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After setting his eyes on Maggie, a scarlet-haired beauty, Falcon Hawk, a mighty Arapaho chieftain, is determined to protect her from her fiercest enemy....

Title : Savage Embers
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ISBN : 9780843945461
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 443 Pages
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Savage Embers Reviews

  • Julie
    2018-10-06 14:48

    quite a good read

  • Maura
    2018-09-20 14:40

    Oh yes. What awful, flowery writing. And insta-love! Wow! So Maggie was raped and is pregnant and is fleeing when she encounters Falcon Hawk. Instead of running and screaming like most women of that era would do, she falls in love with him. Instantly. And so he takes her back to his village where she goes into labor. It is then that Falcon Hawk realizes she was pregnant...and he's a little peeved that she didn't tell him, what with their being in love and all. Then misunderstandings arise as her child is kept from her and breast fed by village women and Maggie feels betrayed...and all is better when they reveal that by feeding from the village women, Maggie's child is becoming Arapaho. And so, when Maggie has healed from the birth, she starts having sex with Falcon Hawk. But it isn't all happy endings from here...there's Frank, the rapist and father of Maggie's child, there's Soft Voice a conniving little bitch who wanted Falcon Hawk but then sets her hat for his father... It's long, convoluted and full of unrealistic behavior. Maggie is something of a Mary Sue character. It isn't really that great of a book, but its easy to read.

  • Country Goose
    2018-10-11 08:59

    Here you have a white woman and an Arapaho chief. They fall in love in a matter of hours (and he didn't see anything other than her face because she wore a dirty pancho covering her pregnancy). From the start, Maggie (a.k.a. Mary June, Panther Eyes) hides secrets from her lover. Exactly six weeks after the birth of her rape-child, she decides to take Falcon Hawk to bed. Soft Voice is a conniving, jealous b.... Frank wants his money. There are just so many different people, and anything that can happen will happen, but not in the manner of what you'd suspect. I figured Soft Voice would be an ally to Frank. I was pleasantly surprised that Frank showed his true colors to Soft Voice, but Soft Voice never really cared about what was going on until after she was going to get caught, which is true to character. I did think Sky Eyes and Dreaming Wolf would end up together in the end. In any case, this isn't a book I was thrilled with, though it was okay considering it isn't my type of Romance. I doubt I will read this book again.

  • ladyofglencairn
    2018-09-23 12:07

    My first Cassie Edwards and I've read many over the years. If there is one writer who takes cheesy cliches to a new level, it's her. Although her books are easy to get through, they're not just not very realistic. So if you're looking for something even remotely steeped in reality, don't read any of her work. It's all about insta-love, heart-eyes and flowery confessions of adoration with a bit of angst thrown into the mix.

  • Rebecca
    2018-10-08 10:45

    I read this book a long time ago and read it in 2day's

  • BoekenTrol
    2018-10-13 14:51

    A rescued book, from the "Kantoorpaleis" Moem had to move out of. The books needed new homes, new readers and this one ended up with me. :-)

  • Ria
    2018-10-08 15:58

    Even though this book is in some ways too similar to her others, I still loved it, and I still love Cassie's writing.