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After Grandma gets sick, Christina must spend lonely days with her grumpy Uncle Ralph in a spooky, isolated Victorian mansion, but things change when she meets the ghost of a little boy, who may be linked to a thirty-year-old murder....

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Christina's Ghost Reviews

  • C.
    2019-01-13 11:17

    Betty Ren Wright is another prolific authoress. Sometimes she added ghosts but always evoked suspense. When authors skip kid stuff, like bickering or school and stick to adventures; the novels are phenomenal. This is why some of Betty's are superior to others. “Christina's Ghost” is driven by a family topic. She spots a spirit right away but the mystery is trivial. However these characters were shaped with such refreshing frankness; an originality pervaded that had me enjoying the novel, including the personal relations it conquered.The mystery's resolution, if not for a spectral showdown that was harrying if not brief, was glossed over haphazardly. Ralph and Christina rustle up what they were seeking and we don't see him give it to the sheriff. Anticlimactically, we hear he was not familiar enough with the old case to have a zealous reaction. Christina bonding with her Uncle Ralph was much more enthralling. I give four stars for a pleasant story with original touches that impressed me. What is it that I admired?We have all felt someone disliked us but seldom call that person out. Uncle Ralph answers that he likes Christina but finds her in pickles too often for a lady. Her girly sister is preferred but she has to accompany the impatient uncle. Happily, there are no stern rules stifling our story. Christina is left to amuse herself and acquaints Uncle Ralph at meals. We aren't fed that blueprint of a kid facing the paranormal solo, either. She had to clue Uncle Ralph in. It was more thrilling that they confronted the haunting together. Sometimes reviews of ghost mysteries hamper my experience with them. Many people deemed this one unusually scary. If those endorsements had not primed my expectations, the disturbances that arose would have been satisfactorily eerie for me.

  • Risa Duenas
    2018-12-29 09:08

    I read this book in the third grade and loved it. When I got older I wanted to read it again and could never find it. I went to different library's and thrift stores looking for it. When I was 19yrs old my mom called me up asking if I wanted to follow her to the new thrift store that opened up; I almost didn't go cuz I was sick. I'm so glad I did cuz I found it. OMG i jumped up and down and screamed a very high pitched scream i never thought i could do. Lol. my mom said she never seen me so happy. :D I'm 25yrs old now and have three kids of my own. I still have the book and I can't wait to share it with them. :)

  • Margie
    2019-01-08 06:11

    Scary! I read this as an adult twenty years ago and it made the hair stand up on the back of my neck!

  • Juli
    2019-01-04 08:13

    I read a lot of middle-grade books. Not just for review purposes but because sometimes it's just very enjoyable to read something innocent, funny, simple and entertaining. I find all sorts of great middle-grade books at local thrift shops, and on my local library's digital website. I have spent many a happy afternoon reading about the trials of middle school, kids solving mysteries and ghosts, monsters or even space aliens. Why not? I have discovered many wonderful children's authors, passed on many great books to my son and other kids, and reviewed some really awesome books. I found Christina's Ghost by Betty Ren Wright on my library's website in audiobook format. Battling a cold for several days, I wanted to listen to a short, entertaining ghost story. And this book was perfect! Christina and her sister are being sent to stay with their grandmother while their parents are on a 5-week trip to Alaska. Their Uncle Ralph drives the girls to their grandmother's house, only to discover she has gone into the hospital. Christina has to stay with her Uncle Ralph while her sister goes with an Aunt until their grandmother returns. Uncle Ralph is staying at an isolated, spooky house while a friend is out of town. He is doing research and really doesn't enjoy the company of children. Christina is bored. She's upset that her Uncle Ralph doesn't seem to like her, lonely and misses her parents, sister and grandmother. She decides to explore the area around the house, swim in the lake and try to fill her days as best she can. Then she starts seeing a little boy....a little boy who shows up when she is laughing or happy. But he only stays for a few seconds before....disappearing. Suddenly she is pulled into a the little boy a ghost? And why is he at the house? How is she going to convince Uncle Ralph that she's seeing a ghost?This book was entertaining, and the audiobook, narrated by Carol Jordan Stewart, was easy for me to hear and understand. I have partial hearing loss, so when it comes to audiobooks I need good production value and a narrator who speaks clearly. I was able to understand and thoroughly enjoy this audiobook! Written for children, the story is relatively simple and short. The audiobook is just over two hours long. Perfect length for a car trip, appointment or other errand with the kids in tow. The story is well-paced, with humor sprinkled in. There are ghosts, but the tale is ago-appropriate for ages 7 and up. Nothing overly terrifying. Christina solves the mystery, and learns how to befriend an adult relative she doesn't know very well. I listened to this story, chuckling at the silly riddles Christina shared with her grumpy uncle, while doing housework. It made the afternoon brighter and the task less mundane. I highly recommend it to adults and children alike!Betty Ren Wright wrote 25 children's books including The Dollhouse Murders and Ghosts of Mercy Manor. Her writing is age-appropriate for children, entertaining and spooky without being too scary for kids. Her stories also provide great entertainment for adults, too. It certainly brightened my afternoon!

  • Leilani
    2018-12-27 05:52

    I didn't remember much about the book, so it was pretty much like reading it for the first time. It was rather odd that in the very begining of the book Chritina's grandmother has a gallbalder attach and has to have it removed, then stay in the hospital, and here I am recovering from having my gallblader removed.

  • Lisa
    2019-01-01 05:00

    I am 11 years old again, and it is fabulous.80s Scholastic books are just unbeatable.

  • Linda Hargis
    2019-01-24 07:56

    I read this when I was very young and loved it .

  • Amy
    2019-01-02 07:22

    Seemed like the basic plot structure was similar to "Dollhouse Murders," at least in terms of the haunting: murder takes place in creepy old house; strange things start happening to young female protagonist; YFP looks up old newspaper articles about the murders and connects that info with the spooky goings-on; paranormal activity comes to a terrifying head that makes a believer out of skeptical adult caregiver; murders are solved by finding piece of long-hidden physical evidence. Truly, both books had all those plot threads in common. Even though the plot didn't seem that inventive - at least in terms of her other work - the plot climax was really scary and nail-biting, and the relationship between Christina and her uncle was developed really nicely. On the con side - what is up with that effing horrible cover art? And Christina loves comic books, but undermines them by thinking that "they're not real books." That kind of sentiment reveals the book's age (I believe it was originally published in 1985) - hopefully no author writing for children today would express that kind of idea. I think I may have read Betty Ren Wright's two best books, so it may be time to move on to another author of ghost stories for kids. Post a comment if you have any recommendations!

  • Shasta Bos
    2019-01-21 05:12

    I read several of Betty Ren Wright's books when I was young and always enjoyed that it's been over 20 years and almost Halloween I decided to read one. Honestly, for a kid's book it was actually quite creepy! Not sure how I read it as a kid and didn't have nightmares. Maybe I did and just don't remember! I have to say that Christina's Ghost is a pretty good ghost story and fearless kids will enjoy it.

  • Yennie
    2019-01-17 04:56

    Thanks, Goodreads, for reminding me that this book exists. This was probably my favorite book in third or fourth grade (up until I discovered The Phantom Tollbooth, which is still one of my all-time favorite books) and probably the first story to scare me. I lent it to my fourth grade best friend (whose name was Tina), and she gave it back to me drawn on and a bit mangled. I never lent her anything again.

  • Adelle
    2019-01-18 04:53

    Talk about freaky! This book scared me so bad as a youth! Definitely considered a spooky read.

  • Bre Cooper
    2018-12-25 06:19

    I remember reading another book by her in school and it scared me so much. I reread it and still enjoyed the story so I thought why not try this one. I was sadly disappointed this story was rushed to hurry up and get the ending.

  • Lena Harper
    2018-12-30 03:59

    I loved this book when it came out 30 years ago and now that I'm 15 years older I still love it ;)

  • LisaReads
    2019-01-22 10:52

    Based on memory, not on content.

  • Kristi
    2019-01-20 11:19

    Another childhood book I found in a box after moving and read in one setting... Betty Ren Wright's books are fairly well written (for tweens) and genuinely frightening.

  • Sarah
    2019-01-17 06:58


  • Karen B.
    2018-12-25 07:18

    Christina is a young girl who was supposed to spend the summer with her grandmother while her parents where away. Instead Grandma has taken ill and Christina has to travel with her uncle who is house sitting in an old mansion. While there she encounters the ghost of a young boy and learns of murder there 30 some years ago. Even though this was a YA book, I found it thoroughly enjoyable.

  • Perihan
    2018-12-26 07:12

    Summary Ten yr old Christina is not looking forward to spending the summer with Uncle Ralph. He got to house sit his old friends home. She dreads the long days in the spooky, isolated Victorian mansion, especially because Uncle Ralph dislikes her and there are no children nearby to play along with them. One day, she found a room that looks like it belongs to a little boy then she saw a ghost of a little boy wearing a sailor suit, but he disappeared before she can talk to him. Christina wanted to discover why he was there. On a trip to the nearby city, Christina looks for old newspapers to see if she can find any information about the house. She finds a newspaper from 30 years ago. It says that a murder took place in the house after a man stole some valuable stamps. The guys who he stole from, found out where he was staying which is the house {christina is now} and went to kill him. So the little boy was killed there because he witnessed the murder. One of the murderers said that they never found the stamps. When Christina got back, she finds the stamps inside an old comic book that she had taken from the boy's room. Suddenly she hears noises from the attic. Once again she sees the kid, but this time, he looked terrified and then started pointing at the attic door where the ghost of the little boy's sitter is about to come out. Christina and her uncle left the house as fast as possible, as the spirit causes chaos. They escaped and found a place to sit in another town.They turn the stamps to the local sheriff's office the next morning. When they arrive back at the house, that morning, they find the doors and windows all open from the night before. After lots of investigating, Christina concludes the ghost of the little boy is finally at peace now that the mystery surrounding his untimely death has been solved.1. What is this book’s message? The message is that a little kid can solve cases and problems more than an adult could.2. Did you like the book? If you have read any of the author’s books, how does this compare? I have read the author’s other horror books, but they didn’t creep me out like this one did. The story's climax is great! This one was more relatable than the other ones.3. What did you think of the ending? The ending is fascinating because it surprised me that a ten yr old solved a case that is hard by herself.My favorite part of the book would probably be when the ghost boy came out just because it got me excited and suspicious. I was curious what was going to happen next. My least favorite part is the beginning, because it was boring and nothing was getting me excited for the book. I felt like I didn’t like it. I would recommend this book to movie directors because it’s a horror book and lots of people love horror movies, so I think if a director made a film about it would be good for them and other people watching.

  • Samantha O
    2019-01-09 06:07

    I just finished reading this book called Christina's Ghost. I completely loved the book! Out of a 1-10 I would most definitely give it a 9! I liked this book because it was full of mystery; it has to do with a murder that happened 30 years ago. Christina has to spend the summer with her uncle Ralph. They are both not looking forward to it since they both dislike each other. Christina sees a small figure of a boy and thinks it’s a ghost, she tells her Uncle Ralph which doesn’t believe it. My favorite part of the book is when the lights in the house start flickering and the windows and doors start opening and closing all by themselves! Uncle Ralph starts to believe in ghost, but once Christina goes to a shop, and finds a newspaper from 30 years ago, and she cannot believe what she reads. It says that one of the victims that has been murdered, has some stamps in that house that are worth a fortune! Until something wonderful happens to them! If you want to find out, read the book! One thing that I really didn't get about this book is that: What happened to the little ghost boy?? I mean the title says Christina's Ghost, but the book is all about finding the hidden stamps that are worth a fortune. The book doesn’t even say what happens to the little boy at the end. I mean if you're reading, the last time she sees the little boy is in the woods. After that it just cuts the little ghost boy off and the book is pretty much a lot about the stamps. So I would suggest to call the book another title.

  • Swankivy
    2019-01-22 06:54

    This was a little scary for me as a kid because I didn't like tales of unknown spooky things coming after children. I didn't mind the idea of friendly ghosts--and there was one of those in this book too, even though it was a little creepy because it clearly wanted something and couldn't explain--but when the protagonist, Christina, is confronted with clearly malevolent presences in her Uncle Ralph's house, I definitely felt her terror. One thing I liked about the book was that even though her uncle doesn't believe her at first, he does start to see reason when evidence clearly points to something supernatural happening. I hate when adults in stories disbelieve in what they're actually seeing in the name of being supposedly rational. I also liked the little nod to girls not having to be girlish and Christina's uncle partially not liking her because she's a tomboy, not just because he's a grump due to the story needing a grump. The book is very similar to another book by the same author--same idea with a benevolent ghost trying to lead inhabitants to discover murders against the will of a malevolent ghost, with a valuable secret being covered up--but the family issues were different and the story was still engaging.

  • Eden
    2019-01-09 04:00

    Christina "Chris" has to stay with her uncle Ralph while her grandmother is in the hospital. Neither are very happy about it, as Chris doesn't like being around Ralph since he is crabby, and Ralph doesn't much like tomboys.She and her Uncle stay at an old house and on the very first day there, Chris sees a little boy. Soon she realizes that he is a ghost and wants to find out why he is there.I really like Chris. She's a neat character and her Uncle ends up not being so bad after later in the book. I've read a few other books by this author and I like how she handles adult characters. They're flawed and often don't always know best. Like the young characters in her books, the adult characters too are just learning, and I like that the adult characters eventually can admit when they are wrong. I think this book had a good story. It was interesting and exciting and I wanted to know more about the history of the house as Chris did. I read through it pretty quickly as it wasn't very long and also because I wanted to know what happened next.It's a really great ghost story without being too scary for children, but it is intense and mysterious enough for anyone who loves ghost books will enjoy it

  • Maeve Mc Hugh
    2019-01-01 04:58

    A lot of my own childhood books came from uncles and aunts in America, and this book was one of my favourites.Christina, or Chris (she's a bit of a tomboy), is forced to spend the summer with her introverted and slightly grumpy Uncle Ralph when her grandmother is taken ill. As Ralph is a writer he takes her to a house in the countryside where he can work in peace. Chris is a little lonely to say the least as Ralph is unaccustomed to children, and especially tomboys!!Christina feels less lonely when she sees a little boy watching her while she plays. She soon discovers he is a ghost, and begins to try to convince Uncle Ralph. He gets quite annoyed and doesn't believe her, thinking it to be the product of a ten year old's overactive imagination. But he soon discovers Chris is telling the truth and the two form an unlikely bond as they uncover the secrets their holiday home is hiding.As ghost stories for children go, this is not overly scary. The story moves quickly, is full of action, and there is a happy ending when the mystery is solved and when Chris and her Uncle become unlikely allies after a very shaky start!!

  • Julie Decker
    2019-01-08 09:00

    Christina is a tomboy who spends some time with her grouchy uncle who wishes she was more feminine. But despite their differences, these two have to work together to deal with some creepy ghosts. Christina's uncle being irritated with her because of his personal beliefs about how girls should act was a nice change from how adults are just mean for no real reason in children's books sometimes. I also found it refreshing that Christina, after being visited by a benevolent ghost and a terrifying one, was able to convince her uncle that the experiences were real. Adults remaining skeptics in novels that clearly include supernatural happenings always struck me as unnecessary, and so it was good to see an adult able to open his mind and believe what he was seeing. I would have given the book more stars if the unresolved-ghosts-trying-to-tell-characters-something plot had been a little more original-feeling, but I did enjoy the characters, and I think most kids who aren't too scared by creepy haunting stories will like this one.

  • Kristine Hansen
    2019-01-15 02:55

    The very fact that this book could creep me out has me giving it five stars. To be honest I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that these ghost stories by Betty Ren Wright, which are written for children, can be creepy to an adult. Either way, the setup works. Girl staying with grumpy uncle at creepy lake house for the summer, miles from another living human being. But with two ghosts right in the house. The first ghost is a child, kind of sweet and sad. The pure evil. This is the stuff nightmares are made from (and knowing me I'll get nightmares from this book, a true sign of greatness).This author has the most uncanny knack for spooking the reader. The tension builds to a satisfying climax of a page-turner that you can't possibly put down. I'll be reading more of these books...might wait until daylight though.

  • Wendi (BrokenBinding)
    2019-01-21 02:55

    I read Christina's ghost nearly 30 years ago. I was 7 years old and found the book utterly terrifying but incredibly compelling. I had to repeatedly stop reading because I was terrified...but would have to pick it up again because I HAD to know what happened next. This book was the genesis of a life long love of books that chilled me to my toes, books you read in a well lit room, books that echo in your nightmares but you are drawn back to over and over again. I wouldn't recommend this for a timid child, but for kids who enjoy enjoy a good scare this is a must read. I remembered this books so well after 15 years that I ended up buying it for my own daughter...yes it scared me, but it did it so very well! :)

  • Rosalie
    2019-01-09 11:14

    Christina’s Ghost is a short read but an enjoyable one. The characters are rather likeable (or at least they are by the end) and there aren’t many, which make it all that better. The story is simple but effective. The slow build to the haunting and resolution are perfect. The pacing makes it spread out without being to slow or drawn out. Christina does seem to do more than the average 10 yr olds but then again I don’t know many 10 yr olds anymore. If you’re looking for a little chill in a pleasant read this book might be for you.

  • Tracy
    2018-12-27 10:12

    Another great and believable kid's ghost story. Christina and her sister are on their way to visit their grandparents when something happens (someone gets sick? not sure I recall). Her sister is sent to stay with the grandmother (possibly) and Christina is stuck with her grumpy old uncle in his huge old house for the summer. Christina occupies herself by exploring the house, learning to swim, and eventually solving the mystery of the ghost boy that she sees on her uncle's property.

  • Jenny
    2019-01-02 03:22

    Fun to revisit this story. Christina is looking forward to a summer at her grandmother's farm, but when her grandmother winds up in the hospital, she winds up at a lonely house on a lake with her grumpy uncle. Then Christina starts seeing a young boy in an oldfashioned sailor suit, and he keeps disappearing. There is also a dreadful presence in the attic that scares Christina, but she is determined to solve the mystery . . .

  • Earline
    2019-01-24 10:57

    A fun spooky ghost story that I wish I had read as a kid. Have to suspend disbelief for the setup, but how else is a tween going to stay in a mysterious house in the middle of nowhere with very little supervision? Overall a fun eerie mystery with a strong female character, what's not to like?This is the first book I've read by Betty Ren Wright and am interested in checking out The Dollhouse Murders. Really wish I had discovered her work 20 years ago!

  • Megan
    2018-12-28 09:01

    Trust me if you haven't read this book before (it's short just so ya know) when you read the end your socks will surly jolt off your feet! They sure did when I first read it when I was 9. A very good mystery written beautifully. I always loved the first words of the whole book."Crissy's going to throw up again!":)