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#1 KINDLE BESTSELLER in "Metaphysical & Visionary" Be careful what you wish for. A year earlier, with the help of enigmatic industrialist Michael Walker, all of Penelope Drayton Spence’s dreams had come true. Now, as one of the country’s top journalists, she has discovered what she thought would make her happy was only making her busy. After months of avoiding her, M #1 KINDLE BESTSELLER in "Metaphysical & Visionary" Be careful what you wish for. A year earlier, with the help of enigmatic industrialist Michael Walker, all of Penelope Drayton Spence’s dreams had come true. Now, as one of the country’s top journalists, she has discovered what she thought would make her happy was only making her busy. After months of avoiding her, Michael Walker burst back into her life with an outlandish plan to launch his controversial “Hermes” satellite into space. But she soon learns someone just as resourceful and well-financed is willing to go to any lengths to stop the launch. After the Hermes Project’s facility in Jackson Hole is attacked, Penelope gets a ringside seat as two of the world’s most powerful men go toe-to-toe in a battle of wills that could change the course of humanity. FROM THE PUBLISHER The first book in this series, “The Fourth Awakening” focused on the science and history of the previous awakenings. “The Gathering Darkness” explores what all this means on a more personal level. Penelope, like so many before her, has started down the path toward enlightenment but has lost her way. Throughout this fast-paced thriller are gentle clues and suggestions that readers can use to advance their personal growth. By presenting this science in a Joseph Campbell “myth” format, the authors are striving to capture the timeless “around the campfire” storytelling that will resonate on multiple levels. ...

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The Gathering Darkness Reviews

  • Joan
    2018-12-10 18:44

    A Good Extension of the Fourth Awakening, Part II wrote a review on The Fourth Awakening, Part 1, indicating that was a good book; it included much metaphysical material in the manner of the “Law of Attraction” and I have been a practitioner of metaphysics since 1960. This book continued with metaphysics, but extending it more in how to release pent-up negative emotion so that one attracts the best in any situation. In this case it was not Michael in long dialogues explaining to Penelope, but a young man, Ian Fleming, who showed up at Penelope’s side, but didn’t really explain why he was attached to her. He continually gave short hints to Penelope as to how her thinking could improve her life.This novel has much more action and drama and I found it to be more interesting as entertainment and just fine writing and plot construction than the first in the series. And finally the hinting of a romance blossoming in Part I, which I felt left much to be desired, was developed in this novel and satisfying. The authors did a good job of making a power hungry, extremely wealthy Russian out to steal or destroy the satellite that Michael had constructed, into brilliantly schemed adversarial actions, which kept the story moving along. It sort of bored me with the continual use of “mischievous grin” or “twinkling eyes” in describing Michael, which I felt was the only weakness in the writing. I enjoyed this novel and although it can be used as a teaching tool of metaphysics, it was not so overwhelming that it can’t be enjoyed as an action-packed thriller. Also it is not necessary to read the first book to keep up as this book inserted necessary information to fill in the gaps.

  • Helen White
    2018-11-25 13:53

    There is so much more to this fictional series than the very skilful 'fiction' it fact it is so obvious to anyone already on the awakening track that these books have been created to attract even more people to the very tangible material they introduce, which amounts to a whole 'new' and life-altering perspective of reality. For anyone already well advanced on that journey, they serve as a series of reminders and workshops on how this stuff 'works' in real-life challenges and situations; a very practical reminder that the spiritual perspective is not some sort of abstract state of being that takes you out of life but something that can be drawn upon to TRANSFORM your experience of life and the kind of outcomes you manifest. Both books - The Fourth Awakening especially and also The Gathering Darkness - are highly recommended and I am already immersed in The God Formula (non fiction) and about to embark on the four, shorter, Chronicles that continue on from these two books. To all those who had all but given up on fiction, thinking there's nothing out there to keep pace with your evolving perspective...but just longing to experience the excited tingle of a gripping page-turner that keeps you up at midnight or in your deck chair like you used to....try these!

  • Ed
    2018-11-13 15:28

    "The Gathering Darkness" picks up about a year after "The Fourth Awakening" book ends. It spends a bit too much time talking about how the romance between reporter Penelope Spence and "awakened" billionaire genius Michael Walker never really developed, to Penelope's chagrin. Its main theme, however, on how Michael's plan to launch a Hermes Project satellite is being constantly thwarted by an Evil Russian Billionaire™, is fairly engrossing. The ensuing battle of wills is somewhat like a strange chess game where new pieces are being constantly introduced and existing pieces take on new roles.I generally enjoyed the book -- 4 stars.

  • Kat Fieler
    2018-11-16 16:41

    Amazing read! The premises had me skeptical at first, but the story turned out to be believable and something I easily lost myself in. This story picked up where book one left off, and I thought book one was seriously complete. I couldn't imagine what else there could be to the story! I was wrong. Rod Pennington did an amazing job of producing two books that stand on their own, but expand into another story if you read them both. Brilliant! My worst problem was that I missed doing a lot of chores in favor of getting back to this book.

  • Drew Allen
    2018-12-07 19:57

    This is the sequel to The Fourth Awakening.A year after Penelope Drayton Spence wrote the story about the Hermes Project, Michael Walker, director of the project, comes back into her life. Michael is planning to launch a satellite with Hermes technology, but someone is trying to prevent that.This is a good thriller, but is a bit slower paced than the Fourth Awakening. Part of the reason is that it does a bit more preaching.

  • Carol
    2018-11-25 13:49

    my biggest problem here?....I'm ready to read the next book! I'm hoping to learn more about Penelope and how she will affect Michael in his next step to help the world with the fourth awakening. Will they be able to help keep people safe when it may be to the political world better to hold people back? Will we get to see the world as it awakens? Will the author take us that far? This was a good lead up to something great, I can just about feel it!

  • Lynn Demsky
    2018-11-20 17:27

    This was a totally disappointing story, worse than the first one in the series! Again a bunch of self help type stuff in bedded in a fiction book, took me 2 1/2 days to wade through it, not very believable and kept falling asleep through it! Super ugh and was NOT worth the .99 I wasted on it! I will read more of his Charon Family Adventures but NO more of these!

  • Meredith
    2018-12-06 18:55

    The Gathering Darkness picks up the story of the first book perfectly. The story keeps moving well and multiple sidelines keep your interest piqued. Characters from the first book are back to their old ways, but new introductions progress the story and help the old characters to grow and develop. Overall, easy read, engaging, and interesting.

  • Bookish Enchantment
    2018-11-29 14:33

    The story is a little lame. Certainly the book is not a sit on the edge of your seat thriller. It is not all negative though. The author has entwined some important messages in the book that every person can benefit from and that really work.

  • Jo
    2018-11-28 14:37

    EnlighteningThere is a very important message in the stories in this series. They made me think and work on attitude adjustment. The stories ,themselves, are highly entertaining.

  • Marsha Wilcox
    2018-11-23 14:34

    I love this book. It continues the story in The Fourth Awakening and illustrates the unsatisfying low level uses/abuses of the next spiritual step. I want to continue to follow this saga.

  • Linda
    2018-11-24 17:39

    The power of positive thinking helps win all!

  • Darcy Bellows-Mascorro
    2018-11-12 20:54

    This is a continuation of the fourth awakening I enjoyed the twists and turns. I can say I am hooked on the series.

  • Jean
    2018-11-12 14:50

    Really interesting read, especially after reading the Fourth Awakening.

  • Deborah
    2018-11-23 20:47

    ....I got to read this early, and absolutely loved this follow-up to THE FOURTH AWAKENING. What an awesome and intriguing book. I hope that there will be more!

  • Stephanie Fletcher
    2018-12-05 19:42

    AS the first book this one continues with the intrigue and suspense but... a little disappointed with the ending. I will still read the nest installment and hope it explains why we are left hanging!!

  • Wayne E Hatfield
    2018-12-03 18:29

    AddictiveWell written. Exciting, suspenseful and entertaining throughout. Difficult to put down. Recommended reading. Better read over a weekend, time permitting.

  • Linda
    2018-11-13 17:38

    Not enough New Age Fourth Awakening and too much women's romance novel for my taste. Fast paced with many twists but shallow. Needs some editing for typos and grammar.

  • Nick
    2018-11-19 20:31

    Enjoyable and worth reading if you've read The Fourth Awakening, but not nearly as good. The "twists" of Michael Walker's foresight and Plan Bs get a little wearing after a while.