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Rogue FBI agent Andy Fisher is visiting New York City for the first time after saving it from a terrorist attack when he discovers that the only woman he has ever loved has been murdered. Armed with a fresh cup of joe and his characteristic disdain for authority, Fisher disobeys orders and begins investigating.His former lover was a key employee of Icarus Sun Works. Her deRogue FBI agent Andy Fisher is visiting New York City for the first time after saving it from a terrorist attack when he discovers that the only woman he has ever loved has been murdered. Armed with a fresh cup of joe and his characteristic disdain for authority, Fisher disobeys orders and begins investigating.His former lover was a key employee of Icarus Sun Works. Her death threatens to delay plans to launch a satellite to harvest solar energy and beam it to earth as electricity. When perfected, the technology will power entire cities for literally pennies. And the energy will be clean: no more BP disasters, no more Fukushima catastrophes.When the rocket carrying the satellite into space mysteriously explodes, Fisher learns that the sabotage is only the start of a complicated Chinese government campaign to thwart the project and steal the technology. After falling in love with the woman who designed the rocket, the irascible and over-caffeinated FBI agent must find a way to save her from assassination—and protect the satellite system from a wide-ranging conspiracy that will stop at nothing to destroy it. New York Times bestselling author Jim DeFelice delivers a gripping thriller inspired by real-life advances in clean energy technology in The Helios Conspiracy....

Title : The Helios Conspiracy
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The Helios Conspiracy Reviews

  • Max Read
    2019-01-26 13:05

    “Only a mediocre thriller by DeFelice”Jim DeFelice is the author of many military thrillers and has frequently collaborated with New York Times bestselling authors Stephen Coonts, Larry Bond, and Richard Marcinko. DeFelice's solo novels include Threat Level Black, Coyote Bird, War Breaker, and My Brother's Keeper.The “Helios Conspiracy” is a work of fiction by author Jim DeFelice and would be classified in the action/thriller genre. The story is told from the perspective of an anonymous narrator with character dialog interlaced within the composition. The writing style is not complex and provides adequate descriptive use of the language providing vivid scenes and dialog intended for a more general readership.The story in main revolves around a rogue FBI special agent by the name of Andy Fisher who is ensconced in a web of intrigue generated by Chinese and Russian agents that intend on foiling the launch of a satellite. The satellite is one designed to convert the sun’s energy to microwave energy that can be broadcast to receiving antennae on earth thereby providing a source of fuel free and pollution free energy – the project was called “Helios”. As the story opens, we find a young woman, Katherine Feder, a former college classmate and love interest of agent Fisher attending an alternative energy conference in New York. Katherine Feder works as the VP of finance for Icarus Sun Works the primary contractor who owns the technology for Helios and who is engaged in launching the first test satellite of its kind. Tired from the day’s activities, Katherine returns to her hotel room planning on a bath and sleep when she is interrupted by a knock on the door from room service. Admitting the room service waiter, Katherine turns to retrieve her handbag for a tip. Katherine saw many things in the instant she turned back to face the waiter – the cart, a bottle of champagne, candy, a pair of glasses, a gun, and her murderer.DeFelice provides a fairly complex plot that moves steadily if somewhat dully. The action scenes are relegated to the last few chapters of the novel. In general, the reader is forced to discover the intricacies of deception right along with special agent Fisher. There was not a great deal of surprise in learning the details of the tale, as they were fairly obvious and to a large degree anticlimactic. The main characters in the story were ho-hum forgettable. Fisher came across as plain vanilla leaning towards a comic book hero and many of the rest of the cast had similar comic book characteristics, either hero or villain. As to the bit players, DeFelice’s own description of some of those found them only remarkable in the IQ department; a dichotomy as it generally results in their undoing. Overall, I thought the work was pretty dull; interesting enough on a low level but it lacked energy. There wasn’t a great deal that made me want to know what would happen next and I had little interest in the Helios project anyway – it was a dull premise.So I recommend this novel with reservations and rate it “Pleasurable – not memorable”.

  • Betsey Brannen
    2019-02-19 13:50

    I have two confessions to make.1. I listened to this book on audio. It's 11 discs with over 12 hours of listening material. The narrator, a professional actor, is actually quite good.2. I found this through an update I received stating that one of my "Goodreads friends" had read this book. For some odd reason, I thought it was non-fiction. At this point, I couldn't tell you why I thought it was NF, except that for I saw "Helios" and my mind initially thought "Roman gods and godesses." I think I was about 5 minutes in before I realized this was most definitely NOT NF, but at 5 minutes in of a 12 hour book, I had simply gone too far to turn around. HAHA.On to my review:Wow. What a mess.I think that spells it out quite well, don't you? There are multiple characters and settings, with 2 almost intersecting (but not really), plots, followed by multiple holes in the authors relationship of said characters to their settings. I think I knew on Disc 3 who the "killers" were. This could be trumped up to reading to much Crime Fiction, which I do not, or watching too many crime movies of the Lifetime variety, which I do not. Oh yeah, the main character, the chain smoker who could give a crap about what people think? It's been done before and his name was Sherlock Holmes.

  • Drick
    2019-01-21 13:00

    Andy Fisher is a coffee drinking, cigarette smoking curmudgeon and an FBI agent, who learns that is ex-girlfriend and the love of his life has been murdered at a convention featuring a new satellite based solar technology. The book takes you into the world of the energy business, a profit-driven, cut throat, international competiation to tap the world's energy sources and thereby control the market. While fiction one has to wonder if there might not be a grain of truth in the story. Defelice tells a good story, Fisher is a great character, who of course solves the case, and finds his softer, less cynical side in the process.

  • Rick Bavera
    2019-01-22 13:02

    Jim DeFelice does a good job of telling the reader an entertaining read. It was an involved story, and there are a lot of characters involved with rockets and energy, and intrigue from Chinese and Russian spies.Murders and terrorist acts against the energy grid keep Andy Fisher, an excellent but not the best liked FBI agent, on his toes and traveling from coast to coast. Andy manages to smoke his Camel cigarettes and eat at diners while solving all the threads in the related crimes.

  • Bonnie
    2019-02-07 15:44

    This book was really a fun read (or listen as I listened to the audiobook). The main character is a chain-smoking, coffee drinking FBI agent who is a bit of a renegade. He butts into a case that the FBI wasn't supposed to be involved in because it was the murder of his ex-girlfriend. The story involves Russian agents, a hedge fund operator, some rocket scientists and a visionary who hopes to harvest energy from the sun using satellites (great idea if practicable).

  • Che'rei Holley
    2019-01-25 10:08

    Great book! Coffee drinkin, cigarette smokin, sarcastic, independently stubborn FBI agent Andy Fisher wades through evidence and ever-changing circumstances to find the truth about the murder of a former girlfriend. but that's just the beginning!! This is a must read for crime and mystery lovers. I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

  • Fredrick Danysh
    2019-01-30 10:40

    FBI Agent Andy Fisher receives an email from his ex-girlfriend the night she is murdered at an energy convention. As he investigates industrial and foreign espionage is uncovered and more deaths occur. It is written in the style of Raymond Chandler and Mickey Spillane.

  • Jayw
    2019-02-06 11:09

    Oh so special (he smokes camels, dresses in jeans and ignores his bosses) fbi special agent Andy Fisher is on the case when his ex-girlfriend comes up a murder. She was a big wig at a company ready to launch a satellite that will solve the energy crisis. Chinese & Russian spies are in the mix

  • Rick F.
    2019-02-13 10:45

    Love the main character- a chain smoker who couldnt care less what others think!!