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At a time when the term child star is more a curse than a blessing, Danny Bonaduce stands as a symbol of success and inspiration. Now, the co-star of the 1970s hit television series The Partridge Family, one of the most popular sitcoms in syndication, reveals how he not only survived the hazards of success at an early age, but lived to joke about it. The real Danny is as cAt a time when the term child star is more a curse than a blessing, Danny Bonaduce stands as a symbol of success and inspiration. Now, the co-star of the 1970s hit television series The Partridge Family, one of the most popular sitcoms in syndication, reveals how he not only survived the hazards of success at an early age, but lived to joke about it. The real Danny is as cheeky and irreverent as the pre-adolescent Danny Partridge he portrayed on television, and he tells his story with outrageous wit and refreshing candor. He talks about stepping into the spotlight at a painfully young age; about life on the set of a hit TV show; and about the relationships he formed off camera with the shows stars and executives. He recounts his life after cancellation and the quick slide from star to tabloid fodder; the numerous ways he medicated himself against the hurt and disappointment; and bottoming out financially and emotionally and even, briefly, criminally. But Danny Bonaduce bounced back, and here he tells the incredible story of his journey to personal redemption, including a one-night stand that led to a lifelong commitment, a new family, a successful career, and a new lease on life. As hilarious as it is touching, and told in Bonaduces own irrepressible voice, Random Acts of Badness is a story about a Hollywood prodigy that concludes not in tragedy, but in triumph, and about a career and a life that are not ending, but just beginning....

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Random Acts of Badness: My Story Reviews

  • Kevin
    2019-01-06 19:47

    Bonaduce is primarily known for two things: costarring as red-headed Danny on TV's "The Partridge Family" from 1970 to 1974 and his downward spiral into drug addiction, culminating in his arrest for assaulting a transvestite prostitute in Arizona. There are very few Partridge anecdotes here; instead, there are tales of a volatile, violent childhood, crack addiction, living in a car and numerous arrests and rehab attempts. Bonaduce's acerbic sense of humor, mixed with genuine contrition (he often breaks from a tale to apologize to someone) and awe that he survived such perils makes this lively, albeit episodic tour through tabloid squalor a guilty pleasure. He's a good-natured guide who never falls into self-pity ("Before I sat down to write this book, I thought of my little stories as charming and myself as a color character... it turns out I was nothing more than a piece of shit"). His redemption comes from his wife, Gretchen, whom he met and married on the same day, and a new career as a radio disc jockey both of which turned his focus away from drugs. While Bonaduce's nice-guy persona helps him to avoid alienating readers with the seedier incidents, he skims over his actual recovery from crack cocaine (willpower, on-the-job drug tests and his wife's eagle eye is his explanation, which seems a little too easy). He is forthcoming on his various brushes with the law, his boxing match with Donny Osmond, his often humiliating radio jobs (one station required him to call himself "Danny Partridge") and his belief that all child stars don't have to meet a bad end.

  • Cheryl
    2019-01-14 16:53

    Laugh out loud funny! Totally enjoyed his self deprecating sarcasm and ridiculous situations. I will be sharing this with my friends & sisters!

  • William Herider
    2019-01-08 15:52

    The book I’m reviewing is Random Acts of Badness The Story of Danny Bonaduce. The book is about a biography about Danny. In this book he talks about his past of being in a TV show and his drug problems. He is a funny individual. Has a lot of funny stories about his life. Danny first became famous for doing small business commercial. Then he became famous for playing Danny Partridge in the Partridge Family in the early 1970’s. Also did celebrity boxing where he fought Jose Canseco and Barry Williams. Danny also had a drug problem in his life. He had a downward spiral with his life he was arrested in Arizona when he assaulted a transvestite prostitute. He was off and on crack most of his life and had multiple rehab attempts. Besides the bad choices in his life he straightened out. This book is a funny book and good if you like Comedies or Biographies. Danny Bonaduce’s life is one to remember. I would recommend this book to people that I know would enjoy this book.

  • Mary Lou
    2019-01-05 18:15

    Funny one minute, disturbing the next.

  • Lori Schiele
    2018-12-27 15:45

    I've owned this book and have read it several times. Although I was never a fan of "The Partridge Family", I enjoyed listening to Danny Bonaduce over the last few years as a morning DJ for the local classic rock station. I don't think you could say "Bad guy with the heart of gold", but he definitely has some good points and bad points--and lots of great stories to go along with them: "his tales of international fame and his manic and near-fatal period of major sex, drugs, rock-and-roll and clashes with police officials..." as the back of the book states. An interesting life, to say the least. Whether you like him or hate him, the book is well told and funny as well as tragic. Definitely going back on my shelf to be read again in a couple years when I'm in the mood.

  • Dr. Detroit
    2018-12-30 13:49

    Danny Bonaduce once acted as a rock star on "The Partridge Family" and then proceeded to live his life as one offstage, a real wart on the ass of progress whose only concern for years on end was where the next high was coming from.Granted I'm a sucker for most any tell-all confessional from current or former celebs, but it's hard not to fall under the spell of Bonaduce, a lovable mook who accepts full responsibility for his own dirty deeds, not necessarily done dirt cheap.Highly recommended.

  • Sher
    2019-01-11 14:08

    bonaduce is unapologetic. he doesn't blame his experience as a child star for all his woes in his life, a refreshing stance. he credits a lot of his redemption from a life of addiction to his wife, gretchen. it's a sad thought to contemplate, as this book was published in 2001, and his wife gretchen, post their well-publicized reality show, has since filed for divorce. still, for someone who royally screwed up his life, bonaduce is a MENSA-level thinker and an entertaining guy throughout it all. fun, though sad, read.

  • Kirsten
    2019-01-18 19:51

    Let Danny Bonaduce regale you with his stories of drug misadventures and chances squandered! I have a strange fascination with Bonaduce (and I'm not even a Partridge Family fan!), so this book was rather entertaining. If nothing else, he has a knack for telling a story. When it comes to his flaws and the amount of breaks he's gotten he actually has a lot of humility, surprisingly. He's a trainwreck, but he knows he's a trainwreck.

  • Kellie
    2019-01-11 20:01

    I have always liked Danny Bonaduce. I did watch the Partridge Family when I was a kid. I commend him for being so open and honest. I see this a bounce back story. To go from child hood actor, to a has been, to a popular radio celebrity. With drug addiction in between. Happy ending of a rough life. I like these kind of stories. Especially the honesty and the ability to laugh at oneself. Great guy. Good book.

  • Janet
    2018-12-21 14:54

    Having never been a Danny Bonaduce fan, I don't even know why I bought this book. However, a big however, this book was hysterical. I laughed, I cried... You certainly have to recognize his intelligence and self-deprecating sense of humor. I actually laughed out loud at his foibles. This book shows him as an extremely likeable-or sometimes unlikeable-regular guy that just happened to be a child star that moved in and out of drug addiction. Loved the book!

  • Angela
    2019-01-18 13:59

    I picked this up for 33 cents at GoodWill thinking that it would be a weird tale of a weird guy. Actually, it's pretty disturbing what kind of life this guy has had, his interesting lineage, the (somewhat) ironic friends he had before they were all famous. The book is frank and direct, and I enjoy that about it. It's entertaining in it's own way. It's also sad to see how he ends the book dependence on his complete devotion from his wife...before the split. I see a sequel.

  • Maurean
    2018-12-25 21:03

    This was everything I was expecting it to be, and more. As a rule, I don't usually read the celebirty tells-all books, but I've always liked Bonaduce - his insolence has always amused me! A very honest accounting, and while extremely sordid, his perspective of life is amusing and positive...I enjoyed it quite a bit.

  • Sarah
    2018-12-27 14:12

    i dont care what you think, i love danny bonaduce. he is a totally buffed out little red haired gnome. but to be honest, i only checked this out of the library. i didnt spend money on it or anything.

  • Timothy
    2019-01-18 15:49

    Were all Hollywood tell-all tales this good, I would be a fan of the genre.The book provides not a few insights - and certainly much fodder - for those interested in the the nature of folly and the psychology of fuck-ups.

  • John Devlin
    2019-01-06 18:02

    Genuinely funny. Full of unglossed insights into the dark places of a person's life.

  • Alan
    2018-12-19 14:45

    I heard about the book through Gilbert's podcast. Some great stories.

  • Bradley
    2018-12-28 20:46

    A very gripping life tale. My wife looked a this book with disgust. He seems an okay fellow. And I thought my life was screwed up. =)

  • Robyn
    2019-01-08 17:12

    VERY good and VERY interesting...

  • David
    2018-12-20 18:55

    I bought this for "intellectual candy" at the dollar store, before going on a camping trip. It's honest, funny, and exciting to read.

  • Lenny
    2019-01-10 18:05

    Read the whole story and it seemed that Danny was very happy being a husband and father. Looked him up online and found out he got divorced and married several more times?

  • Steve
    2019-01-18 14:15

    rather comical in a sick kinda way! guys a FREAK!

  • Wendy
    2019-01-09 13:58

    This book gives you a look into Danny's life. Great book!!