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Life Lessons on Relationships from Teen to TeenAs a teen, you know that these are possibly the most challenging years of your life. Your relationships with your family and friends are constantly changing, and you face tough choices about the people you want to hang out with. New friendships begin as others fall by the wayside. Love interests may come and go, and friends beLife Lessons on Relationships from Teen to TeenAs a teen, you know that these are possibly the most challenging years of your life. Your relationships with your family and friends are constantly changing, and you face tough choices about the people you want to hang out with. New friendships begin as others fall by the wayside. Love interests may come and go, and friends become like family. Your parents are "the enemy" today, your best friends the next. This book offers support in navigating the perils and jjoys of these relationships.The stories in this latest serving of Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul explore the topics nearest and dearest to your heart: love and friendship. They show how teens just like you feel about their closest releationships, breakups, friends, family, falling in love, tough times and growing up. Teens describe the happiest moments of their lives and the darkest days they struggle to put in these stories and will learn valuable lessons about the true meaning of love and friendship.Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Love & Friendship will inpsire you to make the most of the time you spend with your loved ones and friends....

Title : Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Love and Friendship
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ISBN : 9780757300226
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Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Love and Friendship Reviews

  • enqi ✨ (high lady of the night court)
    2018-10-10 10:17

    Chicken Soup was a childhood favorite of mine. I read the original series, "Chicken Soup for the Soul", and loved the simple yet enlightening stories in it, and the valuable life lessons imparted in each story. Some years later, I found that Chicken Soup had expanded, and being a teenager myself, I decided to check this book out from the library.Perhaps the stories are as simple as, or simpler than I once remembered, but the life lessons, as always, are relevant to their intended audience. This anthology is a poignant one, both heartwarming and heartbreaking, and each story is unique in its own way. Within your heart, keep one still, secret spot where dreams may go.If you haven't read a Chicken Soup book before, read it. It will amuse you and make you laugh and give you this warm feeling in your heart - but most of all it will make you a better person. And that is the most beautiful thing of all.

  • Helena
    2018-09-26 16:09

    Love, friendship, and heartbreak are the highlights of the teenage life. Each has different version of stories. For love, it is how two souls usually meet and how things are going steady. Some tales lead to marriage. Others just released themselves from the corset of their own secrets. For friendship, it is how two bestfriends meet and got along and how they survived the cracks in their friendship. Heartbreak, usually about getting back to the independent world and losing a "part" of self. Trying to move on from bitterness about first heartbreak. As what Thomas Foster said, we have one story to tell with a multitude of varying perspectives. That was not how he actually said it, that was how I interpreted it. It rings true since the patterns woven in the story brings familiarity.No matter how repetitive things get, we all get to experience the same emotions all over again. Some stories brought out tears in my eyes. I did not have the giddy feeling about the first love, because that occurred years ago based on personal account. I guess I could say I was void of all emotions relating to first love. Since I have been there and I have done that.Even though my emotional strings were not completely tugged with melodious and sorrowful tunes, I enjoyed reading all their stories. The experience of reading all their accounts justified the saying that everyone has their own story to tell and these are only among a few.

  • ♥ The Book Snob ♥
    2018-09-28 08:19

    Such beautiful and captivating stories and poems, oh, my, my!Some poems made we yearn for my best friend's hug, I miss her so much.. she is miles away.. :'( Some made me laugh, and cry..These stories will stay with me forever.Have done a wonderful job, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Kimberly Kirberger! :)) ♥ XOXO ♥

  • Shivani Mehrotra
    2018-09-23 09:11

    An awesome repertoire of elegantly described short stories to push your confidence to a very high level and keep you motivated through turbulent times.

  • Jazmine Batchelor Bubbles
    2018-10-03 16:12

    The book I read is called "Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Love & Friendship", by Jack Canfield & Mark Hansen. The book contains many short stories on friendships & young love. The book caught my eye because I love books that gives you advice. The book gives me advice because I learn from the short stories about what to do & not to do. The conflicts in the book helped me pick out the real friends from the fake friends. The littlest situtations in the book turned out to be more then just little probelms. The probelms caused a lot of good & bad things, such as becoming better friends, working out your relationships & losing friends. The book encouraged me to be a better friend and girlfriend. The book also taught me to not let little probelms get in my way. Another reason why I liked the book was because it showed that friends aren't always friends you hang around they will always make you laugh, cry, have a shoulder to lean on, an ear to whisper gossip, and to have someone to talk to. The book had a lot of details & examples on friendship & love. They're from real teens, and they're about the mad crazy, hard and joyful things that really happened to them and their friends. I have no dislikes about this book because I can picture myself in some of the stories because the situtations seemed real to me because I been through some of the probelms.I recommend this book to middle school & highschool students. Kids who like taking advice and who can image themselfs in that position. The way I feel about this book is very easy & simple. I have 3 reasons why: 1. I can relate2. I can understand3. I can image myselfThis book is great especially if your having a lot of probelms. Chicken Soup has a lot of other books if you have other problems as well. Chicken Soup has books for almost every situtation you can name.

  • Karen
    2018-10-06 10:10

    Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Love&FriendshipHCI Teens (first published 2002)Jack Canfield$6.95 Pages.400ISBN-10:0757300227 ISBN-13: 9780757300226 Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Love&Friendship is a novel that includes all of teenager's story. These teenager's story are mostly the author's memoirs. In this novel all of the short stories relates to love and friendship themes. Throughout Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Love&Friendship, teenagers from age 14 to 21. Each and every short story is breath taking and you won't be able to forget it. There are many great quotes throughout the novel. For instance, A sibling may be the sole keeper of one's core identity, the only person with the key's to one's unfettered, more fundamental self. Some short stories in Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Love&Friendship are The Boy at Band Camp, I finally did it, Tinfoil and a Hairband, and much more. In the back of the novel there are more information about the writers and the short story itself.When I read the book I really enjoyed reading the novel. It gave me many inspiration to life and giving me a lot hope and confidence in myself. If you enjoy reading short stories or even like writing short stories you should read Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Love&Friendship.

  • Lauren
    2018-09-20 10:20

    I picked this book because I had been read chicken soup books in the past, and they seemed pretty good. As I started reading it I thought it was okay, but definitely not the best book I’ve read. The one thing that bothered me the most, is this book is made from a bunch of different authors putting out their stories. The book would have its ups and downs. One story would be very well written, and some of them moving, but others would just be plain old boring. Certain writers would use good detail, but others would not. I found myself skipping several stories either because the story was not something I was interested in, or because the writing was horrible. Lots of the stories I found seemed to be missing a few things, like the author hadn't finished it. I think this is because the stories were too short. The author would say one thing and then THE END would be in big bold letters. All in all, I would rate this book two out of five stars because of some of the writing and I just didn’t find it that interesting . But, I think this book could be helpful to a growing teen.

  • Rayvyn Helderman
    2018-10-12 12:03

    So I'm the type of person who loves romantic stories and when I found this book on my book shelf i was hesitant to read it because i didn't think it was going to grab my interest. So i sat down and opened it up. The first story "The boy at band camp" By: Molly Gaebler. It was a good story and throughout the whole book I was so attached that i wouldn't go to sleep cause i wanted to keep reading this book is so good that i honestly will read it more than once. I hope the next reader enjoys as much as i did!

  • Meenakshi Sharma
    2018-10-15 10:59

    i loved thid book. as the name suggests it is based on teenage experiences and every teenager must read this book. the quotes, stories,poems are heart-touching. i liked the way in which the writer describes the person they liked or had a crush... at some points you find yourself smiling like a stupid over the incidents mentioned (because you are actually thinking about that situation in your life). in this book my favorite parts are falling in love, friendship and tough times... the first 2 categories are very cute and based on friendship and first love while in tough times we come across the difficulties faced as a teenager.. every teenager must read this book... looking forward to more CHICKEN SOUPS... :)

  • Zaneta
    2018-10-12 08:01

    This book is just a mix of people sending in their stories about their teenage life. There are different chapters in this book called 1. Falling in Love, 2. Breaking Up, 3. Friendship, 4. Tough Times, 5. Family and Love, 6. Acts of Kindness, and 7. Growing up. This book is a good book, because I believe any teenager, whether you are a girl or boy can relate to this book in so many ways. You can see the problems other teenagers had, and how they got through them. It could really inspire someone to be a better person, or see that your not the only one with a certain problem. It's a lot of stories combined into one book, and I think everyone could learn something from picking up this book. [;

  • Katherine (Katerina K.)
    2018-10-05 12:02

    This book is incredible!Plenty of its stories as well as its poems have left a mark in my heart and they will continue to do so for... forever!I am very happy i got to read it.. Every single story is so unique and beautiful, so insirational and true...I want to thank all of the teenagers who shared their stories with as and helped us that above all, life is worth living, but you've got to do it with love!!!I would reccomend this book to everyone, to the young ang old and especially to teenagers who are struggling to find who they really are...

  • Kamee
    2018-10-18 09:27

    This book was really fun to read. I really like books that are about life and things that you have or will go through. I also liked the poems in this book, I'm a big poet fan and I write as well. So if you like books about life and may need advice to help you through it I would suggest the Chicken soup for the soul books.

  • Amanda
    2018-09-28 13:26

    I didn't like this book. I don't know why I just didn't. Not my genre I guess. My cousin really likes these books so I figured I'd give them a try. I didn't like THIS one. There might be one of these type of books I might like but for now this one is a one star and I don't reccommened it to anyone.

  • Samantha
    2018-09-23 15:08

    What i like about this book so far is that it doesn't only have stories but it also includes poems that talk about love and how beautiful it is( I think that's one of the things that I like the most) there was this story of a girl and boy best friends and they liked each other and never told one another, at the en they do end up together(spoiler alert)

  • Ivy-Sue
    2018-10-05 08:12

    There was some very powerful stories in this. Some put me in tears and some made me laugh. Others I actually understood their situation and I felt like they got me. I recommend this book to all. It's really good.

  • Kendra Larson
    2018-09-21 11:01

    I like "feel good" stories, but a lot of it felt like I was too "old" for these problems, but really relatable.

  • Stephanie Cassidy
    2018-09-26 11:19

    Such an amazing book for teenagers and young adults. It teaches so many life lessons. Highly recommend.

  • Kelseysterk
    2018-10-01 10:26

    It is hard to write a synopsis about this book, because it does not have a general plot but its just merely a series of stories weaved together and centered around the same topic and idea. It ranges from relationships, crushes, breakups, finding yourself, and moving on. It is a very inspiring book and gives you good insight into the world of teenage relationships. It is a must read.The stories are written by people of all ages and it really does help the reader see what relationships are like from a girls view and a guy's view. It depicts the natural growth of a relationship and always explains what an unhealthy relationship is. The topic of friendships and fighting is also included, and this helps to balance out the share of relationships and friendships. Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul has several rhetorical devices within its content. Although each story was written in a different style, and a different author, it still included the basic components of the literature devices. The tone is clear and calm, there is a lot of comparing and contrasting in this book as well. Parallel structures are present and emotive language surrounds the text. Feelings are defenitely explained thoroughly, making the book even more exciting and inspiring to read.This book was amazing and I couldn't put it down. It was pretty much the BEES KNEES yeah you should all read it! Not only does it keep you flipping through the pages but it makes you want to change and learn and grow from all the people that have written in the book; I gained something significant from each and every story and I think that you will too!

  • Robin
    2018-09-25 12:15

    "Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Love & Friendship, is a book written by teenagers and compiled by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Kimberly Kirberger. At first I just wanted to read this book for fun, but then I realized that this book really helped me with my life. It told me how and when I should become friends with the right, people, and when and how to become active in a relationship. This book taught me the side-affects of a relationship going for the worst, and taught me to now let anything get in my way of my relationships, with friends or with a special somebody, if it was just a fight, over the last cookie, or what movie we should see. This book taught me how to become a better person. Reading a book that is written by teens, is a great way for me to understand what other teens are going through, and how they got through the tough times, because then I'll know when to say "No! I am going to save this relationship even if I have to risk my life for it!" or when not to say it. This book definitely showed me that whatever I do, I am not the only cause for a relationship that goes, bad, but it was both my and the other person's fault, or it wasn't any of our faults... it's just the way that God wants us to go, we can't help it. This book really helped me understand what being a true friend and girlfriend should be like, and what I am doing right and what I am doing wrong.

  • Alexis
    2018-09-21 12:04

    I love romance books and I love teenage books because it always shows me what will happen in high school and what to watch out for,I chose this book because my favorite author wrote this book : Jack Canfield.In this book there are 8 main characters and they all like this one boy but they don't even now each other the boys name is Jason,but the girls are in different classes them him there were 5 popular girls who would always flirt with him and then there was a goth person and there were to geeks but the geek ended up getting him read it and find out The only thing I didn't like about the book was that it had bad words in it so I probably wouldn't recommend it to my friends because I don't think they have the same taste.Anyways I have read the series of the book but I have to say that the book that I just read is far from better than the other books I read,but I still hope there will be another book coming out from the series.

  • Jazzmin
    2018-10-10 13:15

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this Chicken soup!!(my 1st official one)- I'm really glad I started out with this theme- on Love and Friendship. It really helps teenagers- I believe, as it did for me, to understand everything about growing up and a lot of it was about similar things to what I am and I'm sure other teens are going through. So, it was great to hear from other teens who have heart and told their stories with all that heart. It lets you know you aren't alone in this time of your life when it comes to the most complicated things for so many teens- falling in love and the soul of loving your friends and making/keeping them. It had a lot of sweetness and personally made me feel a lot from reading it. I learned a lot. Only thing I regret about reading it is that sadly, it flew by way too quickly...Great read!

  • Ahnika Hansen
    2018-10-12 12:29

    I think this is a good book for teenagers who are, maybe having a few problems with their teenage relationships or just (in general) friendships. I enjoyed this book very much and i guarantee that you won't get bored with it because its not like it is one long story it is a whole bunch of stories that a whole bunch of different endings.It is a good book to read with your parents because if you don't understand a story your parents could help you out.This book can help you strengthen your relationships with your family, friends, and your boyfriend/girlfriend. It teaches you what and what not to do if you want to keep a steady relationship. It also deals with marriage relationships and how even when you are a teenager,you can still have mature relationships. It is a good book. Have fun reading!!

  • Ashley
    2018-09-28 12:10

    This book is ALL about teens telling their own stories about love and friendship. Some of the stories are really sad compared to others... like there are some where they are funny. FOR EXAMPLE: There is this story where this teen tries to commit suicide because he didn't get his college applicant and he got rejected and his parents didn't really care about him. So he walks up to his room takes his knife and drives to his best friend's house telling him that he was going to kill himself and that he will miss the friend, and the friend tells him "I love you" (As a brotherly way). When he leaves he gets in his car he goes to this place and right when he was about to kill himself his friend calls him saying "I love you and don't kill yourself" (In a brotherly way). So he didn't kill himself its a really nice story I honestly recommend it...

  • Berlin Valencia
    2018-09-25 08:26

    This novel has many short stories. Some are great and some are not as i expected, but overall this novel catched my attention because its the genre i enjoy reading. One of my favorite stories is "Friends for Life". It is about two bestfriends, Tina and Tim,who have both ended their relationships. Their break-ups have gotten them closer than ever. Both are about to start their own lifes going to college, but they soon realize their feelings have changed. Will Tina and Tim confess their secrets, or will they see their love of their life pass them by? I really recomend this novel to those who enjoy love stories.

  • Keely
    2018-09-24 10:07

    Chicken Soup is probaly one of the best books I've ever read! I love the varity of stories one the topic of the chapter! it was great! Altough most of the stories in some of certain chapters are depressing (example: Friendship section), it's still a good book. I'm surprised I didn't cry any when I was reading it!!! I recommend it definatly more towards girls of age 11+ mostly because most of the stories were written and expirenced by girls. Sorry guys, but girls undrestand girls better than guys do. Anyway, the tough times and falling inlove sections were my favorites. It's a must read to all you girls out there! =D

  • Maria Rodriguez
    2018-10-18 14:24

    Have you ever experienced falling in love with your bestfriend or loosing your bestfriend? In this book, "Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul on Love & Friendship," is a book filled with short stories about how teenagers fell in love with their bestfriends and how they lost their bestfriend because of it. My favorite thing about this book is how there were real stories of teens.For example, one of the stories was about how a girl was in love with her bestfriend but never had the guts to tell him because she was too shy and she didn't know if he felt the same way. She didn't want to ruin their friendship.

  • Sophia
    2018-10-19 16:16

    I actually enjoy reading mini stories about other people life or relationship because most of the time they teaches you valuable lessons about our lifestyle. This book is full with a lot of mini stories about some relation problem or love issue. I think it's better to read in some else point of view and view something in a different way. For example, i always thought you can actually love someone at the first sight but now i actually lost hope because of the problem i have. But any way, this book is fun to read about some silly relation or some serious relationship

  • Taneysha forsyth
    2018-10-06 09:04


  • Nanii_babyy
    2018-10-05 12:09

    The information about this book its talking about love and friendship what happens when things in go wrong in this situation like for love why do boyfriends/girlfriends break up with each other or why they fight or get jealous other other people they hang with .The genre that this book is self help .This book is helping people with the problem that they have like for expample if they need help or information in love & friendship they would look it up.I like the book im reading its very helpful for me and others so they could have a better life .

  • Courtney Wright.
    2018-10-04 15:00

    "Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Love & Friendship, is a book written by teenagers and compiled by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Kimberly Kirberger. At first I just wanted to read this book for fun, but then I realized that this book really helped me with my life. It told me how and when I should become friends with the right, people, and when and how to become active in a relationship.its a really good book i liked all the inspirational stories it held its really helped me ,,i gave this book a five star and highley recomend it