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A decorated hero, pararescueman Liam McCabe lives to serve. Six months ago, he and Rachel Flores met in the horrific aftermath of an earthquake in the Bahamas. They were tempted by an explosive attraction, yet parted ways. Still, Liam has thought about Rachel every day—and night—since.Now, after ignoring all his phone calls for six months, Rachel has turned up on base withA decorated hero, pararescueman Liam McCabe lives to serve. Six months ago, he and Rachel Flores met in the horrific aftermath of an earthquake in the Bahamas. They were tempted by an explosive attraction, yet parted ways. Still, Liam has thought about Rachel every day—and night—since.Now, after ignoring all his phone calls for six months, Rachel has turned up on base with a wild story about a high-ranking military traitor. She claims no one but Liam can help her—and she won’t trust anyone else.With nothing but her word and the testimony of a discharged military cop to go on, Liam would be insane to risk his career—even his life—to help this woman who left him in the dust....

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Under Fire Reviews

  • Karla
    2018-10-16 13:17

    3 1/2 Stars! Not quite the oomph I was hoping for...but still worth reading. This third book doesn’t quite live up to the first two in the series, Cover Me and Hot Zone, and I can’t really pinpoint one reason, but I will say that reading this right on the heels of the other two might have something to do with it. This didn’t ooze with excitement like the other two books, and some of the scenes felt pieced together. An over-the top rescue situation for our hero Liam, which could have been an exciting dramatic ending, fell flat. It just happened, no wow-factor!I liked Liam and Rachel as individuals, but wasn’t feeling the chemistry of them as a couple. They were lukewarm together…no sizzle. However, the side romance with Brandon and Catriona was very sweet. I loved the pairing of these two, both of them dealing with personal issues, but willing to overcome them together! But, here again, the reader is left hanging. So many parts of this book felt incomplete for me. What I did like was discovering more about Liam and why he always seemed to set himself up for failed marriages. He had an incredible outlook on life, was nurturing, and very funny! “She was totally aroused by his wit, his honor, his assurance.”Believe me the dust-bowl stirred!! I wish that Rachel could have looked past her own insecurities and given him more of herself sooner. I’m not a heroine basher, and I understand a little waffling and indecision, but my goodness, they don’t get much better than Major Liam McCabe…and honey, it was you who sought him out after months of avoidance, so hold him close and never let him go!!I wanted that team/couple feeling, that I got with Wade and Sunny, and Hugh and Amelia, but she just fought him at every turn. “But I learned something when we went through scary times in Alaska. If I’m following, I’ve got his back. And guys like these are so busy saving others, they don’t take care of themselves. More than another leader, they need someone who’s got their six.”That’s my girl Sunny, we know you’ve got Wade’s six! I enjoyed seeing these two again and how incredible they are together! Bottom line, not a bad read, and maybe I’m being so critical, because I’m comparing this to the other two. Still in all, so many things to like about this book, first and foremost, Liam McCabe! Some witty dialogue, food for thought, and a decent story. Also, the author bringing our attention to all the soldiers who suffer from PTSD, and what a tremendous impact it has on their lives and the use of service dogs to bring back a sense of calm. I’ll be sticking with the series and I’m looking forward to Cuervo’s book and hoping Bubbles gets one too! “In my opinion dogs are God’s Prozac. And God’s blood pressure medicine. They’re pretty much the remedy to a lot of things.”If you have a minute check out this video, it’s incredibly telling-Therapy Dogs Help Wounded Warriors Heal

  • Saly
    2018-10-01 12:57

    I really enjoyed this book, in this we meet characters we met in the last book thrice divorced Major Liam and Rachel, who works with dogs.These two met six months ago in an earthquake zone but Rachel never called him back, the reasons several, one he was divorced three time, two she wasn't ready for a relationship since she had lost her mother then her soldier fiancee ten years ago and being vulnerable again and the feelings Liam made her feel, were something that scared her but now she doesn't have a choice, she is in danger and the Liam is the only one she trusts, so she breaks into his jeep.Liam is 38 now and has served his time and plans on retiring. He got married everytime in the hopes of re-creating a family he lost when his mother died of cancer (father was a narcissist), but despite trying everything, counselling etc they failed and it effected him and his confidence. Rachel made a big impression on him but she didn't follow up so when he sees her in his car he is shocked but he listens to her story.How she has been helping soldiers with PTSD and how one of the soldiers Brandon told her something about traitors and how further inquiries led to her being threatened. Liam helps her out and contacts the people he knows but when is warned by a friend, he takes off with Rachel.There was a secondary storyline with Brandon and Cat. Cat keeps dogs for people, kind of like a shelter and I loved her and Brandon's story. Brandon was messed up and knew that and Cat too had problems with self-worth, these two were perfect for each other and never felt superfluous to the story.The main romance works really well, Rachel and Liam both have been hurt in life and are wary, I loved how they work through that and how the depth of their feelings makes them scared and how it takes them time to get used to it. I found the book to have a perfect blend of romance and suspense.

  • Jess
    2018-10-05 15:12

    Review posted: Happily Ever After - ReadsBlog Rating: 3.5/5Just these few hours together made her [Rachel] accept that the move to Florida hadn’t been coincidental. The attraction to Liam was magnetic, to say the least. His eyes locked with her only for a second, but this man packed more in an instant than most put into a lifetime. This ended up being a book that had three different storylines that grabbed my attention for different reasons. The main romance between Liam and Rachel; a supporting storyline with Brandon and Catriona and the suspense plot that all four of these people find themselves in the middle of. Liam and Rachel met 6 months earlier in a rescue mission following a devastating earthquake in the Bahamas (HOT ZONE). They had some serious chemistry, but both ended up going their separate ways, Rachel more so when she didn’t try to get in touch with Liam after he tried contacting her after the mission. Liam’s been married three times and Rachel just sees a guy that falls into love way too easy. There’s always more to the story and once she gets to know the man, she finds herself falling in love fast.Brandon is a Lieutenant who’s suffering from PTSD and is having a rough time of it. Rachel works with dogs in all various forms of rescue; she took her dog into the rescue mission during the earthquake to help find survivors and lately she’s working more with therapy dogs and she gives Brandon a dog Harley, to help him find some calm as he tries to put his life back together. During one visit, Brandon opens up about intel he overhead when he was on active duty that looked like a high ranking official was selling secrets. Brandon’s not exactly taken seriously, people using his PTSD condition as an excuse to write his claims off as crazy talk. But Rachel listens, and the bad guy also finds out that Brandon and now Rachel are starting to make noise about Brandon’s claims and sets out to eliminate them. Rachel turns to the one man she knows can protect her, and Liam jumps right into the middle of it all.The suspense portion of the story really didn’t feel like it picked up steam until the end when the final fight happened, and even then it was a bit anticlimactic. If you’re looking for high action and suspense, this might not be for you. What drove the story and kept me into it were the relationships, both Liam and Rachel and Brandon and Cat.Liam and Rachel take awhile to finally give in to their attraction, both of them skittish at the start, but that of course doesn’t last long. I liked the vulnerability that Liam shows, he’s not that guy, the one who gets married and divorced and is able to put it behind him. The failed marriages really weigh on him, and he knows that getting into a relationship with Rachel is risky and he doesn’t know if he has it in him to go through it again and he can’t bare the thought of having it fail with Rachel. Rachel’s tough and I found her to be a very likable character. This is a very small thing, but I loved that she worked with dogs. The dogs aren’t a large presence in any way, but they’re a part of her life, and they are included throughout the story and it’s a small detail that I enjoyed reading about.Pleasure slicked through him [Brandon] like lightening cleaving him in half.So much.Almost too much, the good so good, it almost hurt until he collapsed on top of her [Cat]. He didn’t even have the strength to lever off of her. He just buried his face in her neck, twitching in the aftermath.For how long? He didn’t know. Another zone-out? Or a micronap? Either way, not how he wanted to end this encounter. He rolled to the side and pulled her against him.He knew sex wouldn’t fix everything, and already the myriad of complications ahead of them was weighting on his shoulders like an M1 main battle tank. Although for right now, he planned to savor this night, this moment in time with an amazing woman who’d just given one incredible gift.He hadn’t solved all his problems. But he was going to give thanks that life could still surprise him with something so beautiful in this long trudge through hell to get back to normal.It’s good and bad when a supporting storyline overshadows the main one, but this happened a bit for me with Brandon and Cat’s story. I loved Brandon from the minute he was introduced; here’s this guy trying to put his life back together after suffering through a horrible situation when he was on duty and now he finds himself jumping at doors being slammed, dealing with nightmares and relying heavily on Harley and the calm that he gets from simply petting his dog. Cat owns a doggy daycare that Brandon uses and she’s had her eye on him since their first meeting. However, she’s a bit shy, lacks a little in self-confidence but something about Brandon helps her go out of her comfort zone and she takes a chance. She sees in him a guy that’s struggling and she starts to be the calming presence in his life. They don’t have a ton of page time, but it’s enough to give them a really nice story and I’d have loved to have had an entire book for them.I'm splitting the difference for my rating but I really want to give this book two: 3 stars for a lackluster ending with the bad guy and the resolution to the suspense storyline, but 4 stars for the romance that followed both the lead characters and the supporting roles for Brandon and Cat - I enjoyed getting to know both couples very much. This story does pick up Rachel and Liam’s relationship that started in book two of this Elite Force series, but it reads well as a stand alone. UNDER FIRE was nice, fast read and we get enough details about Liam’s team that make me definitely want to pick up the next book.

  • Wendy
    2018-10-02 14:04

    Not as fast paced as the previous installments, but still enjoyable. An elite warrior not afraid to reveal his feelings, earned this an extra star.

  • Crystal ♥ RBtWBC
    2018-09-20 08:00

    4.5 StarsPararescueman Liam McCabe is not so lucky in the love department; he has a tendency to fall hard and fall fast but when the dust settles he always finds himself alone. He has no intentions of there ever being a 4th Mrs. McCabe but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a little fun. Liam first met Rachel Flores on a SAR mission in the Bahamas, they shared one hot kiss and then he never heard from her again. Until six months later when he finds her wet, tired and scared to death in the back of his jeep. After listening to a seemingly crazy tale of conspiracy from a soldier who suffers from PTSD, Rachel finds herself on the receiving end of threatening phone calls and now she is being followed, into a guarded military base no less! Nobody wants to believe Rachel that this wild tale could be true, she even doubts it, but she knows that she needs to find somewhere safe and that the only person who might be able to help her is Liam McCabe. But Rachel also knows that he spells trouble for her heart and has been trying to hold thoughts of him at bay for the last six months with little success. Can she find some way to protect her heart while he protects her body or will they both loose in the end? Catherine Mann wows with the third installment in her Elite Force series, Under Fire! Fast paced, sizzling hot and exhilarating, I loved every moment of Liam and Rachel’s story. Liam has been burned too many times in the past and can’t trust his feelings for Rachel or those she might have for him. Rachel is intimidated by Liam’s past but once she learns more about it she can slowly set that aside and see the man beneath the wall he has erected around him, she just has to prove to Liam that she isn’t like all the rest which is a huge job. Woven into their romance are political intrigues that can prove deadly to them. With many twists and turns, the plot will keep you guessing as well as turning the pages to find out what’s going to happen next and whodunit. There is also a very touching side story about a soldier who suffers PTSD, his trials with that and overcoming it as well as finding love. The pararescueman group that Mann has brought to life in these books are sexy, intriguing, and fantasy inspiring. I look forward to each of their stories and this series became a must-read for me after the first book, Cover Me. Romantic suspense fans are sure to love Under Fire; which is set up well to read as a stand-alone but better as part of the series. Another fantastic read from Mrs. Mann, I’m keeping my eyes peeled for the next book!

  • Tracy
    2018-09-19 07:59

    Under Fire Brings the HeatStaring down the end of his career as a pararescueman, Major Liam McCabe is feeling his years and thinking of retirement. At thirty-eight, his body just can't do what it used to without feeling punishing pain, and he won't put his team at risk should he start to slow because of it. In two weeks he and his elite force will be providing external security at an international summit, then he's done. Though that cold reality isn't exactly a comfort.Neither are Liam's memories of Rachel Flores, the woman who stole his heart as they worked together on a rescue mission in the Bahamas six months ago, then refused to answer any of his calls when they both returned stateside. Sad thing is, Liam can't really blame Rachel for leaving him hanging.That's one of the reasons why, when Liam gets in his Jeep after an exhausting training exercise and finds Rachel huddled in the back seat, her arm around one of her dogs and a haunted, hunted terror in her eyes, he's both intensely surprised and unavoidably affected. Until she tells him she's in danger and why, and surprise morphs into a fierce determination to protect her.If she'd had anyone else to turn to for help, Rachel wouldn't have dragged Liam into the confusing mess she's landed in. It was hard enough keeping away from him for six months. They had forged a connection that had scared the hell out of her when they were in the Bahamas. Now he is her last resort, her only hope, and the only man alive who can make her feel even a little safe with the knowledge she has. If Liam doesn't believe her or can't help her, Rachel is convinced...and terrified...that she'll be killed to keep someone's dark secrets hidden.There's no way Liam will let that happen...not to Rachel. But a disturbing question torments him and he wonders if he'll have what it takes to stop it.~*~This third installment in the Elite Force series is my second book by Mann and I have to say, I really enjoy how she writes. Of the ongoing, military-themed romantic suspense series I'm reading, this is definitely one of my favorites. Even though I was a little disappointed that the plot of this one focused more on the military than the rescue-heavy plotline of its predecessor, this is a solid read with great characters who have awesome chemistry.I fell for the lovelorn Liam in Hot Zone and was happy to see him again in his own story. He's older than the rest of his team, and the impact of a long, high-risk career on his body, as well as the subsequent feelings about reaching the end of his career, were realistically portrayed and sympathetic. He's a well-rounded character with foibles and flaws he wryly acknowledges, and a steely determination that pairs well with his protective streak.Oh, yeah...and he's hella sexy.Rachel is also great in her role, but I did like her better in the latter half of the book. She was such a tough chick in the previous book, no nonsense and focused on her job with her Search and Rescue dog. I respected the hell out of her fortitude and loved the chemistry she had with Liam. This book starts out with her in a situation out of her control, and the fear that drives her to Liam for help defines her character long into the book. Though I understood why she was afraid, it didn't appeal to me as much for her character.The bond between the two of them, though, and the sexual chemistry they have, is rock solid and smoking hot throughout the story. I love how Mann built off what had occurred between them six months ago, and factored in the emotional landscape the two characters found themselves dealing with. They fit together so well and their relationship was such an organic extension of what had come before, I found it completely believable and more realistic than many in the genre.The external conflict was taut with suspense. It wasn't my favorite element of the book, but it was executed very well throughout most of the book. I wasn't crazy about the climax, where I thought the storyline went off the rails a bit. It just seemed to go a little too far, passing plausible (if disturbing) and treading over the line into unbelievable. The Bad Guy did some things that smacked the face of logic and didn't make a whole lot of sense to me towards the end.Stronger story elements like the romance arc, the main characters, and the page time with the Elite Force team members combined with the rest of the plot of the book to generate a thorough, layered romantic suspense that I heartily gobbled up. I enjoyed the secondary romance quite a lot, too, though it didn't get quite as much depth and development as I would have liked to completely flesh it out. All told, I was left feeling pleasantly entertained by this third book in Mann's popular series. I hope there's much more to come.Disclosure: An ARC of this book was provided to me by Sourcebooks Casablanca publisher Sourcebooks via NetGalley. This rating, review, and all included thoughts and comments are my own.~*~*~*~Reviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another.

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2018-10-14 13:15

    Rhayne's Review posted on Guilty Pleasures4 StarsUnder Fire is the third book in the Elite Force series by Catherine Mann. Even though it is not necessary to read the previous books to understand this one, you really should just so you don’t miss out on a great series.The main focus of this book is on Liam and Rachel. They have a past together and have to work together to overcome a lot of obstacles to have any kind of a future. There are people shooting at them, buildings blowing up, military cover-ups, kidnappings and a pretty intense fight with an alligator, just to name a few of the action packed scenarios.This suspense story is written a little different than most, where as you know who the villain is from the beginning. You don’t know exactly who is working for or against him, so the suspense level is still well written and incredibly high. I thought it was a different twist that really worked well.Between the story of Liam and Rachel there is a sub plot with Brandon and Catriona. I loved both of these characters and would have loved to know more about them. Their individual story brought out a lot of issues regarding PTSD. There was a ideal mix of romance and compassion. This story line weaved perfectly with the main plot. It all tied together well. Nothing felt forced or unbelievable.I liked the information that was written about the difficulties of being married to someone in the military. It is hard on everyone involved and that was depicted well with the characters.I loved that we got to be joined again with the guys from the team from the previous books. The connection between these guys is what really pulls these books together. They are completely dedicated to one another.I can’t wait to see what she has in store next for our sexy heroes. I’m sure it will be fantastic.Enjoy!

  • Sandy M
    2018-10-10 15:15

    I am loving this Elite Force series by Catherine Mann. Military mysteries with sexy heroes and intelligent and equally sexy heroines, these stories keep you turning the pages, keep you guessing, and keep your emotional upheaval on uneven ground until the very last page. Get ready for a wild ride!We met Liam and Rachel in Hot Zone, the second book of the series. While searching for earthquake victims in the Bahamas, there was an attraction between them. Liam was upfront with Rachel about wanting her and while Rachel wanted him too, his past marriage record, along with her own past, held her back. Now her life has become one frightening place, and the only one she can turn to is Liam. But after refusing to return his phone calls over the past six months, will he be too angry to help? She’s about to find out.With retirement as a pararescueman on the horizon, Liam is not looking forward to life outside the service, on the one hand, but on the other, he knows it’s for the best now that his body is showing its age. He’s a career man, and though he’d stay longer if he could, he knows his days are numbered. Then out of the blue he gets the surprise of his life – Rachel and her service dog have stowed away in his Jeep on base. The woman couldn’t bother returning a phone call and now she’s here like this? But seeing her again is pleasurable and he’ll take her any way he can get her.Burnout finally getting to her, Rachel quit her search and rescue missions to take on training therapy dogs for wounded soldiers. That’s where she met Brandon, a military cop suffering from PTSD. While introducing and then working with Brandon and his dog, he tells her of a treasonous plot involving high-ranking military officials. But when they try to get help from the service and then local law enforcement, no one believes the story because it comes from a soldier with mental issues. That’s when things begin to happen that tell Rachel she’s being watched and someone wants her out of the picture. And why she ends up in Liam’s Jeep.Not once does Liam not believe Rachel when she tells him her story. He vows to help her find out what the hell’s going on. He has friends in high places, but first he calls on his team, who help out no questions asked. Then when he gets his superiors involved, things are not what they seem. So the only solution at this point is to run – long and far. His team steps up to the plate again, all of them hiding out in the Florida Keys while trying to figure out who the traitor is. That’s when things really heat up, the villain gets his hands on those who have screwed up his plans. And he doesn’t pussyfoot around when it comes to getting those who are in his way out of his way. All I can say is good thing he’s an egomaniac.We get a nice secondary romance with Brandon and Catriona, the lady who takes in dogs to train for service. She’s the only one, besides Rachel, who looks at Brandon as the man he is and not some unbalanced sissy everyone else wants to get rid of. Cat overcomes her shyness and surprises Brandon big time, sticking by him through thick and thin. We also get to catch up with Liam’s team, the featured players from the two previous books. It’s nice to see how they’ve balanced their lives together to make their relationships work.Liam and Rachel are terrific together. They get to know one another under cover of fear and the unknown. Their attraction becomes full-blown passion, a longing that never died from their first meeting. They both have issues to get through. Liam has decided not to marry again after three failures, and he even tries to do the right thing, in his mind, by leaving Rachel to find someone who truly deserves her. She’s having none of that. Especially since she’s also had to face her past and come to grips with perhaps losing love again if she jumps back into the fire. They don’t have it easy no matter what in this book – well, except for the burning-up-the-pages lovemaking – but they talk and work things out, after a fashion anyway. It’s nice when everything comes together as it should.I hope this series goes on for a few more books at least. Though I haven’t read any other of Catherine Mann’s military series – only one other book, Protector from Dark Ops, and it just doesn’t compare to the stories in this series – I have a feeling the characters and stories of the Elite Force are always going to be my favorites. They’re going to be hard to beat, but I will give her other series a chance!See my complete review at

  • Michele
    2018-09-26 15:00

    I absolutely loved this book! Catherine Mann has become one of my must-read authors. Her books are full of action, suspense, romance and hot, sexy heroes. This one is no exception. Under Fire is the third book in Ms. Mann’s Elite Force series that revolves around a team of Air Force pararescuemen. We first met Major Liam McCabe and Rachel Flores in the previous book, Hot Zone. Liam and Rachel met while working search and rescue in the aftermath of an earthquake in the Bahamas. Despite the strong attraction they shared, Rachel has not returned any of Liam’s calls in the 6 months following their meeting. Now Rachel is in trouble and turns to the one person she knows she can trust to help: Liam. Liam is one hot hero. Not only is he good-looking, but he is funny, charming, smart, and a great leader. I loved him. I loved how he believed in Rachel and how much he respected her. Rachel is compassionate, confident, fearless and tenacious. I admired all those things about her and more. She made for an awesome heroine.The chemistry between Liam and Rachel is combustible and when they finally come together, it is hot, hot, hot! Of course, the road to their HEA is a bumpy one. They both have some pretty big issues to work through, but Ms. Mann handles it very well and it is very believable. There is also a secondary love story that plays out over the course of the book. Brandon Harris and Catriona Whittier meet when Brandon leaves his therapy dog at her doggie day care business. He is suffering from PTSD and is struggling. Catriona comes into his life and is his calm in the storm. In her he finds a peace that he so very much needs. I loved their romance as much as Liam’s and Rachel’s.We get to see some of Liam’s teammates again, which I loved. It was like seeing old friends. I’m hoping that the rest of Liam’s team will each get their own book in the future.Under Fire was an absolutely awesome book! I could not put it down and am now anxiously waiting for the next book in the series to come out. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an action-packed, romance-filled, hot and sexy read. Pick it up, I promise you will not regret it!

  • Lisa
    2018-09-23 13:24

    Wow i think this is my first full fledge Catherine Mann book. Talk about exciting. This book takes off with the action right from the beginning. A Pack of hot and sexy in shape pararescue guys swimming miles and miles and all the while playing a somewhat dirty word game. What a way to open a book. Liam or Major McCabe is thinking about retiring. He's not that old at 38 but for what he does he's getting to be ancient. Rachel Flores met Liam 6 months ago in Bahamas rescuing people after a earthquake. She and her dog were part of team sent there to work with Liam and his team of pararescue men. They had a big attraction for each other but Rachel was afraid of getting hurt so she held off. Back stateside she ignored his calls and him for 6 months until something happened and she needed his help. Rachel is training therapy dogs because she is burned out on the rescue jobs right now and that's how she meets Lieutenant Brandon Harris a wounded vet with PTSD who has a secret that could get them all killed. He shares part of that secret with Rachel and when she tries to help she finds out that people don't believe them and someone is out to silence them. That's where Liam comes in. She goes to him for help and that quickly launches them in a race to survive and find out who is after them. In the middle of that they try to figure out what's between then which leads to some funny and some really hot sexy moments. I loved Liam and his team and Rachel is pretty kick ass tough. Both Liam and Rachel have to work through some pretty intense issues in the story as where they are with each other and with the threat against them. One thing i didn't care for was how many times it was brought up that he'd been married 3 times. At one point he tells Rachel about each one and why he married etc. It seems to stick out like a sore thumb. Rachel finally gets past that and has some big realizations of her own. This book was intense with some humor and romance thrown in to balance the whole thing out nicely. 4 out of 5 Modokker Book Pick Stars for Under Fire by Catherine Mann. This book is part of a series but can stand on it's own if you have not read the first two. For myself though I am getting and reading book 1 and 2 soon.

  • E.
    2018-10-11 11:19

    “Under Fire” by Catherine Mann is part of her ‘Elite Force: That Others May Live’ series about pararescuemen and the important people in their lives. Major Liam McCabe is contemplating a radical change in his life because he fears that his aging yet toned body with its damaged knees will no longer be able to function enough so that he can be counted on to continue to effectively lead his tightly knit team. He still thinks about Rachel Flores six months after they met while performing search and rescue after a severe earthquake in the Bahamas. Rachel still works with dogs but has taken a break from the emotionally draining search and rescue assignments, instead working as a dog trainer as well as matching up wounded service personnel with therapy dogs. A frightening story of corruption and treason related by Lieutenant Brandon Harris plunges Laura into a frightening world of danger, despite the concern that his PTSD is behind his accusations. Her absolute conviction that Liam would help her despite her rejection of his overtures leads her to his side. Liam has not had success with his personal life as demonstrated by the three ex-wives he has but he is still inescapably drawn to the feisty and capable Rachel. Liam calls upon his considerable resources and skills to keep Rachel safe but the question remains whether the threat is credible and if so, how will they survive long enough to expose it?An action-packed and sensual tale highlighting the exclusive environment of the well-trained and fearless men who perform unsung sacrifices to protect freedom around the world. The incredible toll on both their bodies and emotional lives is touched upon even as a suspenseful story is unfolded around the charismatic heroine and hero. The canine secondary characters provide a nice foil for the loyalty or disloyalty displayed by the humans around them. There are quite a few fantastical situations including an encounter with a swamp denizen that highlight the advantages of combining skill and grace under pressure. An enjoyable read sure to attract new fans and delight already established ones.

  • Susan
    2018-09-26 14:07

    Very good book. Liam and Rachel had met and worked together in the Bahamas after an earthquake. She was attracted to him, but he had been married three times and she didn't feel he was able to commit. After returning home she was burned out on her rescue work and switched to working with therapy dogs and PTSD veterans. Liam tried to contact her, but she ignored his calls. Then Brandon, one of the veterans she worked with, told her of a high-ranking officer who was planning to give military secrets to the enemy. After trying unsuccessfully to get someone to listen to them, she went to Liam for help. He was skeptical until several attempts were made on her life, at which point he went to his team and they started trying to find out what was happening. I always liked both Liam and Rachel. Rachel was cautious about getting involved, since she had suffered so much loss already, but she couldn't deny her attraction to Liam. Liam hadn't been able to forget Rachel, but after three marriages he figured that a family wasn't in his future. As they spent more time together, I loved the way they learned about each other. Rachel discovered that Liam had been searching for love, but had simply picked poorly. He also feels that he is too old to continue doing his job and plans to retire soon. Liam learned that Rachel is even stronger than he had realized. Both of them show their vulnerabilities, and each is able to see the other for who they really are. There is also a secondary romance involving Brandon and the dog-sitter he and Rachel use. I love the way that Catriona stays calm and helps him through his PTSD episodes. The suspense itself is excellent, as the story moves along and the official is revealed and we try to figure out who is working for him, against him and who knows what is going on. The final stages of taking the bad guy down were fantastic, and also showed Liam that he still had a lot to give. I loved the way that Rachel also didn't let Liam get away with trying to protect her from his issues. Overall a fantastic book.

  • Beanbag Love
    2018-10-14 12:23

    Between two and three. This book starts out well. Liam's infatuation with Rachel was introduced in the last book of the series: Hot Zone. They're good characters with interesting backgrounds. Dogs are involved, so that's always a plus.The problem is with the story. The setup is great. I was all in. By half-way through I felt like we were in a rut with padded inner monologues and little progress on contrived obstacles. Romantic suspense often has a frustrating section like this. From about 50% to 75% we're just bogged down. (No pun intended if you've read the book) And the secondary romance didn't help matters. This was a couple that could have used their own book, but were given a substantial amount of time in this one. It undercut Liam and Rachel's story quite a bit while leaving that featured story line somewhat dissatisfying. And then, what happens around 76% is so absurd, so unintentionally hilarious, the entire book can't be taken seriously. Which is fine, I suppose, because the mission itself becomes vague and ill defined after that. I wanted more for these characters because I think their chemistry worked and they had a potentially interesting future in front of them. That issue was dropped completely in favor of just doing the same thing as before and hoping for different results. I like Catherine Mann and I think she's above average as an author of RS. This is the third in Mann's "Elite Force" series and I did really like the first two. I will read the next one because I like the characters, but if it goes off the rails as this one did, I may drop the whole thing.

  • Kelly at
    2018-10-04 12:06

    LOVED this book!!! Liam is such a great guy!!!! Review: WOWZA!!!! Okay I have to tell you this is my first Catherine Mann book and I am now totally in love with her and her Elite Force team Now while Under Fire can easily stand as a read alone book, I am going to go back and read book 1 and 2. I want to know more about the team!! Liam McCabe, is...well not very lucky in love. Oh he loves to be in love, three marriages prove that. But the three divorcees provide that he is very unlucky when it comes to finding the right woman. That is until about six months ago when he met the most perfect woman ever. But after a three short weeks together and just one kiss she walked away from him never to look back. So image Liam’s shock when he finds Rachel hiding in the back of his jeep, wet and scared to death. Rachel can’t believe the mess she is in. Not only has she been getting threatening phone calls, but now someone was following her. All because she believed the tale that one soldier told her. But now she is really scared. She can’t trust the police. She can’t trust anyone. Except Liam. Liam will keep her safe, but first she has to get to him. This was a great book. I LOVED Liam and his team. They are all witty, sexy and can kick your ass with just a look. It was fun to read Liam & Rachel’s love story as each of them have been burned in the past and are just a little scared of what they feel for each other. But in the end love will always win.

  • Cari
    2018-09-23 12:17

    Loved it! Fast paced book right from the start. Liam and Rachel are compelling characters. You root for them right from the start. They are people with huge hearts who serve because they are called to serve. Brandon and Catriona have a sweet secondary story. Brandon is recovering from PTSD and Catriona has a peace about her that is just what he needs. I can't forget the dogs as they are an intricate part of the story. Catriona runs a doggie daycare. Brandon has a therapy dog that helps him more than counseling in his recovering. Rachel has Disco. Disco and Rachel used to do Search and Rescue. They helped find people following a horrible earthquake I'm the Bahamas. They searched lost kids... Whatever is needed. After burning out, Rachel now trains the therapy dogs like the one helping Brandon.These are great elements of the story, but you have to have the suspense. Brandon was a military cop that served as a bodyguard at times as part of his duties. He learned some secrets point to traitors. He told Rachel and the heat is on! No one believed him, because of the PTSD, but Rachel is shot at, is in a Jeep while someone tries to run her off the road and her apartment is destroyed in a fire. And that's just the beginning. Liam is there for her, helping her...being a true hero.Read and enjoy!

  • Rjsmommy
    2018-09-24 10:03

    The third book in the Elite Forces series. I really enjoyed Liam's story; a soon to be retired 38 yr. old pararescueman with a history of bad marriages. This book picks up six months after the last one and continues with the relationship between Liam and Rachel Flores the search and rescue dog handler...well, not really continues since Rachel has refused to return any calls from Liam in the six months since they returned from the Bahamas earthquake mission. Liam is surprised whne he suddenly finds Rachel hiding in the back of his jeep claiming that someone is trying to kill her due to a military cover-up. Soon we are thrown into a world of treason, conspiracy, denial and romance. In addition to the Liam/Rachel romance, we meet Brandon Harris, the soldier who is sufferring from PTSD and revealed the conspiracy to Rachel in a moment of weakness. In addition to trying to convince everyone that he isn't insane as well as attempting to stay alive, Brandon is trying to regain his life and gets unexpected help from Catriona, the doggy babysitter of his therapy dog. Overall, a great romance story (times 2) and some good suspense and intrigue.

  • Trish
    2018-09-27 08:09

    This was my first Catherine Mann book-and boy, am I glad I picked it up! I love the Romantic Suspense/Military genre. It holds a special place in my heart. That being said, this book is a great one to sink your teeth into-it has all that I love about the genre in it: Great romance, action-oriented plot, and strong secondary characters. My only complaint is that I thought the secondary character, Brandon, was a much better hero than Liam in some respects. Brandon is suffering from PTSD and had such a great story of his own. I would have loved to have seen a full book just about him. I devoured the scenes between Brandon and Cat and thought the sex between them was more intense than Rachel and Liam. But I'm truly complaining--because it was hot and intense...But I will go back and read where the two meet in Hot Zone...and add the rest of this great series to my TBR pile. ARC Review Copy provided by NetGalley

  • Eva
    2018-10-06 16:15

    Hot military men! What's not to love? Hot military men in life threatening situations? Oh my! Throw in a hard-headed yet likeable heroine and you have the makings of a fabulous read. Under Fire is the 3rd installment in Catherine Mann's Elite Force Series. This book centers around Liam and I have been waiting for Liam's book since the first installment in the series. I knew from the last book that the heroine would be Rachel -- and they certainly steam up the pages! What I really like about this series is that it focuses quite a bit on the mystery/suspense aspect of the plot instead of the romance. The romance builds throughout the book but the action is what has you on the edge of your seat unable to put the book down! Fabulous series! I highly recommend this book and the other books in Elite Force to anyone who enjoys this genre.

  • Brenda
    2018-09-26 09:55

    The third book in the series, and it was worth waiting for! I loved the hero and heroine. Liam is tired, worn down and thinking of retiring from the military career he loves. He's also given up on love after three failed marriages. Rachel is attracted to Liam from the start, but doesn't plan on falling for a hunk who's been married three times and doesn't call him back for six months until she needs someone she can trust. She may be weary of romance with Liam but she trusts him and he makes her feel safe, just what she needs. I couldn't stop turning the pages. Under Fire was an amazing, steamy, action filled read.

  • Gina Ceballos
    2018-10-17 08:17

    This was a wonderful ride. It was an emotional rollercoaster, action packed, sexually charged and of course the PJ’s save the day. How not to like Liam and Rachel’s both, when Miss Mann shared a lot of their back stories through the book? I loved that a glimpse of Wade and Sunny’s (Cover Me)lives was shared here.I would have liked a little less Bahamas flashbacks, since most of it I already read it, but still this book was amazing. I'm hoping Cuervo gets the lead in the next book.

  • Lori
    2018-09-22 10:20

    Under Fire has to be my favorite Catherine Mann book so far... Liam... sigh.. who doesn't love an alpha man in a uniform but who is a sucker for love? Rachel was amazing too... I love a strong heroine and she was definitely a strong heroine! Their love was sweet and the action kept me on the edge of my seat! Full Review...

  • Whtyac
    2018-10-12 08:00

    Enjoyed the maturing of the characters. I was happy to finally hear Liam & Rachael's story. The added bonus was Brandon's story. Was a bit disappointed with the abrupt ending to the liaison between Sylvia & Ted.

  • Tabby -Shattered Hearts Reviews
    2018-10-19 11:16

    Review to come!

  • Jordan
    2018-09-23 11:56

    Love how Catherine always seamlessly weaves multiple storylines together with the main story. Hot romance & exciting adventures. Mann is one of my faves & always a must read!

  • Sunny
    2018-09-24 11:59

    Liam McCabe and Rachel Flores. This one is the best of the series so far.

  • Alison
    2018-10-14 09:07

    This was my favorite book of the series :)

  • Amy
    2018-09-29 09:07

    This was a great one, I really liked it.

  • Dee
    2018-10-13 10:09

    Two-haiku review:Bad guys after herVet told her about traitorShe needs PJ's helpLiked these charactersAnd doggies made it specialLiked U.S. setting

  • Suzan
    2018-09-20 12:58

    I loved this book, finally Liam gets his story. I am really enjoying reading this series in order so far, although I do believe the books would read fine as stand alone. In this case, it was helpful to have read the previous book as both characters were introduced. The circumstances of their encounter in the earthquake zone however were well reviewed in this book. These were two characters that were easy to root for and it was very satisfying to see them get their happily ever after. Plenty of suspense in this book. A lot of not knowing who to trust. The secondary characters were enjoyable and of course seeing the entire PJ team in action is always a fun ride. I will continue reading books by this author.

  • Dark Faerie Tales
    2018-10-11 10:57

    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick & Dirty: Hot military heroes. Read it.Opening Sentence: “Kill one. Screw one. Marry One.”The Review:This book was a good one. And, like all good military-action-thriller-romances, this story contains just enough death, danger and hot bedroom scenes. Also, as an added bonus, it features not just one lethally sexy man, but we are presented with two of them and some friends. Plus, the more humanizing element of canine companionship, complete with puppies considering both of our leading women work with dogs.Our first, and main, leading lady Rachel Flores is no stranger to stressful situations. She, and her dog Disco, were members of a search and rescue team. The kind of search and rescue teams that are called in post natural disaster to look for survivors. After a particularly nasty stint in the Bahamas following a major earthquake, she gives up a life of searching and devotes her time to another type of rescue. She now trains shelter dogs for the treatment of war vets with PTSD. When one of her patients confides a terrible secret to her, helping him turns her into the one needing rescue.Our first leading man is Liam McCabe, captain of a team of military para-rescuemen. In this capacity, Liam and his men have been all over the world, saving those in need, including victims in an earthquake in the Bahamas. Sadly, Liam has been at this for a long time, and his body has become war weary, and he has plans to retire after their current assignment, a bodyguard type mission during an international summit of some kind. But, when he finds a woman from his past hidden in his car and desperate for help, he might just have to put that retirement on hold.Our second love story features Brandon Harris, a victim of an explosion while on duty overseas, and one of Rachel’s current PTSD patients. When he unwittingly pulls Rachel into a seriously dangerous situation, he must conquer his fears and his condition, to help save her and their animals, and just possibly the world at large.His counterpart in all this is Catriona Whittier. I’ll bet that she never, in her wildest dreams, thought that running a doggy daycare out of her parents home would put her in mortal danger. But that service, and the love of one Brandon Harris comes close to costing her everything.Ok, so long story short. Brandon’s assignment placed him in the position of overhearing someone’s plans to sell military secrets to terrorists, something to do with our satellites. Anyway, while doing his duty, the marketplace he was positioned in was blown apart. After his recovery, his PTSD was used as an excuse to cover-up the information he was carrying. When he confided all this to Rachel, she also tried contacting the authorities, but to no avail. And when she started receiving death threats, she knew it was time to get her own help, in the form of the military pararescueman she met in the Bahamas. The military captain she can’t seem to get out of her mind. And that military captain hasn’t been able to get over her either.So epic love affair aside, this little adventure turns out to be one hell of a conspiracy in the works, and it goes all the way up the ranks to general. So, our two pairs of lovebirds, and those who will aid them almost lose everything in order to save the world and each other.Notable Scene:“What in God’s name are you doing?”General Sullivan jabbed a gun into her side and snarled, “Don’t even think about running. This is a restricted area where deadly force is authorized. The guards will shoot you on sight.””I just want to get back there to help him.”“Not gonna happen, ma’am.”Ma’am? His show of manners in the face of such horror jarred her. She slumped back in the passenger seat and watched as the general rolled down the window and waved at the security vehicle heading toward them. The cops must have recognized him, because they pulled a U-turn and headed back up the parking ramp.That easy? He was driving wherever he wanted? Shooting people?But why? Panic popped through her like those bullets that had torn through Brandon’s flesh. Gut-wrenching guilt piled on top of her fear. He was bleeding to death, and it was all her fault for encouraging him to spill his story. And now she was grateful deep inside her that Liam wasn’t here, because if more bullets had torn through him… She but her trembling lip until she tasted blood.The general steered through the entry control point and turned in the opposite direction of the security patrol. He headed toward some dark airplanes with large propellers. He swerved the Humvee sharply and Brandon groaned from the back.Sullivan popped another shot over the seat into Brandon.Her ears rang, but the vehicle was silent. Dead silent.Elite Force Series:1. Cover Me2. Hot Zone3. Under FireFTC Advisory: Sourcebooks Casablanca provided me with a copy of Under Fire. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review.