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Title : Mo Dearbadan de
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Mo Dearbadan de Reviews

  • Sheila
    2019-05-08 10:20

    S. J. Byrne’s My Butterfly tells a tale in several parts, starting with a scary scene of sexual violence and its aftermath. But the crux of the story is the protagonist’s road to recovery, beyond the confines of psychotherapy, away from the love of her daughter, and off among the lochs and castles of Scotland. Having been to Scotland, I truly enjoyed the author’s descriptions of familiar places. I found the dialog very convincing, well-rendered with accent and dialect, though not always easy to understand.My Butterfly deals, not just with the fear engendered by violence, or the displacement of starting a new life, but also with issues of guilt and control. Some telling scenes reveal “the world is full of all manner sexual tastes an[d] many of them are misunderstood...” as Katherine explores the balance between pleasure and pain. Twin languages of art and romance are beautifully and evocatively rendered, with pleasing humor creating a convincing picture of two people falling in conventionally romantic, but unconventionally gratified love.Still, love is a risk, and perhaps a holiday romance is all Katherine needs... just one of many sexual choices, where time takes away the chance to control what happens next. “The intimacy level of their relationship only deepened” says the author as the tale progresses, but will it last?Not an easy read, nor a quick one, My Butterfly asks intriguing questions, invites the reader into scenes of both pleasure and pain, has great dialog once you get past the accent. It comes to a pleasingly satisfying conclusion too, as fate plays its part.Disclosure: I won an ecopy a while ago and I offer my honest review.

  • Linda Fast
    2019-05-21 14:26

    The novel begins with Katherine Daniels almost beaten to death by her husband. After waking from a three month coma she is left emotionally battered from a twenty year marriage. With the help of an aunt she decides to get away from her only known life and journey to Scotland for six months. Katherine settles into a flat owned by her Aunt and becomes friends with Emily who lives in the adjacent flat. Emily turns out to be a wonderful and caring friend who shows her around Scotland. The use each other as an emotional sounding board which helps with a much needed inner healing. Katherine truly begins to heal when she meets photographer Brandubh Maclean who brings her through different stages of emotional and artistic healing. This was an amazing read of artistic creativity, self help and what the power of true love can do. I also thoroughly enjoyed the descriptive Scottish language and the details of the Scottish countryside and castles. Thank you to Goodreads for I received this book free through Goodreads First Reads.

  • Petra Segrodnik
    2019-04-27 12:34

    SJ Byrnes first book is an absolutely big surprise and a "must read". My Butterfly/Mo Dearbadan de is absolutely exciting. It caught me from the very beginning and I couldn´t stop reading. The psychological aspects are very good recherched and SJ Byrne managed it, to talk about taboos and to dive into the human psyche without confusing the reader. There is nothing but sympathy for her wonderful choosen and developed characters. As a Scotland traveller I knew some of the locations of the story. The way of keeping the Scottish accent in the story and the virtual journey through Scotland warmed my heart and made me some kind of homesick. Finishing the book left a big space which other books barely could fill. The only thing you can do is, re-read that book until SJ Byrne will serve us with her next book.Fingers crossed for this shooting star.

  • S.J. Byrne
    2019-05-05 11:19

    Mo Dearbadan-de, pronounced Mo Jellan-jay, is Scots Gaelic for My Butterfly; a creature loved and admired for its abilities in self-transformation. Mo Dearbadan-de crosses between contemporary romance and women’s fiction, broaching matters of the heart and the sensitive issue of domestic violence in a tale of self-discovery, forgiveness and sexual healing. From her hometown in Southern Tennessee, to the rolling hills and glens of Scotland, Katherine Daniels explores the joy of falling in love with charismatic Brandubh MacLean, who understands her creative spirit and the fire burning within her. In his arms, Katherine owns her darkest desires and finds the strength to surrender unto forgiveness.

  • S.J. Byrne
    2019-05-06 18:36

    Where do you turn when love becomes twisted enough to kill and desire is darker than death? Where do you go when those you consider family blame you for the volatile episodes in your relationship?Far Far Away!Grateful for her aunt's generosity, Katherine Daniels leaves her failed marriage behind and heads to Scotland. Reconnecting with an artistic talent she'd abandoned under the tyranny of her ex-husband, Katherine begins a journey of healing and self-transformation. Finding love wasn't on her agenda, but what do you do when it finds you? Though she embraces the man who quickly steals her heart, she's harboring a secret that just may shatter her fragile new existence. Witness one woman's emergence from the dark night of her soul in My Butterfly.

  • Melissa Pearl
    2019-05-19 13:27

    Firstly, I have to say this book was beautifully written. I really liked the two MCs a lot and thought they were realistic characters who I could empathise with. The setting was gorgeous too. I REALLY want to visit Scotland now :)I'm used to reading YA, so I found the pace a little slow for my liking and there was also quite a few adult love scenes that I skimmed. That is simply personal preference however and does not make this a bad story.The only other thing I would have changed, was I found the Scottish dialogue slightly hard to read.I would recommend this book to anyway who likes a story filled with romance, beautiful scenery and characters with depth.

  • Sharon Reddy
    2019-05-10 18:40

    Stayed up to finish! I wasn't close to the end. Very late/early, I yelled, "Find out what it means, you dope!" I don't get into a story like that often. There were fewer typos than I've encountered in most 'big publisher' books I've read in recent years. There were a few places it could be tightened a bit and I, personally, would have preferred accents be dealt with in another way, but I didn't stop reading and that's the bottom line. This story of healing and growth is a great romance and the author definitely conveyed the spirit and feeling of Scotland. Well done. Highly recommended. It was fun!

  • Brian Bigelow
    2019-05-21 15:39

    This is a really well written book that normally I would have finished already but I'm caught up in a few other projects. At the beginning it was really difficult for me to read. It wasn't because of the writing, it was because of the images presented. I find it difficult to read scenes of spousal abuse.Writing well evokes images within the mind, this book does that throughout from front to back. It will definitely carry you away. The images and scenes in Scotland are to die for, really wonderfully written. I'm really able to immerse myself in this story from a master story teller. Being a photographer, I could very easily see myself as the character (Brandubh).

  • Samanthaw
    2019-05-07 15:29

    I absolutely loved this book... it starts out with a bang and then mellows out as you learn and fall in love with the characters but then all of a sudden the story changes in a very unexpected way and I was riveted. I couldn't put the book down. Now that it's over I miss the characters, all of them. I will say that some of the sexual encounters were difficult for me to get through but I understand the significance of them and because I loved the characters so much I wasn't about to put it down or skip over them.Intense but wonderful.

  • Sally
    2019-05-06 17:22

    A beautifully written, life affirming book!! Wasn't sure if I'd get into this book, not keen on reading about abuse of any kind. But this book is an exception. Wonderful story showing that even if you've known nothing but an abusive relationship, you can go on to love, and be loved respectfully and fulfill your dreams.

  • H.C. Elliston
    2019-05-09 11:33

    A deeply moving story of self-discovery forgiveness and healing after domestic violence.

  • Claudia
    2019-05-07 16:19

    Not for the weak of heart regarding sexual encounters, but the story line was interesting and compelling for me. Everything didn't clean up "nice", which is a a breath of fresh air.

  • jgyweniverel
    2019-05-06 18:43

    I love the name of this book!

  • ViannaTedder
    2019-05-03 13:25

    I think Macbeth might be the only Scottish literature I’ve ever read, and even that really isn’t Scottish, I figured I would give this book a try. Ok, I didn’t know Scottish women were so crazy about fashion and make-up and I didn’t know art was just a big deal, so I guess that’s cool to learn. Other than that this novel is a DISASTER. The dialogue written in Scottish dialect was so hard to understand; I finally understand why people have such a hard time reading Huck Finn. Besides not being able to understand the dialogue the plot is a tragic mess. There are dangling plot lines everywhere and not in the “ to be continued . . .” kind of way, just like forgotten about. This book sucks!

  • Faith
    2019-05-04 11:28

    im sorry to say but this book was simply boring to me. not what i am normally into. it started off with a great strong base tine for the story but then it ws a smooth sailing. all the action was right within the first few pages so the rest of the book was flat. pretty much jus reading someones diary from their very relaxing vacation. it to me forever to read it cause of the scottish accent. but i do have to say the writing was awesome. story was well told/written. not a bad book at all just not something that im into.i do not recommend this to anyone. sorry.

  • Irene
    2019-05-20 18:45

    Ok I guess!