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Harold’s life as an accountant was pretty boring, and he liked it that way. He and his best friend Connie had grown up together in a California sea side community in relative anonymity, but their lives would change forever when they decided to stop for dinner at Mr. Doshi’s Chinese Take Out and Gift Emporium. Great personal tragedy, workplace espionage, and unbelievable deHarold’s life as an accountant was pretty boring, and he liked it that way. He and his best friend Connie had grown up together in a California sea side community in relative anonymity, but their lives would change forever when they decided to stop for dinner at Mr. Doshi’s Chinese Take Out and Gift Emporium. Great personal tragedy, workplace espionage, and unbelievable destiny will rip them from their ho-hum lives and begin an adventure for the ages....

Title : Harold Finn - Ninja Warrior "The Warrior Within"
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ISBN : 12158949
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Harold Finn - Ninja Warrior "The Warrior Within" Reviews

  • Denna
    2019-02-15 14:52

    Harold Finn—Ninja Warrior by Paul Donovan is a fast, fun read, with quirky characters that easily held my attention right from the first page. Harold appears to be an average, somewhat bumbling, office nerd at the beginning, but we soon learn he is much more than that. After he and his lifelong friend Connie stop for Chinese food one night on their way home from work, Mr Doshi, the owner, tells Harold he is the Ninja Warrior, one they have been waiting for. These characters remind me a lot of “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer” stories by Christopher Golden in the fun way they interact with one another. Harold becomes the Ninja Warrior in much the same way Buffy became the vampire slayer. It’s the way these characters work off each other that makes the novel so much fun to read, a perceived lightness to otherwise dark and dangerous circumstances.When Connie’s parents are killed under odd conditions, Harold must hope he has learned enough from Mr Doshie to keep him and Connie alive. Their boss, Kendall Kirch, doesn’t care who he has to eliminate in order to proceed with his evil plans, even pulling the plug on his own father at the hospital. He ordered Connie’s parents killed and will think nothing of adding her and Harold to the list.I would have liked more information to be given about this mysterious warrior—where did he originate from, why Harold? Was he born the chosen warrior, or did it come later on in life? This part was more or less passed over, but even so, the characters still each had separate 3D personalities and I was easily able to picture the scenes. There were some issues with editing that I found mildly irritating. I felt the text could have used one more round of editing to catch the occasional typo and a few issues with punctuation before it was released to the public. Though I took note when I ran into these places, they weren’t enough to seriously take away from my enjoyment of the story. Without the editing issues taken into account I very likely would have given Harold Finn, Ninja Warrior five stars instead of four. A highly entertaining read and I recommend you take a look. For sure I’ll be watching for the next novel by Paul Donovan starring Harold Finn and Connie Stinson.

  • Kathy LaMee
    2019-01-21 10:43

    Posted and reviewed by myself on TracyRiva.comThe first book in Mr. Donovan’s series is a fun and innovative read. What would happen if a bookish account discovered that he was in fact a ninja warrior with super powers? The story follows the ‘coming of age’ of Harold Finn as a ninja warrior.Harold’s life is average; he grew up, went to college and has a job as an accountant in a large company. He is happy with his average and boring life; especially since it means hanging out with his childhood friend, Connie. The worst thing that has happened to him is being the entertainment for the bullies at work. All of that changes though, when Connie’s parents are killed in a seemingly senseless car accident and Harold meets his destiny on a dinner stop at Mr. Doshi’s Chinese Take Out and Gift Emporium. Harold struggles with his newfound life as a ‘chosen’ one, while trying to solve the mystery surrounding Connie’s parents’ mysterious and not so accidental death.Donovan does an excellent job at character creation, making them both interesting and believable. He takes what could be a seemingly dark story line and makes it fast paced and fun. The characters are entertaining and easy to relate to. Mr. Kirtch, the boss is truly evil. He doesn’t care who he has to hurt, including Connie and Harold, to get what he wants.I enjoyed reading Harold and Connie’s adventure as they both struggle through loss, a mystery at work, and uncovering a major criminal ring. I was surprised to find this book more of an adult read, as it is marketed as a YA novel. I also found myself wondering how Harold was deemed a ‘chosen one’- what gives one person the mark over another? The prologue left me a bit lost at the beginning, although, as this is a series it may be an ongoing theme. Personally, I think the story of Harold can stand on its own without the added superfluous and albeit, slightly confusing, introduction of the strangers in the bar. Overall, I would recommend this book as a light read, great for travel or vacation. I thoroughly enjoyed the quick pace and fun cast.

  • Sarah Weldon
    2019-02-19 09:33

    Harold is a typically nerdy guy, doing a typically nerdy type job, not your typical super hero image you have to admit. He's in love with Connie but he is to shy to tell her, afraid she will laugh at him and then he would lose his best friend too. So he stays in the shade and watches while Connie dates other men. Men he knows are not worthy of her then along comes his chance, salvation in the form of Mr Doshi's Chinese Take Away and Gift Emporium.He stumbles upon the crystal ball up high on the top shelf. Renowned for his clumsiness he climbs up and retrieves it amazingly enough with falling. He knows he has seen this object before, maybe in another life, but where and exactly who was Harold Finn back then?The one liners were well delivered, the humour dry and exactly how I like it one comment I feel I have to make was that maybe Ninja training could have been expanded upon a little more. It felt rushed but that being said Harold stumbled along managing to be in the right place at the wrong time. With these amazing kick ass powers, and I loved the big guy Moondoggie, he sounds a little like the big guy in John Steinbecks Of Mice and Men, with the addition of a brain!A winning combination this, I can hardly wait for the next instalment and I hope that Paul is furiously tapping away at his keyboard as I write.Sorry it took so long Paul but as i wrote before 'it made me smile'.

  • Danie Cutter
    2019-01-26 10:36

    This ebook was received from the author for review-----I wish Good Reads did half stars... would like to give it 3.5I enjoyed this book, it was a good story but for my liking seemed to finish mid way through. It's always good to leave the reader wanting more but this to me felt more like half a book rather than leaving open for a sequel.Having said that, it's a very readable book with enjoyable and identifiable characters. I was easily engrossed and straight into the plot. As a YA novel am not sure how it would sit as the characters are older that the "typical YA reader" and if they do identify with these characters then maybe the book could have held their attention as a longer novel (Back to my original point).But that is really my only downside to the book, well worth a read, but maybe wait for the sequel and read as one!

  • Coquille Fleur
    2019-02-11 15:33

    Harold Finn - Ninja Warrior was a really fun read. This is the perfect book for summer reading or travel. It's light-hearted, fast-paced, and basically hilarious. Harold is a dorky accountant, the butt of mean-spirited office jokes, and in love with his best friend Connie, who loves him like a brother. He is a character anyone can identify with, and his rise to super ninja is immensely satisfying. Donovan does a great job with the dialog, keeping it authentic with just the right amount of snark. He also makes fun of other stories in the comic book hero genre while crafting a perfect comic book nerd-to-ninja story at the same time. Anyone who likes Superman and the Matrix will love this book. I can't wait until the movie comes out - it's gonna be epic!

  • Tyrnesha
    2019-01-29 12:52

    This book was awesome! The prologue immediately caught my attention. Harold Finn-Ninja Warrior was a quick and easy read. It was fun and exciting. I looked forward to getting off work each day so I could get home and finish reading it. Great job Paul...I look forward to reading the next installment!

  • Paul Donovan
    2019-01-24 10:56