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Do you know 'Damien'? Raven makes that kid look like an angel.The "Of War"-series picks up in part I of this II-part sequel when Ares and Alena try to settle down on Olympus and await the birth of their son, Raven.Haunted by prophetic visions along with a body and mind that are starting to betray her, Alena struggles to enjoy what should be a happy and blessed occasion. ThDo you know 'Damien'? Raven makes that kid look like an angel.The "Of War"-series picks up in part I of this II-part sequel when Ares and Alena try to settle down on Olympus and await the birth of their son, Raven.Haunted by prophetic visions along with a body and mind that are starting to betray her, Alena struggles to enjoy what should be a happy and blessed occasion. The relentless hostility from the other Olympians make her yearn to be back on their cozy island home, far away from all the bickering and backstabbing that makes up Life on mighty Mount Olympus.Knowing of Zeus' unabashed hatred for Alena and the Celts, Ares becomes convinced Zeus is causing these visions and the breakdown of Alena's mind. To appease his Father, the God of Gods, Ares enters into a wicked blood pact ensuring the safety of his wife and unborn son. A pact that could cost the God of War everything he holds dear.However, once the boy arrives, it quickly becomes clear Raven may be the most powerful and cunning Olympian ever born. Outwardly despised by Zeus for his Fey blood and his filthy Celtic mother the seeds of rage and doubt are planted in the Raven's mind by a very willing Apollo.As Zeus, Apollo, and Aphrodite plot against the new family, bit by bit the true pasts of the Olympians and Celts comes to light, the battle begins for Raven’s mind and soul and for the ultimate control of Olympus....

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Child of War - A God is Born Reviews

  • RondaTutt
    2019-05-11 16:09

    BRILLIANT AND CREATIVELY WRITTEN!WOW! WOW! WOW! This second installment to the “Of War” series is absolutely brilliant and creatively written. The story captivated me from the first page not with just the smooth writing style but with how visualized the characters came alive on the page. I felt like I was literally there experiencing every action and emotion right along with them. Lisa Darling has definitely weaved and defined a more humanistic world around these Mythical Gods. She has captured an unimagined life style into how and why these gods and the paranormal creatures such as the Fae/Fey exist.The story is full of action and emotions such as jealousy, hatred, love, lust, revengefulness, and conniving deceptions along with lots of WTF moments. I can definitely say I have a new outlook towards Zeus, Apollo, Aphrodite, Ares, Eros, Poseidon, Hades, and Athena. Their characters are literally selfish and gluttony-priggishly gross when it comes to mannerisms in eating. The love between Alena and Ares is definitely tested as Zeus, Aphrodite, and Apollo weave their conniving schemes to rid Alena and her half-breed son Raven. I developed hatred towards Aphrodite and just wanted to reach out, slap her and ring her neck. The erotic scenes in this book are very explicit, shocking at times, and sensual at other times. The story consists of and or has exposure of Rape, bondage, ménage, and orgies. Alena and Ares son Raven will totally blow your mind. At sometimes he was cute and had me laughing and at other times I wish I could of reached within the book and beat the crap out of him because of the evilness and cruelty in his personality – definitely a Wolf in Sheep Clothing!The ending left me in shock as the cliff hanger made me realized how addicted I have become of this series and now I will be jonesing until January 2012 when the 3rd installment in this series “Child of War – Rising Son” comes out. Overall, the entire story was very enjoyable and interesting. I highly recommend this to all mythology lovers.

  • Lisa
    2019-04-26 11:16

    Yeah, I know I'm biased because I'm the author! LOL Still, I think if you enjoyed "The Heart of War" you will enjoy the continuation of this series. I always write for adults and not for those who are unable to handle the truth of the world around them. Dark material ensues including the dreaded infidelity but once you discover how and why I think you'll agree with Ares' decision. I started this novel with all of the great kid-centered horror flicks of my younger days in mind; "The Exorcist", "The Omen", "Rosemary's Baby", even "Children of the Corn" and "The Good Son". So, no, Raven isn't a likable sweet little boy, he's the Kid From Hell and he makes 'Damien' look like an angel. Whether that continues into his coming of age in "Rising Son" is yet to be seen but, as with all of my stories, I would think that Raven's redemption is somewhere on the horizon.I hope you'll join me for this story and that you will enjoy it.All the best,Lisa

  • Wendy *Sebella Blue* Mitchell
    2019-05-07 15:03

    As a God of Olympus, Ares should have been utterly content, expecting a son born of a wife he was completely in love with. Alena, likewise was deeply in love with her husband, and was thrilled with her pregnancy. But the politics, treachery, and pettiness of the God's of Olympus rarely allow for happiness to blossom. With the birth of their son Raven, Zeus and Apollo hatch scheme after scheme to tear this new family apart, and with Ares continued secrecy, Alena has no choice but to believe she is little more than a pampered slave. Unable to take her child and flee the evilness on Olympus, Alena watches Raven turn into the the monster that was foretold before his birth.Wow, just Wow. My first instinct after finishing this book was to scream "Where the HELL is the rest of it????" , and then I wanted to run out and tell people "You HAVE to read this book!!!". I was completely taken in and captured by these mostly warped characters and their machinations. There was even a deal breaker in this book, that I moved past. Ares cheats on Alena. He is forced to under the most dire of threats, but still my iron clad rule is "You cheat, and I quit". There has only been one other book that I over looked that rule for, in all my many decades of reading books, so for me to move on from that has to tell you something. Lisa Beth Darling can write her fricking ass off! I sweated more over this book than I did in childbirth, and probably cried more too, but I had drugs in childbirth. With Child of War you just have to suck it up and take it on the chin. This book posed so many moral dilemmas for me, that by the time I finished, I was completely exhausted. I really was appalled at the horrific behavior of Ares, Raven, and even Aphrodite, but I couldn't completely hate them, because I knew the forces that manipulated them. Aaaargh! That's not right! The Gods were so completely jaded and morally corrupt I felt like a was in a Jerry Springer show at times, but it was presented in such a poignant manner that instead of finding it darkly humorous, it broke my heart for Ares, Alena, and even Raven. Actually, I found Eros to probably be the most sympathetic in this book. I really found it incredibly hard to separate myself from these characters. I was completely immersed in their lives due to the expert storytelling of Ms. Darling. If ever there was a series of books destined for the "big screen" this would be it. I can promise you there is nothing out there in any form that remotely resembles this. It is an unforgettable and not entirely comfortable experience that I intend to repeat as often as one of Lisa's books are published. This is the purest from of literary crack, I couldn't put it down to save my life. Phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal.

    2019-05-02 17:15

    CURRENTLY FREE (5/12/16) reviewed at rating: 4 out of 5 stars"I'm an Olympian, like you and the rest. I'm not like my mother; I'm not fragile, week and inept. I was born to rule, not serve."~Raven...or winged spawn of Satan! Before I get started...please note, this book is number 2 in the series so if you have not read book 1, you will be 'spoiled'.**This book was gifted to me by the author for an honest review**Child of War-A God Is Born begins with poor Alena and her struggle to manage the pregnancy of her first born. It's as though she has fallen ill, she isn't herself and it's as if the baby is slowly taking all she has, killing her from the inside. Always the fighter, Alena pushes on for her beloved 'Raven'. My heart really went out to Alena in this one, Not only was her pregancy extremely difficult and took an astonishing toll on her both inside and out, she still had to deal with the sneers and upturned noses of the elite Olympians. Hera, Ares' mother, means well by insisting on Sunday family dinners. If this were any other family, this would be a nice tradition, something to look forward to. That being said, when it comes to a family dinner with the Olympians, they don't 'break bread'...they throw it. There's never a dull moment but like Ares said, in regards to Apollo, 'He started it.'I must confess, I have a new love in this series....ErosThere's just something about those wings. I wasn't sure of Eros in book 1 and to be honest, given his parentage (Ares/Aphrodite), I still don't trust him completely. We, the reader, now know a little more about Eros, what role he has played and what his motives are, or were...seems a bit blurry at the moment. Eros is there when Alena needs him. Notorious for not being good at confrontation, Eros, in some ways, is the 'gentle giant' of the Olympians, a lover, not a fighter. You can imagine how Ares just LOVES that, especially when his wife is involved. Even so, Eros was there for Alena the best he could be and I loved the timid, cautious relationship that slowly began between Ares and his son. This is Olympus of course so even that...well, it gets tricky. While Alena slowly becomes nothing more than a shell, glassy eyes, slipping from her world and into visions she can't quite interpret, Zeus has the ultimate plan to rid the mountain of the 'mud blood' or atleast get something out of it himself. Forever the puppet master, he shows Ares up close and personal that if he wanted his Celt whore of a wife and that monster she is carrying dead...they would be dead. In order to protect them, Ares must enter into a Blood Oath with his father that will ultimately rip his heart out and cost him more than he could ever imagine. This particular scene broke my heart. Two life altering events took place at the exact time and I have no problem admitting that I cried the whole way through. Now while I do feel Alena's pregnancy went on a little too long, once Raven was born, almost immediately I had a 'careful what you wish for' moment. I was ready to pull my hair out, screaming 'The hell?! Put it back! Put it BACK!!!'. I love children, I have two of my own but this As an Olympian, baby Raven is 'advanced'. He walked, talked, reached for his first assult weapon...all while still in his infancy. In one scene, at the tender age of 6 months, Raven saw a knife that he simply had to have. Alena, being understandably overwhelmed and at her wits end, swats the childs hand away. It was when Raven hit her back, stuck his finger in her face and yelled 'NO! MINE! WOO-MAN.' that I thought to myself, 'WTF did they create?' Scariest. most diabolical. kid. ever.Raven, as expected, is a beatuful child. Has his father's dark wavy hair and dark skin, with a prominant silver/gray streak that starts just over his left eye. His eyes are those of his mothers with the exception of his pupils that are as gold as amber. This gives his eyes an almost 'serpent' like appearance. Given all the hell and chaos this child creates in this book, it's fitting. Oh so fitting. I was shocked, disgusted and ultimately FLOORED by his actions, thoughts and what came out of his mouth. As the son of Ares and Alena, I expect redemption. How the author will pull it off, I haven't a clue! He is hell bent on ruling Olympus one day and will do any and everything he can to ensure that happens. No one, friend, family or foe will stand in his way. I find is amusing that Zeus hate him so. Especially when, as of now, Raven is most like Zeus than anyone else on the mountain. So much happened in this book that I could on for days and days. While I can't say that I enjoyed this installment quite to the same level as book 1, I will continue with this series full speed ahead. Once again there were twists and turns that I wasn't expecting. Ms. Darling takes what is sure to be the readers reaction and takes it to extremes. I noticed I cursed aloud quite frequently while reading this one. For me, that's a good sign lol, kept me fully entertained. Managing to do so and not fall into the 'for shock value' trap isn't easy, yet for me, she maintains...easily so. I did get a little lost at times when it came to the backstory in regards to why Zeus hates the Fae as he does. I felt it to be alot of information at once so I had to reread a little to fully grasp it. All in all, another fantastic read. I even cheated a little and started the next book before doing this review. I can't wait see what that, not so little anymore, monster does next!

  • Tanja
    2019-05-12 18:27

    being one of the beta readers one could say i am biased with my opinion but i'm not. i'm honest enough to tell lisa i don't like a certain part if that were so.this book takes you on another wonderful ride, ups and downs, joy, heartache. it has it all. it's true some parts (or the little previews she is sharing) are or might be heard to read or understand. HOWEVER they fit the story, it builds a certain tension and leaves you hanging with a huge cliffhanger. i cringed at some parts thinking "no, ares don't be so stupid" or "alena, open your eyes and see what is in front of you" or, and this might be my favorite "Lisa, can someone kicks zeus butt?"i can only say if you have enjoyed heart of war you will enjoy child of war just as much, if not even more!Mokkelke / Tanja

  • Evelyn Amaro
    2019-05-20 11:06

    Read my full review on Paromantasy.comChild of War is a jaw-dropping series that left me peeling my mouth from the floor as the story took me on an ultimate thrill ride of unrelinquished, blood-boiling romance, revenge, lust, lies and betrayal. Hang on to your seats everyone, this book is going to take you on a very bumpy ride.Have you ever read a book where you could not see what is coming? Multiple twists and turns that left your head spinning, your heart pounding, and your temperature rising? Me neither, until I read Child of War. Everything that you thought you knew from the first book, The Heart of War, is thrown out the window as lies come to light, love is tested, and trust is put on trial.Nothing is as it seems on Olympus.Alena is about to give birth to her son with The God of War Ares. Problem is, everyone on Olympus is out for themselves and one thing most of the gods agree upon is that Alena, a Celtic Fae, is not welcome. Her main goal is to keep her son safe, but who will keep her safe? With mostly everyone against Alena and her half-breed baby, Ares makes a blood vow with his father Zeus to keep his family safe, instead it threatens to take the family he loves so much away. How can he fix his marriage before it all comes crumbling down?Raven is the son of every mother's nightmare. Being a God, he inherits all of the memories of his father and his mother. Knowing that he is shunned by Zeus because of his half-breed status , he blames his mother and plots against her and all who stands in her way. With a vow to gain his rightful place on the throne, he decides to take down all threats to his plan, including his family.What do you do when the people you love betray you, and the people you want to protect are the ones out for your blood? Who will survive the War of the Gods?This book is an amazing ride with a shocking ending that will have you sending groveling emails to Lisa to write faster...ok, maybe that's just me. I haven't read such a shocking book filled with love, danger, and non-stop a long time. What an amazing unputdownable journey this was!

  • Kristie
    2019-05-05 17:27

    I loved the first book, but OMG the second book was GREAT! I could not put this book down at all.Yes, I enjoyed it that much. I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster. One minute I felt happy, love, shock, hate, saddness and did I mention hate. We finally get to see why Zeus hates the Celts and there is some serious history there. The love between Alena and Ares was tested again and again. I can't wait to see where the next book will take everyone. Lisa, I love this series and I'm so ready for 3rd book.

    2019-05-03 10:30

    This is the 2nd book in this series and It centres around Alena and Ares, the pair wanting to settle down and raise there son Raven. but things don't go to plan and the family have to work together against the other gods. I have to say I was impressed. It was filled with action right from the start. It gets you gripped. Lisa has the writing knack to make you feel what the characters are going through and feel what they feel. Like in the first book you feel like your traveling along with the characters.I think when you read this book you will be blown away by the characters and the wonderful/different world Lisa has created. You see the gods for what they are and in new light. I know some people havent enjoyed this book as much as me because of the little shock bit. well shock to me maybe not to others but I wont spill the beans and tell you what it is, but I do think you should pick this book up and give it a read and make up your own mind. But I promise you wont be up set by what you read.

  • Lauren
    2019-05-12 18:30

    The captivating second book in the Of War Series presents Ares and Alena as they are trying to settle down and start a family. The story shifts from the focus on their personal relationship to dealing with the rest of the Gods. There is enough to keep this book a page-turner with treachery and murder and especially the half God, quarter fey, and quarter human Raven rampaging around. There are plots against Ares and Alena’s family with Zeus wanting them destroyed and testing their love at every turn. It is a great build up for the third book.I was provided a copy of the book by BTS eMag for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review – all conclusions are my own responsibility.

  • W.H.
    2019-05-21 17:06

    I want this book!! I love the Author's writing style! YAY!! I won it in Halloween Blog Hop!! Super Excited!!!

  • Heather Book Savvy Babe
    2019-05-23 11:04

    4.5 of 5 Stars**Lisa Beth Darling skillfully continues to create emotional depth and enthrall readers in Child of War, a saga filled with action, powerful gods, and shocking surprises.Child of War is book 2 in Lisa Beth Darling’s epic series, Of War. In Book 1, The Heart of War, Alena and Ares meet and eventually fall in love. There is darkness and tough times, but in the end, Alena and Ares are in love. Their story continues in Child Of War, Alena is pregnant, and Ares and Alena are stuck on Olympus, in his cold fortress and all the Olympians hate Alena because she is a half-blood fay. Zeus, Apollo, and Aphrodite do all they can to kill the unborn child, Alena has a very difficult pregnancy, the child is out of control, and Ares and Alena face major marital problems.Child of War is a very different story from The Heart of War. In book 1, the focus was on Ares and Alena, and their budding relationship. In Child of War, the story revolves around all the Olympian Gods, and their deceptions, selfishness, and betrayals. While Ares and Alena love each other, they face so much opposition and they come from completely different worlds. Ares, being the God of War, is not easily able to change his ways. Alena, coming from the human world has a hard time understanding how the gods behave and live very different from humans. Basically, when the gods get involved, situations completely dissolve.Child of War is not an easy story to read, it is not a happy romance, or cute story of bringing up a child. This story, and this series, are dark, the range of emotions is huge with everything from lust, deep love, betrayal, depression, jealousy, violence. It’s all there, and written in a manner that captures the reader and continues to draw them into the story and the lives of these very messed-up characters. I will say that this book is not the best fit for every reader, it is dark, there is betrayal, very erotic sexual content, violence, and much cruelty.With that warning, I have to say that I really love this book. I was completely taken in with the drama and the suspense, and trying to unravel the story along with the characters. Each of the gods have their own agenda and secrets. The prologue of the story lets the reader know that the story is building up to something, and the whole saga slowly unravels. The pace is quick, even with plenty of detail, and shocking events take place around every corner. At times I wanted to smack characters, yell at them, and even cry with them.There were a few minor editing issues, and sometimes transitions were a bit confusing. However, these issues did not take away from the story. The way the story unfolds is unique, there are many different character point of views expressed, and it took me a little bit to understand it. The bottom line here is that the story is very complex and there are many different sub-plots and circumstances that all unfold making the story continually intriguing.This sequel is not anything that I expected, it far surpassed anything I could have imagined. When I finished reading the last page, I didn’t even know what to think. Child of War is a powerful, roller-coaster ride of highs, lows, and unexpected events. Child of War is only part one of what comes next for Ares and Alena, and their child (be prepared for cliff-hangers). This installment sets up so many questions, and it seems that so few questions are answered. Ms. Darling, you have done your job, I am hooked on this series. I am now very eagerly awaiting the release of book 3 in the series. Even now, several days after finishing the book, I can’t stop thinking about the story and what might come next for all the characters.As I said, these books are not light and happy romances, they are dark, erotic, and contain quite a bit of violence. However, the characters and the story are utterly gripping. Paranormal and Fantasy readers, if you like books a bit more on the darker side, I highly recommend reading this series. I rate Child of War 4.5 of 5 stars, an excellent read.

  • Elena R a.k.a. Lunies R
    2019-05-09 10:17

    As life on Olympus gets more and more complicated, both Alena and Ares make the best of the situation. Until....Their is son is born. It seems everything and everyone up on Olympus is E.V.I.L. (then again,if you have read the first book, you already know that) Nothing is made easy for this couple. In the previous book, Alena is thriving for her life almost near death. Ares' mother now realizes her son has finally found love. She's willing to help Alena and heal her, only on one condition.If she saves Alena,Ares must move himself, his wife and his unborn son to live on Olympus. What seemed fair and doable, turns out for the worst with twists and many heartaches while the story unfolds.Zeus father of Ares, still doesn't like the fare existence of Ares ever being born, yet alone accepting Alena,it's like accepting the devil to his table. Zeus has it made up in his mind that Alena is a Fae from the Dark Kingdom,whom has put a spell on his son, to make Ares fall in love with her. My question is, "Is she a Dark Fae,or isn't she?" How Alena deals with Ares' family,is beyond words. Ares' and Alena's child is not much welcomed on Olympus either, Zeus and Apollo (Ares' uncle) both think the baby is nothing but a Mud-Blood, they make it known he's an outcast just like his mother, and both men have a devious plan on making Ares' and Alena's son an Olympian, but one made with hatred, not to grow and be King.That is why when Ares' and Alena's son is born, Zeus wants to gift their son as "God of the Damned" Which Alena puts the stop to it when presenting they're son a few days after he's born. What Alena doesn't know, if her son was to be God of the Damned, he would be able to bring his father to his knees and into death.Zeus has no heart (IMO) he's out to do things for his own personnel gain, he's known for screwing with his children's lives and has no bounds, including the happiness he takes in by being so cruel.Blood Vows, Treachery, Adultery, Murder,Secrets,Lies, Treason, Sorrow and Hatred. This about sums up what you'll read in this novel, there's enough to keep you on your toes and make you wanna continue reading and not put the book down. Most of all, there's love between Ares,Alena and their Son Raven, but to a certain extent.Ares and Alena's love for one another weakens as the story continues, I'm not sure it's enough to hold them together. Their situation alone tore my heart to shreds, neither one deserves all this heartache. There's only so much Ares and Alena can deal with. Everything in their lives starts to tumble and fall around them more so when their son Raven is born. He's powerful,strong,and out of control. Raven being, half Olympian,one-quarter Human,and one-quarter Fey,makes him a walking disaster waiting to happen.Can the lives of the Olympians truly either come to an end, or will there be a Happily Ever After? I do hope for an HEA. The ending to this novel ended with heartache and I expect more to follow. I'm now prepared for what's to happen next. I'm just crossing my fingers, Ares,Alena and Raven can put the pieces together and stay strong.This review can also be viewed at Interview with Lisa Beth Darling

  • Michelle Leah Olson
    2019-04-28 11:20

    Our Review [by Michelle L. Olson – LITERAL ADDICTION’s Pack Alpha]:Lisa Beth Darling’s 2nd book in the Of War series was everything I expected it to be – dark, sexy, vicious, and absolutely gripping. Child of War picks up where Heart of War left off, with Alena pregnant and she and Ares living on Mt. Olympus as a happily married couple (well as happy as a married couple on Olympus can be anyway). The pregnancy is tough on her though and she’s experiencing a lot of things that are downright scary - all of which are compounded by Ares’s completely dysfunctional Olympian family and their inability to accept her heritage.Once Raven enters the world things get even more, um… interesting…Alena and Ares’s love, one that has dumfounded the rest of the Olympians because of its strength and purity, is tested to its limits by the stressors of parenthood, life on Olympus, the interference of Ares’s family and by their child himself. Raven is something else. As the synopsis states, he is definitely no angel, and he is Ares’s son (as Ares was before Alena) through and through with an added dose of wicked thrown in. Highly advanced, even for an Olympian, this child is a force of nature and then some and had me gasping and shaking my head more than once.There were so many moments in this book where I was mumbling profanities at one character or the other or being aghast at something that happened, that had anyone been around to witness it, I probably would be institutionalized! It was simply that moving.I will say again, however, that Lisa’s books are not for the faint of heart. If you want a fluffy paranormal romance this is not the place to look. If you want a dark erotic romance with enough thriller to be captivating and intriguing, then this series is definitely for you. Anyone who has read any actual history books on the Gods and Goddesses knows that times were not like they are now and that things were different, they were more brutal. Lisa brings back that dark reality in her Of War series and it simply wouldn’t be the same without it. An amazing second installment to a wonderful series, this one ends on one heck of a cliff-hanger and had me very upset that the 3rd book was not available yet because I didn’t want the thrill ride to end. LITERAL ADDICTION gives Child of War: A God is Born 4 ½ Skulls and would recommend it for anyone who loves mythology and is looking for an edgy, gritty, erotic paranormal romance. We highly recommend reading Heart of War before settling in with Child of War though, there’s just too much history and story that you’d be missing and you’ll enjoy Child of War so much more if you’ve read Heart of War first. I cannot wait to see what Lisa has in store for us with Child of War: Rising Son. The way things progressed and her writing evolved just from book #1 to book #2, I can only imagine that great things are in store.

  • Darkfallen
    2019-05-10 17:23

    So really? I was going to give this book 3 stars...but then the evil cliffy at the end?! Well let me just say when a cliffhanger leaves you wanting to rip your hair out that alone deserves another star!In the last book, Heart of War, we met Alena & Ares. We walked the dark, disturbing, and sometimes down right HOT paths of their lives. We went from hating Ares, to loving him. We go from being completely disgusted at times, to OMG FOR THE LOVE OF B.O.B turned on. In the end the growth between the two and their relationship left us wanting more.Which leads us here...Alena is now pregnant and living on Olympus with Ares and his, pardon my language, F'ed up family. (trust me that is putting it mildly) And Zeus is up to his mind games once again. But just how many trials and tribulations can one couple take before it's to much? Before they can't take anymore? And what happens when their son Raven turns out to be more that adoptive son in Problem Child? Actually that's too kind. No Raven makes that kid look like a saint on Easter Sunday feeding the homeless.I do want to say that this book isn't so much erotic. And what erotic scenes you get, which I think is about four, half of them will make you sick. I couldn't get enough of the hot smexy scenes with Alena & Ares, but the scenes that weren't with those two induced my gag reflex to work overtime. However this book really isn't about the sex. It's more about the details, the story, the plot. Most of which I couldn't stop reading. Again, much like the first novel, I do think this needs some editing. There are a bunch of details that aren't necessary that at times seem to get off track a bit here and there. Just a few lose ends that need to be sewn shut. Overall I think this was a great build for the next book and I can't wait to read it! Although in honesty I really thought this would be the last book in this series I read, but as I said earlier the cliffhanger changed my mind about that. So now is you don't mind I am going to go pout in the corner until the next book comes out in January 2012...

  • Carrie (Book Fairy) Fort
    2019-05-03 18:15

    Favorite Lines “I'll come home with your Queen. I'll make everything right again.”“So, unlike Alena and me, although you may lay there breathless and spent, you'll never know what true satisfaction—that undeniable connection—feels like,”“Don't you know I'd do anything for you? You're my world. I never felt love before or this deep desire to guard someone. I never knew what it was to hold something precious and sacred before you,”“Some say love it is a river that drowns the tender reed, some say love it is a razor that leaves your soul to bleed, some say love it is a hunger an endless aching need. I say love it is a flower and you its only seed.”“What of Ares? In his heart, did he feel the same way? Had the last few years of her life been nothing but a pretty little lie?”OMG this one was hard for me to read. Not because it was bad but because watching Alena go through everything she goes through is so heartbreaking! I love the books about he gods ZUES makes me want to string him up somewhere by his toes and leave him there for the rest of his lives! Ares loves Alena so much and all of his "family" is doing nothing but causing them heart ache. If his mother loved him she would let him out of the oath he took. Raven is a little terror! Apollos has poisoned his mind so much it's heart breaking really heartbreaking! All Ares wants to to is be with his wife and everyone is against that! The writing is amazing and I can't wait to see what comes next I am praying happiness is there somewhere! I was given this book by author in exchange for an honest review (Carrie of Faebooks) FOUR HEARTBREAKING FARIES

  • Majanka
    2019-05-23 17:18

    Book Review originally published here: on the Olympian Gods but while providing sufficient original elements to keep the story wholeheartedly entertaining, Child of War – A God is Born starts with Alena’s difficult pregnancy. She’s married to Ares (yep, the God of War), and the pregnancy is anything but blissful. She’s haunted by terrible visions of her son, Raven, and what he will do as an adult. Alena also has to deal with the elitist behavior from the Olympians who look down on her simply because she’s not like them – she’s Fey.Meanwhile, Zeus hatches a plan to get rid of Raven, and Alena, all in the same breath. To protect them, Ares must enter into a Blood Oath with Zeus, an oath that could cost him everything…I felt sorry for Alena, who went through a horrible pregnancy and then had to continue being strong, for the sake of her son, and herself. The gods were intriguing and they all acted the way I thought they would based on what mythology tells us. Ares and Alena were my favorite characters. The plot was the best part about the book, though. I was never sure what would happen next, and could only keep guessing.An entertaining mythological fantasy.

  • Trickydck
    2019-05-01 13:14

    I ordered a signed hard cover of this novel and couldn't wait for it arrive. Having absolutely LOVED book #1 The Heart of War I snagged it quicker than you can say 'jack sprat'.Ms. Darling doesn't fail to amaze me with her talent and creativity. Again, I was sucked into her world from page 1. I stayed up all night reading it as I was unable to put it down. I felt for Alena right from the start as she's trapped on Olympus with all those crazy power-hungry gods. Ares is less of an ass in this book and struggles to be a good father to his son, Raven who is not an easy kid to love! Ms. Darling's comparison of Raven to Damien from The Omen is very apt.Again, for those whole love their reading full of dark and adult themes, fantastic writing, and characters that get into YOUR head this is the author to watch and READ. I'm looking very forward to Book #3 Rising Son but am disappointed that I have to wait so long.Kudos Ms. Darling. In a world full of light and sweet you are truly a beacon of talent and creativity for the rest of us who don't enjoy sugary stories.

  • The TBR Pile *Book review site*
    2019-05-04 15:22

    Full Review: felt like a pretty typical second book in a series, with a lot of building events and plots, but no resolutions. I am very sure though that the author will tie everything up nicely and leave no loose ends in the next book in the series. This book was a very different read compared to the previous one. The people are much the same and the Gods of Olympus keep scheming against each other, however there was almost none of the physical violence that we saw so much of in the first book. Instead it is all about mind games and messing with mostly Alena´s and Raven´s heads. There was also a lot less sex in this book and although we were given a tender and intimate moment with Ares and Alena, there was very little of the playfulness and fun moments with the two.

  • Heather
    2019-04-30 10:28

    Oh My Gosh! Raven is terrible and sort of reminds me of the Seed of Chunky lol. He's one of thoses babies that should have been drowned at birth. This book is not suitable for anyone who gets queezy or disgusted real easy. Besides that, this story was great and even though it's all about betrayal, revenge, jealousy, murder, sabotage (you get where I'm going with this) you also have to remember that this is the first part of the story and I have complete faith in Mrs. Lisa that it will get better and Raven will eventually turn good :) Speaking of the first half, the end of this book was left on a MAJOR cliff hanger. As I finished my hands was gripping my kindle and my bottom jaw almost touch the floor. I love Lisa Beth Darlings books and can't wait to read the second part 'Child of War - Rising Son.'

  • Nyghtengale
    2019-05-14 14:25

    This is a great addition to the series. I am looking forward to the next book. It has definitely made be re exam the Greek Parthenon. This is a very good read but not a pick up book. You will need to read the previous book in the series but you will be glad you did.

  • Claire
    2019-05-12 17:14

    WOW.What can I say! This left me emotionally spent. Such a roller coaster ride that refuses to let up. I love LBD's writing style, so vivid and captivating. Bring on book 3!I received this book free in exchange for an honest review. (LoP r2r)

  • Kristina
    2019-05-07 15:26

    Review coming soon!

  • Isadora
    2019-05-10 10:28

    I think LBD writes the best paranormals. Ares and Alena's story gets only better in this sequel and having to wait until January for part three is excruciating.

  • StephanieG
    2019-04-28 17:20

    With the upcoming birth of her son Alena should be the happiest woman alive but instead she has fears for her life and the life of her unborn child. Zeus will not stand for her or her mud blood son to dirty his throne so he is determined to find a way to destroy her and her little monster she will bring into this world. The further Alena gets in her pregnancy the harder it becomes to carry the son of War. She is having vision of a boy .. no a man, that she is sure is Raven her unborn son. He comes to her and begs her to leave Ares and take Raven with her or she will be the death of Ares and herself and in turn destroy Raven. Then to make matters worse the little baby inside of her is bursting to get out of her to the point of pain and lack of oxygen. Ares finds himself in a situation that he has no choice but to make a blood promise to Zeus in order to keep his family safe, but this favor he has to do for Zeus will surely be the end of Alena’s love for him if she is to find out. In this book Alenas strength is shown she stands up for herself and her son, several times in this it makes me like her a little better. But I just lost all respect for Ares, I loved him so much in the first book but he made some poor decisions in this book that has broken my heart. I’m not sure how he will make it better but I am hoping to see the silver lining soon maybe in the next book.The Child of War is a great book; it is well put together and brings a lot of Greek mythology to life in ways you could only imagine to see the gods interacting. The story is engaging form start to finish it was very hard to put down and tend to the daily stuff f you must to between reading. I think that Ares is a strong sexy character and you can’t help but be drawn in to his allure but he has a few hard choices to make in this book and some of them may not have been the right choice he makes. There is several scenes with Raven as a child that had me cracking up it was fun to read how he grows up and how Ares handles the little hellion that he has become. I love this series it sucks me and keeps me in the whole time, I am impatiently waiting the next in the series . ***Athenna***

  • Arlena
    2019-05-11 14:16

    Author: Lisa Beth DaringPublished by: Moon Mistress PublishingAge Recommended: Adult Reviewed By: Arlena DeanBook Blog For: GMTASeries #2Rating: 5Review:"Child of War - A God is Born (Of War #2)" by Lisa Beth Darling was a second in a series that was creatively written. This story was of Ares and Alena who are now on Olympus who were awaiting the birth of their son Raven. This was definitely one of those stories that once you start you will not want to stop until you are finished with it being so a fast paced where you will find 'jealousy, hatred, love, lust, wrongfulness and lots of conniving deceptions.' All you need to do is pick up this good read to see where this all will lead you. All of the characters are simply well developed and captivating ....from Ares, Alena, Raven,...along with Zeus, Apollo, Aphrodite, Eros, Poseidon, Hades to Athena all giving you a well written novel. Be ready for there will be explicit erotic scenes, along with 'exposure of rape, bondage, menage, sex toys and orgies.' So be aware this is a Adult Read. "What do you do when the people you love betray you, and the people you want to protect are the ones out for your blood? Who will survive the War of the Gods?" Get ready for these questions to be answered in your read. The story will end with a 'cliff hanger' so be ready for the next series of a mythology journey that only this author can give us. Would I recommend "Child of War - A God is Born?" YES!

  • InD'tale Magazine
    2019-05-10 11:30

    Alena and Ares are waiting for the birth of their son, Raven while living on Mt. Olympus. Even though they are miserable on the frozen mountain, a promise is a promise and they are stuck there instead of on their beautiful, warm island. However, Alena’s pregnancy is not going well and after Raven is born he shows signs of being much more powerful than his mixed blood should make him. How will the couple survive the behind the scenes machinations of their enemies Zeus, Apollo and Aphrodite? But the better question is: how will they survive raising a child who makes Lucifer look like a giggling toddler?Although this is book two, there is no need to read book one in order to understand the story. The rich descriptions, three-dimensional characters and twisty-turny plot are the best things about this tale of mythology gone wild. The characters themselves, however leave much to be desired. Alena is woefully weak and willfully ignorant. Instead of exploring her powers, she prefers to bury her head in the sand, pretending everything will be fine. Ares is stubborn, arrogant and completely blind to his own faults. Raven is evil personified. If that weren’t enough, the book ends abruptly as if cut off with a cleaver. There is no resolution and the reader is left to rise bewildered from the sludge of evil. A few redeeming characters would have made this story a much easier pill to swallow.Warning: Includes implied incest, rape, anal sex and orgy scenes.

  • Lori
    2019-05-12 14:26

    The second book in the Of War series has it all: suspense, betrayal, secrets, manipulation, and steamy hot sex. Picking up where the first book left off, Lisa Beth Darling continues to build her unique paranormal realm and expands on her multiple storylines to create another epic thriller. Beautifully fleshed out secondary characters, Zeus, Apollo, and Aphrodite, do their best to destroy Ares, Alena, and Raven. With insight and compassion, Darling realistically explores the ways Ares and Alena rebuild their faltering relationship.Completely captivated by this dark, paranormal world and its characters, I could barely put this book down before reaching the shocking cliffhanger! Both Ares and Raven commit such unforgivable acts throughout this story. I look forward to seeing how Darling resolves this story and if Ares and Raven redeem themselves.I was provided a copy of the book by BTS eMag for purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review – all conclusions are my own responsibility.

  • Hugh Smith
    2019-05-17 17:29

    Having just survived the Holidays, it's nice to know that even Gods have family issues. When God of War Ares and the Fey Alena have a baby, they run into the issues most parents can relate to, questions about child rearing, doubts about the future, pushy in-laws and family squabbles. Only, instead of normal humans the combatants are all Gods.Because of his mixed parentage, the Olympian Gods all have an axe to grind regarding the child's future and it falls on his mother to try to protect him. Once again, the author does a good job of bringing out the humanity in these omnipotent creatures while at the same time weaving an intriguing plotline around the child, his future, and the future of Olympus.If you enjoyed Heart of War then you deserve to read its follow-up, Child of War I was provided a copy of the book by BTS eMag for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review – all conclusions are my own responsibility.

  • Danijela
    2019-05-19 13:31

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review (LoP or Lovers of Paranormal)I didn't read the first one but it doesn't matter because I understood what the series was about.I have to say that I loved reading this book. Usually when I love something I just read it in one sitting but this book I had to put down a couple of times. The intensity in this book was so high. Imagien a Young couple (Ares and Alena )having their first baby and all they whant is a happy marriage. But his relatives dosn't like Alena they don't want her there, and they are poisoning Ares mind. Turning him against his love.It is never easy to have to fight with the in-laws, but when your in-laws are the Olympian Gods then your chances arenot so good.A lot of jealousy,manipulation and betrayal that's what's waiting for them.And the strongest most ruthless off them all is yet to bee born. Raven

  • Suzanne
    2019-04-23 10:06

    The "Of War"-series picks up in part I of this II-part sequel when Ares and Alena try to settle down on Olympus and await the birth of their son, Raven. As Zeus, Apollo, and Aphrodite plot against the new family, bit by bit the true pasts of the Olympians and Celts comes to light, the battle begins for Raven’s mind and soul and for the ultimate control of Olympus.Raven is evil once Apollo and Zeus poison his mind and he starts to realize the power he has. It's so heart breaking reading what Alena must endure and what Ares is forced to do to save his family. All Ares wants is be with his wife and raise his son to be a good person but it's impossible living with all of the scheming Olympians. They each have their own agenda. So unfair to end the book on that cliff hanger! I really want some happiness for Elena.