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New York Times bestselling author Cherry Adair delivers the next book in her latest paranormal romance series following Hush.  New York Times bestselling author Cherry Adair is back with the next book in her latest paranormal romance series featuring the men and women of Lodestone. They can retrieve anything, anyone, anywhere.......

Title : Afterglow
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Afterglow Reviews

  • Saly
    2018-11-25 11:55

    Rating 3.25To be honest the entire setup of this book was bat-shit crazy and I shouldn't have enjoyed it but it still kind of worked. The hero is a former Hollywood stunts-man turned security business owner who doesn't know what happened at his event, all the guests were drugged and lost all inhibitions, indulging in an orgy. He asks his friend for help and he sends Lodestone agent and his ex fiancee Dakota.Rand is not happy to see her and has had no contact with her since he broke it off with her two years ago on the phone, thinking that she was responsible for his mother's death and father's incarceration. They met three years ago at his father's party, since she was a chemist who worked with his father, staying in two different cities their relationship was whirlwind, most of it spent in bed.Dakota too isn't that happy to see him, she gave him everything, her love and he rejected it and called her a liar, cheat etc without letting her explain anything. He called her the love of his life and didn't even have trust in her. She has spent the past two years re-building her life, first time spent in hospitals when she was injured in the lab explosion and then using her abilities.The only reason she has come is because she suspects the drug she helped develop is the one being used to cause terror and she wants to stop it. Rand didn't know about her abilities, touching an object and getting things from it and is skeptical about them, but she proves herself.I didn't want to like Rand because in my book he didn't treat Dakota well, but well when the entire evidence that turned him came to light it was a little believable because all of them had been setup in an elaborate game. Should he have demanded an explanation from her, yes but Dakota seemed willing to forgive him too easily, not even letting him complete his apology.There were a few things I didn't like, like the fact that Rand said something bad to her and the next moment they are getting it on, I didn't like it all, I would have preferred a physical relationship to happen after he had made up for his actions and not just because she desired him and hadn't been with anyone since him. I don't like the heroine to come across as desperate at all and somehow Dakota seemed too willing to take him back.

  • Kathleen
    2018-12-02 09:01

    Story Rating 4.5 StarsCharacter Rating 4.5 StarsRomance Level 4 StarsHeat Level 3.5 StarsAction Level 5 StarsOverall Rating 4.5 StarsThe only reason it did not get the full 5 Stars was because some of it was kind of hard to believe. Other than that this book WOWED me and I LOVED IT! I loved the hero Rand, he was so sexy and capable. I also really like the heroine. She had certain quirky things about her that she put aside to be a kick butt type of heroine.This book had a bit of a paranormal theme which was pulled off wonderfully.This story also brought some heat which is always' a plus for me.The action was non stopped and kept me glued to my Kindle.These two went through a lot of people plotting against them. The ending was very satisfying and gave them the HEA that they deserved.I can hardly wait to read the next book in this series.

  • Kristina
    2018-12-05 13:56

    What I LovedCharacters Rand: Cherry has created another wonderful sexy male character. This guy was a Hollywood stunt double turned security guard business owner for the Hollywood elite. Not only is he good looking but he has a lot of survival fighting and escape skills that help them out along the way.Dakota aka Dr. North: At first when Rand sees her he has this intense venomous hatred towards her and I didn't like her. It took getting to know her and hearing her side of the story to like her. Once I read more about her I really did end up liking her a lot. Strong female character who was wrongly accused and stands her ground well when hurtful accusations were flung at her.Steamy RomanceTypically in romance books you get the first time meeting for the new couple, but for this story we get to meet them when they meet each other after being broken up for 2 year. Their breakup was vicious and hurtful with lots of accusations thrown at Dakota and her not getting the chance to tell her side of the story. Even though they had this horrible ending their feeling never went away for each other. Their is passion and the mental desire to stay away from one another but their bodies don't agree. RaptureAn addictive, deadly, lower inhibition, powerful sex drug. This thing is nothing to mess with, it can cause sweet grandma to have sex with the 20 year old and with the wrong dose it will kill. Rapture cannot get out into the drug market and be used by terrorist to kill masses of people. ActionFind the person who has stolen the formula to Rapture which was suppose to have been destroyed years ago in the fire. Figure out who is trying to frame Dakota. Not get killed by the people they are searching for. Destroy the supply and supplier of Rapture. This books was action packed with actual action and bedroom action, never a dull moment.Sixth Sense No not the "I see dead people" sense, but she is able to find alive people by holding an object of theirs. A little touch of the unreal to add to the book.POVThe books switched back and forth between Rand and Dakota. I love this because we get to know both of their stories and feeling.Didn't LikeWhat was there not to like about this book. Okay I will nitpick and say I was surprised that the police never interfered with their search. They had one close call but even at that they easily avoided it.RecommendationMust read for any romance read. Even though it is book 2 in the series it could be read individually and out of order. Sexy and hot as hell, not for the faint of heart.

  • Cindy ~ SnS Reviews
    2018-12-09 10:06

    In Cherry’s 2nd book in the Lodestone series we start off with a twist on the don’t drink the Kool-Aid. At a wedding reception someone spikes the champagne with an aphrodisiac and all inhibitions are lost. Rand Maguire used to be a stuntman and is now security specialist to the stars. His current job was to protect the celebrity guests at a wedding. Well that didn’t turn out so great. He calls Zak from the Lodestone group asking to send someone that can help figure out what and who could have done this. Was it a terrorist act or someone’s sick sense of humor? Dakota North is sent to the hotel by Zak because of her previous history as a pharmaceutical chemist. Dakota and Rand’s father were the creators of DL6-94 which she thinks the guest were given. Its highly addictive and lethal in large doses. Which Rand knows all too well, since his mother died from it and his father is in jail for her murder. All of which he blames Dakota for. Dakota has the same type of ability Zak does. She can touch an object and see coordinates to track the owner of the item. This leads Rand and Dakota on a chase from Monte Carlo to Barcelona to a bank. But when they get there they find the aphrodisiac has been released airborne and everyone is dead. Both Rand and Dakota inhale the toxin and whew for the next couple of pages you need a fan and a cigarette after. From here we are taken on a wild ride. It is nonstop action from Spain to France where they scour the catacombs under the Paris streets to jumping out of a moving vehicle. You start to get the impression that both the bad guys and the good guys are not who they say they are. During all of this both Rand and Dakota are still dealing with the pain of their broken engagement 2 years before. She is still in love with him but due to many misunderstandings he thinks he hates her even though he is still very attracted to her. From the opening scene to the shocking ending this book was one thrill ride. I look forward to the next book in this series.

  • Cindy
    2018-11-23 08:57

    I was a little disappointed with this follow up to Hush. I was expecting to have my socks blown off but it just didn't happen. If it wasn't for the suspense of a set up, I would not have finished the book. The hero was OK but I didn't really care for the heroine at all. She needed to stand up for herself long before she finally did. The romance and the sex weren't all that good either. Cherry Adiar is capable of so much more, but not this time. :(

  • Selenity Jade (Coffee Addicts Book Reviews)
    2018-12-01 08:37

    A great read in an entirely different series than the TFLAC series and I was not disappointed! I loved the chemistry in this book.

  • Jess
    2018-12-05 09:50

    Review posted: Happily Ever After - ReadsBlog Rating: 3.5/5“I’m not going to turn feral,” he snapped. “I am feral.”~RandI love when a book starts out with the hero and heroine having a past that didn’t end well at all. Now they’re thrown together in order to stop a drug from being used as a weapon of mass destruction, a drug that Dakota, our heroine, had a hand in creating two years ago. The couple had been engaged and their relationship ended on a horrible note with a lot of hurtful accusations, name calling and truths that weren’t told and wouldn’t have been believed at the time. Rand said some horrible things to Dakota during their huge fight. Little did both of them know that they were being played by a man who is sick in the head and wants this drug mass produced which will end up netting him billions of dollars. We get a quick introduction, right at the start, to the drug that’s central to the entire story. The drug when given in very small doses, makes people lose all their inhibitions and amps up their sexual need to the highest level. Orgies break out, it’s all about sex and unfortunately for the people high on this drug, they’ll remember every single thing that they did. When the drug is given in a slightly higher dose, it causes death, within mere minutes of being either ingested or inhaled. The drug itself and reading about the first scene where it’s used made me think “ewwwwwww!” quite a few times. Since Dakota had a hand in developing the drug, she’s called in to help Rand, who was running security on the wedding party that was the first group of victims the drug was unknowing tested on. Rand wants nothing to do with Dakota but when she comes clean about why she’s working for Zak Stark (Hush) her sixth sense (touching an object and being able to find it's owner) helps them track the men who are in possession of the vials of drugs. The first part of the story really left a bad taste. Rand can’t stand to even look at Dakota for the majority of the time. He never gave her the chance to explain her side of what happened and it kills her to see his hate for her as plain as day in his eyes. Then they get a hit of the drug in airborne form and end up having sex, high on the drug and unable to stop themselves. This just didn’t sit well with me. They have sex for the first time since breaking up two years ago and it’s sex when they’re high – I really wanted them to reconnect when they were both, um, NOT HIGH. I get that it was probably supposed to come off as kind of angry, hurting, hot sex and it didn’t work for me. The middle of the story, when the plot picked up and the leads actually started talking about their past and things that were assumed but never discussed, the action really got good and I was pulled into the suspense of who the mastermind behind wanting to produce this drug was.He kissed the side of her throat, stroking his tongue around the shell of her ear. He remembered her body so well.“God, yes.” The fact that she couldn’t spread her legs because of her tight jeans, and because he was leaning against the wall, his body bracketed around hers, made the sensation of his fingers inside her even more erotic. His arms surrounded her, his breath blew hot against her throat. His heartbeat syncopated with hers. Hard, rapid, loud.This was familiar. The heat. The intensity. The want. This, she thought, choking back a sob, was the Rand she knew. And still loved.Ah, communication – it’s everyone’s friend. Nothing frustrates me more than when a hero and heroine will not talk about the things that need talking about. I’m all for angst, but the conversation that needed to happen between Rand and Dakota was a long time coming. Once they finally cleared the air, their relationship took on a sweet note, protective in the case of Rand to Dakota, and it was nice to see these two reconnect after outside forces were the reason they were torn apart. I’m giving the book 3 ½ stars. The first part of the book didn’t really set well with the whole ‘high on drugs/sex scene’, but the middle and the end related to the suspense picked up the pace and had me fully interested in the outcome. My one other small issue – this book needed an epilogue…I needed an epilogue! With all that Rand went through with his security company employees and how they were all divided and dragged into the whole drug mess, I needed to know what happened to him and his business at the end. I like to think that he and Dakota head to Seattle, but the book ended abruptly and I needed a few extra pages to wind their story down. *Sort of a series spoiler*PS: I’m not, I repeat, NOT giving up hope that Zak’s brother Gideon is alive. There’s no real mention of him in this book, but I would love to get back to him and bring Zak back to the forefront of the series.

  • Nikki Brandyberry
    2018-12-11 08:53

    Coming back to the one man that broke her heart was something Dakota never thought she’d have to do. When Rand broke up with her over misinterpretations and lies she never could get him to see the light and she long ago gave up trying. Now the drug she helped to engineer has resurfaced with horrible complications. Only Dakota can track it down, whether Rand wants to admit it or not.All Rand knows is his sexy ex fiance is a liar. One ultimately responsible for his mothers death and the imprisonment of his father. Now the drug she helped make makes a appearance at a wedding his security firm is heading up? That’s to many coincidences for him and he’s out to prove that his ex lover knows exactly what’s going on and is possibly behind the entire leak.With the clock ticking, a sadistic underground community afoot and a vicious drug set to take over anyone who dares try it, Dakota and Rand will have to put their differences aside in order to stop the production and maybe along the way realize that past mistakes can be made right.Afterglow is the second book in Cherry Adair’s Lodestone series and a book that I have been highly anticipating. After reading the first book, Hush, and loving it I was eagerly awaiting this one. Ms Adair is a author that can transport me to another place. Make me live along side the characters and breathe with them. Afterglow starts with a bang…and by bang I mean multiple orgasms…from everyone. Even grandma. Rapture, a highly experimental and subsequently banned and destroyed drug has popped back up and at a Hollywood starlets wedding no less. What was engineered as a anti depressant has some dangerous side effects. Zero inhibitions, ravenous sex drives and highly addictive to the point of death. People basically hump till they die. Now…I don’t know about you…but I think the story line is simply awesome. Highly creative and something I hadn’t read up till this point. Aside from the humping grandmas and death part, I’m totally down with a multiple orgasm, have sex till you pass out drug. Where can I get me some of that?Rand is the head of security firm that had been hired to work the wedding and reception. Having the drug smuggled in under his nose made this very personal to him and he seemed determined to figure it out and place the blame on ex-flame Dakota who had been sent to investigate. Dakota worked for the drug company before she was fired when they shut down. Unbeknownst to him Dakota was involved in the explosion that rocked the lab and she had ended up in the hospital just weeks after he accused her of being a liar and a whore who provided his scientist father with the drugs that killed his mother. I can’t tell you how many times I yelled at Dakota..good lord woman tell him you were in the hospital! Call him a ASS! Tell him he’s a awful human being for not believing in you!While I found Rand to be a stubborn jerk I also found him hot. Explain that one Freud. I loved how even though he was ticked at Dakota (for reasons that were WRONG but I digress) he was still protective and looked out for her. He knew he needed her ability to track. When they get dosed with Rapture themselves I liked how he seemed to be able to control himself but he let his inner desires finally take over and treat Dakota with the intensity which she deserved. Plus, halfway mad sex is always hotter. *wink wink*.I loved Dakota’s ability to work with a man who showed so much contempt for her. She felt responsible for the drugs creation and so she needed to see this through no matter how much Rand may have hated her. I envied her ability to let go and forgive him for the way she was treated.Afterglow again deals with a slightly paranormal aspect. This seems to be popping up more and more in romantic suspense books lately. In Hush the main character could track someone using a string of coordinates that ran through his mind. Dakota can do that and track someone using just a personal item of theirs. Is it typical romantic suspense? Well, no. I enjoy all types of books within the genre though so I don’t have an issue with it. Undoubtedly someone will though.Cherry Adair will take you on a thrill ride every time. Always original. Always heartfelt. Always gaurenteed to keep me coming back for more!I give Afterglow by Cherry Adair 4 stars!

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2018-12-04 12:01

    Kimber's review posted on Guilty PleasuresThe premise of this book had me laughing and intrigued at the same time, and because I enjoyed the first Lodestone story, I jumped at the chance to read this one too. Ms. Adair’s brand of sarcastic humor and edge-of-your-seat adventures will pull you in and keep you there until the very end. I finished the book in a day because I literally could not put it down.Rand McGuire is in charge of security detail for a Hollywood couple’s wedding and someone has slipped an aphrodisiac drug into the champagne at the reception. Though not so good for Rand, there were several laugh out loud moments for me while everyone is trying to figure out why they were ripping their clothes off and humping the person closest to them. Call me cruel, but the fact that these high society people were mortified once the effects of the drugs wore off only added to the humor. Rand is trying to keep everyone calm and has his men searching for answers when in steps a blast from his past that he is NOT happy about and wonders why his “friend” Zak (Hero in Book 1, Hush), creator and owner of the Logestone Agency, would send THIS girl of all his agents to assist with such a high profile case that’s already in the FUBAR category.Dakota North is a Lodgstone agent with her own sixth-sense sent to help Rand. To say they have a rocky past is an understatement. Since Rand never wanted to lay eyes on her again for what she did to him two years ago, sparks fly and not of the good variety. However, Dakota is determined and knows she’s capable of helping him because the drug in question is one she worked to develop. Dakota realizes immediately her feelings for Rand never went away and even though Rand ended their engagement, he never truly got over her either. Not to mention, the whole lot of misunderstandings that ended their relationship, the man has serious trust issues and for half the book she’s not even granted the chance to defend herself. He toggles back and forth and wonders whether or not she is actually the person trying to sabotage him.Don’t you just love a tortured hero? In their quest to discover who is responsible for stealing the formula to manufacturing the unapproved drug developed for depression and turning it into a street drug with plans to sell it world-wide, their race across Europe can only be described as action packed with twists and surprises to keep you turning the pages or the “next” button on your e-readers. Again, the writing is superb, the hero is a yummy alpha, the heroine strong and likable, lots of steamy sex, and non-stop action. What’s not to like?Enjoy everyone!

  • Andreasoldier
    2018-11-30 08:01

    Somebody gave me a bunch of Adair books and I've been plowing through them. I must say this is better than the earlier books, but suffers from what I think are the same problems.Adair is a bestseller, and I understand why: hot sex scenes and nonstop action. But I also didn't fall in love with a lot of these books because:1> It's supposed to be romantic suspense. I don't feel a lot of romance, but there is a truckload and more of lust. Chemistry does not equal romance in my book; every chemical reaction fizzles at some point.2.>It's supposed to be romantic suspense. Like I said, a lot of nonstop action, but not a lot suspense. Plus the bad guys are kinda of caricatures.3.> Adair needs a continuity editor. This book was a lot better than some of the earlier ones, but there were a few glitches, and I keep getting stuck on them.The plot: Former lovers Rand and Dakota, whose relationship ended very badly, mostly because of a lack of trust, must reunite to stop the street marketing of Rapture — a drug that causes imbibers to f--k like bunnies anywhere they are. Rand is a total black-white kind of guy, a bit of a hothead. Dakota is a chemist, who's addicted to Rand. Needless to say she doesn't have much of backbone when it comes to him, and Adair quickly gets awkward makeup sex out the way by accidentally exposing them to Rapture. Having uninhibited sex while high is not romance (I don't think it even qualifies as lust). The whole beginning was just yucky and left me feeling dirty.The plot and action (mostly highly improbable) starts speeding along after, but it isn't till the last third, that these two start communicating and connecting.

  • Sobia
    2018-11-29 12:51

    I fell asleep. I wasn't particularly tired, and generally if I'm really into whatever I'm reading it wouldnt matter if I was exhausted I'd still keep fell asleep...then had to push myself to continue. the first lodestone book was so so good, I liked the characters, the story kept me riveted, and the bad guys were well planned out....and it was the reason i became a Cherry Adair Afterglow, as a follow up, was a pretty crushing disappointment.The story wasn't bad, just felt like one of those stories that if the main characters got over themselves ( which admittedly, in this situation would've been understandably difficult) and had a freaking conversation things would've come to a head a whole hell of a lot sooner. ...and not knowing who the bad guy was, instead of catching my interest, this frustrated the bejesus outta me....Not til we find out who the big bad is, did I really get into the story, but even that bit was too short and quickly resolved...and the ending ending, the resolving of issues between the H and h, was half assed at best...I had to double and triple check that where it ended was actually the ending, after all the crap they go through,that'swhat we get? Seriously?A generous 3 stars.

  • Lauren
    2018-12-04 15:58

    Afterglow3 StarsA disappointing sequel that does not live up to the potential established in the first book. Aside from the fact that the heroine, Dakota North, works for Zak Stark, there is no connection between the books, which is unfortunate as it would have established a continuity that is sorely lacking. The hero, Rand Maguire, is a complete jerk and almost ruins the book. Dakota, however is intelligent and engaging although the fact that she still wants to be with a man who called her a "money grubbing whore" kind of puts a damper on her character. The plot, while fast-paced and action packed, it exceedingly far-fetched. In fact, the elaborate conspiracy and ridiculous progression of events makes the identity of the villain completely obvious. Moreover, the paranormal element adds nothing to the plot or characterization.Hopefully the next installment will be better.

  • Darcy
    2018-11-19 13:04

    I think I would have liked this one better had the main characters not had a past together. Each one was still mired down in how the other wronged them that they had a hard time working together facing this new threat. By the end of the book I was tired of each of them bringing up the past, even when they realized how the other was mislead. I didn't care that they managed to get past it all. Then the big reveal of who was the big bad...well at this point I didn't really care. I wish there had been more of Zak and the creation of Lodestone instead of it being a done deal and it being years later.

  • Michelle
    2018-12-12 15:48

    Another great suspenseful read in the Lodestone series from Cherry Adair. Afterglow had the right amount of nail biting, gut clenching action that I love to read with a small bit of paranormal thrown in. I loved both characters, Rand and Dakota, and felt so much emotion when Ms. Adair was breaking down the relationship between the two. There were a few tears but only the good kind. Again, there were some deaths that I was pretty bummed about but a Happily Ever After makes it worthwhile. I can’t wait until the final book in the trilogy!

  • Paraphrodite
    2018-12-15 13:58

    When I began this book, it felt like there should have been a prequel since there was so much history being hinted at between the protagonists. Fortunately, their history was gradually revealed in the book.At the start though, I thought it was a romantic comedy rather than a romantic suspense - who would think of an aphrodisiac being a weapon of terrorism? But it does get serious very quickly and the finale is suitably climatic and surprising. A good read overall.

  • Ellen
    2018-12-06 14:43

    I'm giving this a 2.5. It started off slow and I was annoyed at the idiocy of both Rand and Dakota. Later you do actually see that both of them had reasons to mistrust and not explain themselves, but people who don't commit to finishing all their books the way I do would dnf it.

  • Bianca
    2018-12-17 10:46

    If you can suspend your disbelief this was a pretty fun read! Completely ridiculous plot, didn't always make sense.... But I still enjoyed reading it! I think it was the great chemistry between the H/h. They were also both very like able! I totally enjoyed it!

  • Cindi
    2018-12-11 12:00

    Not one of my fave Cherry books but I enjoyed.

  • Lisa
    2018-12-16 10:45

    Wie kann man nach so einem tollen Vorgänger nur so stark nachlassen? Ich bin maßlos schockiert.

  • JM
    2018-11-26 08:53

    Oh yes

  • Nicole
    2018-11-19 08:43

    Review originally posted here:’ve long been a fan of Adair and I know when I pick up one of her books, I’m in for a good read. While I still haven’t gotten the chance to read the first book in this series, Hush, it’s waiting for me on my nook, and I can’t wait to see how this series started off.Dakota lost everything she had going for her in a short amount of time, her fiance left her, she lost her job and was caught in an explosion that put her int he hospital for months. Now that she is being called in on a case to look into the appearance of a very deadly drug she worked to develop, she will be thrust back into the world that she lost all those years ago.Rand’s security firm is beyond successful, until a drug is released at a high-profile wedding that causes Hollywood’s elite to turn into sex fiends. When he calls in for help, the last person he expects to see is his ex Dakota. The two of them soon find themselves on a wild goose chase across Europe, hunting the men who released the drug and are now trying to kill them. But when the truth begins to unfold, will these two be able to get past their history together and face the uncertain future?First let me begin by saying that usually I am not a huge fan of paranormal aspects in my contemporary settings. However, I’ve found that whenever Adair adds a flair of paranormal, it ends up working for me. I liked that she didn’t go to any kind of extreme with it, and didn’t describe it in detail. Instead, it was sort of like an unexplained phenomena that came across to me as believable and real within the world.The story begins with Rand and starts with the wedding (which let me just tell you, had me cracking smiles left and right with all the “stories” from those under the influence of the drug Rapture). Just as I was getting a feel for Rand and really enjoying his character, Dakota is introduced and Rand does not paint her in the best light. It was painfully obvious they split on horrific terms, and Rand describes her as this horrible person. But once the POV switches to Dakota and more of the story unfolds, I found myself quickly siding with Dakota, and hoping she would knock Rand down a few notches. Their history, as it unfolds, is almost on the level of soap-opera dramaish, and creates for a lot of tension between them.Despite all that tension though, the two are quick to fall into bed together. I didn’t always understand their readiness to get naked together, and honestly, a few times I wanted to smack Dakota for giving it up while Rand was still acting like a jerk. These two lacked any kind of real communication between them, and once it did all come out, it was painfully obvious that a simple conversation would have done leaps and bounds for their relationship.I really did enjoy the aspect of these two coming back together and re-kindling their romance. One thing that occasionally irritates me in romantic suspense books is that the hero and heroine only get a few short days to meet, allude the bad guys and fall in love. In most books, it doesn’t always feel as if that is enough to sustain a long-standing relationship. But with Rand and Dakota, it was obvious the two still had intense feelings for one another from the start. While they were constantly on the run, I felt as if they really did have the time to get over their past and move forward with the life they both wanted. I just wish that Dakota would have made Rand apologize a bit more for their past. So much happened between them, and I wanted her to get a little more of a “big gesture” from him before forgiving and forgetting.One thing that I think Adair does so incredibly well is weave in such intricate plot lines and subplot lines. I was never really sure who the bad guy was, or how all the players wove together. When the big reveal happened at the end, I had my suspicion on who the bad guy was, but was absolutely floored by how it all came together. It was crazy and insane and something that came from so far in left field that my head literally spun around a few times. It was such a great ending to a fast paced and high-octane read.All in all I was floored by Afterglow. Everything I’ve come to love in my romantic suspense books was done beautifully. The suspense was off the charts, the plot twisted and turned all over the place and the romance was sweet and sexy and fulfilling. The second chance at love was done so well, and I absolutely LOVED Dakota’s character. I could have used a little more groveling from Rand, but was pleased with how this story wrapped up.I give Afterglow a B+

  • ♡ Sassy ~ Amy ♡
    2018-12-11 11:44

    Yet again, I had to read a book just to be caught up in a series & It wasn't very good. So the guy in this book broke up with (totally DUMPED) the girl in this story 2 years prior based on his mother & fathers words without asking her about any of it. All I can say is "WHAT AN ASS!"She is a chemist who can track people based pn a paranormal gift she has & is sent to Moraco tho help him with a drug slipped in the champaign causing an orgy at a famous couples wedding problem. Now my slight problem... Names!!Rand Maguire - this one was okDakota North - Uhhhh. Just stupid. Too much of a play on wordsMonk - Duh... We know this will lead to some religious thingFather - Above dude named Monk is also called FatherSon - Ummm he bows down & services FatherCole - EVERY DAMN BLACK OPS book has a Cole!! Geez!Figg - Uhhh. Are these like all indian names? Named after stuff/places?Ham - Well. Uh. He was a former policeman. Retired. Overweight. Play on the "Pig" term...Another problem... This was a little bigger.If my man/guy dumped me over something my bitch mother said & didn't ask me about it... His ass would be grass! All the way. He would be grovelling & if he called me a money hungry whore when he did it. OH! We are talking butt kissing buy me the moon if he wanted to seperate me from my panties anytime soon. BUT NO! Not this couple. They share a past. Their lustiness was played out before there was any resolve EVEN THOUGH he was still a total and completely hateful ass when they started working on this case. OH! an her? WTF are you like begging him to just have his way with you and work out the drug problem & pointing out the fact you offered to do that for him even after it wore off? Uhh. He's an ass! Why would you tell him he missed out because you offered? MAN! You need a 2x4 to work it out over his head! I mean COME ON!!!One last slight problem I have is the cover. Hot guy yes, but I THINK he's the same guy on the last book... Some features are covered on the first so I can't say for sure, but... I seriously think so. I am a cover Nazi! I admit it! OH!! MAJOR MAJOR BOO BOO! I had to read over a few times...At one point it said Paul was in prison for Dakota's murder, but Dakota was standing there. It was Catherine's murder... Oh well, just an editing glitch I read twice to figure out if I missed something & read it wrong.AND YES There is a secret twist in this one!It was kind of stupid & I'm finding that in these books everything is resolved in the last 25 pages & we are just supposed to accept the outcome. To me it just comes across as an author not really knowing how to explain things away or rationalize what's going on. UNLESS it all pans out in the last book not even listed as coming out anytime soon. Nothing from the last book was resolved or carried over except the 2 main people & the new business they are in. Thank God I am done with this book. I won't continue the series. UNLESS someone is brought back to life which I am guessing they will be since this is a trilogy...

  • Bookaholics
    2018-12-05 14:40

    Afterglow by Cherry AdairParanormal Romance –March 20th, 20124 starsAfterglow is a hot contemporary romance with lots of excitement and betrayal and a touch of magic! It is the second in her Lodestone adventure series.Afterglow features strong characters and sizzling hot chemistry! The tension between the main characters is off the charts as the hero begins the book feeling the heroine has betrayed him. When Rand Maguire’s security at a high profile wedding is infiltrated and the guests are drugged by an extreme sexual aphrodisiac, he sends for help only to find his ex lover and betrayer Dr. Dakota North sent to help him. Rand believes that Dakota is responsible for the death of his mother. Distrustful but still half in love with her, he fights his attraction and reminds himself of her duplicitous nature.When Dakota is assigned to aid a call from help by her former boyfriend Rand, she is hesitant but knows she is the only one with knowledge to help him. She feels responsible, for she was crucial in the making of the drug which was used to poison the guests at the wedding. But working with Rand is difficult. Not only did he not believe in her innocence but he broke her heart. And worse of all, she isn’t over him. Can they find out the truth and reconcile their differences?This was a tension filled romance as Rand is very antagonistic toward Dakota in the beginning of the story. Though he has strong reason not to trust her, I kept thinking that that Rand’s hostility towards Dakota dragged on longer than necessary. I feel he should have trusted Dakota sooner because I really enjoyed them working together more as a team. Dakota is a courageous character. She still harbors deep feelings for Rand and is very hurt at his lack of trust, but still works to help him and not take his anger too much to heart. As they try to pool their resources and track down the mastermind behind the drugging, they survive many adventures. I was particularly fascinated by Dakota’s secret abilities to act as a human GPS and track the villain. I kept hoping the author had explored/used more or her paranormal abilities in the story. The ending was shocking and readers will not be disappointed.Fast-paced and exciting, this high octane romance is what readers of Cherry Adair have come to know.Reviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club

  • MsRomanticReads
    2018-11-25 10:50

    I think this was the wildest paranormal romantic suspense I’d ever read. The opening scene was shockingly funny and titilating, and it set the tone for the rest of the story. The plot itself was quite bizarre and implausible. However, I did enjoy the chemistry between the hero and heroine, as well as the adrenaline fueled craziness spanning across several European countries.Dakota and Rand had sizzling chemistry, but the relationship was strained for the majority of this book due to omissions, lies and deep hurt. Dakota seemed like a nicely balanced character. She was smart, witty, tough, but also vulnerable. Rand, on the other hand, was pretty much a jerk throughout. But I did like him when he was in full on business mode.The fact that they’d once been in love and engaged to be married seemed to be easily forgotten in the wake of his mother’s death, the incarceration of his father, and the implication that Dakota had had something to do with it. Instead of hearing her side of the story, he broke up with her and love had turned to bitterness and hatred. When Dakota became his only hope of tracking down the person or persons responsible for unleashing a devastating drug that could be used as a weapon of mass destruction, hatred and lust began to blur the lines.Although Rand was stubborn, rude, and believed the worst about her, I liked the tension that created between them. Dakota didn’t take everything he dished out, but she was just as lost in their pasts as he was, and she didn’t throw the truth in his face at the earliest convenience. When they kept their focus on their mission, they worked well together. She wasn’t a trained agent by any means, but she held her own. The sex was steamy, even if they got it on at some pretty inopportune times.The twisted plot really was bizarre, and the gloating from the villain at the end really didn’t make it seem sane at all. I didn’t see the revelation coming, so that surprise was nice. I did enjoy all the different European countries and the details. It was suspenseful, but be warned, you’re in for a lot of cray cray, including a smidgen of paranormal with her special ability. This was my first book by Cherry Adair, and I have two others on my shelf, so I will give this author another go.

  • Brittany
    2018-11-30 07:45

    Where to start…. I am giving this a 4 star rating, the pace was great, excellent twist at the end, and I appreciated the fact that Rand put all his years as a stunt man to good use. Rand, our hunky hero, son of Paul a pharmaceutical genius, has a rather extreme falling out with Paul’s genius protégée Dakota. Two years later, the same drug Dakota and Paul were working on, rears its ugly head at a wedding. Slight spoilersOddly enough, the notion of Rapture is not that far fetched. It would make sense to develop a drug for clinically depressed people to let them lower their inhibitions happily. Also, application of the drug (wafer, or airborne) is not uncommon either. The catalyst of the story plot was very believable. The main characters on the other hand were not entirely convincing. Rand, made sense; Dakota, kinda made sense; the other characters Creed and his henchmen did not. Major spoilersThe elaborate scheme that Paul, killed his wife to get her money, hired Creed to set up this years in the making attempt to coerce Dakota into assisting Paul into making Rapture the drug of the year; using actors to play a PI, members of Rand’s security team company, various people to manipulate Rand and Dakota into either marring and honeymooning in Paris (for Rand only to die in an accident) or breaking up, and then through some twisted car chase across Europe end up in Greece for Rand to die and Dakota to help Paul. Only for the entire time for Rand to hate Dakota’s guts and not want to see the forest through the trees. Two holes in the story that I wish were addressed, one being Dakota’s six sense; the other being Zak Gideon of Lodestone. Dakota’s sense allowed her, like Zak, to track people via internal GPS. Did Paul know about this? It was never quite answered. As for Lodestone, Paul confesses that he hadn’t anticipated Lodestone’s interference, but he did hint that he knew all along that Dakota worked for Zak, so did he or didn’t he?

  • Melinda
    2018-12-06 14:01

    I liked this book but felt guilty for liking it. I think the premise is original and that's saying a lot from someone who reads as many romance novels as I do. Rapture is such a problematic drug. It's like E taken to it's logical extreme. I spent the whole time reading this wondering what would happen if someone ever created a drug like this. At the same time it's kinda a unique idea. It's soap opera dramaful in that over the top way that was really entertaining. I confess to figuring out the plot early but Adair throws in a plot twist that made me doubt myself. So yay for Cherry! I liked Dakota. I thought she was a strong character who didn't let ex-love of her life run her. I really liked her as a character and understood why she didn't want to explain herself when he wasn't even open to hearing her out. Oh and one last thing, I've decided that Cherry was bored when she picked names for her characters because really Dakota North? Reverse that and name the capitol! Oh and dude bro worked my nerves! Family is problematic even when they are trying to make amends. Yet he can't seem to allow himself to give her a chance?! The woman he supposedly loved?! I call hypocrite! There is a point when Dakota accuses him of wanting an out and his family's accusations against her provided one. He says that he loved/loves her and he didn't want out. I thought Dakota had a valid point that he brushed aside. Silly man. Dakota spent most of the book trying to discuss what went wrong with their relationship (when they weren't sexing that is). So there is a lot of sex in this book. It makes sense because it's a huge part of the plot. Just go with it.

  • ~ Becs ~
    2018-11-28 07:54

    Rand Maguire, a high profile event security specialist is watching his most recent gig go totally FUBAR. He’s supposed to be managing the security for an A List Hollywood celebrity wedding – unfortunately somebody slipped a mickey into the toasting champagne and now the entire guest list is under the influence of an extremely powerful aphrodisiac and are now shagging each left right and centre all over the wedding buffet!He asks Zak, hero of the first Lodestone book, to send help and he sends Dr Dakota North, a highly qualified pharmaceutical expert and joint creator of said aphrodisiac. Unfortunately, Rand hates her – they used to be lovers and he thinks she betrayed him and is responsible for his Mother’s death. He dumped her by spitting vitriol at her over the phone and she was crushed, of course innocent of his accusations and just the victim of the nefarious plot device – the big misunderstanding!!The drug is highly unstable and can easily kill and is about to hit the streets as the latest fix and Rand and Dakota go on a breathtaking race across Europe to track down the dealers and get to the root of the source. Rand and Dakota slowly rekindle their lost love and passion but I have to say Rand has been a bit of a jerk and continues to be through at least half of this novel.I’d forgotten about Zak’s ‘special ability’ in Hush and Dakota shares this skill in this so this is romantic suspense with a paranormal twist which is a fairly unusual combination but it does kind of work and allows the plot to motor along at breakneck speed. Of course, it’s all fairly far fetched but it is fun.4 stars romantic suspense with a smattering of the paranormal

  • Glittergirl
    2018-12-15 15:00

    Rand Maguire, stunt man and now owner of Maguire Security handling the celebrity wedding of the god-daughter of his friend and benefactor Director Seth Creed's Monaco wedding, seeks to find out who dosed the guests with his Dad's failed anti-depression drug turned deadly aprodisac. The guest are horrified to remember they all had wild monkey-sex willy-nilly 12 hours before on Rand's watch. He's ruined without getting to the bottom of who's responsible. His old buddy Zak at Lodestone sends agent Dr. Dakota North who formerly worked on the drug's research team. She's been tracking all her life with the 6th-sense gift like Zak's. Only problem, she was engaged to Rand 2 years ago before he broke it off after being led to believe she gave the drug to his father Paul for his mother Catherine and that Dakota had been cheating on Rand the whole time - he living in LA & she Seattle. As they work the clues through her gift he comes to realize all was not as it seemed 2 years ago. They'd been manipulated to meet and break up and her gift was known. SPOILER *** Seem's Dad/Paul/Monk is the bad-guy and NOT really in prison for murder, Creed/Szik is his mole of info to Paul, and Paul wants to put "Rapture" on the streets and needs Dakota's scientific skill to make the formula stable to fly for distribution. **2 holes in story ** 1) How to fly Rapture from Seattle to Rome for Paul to give to wife that killed her. 2) How does Monk go from not knowing Rand & Dakota are alive after the crash on pg. 247 to planing to kill Rand and collect Dakota on pg. 319--missing a scene from book.

  • Jan
    2018-11-17 09:04

    Cherry never fails to blow my mind! Love this book so much. Non stop action. Disaster was about to fall upon Rand Maguire if he didn't fix things fast. Something had gone terribly wrong on a highly secret A list wedding. The last thing he wanted and needed was Dr. Dakota North in his life. The one woman who had betrayed him and had hated for the last two years. His father in jail, his mother dead and it was all her fault. Dakota has a special skill and no matter what, he needed her. The angst between them is so good, yet so attracted to each other still. There was a new drug in town called Rapture and made one lose total inhibitions.. Too much and it killed by sex. It's potent and deadly. As usual, there is running, shooting, wild monkey sex! So much fun. Two strong forces at loggerheads, yet so vulnerable and hurting. There is a fine line between love and hate. The past had turned their lives upside down and now they had to discover the truth no matter how damaging. Can they overcome the past to find each other again? One sweet dangerous ride of fun, dodging bullets, assassins and the most potent thing of all, their feeling for each other that can't be fought in the end. It's all a matter of trust.

  • Suzie Weber
    2018-11-23 11:51

    I read Hush which is book 1 in the Lodestone series. I feel this book is worth reading - however this book goes back and forth between a 3 to a 4 to a 5 back to a 3 to a 5. Without giving the story away here is my review.The book starts with a bizarre story. Enter Dakota, who has the same sixth sense as Zak Stark, from "Hush". (I would have liked more on how Lodestone started but in the end it didn't matter - maybe a novella in between Ms Adair?).Well Rand and Dakota have a past. And Rand would prefer not to breathe the same air as Dakota. The animosity between them is pretty strong. I wanted to slap Rand several times which is why the book dips to a 3 a couple of times. However, the storyline will keep you reading.As the chemistry heats back up you as the reader will ask: who is in charge here, what happened to their back up, who is trying to kill them, who is the bad guy???????As the story progresses Rand learn things aren't even close to what he has believed for 2 years. And truthfully I can understand Rand's original thinking. This book is SO worth reading even going up and down with how the reader feels about the characters because Ms Adair ties it up with a beautiful bow.On to book 3. Enjoy.