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A CalPac Crew NovelBetween his job as a Realtor and his home renovation business, Drew St. Charles is in over his head. What he really needs is a licensed contractor to oversee his projects, and Drew knows just the man for the job: Brad Sundstrom. The Sundstrom family has been in construction for years, so Brad knows his way around a toolbox, and he desperately wants out fA CalPac Crew NovelBetween his job as a Realtor and his home renovation business, Drew St. Charles is in over his head. What he really needs is a licensed contractor to oversee his projects, and Drew knows just the man for the job: Brad Sundstrom. The Sundstrom family has been in construction for years, so Brad knows his way around a toolbox, and he desperately wants out from under his sneering father’s thumb.The close contact and the excitement of a career-making renovation fan the sparks between Brad and Drew into an inferno. Before long, the phrase “working hard together” takes on a new meaning. It looks as if Drew’s dreams are coming true, although Brad is far from out and proud. But then Drew is savagely attacked in a hate crime, and Brad panics.Suddenly everything is in jeopardy. When arson strikes Drew’s dream project, Brad faces a crucial test: he’ll need to overcome his fears, save their work, and take his place at Drew’s side or retreat to the stifling familiarity of the closet.~**~Don't miss the first CalPac Crew novel: Rocking the Boat....

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Tipping the Balance Reviews

  • Ami
    2018-12-01 20:26

    I don't think I put spoilers in this opinion, since what I write is already in the blurb, but I like to be careful ;pWhen I read Rocking the Boat, the first book of the CalPac Crew series, in March 2001, I wrote how Brad and Drew's story was too juicy to not being written. So I was truly happy when Christopher Koehler announced that there WOULD be a story about them. After I got this one and read it, I thought the blurb was too "simple" for what the story was all about. Sure, Drew ends up hiring Brad on the duration of the book and they have a not-easy relationship since Brad is in the closet, but I think there is a lot more to it.Between Brad and Drew, Brad is the one that grabs my heart. I think this book is basically his journey to be a grown-up and accepting who he is. He is a recent graduate, he still lives with his bastard of a father. He misses his days being a crew at CalPac. He is stuck in a dead-end job that his father gives him. On top of that, he has been having thoughts about a guy; Drew. Brad always thinks that he is straight, so it confuses him. I love how his story is being handled. Most of the times, when I read a gay-for-you or straight-to-gay stories (not usually my favorite theme), the straight man is quickly accepting that he is gay because of love. Honestly, I always wonder if it's THAT easy. When you have lived your whole life believe in something, shouldn't be a little difficult to change your perception, even it's because of love??That is what Brad has been facing. He sure is into Drew (he settles for "Drewsexual", rather than "homosexual" or "bisexual"), but he still has difficulty to grasp the "gay" element in the relationship. He wonders who is the "man" or the "woman"; he doesn't want to be anyone's "bitch". I find this very interesting... because I want to know how he ends up ..."But the thought of telling Rico and the rest of his old cronies that his boyfriend wanted him to take it up the ass and that he kind of wanted to but also kind of didn't, and could he please help Brad sort out of feelings seemed like a non-starter"In this sense, I'm a bit annoyed with Drew near the end. I know that he's out and proud and he sure did baby steps in the beginning. However, he then gives Brad a push that is a bit too fast for Brad's schedule. I wonder if that's fair. Plus Brad is such an adorable and sweet big lug, he wants Drew to be happy and he IS trying. Plus, Brad is trying to call him in the end and Drew dismisses him just so *pout*I'm not sure about the whole bashing thing. It's too much of a common plot to push someone out of the closet; having your loved one's life hanging on a threat. I wish it could be settled a different way.There is quite many descriptions about renovation and house-flipping industry; the kiss doesn't come until chapter 13 (and it's a 300+ pages long), there is a lot of contemplations on Brad's side, so those who find this kind of narration is boring, you've been warned. All in all, for me, it's a compelling read, and so please bring Stuart and Jonathan's story a bit faster :pPS: Love the dedication page, by the way ...

  • Ellis Carrington
    2018-11-15 02:26

    Nutshell: Out and proud gay guy falls for younger man so deep in the closet he can't even see the door and they go into business together. Cuz yeah, that's what you should do when you have an impossible crush on someone. ;-)I loved this story so much I read it twice. Even more than Rocking the Boat, and I rather enjoyed that one as well. Of all the "out for you" / gay for you / late bloomer / whatever you wanna call it plots I've read, this was hands down the best written that I've come across. And I entered into it cautiously, because I always do, but it was clear that the author took his time with it. With the exception of a minor detail or two it really rang true for me and I thought that was particularly impressive because the author's owncoming out storyis on his blog, and he clearly knew that he was gay from a young age so it isn't as if this late discovery was something he had first-person knowledge of. The roller-coaster ride of emotion and the sexual tension between the two characters was fantastic. Frustrating, at times, but I think it was supposed to be. And the buildup was so good, that when the hotties finally got down to having sex the connection and heat between them was great. And I really enjoy the way this author writes his sex scenes. They're sensual and hot, and a little bit inventive, and work really well as an extension of emotion between the two characters. It's not just two people getting it on because the page count demands that something hot and heavy finally has to happen. And again, working the nervous formerly straight guy around to being ready for sex with a guy was tricky, but done well, and I found it to be very believable. It was a darker story than Rocking the Boat, and it touched on harder more painful issues. There was more inner and outer conflict for both characters. It made for a better, stronger, more well-rounded story all in all. Really delicious. You. Go download now. S'okay, I'll wait here. ;)

  • Yvonne
    2018-12-10 01:08

    Up until about the halfway point I was enjoying this novel about the romance between Drew, a man who's always known he was gay and Brad, a man who has never really questioned his sexuality before meeting Drew. It's a slow build up between the two interspersed with details about their real estate job, construction project and rowing. It's a little different in that respect, from some other romance books.I didn't read the first book in the series, but it's made pretty clear that Drew met Brad when he was a rower, and has developed a deep crush for him. Brad is now out of school, living at home with his dad and working in a dead end job for him. Brad has a testy relationship with his dad, is not too happy with his life but does very little to change it. He's a little sloppy, drinks beer and broods a lot. Drew on the other hand, is trying to balance his jobs of home renovating and realtor and feels he may be in over his head. It's tough to imagine them as a real life couple, but it's a romance so I went with it. The problem with the book is that there's just one issue riding the romance between the two guys. Brad doesn't want to be gay and doesn't think he's gay or bi. I can empathize--up to a point. But when you're more than halfway into a novel and the two guys have had sex multiple ways and Brad is calling Drew his boyfriend, isn't it time for Brad to open up to the possibility that he may be gay. Apparently not. Instead Brad keeps saying stupid things like which one of us is the man and which is the woman and thinks because he's never bottomed (even though he wants to really bad) he may not be gay. Brad has issues. It gets so frustrating reading about them that I started actually rooting for Brad & Drew to break up--This is not a good sign for a romance book. But it's when the big Misunderstanding occurs is when I really got irritated with this book. Drew & Brad have an argument. Drew goes out by himself and something happens. Keep in mind, they're still boyfriends and haven't broken up. (view spoiler)[Drew gets gay bashed and ends up in the hospital with multiple injuries. When Brad finds out about this, he ASKS Drew's friend NIck, if he should go see him there. (would you really ask permission if your boyfriend is injured???)Nick tells him no--so he never goes to see him. He assumes Drew doesn't want him there--even knowing the man is in ICU mostly unconscious. He doesn't bother even to go and see for himself that Drew will live or die, which is always a possibility when you're in ICU. (hide spoiler)]Then the big misunderstanding gets so stretched out so that Drew & Brad are separated for half a year. (view spoiler)[ In those six months, Drew has surgeries to correct his jaw, rehab so he can walk again, has scarring he may need plastic surgery for. Brad does not come to see him once in all that time. He doesn't ask if the man needs help driving, getting groceries, paying his hospital bills. He doesn't ask or worry about the PTSD that usually happens after an attack. Instead Brad sits in a stupor for months drinking and feeling sorry for himself. He doesn't actually try to see Drew until 6 months has passed and Drew has basically recovered all on his own. He does do something nice for Drew at that time but I felt it was too little too late (hide spoiler)]I stopped believing in Brad & Drew as a couple after this. If you're not there for someone when they need it most, then you're only paying lip service to the idea of love. In addition, A major subplot involving the villain of the story is summarized with a couple of sentences. The story basically wraps up a lot quicker than it was developed and I was left feeling dissatisfied about the whole thing.

  • Erica Pike
    2018-11-27 02:04

    4.5 stars.This was a great book with great characters. Good character development. I see some reviewers talk about how slow Brad was on everything, but as a late bloomer myself I understand that it's not always so easy to figure yourself out. Especially if you're raised in a homophobic environment and you're new to everything (neither of which I had to deal with). Yes, Brad could have been more assertive in the disturbing conflict toward the end, but with how he was raised I found his insecurity and self-hatred believable. I like the way the book ended, but would have liked to see the culprit go down and Brad's reaction to it all.The only reason I didn't give the book full five stars is the number of grammatical errors in the book. It could have used another round of line editing. I won't let a few errors bother me, but this was more than a few. I struggled through a lot of the construction prose, and even some of the sailing prose, but I'm not knocking off stars for that, because these aren't parts of my personal interests. The book was well written and I enjoyed the story.Now I need to read the first book in the series!

  • Td
    2018-12-06 03:04

    I already admitted Drew stole my heart in Rocking The Boat, that did not change, but Brad won me over big time, the big lug! I loved these two together. As frustrating as it was at times, I totally bought this take on the GFY/coaxing out of the closet angle. Nikyta and Ami said it all. Looking forward to Stuart and Jonathan...?

  • Nikyta *Miss Forgetful*
    2018-11-14 22:23

    Whereas Rocking the Boat was stunted and rough, Tipping the Balance was most of the time an easier and smoother read even with the more than average editing misses. Brad and Drew, who we meet in Rocking the Boat, are two very different people. While Drew is an out and proud, sophisticated and sometimes prissy, gay man, Brad is a straight, laid back slob. They don't have much in common except their love for renovation and construction. They make an extraordinary team when it comes to Drew creating layouts for how buildings will be and Brad knowing how those layouts will be built. The relationship they have is, in a sense, abnormal and frustrating. Their issues solely revolving around the fact Brad is not gay. Technically, he's so far in the closet he didn't even realize he's attracted to men until Drew strolled in. One of the most appealing things about this book is Brad's struggle with being gay. Some might call this gay for you and some, like me, will not. You have to read the book to see why I don't think it's GFY but as it stands the struggle is still the same. Brad is completely broken up about being gay especially since he grew up with homophobic construction workers. He stresses it to the point it threatens his relationship with Drew. He over thinks all the aspects of it and once he makes a step in the right direction, something happens that makes him think again and he takes four steps back. It's a long and painful struggle for both of them and takes something serious for Brad to finally break free of his struggle. The struggle lasts the whole book, it's an all-consuming thing. However, Drew and Brad make a seriously cute couple. Brad is a gentle giant, a 'big lug' and Drew is forceful but softens where ever Brad is concerned. Their love for each other is huge and even with Brad thinking he's messed things up with Drew, it never stops Brad from trying to make all of Drew's dreams come true. It's extremely sweet. Another thing I loved, is the description about things. The process of the construction, layouts, designs. I was eating it all up.While I enjoyed Brad's struggle and self-loathing, towards the end, I was frustrated with him. He was simple-minded about Drew and took things way out of proportion when it came to a fight. Actually, both Drew and Brad were complete idiots when it came to their relationship but Brad more so than Drew (view spoiler)[after all Drew was in the hospital, how much could he have done to get Brad back? (hide spoiler)]. At the end, I felt like it was a bit too rushed. I was hoping to get more of Drew and Brad after they resolved their issues and see how they are holding up but it just ended. (view spoiler)[There was also this one part with Brad and the firefighter captain that I absolutely hated. I felt it was pointless to put it in the book because we already knew Brad loved Drew and that he was gay. So, him having sex with the captain didn't really prove anything besides the fact, which Brad already knew, that he loved Drew. (hide spoiler)]Aside from that, I really loved the book. It was just as capitivating and interesting as the prequel was. I enjoyed seeing Drew and Brad get their own HEA. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing who's book comes next. Recommended.

  • Alina
    2018-11-27 23:19

    First of all - I loved this story. It's a very well-written and thought out book and I'd sure buy all the next stories from this author.Such an engaging story and the characters so real - I have a hard time letting go of them, seriously :) Also I can't believe it, but the slow building and the lack of sex for a good first half of the book didn't concern me in the slightest! Usually I quickly get bored when the porn romance didn't begin soon, but here I absolutely loved the slow pacing, the details about renovations, the story of Brad's family - all of it. And as the other readers pointed out, Brad's struggle with accepting himself was done amazingly well! I often have a hard time reading gay-for-you stories, because it all seems too easy, but not here. I also find Drew's eventual frustration sympathetic too. He's been real patient for some time, but it's understandable that sooner or later he'd want a full on relationship. Although Brad was moving really fast and I can't blame him for his remaining (and quickly vanishing) uncertainties one bit.That said I didn't actually like how it all went after the assault. I guess I just expected something different, I thought that would be a turning point for Brad, he'd be shocked, he'd spend nights and days beside Drew's bed and that would be a final shove out of the closet for him. Or something like that. I have to confess I don't like the 'big misunderstanding' trope. I just don't. And I don't like middle-book break ups either, coz I feel cheated somehow when the characters having problems, can't overcome them, break up, spend some time apart, at that time grew personally and then coming together again and it seems like all their previous issues are magically swept under the carpet. I like when they're fighting their problems together, maybe fighting with each other during that process, but being together nevertheless. And no offence, but I thought here the misunderstanding was kinda artificially drawn out. I mean sure Nick said that's not a good idea for Brad to visit Drew, but damn - they're boyfriends! They so obviously love each other! How could Brad at least not to try to see Drew, to talk to him, to try to explain the situation?! Even if Drew wouldn't take him back at least he'd know Brad cared. And for Drew to not return Brad's phone calls was strange thing to do. When he knew that misunderstanding was because of Nick's careless words he could at least give Brad a chance to explain himself. And that was going on for 4+ months, if I counted correctly. And speaking of the cheating I also hate rebound sex. I'm sorry. I don't get why that blowjob with Owen was needed. I liked the character itself and I absolutely love hot firemen (and I'd gladly buy a book about him), but I was so pissed, because of that scene. I know it was done very believable and that probably that's what guys'd do in real life, but I kinda don't want to see it in my romance books :/Gosh it looks like a negative review, but it's so not!! I can't get this book out of my head and I feel like I know these people personally, lol. So the last two paragraphs're just my personal take of their relationship and in no way a berating of the book itself :)

  • A.B. Gayle
    2018-12-03 02:26

    The thing I liked most about this book was the depiction of a big man who had lost his self-confidence thanks to the overwhelming nature of his relationship with his father.People tend to assume that big people are naturally mentally tough, when in reality they've often had to suppress their strength for fear of hurting little people. I've seen this happen with children who are bullied by smaller, weaker ones because they know they can't retaliate.Long term this makes it difficult for them to believe they are worth anything and they can be prone to walking away when the going gets tough rather than fighting back because they know if they did someone would get physically hurt, and it wouldn't be them.Recognising this allowed me to accept how easily Brad assumed Drew hated him and hesitated to return phone calls.Whether characters should or shouldn't behave the way they do isn't relevant to me. In real life, people's motives for doing things can be extremely illogical. When you're hurting physically you can be very self-centred and just see things through a very narrow field of reference.Friends can knowingly or unwittingly influence you, especially if their perceptions of your relationship aren't entirely positive.Only the two people concerned really know what they get from and contribute to a partnership. It's not for others to judge, yet too often we do.The story kept me interested and rooting for the couple. That's the main thing.

  • Rachel Emily
    2018-12-11 00:01

    I absolutely LOVED this book - perfect sequel to the first book, which I also really, really enjoyed. I loved Drew and Brad and their relationship. I kinda thought that the ending was a bit rushed, but still enjoyed every moment of these two guys together. I thought that this GFY with Brad dealing with what he was going through and what he felt for Drew was realistic and well written. And I really enjoyed getting to see Morgan and Nick again. (view spoiler)[Now I'm ready for Stuart and Jonathan's book, although I agree with another reviewer, now I want a story for Mr. Hotass Fireman, Owen. :D (maybe he can meet someone on the crew team Brad joined?) (hide spoiler)]

  • SueM
    2018-11-24 03:17

    3.5 starsA good M/M romance between a straight boy brought up by a homophobic controlling father and a man who is out loud and proud. It's a story filled with angst provided by uncertainty - the uncertainty perhaps a little exaggerated at times - and poor communications, unknowingly aided by well-meaning but interfering friends. There are no real surprises in either plot or character, but it nicely filled the niche when I felt in the mood for such a story.

  • Shannon
    2018-12-13 01:21

    I enjoyed the first part of this book but Brad's indecision became just way too annoying. And the whole "crisis" in the book was just too much. Not going to see him and check on him then 6 months pass and I just lost all faith in these two and didn't think either one of them deserved an HEA.

  • Stacia
    2018-12-01 20:01

    A must read!! I couldn't put it down.

  • T.A. Webb
    2018-11-15 02:15

    Drew is a driven man. He is a successful real estate salesman, flips houses on the side, and has created a comfortable life for himself. He is out and proud, and has fought to be respected as such. His best friend Nick, coach of the CalPac rowing team, has found the love of his life in rower Morgan. More and more, Drew is seeing the hole in his life that not having a partner causes, and it hurts. He wants a man for himself.Brad was on the rowing team with Morgan, but graduated. He works for his father but is dissatisfied with the job. Lives at home but hates it there. Is known as a straight party guy who has a different woman every week. But when he met Drew at one of the regattas when he was rowing, something shifted inside.Drew has an immediate attraction to Brad, but knows he is straight. He just hopes there is maybe something more there. But he is willing to just be friends to have the big lug in his life. And Brad finds himself thinking about the man everyone knows is gay. Finds himself fascinated by him, and drawn in a way he doesn't understand. Maybe they could be friends. When Brad's father pushes him to find someway to market the disaster of a housing development, Brad sees the perfect opportunity to make friends with Drew and find out what this strange attraction is all about. He doesn't know that Drew has been on Nick and Morgan to get Brad's contact information for weeks.When the two finally get together for lunch and become fast friends, will be enough for either man, or prove to be too much? And will the business partnership they found grow into something more personal? This is, hands down, one of the best character studies I have read of a straight guy who slowly acknowledges an attraction to a gay man. It was fascinating, touching, heartbreaking, empowering and so very very tough and tender all at the same time. I was drawn in immediately, thrown into this slow seduction of a book, and was never let go. The evolution and slow unveiling of what proves to be a revelation of not only Brad's awakening as a gay man, but Drew's journey towards discovering of his own heart was powerful.First - Brad. This man touched my heart. His pain and awkwardness and fear and bravery and big heart got me, just slayed me. He was so scared, and made so so many mistakes but always, always kept his compass north facing Drew. Mr. Koehler just slammed the ball out of the park with this characterization. Told all his life that he amounts to nothing, that every action he makes isn't good enough, he learned to hide his heart and his mind and put his spirit to sleep. When being a part of Nick's squad woke his heart up, meeting Drew awakened his soul. And we got to see him blossom. And Drew. He first saw Brad as a hunk of a man, someone to seduce and have his way with. As he put it to Nick - "You have your rower, why can't I have one?" His plan to turn the straight boy, or at least get laid out of the deal, evolved into something so much more than he ever anticipated. Because what he thought he saw in Brad initially - an intelligent, fun and sexy man - woke up his heart from its slumber also. He was forced to look inside and acknowledge that he wanted more in his life than work and the occasional bed mate also. He wanted, no, he deserved, love.What really worked so well in this flat out winner of a tale was the wonderful growth of both men. They each were faced with challenges that sometimes broke them. Brad, with his hateful and belittling and dangerous father, was crushed emotionally and spiritually. His fear rode him until he shattered. And Drew - his unwillingness to draw back from "full out gay man" to allow Brad to some out at his own pace almost cost him everything. And the brutal assault on him almost killed him physically and spiritually. And yet. And yet both men, survivors, scarred and hurt and broken and aching and bleeding, stood and took what was offered. They rose above, and learned to lean on each other as well as stand on their own feet as whole, strong and proud men.And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the lesson we all can learn. So simply, strength and love come from sharing the pain.Beautiful. Just...beautiful. These two men, just got me.Tom

  • Kerrysullivan
    2018-12-12 01:13

    This book was reviewed for Musings of a bookwormThe BlurbBetween his job as a Realtor and his home renovation business, Drew St. Charles is in over his head. What he really needs is a licensed contractor to oversee his projects, and Drew knows just the man for the job: Brad Sundstrom. The Sundstrom family has been in construction for years, so Brad knows his way around a toolbox, and he desperately wants out from under his sneering father's thumb.The close contact and the excitement of a career-making renovation fan the sparks between Brad and Drew into an inferno. Before long, the phrase "working hard together" takes on a new meaning. It looks as if Drew's dreams are coming true, although Brad is far from out and proud. But then Drew is savagely attacked in a hate crime, and Brad panics.Suddenly everything is in jeopardy. When arson strikes Drew's dream project, Brad faces a crucial test: he'll need to overcome his fears, save their work, and take his place at Drew's side or retreat to the stifling familiarity of the closet.My ThoughtsThis is a very intense tale that deal with homophobia in the work place and in life is a realistic way. Brad was an annoying brat most of the time and very much the 'jock' still. I felt it was a shame it took till well over half of the book for Brad to get his big boy trousers on and man up but it was worth the wait. And yes I will admit I did have tears in my eyes for the whole middle section. But the journey was worth it, as a story of self discovery for both men it was a first class effort, I would have liked a bit more tie up as the epilogue felt a little rushed I would have liked to know more about the father and the brother and how the end came about but then I am a greedy girl.

  • Gyn
    2018-11-22 00:07

    Brad and Drew's story is an enjoyable follow up to Morgan and Nick... Or at least 3/4 of it is! I was rolling along and thoroughly enjoying the story. Drew is very openly gay. Brad has played het all his life but Drew does something to him. Using the excuse of their housing/construction jobs they come together and Brad begins the journey towards self-discovery. Overall I think this was one of the most realistic Gay For You stories I've read. It wasn't easy and Brad behaved like an ass on many occasions. Stereotypes and ingrained gender roles throwing up road blocks all over the place. I was looking forward to Brad getting over all these hurdles and accepting himself and his feelings for Drew and then spending some happy time together with them and getting to see them as a couple without all that stuff in the way. However, what I got was totally unexpected! (view spoiler)[ Drew fell victim to a horrible hate crime and ended up with severe life threatening injuries. He and Brad had had a fight and were possibly split up. Like over 6 months later Brad and Drew had not spoken to one another yet they weren't over their love. Brad surprises Drew and asks to be taken back. Drew agrees and it's last chapter sex and HEA.(hide spoiler)] I didn't get to see Brad as a solid gay man and I didn't get to see their relationship out in the open. I didn't feel any satisfaction at how the issues with Brad's father were resolved. (Basically using a one sentence catch all) Enjoyable but not quite all I thought it could have been. I was reeled in hook and line but I think the author forgot about the sinker!

  • Kate
    2018-11-25 01:10

    This book gets only 3. 8 stars instead of 4.5 because I wanted to see the bad guy fall harder. A sequel to "Rocking the Boat", I read this one first and was intrigued by the realistic humanity of the characters. They were ordinary and had ordinary problems. The issue of Drew's emerging acceptance of his sexual orientation was interesting and revealing in the depth of its psychological detail. Also, this man doesn't look like an underwear model and has to work hard for his fitness; this made me want to reach out to him in friendship and sympathy. When one of the characters becomes a victim of a hate crime, I was somewhat shocked by the brutality and realism of all the medical issues and the real-life fallout for both him and his friends. This was not just a "get-punched-get-a-broken-nose" situation, and I really, REALLY wanted to see the antagonist go down for it in painful and excruciating detail. Because of the careful and well-plotted writing of the relationship development, carefully managed time-skips, and the description of the waters which the boys have to navigate, I thought the "catch and punish the bad guy" part was really skimpy - perhaps to keep the book from being too long? I still loved the book, I'll reread it in the future, and I do recommend it, but I wish the author dedicated more time to bringing the bastard down.

  • bazinga ~Lisa
    2018-11-20 00:23

    I liked the book quite a lot. I was pleased that Brad didn't immediately jump into everything sexual with Drew once he admitted that he liked Drew. I think it was more believable that Brad would hesitate since he had no inclination towards men until he was 22 and met Drew. By the same token I felt that that story that same reason made the story drag a bit and I could have done with a few less passages with Brad worrying about being gay and what all that meant. The epilogue wrapped everything up very neatly but without any details and I would have liked to known why Randall's right hand man for 32 years suddenly has an attack of conscience and rats out his boss. I will be getting the next book in the series.

  • Rachel Emily
    2018-11-12 01:30

    I absolutely LOVED this book - perfect sequel to the first book, which I also really, really enjoyed. I loved Drew and Brad and their relationship. I kinda thought that the ending was a bit rushed, but still enjoyed every moment of these two guys together. I thought that this GFY with Brad dealing with what he was going through and what he felt for Drew was realistic and well written. And I really enjoyed getting to see Morgan and Nick again. (view spoiler)[Now I'm ready for Stuart and Jonathan's book, although I agree with another reviewer, now I want a story for Mr. Hotass Fireman, Owen. :D (maybe he can meet someone on the crew team Brad joined?) (hide spoiler)]

  • Jess Candela
    2018-11-12 02:25

    I liked how realistic Brad's questioning and hesitance seemed, given his homophobic contruction background. He didn't just accept it, but neither did I think he over-angsted about it. That said, I thought Drew's lack of return phone calls was beyond ridiculous and kept them apart unnecessarily. It caused me to really lose sympathy for Drew and decide Brad deserved better. Also, I thought it was setting up to have Brad figure out what his dad was up to and it seemed like a real cop-out to have it summed up in a few sentences in an epilogue.

  • Natalija
    2018-11-17 21:05

    While this was a great addition to the CalPac Crew series, it did not quite live up to Rocking the Boat. As with the first book I did a lot of skimming, but in addition to the sex scenes I also skimmed over the inner monologue. I did like the characters, but their thoughts quickly became tiresome and I just wanted to move along with the story. Still, I'm enjoying this series a lot and I can't wait to read the other two books.

  • Angela
    2018-11-17 02:28

    I really liked the relationship between Drew and Brad. The feelings Brad went through to come to terms with his attraction to Drew was some of the most believable I've read. And I must say Drew had the patience of a saint to deal with some of the things Brad said. I read this one first before I realized it was actually a sequel and went back to read the first one; I liked this book a lot more then the first. This is a really good story that focuses more on the romance and less on sex (though there is some pretty hot sex). Can't wait to read more from this author.

  • marcolette
    2018-11-28 21:19

    The "man slowly and reluctantly coming out to himself" story is one I've read a bazillion times and am generally ambivalent about, but this is a very nicely done story that treats its characters well, and I'm glad I gave it a shot. I really enjoyed this story and look forward to seeing more from this author in the future.My main complaint about this book is that I found the ending a bit abrupt. I really enjoyed the book up until then, though, and the ending was happy enough.

  • Meggie
    2018-12-04 22:12

    I really liked the slow developing pace in this story. I admit Brad was a bit, but not to much, annoying with his attitude toward being an closed case, but then he was cute one. I simple loved him. And Drew was admirable with his calm, accepting attitude. Overall they both were great as a couple. I definitely enjoyed this book. Highly recommended story!!

  • Becky Condit
    2018-11-13 22:00

    4 1/2 StarsThere is an HEA for Drew and Brad that I expected but was happy to see. Someone needs to go to jail, someone needs to man up, and several someones need to talk. I really enjoyed this book and am eagerly awaiting Mr. Koehler’s next book, whether it is part of the Cal-Pac series or something new. This is a writer I intend to follow.

  • Shahreen
    2018-12-06 03:07

    4.5 starsvery lovely story, GFY is one of my fav theme and this book has done justice to theme...I liked the fact that Brad struggled to accept his new found sexuality.Could've been less drama towards the end of the book though but it was a good read nonetheless.Can't wait to read about Stuart and Jonathan though and will there be someone special for Owen?

  • thelastaerie
    2018-11-23 23:17

    While the first 40% was an average "one out and proud, one bi-curious" type of romance; the story quickly descended into "a big misunderstanding" chaos of epic proportion. And frankly, one of the main characters (the closeted one) is just stupid beyond repair!

  • D
    2018-12-01 01:29

    I liked Tipping the Balance, but I wish the discovery of the one responsible for the arson, and possibly the beating, would not have been so glossed over. How could such a monumental thing not have more than a couple of sentences?

  • Kobie
    2018-11-20 20:15

    wow. ok, so, first, this book dragged. it could have used some story editing. and then at 84%, it just got stupid. the sad oart is I live Brad and Drew. I liked them together, but geez, alright already..

  • Katy Beth Mckee
    2018-11-24 01:07

    So Much DramaNow it's time for Drew and Brad to get their turn. This one is very full of angst but it works. Brad has a lot to come to terms with and his sexuality is really just a part of it. It was great to watch him grow up.

  • Gaa-chan
    2018-11-15 01:12

    3.5 stars