mass deaths.I think I enjoyed this book the most out of all three in the series, the more I read the more I wondered how everything was going to be tied up in just this one book. Somehow J.L. Bryan manages to introduce new plot lines, characters and wrap up both the original story as well as this book.In Alexander Death I started to see Jenny grow and question both herself and others, which is something that is only lightly hinted at in the previous two books. Like the others as well the love between Seth and Jenny really shows through that pages and is a great reminder that in most fiction love conquers all.Overall it was a really great book and a great series as well. I would like to see something else about Jenny, perhaps set in the future where we see an older more mature version of Jenny.

  • Rebekah Martin
    2019-05-24 17:50

    I don't know who classified this series as YA, but whoever did is wrong. Just because it happens to 18-year-olds doesn't mean that it's appropriate to a younger audience. Maybe I'm just prudish. Yeah, that's probably it.Despite the ill-advised label, I really enjoyed this book and this series. I like the fact that Jenny has spent her time discovering who she is, and Alexander had me fooled through most of the book (okay, not really, but who are we kidding?). He is charismatic and charming so long as he gets what he wants. For about twenty minutes, I honestly believed that he cared about Jenny, but I knew it wouldn't last. I knew that Seth wouldn't let her go so easily. What I wasn't really expecting was Alexander and Ashleigh joining forces, or the fact that they wouldn't make it. I'm still waiting for them to come back. Someone as vindictive as Ashleigh Goodling doesn't just keel over and die (again). I'm in the fourth book of the series and I fully believe that she will come back to rain terror over the world, and especially Jenny and Seth.I am sad that there wasn't more of Tommy. He's not exactly having a change of heart, but he knows that he's been had. I only wish he could've done something more to Ashley without hurting Esmerelda. But now that Esmerelda has her own body back, we can only hope they join forces with Jenny and Seth. Doubtful, but I'd like to see more of them. Especially Esmerelda. I think there's more to her power than just seeing the dead's lives. I really did enjoy this book, just not as much as Jenny Pox.

  • Stacie
    2019-05-18 17:03

    The conclusion to the Paranormals trilogy and finally questions about who and what they are, are answered. It picks up right were Tommy Nightmare left off. Jenny is traveling with the mysterious death-dancer Alexander. Esmeralda is cocooned in her own head as Ashleigh posses her body and her and Tommy are headed away from Charleston and the plague that never happened. Seth meanwhile is still in Charleston looking for Jenny. Months progress and he still doesn't find her, hiring a private team to look into her kidnapping. Meanwhile Alexander and Jenny are connecting and he is trying to show her memories of their past lives, which are in the thousands. He also happens to be using zombies to farm cocoa plants, and is in with the a drug cartel. Ashleigh is doing what Ashleigh does best manipulating people and trying to gain political power. And Tommy, all he wants is to be with Esmeralda and is going along with Ashleigh because of that. More trouble ensues as Homeland Security and the CDC are still after Jenny and things with drug dealers harldy ever go smoothly.It is a good ending to the trilogy. There was some gore, but it seemed toned down, less descriptive than the previous books. Still one or two sexually graphic scenes but again not as explicit as the first books. I would have liked to see more of the memories from Jenny's point of view. Overall 3.5 stars, it lacked a little something the first two had.

  • Gina - Behind the Pages
    2019-05-06 16:46

    The final to the Jenny Pox series was brilliant as were the rest. Not for one moment was I enwrapped in the series and what was happening. This is a great series that for the whole three books keeps your attention and does not relent like most series do when they enter into a new book. The story was constant and engaging. The constant character builds that guadually come into each book does not overwhelm us as we get a whole book to know a set of characters then coming into the other books it adds to the characters and we only need to really focus on the new characters because we already know half of them, which doesn't make the many characters over the span of the three books overwhelming. This book shocked me at times as well as making me physically smile at times in the book. The struggles of Jenny and Seth as well as the discovery of Esmerelda and Tommy, to the rage and seduction of Alexander and Ashleigh. Even with Ashleigh's constant change in charcter and persona I didn't get at all confused between who she was and who she wasn't at the time. The discovery's of the past as well as trying to change their future helps us as well as the characters understand and we begin to see how they do and somewhat know how they're going to react (view spoiler)[(ok, this doesn't count when Jenny was going to torture Seth. I actually thought for a second that she was going to do it and had a sigh of relief when she didn't and turned on everyone there). (hide spoiler)]

  • Karen
    2019-05-16 20:56

    I went into this book feeling very excited as The Paranormals has been one of my favourite ever series. I was also a little sad knowing that this was the last book.At the end of Tommy Nightmare, which is the second book in the series, I was definitely Team Alexander and Seth had gone w-a-y down in my estimations, yet the more I read of Alexander in this final book, the more I disliked the creepy dead raiser who was trying to control Jenny just as he controlled his zombies.I loved Jenny as I have done throughout all the books, although I was disappointed in her for some of the nasty little habits she got into whilst with Alexander. I thought she was stronger than that and I have to admit that I admonished her a few times in my head whilst reading. She was still my favourite character in the book and I am so glad the story ended how it did for her.My favourite scene in the book was when Alexander took Jenny to the lost city of Paochilan and she finally began to understand who she really was. I loved the description of the place and the snake symbol on the pyramid, which had a large significance in Jenny remembering her past lives. That was just awesome!The Paranormals series does have adult content and is not suitable for younger teens, but if you’re 18+ and haven’t read this series yet, you really, really must! It’s awesome!