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This latest offering in the best-selling "Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul "series explores a host of challenges faced by today's teens. Within its pages teens will find portraits of life's complexities expressed from the viewpoint of their peers. Teen contributors share their thoughts and feelings on difficult issues, ranging from poor self-image to thoughts of suicide,This latest offering in the best-selling "Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul "series explores a host of challenges faced by today's teens. Within its pages teens will find portraits of life's complexities expressed from the viewpoint of their peers. Teen contributors share their thoughts and feelings on difficult issues, ranging from poor self-image to thoughts of suicide, from family discord to coping with the loss, from peer pressure to school violence. Teens ranked stress as one of their top concerns (along with child abuse and STDs). Oftentimes, the pressure can feel overwhelming, whether they involve worrying about an upcoming test, competition sports, family responsibilities, dating, or more extreme issues such as depression, suicide and school violence. The first three volumes of the "Teenage Soul "series and the companion journal illustrate the ongoing popularity of this series (unit sales exceed 11 million). "Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Tough Stuff "and the Spring 2001 release "Teenage Soul Letters "will undoubtedly follow suit as the next best-sellers in a phenomenally popular series....

Title : Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Tough Stuff: Stories of Tough Times and Lessons Learned (Chicken Soup for the Soul)
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Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Tough Stuff: Stories of Tough Times and Lessons Learned (Chicken Soup for the Soul) Reviews

  • Alex
    2018-09-24 15:05

    While I was reading Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Tough Stuff, I read some phenomenal stories, but there was only one in particular that was my favorite, its called I Never Knew. The emotion that this story brought me was very depressing. Its about a girl and her best friend Cindy, and Cindy had everything going for her, she was really popular and all the guys wanted her, and she was incredibly beautiful, but one day she couldn't handle the abuse that her father was doing to her, so she decided to end her life by shooting her self with her fathers gun. My favorite character is Cindy's friend, because she was always there for her best friend when she needed someone, and my not so favorite would be Cindy because she started pushing her friend away to do other stuff, like being with guys, but when she was at her last moments she could only think about her best friend and how she was really the only family and friend that she ever knew and cared about. Also the portion of this story that captivated my attention would be when they told Cindy's friend that she killed her self, and how she was so shocked and she couldn't believe it, because she thought she so was perfect, and nothing like that could ever happen to her. I think the author wrote this book to show that the pressures of life can be devastating for teens, and that teenagers are not alone in the world with all the challenges you face. My favorite line would be the beginning quote of the story, " The difference between holding on to a hurt or releasing it with forgiveness is like the difference between laying your head down at night on a pillow filled with thorns or a pillow filled with rose petals". What made me keep reading this book was all the stories and hurts that other teenagers go through, I mean I'm to busy worrying about schoolwork and responsibilities , but I never even thought about suicides and eating disorders. If this book was made into a movie I would probably be Cindy's friend, because I could never end my own life like Cindy did. I would recommend this book to any teenager who has been through alot of tragedy's in there life, with tough times and lessons learned.

  • Menglong Youk
    2018-09-24 10:51

    This is by far the best books among five Chicken Soup for the Soul I've ever read. For whom doesn't know this book, I want to let you know that it is a collections of short stories on tough stuff that teenagers and some other ages meet in their every day's life, such as death of a person we know, drug, alcohol, self-acceptance, family matters, suicide, tragedy, etc. Most of the stories are more touching and inspirational than those in the previous books. Besides, I love reading stories on tough stuff which is why I love this book. If you don't know which Chicken Soup for the Soul books that you should pick up first, I'd recommend you this one.

  • Yesenia
    2018-09-19 14:02

    I can honestly say this book was one of my favorites ! I hardly recommend this book to all the teenagers out there. This book isn't just like any other regular one out there, this book has a lot of different types of stories, different themes that talk about issues during teenage life. Whether you are having issues right now or not, it is still very important for you to get to know these types of stories this book has. It is filled with teenage problems such as; suicide , family problems , death , friendship, disorders it has almost everything a teenage would go through in real life. In this book teenagers like you talk about their stories and their experience and their solution, that are good and bad. You could relate to the problems you are having in this book and realize what is it that you are doing wrong and how to fix it. This book is awesome, you can actually learn new things and learn from people's mistakes. Take advantage of reading this book , you wouldn't want to stop reading it because its how interesting the stories are, and its all worth it because you'll get to know your mistakes and related it to your situation.

  • Daisy
    2018-10-20 13:09

    Some stories made me cry and realize it could happen to me!!! If any of my friends read this review and story, all I have to say is please learn from these other teens past mistakes and lessons. They can help you in life as they have done for me. Especially now that we are teenagers, we think we know everyhting. Truth is, we don't! Just take my advice, learn from the past mistakes people are trying to help us avoid. I will always have a copy of this book in my house, that's for sure.

  • Dasha
    2018-10-01 10:04

    I remember being so young, hiding behind a lightpost at a soccer game (which I loved to watch), and I couldn't tear myself away from reading these stories. I reread them about 10 times each. Its an essential piece of art to have in your collection if you have a child, sibling, or even for yourself.

  • Alec John
    2018-10-18 09:12

    I love this book! i cried and laughed all the way through. If you feel alone in the world, this book is for you. I personally think they should have made the suicide section longer because it is such an intense issue today, or maybe that's why they didn't. I just loved this book! I have memorized almost all of the poems in here!

  • Courtney Wright.
    2018-10-07 15:11

    I really like this book:) It amazes me what people go through in the world and I realize that I am not alone and some situations. its a great book to read to help you through your life, i recomend it highly its amazing , i like the whole range of chiken soup books but especially this one.

  • Savannah
    2018-10-01 08:44

    One of my favorites by far ♥ I always reread it

  • Tonya Paul
    2018-10-04 14:59

    Even as an adult, reading this before I add it to my classroom library, many of the stories resonated with me. I highly recommend.

  • Talyah
    2018-09-23 09:54

    I read this book soooooo many times!!!

  • Robin
    2018-10-16 11:47

    Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Tough Stuff: Stories of Tough Times and Lessons Learned is a book written by teenagers and some people in their early 20's, and this whole book is compiled by Kimberly Kirgerger, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. I wanted to read this book, because I was going through some tough times, and thought that maybe this book could help me get through them. I was depressed, and sometimes had thoughts of how and what it would be like if I killed myself, I hate to admit it but sometimes I see what it's like to try to kill myself. From this book I learned how to deal with my depression and how to deal with my fighting with my parents and how to deal with my thoughts of suicide. I learned how people got help, and learned how to become more sociable and more understanding of life. Even though this book helped me a lot, I sometimes have bad thoughts and sometimes, I have the same thoughts: "What would it be like if I didn't exist?" but not as often. When I finished reading the book, I was glad to know (even though I new before) that I wasn't the only kid or teen that had these certain kind of thoughts, I read and heard them in books, magazines, newspapers, and on the television on certain shows, but I felt better knowing, that all of that was real. I also photocopied some poems and stories that really helped me through my tough times, and I even wrote some to help me get my thoughts and anger out. This book really helped me.

  • Em
    2018-10-12 07:46

    Growing up is not easy. There are times when we find that adolescence challenges us the most. We become confused with our roles, our identities, and sometimes comes a point when we break our relationships with people around us, and worse, our relationship with our own selves.In our teenage years, we had to deal with several pressures – peer and society, family, school, career, relationships – and the greatest challenge posed before us is to triumph against temptations, i.e. to cross the adolescence bridge successfully.It is like passing through the eye of a needle, as others may say. And requires responsibility and accountability on the part of family and society.Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Tough Stuff is a special edition that documents the tough challenges of growing up. It is a chronicle of stories and verses that will surely break our hearts and bring us closer to the teenager we once were and to anyone we know who might be caught up in the same situations as those of teenagers in the book.I read this way back in high school and it made me understand the process I was going through – that everything was normal and what was not normal was how I respond to situations I was faced with.Adolescence tests our character – our strengths and weaknesses. We hope that this book will help or has helped us come out of it alive and whole.

  • Mariana
    2018-09-24 14:13

    Review by:Mariana,MassachusettsTitle:Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul On Tough StuffAuthor's name:Jack CanfieldGenre:realistic fictionSummary"Well the book has many stories in it and theyre split into chapters based on what theyre about.For example there was abuse,alcohol and drugs,and death and dying.Its about teenagers who have a story about themselves kind of like a book of memoirs.They all hold lessons at the end which i hope people can learn from.Interesting:I liked how even though i havent been abused or done drugs i know all the consequences that could follow and i could feel their pain.How was it?:Overall,I liked he book because, the chapters seemed real unlike some books where they all have happy endings and you can tell they were fake.I liked most of the chapters but i wasnt a fan of the chapter about death and dying because even though it taught that your life could be over at any time it was kind of depressing.It shocked me how someone who was so young witha bright future could die just like that.Overall,I give the book 4 stars.=]

  • Victoria Garcia
    2018-10-19 09:55

    The book Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Tough Stuff by Jack Canfield tells the story of many teenagers life through a friends death, abuse, drug addiction, achohal addiction, and suicide. Overall, I thought the book was a really good book. I like reading the Chicken Soup books and when I saw this one in the school library I thought I would start to read it for fun. Well I quickly got addicted to this book soon after I read the first few pages. It amazes me that so many teenagers are willing to share their stories with everyone even though they were not perfect in these times. One of the stories that really stuck with me was the one where this girl is talking about how her high school boyfriend would abuse her, but she didn't leave at first because she as so in love with him. This is a really intense book, so I definitly think you need to be at least 13 to read this book.

  • Stephanie Martin
    2018-10-05 10:14

    This book was really amazing, it shares lifes stories of what happenes in peoples life, weather it be about losing a realtionship, a death in the family or a close friend, it is so good, I like how when you read the book that it is like you can relate to what they are going threw and if you cant it is like you can just get he feel of what they are going threw. I read one that was about this little girl who had cancer and this woman sepent everyday with her and then the girl died. It had to be the saddest one I have read, the time that I read the story my best friend was batteling cancer and it really hit home and I cried for like days.It was so sad, yes there was more to the story then just that but that is all that I can rememeber.

  • Paola (ElvenBookworm)
    2018-10-08 09:08

    I picked up this book for the first time when I was in the 6th grade, so I was quite young to be reading a book with such serious topics, but I thoroughly remember the impact that it had on me. I flew through it in a couple of days because I was THAT enticed with it. It stuck with me for days and I would check it out from the library any chance I could. The stories in this book were absolutely so beautiful and moving. Add to that the fact that they're all true stories and the impact becomes that much heavier. This is one of those rare books that has really stuck with me throughout my teenage years and, even now, as a 20 year old, I still think about it all the time and appreciate the perspective it gave me on life as I grew older. (I actually still own a copy of it.) Highly recommend!

  • Mayra
    2018-10-06 09:06

    This book consist of many short stories about teenagers and their conflicts in and out of school.Their are several stories about suffering alone and it really surprised me that their are people who suffer alone and never let anyone help them out. I was close to tears when i read about how friends tore apart but accidents brought them back together. Reading this short stories made me realize that some people are real lonely in this world and I should be glad that i have friends and a family that love me.This edition of the Chicken soup is great because it talks about hard subjects and situations teens go through and is very helpful because they tell you what you can do if a friend is going through these situations.

  • Jessica Parnell
    2018-10-01 11:52

    I really liked this book. This book is about manly stories that young teens went through as their years past. I would say if you like Sad,Happy,conforting..etc. Then this book would be the one you would wanna read. My favorite story in this book was called "Help Me". I liked this story the best because it started out sad about this little girl getting beaten up by her dad and no one came to help her. She would scream for her mom saying " help me pull me away from this". But her mother couyld not hear her crying voice. In the end of this story it ended really good her dad got tooken away by the cops.

  • ♥Xeni♥
    2018-10-11 13:10

    This is one of the few Chicken Soup for the Soul books that I still own. I went through a period back in middle school where I tried to read as many of these as I could (after a longer period of thinking they were the stupidest books on the market). I am so glad that I grew out of the judging-a-book-by-it's-cover thing (for the most part) because without it I never would have enjoyed the multitude of stories that are the Chicken Soup books!This one was especially close to my heart, because as I was reading it I could definitely understand some of the hardships that a few of the teenagers were going through themselves. Thank you for the Chicken Soup books!

  • Betty
    2018-09-25 09:46

    This book is about what teenagers have trouble in life and what they are willing to share to the world. I never liked Chicken soup until my friend in school recommended me to read it. I learn many experiences just by this book. The chapter i like the most is the first chapter. The chapter is On-self acceptance. After I read this chapter I thought to my self how stronger am i now about my self after this chapter? This Chapter is exactly how I feel in my daily life and i beleive that i got stronger about my self and what to do when i get all the bad sayings i get.

  • Michelle
    2018-09-30 13:02

    This was a collect of short stories that teenager wrote about when they had difficult times in life.I really enjoy reading these books because sometimes I feel that I am not the most fortunate girls in the world, but compare to some of those teenagers, I am consider one of the luckiest girl in the world. More than that, I also learned more about how others cope with their emotions, one of the ways is through writing and I do the same thing, through writing except I never shared my most inner feelings with anyone. But writing did helped me a lot when I am at my down times.

  • Jandkplus8fan1
    2018-10-09 09:08

    I thought this was such a good book. It has a whole bunch of stories about people who have been threw something tragic and thought they would never ever go through. It shows anything can happen in an instant, so live your life to the fullest. Don't take things for granted, because the next thing you know, it will be gone. I gave it 4 stars. I gave it that because I thought it was a good book, but was hard to handle. I am not good at rading emotional stuff, so it was diffucult to get threw it. It is a great book and I would suggest people who can handle, like the title says, "Tough Stuff"

  • Risheilly
    2018-09-28 12:02

    This is a very conplexed and good book. It talks about hard stuff that teens go through in life like peer pressure, alcohol, deaths, drugs, etc. It tells different stories that have happened to teens and the hard things they went through. They also have poems in the beginning of every chapter making you think from a different point of view. One story was about a girl who went to a party and needed a ride home and her friend was drunk. They got into an accident and they friend survived but not the girl. He saw his own friend die in front of him and it was his fault.

  • Janettee Mccrary
    2018-10-12 11:55

    When I read this book, I was going through a lot of bad stuff. I had just lost my second closest friend to Luekemia, and my mother and another friend were unaccounted for in two of the areas hit in the Sept. 11 attacks. I was very depressed and thought maybe seeing how bad other people lives were would make my problems seem silly. The book didn't do that, but it allowed me to finally cry and feel better afterwards. I was able to grieve for my best friend, and have faith that those lost would be found. So thanks, you really have the power to touch other people's lives and make them better.

  • Mickey
    2018-09-19 08:59

    I think this book taught me a lot! It might be a little mature, but it really helped me understand things like why people commit suicide, and divore problems and things like that. I think by reading this book I have a better understanding of what can go wrong, and I know it well help me make great decisions as I get older. I really recommend this book to anyone, especially teens going through tough times.

  • Kenya
    2018-10-07 13:05

    This book was something that I could'nt put down. I felt like it kept me occupied reading about other people's life stories. It truly was a wonderful book. There were certain stories that sparked emotion in me. Which was fine. The author's of this stories included as much emotion as possible. Thats wonderful. I could relate to this book in so many ways. When I read this book it was like my eyes were opened to reality and I really wanted to be a voice for all teens facing issues in their lives.

  • Darcy Stewart
    2018-10-17 14:58

    This a great book to get you to feel good. I read this book when I was depressed. It really helped me get better. I got to read about other teenagers challenges. It was so inspirational.I have read some of the stories in here multiple times. I love one where "I Kiss Like a Horse". That was quite a story. There is one in here about a school shooting. I think it is the Columbine shooting. I am not sure though since I read it so long ago.

  • Narayana Almanza29259
    2018-09-28 12:53

    I really liked this book because of how many diffrent kind of stories there are and how many of the stories are true.I also like this book because of the diffrent kind of stories like on growing up and on self-acceptance.This book also has some stories that relate to me like on my self-acceptance.This book also has some stories that can make people feel emotinol because of the details the stories use.This book is one of the many books of the Chicken Soup for the Soul.

  • Samia
    2018-09-29 07:46

    This book really got to the heart and it talked about hard core stuff. It included real life stories from average teens like you and me, but it wasn't always the pretty with ponies kinda' thing. It talked about reality. It also included some amazing poems that really touched the soul. If any of you have read Chicken Soup for...ect. you know what these books are like. I encourage you to read this book especially if you are one of those people who tend to forget the purpose of life.

  • Ariel
    2018-09-20 14:58

    This book has it all! Whether you have a normal life with not many obstacles, or you're like me and have had your share of trials, this book has a story for you. Many of the individuals I can relate to. The stories don't gloss over any of the hard details; they share the experience as-is. These teenagers went through terrible situations but many of them are using them for good. This book is an inspiration. Another great Chicken Soup book!