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What's new? Me, for starters... It all began when my job offered me a buyout package. That's when the realization hit: I'm young, I'm rich (thanks to a hefty inheritance), and I'm boring. Things are gonna change-starting now... Building a better man trap... First things first: Exercise. Carrot juice. Straight hair. Whiter teeth. Clothes that fit. But wait-there's more. I'mWhat's new? Me, for starters... It all began when my job offered me a buyout package. That's when the realization hit: I'm young, I'm rich (thanks to a hefty inheritance), and I'm boring. Things are gonna change-starting now... Building a better man trap... First things first: Exercise. Carrot juice. Straight hair. Whiter teeth. Clothes that fit. But wait-there's more. I'm finally ready to take a chance on love with the perfect guy. He's handsome. He's smart. He's reliable. He's my CPA. Problem is, I'm clueless about winning him over. It's time to call in an expert. It's time to call in The Dog. Down, boy. Mike "The Dog" Dougherty is a man's man. A guy's guy. Okay, he's a chauvinist pig, and his sty is "The Dog House," a testosterone-charged column in Maximum for Him magazine. On one hand, I abhor all he stands for. On the other hand, who better to coach me? So here I am. Learning the complex unspoken language of the American male (Talk, bad. Sex, good.); trying exciting new things (Stripping lessons are empowering. Really.); falling for Mike. Uh oh. But the Mike I'm getting to know is different from The Dog. And the Mona I'm becoming isn't quite who I expected, either. This whole makeover scheme is getting crazier by the minute. But "crazy" beats "boring"...right? Visit us at

Title : Reinventing Mona
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Reinventing Mona Reviews

  • Anuradha
    2018-12-28 05:54

    If you want a book that tells you you need to change every aspect of yourself to make a person fall in love with you, read this shit. Mona "my self esteem is so low, I could be renamed rock-bottom" Warren has been secretly planning her wedding to Adam "I'm that perfect pastel upper middle class guy that you want to bring to your parents" Zielger. But then she falls for her er, "coach" Mike "the ultimate chauvinist" Dougherty, though he likes calling himself "The Dog". So basically, Rock Bottom quits her boring job to, er, reinvent herself, which in her case is basically changing everything about her face, body, and soul to be the perfect wife for Perfect. She hires Ultimate Chauvinist to help her become the "perfect woman that all men want", and he in turn hires his stripper sister to help her with the "looking good" aspect of it. What follows is a series of er, misadventures, for lack of a better term, where she tries to woo Perfect. Needless to say, she ends up with Ultimate Chauvinist, because why the fuck not. The only voice of reason here is Rock Bottom's best friend Greta "I'm a closet lesbian" something or the other, who gives Rock Bottom sane advice like not changing just so a boy can like you, but of course, she's stupid and naive and innocuous, so she really doesn't listen much. I liked Closet right up until she confessed her feelings for Rock Bottom, and fessed up about leaving a perfectly wonderful woman who actually cared for her just so she could get with Rock Bottom. Why? Just why? Just, save yourself the trouble of reading this and watch The Ugly Truth. They tell literally the same stupid story, but at least in that, you have the glorious pleasure of ogling at Gerard Butler.

  • Tammy
    2019-01-10 08:39

    Ughhhhh! I picked this book for its potential as a between reads read. I didn't expect much more than a quick, light read. Halfway through, I realized that I was really enjoying it. But THEN about 92% of the way through, a particularly corny and unbelievable scene completely turned me off and I didn't even finish what little I had left. This ending screamed of a looming deadline and I hope the author did, in fact, rush the ending, otherwise I worry about how in touch with reality she is. Awful ending to an otherwise enjoyable story.

  • Kira
    2019-01-15 04:03

    This was a hard book for me to rate. Mona was annoying as a character at first, but I enjoyed the developing storyline where she got a life, and I kept waiting for more to be revealed about Mike's backstory and for them to get together. However (view spoiler)[The ending was so bad and so rushed we never actually see it happen! (hide spoiler)] It killed the story for me.There were a few aspects I didn't think were delved into enough too, but for a fast, light read, it was okay.

  • Sandy
    2018-12-29 09:59

    Honestly, I think this book is terribly boring and awkward. I regret ever picking it up and it's the most boring book in the history of fiction and literature. Storyline was exciting but not the story. I won't ever pick up another book by Jennifer Coburn. I want my time back. 0 stars.

  • ɑƨħŵɑɡ ♥Team Magnus Damora FOREVER♥
    2018-12-24 09:40

    This was an okay story. What I enjoyed the most was the sarcastic writing. It made me laugh in many parts. The development of the romance, if too quick at the end, was paced better than I thought. Mona and Mike started as business acquaintance but slowly developed a friendship that's bound to turn to romance. Mike has definitely grown from the arrogant self-centered man who is also anti-women. His relationship with Mona was sweet and supportive of her as a person. I found the moment (view spoiler)[when Mona was with Adam for their second date that she realized that this kind of "acting" doesn't make a relationship and she also realizes that all this time with Mike has definitely made her like him despite his faults. (hide spoiler)] I loved that part the most.

  • julie armani
    2019-01-13 06:57

    So enjoyable!I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The storyline was different and so well written. The characters were so unique. I will definitely read more of this authors books.

  • Michele Mattos
    2018-12-28 05:42

    I got this book for free on Kindle. I usually browse around the amazon store for free books and sometimes I find some hidden gems - this was definitely one of them. I loved this book so much. It was free and the cover was not very appealing, so my expectations weren't very high, but I'm so glad I decided to give this a try anyway. This is not a great piece of literature, but it's was so funny and entertaining that I still think it deserves 4 starts. In this one we follow Mona and she's not happy. She has a great job, but her social life is a joke and she's not happy with the person she is at the moment. Her job offers her a buyout and she inherits a lot of money. So, without a job and with a lot of time in her hands, she decides to reinvent herself. Since she has no idea what she's doing, she decides to hire a coach to help her with that and they end up becoming great friends. This book was so cute and I found myself actually laughing out loud while reading it! If you're a fan of chick-lit and romance, I'd say this one if for you. I have no idea if this is still available for free on Amazon, but I think it's worth buying it anyway!For more book reviews and other bookish things:

  • Lori Anaple
    2019-01-09 07:03

    I was expecting total fluff (and it is) but what I didn't expect was the backstory of what happened to Mona's family in Montana before moving to California. I found that part of the story so sad. Perhaps I gave it more weight and meaning because it caught me guard. I don't know. I know that I enjoyed it and wished there was more about that time in her life.I did find it hard to believe that this woman who had no life just went out and got one in a matter of weeks. She should have been more lost I would think trying to navigate through everything. On the other hand, she did bury her feelings for so long perhaps she didn't know what to do.Let me sum it up like this.... It was hard for me to review because I read the romantic portion of it as I would normally read chic lit, it was predictable and fluffy. But I wanted to read the backstory portion of it as more contemp lit and that is where my disconnect comes from. I liked it though. More than a lot of chic lit that is out there.

  • Leelo Loves-Books
    2018-12-25 09:38

    Ok, so at first Mona's moaning and groaning got on my nerves hence my original...But it all turned around somehow. I have no idea how. Well, maybe I do. Mike. One word....He walked in like a ray of sunshine on Mona's overcast and pathetic life. He made the story fun. He was flirty, sarcastic, edgy and yes arrogant. Not to mention A-typical male 'dog' asshole. But he's forgiven. He made me smile and laugh and forget that Mona had dragged me unto her 'Sappy, no hope for Mona' train wreck...I mean,ride. And of course she didn't realize he was perfect for her . Shame Mona! Shame on you!Oh yeah, there were other characters in there....somewhere.....

  • Taryn
    2018-12-31 03:43

    I picked this book off my daily bookbub in hopes of one of those quick easy love stories to break up my heavy fiction books. It was awful. I read it as quickly as I could just so I could be done with it and move on. Mona was so unrealistic it hurt. I cannot even imagine a person who thinks or acts like she does. I have to say I have made minor changes because of the person I'm dating, but never for someone I haven't even started dating. And by minor changes I mean going to a concert of a band that I'm not particularly fond of, but enjoying the beer while I am there. Nothing even close to what the main character did here. Overall I would recommend skipping it.

  • Jessica Robinett
    2018-12-25 07:46

    This story had such potential!!! But apparently that doesn't make a good novel. The writing just left me feeling like an outsider. The book is written in 3rd person, but there was absolutely no connection to the characters. The heroine was obnoxious most of the time and the hero was a douche rocket up until the last 10% of the book when he magically becomes interested and in love with the heroine. Really??? No. Just no.

  • Tee Morris
    2019-01-07 03:41

    I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It took me a minute to get into it but I am glad my friends and I committed to finishing it. The characters were so nutty they seemed real, like people you actually know. I guess the moral of the story is to do what you need to do to find your happiness... It's worth it.

  • Mary
    2018-12-27 07:06


  • Amber
    2019-01-11 04:44

    This was a fun read. It was better than I expected. It somewhat reminded me of the movie "he's just not that into you."

  • Hilary Grossman
    2019-01-11 02:57

    A lighthearted beach read that kept me giggling...

  • Linda
    2019-01-12 04:37

    I enjoyed Jennifer Coburn's book, Reinventing Mona. This book is the story of Mona Warren who decides to retire at age 30. She has one friend, no family left, no hobbies, and worst of all no boyfriend! She describes herself as "the mustard stain on a Sears tweed couch". Her fantasy is to marry her CPA of 7 years, Adam Ziegler. So when she reads a column called The Dog House by Mike"the dog" Dougherty, she decides to hire him as a male consultant/guy coach. She will use him to get insight into how men think. As Mike helps Sara, they get to know each other by e-mails and phone calls. Mike also enlists the help of his little sister, Vicki, for decisions on clothes and hair. Sara eventually manages to get a date with Adam by taking him to the Ozzfest event he wants to go to. The more time she spends with Adam the more she realizes that she is just using him to fill a void. Throughout her journey, Sara gets to know Mike and Vicki, and they become close. This fun book has a lot of quirky characters, a likable heroine, and self discovery. It was entertaining!

  • Amy
    2019-01-08 08:05

    Chick lit at it's most mediocre. The references to Google, cell phones, current movies and music definitely date this book. Easy to see where it's going with the Dog and Adam from the get go, but the way it comes to a head is pretty much unbelievable. I could have certainly done without the liberally sprinkled political views. I would have liked to have seen more character development with Greta, and more background of Mona' s job, so we'd get a better idea of what she was leaving- not necessarily giving up. I did appreciate how she evolved fairly dramatically and nearly overnight. Slay those dragons, girl!What the heck happened once she got in the Naval Base, anyway???A few typographical errors and being a little disjointed here and there also lend their contribution to the two star rating. Read this if you need a giggle and you've exhausted everything else in your library.

  • Elvira
    2019-01-06 07:47

    .dont bother Don't bother getting this book. Even if it's free. It's a total bore. There nothing about this book that actually makes me want to finish it. I skipped around trying to actually find the point to the story and I couldn't. Mona was absolutely the worst character I've ever read. It was like reading the story of a sixteen year old. And mike. Ok goodness I have no words. Just horrible

  • Amanda
    2018-12-25 05:49

    Heinous. Just terrible. One of the worst plots in all of book history. I can’t even say it was enjoyable to read. And the ending??? How unimaginative do you have to be for literally every major character to fall in love with the main character??!?!?!? There’s no buildup or anything for half of the characters to even fall in love with Mona in the first place. A regrettable read.

  • Carol Sandford
    2018-12-29 06:55

    Nice Nice lighthearted read. Had a chuckle a few times, and enjoyed the silliness that Mona got up to. Yeah, I liked

  • Julianne
    2019-01-16 09:49

    It was hard to read. I just really didn't like Mona.

  • Ivonne Torres
    2018-12-29 02:59

    This book had me laughing out loud like an idiot.It was a little bit cheese and some of the scenes were a little too much, but it all worked in the name of comedy.

  • Njane
    2019-01-03 09:46

    Really surprised.Easy reading but enjoyable to get most in the pages of this book. Download it and enjoy the characters and easy story.

  • Cassie
    2019-01-22 01:44

    EnjoyableA quirky and unexpectedly comedic read. I read it in basically one day because it sucked me right in. Very much recommended

  • Natalie Haworth
    2018-12-28 01:46

    Wonderful! Great book about self discovery and finding identity in non superficial things. Wonderful read, kept me entertained the entire time!

  • Jodie Thompson
    2019-01-10 02:42

    Funny readThe characters were relatable. Who doesn't love a good underdog story. A good read from the beginning to the end.

  • Louise O'Neill
    2019-01-07 08:44

    Good easy readEasy book to read quite predictable but good enjoyable summer book would recommend it. Did not take long too read

  • Alyssa
    2019-01-13 07:57

    Standard fare chick lit. Amusing enough to read for a few days.

  • Rishika S.
    2019-01-20 01:38

    Three words came to my mind almost instantly when I read the blurb of this book - The Ugly Truth. In fact, I wouldn't be too surprised if the movie had been inspired by the book, given that the book was published four years before its release. But as I read the book, I realized that except for some similarity in the skeleton of the main story, the movie and book are really quite different. And the book has its own flaws and charms.Reinventing Mona is a feel good book. Sure there's chaos and emotion and a load of confusion, but there's warmth and happiness too. The story is definitely interesting and highlights the differences between the way men and women think, all through the nutty situations that Mona lands herself in. Humor wise, the writing is pretty good. It does make you laugh out loud quite often and smile at other times.Character wise, Mona is a woman with whom many would associate. Aside from her unique problems, she has those that are common to all women. And the author shows just who she really is simply by how Mona deals with those problems. Mike, like the blurb says, is the guyish guy one could find. But like every human (and every hero), he has his own layers which unravel quite nicely as the story progresses. Then you have Greta and Vicki, Mona's friends who add new dimensions to her life. In fact, the rapport that she shares with each of them add a whole new life to the story too. What I really liked was Mona's interaction with Adam. Not only are those interactions funny, but you learn all about Mona as she learns about herself - simply by being with, and learning about, Adam.Unfortunately, even with such interesting characters, good humor and a funky story line, the book just wasn't as good as I'd hoped for it to be. The first problem was that it began with great promise and then just collapsed. A few chapters after the first couple got quite cumbersome and slow. But I pushed through them and the book picked up quite well and quite quickly. But then there was the main problem - the choppy writing. The book moves a lot between the present and past; and even though it's written completely from Mona's perspective, it gets clumsy. The abrupt shifting breaks the flow too often. Then there was the abrupt time and feeling jumps. One situation simply ended and another began, one that was weeks away from the first. There was no progression between the two incidents, especially in terms of Mona's thoughts or feelings. All you knew was that she felt a particular way on Day 1 and she felt something different on Day 30. There was nothing that really allowed you to feel her emotions with her as they changed. All these things caused the final product to seem too choppy - like a bunch of incidents lined up with no string to hold them together.The book and the writing style had its flaws. And the typos, however occasional, didn't help any. As the book progressed, I shifted from thinking it was just about okay to bad to okay again. I also thought that the story was predictable - there was only one way the climax could unfold. And I think that was the very reason that I can give the book a 3 instead of a 2.5 - the way the end unfolded took me by surprise... and made me laugh a riot while doing so! I was still a little bugged about the bumpy ride, but thanks to the ending, I was able to overlook the problems to some degree and still feel good and warm when I finally closed the book.All in all, Reinventing Mona was a decent read - light, funny, interesting (for the most part) and warm. I liked seeing Mona come to terms with who she really was and what she wanted. And I liked the way each person who cared about her helped her along that journey. Anyone who is a fan of ChickLit, romantic comedies and curl-up-in-your-blanket-and-read books will enjoy this novel by Jennifer Coburn.

  • Jasmine Necaise
    2019-01-17 08:36

    CuteYou can basically guess the plot twist from the beginning but it's a cute book. Ends on a cliff hanger though...