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"Vi på Saltkråkan" er boken om Tjorven, Båtsmann og Moses - som sammen med den tannløse lille Stina gav oss så mange hyggekvelder foran TV'en, og en festlig opplevelse på kino.Dette er hele historien om familien Melkersons sommerferie på Saltkråkan. Her møter vi igjen pappa Melker med påhengsmotoren, "froskeprinsen" til Tjorven og alle de andre....

Title : Vi på Saltkråkan
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Vi på Saltkråkan Reviews

  • Emily
    2019-01-03 09:29

    Astrid Lindgren is of course the creator of Pippi Longstocking. This book is rather different, being a character-driven family story. Malker is a widowed, deeply impractical, writer. His oldest child and only daughter, Malin, is 19, and looks after the household (all the cooking, cleaning, mending, etc) and her three younger brothers. Niklas and Johan are 12 and 13 (I don't remember which is which), and Pelle, the youngest boy, who is crazy about animals, is 8. The book opens on board a ferry boat on its way to an isolated island off Sweden's coast where Malker has impulsively rented a summer cottage sight unseen. The cottage turns out to be dilapidated yet cozy, and the family is soon having little summer adventures, and getting to know the islanders. The cover illustration is appealing and I like stories about both islands and families so I was really prepared to love this book. But to my surprise, I found it a little hard to get in to. Perhaps the translation was not quite as fluid as it could have been. I felt sorry for Malin for having all the responsibility of the household on her shoulders. Her father is essentially an additional child, which is never a situation that I find charming, although I think Lindgren means us to. Malin's diary entries, which are interspersed throughout the book, have a bright artificial tone that I found off-putting (perhaps it would have been more realistic to have her express some ambivalence about her situation!). Niklas and Johan never really developed distinct personalities in my mind. I was also unconvinced by Tjorven, a seven year-old island girl, who, Lindgren assures us, has a sort of magnetic charm that enthralls all the characters, but to which I was impervious. However, I kept reading, and I'm glad I did. The book doesn't end at the close of the summer as one might expect, but covers a full year, so you see the island in Fall, Winter and Spring, and start to feel at home there. The characters also grew on me, especially Pelle, with his fervent love of animals, including his "pet" wasps who live under the eaves. A major problem at the end was resolved in a rather facile way, but even so, when the book ended I was distinctly sorry to say goodbye to Seacrow Island.

  • Liis
    2019-01-14 05:33

    This is without a doubt my favorite book by Astrid Lindgren. I remember being twelve or so and saving up to buy my own copy. The book still remains on my bookshelf and I like to pick it up and read it every once in a while. It doesn't feel like a children's book when I read it. It simply feels like a wonderful and heartwarming story about children on Seatcrow island.It's definitely a book I'll be reading to my own children:)I recommend this book wholeheartedly!

  • Nino Chachava
    2019-01-01 09:39

    "ნუთუ არ მომცემს ფრთებს განთიადი, რომ დავესახლო მე ზღვის კიდეზე.."-კითხულობდა ვესტერმანის ცოლი. მერე ამოიოხრა და კითხვა განაგრძო. პელეს მეტის მოსმენა აღარ უნდოდა. ეს სიტყვები კი არასოდეს დაავიწყდება. მან წყნარად ჩაიბუტბუტა თავისთვის: "ნუთუ არ მომცემს ფრთებს განთიადი, რომ დავესახლო მე ზღვის კიდეზე.." განა დურგლისეული კარ-მიდამო ზღვის კიდეზე არაა?.."

  • Pavel
    2019-01-22 07:29

    Little idillic island parted from the main land. Few good people live here in peace, having simple jobs, great food, amazing landscapes and a lot of fun.Tjorven, 7 years old girl, who's having huge dog, named Båtsman and wild, strong and independent temper (she's easily can be placed in the gallery of such Lindgren characters as Pippi or Karlson).Pelle, same age, who's living here with his family in Summer and having wasps as pets.Stina, who's fighting with Tjorven for Pelle attention and having a little seal.Melker Melkersson, Epikhodov-like arrogant Pelle's father, who can't do anything right and tends a lot towards theatretical poses and speeches, but recieves a lot of love from his children.Johan and Niklas, his other two sons who are Tommy and Annika of this story. And Teddy and Freddy, two Tjorven sisters, who are teaching Johan and Niklas to live on this isolated island.Malin, elder sister of Pelle, Johan and Niklas, who plays mother's role in their family since they have no real mother and whole gallery of her admirers.Children are fighting guys who are hitting on Malin, fearing they will loose her. Tjorven and Stina competing over Pelle. Melker tries to play a cool guy in front of other people. All those people are fun, funny and good and yet not sugary even a little bit. A lot of beatifull realistic prose by Astrid Lindgren, which we loved with my daughter.

  • Layla Chkhetiani
    2018-12-24 07:41

    ასაკის მატებასთან ერთად ლიტერატურული გემოვნებაც იცვლება, ბავშვობაში წაკითხული წიგნებისგან მიღებულ ემოციებს უფრო სერიოზული ლიტერატურისგან მინიჭებული განცდები ენაცვლება. მაგრამ ჩვენც სალტროკელები ვართ ამ სიაში არ მოხვდა. დღესაც ისეთივე სიამოვნებით ვკითხულობ მელკერსონების მშვენიერი ოჯახის ამბებს; ახლაც ისევე ვნატრობ სალტროკაზე მოხვედრას და ჩორვენთან ერთად გასეირნებას.სკანდინავიის ქვეყნების, კერძოდ შვედეთისადმი ყოველთვის სიმპათიები გამაჩნდა, მაგრამ ასტრიდმა უბრალოდ შემაყვარა იგი.სიყვარული, სიკეთე, სული და გულია ხარ, ფრაუ ასტრიდ!

  • Pop Bop
    2019-01-22 08:48

    If Enid Blyton Had Been Swedish, and a Bit EdgierThis is a warm and affectionate memoir of a close family's summer on a remote island, but I read it as a bit edgier, (and thus more interesting), than many of the reviewers who have comfy childhood memories of this book. This isn't "The Sound of Music" with fish.The Melkerson family comprises father Melker, who is rather scatterbrained, theatrical and ineffectual, except when he's not. We have twelve and thirteen year old Johan and Niklas and "baby" Pelle who are more typical young boys. For me, the central figure of the family is nineteen year old Malin, the daughter who is essentially the mother/housekeeper/responsible adult for this crowd. She is buffeted and confused and exasperated by all of her roles and is fascinating as she switches gears and moods during the course of the summer, (actually, sometimes during the course of a day). On top of all of this we have the islanders, who are a mixed bag of characters, mostly with redeeming or at least eccentric and engaging qualities. Leading the island pack is seven year old Tjorven, a willful independent neighbor girl who is usually at the center of the action. This is not some mild Swedish version of "Five Little Peppers" or "Little Women". This has some vinegar and conflict and spark that spices up the island summer. There are touching family scenes, some sensitive nature writing, a few antic comedy events, lots of swimming and boating, some very dry humor, (a dog and a fish having a staring contest), a bit of suspense and adventure, and some broad humor. Underlying it all is an odd blend of cheer and wistfulness. The Melkerson children can be difficult or careless, but Lindgren draws them with affection, not judgment, and leaves us with a sweet and bracing memory of a real family during a real summer in a real place. This may be children's literature, but the emphasis here is on literature. (Although it's curious to note that this is actually a novelization of the beloved 13 episode T.V. series that Lindgren wrote in 1964.)Please note that I received a free advance ecopy of the new edition of this book, (same Ramsden translation), in exchange for a candid review. Apart from that I have no connection at all to either the author or the publisher of this book.

  • Anamaria Koridze
    2019-01-18 03:59

    ასტრიდის წიგნებზე ცოტა არაადეკვატური შეფასების გაკეთება შემიძლია, ამიტომ უბრალოდ❤

  • Jassu
    2019-01-11 03:30

    Parasta kesäluettavaa - ja maailma tuntuu taas astetta valoisammalta paikalta<3

  • QNPoohBear
    2019-01-06 05:40

    I'm marking this historical fiction though it was contemporary when it was written in the 1960s. The Mekerson family has rented a cottage on Seacrow Island for the summer. Their planned holiday doesn't quite go as expected at first: the island is only accessible by boat, they arrived in the pouring rain to a freezing cold, damp house with a leaky roof and the only children are girls! Once the sun comes out, however, the Melkersons discover just how charming Seacrow Island is. From the old beyond her years little Tjorven and her dog to tomboyish girls always ready for adventure, the Melkerson boys have a magical summer. It's only the eldest, Malin, age 19, who wonders when her time for a romantic adventure will come.This story was really slow to start off with and I had a hard time getting into it. It didn't pick up for me until the last third when there was a cohesive plot to glue the story together and keep me reading. The Melkersons are not all that interesting or memorable, but the people they meet and the adventures they have are both interesting and enjoyable. With the island setting this story could have been set in Maritime Canada or New England. It felt like Maine to me. I felt very sorry for Malin having to assume a motherly caregiver role at such a young age. Between Pelle's dependency and the older boys' teasing, she had no chance at a personal life. Pelle is the character I can relate to the most. I identified with his need for an animal companion and felt his emotions right along with him. I liked little Tjorven and her beloved pets. When I was that age I would have loved to be a part of their adventure with Moses and probably would have acted the same way. I also loved her rivalry with Stina and Stina's firm belief in fairy tales. That part was very funny. I wasn't crazy about Mr. Melkerson. He's like a big child and relies on Malin as much as the boys do- if not more. He was so absent-minded and lost to anything practical. His attempts to make the house more convenient for Malin were amusing but mostly I found him annoying. The ending is a little unrealistic but charming and just right for a children's book written in the mid-20th century.

  • Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all)
    2019-01-19 06:51

    A good comfort read about the perfect summer holiday. The house is less than perfect, but that makes it more like "camping out" for the kids. Each of the four Melkerson gets a chapter or two in which to shine, from little animal-loving Pele and his island friends to 19-yr-old Malin that all the boys flock to, though she just wants to sit alone and relax from her family duties. Mum died in childbirth so it just naturally fell to her to take over as "parent" at the age of 14.Their father is yet another child for Malin to look after, an otherworldly writer who thinks he can do anything and often tries, with disastrous results. Their relationships with the other adults on the island could have been developed a bit more, as they were a bit cardboard/background, but it is, after all, a children's book!The only character I didn't care for was little Tjorven, a bossy six-year-old girl who manages to make most people, kids and adults both, do what she wants. Which is surprising, as her character is pretty obnoxious, yelling "Are you deaf??" at people who don't jump to do her bidding. I found that interesting, as at first she is presented as a loveable, pretty little girl that everyone adopts as soon as they see her. Maybe the author herself didn't warm to her. I have heard that often characters will not do what the author wants them to do; Tjorven may be a case in point. And of course all kids know someone like her, who uses her "cuteness" to get her own way with adults, while tyrannising over her peers in games etc. And some of them never grow out of it, continuing to do this well into adulthood. I do know I got tired of her, and found myself skimming scenes she was in because she got far too much page-time toward the end.

  • Salome Bezhanidze
    2019-01-08 05:47

    10-11 წლის ვიყავი პირველად რომ წავიკითხე და მას შემდეგ ზაფხული მის გარეშე უბრალოდ არ მოდის. ასტრიდი ბავშვობის საყვარელი მწერალია, ყველაფერი მიყვარს, მაგრამ ეს არ არის უბრალო წიგნი...მთელი ბავშვობის ოცნებად მექცა ზაფხულის სალკტროკაზე გატარება.მახსოვს პირველად ერთი ამოსუნთქვით როგორ წავიკითხე, ბოლო ფურცლებს ვიზოგავდი, მეშინოდა, რომ შემდეგ წაკითხვაზე ასე ვეღარ მომეწონებოდა, თუმცა ყოველ შემდეგ გადაკითხვაზე ისევ ზღვა ემოციას მიტოვებს. უბრალოდ განსაკუთრებულია...

  • Charlotte
    2019-01-14 11:33

    Es ist einfach komisch, wenn man die Filme geschaut und Stina und Skrollan(?) lieben gelernt hat und sie im Buch (fast) gar keine Rolle spielen. Natürlich kam das Buch zuerst, aber ich bin mit der Serie aufgewachsen. Es ist natürlich eine tolle Geschichte und jeder sollte diese auch gelesen und nicht nur geguckt haben!

  • ApettaVale
    2018-12-24 05:45

    Questo è un libro che ho letto in seconda media, uno di quelli che la prof. fa comprare a tutti e ogni settimana se ne devono leggere 10 pagine e poi fare il riassunto in classe. Non avevamo fatto in tempo a finirlo, così l'anno scorso mi è venuta voglia di rileggerlo. Non vi dico che fatica a trovarlo! Mi ricordavo vagamente la trama e che uno dei bambini si chiamava Pelle. E' la storia di una famiglia, padre e quattro figli, che vanno in vacanza in una vecchia casa su un'isoletta svedese, delle loro avventure con gli isolani e con i loro compagni di gioco a quattro zampe, dell'affetto fraterno e del primo amore, del loro ritorno nelle vacanze successive e della lotta per non far demolire la loro casa in affitto a cui sono affezionati. Decisamente è un libro per ragazzi, ma l'ho comunque molto apprezzato, per le cose semplici, per i giochi e le marachelle fra bambini, per gli animali, per i paesaggi, il sapore di mare e di vacanze. E' una lettura molto rilassante e rimane tutt'ora uno dei miei libri preferiti. Lo consiglio a chiunque, e magari da leggere ai propri bambini (per chi li ha) prima di andare a dormire. Trasmette un'atmosfera davvero unica, di tranquillità e tante emozioni :)Voto: 8,5/10

  • Aldi
    2019-01-23 06:39

    Generally Astrid Lindgren can do no wrong for me and I know she can't help the period she grew up in and all the ingrained sexism and gender roles but wow, some serious side-eye here for how a 19-year-old-girl is totally expected by everyone to cheerfully embrace and love her role as kitchen slave and replacement mum for her scatterbrained widowed writer dad and "lovably" terrible three younger brothers. (Until some dude worthy of her and approved by all the other males in her family comes along to sweep her off her feet into married bliss, of course). It's kinda sad considering how Lindgren's more fantasy-based heroines (Ronja & Pippi) would burst out laughing at the idea of being expected to fit into those stereotypes, but the moment she wrote a story set in the real world, the bossy-but-cheerful mother/caretaker role seemed to be the only one available to women.Right. I think I'm just gonna focus on the celebration of uninhibited childhood funtimes and animal rights, instead :p

  • Paweł Fiszer
    2018-12-31 06:58

    Perypetie rodziny Melkersonów na niewielkiej wyspie, gdzie wynajęli stare domostwo jako dom letniskowy. Ciepła rodzinna opowieść, przypominająca klimatem "Dzieci z Bullerbyn". Proste, mocno nakreślone charaktery poszczególnych bohaterów, czynią z niej przyjemną, nie zaskakującą lekturę. Jednak, w momentach rozkosznego relaksu, nie zawsze potrzebujemy zaskoczeń i gwałtownych zwrotów akcji, czy konstrukcji szkatułkowej. W twórczości Astrid Lindgren, skierowanej do dzieci i młodszej młodzieży, najbardziej podoba mi się to, czego współczesne dzieci chyba nie znają - prawdziwe zabawy, w realnym świecie oraz obcowanie z przyrodą i jak najbardziej nie wirtualnymi towarzyszami (ludźmi i zwierzętami). Ech, ten świat odchodzi w zapomnienie.

  • Kairi
    2019-01-04 07:35

    Curious-minded Tjorven might just make the best kids book ever written! An excellent guidebook for dealing with common everyday nuisances such as awkward adults, boyfriends and nosy neighbors... and all that while enjoying a glorious summer full of explorations and swimming in clothes. You will also learn about big dogs and how to tie a boat up the shore so you don´t have to swim back home. When I grow up I´ll be Tjorven.

  • ms bookjunkie
    2019-01-17 11:32

    This book is my favorite Astrid Lindgren story EVER! I reread it often, at least once a year. When I come across it on people's shelves, I have to pick it up and skim a few pages. Ilon Wickland's illustrations are the best!

  • Eva Lavrikova
    2018-12-26 06:52

    Príjemná lindgrenovka, ako obvykle - plná milých, nie čiernobielych postáv, ale ľudí z mäsa a kostí, zábavných, dramatických aj radostných udalostí. Určite nie jej najlepšia kniha, ale milovníkov Lindgrenovej sveta nesklame. Veľmi príjemné oddychové čítanie.

  • Claudia
    2019-01-17 07:44

    I read this as my entry for "A Children's Classic" in the back to the classics-challenge 2018. I have loved many of Lindgren's books so very much - The Children of Noisy Village in particular is one of my all time favourite books. So I went into this fully expecting to love it, but somehow, it didn't quite live up to my expectations. The problem, I think, though, is that I am no longer a child. I have simply come to this book too late in life. Had I read it in childhood - perhaps during a vacation at the seaside - I would surely love it now as much as Lindgren's other books that I read as a child. The story is very wholesome and sweet, perhaps a little too sweet for a jaded adult like myself. But f0r a child, particularly a whimsical, "old-soul", nostalgic child as I was many moons ago, this would have surely been perfect. The passages from Malin's diary do read a little dated and breathe the atmosphere of the 1950s books for girls I found in my mother's childhood bookshelf, but the rest of the story is as fresh and atmospheric as Lindgren's other stories. If anything, this book made me very sad. Sad, because I am no longer the child who can appreciate this world.

  • Nelleke
    2019-01-17 05:32

    A really nice book. This should be my favourite book when I was young, if I read it then. It is a book with all perfect elements, a beautiful island, a nice house, lovely children, a weird dad, a big nice dog, a seal as a pet.

  • Hanna
    2019-01-22 10:41

    This is such a nostalgic and wonderful story. I love the character Tjorven and the setting of the story reminds me of summer and how I used to spend my summers when I was little.

  • Kristen
    2019-01-10 06:50

    A delight to read with my daughter. She loved all the antics of "Uncle Melker" as well as related to the younger children. A beautiful story about the things that make life worth living.

  • Staren
    2019-01-07 06:51

    Loved it!A special delight of this story was in this interweaving of different generations, little joys and worries of adults, adolescents, teenagers, and young children. Usually, children books are just for one particular auditory, being dedicated to one child or a group of children of the same age; if they are of different ages, they anyway act and think quite synchronically, and everything else is just a background. Here, we have a beautiful mosaic from real life. It is very pleasant and lively. I wonder why Астрид Линдгрен did not do it in her other books. Imagine a story about Karlsson where we follow not only thoughts and actions of the main hero, Малыш, but also his brothers, and sister, and their friends, and parents, and their домомучительница, and they all create an interesting and funny complex picture.Excerpts from Malin’s diary are truly charming. I enjoyed them a lot!I paid special attention to Астрид Линдгрен’s sneering (and probably even slight disgust) towards “fairy tales” with princesses, magic and similar stuff, which was emphasized in this book. I never noticed it before, but, if you think, all her book were about ADVENTURES, not MAGIC. Yes, she sometimes offers some relatively unreal characters (like Karlsson) or relatively unreal situations (like in “Мио, мой Мио”), but they mostly refer to some psychological solutions, games of mind giving an explanation, alleviation, freedom from real problems in real life (naughty alter-ego / imaginary companion [воображаемый друг] of Малыш, compensatory fantasy in response to Bosse’s longing to be a beloved and cherished child, etc). However, mostly her books concern very usual or not-so-usual-but-completely-realistic children and their little pleasures and troubles. “Мы – на острове Сальткрока,” “Эмиль из Лённеберги” and similar are perfect examples of this approach. Not magic for the sake of entertainment, which Астрид Линдгрен apparently considered just stupid and positively spoiling children, robbing them of imagination and healthy interest to real life, nature, aminals, relationships, so beautiful and so diverse.

  • Susan
    2019-01-18 04:52

    I have long been a fan of Astrid Lindgren (what childhood is complete without Pippi Longstocking?!) and I have enjoyed exploring her other books over the years, as have my own children. In theory this seems a very unexciting, and unoriginal, premise for a story- a family rent a cottage for the summer on Seacrow Island. Of course, islands tend to feature strongly in children’s literature – from the Famous Five on a Treasure Island to Swallows and Amazons. One of the major differences here – with no disrespect to either of the titles mentioned earlier, as I love both – is that this is about a family. This is not children going off alone, but it is about the dynamics of a family and how they react to being away from the bustle of the city and how the residents of that island react to them. In that sense, it is something children can relate to much more easily. After all, not that many children are really allowed to go off and spend time on uninhabited islands, but many more have experienced family holidays; complete with the rather basic accommodation that the family are faced with.The Melkerson family consists of a father and his four children – his nineteen year old daughter, Malin, who is very much the mother figure in this book, Johan, Niklas and seven year old Pelle. The father is impulsive and childlike and so Malin very much has to keep him in check and organise everything. This is about nature, relationships and a long summer, in which the family get to explore both the place they are in and how they feel about their lives. This is not all warmth and charm and ease, but it is very realistic and, ultimately, heart warming. I have a lot of admiration for Astrid Lindgren and I hope readers will explore her other books, outside of the most famous Pippi Longstocking stories, as there is so much to enjoy. This is sure to become a favourite and is perfect for children of approx 8+.

  • Storywraps
    2019-01-20 06:52

    Tiny Seacrow Island is joined by hundreds of other islands in the Baltic Sea. It is perfect because there is everything you would want an island to have, and to be. Island life is for the avid nature lover and young at heart, although not many young people live there. The Melkerson family, with four kids, rent out Carpenter's Cottage and find they are a great novelty and warmly welcomed by the locals:"Johan and Niklas Melkerson, at twelve and thirteen, are natural companions for adventurous Freddy and Teddy (girls exactly their age); dreamy Pelle, the baby of the family, gets up to trouble with bossy Tjorven and fanciful Stina; and ever-responsible Malin, who at nineteen looks after her scatterbrained father as well as her brothers, catches the eye of all the island's young men." -nyrb.comAfter a summer's stay on Seacrow Island the Melkerson family feel like it is their new found home (albeit rundown and badly need of repair). The characters are vividly portrayed, very charming and believable. The island community is tight knit and inclusive. The setting of the story is alluring and the adventures portrayed are engrossing... luring the reader to join in and be accepted by the islanders too. This rich story is full of the best in storytelling: "sweetness and sorrow, humour and suspense" spun by the famous author of Pippi Longstocking. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and would highly recommend it.

  • Truehobbit
    2019-01-16 07:30

    This didn't grab me as much as Lindgren's other books have done so far, but it was still a pleasant read, and esp the last third was quite engaging. It's hard to say what was missing: either it was because of the very realistic setting - in contrast to almost all other of her stories, this did not have anything to remove it from real life, like 'fantasy' characters or a setting in the past - or because it did weaken the narrative that the TV-series had been first (though of course I can't say what I would have thought if I had not known this before reading - it did, however, at times seem to feel a bit awkward.)However, like all of Lindgren's books, this, too, has loveable characters and the author's love for children just shines through: her children are often difficult, certainly impertinent (by adult standards), but also loving, happy and well-meaning - in short, real children that the author does not try to change or 'improve' in the course of the story, but rather observes with loving wonder.

  • Gijs Grob
    2019-01-07 04:40

    Merkwaardig kinderboek over het gezin Melkerson dat een zomerhuis huurt op het eiland Zeekraai en vriendschap sluit met de naburige bewoners.Het boek opent met verschillende vertellers en lijkt aanvankelijk wel voor álle leeftijden geschreven: passages over de zesjarige Pelle, de twaalf-dertienjarigen Nico en Johan, de negentienjarige Malin en hun blunderende vader wisselen elkaar naadloos af in soms sterk filmische scenes met de vader als grootste comic relief. Alles wordt zó enthousiast beschreven dat je zelf ook zó op een Zweeds eiland zou willen gaan wonen.Later zakt het boek wat in: er blijft één alwetende verteller over, eigenlijk gebeurt er niet erg veel op het eiland Zeekraai, zowat íedereen is de hele tijd aardig en de nadruk komt steeds meer te liggen op de 'avonturen' van de hypergevoelige Pelle, zijn vriendinnetjes Mops en Stina en hun dieren. Helaas raken de andere personages, met name de twaalf-dertienjarigen hierbij sterk op de achtergrond.

  • Deborah
    2019-01-05 04:59

    A forever fan of Pippi Longstocking, I read a recent review of this book by Astrid Lindgren that had me very curious. If it is indeed a children's book, it is meant for the child in all of us -- filled with memories of summer reading, lazy hazy days, all those books from the library. Everything about 'Seacrow Island' -- from the setting so lovingly captured, to the sometimes quirky characters, to the sense of innocence it evokes when children do the adventurous things they're meant to do, to the plot turns whose predictability is a reminder that reassurance is a good thing -- speaks to a place we all want to be, at least sometimes. Even when bad things happen (and they do), it's with a sense that being fully alive means encompassing it all. In a word: "Sorrow and joy go hand in hand and sometimes everything can change in the time it takes to sneeze." Best of all, it happens to be #WIT (women in translation) month.

  • Anna
    2019-01-05 03:50

    Замечательная по-скандинавски легкая сказочная история, с которой душа наполняется светлой радостью, а лицо расплывается в счастливой улыбке. Потому что на острове Сальткрока невозможно долго предаваться грусти, и бездействовать. Это место для приключений, атмосферы тепла и уюта, долгих и порой не слишком безопасных прогулок, и для домика в котором живут неутомимые Мелькерсоны. Все, что происходит на острове – это жизнь. Многогранная, волшебная, настоящая. За короткое повествование успеваешь не только привязаться к этим чудным детям и их родителям, но и почувствовать глубокую духовную связь с этими персонажами.Когда читаешь эту книгу, осознаешь, что счастье – вот оно. И нужно уметь ценить и хранить его.

  • Allycks
    2019-01-11 06:47

    Un piccolo e umile capolavoro. Semplice ma profondo, facile ma intrigante, con una storia lineare ma pieno di sorprese. Un libro che cammina con un ritmo spiccato e salubre. Ma non corre mai. Ogni pagina è come una splendida giornata che si spera non avrà mai fine, perciò ti viene la voglia di voltare le pagine con cautela. Un libro che respira, perché è vivo. Astrid Lindgren crea una specie di incantesimo con "Vacanze all'isola dei gabbiani". Mi sembra di aver vissuto in quell'isola, anche se non sono mai stato in Scandinavia; mi sembra di far parte della famiglia Melkerson, anche se la mia famiglia non è per niente come loro. Adesso che ho finito di leggerlo, mi sento che la mia vita manca qualcosa. Vorrei, anzi dovrei assolutamente, tornare all'isola dei gabbiani.