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Emily, London's famous twenty-four-year-old virgin, has to wonder if it's really so crazy to wait for Mr. Right. To enjoy the anticipation. To make sure she's totally, truly, no-turning-back in love. Especially when her friends fall in and out of lust on a daily basis. But Emily gets the surprise of her life when Oliver Mills comes back to town after a year in America. WhEmily, London's famous twenty-four-year-old virgin, has to wonder if it's really so crazy to wait for Mr. Right. To enjoy the anticipation. To make sure she's totally, truly, no-turning-back in love. Especially when her friends fall in and out of lust on a daily basis. But Emily gets the surprise of her life when Oliver Mills comes back to town after a year in America. When they were sixteen, she and Oliver made out behind some sand dunes at the beach, and deep down, he's the one she's been waiting for all this time. Already, Emily can feel her defenses crumbling. She's got six good reasons to stay a virgin. But six might not be enough....

Title : Six Reasons to Stay a Virgin
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Six Reasons to Stay a Virgin Reviews

  • Christa绮思
    2019-03-28 11:12

    Six Reasons To Stay a Virgin, is a chick’s book. Yes, it basically talks about some of the things women think about, and delves deeply into the woman’s state of mind. What are her thoughts and opinions about certain issues and such are tackled in this book. It’s a book that delves into many issues regarding the female sex, including moral issues, friendship, love, life and dreams.What’s great about this book is that it chooses to tackle the reality that not all friends have the same way of thinking, and many people share various opinions on a certain one topic. Also, it manages to bring out the reality regarding the depth of friendship any number of people may share with one another.Six Reasons To Stay a Virgin is the kind of book that you share with your friends. It manages to remind us that peer pressure isn’t the only way to go. The most important issue for me in this book is how the main character values her virginity. Despite the respites and opinions of other people, especially her friends, she does what she has to do to prove them wrong about sex. For her, sex is sacred and this book basically tackles the reasons why she doesn’t go on a sex rampage despite her friends opinions about her morals.Also, as a teenager, there is one thing I found most endearing about this book. The reality of losing oneself to the point that you don’t realize that the person who loves you the most has been right beside you all along. It’s a reality that many of us face in our lives and this book not only outlines but basically points it out to the reader.For some, the book can be quite boring because the story’s plot can be pretty obvious. But there’s just something about the dialogue between the characters that makes this book such a good read. It’s a book that touches the heart, mind and soul, espeicially in the presence of such a modern society with its modern ways of thinking. This book gives us a lot of things to think about.

  • Laura Hammond
    2019-03-29 10:26

    A really easy read. Although characters and the relationships between them weren't always believable, I thought it touched on some of the dilemmas us girls find ourselves in. We've all been there when we don't know what to do with our lives and you get opinions thrown at you and it overwhelms you. We've all been there when we pursue something that we've always wanted and then when we get it it's not actually that fun anymore nor what you were expecting. I enjoyed it.

  • Robyn Drummond
    2019-03-31 06:12

    This is a book I can really relate to. Granted I didn't keep my virginity until I was 24, I was 20 but to some that is still a really long time. I saved myself for someone I really cared about. And no regrets. But this book is so cute and scream-worthy. I wanted to shake Emily for most of the way through. But it is still a great book.

  • Alicia
    2019-03-30 14:17

    Its super cute and not really that easy to predict, its still a chicklit girly book, but a couple of times I thot, oh maybe this won't end like I thot.

  • Meaghan
    2019-04-07 14:30

    cute but predictable. sam was totally crushworthy...

  • Karen Wickham
    2019-04-02 11:19

    This is one of those books where you can pretty much determine what's going to happen from page one, but it's still an enjoyable light read anyway.

  • Cat Parker
    2019-03-29 13:18

    Emily is a 24 year old virgin, saving herself for the right man. Her friends have differing views on her choices, and decide to intervene and set her up with long time crush, Oliver. The arrival of old friend Sam, is the fly in the ointment. There were parts of this book I really enjoyed, others I skimmed over. The main character Emily is a little "holier than thou" to begin with, but I warmed to her as the story unfolded. It was a predictable chick lit book, a light holiday read.

  • Sarah
    2019-04-12 11:03

    I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I read this book, but there were mitigating circumstances. I had finished the only novel I had with me on holiday and was shopping in a store that was nominally a bookstore but didn't have much of a selection. I was looking for something light (from an intellectual point of view) but long. This book was in a so-called omnibus with another book by the same author and so looked very bulky, and the price was right, and the first page didn't seem horrible, and the blurb almost suggested that the plot was intriguing, so I bought it.The plot as described was something like friend of virgin decides to give virgin a push into the arms of the man she (the virgin) fancies and then wishes she hadn't. On the first page the virgin unexpectedly runs into the best male friend of the man she fancies, thus setting the stage for at least one love triangle. I envisioned a happy ending in which the virgin ended up with the best friend and the pushing friend ended up with the fancied man and everyone is happy and suitably matched. But then there is a huge amount of description about how much the virgin is cosseted and admired by her circle of female friends because they attach a sort of mystical quality to her virginity and beauty and worry that she cannot stand up to the things in life that are often called vicissitudes, and there are pages and pages where the pushing friend (who is really a friend of a friend) is maddened by the adoration of the virgin and yet simultaneously aware of her perfection, and I was convinced for at least half a chapter that the pushing friend and the virgin would wind up together. But then the pushing friend (who had her own boyfriend) started to fancy the fancied man, and then realised that his willingness to be fancied made him unsuitable for the virgin. There are no interesting plot twists or dramatic emotional revelations -- the virgin and the best friend of the fancied man (who it turns out hasn't really been friends with the unworthy fancied man for years, and of course has been pining for the heroine without taking action ever since he first saw her) gradually drift together. He and his father breed roses and it turns out that because it takes a really long time and he's (coincidentally) had a really long time in which to pine, he has been able to breed a rose which he has named after her and I'm sure it's all very romantic. The heroine has a romantic notion that she would like to open a shop in Cornwall -- ridiculously, she has no actual overwhelming desire to sell anything specific, just a vague idea that she has seen very sweet little shops selling stuff and she fancies herself in just such a little shop with a fanciful name she has picked out but I forget. Of course she does suddenly make up her mind to just do it and puts the wheels in motion with the bank and rents a perfect shop and makes a deal with a very wonderful and coveted jeweler in Switzerland or someplace else one skis.Only thing worthy of note: the unworthy fancied man's ex-girlfriend, Nessa something (who is only mentioned, not seen in the book) was named for someone who won or bought at auction the right to have her name used as the name of a character in this book.

  • Marian
    2019-04-06 12:25

    There are books that surprise you. And there are books where you know the end the moment the proper characters appear on the page. The moment Sam arrives, you know he will end up with Emily. There's a moment or two as we head towards the inevitable where you wonder if maybe you were wrong and she'll end up with the Golden God, whose name really shouldn't escape me at the moment, but does [It's Oliver.] because he's just there to represent Emily's idealized version of him. His actual personality isn't really needed until the last fourth of the book and even then, it's not actually required.Emily is the virgin and there a lot of circular conversations involving her virginity and how positively lovely she is. Truthfully Emily bored me to tears more often than not, and only really seemed to come alive when discussing Saltwater, her dream shop, and occasionally when sparking with Caitlin or Sam. Perhaps that's the point. The only people who challenge Emily to any degree are Caitlin, a friend of a friend, and occasionally Sam, but even that's only by accident. Everyone else kept her in her bubble, where they could neatly keep her pristine and Emily didn't have to do anything but exude her untouched beauty.I preferred Caitlin and Sam's brief moments in the spotlight. Caitlin managed to buy into the Protect Emily At All Costs mentality while also railing against it. She believed Emily was capable of surviving the heartbreaks that life might throw her way if she'd only step up to the plate, but the moment she realized her plan to hook Oliver, Emily's dream man, and Emily up would be a bad idea because of who Oliver really was, Caitlin seemed to forget the plan behind the plan. Get Emily over Oliver and back into reality. Caitlin's bit of a subplot about actually liking her boyfriend was interesting, but rushed and at parts seemed at odds with what was actually presented. She wanted to kiss Oliver, but didn't want to be seen as snagging him for herself. Fair enough, that I can see. Oliver kisses her, Leon [the boyfriend] sees, and suddenly she's afraid of losing him? Fair enough in theory as well, but it didn't work quite as well.Skim the talks about how wonderful Emily is and most of the virginity discussions [they will be repeated, don't worry] and the book is fluffy enough, so long as you don't mind taking the obvious route from point A to Z.

  • Dana
    2019-04-17 13:27

    I read this a long time ago on a year abroad in the UK. This was an ill-informed purchase. The cover attracted me (it was a different version), and it was all over the place, so I kept wondering what the six reasons were. Smart marketing on the part of the publishers. I didn't read it more than once. The characters were annoying and the males were dirtbags,and while it ended rather happily, the six reasons (if there were actually six...I remember there only being three) were lame. Overall it was disappointing,and, being barely 20 at the time & still in school, I remember thinking if that was how "grown ups" were supposed to act & be, I didn't really want to grow up. This is probably not the message the author intended.

  • Francessca
    2019-04-21 07:01

    A really dull read. The characters were poorly developed and the relationships seemed unbelievable. In fact the first few chapters I struggled to like any of them. The plot seemed to be a mish mash of details that didn't really lead anywhere.This is a story about someone who has had a massive crush on someone for EIGHT years and who put their virginity and effectively their whole life on hold for this man; I was kinda expecting to get caught up in the trauma and passion of all those feelings but not once did that whirlwind of emotions get picked up on. It just plodded on from one drab bit to the next. It never managed to capture my attention.

  • Jule
    2019-04-15 07:27

    I was struggling if I should give two or three stars to that book. A friend of mine lent it to me for my trip to London saying it's a nice read for the plane. And it was...but that's about it. The story was kind of like gum...up until the last few pages I was waiting for something to happen.Unfortunately, the characters weren't some you could identify with, the only one I really liked was Sam, but we don't find out that much about him. I recommend that book for holidays on the beach, even though it's really not reveiling what the title offers.

  • Becca Hamilton
    2019-04-06 09:08

    At first it was funny, the witty slanging matches between Emily & her friends, but considering I'm only at chapter five and starting to not really care whether or not she finds her Mr Right or not - and would quite happily punch a few of her bitchy friends in the faces - cant see myself giving this more than a 2 star, unless it improves dramatically. Nowhere near the calibre of other rom-com/chick flick writers unfortunately.

  • Lynne weir
    2019-03-22 10:16

    Now the first half of this book bugged me a great deal. Emily claims to be this shy sweet person yet she regularly snaps at her friends and is determined to get her way. The way she speaks to her friends about their choices in life in regards to sex seemed somewhat rude to me as though she's looking down at them for it. Saying that the last few chapters were quite good and I rather enjoyed them.

  • Kezza22
    2019-04-14 14:20

    I thought this book might be funny but I got bored with it pretty quickly and started to dislike the characters and couldn't care less about them!I stuck it out until the end but wouldn't really recommend it!

  • Leilla
    2019-04-01 12:11

    boring with no subtlety or humor whatsoever

  • Olivia
    2019-04-11 09:00

    sayangnya, hingga halaman terakhir i still can't figure out what are the six reasons...maybe if ms.harwood would be kind enough to use bullets or pointers...

  • Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews
    2019-04-02 10:08

    I couldn't finish this book. I didn't like it, the characters didn't grab my interest and the storyline seemed to run all over the place.

  • Alie
    2019-04-20 12:19

    What were those six reasons then? I'm still none the wiser. A chick lit read for a holiday.