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Title : Midnight's Shadow
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 12613412
Format Type : ebook
Number of Pages : 463 Pages
Status : Available For Download
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Midnight's Shadow Reviews

  • Brad
    2019-01-04 06:11

    Qwantu Amaru thinks very highly of himself. If he hadn't expressed it as clearly as he does in his "about the author" section, it would still be obvious from the way he writes. The problem is that he obviously thinks more of his talents as a poet than anyone else. Hence the self-publishing. For the record, I like to self-publish. I like the control I have over my work, and I grew tired of beating my head against the wall with traditional publishers who were always saying my stuff was too literary or too dark for mass consumption. Fair enough. So I self-publish, and I generally respect those who do, even when their texts are riddled with errors. If their ideas are sound and the language they are trying to use speaks to me, I will give it the fairest of shakes.I gave Midnight's Shadow a chance (hell, I even finished the thing), but of all the free books I impulsively downloaded on my first day of e-reader madness, it is the worst piece of trash on my iPod. Yep, it beats Fart Day, Garbage Monster Burp, and Jesus Why Does Matt Have Two Mommies? for absolute crapness. There were times when I couldn't decide whether to be offended, sad or burst out in hysterical laughter. Amaru seems to be writing love poetry. He flat out says he's writing erotica. It just never comes off. He can show you his skills much better than I can. Observe this moment from All That Jazz:... Let's join and become oneWhile I intoxicate you like Jamaican rumAnd get you hotter than the sunNow you're beggin to come to my palace of pleasureTo let me touch your texture and taste your nectarFor who gets you wetter than the double-decker? ...[sic]Or this section of The Rain King... So you can go tell all your girls you got me pussy-whippedBut I bet you've never felt a tongue flip, flop and flowAs we played suck and blow you grabbed my oar and started to rowI got stuck in your rapids and got bounced of your wallsNot realizin that I was gettin close to the edge of Niagara FallsNow I'm damn near drownin in your sex,My seamen are salutin and all hands are on deck ...[sic] And bla, bla, bla. It just goes on and on like that interminably. It's erotica for guys in minimum security prison for robbing a Bodega or teenage boys in the throws of their masturbatory awakening. The entire book is riddled with simple rhymes, juvenile similes (in fact, every image is always the most obvioius, the least thought provoking), and narcissistic declarations of the narrator's skills as a lover.Midnight's Shadow is a love letter to Qwantu Amaru by Qwantu Amaru. And I am going to just go ahead and say it, "It is yucky."

  • Qwantu Amaru
    2018-12-24 01:58