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Nora Tamsin was fascinated by the ruthless Charles Herrick, but she discovered that he deserved his name "The Lynx". His love for her was overwhelming and frightening. By the time she realized that his plan for her was part of his obsessive desire for revenge, it seemed too late to escape....

Title : The Shadow of the Lynx
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The Shadow of the Lynx Reviews

  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽
    2019-05-16 10:44

    The Shadow of the Lynx is one of the four Victoria Holt novels that I picked up in an omnibus volume the other day. I stayed up way too late the other night paging through this one. It's kind of interesting but repelling. Published in 1971, this was later days for Victoria Holt, when I imagine she was tired of writing governess-marries-the-lord-of-the-manor stories. But this is not a romance so much as it is a story of obsession and revenge.Set in Victorian England and Australia, this tells the story of 17 year old Nora Tamasin, a strong-willed young British woman who travels to Australia when her father dies, accepting the protection of her father's partner, Charles Herrick. She's escorted by Herrick's son Stirling, and falls in love with Stirling on the trip. But when she gets to Australia, Stirling's father, known as "the Lynx," wants her too, and Stirling defers to his father in this as in almost everything else. Nora, disappointed with Stirling and weirdly fascinated with the Lynx, marries him. Nora gradually comes to realize that the Lynx, who was wrongly charged with a crime and shipped off to Australia as punishment, is obsessed with revenge against the English family that accused him. He wants them broken and he wants to live in their mansion, Whiteladies. Everyone around him, including his son and, to some extent, Nora, gets caught up in his Master Plan for Revenge. Since this is Victoria Holt, there's also a murder subplot that gets wedged into our story. There's also a very odd shift in perspective later in the story, as the first person point of view shifts to another woman for a number of chapters, but to say more about that would get us into spoiler territory.Nora's father-son romances, if you can call it that, were just too off-putting for me, as was the fact that the father (who she marries at age 19(view spoiler)[, though he conveniently dies not too long after (hide spoiler)]) is in, as far as I can tell, his early 50s. Ewww! I skimmed most of this book. But if you're into an obsessive revenge type of historic fiction tale with a side of weird romance, you might enjoy this. As I mention in one of my comments in the thread below, the obsession and revenge-based plot was an interesting idea, but an author has to be a much more talented writer than Victoria Holt (sorry, Eleanor) to make reading about anti-heroes enjoyable for me. Someone like Daphne du Maurier, as in Rebecca, is much better bet for that kind of tale. An odd one all the way around. Almost everyone in it needed a good solid smack upside the head. Though there is, kind of, a HEA, it's an unusual one, not what a typical romance reader might have expected or hoped for in this story.

  • Naksed
    2019-05-16 12:12

    The most interesting thing about this book was its title. DNF at the halfway mark.

  • Heather Stanwick
    2019-04-25 12:06

    This book is special to me because it was the first book I got to read out of the Adult section of the library.

  • Chon
    2019-05-03 13:02

    I have a small collection of historical romance that I like to reread every now and then. This is an extremely good read. It paints a graphic picture of the lifestyle and complicated personalities of the characters and does not have a typical ending. It's a romance without the graphic bedroom scenes.

  • Rebecca McNutt
    2019-05-10 14:49

    This book looked kind of interesting at first, but it soon turned out to be just a repetitive romance novel. I thought it was a mystery novel (I usually don't read romance books), and I just found it really predictable and dull.

  • Misfit
    2019-04-29 09:57

    Thomas Tamasin spends his life chasing rainbows and leaves his daughter Nora firmly ensconced at school as he chases the biggest one of all and heads for the gold fields of Australia. He soon dies and leaves Nora in the care partner/employer Charles Herrick - also known as The Lynx for his dominating personality. Charles's son Stirling arrives in England to escort Nora to Australia, but they make a curious stop at a country estate called The Whiteladies (named for the nunnery it had been at one time) and Stirling seems to have a strange interest in the estate and it's inhabitants. Stranger still, when Nora arrives in Australia the Herrick home is a copy of Whiteladies. Nora soon discovers that The Lynx has a mysterious past of his own, falsely accused of theft in England and deported to Australia as a criminal. As the Herrick family's fortune increases it leads them ever closer to the obsession of Charles - enacting financial havoc on those he blames for his false conviction. Nora and Stirling return to England with Stirling bent on completing his father's plans for revenge. They soon insert themselves into the lives of the residents of Whiteladies as Nora fights to stop Stirling before his lust for revenge destroys all their lives. Whew, that's more plot description than I care to give but there's not much on the product page. I found this book a bit slow paced at times and a tad too predictable, especially the murder attempts on Minta. I also found the alternating POV's between Sara and Minta in the latter part of the book quite distracting. A nice comfort read for a rainy day - it's a good book, just not a great one. 3/5 stars.

  • Wei Cho
    2019-04-25 12:46

    When I was dusting off my bookshelf, I found this book, a book I read oh so long time ago that I barely remember the plot or the characters. Which means that this book wasn't memorable at all. But as I read the blurb at the back of the book, strange remembrance started creeping into my memory and I started "feeling" what I felt when I first read this book.It was bizarre. The story was a romance story, and I liked the protagonist, but didn't like the love triangle she fell into by falling in love with a friend of her father and her son! That was freaking strange. I remember that the father was doing business with Nora's father, until Nora's father died or something. Then Nora went to live with the Lynx and the son.The relationship with Nora and the son was flowering, and I thought it was really sweet. Then out of the blue she feels something for the father too! That was freaking creepy! And nasty. I was hoping that she'd choose the son rather than the father. But she chose Lynx. *shudders*And the son ended up with a girl I didn't really like, but he was having an affair with her or something. Anyway, they secretly liked each other and I felt that as a betrayal to Nora and my inclinations for their relationship. Ms. Holt likes to write strong, independent woman who fall in love with the strangest of individuals, totally unexpected though they're all handsome and hunky guys.

  • William
    2019-05-09 10:55

    Victoria Holt was a master of the brisk romantic suspense novel, usually historic and always with gothic elements, although in her novels these were never supernatural, unlike many of the other novelists of her day. "The Shadow of the Lynx" is both similar and different than her other works. It is one of the first to have much of its action taking place in Australia, which would become a favorite setting for many of her novels. It contains all of her trademark sparring dialogue between characters. Yet it is longer than many of her other books and it alternates points of view between two heroines, which she would never do again under this pen name. One of its protagonists, Nora Tamasin, displays a quite rare ability to have strong, enduring feelings for several romantic interests, which is again rare in Holt's oeuvre; and its love triangle is darker, and more adult, than most. Overall, a distinctive work within her canon and one that was a pleasure to re-read.

  • Amber Newberry
    2019-05-16 10:53

    Fantastic example of why I love Victoria Holt's work. The story takes you across the world and is filled with mystery and adventure and at it's heart is a story of love and revenge. What more could you ask for? The plot revolves around, first, young Nora who is embarking on a life-changing journey to Australia to be with her ward, a man she has never met. Nora's father left her in the care of a complete stranger who sends only his son to usher her back to her new home. Before they begin their trip, Nora and her escort, Sterling, make a chance visit to a very fascinating old house in England. While the simple tea time spent within the garden walls seems insignificant, it becomes a far more important part of the story as Nora and Sterling have met a Minta and her family.The book switches between Minta and Nora's stories so you hear both sides and you will be constantly surprised by where the story takes you and ends up.

  • Anna Karras
    2019-05-12 14:01

    This is my second Victoria Holt, and I don't think it was as good as the Landower Legacy. It focuses on Nora, a young woman who only has her father, and he dies in Australia hunting for gold while she is at finishing school. She is then sent to his partner in Australia, who will be her guardian. The man goes by the name Lynx, because he is a powerful, magnetic man, with the hypnotic eyes of a lynx. And even though he is her father's age, he becomes interested in her, and asks her to marry him, even though she is in love with his son, Stirling. Quite a little incestuous there, Ms. Holt! The book did keep my interest, especially on the long flight from Miami to Los Angeles that I took the week after Christmas. I definitely plan on reading more of her work. What fun!

  • Swathi
    2019-05-07 15:05

    Another personal favourite of mine. This novel was a marked departure from the usual Holt style of writing. The heroine itself is very different from previous holt heroines very spirited and plucky and the location Australia comes alive in this book. Also there is more of sexual content in this book than any of her other novels. The ending may not be the one u might expect. I love this book and never grow tired of reading this one.

  • Vicki Noakes
    2019-05-02 16:55

    As with all Victoria Holt's books, there was a lot of mysterious goings on. Very good read and I have yet to be disappointed in any of her books I've read so far. I think I've almost all of them, but know there are a few that I haven't read yet and look forward to reading them also. My goal is to have each and every Victoria Holt book published.

  • Lisa Buie-Collard
    2019-05-01 09:48

    Victoria Holt is a very good writer. I was drawn into the characters immediately and enjoyed this novel. It wasn't a "typical" romance. I don't think she ever wrote a typical romance! I like reading her because she writes character driven stories and I like those the best. I recommend this to those who like drama and romance, but not the typical type.

  • Neja
    2019-05-22 11:54

    Books written by Victoria Holt are so cheesy, but sometimes that's exactly what you need. I've read a loooot of her books when I was 14/15 years old..that was the last time I've read them. I absolutely loved them at the time. I'm thinking of reading one of her books just for the old times sake! =)

  • Nancy
    2019-05-09 17:59

    I read all of Victoria Holt mystery/romance books in my 30s. Holt books are a higher caliber of romance fiction than something like Harlequins. Historically accurate. Good recreational reading with something to keep you turning pages.

  • Jeremy Wood
    2019-05-07 18:04

    not big on love stories, but this one wasn't too bad. It spoke to the control a woman has over herself and her intimate involvements without being gaudy or crass(it IS based in the 19th century). It even had a realistic ending without a ot of tooth-aching saccharine.

  • Jeanne
    2019-04-26 12:43

    i've read this book over and over and over. my mom, sisters, grandma, husband, friends, etc. have all borrowed and read it over and over too. one of the best books ever... and i've read thousands...

  • Susan
    2019-05-04 16:50

    I have read a few of Victoria Holt's books in the past - this one had an edge to it. Was quite good and made me want to know what was going to happen, so it kept my attention.

  • Enchantressdebbicat ☮
    2019-05-03 13:50

    I read it on HS. I liked it on HS. Now I don't know. I plan to give this a reread. ;)

  • Karen
    2019-04-30 14:04

    One of Victoria's best

  • Partridge Public
    2019-05-07 17:59

    Holt, Victoria

  • Linda Mercer
    2019-05-04 16:05

    Fantastic tale with history woven skillfully into the novel.

  • Deborah
    2019-05-20 16:54

    See Mistress of Mellyn.

  • Tina
    2019-05-14 12:01

    I've read pretty much all of Victoria Holt's work. This was one of the first I read and the motivation behind choosing the next. Absolutely loved this storyline! A real page turner.

  • Ali
    2019-04-22 17:55

    It wasn't a story of romance, it was a story of lost romance.

  • Anne Marie
    2019-04-27 13:49

    A "different" kind of love story/mystery told from the point of view of two determined women, Nora and Minta. Nora, originally from England, is waiting for word from her father who is in Australia. He is trying to become rich by finding gold in the bush. Unfortunately, he is killed by thieves and his dying wish is for his gold mining friend, nicknamed Linx, to be guardian for his daughter. So Nora sets sail for Australia, accompanied by Linx's son, Stirling. Nora soon becomes accustomed to living in a new country. She becomes close to Linx's daughter Adelaide and is in awe of Linx. Even though Nora is close to Stirling and one would assume since they were close in age they would likely fall in love, Linx is the one to steal Nora's heart, and they seem happy together. But one thing they disagree on is Linx's determination to get revenge on a family in England that wrongly accused him of stealing decades ago when he wanted to marry their daughter. They lived in a house called Whiteladies that used to be a convent and was in their family for centuries. Now Linx wants this house to raise his family. That family, unknowingly, has met Nora and Stirling already. When they were still in England, Nora found the house and people sitting outside so fascinating she climbed a tree to take a peek at them. But her scarf flew off her into their yard, so an "excuse" to introduce themselves brought them into the yard.Minta's mother is the daughter that Linx wanted to marry. Her mother's family had her marry a "more suitable" man. They live with Lucie, once Minta's teacher, but her and Minta became such good friends that the family hired her to help around the house and be a companion to Minta. When Minta's mother dies, Lucie and her father, surprisingly, get married.When Linx unexpectedly dies from a falling tree branch, Stirling takes over where Linx left off and is determined to get the revenge his father wanted and buy Whiteladies. Nora is against this, but since she loves Stirling and expects to marry him, she goes to England with him. There they get reacquainted with the family that lives in Whiteladies. Stirling has only one thing on his mind... buying Whiteladies and making badly needed repairs. When he learns Whiteladies cannot be sold since it must stay in the family, he decides to marry Minta. Minta is thrilled since she loves Stirling. Nora is disappointed and wants to go back to Australia. Minta becomes pregnant, and soon the truth about why Stirling married her comes out. The truth also comes about about Lucie, who all along was as obsessed with Whiteladies as Stirling. Stirling and Nora do not get together after all, but if we stay positive, Stirling does get his wish and has a son, and Nora goes back to Australia with someone who loves her.

  • Priya
    2019-04-24 10:51

    Warning: dead giveaways lie ahead.A disappointing saga of misconstrued feelings and spineless protagonists.This book should be renamed to Carousel of Wrong Marriages, such is the storyline.Glad its over!

  • Amanda
    2019-04-22 13:08

    Not one of Holt's better books. Got to a point where I hated everyone and didn't really care about the characters. They were well written, just kind of unendearing.

  • Rita
    2019-05-19 11:59

    Few moments of interest and suspense, but overall boring.

  • Julie
    2019-05-19 11:08

    Shadow of the Lynx by Victoria Holt was published in 1971. Nora's father is a dreamer. He always has some invention or scheme for vast riches that somehow never manages to come true. When rumors of gold in Australia make it to his ears, he leaves Nora at school and goes out to seek his fortune. While in Australia he meets Charles also known as "The Lynx". When Nora's father dies in his pursuit of gold, Nora is taken in by "The Lynx".Nora falls in love with Stirling, Charles's son and always believes they will one day marry. But, Lynx controls all their lives and he is on an all consuming mission to seek revenge for his wrongful conviction of robbery.Nora, no matter how much she resist can not deny Lynx. She at once loves Stirling and Lynx. Each person in Lynx's life is used to help him achieve his goals. His obsession will take them all from England to Australia and back to England where Charles's dream of revenge will eventually come to a shocking conclusion.Victoria Holt is one of my favorite authors. Her writing is so lush and she can suck you into a story with seemingly little effort. This one was a historical saga about one man's all consuming obsession for revenge and the sad effect this has on all the people in his life.This one has a little bit of a twist in the end when another person's obession rivals the obssession of the all powerful Lynx.Nora seems helplessly swept along in the plans of revenge and obssession although she has the backbone to stand up and voice her opinion, it seems to do her little good.What I had a hard time with was the complete and total adoration of Stirling to his father and his then his father's obsessions becoming his own to the point of destroying his own happiness. But, it was a very interesting novel. Strangely absorbing. I liked it, but not as much some others by this author. This style of novel is often forgotten about, but these books are probably still in your local library. Overall a B-