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After a recent brush with death, plus-sized P.I. and bride-to-be Savannah Reid has decided to stop sweating the small stuff. But when an event planner comes in to arrange her wedding, she discovers that murder can ruin even the best laid plans....

Title : Buried in Buttercream
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Buried in Buttercream Reviews

  • Robert
    2019-01-20 09:24

    This book deserves 3.5 stars, and for the purposes of Goodreads, I’ll round down my overall rating to 3 stars, since it’s hard for me to say I really liked this book. Sure, it was an entertainingly light, quick read, that didn’t require extensive amounts of brain power. I enjoyed Savannah and Dirk, and the rest of the clan, and it certainly had comic appeal with two wedding misfires, a rambunctious bunch of extended family, and many of the cities in Georgia were represented via character names. I’m sure I missed a few, but Atlanta, Savannah, Marietta, and Macon come to mind. All we needed were Augusta and Athens to round out the clan. Having spent some time in Georgia, and having visited or passed through those four cities, I certainly found it amusing.What I didn’t find nearly amusing, though, were all of the exclamation points. I’ll defer to the great Elmore Leonard on this one who said, “Keep your exclamation points under control. You are allowed no more than two or three per 100,000 words of prose.” The author went a bit overboard in this case. I admit that I lost count, but I’d say there were probably forty or so in the entire novel, and the prose didn’t even reach 100,000 words. Now, these folks are from the south, and having lived in southeastern Virginia, I can honestly say folks enunciate their words a bit more clearly, and are a bit more animated in their speech patterns, but it’s probably a few too many when a reader starts counting exclamation points as he’s zooming through the prose.Overall, though, if you enjoy the series, and have read all the Savannah Reid mysteries up to this point, you’ll certainly want to add this one to your collection. If you’re brand new to the series like me, you may want to start with an earlier Savannah Reid mystery.While the following in no way influences my rating, I do feel it’s worth mentioning that it took nearly four months to receive my First Reads’ book, and I would like to share the following experience with you. To give you a bit of perspective, Goodreads suggests it may take as long as six to eight weeks to receive your First Reads wins, but in many cases I’ve received them in about half that time, and out of thirteen total first reads wins this one certainly takes the cake, as I’ve been buried in buttercream. I’d also like to mention that I sent the publisher’s representative two messages through Goodreads, after waiting what I considered to be an appropriate amount of time, and I never received a response to either one. If it wasn’t for the good folks at Goodreads, I’d probably still be without my book. Now, I do realize I received this book for free, but I was more than willing to do my part with an honest review. I suppose, in the end, I should be neither surprised, nor shocked, by what, in some cases, passes for customer service in the publishing industry. To be fair to Kensington, those folks might have decided my message didn’t warrant a response, but as I always appreciate good customer service, and don’t mind paying a bit more to receive it, I guess I expected more.I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

  • Luna Raven
    2019-01-13 08:18

    In the preceding book 'A Decadent Way to Die', the ending was both sad and shocking. Buried in Buttercream picks up three months later into a moment where things are better but disaster seems to following Savannah Reid, PI extraordinaire and her long time best friend who finally tying the knot.One wedding results in the venue being burned down and the second ends with a murder, leaving Savannah, sadly unwed, forced to put up with her spoiled siblings and their bratty kids in her tiny house much longer than anticipated.Who killed the wedding plan is the name of the game and unfortunately the suspect list is growing by the minute. Will Savannah ever get to say 'I do' to her man? Will Dirk be able to weed through the suspect and find the killer? Will Granny be forced to smack someone down with a skillet? Will Tammy forgive herself for the past and find a new love?Get ready for a fun ride to the alter!**If you haven't read the previous book, you will want to. There are many allusions to it, though none of the characters really talk about it. If you haven't read it, do so!

  • Katharine Coggeshall
    2019-01-03 06:09

    Another fun book by McKevett! Savannah and Dirk's relationship is always so fun and sweet, highlighting what really matters in love. Her characters are so well-developed and detailed. Another good murder mystery.

  • Brenda
    2019-01-10 11:16

    Imagine if you will it's your wedding day, and shortly before the nuptials the building that you intend to use burns to the ground, everything gone, well that's what happened to PI Savannah Reid and her beau Dirk Coulter. They decide to try again, and use the services of wedding planner Madeline Aberson, and while she seems to know what she is doing Savannah really doesn't like her.When the big day arrives things seem to be going off without a hitch, well that is until someone finds Madeline's body floating in a pool, right before the bride and groom get to say their I do's. Putting the wedding on hold to try and find the killer, they quickly learn that there is a string of suspects a half a mile long. Can they solve the crime, and perhaps prove that the third time's the charm where weddings are concerned?I really enjoyed this book! A great little murder mystery that kept wondering who the perp was right up until the end, I actually never figured out who the killer was. I loved the character of Savannah. Her southern dialect and phrases made this book a joy to read, and her quirky family kept the book interesting.She was also struggling with some issues because of some scarring on her body that made her seem very down to earth and real. The author's choice of words easily brought the story to life, allowing me to visualize not only the characters but interactions between the characters not to mention the different settings in the story. The brothel scene really stood out for me! I enjoyed the secondary story that developed between Tammy and Waycross and look forward to seeing where that leads.I hadn't heard of this series until I picked up this book, not sure how I missed it, but you can bet that I intend to go back and read the series from the beginning! Since it is a series book, I felt like there were things that I was missing, making me wonder what had happened in previous books.A great mystery with a southern flair that kept me turning the pages to see what would happen. I also enjoyed the fact that it was a clean read, no adult language or overly descriptive details of the murder. Just a fun read that will keep you guessing who- dun- it while wondering if Savannah and Dirk will ever get married!Highly recommended!Reviewed for

  • Annette
    2019-01-18 12:20

    Another excellent addition to a very good series. The author continues to give us a truly well developed characters and plot, with a twist in the mystery. I can’t wait to read the next installment. I love Savannah, Dirk, Tammy and Waycross.

  • Stacey Pagan
    2019-01-22 07:10

    There are several other novels to this series; however, this is my first read by GA McKevett and what a read it was! I loved it from the first page to the last! Alas, I’m off to the library to start reading from the beginning! Savannah, a plus-sized P.I., and Dirk have attempted to get married twice, with flops before both weddings were to start (fire at one and mudslide at second). Alas, it’s her third attempt (however, “third times the charm” doesn’t bode well in this novel) for the happy couple to tie the knot, yet it still doesn’t happen! As Savannah is preparing in the bridal suite she finds the wedding planner face down in the garden pond . . . which leads Dirk and Savannah on a wild goose chase all over the county and her Georgia family keeping camp at her house.I loved the interaction between Savannah and Dirk, along with her Granny and the rest of the clan from her hometown. When I can place myself into the setting I know the author has done a terrific job! I was sad that they were not able to get hitched, and I honestly was hoping that they would just go to a 24 hour chapel in Vegas. . . Alas, maybe next time?

  • Megan
    2018-12-29 11:10

    This book was okay. I really had to fight myself to finish it, because about a quarter of the way in, I was just really sick of Savannah's cliche Southern speak. Obviously, people love this series as this book seems to have 4 stars, but once again, I disagree with the majority. It was okay, could have been more involved of a plot, and could have been less cliche. Maybe I should have started at book #1 though!

  • Darlene
    2019-01-22 07:12

    This cozy mystery was a fast read for me. With a likeable protagonist and interesting secondary characters, I intend to go back and start this series from the beginning!Savannah Reid is a retired police officer, now working as a Private Investigator. Her long-time partner on the force, Detective Sergeant Dirk Coulter, is now her fiancé. She’s the oldest of nine kids, raised by their God-fearing grandmother.After an arsonist torches the community centre where Savannah and Dirk were to exchange their wedding vows, two of Savannah’s dear friends (Ryan Stone and John Gibson) offer to pay for a top-notch wedding planner who is also an acquaintance of theirs. Savannah really doesn’t need one, as she knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it done, but she hasn’t the heart to turn down the kind offer. Savannah’s meeting with the wedding planner, Madeline Aberson, doesn’t go over too well. In her tell-it-like-it-is attitude, Savannah clues Madeline in that she’s only agreeing to her assistance out of courtesy to her friends. Madeline is irritated by the snub, but the two of them manage to work something out. Savannah agrees to allow Madeline to make the arrangements for the wedding to take place at the local country club. Everything is a go and Savannah is about to walk down the aisle when she finds out that one of her dimwitted sisters left her dearly-departed grandfather’s wedding ring that she was going to give to Dirk in a trash bag with Savannah’s things in the bridal suite. Savannah goes back to her suite and locates the precious ring, but she also finds Madeline’s body face-down in the suite’s private pool. Poor Savannah! Her wedding is on hold yet again.I don’t normally jump into a long-standing series at the tail end of it, but this book can certainly be read as a standalone. It is mentioned several times throughout the book that Savannah nearly died three months earlier, and the good that came out of that horrific incident is that Savannah and Dirk realized their love for each other and wanted to be together. It was so refreshing to see Savannah and Dirk decide to wait until their wedding night to consummate their relationship! There was no mention as to whether these two remained virgins until their 40s or whether they just decided to wait in terms of their relationship with each other. I like how Dirk is very protective of Savannah, yet knows to stand out of her way! She’s a feisty woman, but she’s also been traumatized by the incident that left her with five bullet holes. I’m very intrigued by this life-changing event, and I plan to go back to the beginning of the series to watch how Savannah’s and Dirk’s relationship unfolds. Savannah was forced by an alcoholic mother to take responsibility for raising her siblings, so most of them have been coddled far too much and are too self-centred and self-absorbed. They need to grow up! I really like Savannah’s brother, Waycross, and his budding romance with Savannah’s assistant, Tammy, is sweet. Memorable quote:“He bent his head, softly kissed the scar, and said, “Every time I see that, I’m going to think how strong my wife is, that she could survive something like that. And I’m going to think how lucky I am that I didn’t lose her that day. I’m the luckiest man in this world.”Awwww, every woman should have a man like Dirk! He's definitely a keeper.I received a complimentary copy of this book for voluntary review consideration.This review was posted on my book blog:

  • Judy
    2019-01-02 06:09

    I've read others in this series, but apparently not the one before this one, so Savannah's bullet scars were a surprise to me. The book is all about her attempt to marry her long-time partner and now fiancé Dirk, with the wedding being stopped by a fire at the first venue, and a murder planner of their wedding at the second. After lots of family time with Savannah's overwhelming family visiting from her hometown in the South makes getting the murder solved so the wedding can go on imperative. A good reliable cozy with a bit of a twist at the end (although I did suspect it).

  • Laurie Allin
    2019-01-09 06:28

    Hadn't read a book from this series in a while and I quickly remembered why I like it so much. A quick little mystery with characters that I love! Savannah Reid is part of my personality I wish I could bring more to the surface. Still can't believe she and Dirk tied the knot. Should make for some interesting reading going forward.

  • Cara
    2019-01-05 08:17

    Savannah's family was over-the-top annoying in this one, and the mystery solving was a little mushy with all the loving glances.

  • Annie
    2018-12-28 10:29

    Woohoo! And I love the idea of (view spoiler)[Tammy and Waycross (hide spoiler)].

  • Nora-adrienne
    2019-01-13 10:05

    Buried in ButtercreamBy G.A. McKevettCopyright April 2012Publisher: Kensington BooksAfter a recent brush with death, plus-sized P.I. and bride-to-be Savannah Reid has decided to stop sweating the small stuff. But when an event planner comes in to arrange her wedding, Savannah discovers that murder can ruin even the best laid plans… Hailed as the wedding planner to the stars, Madeline Aberson has orchestrated some of the most exclusive soirees in Hollywood. But when Madeline becomes embroiled in a nasty divorce, her life falls apart, and rumors swirl that her parties have become total duds. Desperate for work, Madeline finds herself planning far less glamorous affairs, including none other than Savannah Reid’s wedding to Dirk Coulter. It doesn’t take long for the opinionated Madeline to get on Savannah’s last nerve, and when the big day finally arrives, Savannah can’t wait to send Madeline packing. But when the bride finds Madeline’s body face down in the pool, floating among an elegant array of rose petals, it’s clear that someone has already hastened the diva’s departure. For better or for worse Savannah and Dirk put their wedding on hold, vowing instead to find out who killed Madeline and why…If it weren't for bad luck, Savannah and Dirk would have no luck at all. As Savannah and Dirk stand in shock, watching the building where they were to be married burning to the ground, with her wedding gown and the bridal party’s dresses burned to cinders. The unhappy couple are discussing the fact that Dirk should not have hit the fireman (a friend of Dirk’s) who stopped him from running back into the building to try and save Savannah’s and the Bridal Party’s dresses. Jim’s phone rings and he turns away from the unhappy couple to answer it and find out that the fire was a case of arson and that it appeared to be the work of a serial arsonist who they were looking for. Dirk and Savannah decide to help look for a suspect since their training gave them the knowledge that most arsonists stick around to watch their work and get some sick pleasure out of it. They split up and start looking carefully through the crowd. Savannah notices a lone watcher on a high point over the parking lot and slowly approaches from a tangent. She calls Dirk and tells him she thinks she’s got their guy. She quietly approaches and finds a young man so fixated on the fire below that he is unaware of Savannah’s approach. Noticing a reversed Pentacle on a chain around the suspect’s neck she calls Dirk with her location and that she is sure this is the guy. Long story short, they collar the guy and he’s off to jail. Dirk and Savannah are now at a loss with how to proceed with their wedding plans. They’ve spent a bundle and can’t afford to be this extravagant a second time. Thankfully they have wonderful friends in John and Ryan. These wonderful guys have decided to gift Savannah with a Wedding Planner to help them find a new venue for their wedding at a price they can manage to squeeze out of their savings. While everyone has heard of Bridezillas, Madeline is the Planzilla of the worst sort. After Van gets her to actually listen, they manage to find a sort of happy medium on venues and costs. The wedding is back on. Of course while all this is going on, Van’s family is ensconced in her small house rubbing on her last nerve and eating her out of house and home while turning the place into a veritable pigsty. Finally the happy day again arrives, and as Savannah gets ready to walk down the aisle she asks her sister Marietta and asks her if she has Granpa’s ring. Marietta looks at her blankly for a second and thinks. Oh, I stuffed it in that big white garbage bag with all your other stuff. Savannah takes off for the Bridal Room praying that the bag is still there, along with the ring she was going to give Dirk. Entering the room she finds the ring and looking out the French Doors to a patio attached to the Bridal Room. There she see’s Madeline face down in the pool DEAD! Calling her sister Marietta to go and get Dirk, she verbally chastises her for arguing. She tells Dirk that he might as well bring Dr. Liu along since she’s the Coroner and can begin processing the scene. Another wedding day ruined and a probable murder to solve. I love this series. I’ve been a fan since “Just Desserts” came out so many years ago. I am sure that this series will be around for many more years. FTC Full Disclosure: I received this book from the publisher who only requested a fair and impartial review.

  • Joyce
    2018-12-31 09:25

    Some books are just to be enjoyed. Dirk and Savannah are getting married or they are trying to have a wedding ceremony. But Savannah a PI and Dirk Police Detective find wanting to get married and actually having the ceremony can be a challenge. In addition, after a full day's work Savannah goes home each day to a house full of family members who came for and stay for the wedding to happen.

  • Nancy Narma
    2019-01-04 06:07

    “To Have and To Hold…In Custody??”Everything seemed in perfect order for the long-awaited wedding of Savannah Reid and Dirk Coulter until an arsonist torched their plans and their venue; the local community center, along with Savannah’s gown and the special touches that were worked on so lovingly for their reception.. All went up in a puff of smoke and left them with a sad reminder in ashes. Watching their dreams go up in flames was not what they had planned for their wedding night. Neither was catching the pyromaniac, but that is exactly what the Detective Sergeant and his bride-to-be/former police sergeant did! When the reality of what had happened to their wedding coupled with the nightmarish reminders of a close brush with death while on the San Carmelita Police Force, Savannah wrestled with how they would be able to proceed with another ceremony—especially since funds were low and expectations high from her McGill, Georgia-based family who had descended upon her for the nuptials—all 15 of them!! Friends of the Bride and Groom; John Gibson and Ryan Stone, came to the rescue and “gifted” the couple with the services of cranky, opinionated Wedding Planner, Madeline Aberson. Madeline and Savannah did not hit it off from almost the first hello, but gradually warmed as the ceremony neared. Finding a venue was to be the largest problem of all. Savannah had tried to book the Stardust Pavilion in McGivney Canyon, only to be turned away due to a damaging mudslide. She began to wonder if they shouldn’t be getting married at all. After some discussion with Dirk, and a suggestion from Madeline, the Country Club by the lake was chosen. Their wedding day came and all factions were running smoothly—the ceremony site decorated and ready, the attendants dressed all in blue with Savannah’s talented Sister; Atlanta providing her vocal and guitar talents and finally, Savannah; coiffed and looking like a picture in her gown. Savannah went over her list for the last time, when she discovered she didn’t have Grandpa Reid’s wedding band for Dirk. She asked her Sister; Marietta if she had it, but discovered it had been left in a garbage bag in the Bridal Suite along with other Bridal Day essentials. The bride scooted back to the Bridal Suite to collect the ring, only to find the room had been straightened and Madeline’s cell phone ringing. Savannah found the ring and called to Madeline, with no response. She stepped to the open French doors leading to the private patio with its own small pool adorned with blossoms and candles—AND a body floating face down in the once-pristine water. Madeline Aberson!! Needless to say, the ceremony was cancelled once again. Who would want to see the demise of Madeline Aberson? Her soon-to-be ex-husband; Ethan? Her irate, disgusted, soon-to-be penniless former business partner; Odelle Peters? Or maybe the “Woman Scorned”; Francie Di Napoli?? Will Savannah and Dirk ever tie the knot? This is the first Savannah Reid mystery I have read, but it will not be my last. I was tugged in several directions while trying to discover the guilty party and chuckled more than once over the antics of Savannah’s zany family and loved the inclusion of her beloved felines; Diamante and Cleopatra. I’m definitely looking forward to the author’s next title.Kensington ARC -- Nancy Narma

  • Marie
    2018-12-28 06:31

    In Buried in Buttercream, P.I Savannah Reid is all set to marry Dirk Coulter. When Madeline Aberson, the wedding planner, turns up dead, though, the wedding is put on hold so that Savannah and Dirk can solve the mystery. I thought this book was just okay. Luckily, it was a quick and all in all pretty fun to read. I was really in the mood for something that wouldn't take much effort on my part; this one fit the bill. However, there were many times I wished that I had read the previous book or books in the series. I definitely needed some back story to know what was going on, especially when it came to previous events. It serves me right trying to jump into a series, at #17, no less. Oh, well. I mostly enjoyed it nevertheless. The whole southern "thing" was cute at first, but got a little annoying after awhile. Maybe I was just getting annoyed that I felt left out. Also, because I hadn't read any of the books, I had a hard time caring about the characters' predicament, especially Savannah's previous brush with death and postponing the wedding again. One thing I couldn't believe was that Savannah had her whole family visiting (and living with her) for the wedding. Yet, when the wedding was postponed, they didn't go home. If that wasn't bad enough, they were so lazy and ungrateful. She should have sent them packing. I know I would have. Recommended for cozy lovers. However, I think those who have read the previous books will enjoy this one more. G.A. McKevett is a pseudonym of Sonja Massie. For more information about this book, please visit theKensington Books website.For more information about the author and her other books, please visit Sonja Massie's website.Thanks to those nice people from Kensington Books for this review copy. Buried in Buttercream by G.A. McKevett, Kensington Books, ©2012. ISBN 9780758238139(Mass Market), 298p.This review is also available on my blog, Daisy's Book Journal.

  • Marti Martinson
    2019-01-05 09:25

    I must say that I really liked the plot and the conclusion of the murder. That twist at the end was very inventive.I also must say that the two main characters (Van, Dirk) were consistent, believable, and drew out the reader's empathy. NOT A SPOILER: Their assistance to the teen girl to get her back to her brother was admirable.However: If I learned one thing from Michel Foucault it would be this: "A book is not a pipe; but a book is only a book because of other books." So, I must grudgingly compare this to other detective novels I have read. The vernacular and idiomatic dialogue of Van's relatives was a distraction and not comic relief. It was not funny and it was not enjoyable."She is nice and cute as a speckled pup." (page 105)Really? No, 16th century iambic pentameter wouldn't be appropriate either, but the extended family was annoying. Perhaps they were annoying to show the inherent goodness in Van in her tolerance of them, but I'm a single curmudgeon. Georges Simenon and the "Maigret" series, with its surgical precision in setting, plot, and dialogue are more my speed.Another good point: This is #17 in a series but written with just enough reference to previous incidents that nothing is lost in THIS particular novel. I do think McKevett is a competent (and good!) writer, but I "doubt" I will read any more in this series. The next one in the series is supposedly the honeymoon of Van and Dirk. I may read it...if NO southern relatives are present.

  • Patricia
    2019-01-08 11:08

    AAn enjoyable book. Savannah Reid and Dick Coulter have made it to the altar at least twice when disaster struck, preventing the nuptial from actually taking place. In the meantime, Savannah's small home (with 1-1.2 baths) is bursting with 15 family house guests who have come to see Savannah and Dick get married. They are loud, messy and seem to have bladders the size of thimbles and Savannah loves everyone of them. However, this leaves absolutely no quiet time for Savannah and Dick. On top of that, there is Granny Reid who tends to boss them all, including the two sets of twins (all small children, of course). When wedding planner Madeline Aberson gets herself murdered, Savannah and Dick find themselves plunged into the middle of this mystery. This takes them from Southern California to Las Vegas - where they meet several interesting characters and even consider getting married while they are there, but the thought of Granny Reid and all the Reid's that have come for a wedding stops them. They continue their investigation, help an underage prostitute get out of "the business" on the way and head back to in Southern California, where they find themselves deeper in the investigation and deep in Reid family histrionics.The murder is eventually solved and Savannah and Dick make it to the altar without disaster interfering. A very enjoyable book.

  • Dee Haddrill
    2019-01-23 08:28

    Ms McKevett has done it again. Another awesome episode in the life of Savannah Reid! After two failed attempts to marry her long-time partner (and recently realised love), Dirk Coulter, everyone hoped the third time would be the charm, but before Savannah can walk down the aisle, she finds her wedding planner, floating dead in a pool at the country club. Finding the killer becomes the focus of Savannah and Dirk, but the biggest problem comes when the wedding planner is found to have more enemies than friends. I am a huge fan of this series and this was beautiful. As a hero, I don't think I could love Dirk more. He's so human and realistic and loves Savannah so much. And Savannah is tough yet vulnerable, more so in this book than previously. And she too loves Dirk in such a way that you know it will be forever. The usual cast of characters are there too, being supportive and funny. We get to meet all of Savannah's siblings this time, and trust me, you're going to want to smack a few of them upside the head! The last two scenes in the book brought tears to my eyes: the emotion in the writing was just beautiful. Fantastic book and I eagerly await the next installment.

  • Jeannie and Louis Rigod
    2018-12-29 11:03

    This was only the second time I had read a book from this series and it was years ago. The first thing very evident, to me, was I truly need to read the rest of the series and then re-read "Buried in Buttercream." Although the book is a murder mystery, there is so much reflecting back to when Savannah (main character) was shot from an earlier novel, that it was unsettling to me. Savannah and her fiance, a policeman, Dirk Coulter are getting married, that is until there is a fire, a mudslide, and a murder that revolves around them. While the police department search for the arsonist, Savannah (now a civilian) and Dirk a detective go after the murderer. As Savannah tries to regain her physical and mental strength from the prior attack (from a prior book,) she also must deal with her very large and unruly family that has come west to see her married. Again, I really needed to read the earlier books to understand the dynamics.The murder gets solved and it was clever, but, the arson etc wasn't addressed. It felt a bit incomplete for me.Good writing just needs to be read from page one, book one.

  • Julie Barrett
    2019-01-07 04:10

    Buried in Buttercream A Savannah Reid Mystery by G.A. McKevettSomething about the title made me want to read this book.From the first page it's action packed and a mystery all in one. She won't just stand thereand let things happen. She is a policewoman and on her wedding day, just an hour before itwas to happen the community hall where it was to take place burns and with all her wedding apparel and that of the bridesmaids. She looks at the crowd and figures out who it is and goesafter them. She then goes home to where her whole family and extended family are staying overnightin the tiny house with her and her grandmother. They've eaten most of the wedding meal and cakealso. All I can think is: oh man, what next...3 attempts and they are still not married but are trying to track down a killer. Leads them toinvestigate at the local strip club and travel to Las Vegas and the islands off the coast.Other catastrophes occur and other mysteries that I don't think they will ever get to getmarried in this book, maybe the next one.

  • Julie Barrett
    2019-01-09 12:08

    Buried in Buttercream A Savannah Reid Mystery by G.A. McKevettSomething about the title made me want to read this book.From the first page it's action packed and a mystery all in one. She won't just stand thereand let things happen. She is a policewoman and on her wedding day, just an hour before itwas to happen the community hall where it was to take place burns and with all her wedding apparel and that of the bridesmaids. She looks at the crowd and figures out who it is and goesafter them. She then goes home to where her whole family and extended family are staying overnightin the tiny house with her and her grandmother. They've eaten most of the wedding meal and cakealso. All I can think is: oh man, what next...3 attempts and they are still not married but are trying to track down a killer. Leads them toinvestigate at the local strip club and travel to Las Vegas and the islands off the coast.Other catastrophes occur and other mysteries that I don't think they will ever get to getmarried in this book, maybe the next one.

  • Kat
    2019-01-23 10:18

    this was the newest of teh savannah books. she finally marries her cop friend after all these years. but it took 3 or 4 tries, due to a fire in teh hall and a murder in the hotel. i dont know why they had to wait, why would they have to solve the murder before getting married? they should have saved all the money and hassle and gotten married on the beach to begin withi dont know if hes going to move into her house and what hes going to do with his trailer now. i hope he cleans up his act and acts better towards herseh was dealing with the 5 gunshot attempt on her life. it would have been nice to have a little more review as to why tammy felt so responsible. its been so long since the last book i cant quite rmember but i think it was tammys boyfriend that tried to kill savannah.hoepfully her disfunctional family will leave so there will be less ciaos in her house.i enjoyed the book tho!

  • Rachelle
    2018-12-25 11:05

    Simple book. Simple writing. Unwitty banter trying to play like it's smarter than it is. Predictable scenes. Cheesy, unrealistic happy endings (the sixteen year old prostitute who just needed to be driven to the bus stop, given some cash, and told to go home to her pretty bedroom and loving brother - and suddenly she's all better). All of the characters around the main one seem to be these extreme stereotypes. Nothing subtle about them. And I'm distinctly tired of how the character of Tammy is portrayed. The woman has got to be in her mid thirties by this point, but she's written like a fourteen year old. Saying things like Poo Poo Head and talking in general like a child. I shouldn't complain. Books in this style are notorious for poor character development and simple dialogue. It's what makes them quick reads.

  • Trisha
    2019-01-03 06:24

    I really enjoyed this although got a bit sick of the Reid family bickering. I'm also very glad I had read previous reviews which said they wished they'd read the previous book due to all the references to it. They were right and I was very glad to have read it just before this. I can't believe all the calamadies that befell Savannah and Dirk as they kept trying to get married. I loved Gran's "lecture" to Savannah on forgiveness I as was beginning to tired of her wallowing in what had happened. One sad thing in this book was how she went from such a strong character to a weak one. Fortunately, this started to turn around by the end of the book. I'm not sure I like the killer reveal but it did make sense. Great ending!

  • Dharia Scarab
    2018-12-23 12:07

    Since I don't normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here's the break down of how I rate my books...1 star... This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end. I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars... This book was not very good, and I won't be reading any more from the author.3 stars... This book was ok, but I won't go out of my way to read more, But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I'd pick it up.4 stars... I really enjoyed this book and will definitely be on the look out to pick up more from the series/author.5 stars... I loved this book! It has earned a permanent home in my collection and I'll be picking up the rest of the series and other books from the author ASAP.

  • Julie
    2018-12-31 05:14

    This is not my favorite Savannah Reid mystery. The drama around the murder investigation is a bit flat. The romance between Savannah and Dirk was nice to read. They have known each other for so long and only reciently, due to a near death experience, realized that they love each other and plan to get married. The wedding planner's murder puts things on hold. The worst part about the wedding being delayed is that Savannah's horrible family members have to hang around mooching off her and being completely disrespectful. Thirty and forty-something year old siblings should not have to be threatened by an eighty-something year old grandmother in order to know how to behave in their big sister's home. That whole part of the book was beyond annoying.

  • R J Mckay
    2018-12-24 08:13

    In "Buried in Buttercream" , detective Savannah Reid is attempting to marry Dirk Coulter. However, pesky things keep getting in her way. First, the Community center is torched, reducing her dress and those of her brides'maids to ashes. The culprit is caught and soon another wedding is being planned. Friends John and Ryan offer Savannah the services of Madeline Aberson, the 'wedding planner to the stars'. However, before the vows can be spoken, Ms Aberson, is found dead. Savannah and Disk are once again pulled into the frey. To add to the stress, Savannah's family is camped out in her small one-bathroom house., Buried in Buttercream is a fun book to read with it's down-home Southern charm and plenty of laughs.

  • Shannon
    2019-01-07 08:13

    This series is a fun easy read. It's nice to break up the heaviness that I sometimes read every now and then. This is the 17th book in the series. I had read the 16th book prior to this and enjoyed it more than this one. I still enjoyed my time with Savannah and Dirk, but with the rest of Savannah's family in this book I found it muddied up the story telling. Oh and the story was a bit of a stretch. Hey, I'm not all that picky when it comes to books. I just want to be entertained so I'm willing to let a lot slide, but this was asking a bit too much. I don't think it will keep me from reading other books in the series though.

  • Susan
    2019-01-23 08:32

    PI Savannah Reid is ready to marry policeman Dirk Coulter, but their first attempt ends when an arsonist torches the venue. Then there's the mudslide. Then, just as Savannah is ready to walk down the aisle, she discovers a body. The murderer has really irritated Savannah, and she and Dirk go after him. Hey, it's a way to get out of Savannah's small house, which is filled with her large Georgia family, come to California to attend the wedding. Savannah is also dealing with issues left over from the last novel, in which she was injured badly. Hey, readers of this series: do you find the changes in Dirk, from the start of the series till now, entirely credible?