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Sloan Hawkins cheated death when she slipped from its icy grip. It wasn't until then she realized that she'd only lived half a life in more ways than one. She now accepts that to truly live life to its fullest she must bring down the walls she had built to protect herself. Sloan is ready to let go and love, but finds herself behind a new wall not of her own making. CorrineSloan Hawkins cheated death when she slipped from its icy grip. It wasn't until then she realized that she'd only lived half a life in more ways than one. She now accepts that to truly live life to its fullest she must bring down the walls she had built to protect herself. Sloan is ready to let go and love, but finds herself behind a new wall not of her own making. Corrine Verner (Jade) has also lived her life behind an emotional fortress, but as she gets to know Sloan Hawkins, Jade begins to hope that she might be different from the others. In her wildest dreams she never could have imagined just how different......

Title : Half to Death
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Half to Death Reviews

  • Lexxi Kitty
    2019-05-04 11:06

    Unfortunate that I wasn't in a position to write a review for this when I read it 3 days ago.Okay, so, a group of friends go on vacation, start walking around out in the cold, in the snow, one falls through ice. Has to be rescued, and, technically, was dead for 20 minutes. This book stars that woman who was dead. That would be Sloan Hawkins.Sloan has hidden herself away since her 'death' for the past 2 months; from the outside world and from her friends. Her best friend, and the woman who she grew up with as something of a sister, Miranda, has given her a little room but won't take this hiding any longer and forces the issue. And so Sloan comes out a little bit. And lets Miranda know why she has been hiding. It has to do with something Miranda would/could never guess - the experience created a situation in which Sloan has trouble touching others. No, not for reasons you might expect (unless you did expect it). It's because she gets emotions, and memories from people when she touches them. Full blown experiences - as if she was there - as the person in their body. The first time this occurred was when a friend, Deb, touched her when she awake in the hospital and she relived her own retrieval from the frozen lake - from the point of view of Deb.Naturally that will/can cause complications. If a person losses themselves inside other people's thoughts/feelings/emotions. And you have no control over it. And so, Miranda decides to try to help. For Sloan to 'train herself' so that she can have control.Meanwhile a woman named Corrine 'Jade' Verner comes into Sloan's life. Jade is this super hot, very well built fitness trainer at a gym (fitness trainer - nice to see lesbians holding more positions *nods* - and there's a reason why she is 'gorgeous'). Everyone kind of assumes (including Sloan) that Jade has it all - she looks perfect, has perfect body, perfect breasts, etc. And they treat her as a sex object - and/or that she is nothing more than her looks. Sloan's 'abilities' allows her to see that there is more to Jade than her 'perfect' looks. A lot more. And, to a large extent, Jade actually hates the way she looks (more that people treat her as being nothing more than a body, and overlook whether or not she has any actual talent/ability, or brain; less in hating her body or body image). The interaction of Sloan and her three groups of friends (she is/was friends with Miranda Donahue (paramedic), Deb, and Lonna - those three are in couplings (hence the 'three groups'), which pull in Marty (hooked up with Miranda), Angel (hooked up with Deb), and Paige (hooked up with Lonna)). Quite interesting dynamic/interactions - and then there was the horrifying injection (to the people in the story) of one of them suffering from anorexia and how she and her friends try to 'handle' it. Of the friends, Miranda has the largest 'part' in this book, with her partner Marty next or tied with Deb, followed up with Angel. Lonna and Paige are kind of sideline characters.The interaction between Sloan and Jade was good also - and that 'Heart Trouble' type 'spark of ability' that turns up in this book was very much needed for Sloan and Jade to get past being a player (Sloan), and self-hatred (Jade) to reach the relationship they were able to reach.A good book all the way around. Wish I had been able to write 3 days ago so I'd actually have had something better to put here but wasn't able to write until now.November 20 2016

  • Pin
    2019-05-09 15:46

    Robin Alexander is a writer with a great imagination and a real talent for characters. Her stories are anything but typical and I highly recommend this one. A very good book that goes on my re-read list.

  • C. Mack
    2019-05-16 16:13

    This is a phenomenal read quite unlike some of her other works, it has a tremendous plot that has a gravitas and darker side that I've not seen in any of the books I have previous read by Robin Alexander.Really excellent book that had me totally wrapped up in the story and the lives of the characters within it.

  • Cheri
    2019-05-17 16:04

    I very much enjoyed Half to Death. The romance was sweet, the characters were fun and funny and some of the situations were more serious than I expected. Thank you to whomever loaned it to me through Amazon!

  • T
    2019-05-04 14:57

    I love everything written by Robin Alexander. She has it all. Her stories are witty, intense, intelligent, HOT, and every single one is different. She doesn't follow a cookie cutter formula, and you can be sure to get something new and interesting in everything she undertakes.This book, Half to Death, is possibly my favorite so far. It takes us to a new location to get to know, introduces us to characters with new and interesting problems, it has goddesses and homely but lovable, pets, past secrets, and tops it off with a touch of paranormal! You will laugh and cry in this one, and the love story is intense as always.My only problem, as with all Robin Alexander books, is that it wasn't long enough. I end each of her stories wishing i could spend more time with the people she let us get to know.

  • Regan
    2019-05-02 10:48

    I thought the story was very original, likeable, and well-written. I didn't relate to any of the characters but I did like them except for Sloan at the end... (view spoiler)[ Now as a reader I suspected the type of "big secret" that Jade was hiding. It would be safe to assume If I were Sloan I would have suspected it too...but when she found out Jade's secret I couldn't believe her actions!! Sloan had felt Jade's emotions and empathized with her the whole book and the most serious part comes up and she does the WORST thing possible when a person reveals sexual abuse- completely abandons her and blames the victim. Granted she made up for it and came to terms...whatever...I would not have forgiven her if I were Jade. Just saying.. (hide spoiler)] Anyway, besides that the romance was sweet and I enjoyed reading this!

  • Ty
    2019-05-06 17:50

    This was a strange premise that I wouldn't have connected with under most circumstances. But then this book tried to tackle a pretty sensitive topic and did it very poorly, in my opinion. I'm not a fan of this particular Alexander book.

  • Tina Taylor
    2019-05-12 10:48

    Not a bad book. I liked that it was first person narrative. I liked the development of the characters. I thought Jade and Sloan had decent chemistry, the story itself was good. An enjoyable read, I might try something else by Ms. Alexander.

  • Tinything
    2019-04-25 16:58

    I think this the first book of Robin's that I gave 4 stars.Dont get me wrong, the book is great and different from other books of hers that i have been reading.Her books normally consist of lots of humor, heart warming, laughing and smiling when u read her book.This one is different because.. idk how to say it, it's more about family and friends and love of course, oh and about trust issues as well, and how to support and helping each other when they are needed and giving our hands, force it if we might (Lol) when they suffer and couldn't or scare to accept anyone help. You can say it is an emotional ride book, because it does bring me to tear. But the problem solved quite fast, i feel like we just skip through it and get to the happy part already. Like the problem (view spoiler)[ when Deb had an eating disorder and rejected all of their friends and her lover help. The problem was paused at when she angried and walked away, and her partner also angried and believed that Sloan was secretly contact Deb's parent about her past problem. And the problem ended without we really know how.. just abit of info that she has been to therapy and she learn to forgive everyone and herself. But how? How does it come to this? That what i wanted to know.(hide spoiler)] But yeah, now i think about it, this is a book that talk in first person, Deb and Angel have their own problem for them to solve it and Sloan has her own problems to deal with as well. So yeah it has to focus on the main character right? But Sloan and her other friends also get involve... urghh i feel like i talk it circle now.Nevermind that haha.. I think i'm going to change the rating to 5 stars with my reason above.Thank you Robin for all the wonderful books that i had been reading. I'm your fan now :) i said it somewhere already in my other review in other books of yours.

  • Rahnuma Khan
    2019-05-22 13:43

    This book i could read again... I love it...

  • IndigoIris
    2019-05-20 16:52

    Not my favorite but was good. A bit different than Alexander's regular light fun stories.

  • MJS
    2019-04-25 18:56

    This is a harder book to review, as it's not a straightforward romance like the other Robin Alexander books I've read. It's also difficult to review without revealing plot points, so please note that there are major spoilers included below. The title is also somewhat misleading, I thought it was a mystery/thriller due to the title and almost didn't bother clicking on the synopsis based on that, as those aren't my preferred genres.Robin writes stories where the leads actually talk, and get to know each other, and this is no different, I did enjoy the courtship between Jade and Sloan, however the best relationship in the book was Miranda and Sloan. What Miranda was willing to do for Sloan was extraordinary, I don't know too many people who would make that kind of sacrifice.This story focuses on some interesting topics, and leaves you thinking. It's perhaps not the most comfortable of reads for that reason. It is well written though, but I still prefer Robin's lighter romances. If you're in the mood for something lighter try Just Jorie, or The Secret of St Claire.(view spoiler)[Sloan has a near death experience which leaves her changed. This change means she can see and feel things that other people experience if she touches them, and her struggle with this is one of the main factors in the book. This leads to quite a few moments where I felt uncomfortable as a reader, Sloan can't help that she can do this, but at various points she does it on purpose. Often she feels bad about it, but there was one spot where she deliberately goes to see someone 'sunny' so as to make herself feel better (with apparently little thought to the fact that just because someone seems happy doesn't mean they are). She also goes into a room of her friends, and to a movie with Jade knowing there's a chance she'll make contact with one or more of them, but doesn't warn them. It's a huge deal to know things others wouldn't share with you on purpose and these choices made it harder to like Sloan.Another reviewer has noted that the story should have trigger warnings, and while I can see why the author doesn't put them in the description, as withholding one is kind of a plot point, I do wish I had known beforehand. One deals with eating disorders and having gone through that with a friend of mine, I wouldn't have read this if I'd known how much of a focus it would be. The other reviewer has noted the other, so no need for me to specify.(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)] (hide spoiler)]

  • Natsu
    2019-05-19 11:06

    I give this somewhere between 4 and 5.Sloan and Jade's relationship was tender and healing. Some scenes made me feel a twinge of hurt for them. I just feel that the "couple conflict" near the end was too delayed. It could've been brought up earlier so that there would be more chapters for delving into and resolving it (but I totally get why Jade's POV was communicated through Deb). On the other hand, the bond between Sloan and Miranda was crazy, funny, with underlying tenderness that warms the heart. When they got all mushy I was like "aww.."As always, RA brought to life characters who are blessed with humor and tenderness. Let's not forget the sense of community which always seems to be present in her works.

  • N. N.
    2019-05-22 13:53

    I don't think this book lived up to the potential of the paranormal angle it explored. Never has the ability to read others' thoughts seemed so dull. The relationship between Sloan and her love interest was far less developed than the relationship between Sloan and her best friend, which in romance, I consider a major flaw. Robin Alexander's writing could also benefit from more descriptive detail and fewer cliches. Had I read this story for free online, I would have probably given it two stars (things got slightly interesting in chapter 24) but I'm being a little harder on it because I paid $12 to read it, and the craftsmanship simply didn't reflect the price.

  • Francis Franklin
    2019-05-07 19:10

    Thoroughly enjoyed this blend of friendship and romance.

  • NollySepulveda
    2019-05-19 11:08

    I loved the story and the characters. Though you kind of know how things will turn out, I found my-self giving Sloan and Jade alittle pep talk about lifes second chances. great.

  • Heidi
    2019-05-12 11:09

    Robin Alexander has become one of my new favorite must reads... Each story is very different. Love the humor and her character interactions. Great dialog. Read this one!!