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alternate cover edition to ISBN 0-553-56239-8Mrs. Murphy thinks the new man in town is the cat's meow.... Maybe she should think again. Small towns don't take kindly to strangers--unless the stranger happens to be a drop-dead gorgeous and seemingly unattached male. When Blair Bainbridge comes to Crozet, Virginia, the local matchmakers lose no time in declaring him perfectalternate cover edition to ISBN 0-553-56239-8Mrs. Murphy thinks the new man in town is the cat's meow.... Maybe she should think again. Small towns don't take kindly to strangers--unless the stranger happens to be a drop-dead gorgeous and seemingly unattached male. When Blair Bainbridge comes to Crozet, Virginia, the local matchmakers lose no time in declaring him perfect for their newly divorced postmistress, Marry Minor "Harry Haristeen." Even Harry's tiger cat, Ms. Murphy, and her Welsh Corgi, Tee Tucker, believe he smells A-okay. Could his one little imperfection be that he's a killer? Blair becomes the most likely suspect when the pieces of a dismembered corpse begin tuming up around Crozet. No one knows who the dead man is, but when a grisly clue makes a spectacular appearance in the middle of the fall festivities, more than an early winter snow begins chilling the blood of Crozet's very best people. That's when Ms. Murphy, her friend Tucker, and her human companion Harry begin to sort throughout the clues . . . only to find themselves a whisker away from becoming the killer's next victims....

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Rest in Pieces Reviews

  • Jessie
    2018-10-16 08:13

    I liked that this book's ending was a twist that I was not expecting. Some mystery books solve the mystery in the middle and then spend the rest of the book trying to hunt the bad guy/gal but it's nice to be kept in suspense until the very end.

  • Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all)
    2018-10-07 10:56

    Ugh. Another reviewer spoke of "sophomore slump"; I call it "second novel syndrome." Many years ago, I read the first Mrs Murphy novel, and then the third, and enjoyed them both. My friend didn't have No. 2, so I was interested to see what came next when I ran across it. I almost wish I hadn't wasted the reading time. So why finish it? you ask. I dunno. Because it was there. Brown was obviously riding the wave the the popularity of the first novel, maybe this one was rushed to press or something. .But, ugh. Brown seems to have been trying to make this installment "darker" and "grittier" than the first, but child, that's not what cosy mysteries are for. Cosy-readers want to be entertained, not grossed out. (If I want gross and gritty, I have the Scandinavian authors to turn to, who do it better.) The book starts around Halloween time, so I was prepared for things a bit creepier, but Brown streeetches out the inaction until the new year. Brown's ambivalence toward her own plot and characters is far too evident--ghost stories at Christmas? Do make up your mind, girl! The ghost stories themselves are patchy and silly. We are subjected to a cat's version of "Seeing Mary Home" aka The Vanishing Hitchhiker--but since when can a cat, any cat, shut the door? Let alone have a house of her own? And why would a ghost tell someone "I love pink roses"--and then in the next sentence ask them to plant yellow ones? After the nearly courtly manners and attention to social niceties of "Wish You Were Here," suddenly everybody has an odd nickname. I mean, seriously--"Cabby" and "Taxi"? I was disgusted by the amount of profanity Brown felt she needed to use, even among the animals (who are usually sooooo morally superior to the humans that support them.) She has Mrs Murphy using the F-word, and Pewter calling her an A-hole, while the humans, even Harry, turn the air blue at every turn. In the narration itself, the language is clunky, to wit: "The repetition of chores soothed her, like a labor's liturgy." Does she mean "laborious?" After the second body, things really slowed down, with a lot of tell-not-show and speculation. She also repeated the postcard clue, perhaps because Harry is postmistress, and without that there's no real way to keep her and her animals involved. The ending was just "Murder, She Wrote" stupid, with the killer telling all for pages and pages in the middle of the windup. I kept expecting Angela Lansbury to appear in the background, eyes lowered, shaking her head. Just how many times can small animals save the day, anyway? I can't even tune up my keyboard to talk about the use of the tired old soap-opera meme of (view spoiler)[the plastic surgery twins. How come such things never transform burn victims or those involved in real-life accidents? (hide spoiler)]The reason it took me so long to read this was that I kept sighing and putting it down in favour of something else. I really, really disliked this book and only finished it because I refused to let it get the better of me. I kept hoping it would redeem itself. It doesn't.

  • Molly Cline
    2018-10-18 12:51

    This is book 2 of this series however you DO NOT have to read these in order; but I feel you could understand everyone's relationships better if you at least read the first book in this series as it explains who every one is and who everyone is within the community. I had to skip book 2 and read book 3 and I was a little 'lost' to minor issues that wasn't a big deal in the story. Reading them in order you get to 'know' the characters little quirky things about them but it doesn't spoil the stories themselves if you can't read in order. This was a really good mystery. If you enjoy animals-are an animal lover then you will really enjoy how the author(s) incorporated the main characters dog and cat as main characters. The humans talk and work together and so does the animals within the story. When the humans aren't 'doing the job' then the animals kick in and work together to try and solve the crime before their beloved human gets hurt. It's not corney but written in a way that is really nice and not 'child like' at all. This book keeps you wondering 'who did it' or even 'why' right up until the very end of which I like, nothing like figuring out who did it way long before the book was done and then having 'fill in' material for the rest of the story. I can't wait to read more in this series. You get to know and love the people of this small town both two and four legged and anticipate what they will be up to next. This book I really liked since it wasn't a 'suspense' type of murder; but through the story although there was a murder and the community was trying to figure it out. You learn more about the characters and working with one another and caring etc. Also the descriptions of Halloween and Christmas was very nice. I personal listened to this on CD. The reader did a pretty good job at the way she read this to us. Changing her voice when she needed to. But there were sometimes that some of the characters had the same voice so you really had to listen to figure out who was doing the talking at that moment in time. I would have probably given this a 4 1/2 to 5 star had it not been for the language that was used throughout the story. It wasn't 'flooded' with bad language but enough that I took away a star for it. I don't hand out 5 stars very often but when I do it's for a story that I feel I can recommend to just about any age to read...adults, teens or preteens. And this one just had to much language for me to recommend for a preteen. Some people language doesn't bother and I excuse it every now and then but this had a little bit more than I liked. The story would have been just the same without the language in my opinion. Still a good story though, Just a good mystery and one of good friends

  • Paul Lunger
    2018-09-30 11:02

    From 1992, "Rest in Pieces" is one of the earliest books in this series & perhaps one of the best. When body parts start turning up at random in Crozet, Virginia a murderer must be on the loose especially with a local matchmaker is in town. The stories in this series always work best when both animal & human interaction & this book is a clear example where it works. There's also a plot involved this time with the matchmaker & the attempt to get Fair & Harry back together. It's a rare balance between all parts of this story that makes it work & make it one of the better entries in this series.

  • Ann
    2018-10-06 11:44

    Quite a good one. Good plot and I love the characters! I've read several in the series and I really enjoy them although my hubby didn't like the fact that the animals talk to each other - I kind of enjoy that and it moves the plot along! I think they are really fun cozy mysteries and I will continue on til I finish the series. I also like her other books.

  • Randee
    2018-09-27 12:04

    As the 'owner' of 3 cats, I know they communicate quite well with me and each other, so I don't find the anthropomorphism in this series all that far fetched. I find the antics among Mrs. Murphy, Tucker and Pewter entertaining. But then, I have dreams where my pets sit at the dinner table talking and arguing with me. I shall continue to read this series which currently numbers 25 books one after another If I like a series, I read each one in chronological order and wish all the series I like were endless.

  • Stef Rozitis
    2018-10-18 10:10

    I thoroughly enjoyed this cozy mystery. It was in some ways just another provincial American town with murders and romance and fluffiness sort of a book that usually irritate me, and it had some of the flaws of that genre (being very middle-class and aspiring-rich oriented in terms of character and somewhat romantic-consumerist) but the animal factor actually added interest and piquancy.Even though I did not find all of Mrs Murphy's antics entirely believable (she loves being raced around in a mail trolley and is friends with a possum) I love it when she swore at the oblivious Harry and the way she added smart-arse advice to both Harry and Blair constantly which they occasionally sort of understood by osmosis. I loved that the animals were completely necessary to most of the plot twists and you could argue that Mrs Murphy and Tucker are more protagonists than Harry, Susan or Blair (or any human). If we transfer the idea of the Bechdel test to the animal kingdom, there were named animal characters having conversations about things other than humans all the time (though Mrs Murphy does like to look after Harry, as the book's main author Sneaky-pie Brown - a cat- maintains pets ought to). The foreword by Sneaky-pie himself is GENIUS. So so enjoyable to think that he knew cats would read his work but is surprised that humans do, or that his human co-author might be jealous of his success when she is the one writing serious works.Things I liked less were the shifting POV, the classist and occasionally racist opinions of some of the characters, just how much a bunch of shallow rich people were portrayed as basically "good" ignoring the effects on others of their way of like (I do realise this is pretty standard for the early 90s) and I found the romantic interest in Blair faintly irritating, especially when the unnecessary Fair and Boom-Boom factor was added in (Boom-Boom was most unsatisfactory as a character from a feminist perspective). Considering I usually find heterosexual romances in books nauseating (because the men are portrayed as domineering mainly) this one managed to be relatively acceptable and Harry kept her dignity and independence which I liked.The mystery itself was fair, interesting and with enough twists and red-herrings but not anything that I saw as cheating (I sort of guessed it...but there was enough there for it not to be transparent to me and to be fair I have been reading adult mystery books since I was about 7). There was some action but it fit the plot well and male, female and even non-human characters all behaved intelligently and strongly within it. In short it was the best animal-featuring mystery I have read so far (about my third I think).If you like cozy mysteries, romance with a heroine who has some backbone, feel-good interactions and Christmas, animals or gossip this is a book you will probably enjoy. If I see more from this series I am likely to pick them up and read them.

  • Nicole
    2018-09-29 16:11

    I'm impressed! I didn't see the whodunnit coming at all on this one. Looking back, I can see hints, but I didn't catch them at the time. I really enjoy the animals in this series a lot. I'll be back for them (and, truth be told, the human interactions, too). Ms. Brown writes fun stories.

  • LibraryCin
    2018-10-06 11:49

    3.25 stars“Harry”, the town’s (female) postmistress and a farmer, has a dog, Tucker, and a cat, Mrs. Murphy. The pets talk to each other and other animals in this series (and help solve mysteries). In this one, shortly after an attractive man buys the neighbouring farm to Harry’s, a (non-local) man is found, murdered and in pieces. It took a long time for this one to get going for me, I wasn’t really interested until about 1/3 of the way in (or maybe a bit further). There was a lot of description going on at the start: of the town, of the people, and their relationships. After the murder was discovered is when it started to pick up for me (though not completely). The end did leave me with enough interest to read the next in the series, though. The animals are cute, but to be honest (and as a bit of a surprise), they aren’t the main draw for me, though they do make the series a unique.

  • Karen
    2018-10-14 12:51

    This book was both quite good and quite bad. First the good: The characters were quirky enough to be interesting, but not so quirky that they turned into cartoon. The writing was solid, the pacing was good, and the mystery was intriguing. As a stand-alone book, this book would have been fine.Then the bad: This book follows almost exactly the plot of Book 1, from the creepy, anonymous postcards, to Little Marilyn's bad choice for a life-mate. The plot was so close, I forgot which book I was reading at times.

  • Morgan Thomas
    2018-09-22 11:58

    I enjoyed this book so much that I stayed up most of the night to finish it. I just discovered the series about a month ago and was hooked after the first book. I enjoy reading about Crozet and each of the characters. This one kept me on my toes. I could not figure out who did it until the last twenty pages or so, and then there was a surprise twist that I did not see coming. I look forward to reading my way through the series.

  • Prescott
    2018-10-06 09:50

    Listened to this one a few weeks ago,I thought the story in the first book was better. The writing in this book was better.The animals seemed to act more like animals in this one, but still didn't seem ridiculous. If that makes sense.23 more to go. I figure I will listen to them all. It's just a matter of time.

  • Cassandra
    2018-09-28 13:50

    Rest in Pieces was very interesting from start to finish. The mystery was good and the way the characters all interacted with one another was well done. The ending is great, it was unexpected and still felt fresh and new. I look forward to reading the next book in this series.

  • Cathi Cantrell
    2018-09-25 15:59

    Enjoyable read even though it was a bit confusing at first with the multitude of characters, both human and animal! Before too long though I was hooked and caught up in the tale! Perhaps I needed to read Mrs. Murphy #1 first!

  • Lynn Anne
    2018-10-05 14:45

    Fun book and series. I wish we could use fractions in our ratings because it would be a 3.5 at least.

  • Tara
    2018-10-02 08:45

    Fun mystery. The animals in it are hilarious. Some unnecessary swearing though.

  • Marbeth Anne
    2018-09-20 13:55

    I especially liked the animals antics! Some truly funny things they did made me laugh out loud! I also liked this story better than the 1st 1 in the series!

  • Lugene
    2018-10-10 12:55

    If the swear words were gone, I'd highly recommend this series. It is enjoyable reading.

  • Jennifer Butala
    2018-09-25 15:43

    Suprise ending , very interesting!

  • LittleDeadRedGoddess
    2018-10-13 12:09

    **May include spoilers to latter books.**I have read a lot of the Mrs. Murphy mysteries and this is my very favorite. The mystery was really fun and I really enjoyed the sweet, budding romance between Harry and Blair. For the life of me I have no idea why Rita Mae Brown chose to go the other route and hook her back up with her jerk of an ex. I never felt the growth of the character of Fair. I never felt any chemistry between the two. this book is the perfect mix of cozy mystery, romance and holiday(Autumn/Halloween) fiction. If you are an animal lover then this book is for you as you see and hear the POV of both Tucker and Mrs. Murphy.

  • Roxana Griffith
    2018-10-11 15:57

    I'm not through all of them yet.

  • Book Concierge
    2018-10-05 11:11

    Book # 2 in the Mrs Murphy mystery series featuring Mary “Harry” Haristeen and her menagerie – Mrs Murphy (a grey tiger cat), Tucker (a Welsh corgi), and Simon (an opossum living in the hay loft), as well as two horses, and a four-foot black snake. As glorious fall color paints the trees around Crozet, Virginia, a handsome new man is refurbishing the neighboring farmhouse. But when a dismembered corpse is discovered, suspicion turns to Blair – the new man in town has a tragic secret in his past, but the animals think he smells A-okay. Then a local banker turns up dead, and residents get threatening postcards. As autumn turns to winter, the police seem completely stumped.I’m having a hard time describing the book because it’s so disjointed. There is really very little plot, but rather a lot of description – of the fox hunt, of the town festival, of various townspeople’s relationships, of the gowns women wear to the holiday party, etc. The reveal is ridiculously complicated but thrown in during the last 20 pages. I did like that Harry is a strong, resourceful, intelligent woman who goes about her business without worrying what others think. I also like the relationships she had with neighbors, and even with her ex-husband. I’d heard about this series for a long time, but never read any of them. Maybe this was just the sophomore slump; that phenomenon that happens when a debut novel is enthusiastically received but the second book falls flat, before the author hits her stride with book three and subsequent books. The series is obviously popular – book # 23 is scheduled for release in 2015 – so I’ll try one more.

  • Pearl Drolet
    2018-10-16 12:44

    Mystery fans who dote on their pets will welcome this second tale of murder co-authored by Brown and her cat, Sneaky Pie. A follow-up to the duo's Wish You Were Here, it reintroduces characters and settings in the tiny town of Crozet, Va. Central to the tale are postmistress and knowledgeable farmhand Mary Minor Haristeen (Harry), her cat Mrs. Murphy and her Welsh corgi Tee Tucker. Mrs. Murphy, as it happens, ``bears an uncanny resemblance to authoress Sneaky Pie,'' and virtually every reference to her is amusingly flattering. Other key Crozet denizens include the nosy, well-meaning widow Mrs. Hoggendobber; the haughty, monied Sanburne family; Harry's ex-husband and his new love interest, a woman nicknamed ``Boom Boom.'' Gossip is at a low ebb in Crozet until male model Blair Bainbridge moves to the farm bordering Harry's. Matchmakers start to buzz, but they are rudely interrupted when assorted parts of a dismembered body are found on Blair's land. The animals, whose speech is italicized in the text and generally misunderstood by humans, form their own hypotheses about the murder, and naturally have a hand/paw in solving the crime. The Browns expertly depict small-town life, detailing holiday parties, a fox hunt and Harry's chores during a bucolic winter. Although talking, sleuthing animals may seem cloying to serious folk, this is in actuality a spooky, baffling tale complete with (Rita Mae) Brown's trademark surprise ending.

  • Laurel Bradshaw
    2018-10-07 10:54

    Reread on audio.Not a review. These notes are for my own reference and may contain spoilers!Crozet, Virginia. October. About 15 months after the last book. The Fall Harvest Festival features prominently. Continues through ChristmasHarry's divorce has been final about 6 months.Fair is now dating Boom Boom Craycroft.A newcomer, Blair Bainbridge, has bought Foxden, the farm next to Harry's. He is a mysterious, rich male model from NYC.Mrs. Hogendobber is growing prize pumpkins. The Holy Light Church has been renamed Church of the Holy Light. Boom Boom is described as a hypochondriac.New barn animals introduced - Simon the possum, a black snake (hibernating), an owl. Two horses, Tomahawk and Gin Fizz. They all play a part in catching the murdererThe Rev. Herbert Jones and his wife Carol have two cats, Cazenovia (eats communion wafers) and Ella (Elocution.)Harry gives Blair two kittens for Christmas - Noel and Jingle Bells.A vagrant is found dismembered. The arms and legs are uncovered in the graveyard during a storm. The head is found inside a pumpkin at the Fall Harvest Festival. Another body of a prominent business man is found during a fox hunt in the abandoned railroad tunnel.

  • Marti
    2018-09-23 09:44

    Sometimes a cozy mystery is a bit more than just that and in this, the second of the Mrs. Murphy series, was one of those books. Ms. Brown delved a bit into environmentalism and the meaning of real and lasting friendships. I will probably wind up reading this whole series. Harry, aka Mary Minor Haristeen, is a recently divorced attractive young woman and postmistress of the small town of Crozet, VA. She feels it is perfectly within her rights to read postcards. After all, if the sender had wanted privacy, they should have placed a letter into an envelope. She is also and more importantly a true friend to most of the town's quirky residents and her animals. In this edition, her Welsh Corgi, Tee Tucker, finds a dismembered hand and only under duress gives it up to Harry who of course alerts the police. I found this book well written and the characters, while exaggerated examples of small town Southerners, still believable and ones to whom I could enjoyably relate. While Harry is the human main character, Mrs. Murphy, Harry's tiger cat, is inb many ways the true main character. As a cat aficionado and general animal lover, this series and this book in particular appeal to me on that level as well. If you like cozies and animals, you just might enjoy this delightful one!

  • Arminzerella
    2018-10-15 08:08

    Harry the newly single Postmistress and her pet detectives Mrs. Murphy (the cat) and Tucker (the Corgi) are back in their second mystery. There’s been a murder in Crozet, VA, and Tucker is the one who discovers the human hand decaying in the neighboring family cemetery. It doesn’t belong to any of the family members buried there, and there are no identifying marks. Later the torso and the head show up in unlikely places and authorities are left scratching their heads. Harry’s pets, with the help of some of their wild friends (a possum, a barn owl, and a hibernating black snake), put on their detective hats and try to help their human friends solve the crime. Although Mrs. Murphy occasionally swears like a sailor (which seems out of character and unnecessary when it happens), she and Tucker and their interactions with the other animals are believable and often amusing. You get to know the human characters better in this installment, AND Harry becomes friends with/starts dating her new neighbor – a handsome, former model, turned farmer – Blair Bainbridge. *swoon* He’s dreamy.

  • Christyn
    2018-10-08 10:59

    I thoroughly enjoyed Rest in Pieces, the second book in the Mrs.Murphy series. The mystery was interesting (though this was not the very strong point of the story). The strongest point of the story was the characters. The citizens of Crozet and their goings-ons were what captured and held my attention - sometimes the human ones, but mostly the animal ones - I love Mrs.Murphy and Tucker. Even Pewter has grown on me, as has the timid Simon. We also learn more about the human residents of Crozet, and here's my feelings. I like most of them with a few exceptions and am pleased to see a (potential) love interest for Harry show up. I especially enjoyed the animal'a; Mrs. Murphy, Tucker, Pewter & Simon as well as the human's Harry, Mrs. Hogendobber, & Blair. Also revealed in this book are several of the characters backstories (some anyway) and interesting tidbits - like how Harry got her nickname. Overall, I liked the mystery - but I love the characters (animal and human) and their interactions/relationships even more. 4 stars.

  • Samantha
    2018-09-20 11:46

    Another cattabulous read from the Mrs. Murphy Murder Series! I absolutely love the writings of Rita Mae and Sneaky Pie Brown! In this installment, the quaint town of Crozet, VA is thrown into a tizzy by the arrival of a sexy NY male model. Shortly after his arrival, body parts are found scattered all over town making everyone wonder if the towns new hottie is a killer. In some parts it's 'gruesome'...though not like Stephen King gruesome, but still kinda gross for a fluffy, afternoon read. Harry, Mrs. Murphy and Tee Tucker find themselves in the thick of things again. This was one of my favorite installments of the Mrs. Murphy series. Again, it's no Shakespeare, but its a relaxing, quick read that doesn't require too much thinking. The characters are likeable (mostly!) and it certainly was able to keep my attention as I devoured it in one sitting! (It helps that I was 'about-to-burst' pregnant...and not wanting to do anything but sit!) Two thumbs up!

  • Rhonda
    2018-10-10 07:53

    I REALLY needed something warm and uplifting after reading incredibly depressing books for an Apocalyptic Literature course. This was the perfect remedy! Since I started them out of order, this, the 2nd book in the series, is actually the 3rd I've read. Granted, these are not epic literature, but I find them some of the best of the "cozy mysteries" genre. The talking animals might sound a little juvenile ('a la Charlotte's Web) when you first consider the series, but it's done very well. If you're an animal lover, you will quickly recognize what a good job Rita Mae Brown does in capturing animal personalities. I love Mrs. Murphy & Tucker, and now more of the barnyard critters begin to chime in. Again, it seems as if it would be trite, but it's not - the author does an excellent job of making them compelling, interesting, complex characters - just like the humans. I definitely will continue with this series.

  • Kelly
    2018-09-25 14:49

    I'm giving this book 4 stars not because of the mystery story itself, but because of the characters and the setting. I love Mrs. Murphy and Tucker! This book had some bonus animal characters that were central to the story as well. What isn't cuter than talking animals? I think the author really gives these animals believable "person"alities -- I like to think a few of my own cats are as smart and sassy as Mrs. Murphy. The mystery was good as well, with a little hint of romance and plenty of town gossip. The murderer wasn't too difficult to spot early, but the reasons for the murder kept me reading anxiously through to the end. I've read quite a bit of mystery novels this year (2011 is my year of the mystery novel), and this author's series is by far one of my favorites. If you like animals (especially cats), and like mysteries that aren't over-the-top in gore, then I highly recommend the Mrs. Murphy series.