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With the emphasis on the relevance of biological, psychological and social factors in the assessment and treatment of mental illness, this student text offers a clear and practical approach to the field of psychiatry....

Title : Foundations Of Clinical Psychiatry
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Foundations Of Clinical Psychiatry Reviews

  • Kazen
    2018-11-11 21:04

    Yes, this is a medical textbook. But don't run away just yet! If you work in any kind of health profession or have contact with people with mental illness you will find it invaluable.For background I'm a medical interpreter. If you speak English and walk into a Japanese hospital while I'm on shift I'll help you communicate with doctors and staff across languages to make sure you receive the best care. I love my job - I never know what kind of patients I'll meet on a particular day. I've seen everything from heart attacks to common colds but being called to psychiatry always gives me pause. Does someone need their medication adjusted? Will I be interpreting a psychotic delusion? Or is the patient thinking of killing themselves and in need of immediate help?After reading this book I feel much more prepared for whatever may come my way. The book is split into four parts - An Approach to Clinical Practice covers the history, classification, and ethics of psychiatry. The Range of Psychiatric Disorders covers each disorder in detail while the next section, Special Clinical Areas, highlights areas like forensic psychiatry and women's mental health. Last is a detailed section on the different treatment options available. It's a thorough approach that's aimed squarely at people with medical know-how who aren't necessarily doctors themselves.I highlighted so. many. passages! I plowed straight through but the chapters stand alone so you can read what interests or affects you. If you work in a nursing home you'll gravitate towards psychiatry of old age and neuropsychiatric disorders (like dementia and Alzheimer's), and if you're an interpreter like me the chapter on psychiatric interviews will be pure gold.Foundations is from an Australian publisher but they use both American (DSM-5) and international (ICD-10) classifications. I now have a deeper, better understanding of all the little corners of psychiatry and have some insight into what the doctor is thinking or aiming for during a particular consultation.Will everyone be excited to read about mental illness? I'm going to guess not. ;) But if you work in a medical environment or with people affected by psychiatric disorders you'll learn a ton and be more prepared for whomever may walk through the door. So consider this a hearty, if narrow, recommend.Thanks to Melbourne University Press and NetGalley for providing a review copy.

  • Kristine
    2018-11-15 14:01

    Foundations of Clinical Psychiatry by Sidney Bloch, et. al. is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in late December, just before Christmas.The segments of this textbook look at the history, ethos, causes, diagnoses, classifications, patient presentations during an examination, a full and careful analysis of disorders (as well as their symptoms and stages), specialties within clinical psychiatry, and available treatments. It also offers an intense, eye-openingly interesting use of case studies that each do well to inform the surrounding chapters.

  • Big Shell
    2018-12-01 18:06

    Exactly what it says it is. Basic but sufficient as introduction. Most information are fairly superficial, but again it is sufficient at introductory and the entire thing can be read in four days which is good.