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NOW, AT LAST, YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR DOGYou think your life is crazy. Try looking at the world through your dog's big melting brown eyes. If your dog is neurotic (and what dog isn't these days?), consider these helpful pointers:• Don't interrupt your dog's naps—remember, he needs your bed far more than you do.• Don't force your dog to play fetch just because you feel like it—NOW, AT LAST, YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR DOGYou think your life is crazy. Try looking at the world through your dog's big melting brown eyes. If your dog is neurotic (and what dog isn't these days?), consider these helpful pointers:• Don't interrupt your dog's naps—remember, he needs your bed far more than you do.• Don't force your dog to play fetch just because you feel like it—keep in mind his busy schedule too.• Never bark orders at your dog. "Please" and "thank you" work wonders with the neurotic dog.• Give your dog a canine personality quiz—it's the first step before starting him on full-fledged psychoanalysis.• If all else fails, feed him!Stephen Baker's delightful HOW TO LIVE WITH A NEUROTIC DOG is sure to have both you and your canine companion rolling on the floor and begging for more....

Title : How to Live with a Neurotic Dog
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ISBN : 9780517118429
Format Type : Hardcover
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How to Live with a Neurotic Dog Reviews

  • Diane
    2018-10-07 08:05

    I got this book because we have a neurotic dog and I had hoped it would provide some helpful advice. Baker's book was disappointing in that it is actually an attempt at humor, with cutesy drawings and satirical Do and Don't lists. However, I didn't find this book funny or helpful, and was so frustrated that I wanted to throw it across the room. The biggest kick in the teeth is that the final chapter is titled "Can the Neurotic Dog Be Cured?" When I turned to that section, there was a one-word answer: No. Humor is subjective. Maybe you and your dog will like this book more than I did.

  • Donna
    2018-09-26 13:01

    Read this book and you’ll get an idea of what’s it’s like every day of my life. My cousin gave it to me for my birthday (in May), part as a gag but really because everyone knows just how cracked out my dog actually is. He’s not a bad dog, he’s just hiding a little doggy bag of cocaine in his crate. Even if your dog isn’t as insane as mine, you’ll still get a kick out of this book.Some of the drawings, by Fred Hillard, are just absolutely hilarious and eerily relatable. All they were missing was a picture of a twelve pound MinPin stepping on a person’s throat in the morning in lieu of an alarm clock. That’d be the start of my day.Although one bit certainly hit the nail on the head–The early riser wakes with the sun and welcomes the day with a burst of enthusiasm. He likes to share his feelings with others. Having done so, he promptly goes back to sleep.I can’t tell you how many times my little bastard’s done that, not only during the week but on the weekends as well. He gets up, all excited, can’t stay still, wants to get out, wants to get out, wants to get out. I let him out, feed him and start doing my thing because I’m wide freakin’ awake. Where does he go? Back upstairs, under my blankets and goes back to sleep for an undetermined amount of time.Unfortunately the book was blissfully lacking in chapters on extreme chewing (not just on the wussy chewing they broached, my dog destroys Kongs, just so you know what I'm dealing with here, and just to remind you, he's a Miniature Pinscher) and peeing on my bed out of spite. I would have liked to have known the author’s take on such a dilemma. Trainers said it was his "teen" years. Yeah, well, I didn't pop a squat on my mom's bed when she wouldn't let me have the car, now did I?Overall, a cute read, definitely worth the half hour it took for me to get through it. It’s also rather therapeutic; making me laugh at my dwindling stockpile of shoes and blankets that more closely resemble Swiss cheese. It’s more of an insane laugh, but a laugh nonetheless.And now I leave you with some images of my very own neurotic dog. You can call him Malfoy . . .No I didn't destuff my own comforter and yes, that is a bobble head Jesus my dog is chewing on. Do you have a neurotic dog?

  • Jennifer Yoesting
    2018-10-17 16:00

    I believe this book was written by a dog!

  • Amanda
    2018-09-26 08:05

    "A great many dogs are neurotic, especially in this country. The canine population of the United States is about 25 million. Out of this, about 25 million can be classified as neurotic -- a conservative estimate (page 11)." This is just one of many amusing "factoids" found in "How to Live With a Neurotic Dog." This book is a very short and easy read -- almost half of the book is comprised of Eric Gurney's cartoon drawings. Written in the style of a self-help manual, the author attempts to psychoanalyze and explain what we think are strange behaviors of dogs. For example, there is a very good reason for a dog to jump up to your kitchen table and steal your chicken dinner -- the reason being, because he's hungry (page 11)! In addition to eating habits, you may also learn how to train and bathe your neurotic dog, and how to help your neurotic dog cope with a new baby (without having to find a new home for the baby). Stephen Baker's witty discourse makes for some very amusing light reading for neurotic dog lovers everywhere.

  • Cecily
    2018-10-08 12:08

    A MUST READ for all dog lovers. True and laugh out loud funny!

  • Carielyn Mills
    2018-10-19 08:53

    there are a couple of funny jokes at the beginning but other than that it's a mischaracterization of dogs to try to get a laugh. dogs don't hate being taken outside because they'd rather sleep all day - that's cats. they also don't refuse to be trained or growl at their owners when they get into their own beds (also cats). it doesn't make sense most of the time and contradicts itself a lot. i'm being overly critical of this so-called book because it bugs me when things get published that aren't worth the paper. people on twitter are funnier than this and they aren't getting paid. p.s. there are also some black and white cartoons in here, all with really lazy crosshatching.

  • Haley Yoesting 🌻
    2018-10-15 12:05

    I loved this book for what it is. A very short, humorous, and strangely accurate guide about dogs. Now if I had gone into this looking for actual advice.. I would be disappointed. Luckily, I did not, so this is exactly the refreshing, simple story that I needed after reading so much Horror lately. The cute cartoons printed on each page added to the charm of the book. The illustrations are actually the reason that I picked this up. Now I’ll be looking for one about cats.

  • Dobby0390
    2018-09-24 09:07

    Chapter 9 sums up my experience of being the companion human for various dachshunds over my lifetime: Chapter 9. Can the Neurotic Dog be Cured? (view spoiler)[No. (hide spoiler)]Keen writing by Stephen Baker and cute cartoon drawings by Eric Gurney make this amusing little book a perennial favorite on my bookshelf.

  • Paula Nichols
    2018-10-15 14:09

    This was mildly amusing, and entertained me for the time I was reading it. It is tongue in cheek, and actually relates the day to day life of my dog - more or less! Very quick read and a lightness of mood from my other book!

  • Katherine
    2018-10-12 10:07

    it had humor yet the information was real. it makes you look at being a pet owner with a different perspective.

  • Ktbird
    2018-09-29 14:08

    Cute and quirky. A good book to gift to that one friend who is crazy about her dog.

  • Kristin
    2018-09-27 15:12

    I've seen this book in stores frequently, usually on the bargain book rack, but always decided that since I didn't have a neurotic dog (or so I thought), it wasn't one I needed to buy at the time. Last week it was available at a used book sale so I figured 'why not?'.The book is a lot older than I realized, but the illustrations are very general pictures of mutts, and a dog's life really doesn't change, so the book didn't feel dated. Baker took a humorous approach to basically say, 'a dog will be a dog, so if there's a neurotic individual in the relationship, it's probably the owner'. That said, it isn't a 'how to train your dog' book, more like a look at life from the dogs' perspectives and how they train their owners to get what they want. Baker covers everything from a dog's assumed right to whatever position in the bed it desires to the dog's decision on the merits of following the commands issued by its owner as opposed to staying put and doing what feels right.Good for a quick, funny read and a written record of many of the things dog owners think after living with the creatures for a while.

  • Spudsie
    2018-10-18 11:04

    This is a must-buy book for anyone who owns a beagle, or beagle mix.Trust me on this. (If you own a beagle you probably already know what I'm talking about!)My husband and I ran into this book a few years ago. We purchased it for the picture on the cover along--the dog looked EXACTLY (except for the coloring) like our beagle-mix Lexus! The high-strung nervous eyes, the ears that won't lay flat for anything, the constant shaking out of excitement. Oh yeah....that was Lexus.The book was so funny (and so true!) we were in tears of laughter reading it.Here's a sample of the advice offered."DO get a soft, comfortable bed. Your dog will appreciate your thoughtfulness.DO try an electric blanket for cold nights. Dogs like warmth.DON'T ever, ever snore. Dogs dislike the sound; it reminds them of other dogs who are bigger than they are.DON'T forget: you cannot live with a dog who is not housebroken. You must move out."

  • Christyn
    2018-09-28 09:08

    How to Live with a Neurotic Dog was cute and fun (though not as fun as I thought it would be - though that could be because I'm sick right now). It's a very short, easy read that will bring some smiles to your face (especially if you are an owner of a neurotic dog). What can I say - there were moments I was definitely thinking some of these things fit (with one of my dogs) but were completely different than the other one. That is one is very lazy and perks up at food (though trying to get him to do tricks is like pulling teeth sometimes) and one is like the energizer bunny who is obsessed with his toy (seriously he takes at least one everywhere). A very cute book for dog lovers.

  • Terri
    2018-09-23 14:54

    This book is so funny, and a lot is true. I thought it was a train-your-dog book, but it's a tongue-in-cheek view of living with any dog. Chapters on Training, Grooming, and Traveling with a Neurotic dog, and they all hit close to home. Make sure you check out the illustrations carefully, they add to the story.An excerpt from "Chapter 8 - The Neurotic Dog and Your Cat""Good dog. He is a fine watchhdog. He is a great retriever. He rolls over on command. He can walk on his hind legs.Good Cat. He is cute."Good for smiles, chuckles and some laugh outlouds.

  • Aline
    2018-10-02 13:55

    When I bought this book, I thought it would help me to tame my dog correctly. But that wasn't the case. This funny little book advises masters to be really nice with their dogs and to let the dog sleep in the bed whenever he wants to!But it was a nice read, really funny (especially the drawings) and relaxing. I really enjoyed it and I discovered that my dog isn't as neurotic as I thought her to be!

  • Shirley
    2018-09-22 09:00

    How to Live with a Neurotic Dog is loaded with smiles. If we follow Stephen Baker's practical advice there will be fewer neurotic pups as well as a decrease in dog-owners in need of expensive psychotherapy for dealing with canine idiosyncrasies. Dogs are too kind to tell us that we are actually the ones in need of help. They have valid reasons for everything they do. Fred Hillard's illustrations speak volumes. Read this one aloud with the whole family and don't forget to include the dog.

  • ^
    2018-09-30 11:01

    I don’t own a dog. I’ve never owned a dog. But I’ve known dogs with Great Dane bloodlines, whose owner would probably have benefitted from this book if I had ever been prepared to lend it to her. Would I ever have seen the book again?)I keep this book principally for Eric Gurney’s many cartoons within; which I love. They make me smile. It’s as simple as that.

  • Maura
    2018-10-10 15:53

    Yes. This. This is life with my mother's dogs. They are absolutely crazy - and having read this I see that it's nothing everyone else hasn't already seen. How do we make these dogs like this? I loved reading this and found myself thinking "YES!" the entire way through. It's like the author researched the book in my household.

  • Amanda
    2018-10-08 14:09

    Cute and clever, although now becoming somewhat outdated, this quick read kept me entertained for about 90 minutes. This is one I will definitely be passing on to my mother, the owner of the neurotic dog in my life... maybe she can learn a few tricks on how to live with him. Nice concept, cute illustrations, about a 7/10 for me. :)

  • Sean
    2018-10-18 13:02

    From the author who brought us How to Live with a Neurotic Cat. Being a dog owner, I not only found this book hilarious, but very true. The topics that Baker tackles include: Training a Neurotic Dog, Sleeping Habits of the Neurotic Dog, Traveling with the Neurotic Dog, How to Play with a Neurotic Dog, and Analyzing the Neurotic Dog at Home, among others.

  • Su Phing
    2018-10-18 11:52

    A 4 quid find in an antique (read: pre-loved) bookstore. It was funny and had charming illustrations, although a little incoherent whether the author had a gun to his head (by the neurotic dog) or if he was truly a neurotic lover of dogs.Finished reading: Sept 2009

  • Nutkin
    2018-09-21 10:04

    Hilarious book about having a neurotic dog that my mom had since we always joke that ours is neurotic. The illustrations and comics really make the book. This book is just all-around fun and a rather short read. I'd recommend it to any dog owner!

  • Jamie
    2018-10-04 16:10

    Quick read, and quite entertaining if you own a dog, especially a somewhat neurotic one. If you're looking for something fun and easy that you can pick up here and there as you have time, this is a cute one.

  • Emilyprice
    2018-09-21 14:03

    " 1. DO make sure your dog understands what you mean. Use proper grammar and enunciate your words clearly. Dogs disdain sloppy language... 3.DO discuss problems with your dog. Dogs prefer persuasion to force. If you see him yawn, stop."

  • Lorelei
    2018-10-04 14:53

    This book had a couple of really funny moments, but overall it wouldn't have been worth the time to read except that the book I am in the middle of has vanished, so it kept me occupied. I hope the other book turns up. Anyway, if you've nothing better to do it's not so bad.

  • April
    2018-10-08 11:56

    Best book for dog owners. So true!!!

  • Mark Luongo
    2018-10-09 15:00

    Funny. Everything fits Tucker to a T.

  • Ashley
    2018-10-20 10:57

    Cute book! Great illustrations of different canine types! Contains great advice! ;)

  • Jen Taylor
    2018-09-28 09:14

    Humorous, tongue in cheek how to book for those of us with neurotic dogs at home. Or just for those who like a chuckle. Well written and illustrated.