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La rivelazione è di quelle agghiaccianti, soprattutto se a farla è una giovane professoressa che ha da poco perso la sua bambina e ad ascoltarla sono i suoi alunni, la classe alla quale Moriguchi Yuko rivolge un discorso di addio: "La mia Manami non è morta accidentalmente; è stata uccisa da qualcuno di voi". La figlia dell'insegnante di scienze aveva quattro anni quando,La rivelazione è di quelle agghiaccianti, soprattutto se a farla è una giovane professoressa che ha da poco perso la sua bambina e ad ascoltarla sono i suoi alunni, la classe alla quale Moriguchi Yuko rivolge un discorso di addio: "La mia Manami non è morta accidentalmente; è stata uccisa da qualcuno di voi". La figlia dell'insegnante di scienze aveva quattro anni quando, un mese prima della fine dell'anno scolastico alla scuola media, in una cittadina del Giappone, è stata trovata morta nella piscina dell'istituto. A causa di quello che tutti hanno ritenuto un incidente, la madre ha deciso di abbandonare per sempre il suo lavoro. Freddamente, quasi scientificamente definendoli A e B, la professoressa rende identificabili ai compagni i due ragazzi e rivela la sua scoperta di come essi abbiano premeditato e compiuto l'omicidio di una bambina indifesa. Inoltre, con altrettanta freddezza, l'insegnante comunica la sua decisione: non ha intenzione di denunciare i due assassini alla polizia. Ha invece già messo in atto una personale vendetta, atroce e immediata ma escogitata in modo che le devastanti conseguenze si manifestino lentamente, affinché i giovani criminali abbiano il tempo di pentirsi e trascorrere il resto dei loro giorni sopportando il fardello della colpa di cui si sono macchiati. Nelle settimane successive, attraverso un diario, un blog, una lettera, appare in tutta la sua spaventosa portata il perché del gesto compiuto da Nao e Shuya....

Title : Confessione
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ISBN : 9788862510912
Format Type : Hardcover
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Confessione Reviews

  • karen
    2019-02-27 15:47

    this book is delivered in a stark and barebones prose, but the story itself is surprisingly convoluted and intricate.the first chapter is told in the form of a lecture as a teacher addresses her class with what appears to be a series of anecdotal non sequiturs about the new milk program at school, the announcement of her impending retirement, the illness of a "famous" teacher at another school, the recent death of her four-year-old daughter manami, etc etc. but slowly, subtly, her lecture becomes a tightening noose as these seemingly unconnected stories take on a chilling import as she ultimately accuses two students in the classroom; shūya and naoki, of causing manami's death, and then very casually drops the bombshell of the horrifying revenge she has already set in motion. her detached offhandedness makes this final lecture incredibly shocking, and when the teasingly meandering narrative starts to firm up and show its true shape, it's just like BOOMclass is dismissed.the second chapter threw me for a loop at first. new voice, new tone - who's this then? turns out, this chapter is told from the POV of a girl in the class, mizuki - the class president, who witnesses and reports on the aftermath of the teacher's revenge-plot-admission and the way it affects the two accused boys and how the revelation that they are murderers causes the other children to treat them. short answer: badly.from there the chapter-voice is handed off to each of accused two boys in turn, and a chapter from naoki's sister, and then it circles back again to shūya and naoki, and with each chapter, we learn more and more about the repercussions, as well as more about the motivations leading up to the girl's murder and the truth of her death as each narrative answers a few more questions, unmasks lies, exposes intent, and fills in the gaps as the individual perspectives begin to interlock in these perfect spokes, and the story comes to an explosive conclusion with a final chapter from the teacher - one last act of vengeance, one more gotcha, and the last word is emphatically had. i liked it, although i found it dragging sometimes, despite how unadorned the prose is. sometime i felt it was taking too long to get to the conclusion, and would have worked better at a faster pace considering the genre. i did really enjoy the structure - a sort of nest of confessions, with an increasingly paranoid tone, and i appreciated the way that the motivations for seemingly inexcusable actions are revealed and you begin to be able to sympathize and understand the characters a little better, but then we're off into another viewpoint and all the good intentions or misguided reasons have already been tainted and transformed into new violent acts and it's just too late for anyone to be saved.bleak. deadly. destructive.

  • Carol
    2019-03-08 13:15

    Brilliantly constructed, but pointless. I'm disappointed given the volume of buzz and strong recommendations for this novel. Still, Confessions is original and offers a sterling and surprising ending.

  • Sarah
    2019-02-24 15:00

    4.5 Stars. THIS BOOK! This is a book I would recommend to everyone! The twists and the turns were incredible. Nearly every twist and turn knocked me off my feet and that is SO rare as I predict so many twists in thrillers and mystery books. This book should really have the success of books like Gone Girl & The Girl on the Train because it's just so awesome! I'm not going to say anything to give the story itself away because I don't want to ruin it. Story - 4.5 Stars. Writing - 4 Stars. Execution - 5 Stars. This book was almost perfect. Things dropped off a teeny bit in the middle of the story but the ending completely made up for it. It just was so thought out and everything fit together so well too. I would 100000% recommend this and I would definitely read something else by Kanae Minato. She's definitely not your run of the mill author, she's insanely talented and a natural writer and storyteller. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Dem
    2019-03-09 10:51

    , Her pupils murdered her daughter, she will have her revenge.........................That was as much as I need to know about this novel in order for it to engage my interest. Firstly I would never have come across this book if it wasn't for a friend here on Good reads who's review encouraged me to read this wonderful novel.I really enjoyed this story of revenge by Japanese writer Kanae Minato and found myself intrigued by the happenings in this Japanese school.I listened to this book and the chapters are narrated in alternating voices and I enjoyed the narrator very much.This is a dark and disturbing novel that had lots of unexpected twists and turns to keep the reader interested. The writing is simplistic and yet the author manages to captivate her readers with an imaginative and entertaining plot. I love complex and dislikable characters, so be warned this book is not for readers who are looking for loveable characters.For a short novel this one really packs a punch and I will recommend this one to many of my friends.I think readers who enjoyed like Defending Jacob may enjoy this one.

  • Jokoloyo
    2019-03-15 11:57

    This novel is an unreliable multiple first person POV epistolary thriller debut novel(view spoiler)[well, there are 2 chapters that are not epistolary-like (hide spoiler)]. The theme of the book is REVENGE.Lately I have been reading mystery/thriller by Japanese authors. These stories have dark tragic plots and voices, I stopped expecting truly happy-ending. The Confessionsis one of those novels, and with relatively shorter length than previous Japanese thrillers that I've read, this novel keeps the tense stable. The first chapter is a must read, a strong point of the story, a closing speech by the Moriguchi-sensei to her class. Even the movie adaptation made the strong dark atmosphere for the entire first chapter scene:cloudy weather, or dark atmosphere of vengeance?I still found this novel as a debut. The first chapter is an excellent short story by itself, but from second chapter to last chapter felt as later additions to make the novel length story. The reward for reading second chapters and beyond are not as quick as reading the first chapter. Although I can safely said, the last chapter revelation is worth the reading effort. I recommend everyone to AT LEAST read the first chapter, maybe by Scribd.I was tempted to rate this book 5 star, due to first and last chapter. but even with lesser middle chapters, it is still worth 4 star.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Gorkem Y
    2019-03-16 17:13

    Bir Toplum EleştirisiKanae Minato, birçok açıdan çok bilindik, günümüz dünyasında yer alan yalnızlaşan, bencillik içine gömülen günümüz insanının psikolojisini biz okurların gözlerinin önüne getiriyor. Eğitim sistemenin, öğretmenlerin, ailelerin, ödül-suç ve ceza temaları etrafında polifonik bakış açılarıyla, okurun kendi değer yargılarını rahatsız edici bir olay örgüsüyle sunuyorİçerik-Anlatım-Çeviri:İtiraflar, bir ortaokulda öğretmen olan fen bilgisi öğretmeninin kızının, 2 öğrencisi tarafında öldürülmesi üzerine bu öğrencilerden intikamını alması üzerine yaptıkları yazılı. Yazar, 4 ana karakterin gözünden 6 bölüm halinde, her bölümde birinci bölümde anlatılan ana olayın üstüne ayrıntılar eklenerek bir nevi doğruluğunu ve ayrıntılarını öğrenmemizi sağlıyor.Kitabın çevirisi, ne yazık ki ingilizceden. Arada, düşük anlamlı cümleler karşınıza çıkıyor ve bence çevirinin çevirisi olduğunu arada hissediyorsunuz. Her şeye rağmen bu durumu görmezden gelebiliyorsunuz okurken.Sonuçİtiraflar, öncelikle insana masumiyet kavramını çok sert şekilde irdeletiyor. Kelebek etkisinin toplumda eğitim-öğretmen ve aile üçlemesini, başarının ödüllendirilmesini, medyanın bu kavramları metalaştırmasında değer yargılarımızın aslında nasıl pasifize edildiğini ve neleri gözden kaçırdığımızı gösteriyor. Her okurun bir şekilde kendisinde bir şeyler bulabileceğine inanıyorum. Sevgisini gösterdiğini düşünen, ben iyi ebeveynim ya da eğitimciyim diyen herkese!İyi okumalar!10/7

  • Susan
    2019-02-26 11:54

    I came across this book by accident, when I read a review on Goodreads. It intrigued me enough to download it and I was immediately hooked. The novel begins with a teacher telling her students that she is resigning from middle school. A single mother to a four year old daughter, her students believe she is leaving because of a terrible tragedy, which saw her little girl found dead in the school pool. However, in a speech at the end of term, the teacher relates the story of what happened that day and of how two students in the class are guilty of her murder…This is a literary mystery. We know what happened and we know who did it, but what unfolds is the story of the teacher’s revenge and the consequences of her actions. Different chapters are told from the viewpoint of different characters – one of the students in the class, the two boys accused of the murder, one of the boys sisters and his mother’s diary entries. We learn of what led the two boys to their actions and there is also a few delicious plot twists along the way.If you are willing to try something a little different, then this will reward you with an excellent read. Japan is, obviously, culturally very different from the UK– I worked for a Japanese company for some years; but regardless of whether you know anything about the country, and the people, or not, is irrelevant. Yes, the attitudes are often a little different (the teacher, Moriguchi, is looked down upon by parents in the class for being a single parent to Manami, children of divorced parents generally live with the father and not the mother, the children strive for perfection in their marks at school and are often sent to ‘cram’ schools after class and teachers are much more highly respected), but these are minor things that are easily understood and sympathised with. The author creates great tension, excellent characters and a really interesting plot. I look forward to reading more by Kanae Minato and hope more of her novels are translated into English. In Japan she is described as, “the queen of iyamisu,” (literally, a ‘eww’ mystery – where readers blurt out, “Eww” while reading her books. However, this is certainly not physically revolting or grisly in any way, although it does deal with the very dark side of human nature and what motivates people - whether it is to look for notoriety or to revenge the loss of the child you hold most dear.

  • Carmo
    2019-03-02 09:58

    Foi um livro iôiô; ora morno, ora de roer as unhas, ora assim-assim. Apesar da premissa ser das melhores, nas primeiras páginas não dei nada por isto; não gostei da forma como se desenrolava a narrativa, e sendo eu também mãe, seria suposto sentir empatia imediata com a personagem principal, mas tal não aconteceu.Percebi também que nada sei da cultura japonesa no contexto familiar; não sei se são uns pais próximos, exigentes, se são ou não dados a demonstrações de afecto: abraços, beijos, brincadeiras...farto-me de ver asiáticos aos molhos de máquina fotográfica em punho, mas onde estão as crianças? Não viajam com os filhos? Não consigo imaginá-los a dar beijos repenicados aos catraios no meio de uma esplanada. É aqui que os meus filhos diriam:”porque é que não sou filho de uma japonesa?!”Adiante...acho que o tema é poderoso e que esta mãe congeminou uma vingança cruel, um jogo psicológico, com desenrolar inesperado e consequências surpreendentes para todos. À medida que vamos conhecendo o ponto de vista dos restantes envolvidos, nomeadamente dos assassinos, tomamos conhecimento de uma complexa teia de relações familiares, de fragilidades muito sérias e de comportamentos, no mínimo, bizarros.E é aí, quando entramos no íntimo dessas personagens e conhecemos as suas motivações e plausíveis justificações comportamentais que o livro causará reacções diferentes em dois tipos de leitores.Para aqueles que gostam de uma estória com as pontas todas atadas, do cenário em que todas as peças encaixam perfeitamente sem esquecer o mínimo detalhe, para esses, o livro é perfeito.Para os chatos como eu, o mais certo é sentirem que tanto esforço redunda num drama algo forçado, exagerado, logo, pouco credível.No entanto, este livro toca num ponto preocupante e actual; desde bulling até assassinatos em massa, os crimes perpetrados por adolescentes são mais que muitos. As razões por detrás deles, a responsabilização, reabilitação e/ou condenação dos mesmos, são temas polémicos que dividem os especialistas e assustam os pais que diariamente entregam os seus filhos num local onde é suposto ficarem seguros.

  • Diane S ☔
    2019-03-19 11:16

    Several of my Good read friends have read this, they rated it highly and their reviews were so enticing that I had to read this sooner, rather than later. So glad I did, this book was brilliant.Reminds me of the line, " the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry." That may not be exact but close enough to what I want to convey.We hear from each of the main players in the tragedy, and each time something new is revealed. Also, shows the immature mind of middle schoolers, how they think and expect everyone else to react exactly a they thought. In this book that doesn't work out well at all, as at every turn things turn out differently. This is a book that shocks at every turn. Things are laid out in the vey beginning, the teacher and mother, lay out her plans for the perpetrators of her daughters murder. She, however, makes the same mistake the boys do, thinking she knew what was going to happen. The incredible thing is that the shocks keep coming and coming. No way did I foresee the ending. So from the beginning we know the who, and we read to uncover the why. A brilliantly constructed book, told in a rather unemotional way, a book that has more than one victim, some living, some dead. A psychological study on revenge, peer pressure and the hurt of a broken family, definitely one I recommend for those who like this type of novel.(view spoiler)[ for some reason this reminds me of a part in the book Columbinewhere it was supposed that one probably would never had become a killer had they not met the other.(hide spoiler)]

  • Lisa
    2019-03-03 18:10

    Talk about twists!This book has 'LISA' written all over it: super Japanese and out-there, and every little detail fits together to make a complete picture that only becomes clear at the very end. Each chapter is told by a different character. They basically re-tell the story up that point, and add their own experience while furthering the tale. But each account is different and important, and each one helps the reader to see things from a whole new angle. The story builds and builds and builds... and the ending does NOT disappoint. Without hesitation, I give this 5 stars. But do I recommend that you take it on? Well... It's super Japanese. It's going to seem really weird if that's not your bag. You have to kind of get that in Japan, class-wide milk-drinking experiments would be totally plausible. So would a teacher and a student getting together after class to carry out specific errands. The way the characters talk, the way they reason, the things they do... there's A LOT that may seem implausible to the reader. But for me, all that stuff made it super authentic. I loved it. If you're a big Japanophile like me, this is a must-read. And if you end up loving it, a Goodreads friend recently told me about the film version, which is right now being shipped to my house. I can't wait to watch it! So, Five BIG stars in MY book. I wonder what it would be in yours...

  • Trudi
    2019-03-14 15:14

    If the plethora of J-horror coming out of Japan the last 15 years hasn't convinced you of the country's own unique brand of crazy pants in the best, most entertaining way, then this book will. And there's a movie! Which I now have to hunt down. Because crazy pants, did I mention? So much crazy pants. This isn't horror, but it is really messed up. It's a revenge tale about screwed up, damaged narrators who each get to tell a piece of the story, so you won't have all the pieces of the puzzle until the very end. No one is likable. If you are a reader who wants an emotional story and characters that you can relate to, then skip this one. But if you're like me, and you like the crazy pants, then definitely check this one out. A free copy was provided by Netgalley

  • Maria
    2019-03-07 10:03

    Perturbador.Livro de estreia de Kanae Minato, Confissões lê-se num ápice. Apesar da história estar praticamente esparramada na sinopse, a escritora japonesa consegue prender o leitor pela forma como escreve.Yuko Moriguchi é mãe solteira de uma menina de quatro anos. A sua vida muda radicalmente quando Marami é encontrada, afogada, na piscina da escola. Aparentemente trata-se de um acidente, mas Yuko, professora naquela escola, descobre que a sua filha foi assassinada e acusa dois dos seus alunos do crime, começando aí uma vingança pessoal que terá consequências devastadoras para muitos dos seus alunos.Opinião completa em:

  • Lisa
    2019-03-06 10:57

    This is the story of the death of a 4 year old girl that was not an accident.It follows the repercussions / revenge of all the major characters involved and everyone gets their say via various mediums inc. lecture, letter, diary, confession, will...I LOVED the style of writing, the way the various pieces of the puzzle came together to complete the picture was superbly executed.The tone is dark and there are many, many questions and what ifs...this book is complex but totally satisfying - highly recommended to people who want something a bit different.

  • Kaora
    2019-03-02 14:00

    I do not want to be a saint.Confessions is a dark and twisted tale of revenge. When Yuko Moriguchi's four year old daughter, Manami is found dead on the school grounds where she works she weaves a final tale for her class about the real events of that day, concluding with the revealing of her revenge against the wrongdoers who are some of her students. But this is just the beginning.The book takes the point of view of Yuko, those involved and some of their friends/family as it weaves a plot so full of twists and turns I was riveted until the end.It is a dark example of how far one mother will go for her child, and while some of the events deeply disturbed me, it definitely resonated long after I closed the book.

  • Chiara
    2019-03-20 13:51

    Ho letto Confessione assieme ad altre persone, non conoscendone minimamente nulla, senza sapere chi fosse l'autrice, e con soltanto qualche cenno di trama adocchiata. Penso che sia un ottimo modo per avvicinarsi a dei libri, una volta ogni tanto: quando ti appresti a leggere la prima pagina, la tua mente è vuota dei pregiudizi, delle aspettative, delle influenze e dei giudizi esterni che, nel bene e nel male, finiscono sempre per incidere nel proprio parere, così come nel modo di approcciarsi alla lettura.Forse in questo caso sarebbe cambiato poco, perché Kanae Minato mi ha conquistata. Credo che questa sia una di quelle letture che mi abbiano lasciato parecchio, tant'è che ancora non ho smesso di riflettere sulle mille sfaccettature presenti nel romanzo. Confessione è un libro che vale la pena leggere, perché offre tanto... Talmente tanto che se ne esce un po' frastornati, ma soddisfatti di aver avuto tra le mani qualcosa di prezioso, scritto bene e strutturato anche meglio. Da lode la caratterizzazione di tutti i personaggi presenti, che spiazzano per la loro (genuina ed assolutamente credibile) pochezza. Unico, piccolo neo: alcuni dialoghi, un pochino macchinosi; ma non basta questo a togliere di mezzo la marea di emozioni provate.

  • Carol
    2019-03-02 16:05

    I enjoy Japanese mysteries. They are mostly puzzles to solve. This one was an ingenious revenge novel full of unlikable characters, twisted familial relationships and a bang-up surprise ending.

  • Dianne
    2019-03-16 15:49

    Good revenge novel told from different characters' perspectives. I had a feeling I knew who would have the ultimate revenge, I just wasn't sure how exactly it would be enacted. The narration style is very matter-of-fact, with an almost offhand and unemotional tone. If you read and enjoyed this, I recommend Minato's "Penance" to you.

  • সালমান হক
    2019-03-18 18:02

    আমরা মাঝে মাঝে বলি না, অমুক খুব ঠাণ্ডা স্বভাবের, বুঝে শুনে ঠাণ্ডা মাথায় কাজ করে? এই বইটার ক্ষেত্রেও আমি তাই বলবো, একদম ঠাণ্ডা মেজাজের বই। শুরু থেকে একদম শেষ পর্যন্ত একটা শীতল ভাব বজায় ছিল গল্পে।লেখিকা যেভাবে প্লট সাজিয়েছেন, পাঁচজনের স্বীকারোক্তির মাধ্যমে- তা অনবদ্য। কোথাও একটুও ঝুলে যায়নি, ভীষণ রকম অ্যাডিক্টিং। আর জাপানিজ থ্রিলার বলতেই প্লট টার্ন আর টুইস্ট থাকে প্রচুর, এটাও ব্যতিক্রম নয়। প্রতি অধ্যায়ে একবার করে ভীষণরকম নাড়া খেতে বাধ্য পাঠক।ভালো লাগা আরো বেড়ে গিয়েছে আমাদের সমাজের কিছু অপ্রিয় দিক উঠে আসায়। আসলেই তো, আমরা কি আগামী প্রজন্মের মূল্যবোধের ওপর কোন প্রকার নজর দিচ্ছি? কিছু চাওয়া মাত্র তাদের অন্যায় আবদার মেটানো, প্রশ্রয়দান -এসবের একটা খারাপ প্রভাব সমাজে পড়তে বাধ্য। লেখিকা মূল উপাদান হিসেবে ব্যবহার করেছেন সেসবই।আগাগোড়া এক প্রতিশোধের গল্প। যেকারও জন্যে রিকমেন্ডেড।অনুবাদ পড়ার সময় যদি অনুবাদকের উপস্থিতি আপনি না ধরতে পারেন, তাহলে বুঝতে হবে অনুবাদ একদম ঠিকঠাক হয়েছে। কৌশিকদা নিজের উপস্থিতি বুঝতে দেননি :) বইয়ের ঠাণ্ডা ভাবটাও ধরে রেখেছেন দুর্দান্তভাবে। তাকে বিশেষ ধন্যবাদ। :)

  • Joanne Freitas
    2019-03-24 14:03

    Completamente perturbador, chocante e macabro. Até agora foi o thriller psicológico mais profundo que já li. Aborda as partes mais obscuras da mente. Retrata as consequências da educação, da infância, de perturbações psicológicas e a maneira como influenciam o futuro de cada um.

  • Asghar Abbas
    2019-03-18 11:00

    Vincent McMorrow's Wicked Games done with, it's over I know you didn't want it to be finished but it's done. Button pressed, Thrice's Black Honey playing in the background; swelling up nicely filling the space that's far from empty, we good? One now, one later? Sure. How can I ever say no to the lovely talented ladies over at Warpaint? Future concert tickets already dealt with, all ready to go.After Ring by Kōji Suzuki, I did want to read another twisted full of wynds and turns, something truly wicked, really suspenseful, bone chilling, spine tingling, utterly deplorable and absolutely disturbing book. I wanted to read another Japanese horror story but with the real monsters this time. And this is it folks, this novel was just that. And more. So much more.The narrative style in this book, the format and the layout of the chapters absolutely positively floored me; it wasn't necessarily epistolary themed, it was somehow beyond that. Simply breathtaking. I honestly don't think I've ever read anything like it before, the way chapters were arranged here. That's why the surprises within actually surprised me, but to be honest I was expecting that, for the book to pleasantly surprise me which it did aplenty. Couple of chapters in, I could tell there will be goodies, I knew we were in good hands, the promise of excellence heavy in the air. That is why the shocking bits made me very uneasy. The twists and turns were so unpredictable and unexpected, but not in a way that would render everything nonsensical. The shocks were subtle and so natural that you can't help but feel that's how it should be. Yet each and every chapter shook me terribly, especially the first one that draws you in completely. That, the whole book in fact didn't just hook you but impale you with its pull, giving whole new meaning to the phrase, hooking you in. The whole writing style had me agog, delirious, had me gleefully wanting more and more, to just keep going and not stopping at all. Maybe that was the reason why the death of one of the narrators, I won't reveal which one, hit me the hardest. It was just so casual, mere mention of it, of that person whom felt really human to me, it was the character I related to the most. That death was so jarring, really saddening. It felt personal. I don't know why we think Martin has cornered the market on casual deaths of beloved characters. Here it was so casually done it felt genius and yet, it was so so effective. Since I wasn't paying attention, perturbed but heedlessly carrying on, enjoying the story unfold, it took me a while but it started to dawn on me this book was about mothers, basically and what they knowingly or unwittingly did to their off springs. Every major character had mother issues of some kind. The protagonist herself was a mom, the entire premise rested on this delicate of all relations and how this shapes us. Given what happened here, it was a true horror story Freudian even in its starkness, in every sense of the term. Mothers; good, bad, or indifferent played a part here. It was through the characters' mothers we get to know them more intimately, really delved into their psyche and why they all turned out to be the way they did, and why they did what they did, to each other, and to themselves. Everyone was unhinged here, suffice to say. But what I really loved was how each and every one of them were wrong about the others, how they incorrectly guessed each other's motives. That's what made this story refreshing, and so much fun to read.What I love even more is the protagonist was fallible and what's even more beautiful is that she admitted it, anyone who knows her would tell you how big of a deal that is. She's just such a headstrong person, confident, so sure of whatever stances she took. What's even more admirable here is the question this book raised; just how willing are we to punish a child for its crime and the society that impedes justice. What is a just punishment anyways, what is rehabilitation? Why must they be so ambiguous? What to do with all this grayness? What to do, who are we really ?For what I loved the most about this book is that all the monsters in it were humans, but I quite assure you, in real life all humans are monsters. Of one kind or another. Of Monsters and Men. Icelandic. Always. Two things, first there is a movie version of this from 2010, would be checking that out soon. Other, the author is a former teacher herself. I don't know if that's terrifying or reassuring. It is certainly unsettling. No wonder, the protagonist expressed her feelings as a teacher so well, she was the perfect avatar here. That scares me. Really. I feel two ways about it. I wish I had a teacher like this, someone who could actually teach something precisely because they do not want to teach. On the other hand, I most definitely would not want a teacher like this, ever ! I am so glad a very good friend here twisted my arm into reading this, thank you Rohisa shin'aina :) I'll admit I am a purist of sorts, I like my books to be tangible. Though she didn't completely convert me to the electronic side of things (even though they do have cookies), thanks to Rohisa I am no longer averse to e reading. This is one book that would be staying with me for a long, long time. I won't be forgetting it anytime soon. All the questions this novel posed. We must look deep within. We must. The lack of answers are the true horror here.Amazing work.Confessions is like listening to a song over and over again. Come on, you know which one; that one song which keeps making you fall in love again and again with something that already loves you.親愛な

  • Wasee
    2019-03-05 11:04

    জাপানি লিটারেচার আসলে সবদিক থেকে আলাদা; তা আপনি ফিকশন/নন ফিকশন/হরর/থ্রিলার যেকোন আংগিক থেকেই বিচার করুন না কেন! চিরাচরিত অথবা গতানুগতিকতার ধার না ধেরে সম্পূর্ণ নতুন আবহ সৃষ্টি করতে জাপানিজ লেখকরা বরাবরই পারদর্শি। হারুকি মুরাকামি আমার প্রিয় লেখকদের একজন, জুঞ্জি ইতো প্রিয় কার্টুনিস্ট/হরর স্টোরিটেলার। এর বাইরে কাজুয়ো ইশিগুরু, র‍্যু মুরাকামি, ইয়োকো ওনো আর মিশিও কাকু'র টুকটাক বই পড়া হয়েছে আগে-ব্যস জাপানিজ বই বলতে আমার দৌড় সেপর্যন্তই।প্রথমবারের মতো জাপানিজ থ্রিলারের সাথে পরিচিত হই এবছর। কিয়েগো হিগাশিনোর বিখ্যাত থ্রিলার 'দ্য ডিভোশন অফ সাসপেক্ট এক্স' পড়ে সত্যিকার অর্থেই অবাক হয়েছিলাম, থ্রিলার এভাবেও লেখা যায়! এরপর নিজ দায়িত্বে goodreads ঘেটে বের করেছিলাম বিখ্যাত কিছু জাপানিজ কিছু থ্রিলার/মিস্ট্রি জনরার নভেল লিস্ট। 'জার্নি আন্ডার দ্য মিডনাইট সান' শেষ করার পর ইচ্ছা ছিল আস্তেধীরে একটা একটা করে পড়ব। কানায়ে মিনাতো'র 'কনফেশন্স' এবং 'পেনান্স' রিডিংলিস্টের টপেই ছিল বলা যায়। এবং এরই মাঝে...বিনা মেঘে বজ্রপাত! কনফেশন্স এর অনুবাদের ঘোষণা! আর তাই প্রকাশিত হওয়া মাত্র "গরম বই" পড়ে ফেলা!কৌশিক ভাই জাপানিজ বই ভালো অনুবাদ করবেন, এ বিষয়ে সন্দেহ ছিল না। হারুকি মুরাকামি অনুবাদ করা জটিল এবং কষ্টসাধ্য কাজ। নরওয়েজিয়ান উড এর অনুবাদে তিনি বেশ সহজ স্বাভাবিক ভাষা ব্যবহার করেছিলেন, মুরাকামি ফ্লেভার তাতে পুরোদস্তুর বিদ্যমান ছিল। 'কনফেশন্স' এর অনুবাদকে এক কথায় নিখাদ বলা যায়, দুই কথায় বললে অলমোস্ট পার্ফেক্ট! #বইপ্রসংগ:তিন চারটা বই পড়ে যদিও জনরা ডিফাইন করা উচিত না, তবুও বলছি 'জাপানিজ থ্রিলার' খুবই ভিন্নধারার। ইদুর বিড়াল খেলা, হু ডান ইট, ধুমধাড়াক্কা একশন, টেকনোলজি এসবের প্রয়োগ ছাড়াও মাইন্ডফ্রিকিং থ্রিলার জন্ম দেয়া যায়, তার প্রমাণ কয়েকবার পেলাম। 'কনফেশন্স' তার সর্বোৎকৃষ্ট উদাহরণ।খুব স্বাভাবিক ভংগিতে, পাঁচজন মানুষের আত্মকথন/ সহজ স্বীকারোক্তি এর মাধ্যমে বর্ণিত হয়েছে বইয়ের পাঁচটি চ্যাপ্টার। স্কুল শিক্ষিকা মরিগুচির বাচ্চা মেয়ে খুন হয়েছে তা আমরা শুরু থেকে জানি, কে বাবা কারা খুন করেছে তা-ও জানি? তবে থ্রিল কোত্থেকে এল?থ্রিল আসলে এলো গল্পের বর্ণনায় আর মনস্তাত্বিক খেলায়। যে গল্পের আগাগোড়া পাঠক শুরুতেই জেনে ফেলে, অথচ শেষ পাতা পর্যন্ত হ্রিদস্পন্দন বেড়ে যেতে থাকে! প্রতিশোধ, কিশোর বয়সের আবেগ, দৃষ্টিভংঙ্গির ভিন্নতা, পরিস্থিতির শিকার - এসব কিছু মিলিয়েই 'কনফেশন্স'। অসাধারন এই সাইকোলজিক্যাল সাসপেন্স পাঠককে রোলার কোস্টার রাইডের এক্সপেরিয়েন্স হয়তো দেবে না, তবে মস্তিষ্কের কুঠুরীতে জলোচ্ছাস সৃষ্টি করবে নি:সন্দেহে!

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    "Extraordinary people have the right to violate conventional morals in order to bring something new into the world."If there’s a list of the most dark, twisted, deranged, ultimately fucked up psychological books, this would be somewhere in the top of that list. Moreover it revolves around bunch of adolescent school kids who can be malignant and contemptible to another level.Like I’ve read somewhere, crime-thriller-mystery genres can be classified with setting as criteria majorly:US/UK/CanadaNordic/ScandinavianJapanese.Unfortunately Japanese thrillers are less popular in English literature world. I find myself fascinated by every Japanese book of this genre I’ve read so far, perhaps it is just because only good books get translated.I read Penance before this and jumped straight to this book, both of them follow same pattern -5-6 long chapters of first person narratives. In this case CONFESSIONS.After Keigo Higashino, I'd recommend this book/author to anyone who'd love to read Japanese mystery books."In a country like Japan, where religion doesn't count for much, I suspect most people have been taught to value life above all else"

  • Célia
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    Tomei a decisão consciente de partir para a leitura deste Confissões sem ler a sinopse ou saber o que quer que fosse acerca do enredo. A única referência que tinha é que provavelmente seria um livro perturbador, mas de resto esperava ser surpreendida.Confissões é um romance contado a várias vozes que tenho dificuldade em catalogar. Talvez thriller psicológico lhe assente bem, mas são tantas as influências que o povoam que provavelmente se torna redutor tentar encaixá-lo num determinado género. Diria que o principal destaque é mesmo a quantidade de reflexões que suscita no leitor: até que ponto a pessoa em quem nos tornamos é influenciado pela forma como somos educados? Poder-se-á a violência juvenil atribuir em grande medida a fatores exógenos ao jovem ou é tudo muito mais complexo?O assassinato de uma criança de 4 anos por dois adolescentes é o centro da trama, e ao longo do livro vamos conhecendo os pontos de vista de várias pessoas envolvidas: a mãe da criança, familiares, amigos e os próprios assassinos dão os seus testemunhos, num enredo que vai desvendando surpresas, enquanto joga com a perceção do leitor em relação àquilo que realmente se passou e aos juízos morais que poderá fazer.A realidade presente no livro reflete em grande medida o país em que o enredo se desenvolve – o Japão -, e são várias as referências culturais, que, ainda assim, não criam problemas ao leitor no que respeita à pertinência dos temas abordados. Confissões cumpre a promessa perturbar o leitor, pela incredulidade e o choque perante o crime na juventude, mas também pela reflexão acerca da vingança e do seu (possível) poder redentor. Recomendado.“Penso que nós, gente vulgar, talvez tenhamos esquecido a verdade básica: que não temos o direito de julgar os outros.“

  • Claudia
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    Meine Rezi gibt es hier:

  • Vera Brandão
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    Let's call this Everyone is Secretly Plotting Murder and No One Knows How to Use Wikipedia: the novel.Every so often, a book comes along that should be read purely so you'll have the pleasure of summarizing it to other people. (I had this same delight with James M. Cain's Serenade, the one with the nipples smeared with iguana soup where heterosexuality makes you a better singer.) This book is that book. It's not bad--neither is Serenade, for that matter--but it's utterly ridiculous and bursts at the seams with implausibilities. From a literary standpoint, my actual recommendation would be to read the first chapter and then stop: it can effectively act as a standalone short story that, despite the occasional bit of WTFery, has a genuine kicker of an ending.Everyone is Secretly Plotting Murder and No One Knows How to Use Wikipedia begins with a last-day-of-class lecture that middle school teacher Yuko Moriguchi delivers to her students. Moriguchi's four year-old daughter recently drowned in the school's pool in what was deemed an accident, but Moriguchi gradually reveals to her class that she knows that her daughter was actually murdered by two members of the class, who in fact appear to have confessed their crime to her in some detail. Moriguchi claims to be concealing their identities, calling them only A and B, but in fact it's easy for the reader to put together their identities even before the end of the first chapter, and child's play for her students to do the same. In fact, Moriguchi's sly, deliberate reveal is part of her revenge. Convinced that the students, as minors, will never be properly punished by the authorities, she's decided to take things into her own hands in a very unconventional way.All of this spirals out into everyone's lives, leading to bullying, murder, wrecked families, a blood-smeared convenience store, and more. Some of this is plausible--the bullying is both frighteningly vicious and entirely believable as the actions of a middle school mob--and some of it--someone believing they're the other half of a teenage killer they've never met based on phonetic coincidence and a checklist of chemicals--isn't. Any one thing would be an acceptable story on its own, but all of these narratives together don't heap up into "it's amazing how dark and squirmy things are when you lift up the rock of civilization" or "I suppose every family has its secrets" but instead into "what, seriously? Really? Why did you ever think that would work?" and "it's cool that this small town was this effectively zoned for people with severely disturbed psychology!"The three biggest problems here are 1) nearly everyone in this novel regards murder as basically "I could have had a V8," so if they haven't killed someone yet, they're probably going to, because it seems to be the only available problem-solving strategy, 2) everyone in this novel is willing to do a Bond villain monologue at the drop of a hat, even when it incriminates them or would make their plan hilariously easy to defeat, and 3) ALL OF THIS CANNOT HAPPEN IN THE SAME BOOK. The fourth biggest problem here is that almost no one in this book seems to know how HIV works, but that seems like merely a subsection of their general lack of knowledge of how people work, which is a subsection of their general lack of common sense in general.But, again, after a certain point, it's mildly hilarious that all of this is happening in the same book, so there's that. Not recommended, but not specifically not recommended either. If you grade on a generous curve for "middle schoolers are weird anyway" and use that to reconcile some of the ludicrous plot developments, you're left with a reasonably propulsive, layer-peeling thriller that's not really not enjoyable.And summarizing it definitely is enjoyable, so have some aghast spoilers:(view spoiler)[* Like I said "I added HIV-positive blood to your milk" is a decent kicker to the first chapter, if you can overlook that it's pretty reliant on the demonization of people with HIV, something not helped by Moriguchi talking about how her saintly ex never compared himself to people with hemophilia who contracted the virus "through no fault of their own." Within the context of the novel, it's satisfyingly gross and a nice corruption of the wholesomeness of the milk that resonates thematically with the way the intrusion of all this darkness corrupts the school background generally.The problem is, it falls apart if you think about it for more than two seconds, which is why it needs to be a short story ending--done and out--and not a pivotal event in a novel. The elaborate, prolonged nature of the revenge would be rendered moot by the fact that the kids could get a blood test in just a few months that would prove them positive or negative, and they're overwhelmingly likely to be HIV-negative, as even Moriguchi acknowledges, despite having pinned all her revenge hopes on the opposite outcome. Why would Moriguchi ever assume that her ex would sleep through having his blood taken? How did he manage to follow her to an indoor room of the school closely enough to see her inject his blood into milk cartons without her noticing that he was right there? Why was his immediate reaction not, "Hey, honey, why are you sticking a syringe in my arm?" Is it really that believable that none of the students would say anything to any parent or authority figure about their two murderer classmates and the HIV-infected milk? Does it make a tremendous amount of sense for Mizuki to think to check the milk cartons for traces of blood and then not tell anyone what she found?And this kind of thing goes on and on. Why on earth would anyone think the best strategy for communicating with a teacher who has left their school is to submit a rambling essay to a creative writing contest in the hopes that it will win and be published in the magazine that the teacher might read? THERE IS SUCH A THING AS MAIL-FORWARDING. Why would you post your plans to blow up the school on a blog that you know people at your school read?The second chapter does a decent job carrying forward the first chapter's momentum because Mizuki's story is one, largely, of reasonable consequences to the preceding events, and the "twist" that the milk was never tampered with is a good one that invites reflection.Which makes it even more hilarious that Moriguchi overturns it in the final chapter: "PSYCH, I TOTALLY TRIED TO PUT HIV-BLOOD IN YOUR MILK, BUT MY SAINTLY EX SWAPPED THE CARTONS." It's like the author looked at the idea of complexity and then flung it forcefully out the window, which is also what happens with Shuya. The beginning of his chapter flirts with a nuanced portrait of a boy who, shaped by abuse and idealized love, desperately wants respect and affection and murders out of a desire to bring his mother back into his life after other methods have failed. But the novel tries to have it both ways, both implying on one page that Shuya is an understandable, if terrifying, adolescent boy and then on another basically presenting him as a genius psychopath. (The best thing about this chapter is how it makes Moriguchi's concealment of the crime ironic by making Shuya's desire to be caught the sole impetus for the murder.) Also, "I've mostly been minding my own business and therefore don't know who might be a good person to murder, so I'll enlist this mildly angry classmate to help me choose" is an... odd plan. Shuya doing it because he wants a witness is better, but there's literally no reason to involve Naoki beyond that. Just say, "Hey, come with me for a second," and then go kill the girl.And Mizuki, after a moving, thorny chapter of her own narration, is inexplicably revealed in Shuya's section to have an obsession with the idea that she's the other half of the "Lunacy Killer," a girl who poisoned her whole family, and to to be totally okay with the idea of killing people, because apparently nobody requires much convincing on this front. (Moriguchi goes from being willing to possibly, in the long run, kill Naoki and Shuya to being willing to plant a bomb at a university so Shuya can accidentally kill his beloved mother and also, oh yeah, any other people who might happen to be standing around.) And then Shuya murders Mizuki for 1) having had a crush on Naoki, which I'll agree is weird, 2) saying (correctly) that he has a mother complex, and 3) being the only person in the novel with any working rationality and therefore pointing out that if he knows where his mother works, he could just go visit her instead of arranging elaborate Rube Goldberg-device plans involving science fairs and murder. Then she gets literally stuffed in a fridge, because why not.You can have any one of these things be true, but you can't have all of them. Thus concludes my statement on Everyone is Secretly Plotting Murder and No One Knows How to Use Wikipedia. (hide spoiler)]

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    Well. Ok that was an amazing read for me, totally addictive I barely put it down. My first reaction upon completing it was to go a little bit Bill and Ted. “Messed up dude” was my actual thought.And indeed, there were some messed up characters within the pages of “Confessions”, often for good reason as the story developed but occasionally just because. Such horrific happenings and yet told mostly in a very matter of fact and straightforward fashion – through several layers and several voices, we find out the what, why, when and who and as much as this is a book of confessions it is also a book of consequences. Like a nest of Russian dolls one thing leads to the next and to the next and irrevocably to a final showdown which for me, was immensely satisfying if very dark.My first foray into Japanese fiction – I can certainly see why it was a bestseller, perhaps the Japanese “Gone Girl” not in story at all but in capturing the imagination and creating a word of mouth buzz that obviously worked well and for good reason. Watching the thought processes of some very twisted minds as they play out scenario’s that are at turns fascinating, horrifying yet very believable this is intensely creepy and profoundly disturbing.The prose is staccato in nature, most especially from the teacher’s point of view, giving a sharp and often detached feeling to the whole thing, as perhaps someone in shock one step removed from events may describe something – it gives a particular resonance and ambience to the tale being told and creates an edgy atmosphere that may play on your nerves – it certainly did on mine. Some very creative writing right there and almost perfectly constructed.From the moment Yuko starts her goodbye speech to her students, to the very end where she has the final word, you will be enthralled, often uneasy and absolutely wanting to know what is going to happen. This is not a book where you will love the characters, perhaps not even relate to them, or root for one or the other but more a psychological thriller that will edge its way into the very darkest recesses of your mind and linger there…waiting to jump at you out of the shadows.This is not a horror story and yet it horrifies. It is not really a crime story although there are crimes involved. It is a story of the darker side of human nature, one of vengeance and ramifications and oddly, childhood and coming of age. For me it was perfectly poised and certainly one of the best books I’ve read this year for getting me obsessively involved in its pages. Its ok, I’m breathing again now…I can see why it won’t be for everyone – if you want kittens and rainbows stay away. If you can’t cope with a story that is utterly dark with very little hope of redemption for anyone then stay away. But if you want a book that will get into your head and make you shiver then get this now.From me it comes Highly Recommended.Happy Reading Folks!

  • Tooter
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    DNF at 37%. I could not stay interested in this book. I'm probably just not the intended audience because I have no complaint about the writing.

  • Jennifer
    2019-03-21 17:10

    Confessions is a standalone novel written by author Kanae Minato. I had never heard of this novel before seeing the audiobook available as a "new release" at my local library. But apparently it was published in Japan in 2008, and is a widely popular and successful novel. It has already been adapted to film and was selected as Japan's entry for best foreign language film for the 2010 Oscars.Confessions is an intelligent but horrific tale of revenge. A teacher's revenge on her students; two students who were involved in the death of her daughter. When I started this book, I wasn't a fan of the writing style. The teacher: Yuko Moriguchi is addressing her class, and the students' responses are invisible so to speak. You just hear Yuko's questions and then her responses to whatever the students are saying. However, later the POV's of the students are revealed. This setup ended up working perfectly. What Yuko has suffered coaxes sympathy, and the reader instantly feels justified in joining Yuko on her quest for revenge. But then the reader is tested some- moral boundaries become blurred and make you question who has been victimized more. Yuko's need to make sure these students suffer the consequences of their actions goes to the extreme, but her POV is so calm and her actions so planned out it was scary. This is a complex and dark tale that did not leave me feeling happy, but sometimes you just need to read a book that shakes you up a bit. Confessions is being marketed as the Gone Girl of Japan and I definately saw the similarities. But the one thing that personally made me view Confessions as a somewhat darker tale?... Learning that the author used to be a teacher herself! That in itself is a lesson that you just never know what's going on in the imaginations of those around you!My favorite quote:"It was always the same thing. Adults gave you all this advice. They could only understand the world on their own terms. They couldn't remember how it is to be a kid."