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Title : Janus Man
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9780002231022
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 273 Pages
Status : Available For Download
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Janus Man Reviews

  • Igor Ljubuncic
    2018-12-21 14:39

    This is another proper spy book. And it starts by stating the obvious. There's a traitor in the MI6, and now we follow a bunch of characters around, trying to figure out who among it is. You know the players, you know what they do, and you suspect every action. As typical of the genre of that type, there's a lot of geo-hopping, something that James Bond established in the previous decades, so you need at least a dozen exotic yet weird locations to support the plot. This was before you could go on Google Maps and see what gives for yourself.We will also get to see the charming Tweed character in several other books. All in all, laid-back rainy Sunday kind of thriller book, the modern day equivallent of Poirot's mysteries. Wossname. You get the idea.There was a man named Tweed,Double agents he set to mislead,About face,National disgrace,For hunting spies was his creed.Cheers,Comrade Igor McTrustyface

  • Jack Sakalauskas
    2019-01-09 15:44

    'Janus Man' is the fourth in a series of 'Tweed and Co.' It's another cold war plot of spy versus spy. This is the first time I've seen Spymaster Tweed come out from behind his desk and work in the field. A man with a cold heart, he can also show weakness. The author has a substantial knowledge of the geographical landscape of his story. He's as good as a road map. I find his character descriptions a bit too much. Each character mentioned is followed by a complete paragraph for a description, right down to the color of socks. It is obvious he has a fascination for women's legs. it's a good story, not much of a suspenseful ending with a few threads left dangling.

  • Mick Scrimshaw
    2019-01-14 14:19

    A really good old fashioned cold war thriller. Took me right back to the mid eighties and was especially weird as it had some genuine real life political characters from the time, although reading it knowing what we know now made it strange at times and the author was clearly caught up in the fear of the time and clearly nails his colours to the mast of which side of the east-west divide he was a part of. I’m not sure history quite views Gorbachev in the way Forbes did at the time. For me it was personally interesting as at about the time the book was written, I lived in Kings Lynn where part of the book was set and I stayed in the hotel that the main character Tweed stayed in. I also made a trip to Scandinavia and went on the hydrofoil between Copenhagen and Malmo also mentioned. Until recently I hadn’t read any Colin Forbes books since the eighties so it really was a blast from the past and I enjoyed the book more because of that.I have always like Colin Forbes’s cold war books featuring Tweed and his team although I don’t always find them brilliant and think he sometimes explains things and characters too much and spells out the same thing again and again which can me monotonous at times. The ending in this one was particularly weak and came as a bit of an anti climax.

  • Nigel
    2018-12-23 18:15

    Re-reading the Tweed an Co series at the moment and have now completed #4 Janus Man. In this book we are introduced to one of the characters who will become a mainstay of the series Paula Grey, although in Janus Man she is a peripheral character. We also see Newman start to take a much larger role in the work of SIS. This time Tweed is trying to chase down and identify which of his newly appointed 4 section chiefs is really a double agent. As usual the plot moves through Europe, this time focussed mainly on Germany (both West and East) and for the first time we meet Khulman of the German police who becomes another regular in the series. There is the normal plethora of information and suspects who provide a vast amount of information and red herrings and Tweed works tirelessly to make sense of it all. A big climax complete with chase across a desolated landscape and large (even James Bond-esque) explosion. Next up Deadlock

  • Taruia
    2019-01-13 15:34

    I really should make this comment about all the Colin Forbes books I have read (and I am pretty sure I have read them all). All are very easy to read but the plot is far fetched and every book has the word diabolical used a diabolical number of times. And every second one has a blonde girl wearing a green dress with gold belt and another with a blue dress and pussy bow. Mark my words. Read them all and prove me wrong :)

  • Diana
    2019-01-04 12:38

    Who has read this. What's your review

  • Kate Parkinson
    2018-12-25 14:43

    gritty but predictable

  • Jamie Robertson
    2018-12-25 13:41

    Good thriller, Colin Forbes set a high bar for quality thriller s.

  • Peter Graham
    2018-12-28 19:39

    Brilliant. Keeps you guessing to the end.

  • Anggun
    2018-12-22 12:26

    Interesting book. One of Colin's book I love.A real thriller book and an unpredicted ending.