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The "USA Today" bestselling author of "High Stakes" returns to Vegas, where falling for a vampire isn't such a long shot. "Politics make strange coffinfellows..." Vampire Seamus Fox is supposed to be the campaign manager for a Vampire Nation presidential candidate. Instead, he finds himself running around Vegas keeping tabs on the candidate's wife and female entourage. SeaThe "USA Today" bestselling author of "High Stakes" returns to Vegas, where falling for a vampire isn't such a long shot. "Politics make strange coffinfellows..." Vampire Seamus Fox is supposed to be the campaign manager for a Vampire Nation presidential candidate. Instead, he finds himself running around Vegas keeping tabs on the candidate's wife and female entourage. Seamus has had his fill of women: a disastrous and deadly love affair has haunted him for over two centuries. Talk about baggage. But suddenly he finds himself obsessed with a mysterious stripper who dances behind a screen. The sultry yet shy Cara Kim whets his appetite for more, but leave it to Seamus to fall fangs over feet for that rarest of Vegas attractions-a good girl. After a sudden run-in on the street, though, they may soon have a lot more in common......

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Bit the Jackpot Reviews

  • Jilly
    2019-02-06 00:03

    What does every politician wish for? His own personal stripper, of course. So, when Mr. Vampire gets a load of a tasty stripper, he must have her. And he gets her, but it was nothing like he hoped.First of all, she has a bunch of animals that he has to deal with. "Two Labs who think I'm the devil, and obnoxious Chihuahua who thinks he's the devil, and two cats who really are the devil."That sounds about right. I have two Labs and a Chihuahua myself and that is their personalities. Of course, I'm not crazy, so no cats are allowed in my house. They really are the spawn of satan.I don't know... I think there might be some evil...don't kill me!Secondly, our stripper decides to redecorate Mr. Vamp's apartment. In pink and orange. Who would have guessed that a stripper might have tacky taste?"While I was ordering the new comforter online for the bedroom, I noticed you have very boring checks to pay your bills. So I ordered you fun new ones. Betty Boop. They're adorable."At least she's helpful.But, the biggest problem he has is that his stripper is a man-hating virgin. Wow, a stripper that hates men? That's unheard of!! Of course, she will change for him.Our stripper realizes that Mr. Vampire is different. Other than the blood-drinking and all. He's a nice guy. So, maybe this thing can work out after all. I mean, sure he was only interested in her for sex. And, yes, he was keeping her prisoner in his apartment. And, him calling her work to tell them she wouldn't be there for a couple of weeks might have been slightly pushy. But, underneath it all he's nice. So....Then, our stripper has another huge revelation: Men don't respect strippers. They lust only after their bodies for sex. She's shocked!Everything suddenly made much more sense to Cara. Independence wasn't achieved by dancing naked in defiance. It was reached through respect.okay, so maybe some people are a little slow on the uptake..All in all, this book was cute and funny. Paranormal Light - less calories and less filling.

  • CupcakeBlonde
    2019-01-19 16:10

    I liked this book more than the first one. Cara was such an interesting charcater and I enjoyed Sameus' battle with himself over her love. A fast-paced story filled with murder attempts and lots of hot sex, I enjoyed it immensely. The only shadow was the character of Kelsey. A mild annoyance in the first book she was a huge annoyance in this one. I did not understand her at all, nor her attraction to a man who is undoubetly a really bad seed. But other than that this book is a delightful read.

  • Jessica
    2019-01-25 22:45

    well i really dont have much to say about this one thats different from the last one. The plot is exactly the same theres no real drama to make the story very interesting. The characters are different but not necessarily in a good way. The heroine is a virgin stripper (kind of a cute idea i guess) and while shes sweet she does this awkward thing where she goes from seductress to shy in like 2 seconds and it just doesnt work very well. I liked her well enough but we really dont get to see much of her past or even her present in how it shapes her. The hero was downright obnoxious to me not like in a hateful sort of way but he was just a low grade jerk throughout the entire book. There really wasnt much in the way of romantic development they live together for awhile (mostly out of necessity) then she dumps him...big "dramatic" event...proposal and marriage the same night. not necessarily a bad thing but my issue with it is he basically just is like "whatever sorry" about his jerkiness and she just accepts it and moves on. i wouldnt have put up with it in the first place but im certainly not going to marry a guy forever on his assurance that he'll act right i wanna see him do it first. the sex scenes were mostly ok but the one of her first time was just bad. when it hurts her rather than stop and let her get used to his ginormous vampire penis he is literally like "oh come on just let me stick it all the way in just once"...what is he a 16 year old boy? i got a couple laughs out of it but its certainly nothing worth recommending. ill read one more because i wanna see what happens with brittany but i urge you not to start the series lest you get sucked in wasting time on something you dont really enjoy just to see where it goes

  • Gemma
    2019-02-07 23:49

    This was just a nive fluffy read. Nothing to taxing or angsty about it.I've given it 4 stars for this reason, but the charachters aren't memorable, though I did really like Cara. She was usch walking contradiction but I loved her for it. The fact that she was a stripper who was still a virgin was a contradiction, but I liked the fact that though this charcter was in tune with her sexuality she didn't feel the need to express it by sleeping around.Seamus learned to not judge a book by its cover, and I really liked the part where Cara had to argue the point that though she was stripping for a living she was still a virgin, yet Seamus didn't believe her. She didn't back down and told him he was a moron.Overall, I did like this book and it was a good one to follow after the roller coaster ride that was Black Magic Sanction.

  • Anita
    2019-02-09 19:41

    This is the second book in a light, silly, funny vampire romance series. I never thought I would read it, because I didn't love the first one, but it was practically free at a Borders closing, so I got it. This one was funnier than the first one. I actually laughed out loud a few times. I liked it quite a bit. Not quite 4-star worthy, but close. 3.5, to be fair.In this one, Seamus Fox, the political campaign manager vampire, falls hard for a virgin stripper studying to be a vet, but almost immediately, she is hit by a car and he impulsively decides to turn her, contrary to his candidate's political stand and all kinds of vampire rules. They eventually fall in love and marry, but not before their lives are turned upside down in sometimes funny, ridiculous ways. Even the campaign has a happily ever after. There are a few tense, bloody fight scenes, but no one dies - you can't really call this urban fantasy; it's romantic comedy. Set in modern day Vegas, with vampires very much in the closet to mainstream America.

  • Tasha
    2019-02-16 21:47

    This one was a little disappointing after reading 'Heiress for Heir,' which was the first book I've read from this author. Since I really enjoyed that one, I had high hopes for 'Bit the Jackpot,' but it fell short. It was too much going on with side stories and not entirely enough focus on Seamus and Cara. But when they did focus on them, they had some pretty steamy scenes.

  • The Flooze
    2019-02-05 23:54

    Hilarious. I laughed through the whole book. Compared with the first of the series, Bit the Jackpot was a vast improvement. McCarthy has hit her stride with Cara and Seamus, with great comedy and a lot of passion, mixed with more action. Cara is likable and Seamus is one hot Irishman. Bring on the next story!

  • Diana
    2019-02-03 22:56

    Ethan's re-election campaign manager, Seamus, is repressed and uptight. When he meets stripper Cara Kim, however, all restraint goes out the window, especially when she's placed in danger because of him.The characters in this book are a lot more relatable than the first one. Cara and Seamus are great and the sparks fly.

  • Raina
    2019-02-10 23:09

    Loved this!! I am new to this series. This is the first one I have read so far and I can hardly wait to read the rest. It is a quick easy read - VERY steamy with loads of excitement and on going action! Lots of fun!!

  • Summer
    2019-01-30 19:06

    Cute story, but nothing gripping or fantastic. Female lead was likable, male lead was pretty hot, but other than that and a half-entertaining cast, the story was nothing to get excited over.

  • Heather
    2019-02-13 22:05

    Another fun and sexy book! It wasn't AS good as the first, but I still REALLY liked it! Not much else to say except I read it in 2 days, it's just fun, exciting and did I mention SEXY!? lol

  • Kathy
    2019-02-04 23:06

    Light hearted/spirited vampire romance....Cara - virgin strip tease dancer (behind a screen - only see her shadow) to put herself through veterinary school and to pay for elder care for her Korean great grandmother in a convelescent home, lucky poker player, doesn't want a man to control her so wary of relationships - had one bad one where the guy respected her desire to wait for marriage for sex, but was have sex with everyone else. Seamus, Ethan's campaign manager - 6 weeks until the election. 200 years since the betrayal of Marie and his almost being guilloitined to death (still bears the scar), he is controlled, controlling and stays away from women, but takes care of those he feels a responsibility to (Ethan, Alexia, Brittnay and Kelsey) in his own way at least... and Kelsey, clinging to Seamus since he gave her his blood after being drained with her memory not quite in tact. Seamus and Kelsey go to the strip club where Alexis' aunt works as strip manager - and Seamus is enchanted by the woman dancing behind the screen... he goes backstage with the intention of vampire mind game seducing her into coffee and bed - but she is resistant to him and tells him to go. He and Kelsey leave through back door to alley, where 3 thugs are waiting to kill him... Kelsey goes with one (Ringo/Kyle) who remembers trying to protect her when human and still wanting to protect her - but she doesn't remember him. Cara feels Seamus' danger and goes out into the alley, and like a deer in headlights freezes trying to make sense of the way of the fight (tall leaps, body slams that should take anyone out, fangs), and Seamus' voice in her head telling her to go back inside. She panics when one of the assassins sees her, and runs away - into an oncoming SUV. Seamus feels responsible, and pulled, and he takes her blood and gives her his, starting the conversion of vampire to save her life... he takes her to his suite at the hotel... and it is the beginning of the end for him. He keeps her to protect her, protect the campaign, to teach her the rules, to help her learn how to live as a vampire...she wants her animals, so in a funny scene he manages to corral her 2 labs, 1 chihuahua & 2 cats and bring them to her.. she takes blood from his wrist, and orgasms as he touches her - but he does not push her to have sex with him when she is vulnerable... Alexis counsels her to 'scare' him away by being that which he most diswants - a relationship - so she starts to decorate the suite (in pink), organize his things, fawn over him, etc. And he takes it, he doesn't like it, but he wants her to be happy so he tolerates it... And they both come to realize they love oneanother, and as difficult as it is, to trust one another - He believes her this time when she tells him she's a virgin, they have a passionate night...Donatello, Ethan's opponent, is behind the death orders. He had converted Ringo/Kyle the night Ethan was attacked and Kelsey was drained - and behind the hit on Seamus and his girlfriend. He rations drug laced blood to the new vampire Ringo, to further enhance his control over him... Ringo feeds him information about Seamus and Cara... and when a failed attempt of sending another drugged vampire to spy on Ethan results in his capture (and detoxing), Donatello sends in Ringo. Ringo engages Kelsey's help - whom he will not hurt, and whom he will not hurt - Kelsey has already told Ethan and Seamus that Ringo is there to free Donatello's man - but she aids Ringo in access to the man's room - and when confronted by Ethan & Seamus, and then joined by Alexis and Cara - Ringo holds a knife to Kelsey's throat as a hostage to getting out - and it would work, except Kelsey forcdes the knife to slice her jugular and sends a mental message to Ringo that he should stay and let them help him - there is goodness in him (as Luke said about his father), and he surrenders (ahhhh)...and following, Seamus feels guilty about risking the campaign by his breaking of rules concerning Cara, and avoids her.. and Alexis finds out Seamus has been feeding Cara which is against the rules as that can give him control of her... so both are mad at their mates - and Cara moves into a new room having the busboy retrieve her things (including the pink towels)... and Seamus and Ethan get drunk and go to confront Donatello - and get confined... and Seamus calls to Kelsey for help, and Kelsey gets Alexis and Cara together - and they go to the rescue, but fall into Donatello's hands - and he forces Cara to dance for him or else he'll kill the other two (already broke Alexis' wrist)... and Seamus and Ethan break free of their restraints and go to the rescue... and they get Donatello to withdraw from the election (for a conniver, he agreed a little too easily - hmmmm)...And Seamus finds Cara visiting her grandmother, and grandmother seems to like him... and he proposes, and she accepts, and they decide on a vampire wedding that very night... ahhhhsister Brittney and banished Carter... Brittney is sick (flu symptoms, but no fever - something vampirey?)... she can't get a hold of Alexis, and wishes for Carter, who shows up and takes care of her. Hmmmmm After they'd had sex a month earlier, and she was embarrassed, she asked him to leave, and he did - hmmmm book #3?

  • Isla Chiu
    2019-02-14 18:42

    Damn, can Erin McCarthy write a hot sex scene. Fluff but entertaining fluff.

  • Aurian Booklover
    2019-01-27 22:55

    This book continues right where the previous one ended, so I do recommend you read this series in order. Seamus is trying to find out who Brittany’s vampire father is. As Alexis and Brittany’s mother died a few years ago, he can’t ask her, but they do have an aunt who used to be a stripper as well, and who know works choreography in a strip club. And so, accompanied by Kelsey, who doesn’t want to leave him for 5 minutes ever since he brought her back to undead life, he sets out to enjoy the show. And to his own surprise, he is totally turned on by a shadow dancer. After 200 years of celibacy, this woman really tempts him, and he decides to act on it, if only he can get rid of Kelsey for a few minutes. Using his vampire speed, it is not difficult to get behind stage and ask this stripper out for a coffee. But to his big surprise, she refuses him. She can withstand his vampire mind tricks? That sure sucks. Then Kelsey comes barrelling into the room, telling him the men that kidnapped her are here. She is totally afraid, and he has to take care of her first. But outside the club, Seamus is attacked by three other vampires, and they mean business. It has been a while since he has been in a serious fight, and he enjoys it. Until he sees the third vampire order Kelsey to come with him, and she just goes. In the meantime, the stripper, Cara, senses something is wrong with Seamus, and goes outside to look. The second vampire sees her, and wants to bite her, causing her to run away, into traffic, where she gets hit by a car. Which kills her. Seamus really cannot leave her like that, she made him feel emotions again, and he makes the decision to turn her into a vampire to safe her life. Cara is not happy when she wakes up in Seamus hotel suite. She has a life, she is studying to become a veterinarian, and she has to take care of her animals: three dogs and two cats. Seamus has no other choice but to fetch those animals, if he wants her to stay with him. Cara is now his responsibility, and she will be in danger if he lets her go. She needs to learn how to be a vampire first. They can’t risk detection by the humans, or for her to kill one in a blood frenzy. Cara wants to have her own room, she is a virgin and does not want to mess up her life by getting involved with a man, even one as hot as Seamus. So she does her very best to get him to kick her out, by becoming like a nagging wife, without the benefits of sex, turning his suite into a pink Barbie paradise. But still, although Seamus hates what she does, and have him do, he doesn’t want to give her up. If it becomes common knowledge that he has turned a human vampire, while Ethan is propagating “birthcontrol”, he will have to resign his position. He cannot risk Ethan not becoming the next president of the Vampire population again. But of course Donatelli, his main opponent, doesn’t rest, and does what he can to give bad press to Ethan and Seamus, even trying to kill them. And now that he has his own pet assassin, addicted to drugged blood, he can do whatever he likes.I really fell for this series. It is fun, it is fastpaced, sweet at times, and still has a great story with more depth than you expect at first glance. I like Cara a lot. She takes care of her great grandmother, and she strips to make enough money to study to become a vet. Her animals make for great secondary characters, and diversions. She totally drives Seamus crazy. And for her, he breaks the laws he is so fond of. I do like it when a stickler gets unglued for a woman, they fall the hardest of them all. I have to admit, I did not really like Seamus in the first book. He is so totally against Ethan’s relationship with Alexis (and still doesn’t like Alexis now). But he surprises me with his actions in this book. His willingness to break the rules for Cara, even when it endangers Ethan’s campaign. I do want more Donatelli, why he is so bad, and especially more about his history with Ethan’s sister. I do recommend this series, if you need something not so heavy to read. It is not over the top humor, sarcasm of witticisms in every second sentence, but I still have the feeling that it was a fun read. I am already reading the third book at the moment, and have ordered the fourth and last in the series.9 stars© 2013 Reviews by Aurian Full review on my blog,

  • Amy
    2019-01-31 16:02

    (Im a spoiler..Beware) >>This is the romance of.. Seamus and CaraGuess What? Kelsey is alive! Seamus gave his blood to her.Ending: Seamus and Cara gets married.Seamus resigns from the election and so does Donatelli.Characters: Seamus Fox: vampire(almost four hundred years old),campaign manager and bestfriend of Ethan,Irish,use to be a soldier- went to war only to be sliced by Ethan(it was war) but then he was turned when Ethan felt guilty,drop-dead gorgeous,dark hair,blue eyes,lots of muscle in all the right places,firm powerful chest,when he and Ethan had problems with ther lovers they got drunk and went to Donatelli's to attack(which wasnt a good idea) the result ended with them tied and left on the roof to die(but they escaped),resigned from the election,he picked vampire as a theme for his wedding with Cara.Cara Kim: works at the strip club as a shadow dancer at night to pay off for vet school,full breast,impressive curves,strong thighs,had milky white skin framed by ebony black hair,long cheekbones,a petite bow-shaped mouth with cherry red lips,almond-shaped brown eyes,a perfectly formed nose,quarter Korean and three fourths-who knows- something European,when sensing Seamus in danger she went to where he was resulting in being crashed by a SUV(she would of died if not for Seamus turning her),virginity is taken willingly away by Seamus,when finding out about the whole drinking-from-another-vampire thing she got mad at Seamus and moved out to another room.Gwenna: vampire,Ethan's sister,was married to Donatelli but divorced him.Ethan Carrick: vampire(nine hundred years old and married),residing president of the Vampire Nation,helped Seamus get Cara's two kitties.. one chihuahua and two labs in the cage to bring to the casino,was Seamus's best man at the wedding.Alexis Carrick: turned-vampire,Ethan's chosen one and wife,petite woman with blond hair.Brittany Baldizzi: half vampire half mortal/an Impure,Alexis's little half sister.Corbin Jean Michel Atelier: a banished research scientist vampire, frenchman,frenchie accent and his gray eyes,stays at The Ava to be watched by Ethan,came to Brittany when sensing her misery of the flu, helps Ethan get Ringo out of his drug addict.Jodi Madsen: Brittany Baldizzi's aunt,worked at the strip club behind the scenes choreographing for the girls now that she had retired from dancing herself.Kelsey: vampire,Ethan's receptionist,survived 'High Stakes' when Seamus gave some of his blood to her,long black hair,tall,thin, gorgeous woman.Roberto Donatelli: opponent of Ethan thats running for president also,lives at the Venetian,is trying to get Ethan and whoever else is important killed,resigned from the election and was sent to vampire court for treason by plotting against president.Ringo: turned-vampire(forced to be Donatelli's worker),wasn't good looking so much as he was striking,dark-haired,when being ordered to go get William the result was Will escaping but he gving himself up to Ethan(thats what Kelsey wanted him to do).Smith: vampire,one of Donatelli's workers,is the one who drained Kelsey in the last book.. and the one who is responsible for Alexis almost dying in the last book.Williams: vampire,american,stupid,one of Donatelli's workers,was trying to kill Cara when he was attacked by one of the guards and taken to Ethan.Marie: Seamus's ex,had been a stunning petite French beauty,was the reason Seamus lived the last two-hundred years in enforced solitude(she almost ruined him),betrayed Seamus by sending him to the guillotine and the only reason hes still alive is that the blade went through his neck only half-way and the guards thot he was dead so they threw him on a pile full of corpses,is dead.Dawn: one of Cara's coworkers,an attractive woman,lush but still thin, was tricked by Ringo to get info about Cara then cheated on Bryan and was drained of too much blood.Bryan: Dawn's bouncer boyfriend,250-pound bouncer with more tattoos than fingers.Button: one of Cara's labs.Mr. Spock: Cara's Chihuahua.Fritz: one of Cara's labs.Satan: Cara's cat. I think theres one more pet -a cat- but I dont know what the name is.Pages: 161-k 387-s

  • Melinda
    2019-01-20 22:43

    Seamus is a 370 year old vampire and a campaign manager for the president of the vampire nation. He hasn’t had sex in 200 years since his last girlfriend betrayed him but all that is about to change. When he spots a shadow dancer (someone who dances behind a screen) at a strip club, he instantly becomes enamored. He is there to speak to the dance choreographer who is the aunt of Alexis, the vampire president’s wife, to find out if she knows who the father of Alexis’ sister, Brittany. I know…it’s hard to follow. Alexis’ mom cheated on her dad with a vampire and had her sister Brittany. They never knew until recently that vampires even existed or that Brittany’s father was a vampire. Their mother died of an overdose when Brittany was only thirteen so she can’t tell them but hopefully, the aunt knows who her father is.Cara Kim dances behind a screen at the strip club as a shadow dancer. She could never dance nude in front of an audience but this club lets her shadow dance which helps pay her way through veterinary school. She never has to see or interact with the audience except when she finishes her act and puts her robe on, a man appears and is asking her questions and looking at her with lust. She wonders how he got past the bouncers. She tries to back away but she is frozen like she is in a trance. He asks her name and even though she doesn’t want to, she tells him. Then a skinny dark-haired woman interrupts them and is frantically telling the man something. Cara makes her escape. She goes to the dressing room, puts on her jeans but feels like the man she just met is in trouble. She exits out the back door.Kelsey was taken by bad guys and was drained of blood. Seamus fed her his blood to revive her. She was already a vampire so it didn’t kill her but she is scared now and has been clinging to Seamus. When she interrupts his chat with Cara and frantically tells him the people who hurt her are in the club, he escapes through and exit door and finds himself in an alley with the bad guys. While he is fighting them, he notices that Cara is hiding and watching them. He tries to keep the bad guys from seeing her but one does spot her and he tries to bite her. Cara ends up running into the street and gets hit by a car. She is dying. Seamus has no choice but to change her into a vampire.The bad guys are thugs sent out to kill Seamus and Kelsey by Donatelli, Ethan Carrick’s opponent for the presidency of the vampire nation. Donatelli is evil and really wants to win the election but so far the good guys haven’t figured out that it is Donatelli who is sending assassins after them.This book has a serious storyline and plot but it also has a lot of humor in it which makes it fun to read. The author does a great job of pulling the reader into the story by making loveable characters. She does something interesting with one of the characters, Ringo. He starts out in the first book as an assassin for hire and human. He has no idea his target is a vampire. He meets the targets secretary, Kelsey, and starts to have feelings for her. He is bad but he also has the capacity to be good also. I like what the author is doing with this character. In this book, Donatelli has made Ringo into a vampire and has addicted him to drug laced blood. Ringo feels trapped by Donatelli and fears if he doesn’t get away from Donatelli, he will be lost forever and turn totally evil. He is conflicted. I’m interested to see what happens to this character.Now, I’m hooked so I am going to read the next book. I noticed that there are only four books written so far…or maybe there are only four books to the series. It shouldn’t take me too long to finish all of them.

  • Christyn
    2019-02-06 18:41

    Bit the Jackpot wasn't quite what I was expecting. For one, Seamus doesn't do much "running around Vegas keeping tabs on the candidate's wife and female entourage" as is described in the summary (it may have been a little more interesting if that had happened). The book wasn't really "stand out" but it was still likable enough, nice, light and mindless reading. I liked Cara Kim. She is a walking contradiction - she is naturally sensual, but at times painfully shy, she's reasonable and controlled and then she's not. She's also a virgin stripper - not two words you often hear together. She is girly, funny, a bit domestic at times, relatable, upfront, and normal. She is not a kick-ass heroine and she knows it. But I just liked her. "Well, that depends. Do you like long walks?" "Sure." The smile relaxed. "Do you like sex?" Cara asked in a husky voice, hoping her acting skills were passable. "Absolutely." His nostrils flared. "Then take a fucking hike." Can you just feel the love in the air? Seamus was okay. He'll never reach my top 10 hero's, probably not even my top 100 but he had his moments. Of course I think he had more moments where I wanted to smack him. I think he get's a little better as the book goes on going from creepy, weirdo to not bad. "What do we have?" "Two Labs that think I'm the devil, an obnoxious Chihuahua that thinks he's the devil and two cats that really are the devil". I know these quotes don't really fit but I'm tired and I liked them. So they stay. I wish this book focused more on Seamus and Cara. Delving deeper into their pasts and developing a relationship between them. Yes there was some romantic development but not a whole lot and I wanted it. I was so annoyed by the little things that kept popping up - like the search for Alexis' sister, Brittany's vampire dad, and the murder attempts, Kelsey the Clingy and not-quite-right and Ringo, the girl bonding (well, I didn't actually mind this one too much), let's not forget one of the most pathetic bad guys ever whose only real strength is apparently delegating others to do his dirty work, being a sleazy, slimy politician and picking on women, but pretty much giving up the fight as the men show up when they're not drunk. It was funny at times, and romantic at times but not quite the full blown romance I wanted it to be. If it wasn't going to be a full romance I would've liked the wrap up with the bad guy to be more…impressive. I mean kill the sucker that was assaulting your women, throw him out the window, strip him naked, douse him in honey and unleash a swarm of killer bees on him - don't just break his wrist and let the tribunal deal with him. Ugh. But still - I liked it more than I didn't. So, 3.5 Stars.

  • Kathy Davie
    2019-02-09 20:57

    Second in the Vegas Vampires paranormal romance series.The StoryWhile trying to discover Brittany's dad's name, Seamus falls in lust with a luscious stripper, Cara Kim, except that it's so definitely the wrong time and the wrong place. Wannabe assassins are waiting on Seamus and Kelsey in the alley. The same alley that Cara steps out into. That she attempts to flee from only to be killed by an SUV pulling into the alley.Seamus is too soft-hearted to simply leave Cara to her death; instead, he brings her over as a vampire, flying her home to the Ava. He wants her. It's been 200 years since Seamus has made love to a woman. Besides he has to teach her the rules by which vampires live…doesn't he?The CharactersSeamus Fox is the campaign manager to Ethan Carrick, the residing President for the Vampire Nation. A bad experience 200 years ago has caused him to eschew women and it's been a very long 200 years.Cara Kim is a stripper working her way through veterinary school as well as paying the bills for her great-grandmother's nursing home. She's incredibly attracted to Seamus but, after watching the straits her mother went through after her father left…nuh-uh. She's not interested in sex or love.Ethan and Alexis Carrick are a married vampire couple (see High Stakes) with Ethan the current President of the Vampire Nation. Part of Ethan's platform is that the half-mortal, half-vampire children in the world should be left alone. It would be easier to control the vampire population without unnecessarily adding to it. He also owns the Ava hotel and casino.Kelsey is an 80-year-old vampire who is even-less-bright after her second death. Ethan continues to employ her as his secretary even if she does leave rainbow Post-Its all over his desk.Donatelli is Ethan's opponent for President. He wants to bring all the half-and-halfs over whether they agree or not. Donatelli has very few morals and has been trying to off Ethan for quite a while now. Ringo/Kyle is one of Donatelli's assassins. A man he had killed when he had Kelsey drained to death. A man he turned into a vampire whom he keeps by his side by providing Ringo with drug-laced blood.My TakeIt's cute. Nothing that will strain the old brain-pan but it is a sweet romance of the paranormal variety. An interesting and humorous exploration of the male-female dynamic.The CoverThere's a tempting poker player on this cover surrounded by piles of chips. As for the title, yeah, I reckon Cara felt like she had Bit the Jackpot in more ways than one.

  • Angie
    2019-01-19 15:44

    Back in Sin City, Bit the Jackpot now focuses on Seamus Fox, Ethan's campaign manager. He's still working on his assigned task of finding out who the president's sister-in-law's vampire father is. Along the way he also tries to end his 200 year celibacy streak. Unfortunately, the woman who gets his blood pumping happens to be a virgin (and a stripper!) with no immediately plans on losing her virtue. And on top of that, he gets her killed and has to change her into a bloodsucking creature of the night; not the best way to woo a lady.Donatelli is also still out to bringing the President down, but he's switched tactics. If he can't get to the President himself, he's going to take out his campaign manager, which of course fails. But he has a back-up plan: announcing a scandal that will win him the presidency. We get more into vampire politics this time around, and it's apparently illegal to change a mortal. Uh oh, for Ethan and Seamus!I enjoyed the characters much more this time around. Cara is feisty without being obnoxious like Alexis was. The antics she pulls to get away from Seamus in the beginning are hilarious! I won't tell you what she does, you'll just have to read it for yourself. It's a hoot! She also has an unruly pack of pets, which cause much frustration for Seamus. Kelsey also plays a bigger role this time, and we get to know her better. She has an interesting past and it definitely explains some of her quirks. I even liked Alexis in this book. Maybe because there was less of her, or maybe it was because she seemed to calm down a bit.Overall, I liked Bit the Jackpot much more than High Stakes. It was hilarious and sexy, and the plot was fast paced with some action thrown in. I'm sure what to expect next from the Vegas Vampires, so I guess I'll just need to pick up the next book!Read more of my reviews at Pinkindle Reads & Reviews.

  • Sabine
    2019-01-30 15:59

    Es sind nur wenige Wochen vergangen seit dem Ende von Band 1 um Ethan und Alexis. Diesmal geht es um Seamus, dem Wahlkampfleiter und guten Freund von Ethan.Seamus ist auf der Suche nach Informationen über Brittanys Vater und ist dabei zusammen mit Kelsey in einem Stripclub gelandet, in dem die Tante von Alexis und Brittany arbeitet. Doch statt Jodi Madsen, entdeckt Seamus eine Tänzerin, die ihn derart fesselt, dass er zum ersten Mal seit 200 Jahren wieder Interesse an einer Frau findet. Doch Cara lässt sich nicht von seinem Vampircharme einwickeln und auf dem Weg aus dem Club werden er und Kelsey von drei Vampiren angegriffen. Durch einen dummen Zufall gerät Cara zwischen die Fronten und wird von einem der Angreifer attackiert. Auf der Flucht läuft sie vor ein Auto und stirbt - doch Seamus, der die anderen Angreifer abwehren konnte "dreht sie um" und macht sie zu einer Vampirin. Nun muss er sie erstmal mitnehmen und sich um sie kümmern und ihr alles beibringen, was man als Vampir wissen muss und dabei kommen sie sich näher.Ein ebenso unterhaltsamer Spaß wie der erste Teil auch und eigentlich geht die Handlung im Hintergrund - Ethans Wahlkampf zur Wiederwahl als Vampirpräsident, sein Kampf gegen seinen Widersacher Donatelli und auch die Geschichte von Brittany und Corbin, oder die von Kelsey und dem Auftragskiller Ringo - weiter; nur dass diesmal die Handlung aus der Sichtweise von Seamus und Cara erzählt wird. Eine sehr amüsante Reihe. Leider muss ich jetzt bis Februar 2011 warten, denn da erst erscheint Band 3 in dem es dann um Brittany und Corbin gehen wird (endlich!).

  • Sarah's Book Blog
    2019-02-05 17:51

    This is a must read! After reading and really liking High Stakes byErin McCarthy I went right on to the second installment. Bit the Jackpotis about Seamus Fox a campaign manager for the Vampire Nation President and Cara Kim, a Vegas stripper who also happens to be a virgin. They meet after Seamus goes into a strip club looking for someone else and doesn't expect to see a beautiful dancer behind a screen. She was the best dancer he has ever seen and it was the first woman to catch his eye is almost 300 years. With the campaign right around the corner and the vampire laws he has stood for for so many years all comes back and bites in him the ass (not literally). I thought this book was great, you get a little taste of the characters from the first book which is always awesome to see how they are doing and you get to learn more about Seamus who came across as a stuck up, prude type vampire. The is a perfect amount of everything in this. You have your steamy not overdone romance and sexy scenes, you have your action, a perfect amount of humor and awesome characters. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who likes and of those things and now I am on to the third installment Bled Dry.

  • Dragana
    2019-02-11 16:08

    *** 2½ stars ***After reading High Stakes, I had high hopes for this series - that with a little bit better character development, next parts could even sneak into my favorites list. Unfortunately it all went downward in second book.You all probably remember Seamus Fox from first part. That grumpy guy who is so concerned with propriety? I was looking forward to read more about Seamus. I like it when up uptight characters get loose. Well his personality suddenly had a 180-turn in this book. In fact, it's like we are reading about some other guy...As for Cara Kim her personality and characteristics are even worse. It feels like Erin McCarthy changed them from chapter to chapter. Cara acts in a way that will make the most comic effect in a current situation or would increase tension or whatever writer wanted to use to keep us interested.Ethan and Alexis , protagonists from first part, are still here but they are so two-dimensional now. Ok, so this book is not about them, but their characters now just seem foolish and usually act stupid.This also applies to Seamus and Cara.So... I hope situation gets better in Bled Dry...

  • Jody
    2019-01-29 20:05

    Another great addition to the Vegas Vampires series! I picked up the first book in the series pretty much because the bright cover drew me in, and because I’m always on the lookout for a good vampire series. I wasn’t sure what to expect since ‘pretty cover’ is really no guarantee of a good book! But, after finishing and enjoying High Stakes, I was eager to read Bit the Jackpot, the second installment in the series.We get a slightly different focus this time as the story centers around Seamus (who was a secondary character in High Stakes) and his new “friend” Cara. We still get to touch base with Alexis and Ethan – the central couple from the first book, although they’re the supporting characters for Seamus’ story this time around. I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy these new characters as much, but expanding to feature a variety of characters works for this series. It keeps things fresh by creating new stories, and helps make the Vegas Vampire world more interesting because it’s populated by a variety of fully fleshed out characters.Bit the Jackpot is a fun, quick read with likable characters, lots of chuckles and a bit of a mystery. The story is by no means deep, but if you like vampires, mystery and romance with the occasional steamy scene, then this series may be for you.

  • Melliane
    2019-02-08 21:46

    Cette fois ci on ne parle plus de l'histoire du point de vue d'Ethan et d'Alexia, mais de Seamus et d'une jeune femme stripteaseuse qu'il rencontre lors de ses recherches sur le père de Britany : Cara. Malgré cela, on retrouve tout de même tout au long de l'histoire les personnages du premier tome et on voit ainsi ce qu'ils deviennent.Il était assez drôle de voir Seamus si confiant, renfermé et autoritaire se changer du tout au tout au contact de Cara. Cette dernière ne veut en aucune manière prendre des ordres de quelqu'un (oui oui elle va devenir très amie avec Alexia vous vous doutez), et donc surtout pas de Seamus qui lui en a bien sur décidé autrement. Elle le fait tourner en bourrique comme elle peut et dés qu'elle le peut pour qu'il la laisse tranquille, mais ce dernier subit sans un mot.Quand on a un trio de trois femmes : Alexia, Cara et Kesley, qui décide de rendre justice elles même, il faut commencer à avoir peur. Ce tome est moins accés politique, mais beaucoup plus sur la relation des deux protagonistes. Mais la campagne électorale avance doucement et Ethan comprend de plus en plus les tenants de l'histoire.

  • Stephanie
    2019-02-01 19:10

    Being the second book in a series of three, I expected it to continue with the same story line as the first, with Brittany's story this time. Instead it was a refreshing break with a complete veer on a side road, but it lead to a great story. Seamus hasn't had sex in over 200 years but for some reason a woman dancing nude erotica behind a screen in shadow has peaked his interest like no other in that whole time. He had to see her. But when he did things didn't go as planned and he eventually wound up stuck with her in his apartment, a newly turned vampire because of his decision to change her instead of let her die. It was a situation they were not completely happy with. Neither one had a clue that love was going to his them smack dab in the face whether they wanted it or not. The whole situation was just impossible. They make choices that are stupid, but lead them into the most hilarious situations so all is forgiven. The book is a silly fun read, just like the first, and I'm looking for ward to the next one. There is also a short story, Russian Roulette, in an anthology called First Blood that nicely rounds out the series. It should be read last.

  • Steph
    2019-01-26 17:41

    Bit the Jackpot was a laugh a minute! The 2nd book in the Vegas Vampires series focuses on Seamus' story. He's Ethan's campaign manager and long-time friend. He's avoided sex & relationships for hundreds of years b/c how the last one ended, but while in a strip club he's drawn to Cara and the way she dances on stage. He's all excited about a rare and much needed romp with her, but after she's seen a bit too much he realizes he cannot get into her mind. He takes her to the hotel in hopes that he can eventually wipe her mind and move on with life as usual. The story is light, fun and has some great Seamus humor. Cara quickly learns, from the other women in the "know", how to get under his skin and drives him crazy, in more ways than one. They are a cute couple. We get to see a bit more of Alexis, Ethan and other characters from High Stakes.This book was definitely my favorite so far and I look forward to reading on in the series.

  • Laura
    2019-02-18 00:04

    I wanted a light read and this definitely fit the bill. As I read the story, I realized I may have never read the book before. So how did it end up in the "already read" box? A mystery to be solved on another day.After reading Dark Secret, this book was a welcome relief. Still about vampires but it's in a lighthearted way. Oddly enough, it tied in with today's inauguration of Obama in that Ethan is running to be the president of the vampire nation and his campaign manager is falling in love.All in all, it was a fun read. I don't know that it's worth space on the shelf but I needed a fun book.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-01-28 21:03

    I read it mainly because I'm curious about the popularity of vampire books. This book did nothing to make me want to read many more - mainly because blood does not turn me on. Not sure I understand the appeal. Other than that - fun romance - spunky heroine who doesn't let the leading man coddle her. My disappointment is that it had been framed in terms of a political campaign - so naturally I thought that vampire politics would play an even more dominant role in the story. And if you are not familiar with my review system romance and chick-lit gets graded on 1 - 3 stars. 4 & 5 is for literary fiction and non fiction.

  • Cindy
    2019-01-28 22:53

    This part of the series I hadn’t read before. This book actually takes a bit of a distance from the other books in this series. It happens in the same place, Las Vegas. The persons from the other books, do come back in this book, but this book is more about Seamus and Cara. The book is easy to read and it is modern written.Seamus meets Cara en he discovers he can’t manipulate her thoughts. Unfortunately she dies that evening because of him and he decides to turn her into a vampire. She has to get used to that. Even more because of that Seamus wants to take care of her, but she doesn’t like that. She can take care of herself.

  • Rebecca (Bec)
    2019-02-06 22:50

    I have had this book on my shelf since Christmas and I read it ona whim as an "in between series" read. It was FANTASTIC coz it made me LAUGH!!word of advice when reading this though, so you get the most out of it. It is not a full on serious type book like the BDB or Anita Blake, so do not compare it to them! It is a very light, funny vampire romance without all the hoo har.I think one it was about half way through when i was laughing my heart out picturing a 400 year old vampire picking up dog poo on the vegas strip when i realised that this was a refreshing break from all the other hardcore romance novels I have been reading. I will definatly keep reading this series!