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Zany Gilda Joyce brings all of her psychic and investigative skills with her as she sets out to investigate a mysterious death at a Catholic girls' school. Is Our Lady of Sorrows really haunted by the ghost of Dolores Lambert? Or is the student body suffering from group hysteria?...

Title : Gilda Joyce: The Ladies of the Lake
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Gilda Joyce: The Ladies of the Lake Reviews

  • Gizelle
    2019-04-29 19:01

    The book is about a girl named Gilda Joyce who is very intelligent and is trying to solve a mystery about a girl who has gone missing and who made her disappear this story is a mystery which in this case a few of the girls at her new school while she is investigating this disappearance she is also a writer at her house writing down her stories.I like this book because I like how you can't stop reading it and the mystery just gets more confusing which makes it better because you want to know who made that girl disappear and who was that girl that disappeared

  • Natalie
    2019-05-21 01:01

    I was organizing my library (ah, heaven) and came across Gilda. I read the first two books in this series a long long time ago and then forgot about it. I only have the second book but I still remembered the first book well enough so I decided to read it and see if I still liked Gilda as much as I used to. Gilda is a "psychic investigator." She always wants to believe in psychic occurrences but really she just stumbles across crazy mysteries and uses her dogged perseverance and excellent observational skills to figure things out. Gilda earns a scholarship to a hoity-toity private school for girls. She learns rumors about a haunting at the school. A girl died their several years ago and is said to haunt the bridge. Gilda is thrilled and determines to find out all she can about the ghost. She's sure the school is hiding something. Gilda is a great character. She's never afraid to be her lovable quirky self. I had a lot of fun rereading this book and look forward to reading more in the series.

  • Milli W.B.
    2019-05-05 18:51

    I actually really enjoyed "Gilda Joyce: The ladies of the Lake". I found it a eerie, suspenseful, mysterious and fast-paced read. It sent chills up my spine at some parts, it made me laugh out loud at others and always kept me fascinated.The narrator is funny, quirky, intriguing and the type of person you would love to be friends with. Gilda Joyce, self-proclaimed psychic is not thrilled when she is accepted on scholarship to "Our Lady of Sorrows" a Catholic, All-Girls School in an ancient, musty, rotting castle. Why should she trade her stilettos and leopard prints for a uniform? But after a tour around campus, and hearing about a freshmen's sudden death four years ago, Gilda agrees to come to Our Lady, just long enough to delve through the mystery surrounding the death of Dolores Lambert. When she arrives at Our Lady, Gilda soon realizes that she doesn't fit in. But she is determined. Gilda also realizes that the school appears to be haunted with leaky pipes, dead fish and anything else water-related and it is universally accepted that Dolores Lambert is haunting her past school because of her own untimely death falling through the ice of the school's pond. On Halloween night, Gilda and her best friend/slide-kick Wendy overhear three of the school's most popular seniors performing some type of ritual on the ground's deserted ruins. They seem to be afraid of Dolore's ghost and will not stop at anything to keep her happy...

  • Pixiegurl10
    2019-05-19 20:02

    Gilda joyce is now at an advanced school for young girls because she was given a scholarship to attend. As soon as she gets there she meets a group of girls who turn out to be members in a secret club:The Ladies of the lake. A couple years back, something horrible happened to a young girl attending the school, and these girls are certain that she haunts the river next to the school. Gilda must find out why these girls look so guilty and solve this young girl's untimely death. This is the 2nd book in the Gilda Joyce series

  • Alison
    2019-05-25 02:59

    This was a really good book. It talked a lot about Dolores Lambert(she died). I love mysteries!!!

  • Kashfia
    2019-05-04 20:44

    You better watch out this book will make your soul come out and scream!!!!!

  • Julia Szydlik
    2019-05-03 02:58

    The book was very interesting, due to the fact that it was about a "homicide" as said in the book. Gilda Joyce needs to investigate a crime because someone died by falling into a lake that had a thin ice sheet. Gilda has a struggle, because with her whole case coming along, she still needs to focus on her schoolwork that will determine whether or not she will get a scholarship for college. Overall, it was a mystery that I really enjoyed.

  • Vicki
    2019-05-01 19:54

    How does she do it? Such a good read. I love the main character Gilda Joyce. All of Jen Allison’s characters feel so real.

  • Angela
    2019-05-12 20:59

    I love middle-grade mysteries.

  • Hannah
    2019-05-08 01:51


  •  Marla
    2019-05-19 01:47

    Tried to listen to the 2nd book in the series and I still am not impressed. Might get a giggle out of a juvenile reader, but anyone more sophisticated will probably not enjoy this series. I like my heroines to be sassy, but the black humor doesn't amuse me. The humor, mystery and paranormal parts all fail to deliver.I wish the author had researched the Catholic girls school background just a little. The prayers weren't right and there were none of the inside jokes that could've amused Catholic school alumni. All it would've taken was an afternoon with an alumni telling you stories or proofreading the story and giving input.Figured the mystery out during the flashback in the first chapter, so the rest of the book was more irritating than enlightening. The flow of the language in the book is descriptive and entertaining, but I couldn't enjoy any of the characters.Gilda is too arrogant and glory-seeking to be endearing. None of the other characters had many positive traits, except for Gilda's best friend, Wendy, who is barely in the book.I think Gilda Joyce stories would be more interesting if they had more paranormal activity, instead of hinting or imagining things. I don't believe that Gilda is psychic and it is just another thing she is outspoken, but delusional about.(view spoiler)[Dolores Lambert, RIP, is avenged by Gilda when she solves the mystery of Dolores' death courtesy of the Ladies of the Lake.I liked that Gilda grew to tolerate Brad, her mother's live-in boyfriend, but unfortunately, it was just in time for him to be kicked to the curb. It alluded to how irritating someone could be when you live with them, as opposed to just dating them. It seemed like Gilda's mother was willing to put up with Brad when he had a good job and made lots of money, but when he was unemployed she was less than enchanted. Was it supposed to be ironic that Gilda was attending a Catholic school and Brad moves in with their family? Did they really keep the car that Brad bought for Gilda's brother when they broke up? So even if you overlook the co-habitation, it sounds like Gilda's mother was a gold digger to me. Not a nice lesson for middle schoolers!You can bully someone, haze them and taunt them into a situation dangerous enough that they died and you get suspended from school for a week?!!! I couldn't figure out how the book was going to end, but this was horrible. And this is why I am abandoning this series!My favorite parts of the book involved the psychic maintenance worker. (hide spoiler)]With-reservations:haunting, bullying, cruelty, live-in boyfriend, ouiji board, seance, death, threatsAbandoned-series after 2 books.

  • 03SydneG
    2019-05-08 01:00

    Everyone loves a good mystery! Well atleast I do. Gilda Joyce is a typical fourteen year old. Her mom just got a new boyfriend that is making Gilda and her mom and sister move. So now Gilda is forced to go to a private school called Our Ladies of Sorrows. Turns out that a girl named Dolores Lambert drowned there. Gilda wants to find out if the girl really drowned or if someone wanted her to drown.Gilda is always wanting to find a new mystery. I love that about her. The first day she arrives at her new school she heres about Dolores and wanted to know more. She can never just leave a story as it is. She needs to know the whole story. Don't we all want to know the real story sometimes? I sure do. Gilda wont stop until the mystery is solved. Her determination is awesome. She always gets the job done. In the book gilda wants to know how Dolores really drown. She gets into some sticky situations. She is always in and sneaking around places she shouldn't be. I love how she always is somewhere she isn't suppost to be. It makes the story interesting. With out this then the story wouldn't have the suspence. Gilda finds out that Danielle, Nikki, and Precilla were part of a group called The Ladies of the Lake. This is like a club. The girls in the group told Dolores that in order to be in the group she had to walk all the way across the frozen lake. If she did this then she would be in the group. Aparently Dolores really wanted to be in the group. So she walked across the frozen lake and drowned. What I don't like about this book is that Gilda's mom is never home. She is always at work. She is a nurse. Gilda isn't really a big fan of her mom because she is always thinking about her boyfriend Brad. In my opinion every girl needs her mom around to help her with her problems. Maybe if her mom would've been home the Gilda wouldn't get into so much trouble. This book is a very intense mystery. It's one of those books you can't put down once you start reading it. Anyone who loves mysteries would love this book. It has suspence, suprise, drama, and real life situations. Gilda is a normal like all of us. She knows how to make life exciting and by reading this book you might learn how to make your life more exciting and mysterious.

  • Julie
    2019-05-20 02:01

    After my friend Danielle had been bothering me for weeks to stop reading "the cult book" or otherwise known as The Host, I finally agreed and allowed her to pick out a book for me to read. She said that I would love this book and that it was a ghost mystery. At first, I was a little wary about reading it because I don't generally read mysterys and I especially don't read books about ghosts or other supernatural beings along the same lines. But, Danielle was right, I ended up LOVING the book. It wasn't your normal scary ghost story with horror and so scary it keeps you up all night with nightmares. It was really about a thirteen year old pyscic who decides to go to a school called "Our Lady of Sorrows" on scholarship that her mother's boyfriend helped her to get. The only reason why she decides to go is because of the school's mysterious past and she would like to investigate the mystery of the drowning of Dolores Lambert three years ago. This book made me LAUGH! And LAUGH and LAUGH! As opposed to my prior opinion of what the book would be like. In her letters to her deseased father (who she hopes could somehow read the letters although she knows he has passed away) about how much she doesn't like her mother's new boyfriend Brad and her descriptions of her older brother Stephen and her many attemps at trying get make a joke about Mr. Pante that he hasn't already heard I was laughing my head off. The only thing that I didn't like was the fact that the mystery wasn't very hard to figure out, which is why I dropped it one star. The moment the characters involved with Dolores' death were involved, I knew there was something wrong about them. The author made it kind of obvious without meaning to who caused the death of the freshman girl who had died three years prior to when the story takes place. The other thing that I didn't really enjoy was how much Gilda hated Brad, I personally loved Brad and loved it when he was in the story, if you ask me, he was one of the best characters in the whole book, comming in only a close second to Keith, the janitor who was my favorite for alll of the weird occurances that happened when he was around!

  • Carly
    2019-05-14 02:51

    I thought this book was going to suck, like most sequels and middle books of trilogies do. Instead, it only sucked a little. It could've really used a good edit, which makes me wish I was five or six years older so I could have been working at Dutton when Jennifer Allison sent in her original draft, because I feel like I could have done a better job with it even now, in my lowly editorial-interny ways, than the actual editor did.Wow, that was a run-on sentence. Maybe I couldn't have done a better job. Anyway, the book takes a fraction of forever to actually get going, but once it does it's pretty great. The best parts are indisputably when Gilda narrates in the first-person through letters to her dad. She's SO FUNNY, so much funnier than this lame limited omniscient narrator we're stuck with for the rest of the book! Seriously! Why couldn't the entire thing have been written in the first person? Hello! I provide the following excerpt as an example, taken from a letter Gilda wrote to her English teacher:"I just got a little busy with the demands of my career this fall. (You must know the feeling. I'm sure there are many evenings when you've just gotten an inspiration for a sonnet that will blow old Shakespeare out of the water--but alas! A festering pile of adolescent, plagiarized homework demands your attention. By the end of the night, you find yourself sobbing into your handkerchief, and no poems have been written!)"I know I can identify with that. I mean, come on, who can't?

  • Jackie
    2019-05-15 01:55

    Gilda Joyce: Psychic Investigator is a scrappy, irreverent, and sassy 13-year-old who isn't afraid to use her brains and self-proclaimed talent as a psychic to solve mysteries that just seem to fall into her lap. Gilda still misses her dad who recently died and she connects with him by writing letters to him frequently. But, Gilda is most annoyed with her mom who has taken up with a new boyfriend, Brad Squib. Brad does Gilda and her mom a 'favor' by getting Gilda into an elite and exclusive all girls school called Our Lady of Sorrows. She doesn't want to leave her best friend, Wendy Choy behind at her old school. Gilda is silently furious until she finds out that a mysterious secret surrounds the school. Three years ago, a girl drowned under curious circumstances. Gilda is determined to get to the bottom of it. Her psychic abilities come to her via dreams which provide clues to preponderous predicaments. Gilda eventually does solve the mystery surrounding the dead girl, Delores Lambert, by using her insightful instincts and keeping a cool head. But, just when she thinks she will be hailed as a hero for solving the mystery, the real fun begins.Gilda is a no-nonsense type of girl, who doesn't back away from set-backs or threats. She is a thinker, a doer and a go-getter. You will enjoy her brassiness and determination. I am sure when you pick up the copy of Gilda Joyce: The Ladies of the Lake by Jennifer Allison, you will have a hard time putting it down because a mystery is in the making!

  • Mailis Viiand
    2019-05-01 22:51

    I will label this as humorous book, but at times it was quite sad and heartbreakingly relevant, because bullying as a problem is under extra scrutiny by society right now. And rightly so. Its time to get over the animalistic instincts some bastards carry and nurture, and i think those who like to single out weaker and more vulnerable and make themselves get off on their misery, deserve all the bad karma and punishment they can get. I have always thought that kids and animals are sacred, hurt them, and you deserve to die. Lately i have joked about some divine delete button, that should take out all the selfish, idiotic, useless people surrounding us. I guess there is a reason why Tv shows like Dexter are popular. People are tired of being scared that some idiot will kill them or their loved ones one fine day out of the blue, just because he or she gets off on it or decides that because he or she is inadequate in life that other people are to blame.Now leaving all that serious stuff aside for a bit, this book was actually funny. Really, really funny. And real. I liked the moody girls boarding school atmosphere, i liked Gildas quick comebacks, I liked Mr. Pante/y, and i liked the quirky relationships that only someone like Gilda can create. The psychic part was unimportant to me, the ability to absorb information and Gildas people watching made it fun.

  • Kristina
    2019-05-25 23:40

    Gilda Joyce and The Ladies of the LakeBy Jennifer AllisonStatus: Read in Feb 2012PRESENTATION REQUIREMENTJennifer Allison's novel quickly draws readers. Readers quickly join ranks with Gilda so that they can discover the secrets that Our Lady Sorrow of Peace holds. Freshmen Gilda Joyce is granted a scholarship to attend Our Lady of Sorrows, an exclusive Catholic school. Gilda however, quickly discovers that the school appears to be haunted by the ghost of Dolores Lamberet, a girl who drowned in the lake outside the school three years ago. When Gilda discovers notes from a secret society on campus, Ladies of the Lake, Gilda becomes involved in one of most dangerous cases yet. As Gilda investigates more of the mystery, she discovers that Dolores was killed during a club initation act. Allison masterfully weaves a narrative that reveals the consequences of hazing. The text also shows the guilt and remorse that plagues the girls responsible as they try desperately to bury their dark secret. Allison's novel is more then a mystery, as it foreces readers to consider the characters motives and our motives in life as well. The novle will be most appealing to young adult girl audiences.

  • Carson
    2019-05-05 18:45

    I read this Gilda Joyce installment when I was around 12. As I read it, I felt as if as soon as I finished it, I would go back to the first page. I read the second book before the first, something to this day I'm happy I did, all because they were out of copies of the first book at Barnes and Noble. My mom bought it saying this could be something we could read together. Then she started reading it on her own and couldn't get into it. Reading this Gilda Joyce made me feel like I finally understood the way my mom felt when she talked about her love for Elizabeth George or Sue Grafton or Vince Flynn. The book was advanced enough that I had only a vague idea of what hazing was and had a heroine who would one day remind me of my favorite book character as a teen: Weetzie Bat.Looking back, I see that even an eighth grader should probably not know what hazing is, but it doesn't matter to me. The eccentricity of the book, the witticisms, the way I imagined the water and fog like something out of an Arthurian legend... Not just anybody can do that. Superb writing and more installments I need to read make me a happy fan.

  • Lisa
    2019-05-23 00:45

    Superior second installment in the Gilda Joyce, Psychic Investigator series. This tale - heard through audiobook - surprised me as the story clicked faster, the main character was called on her not-so-likable traits, and the spooky factor was off the charts from the first through the last chapters. As in her first GJ book, author Jennifer Allison does not shy away from mental illness, grief, societal stress & peer pressure regardless of her characters' young ages. She puts her heroine right in the heart of it. Gilda's triumph in solving her latest mystery is tainted by ego, one she admits to, heart-breakingly so, in the desire to be liked and admired by the popular older girls in the fancy private school she is attending on scholarship. Even after she discovers these girls are hiding a horrific secret and are willing to play very dangerous games to keep it, Gilda honestly faces her own need to be part of a group rather than lead the lonely life of a quirky, determined and justice-driven detective. Onto book 3!

  • Dallas Otigba
    2019-05-07 00:55

    Gilda goes undercover. A young practice investigator who has a strange feel about the new school she is suppose to go to. When she found out that someone drowned in a lake she knew she had to find out the rest. This is a story about three girl who try to hide a mystery from Gilda but she doesn't give up so easily. When Gilda finds out that the three girl accidentally murdered Dolores she goes straight to the headmistress and then the police, but it all ends up as a happy story. This book was one of the longest books I have ever read! Guest how many chapters, 41, but I accomplished reading. This book is totally interesting, and hope to read the others. If you read this book it will make you want to read more mysteries and detective cases, unless you are like someone like my friend who always think big books are boring. If you see this book in a library or book store pick it up and check it out and make sure you pay if you go to a book store, or if you choose to read their that is okay too.READING ROCKS!

  • Susan
    2019-05-23 00:40

    Gilda Joyce, psychic investigator, makes a return appearance in this comic mystery set at a swanky Catholic girls' school where she is a new student on scholarship. Our Lady of Sorrows seems haunted by the ghost of a student who drowned three years earlier. Gilda's encounters with the headmistress, a handsome teacher, and a small group of popular senior girls lead her to a situation in which she might solve the mystery at the expense of her own safety. Meanwhile, she's not crazy about her widowed mother's unemployed boyfriend. Gilda is a verbal, funny, engaging character whose self-confidence and fearlessness are more reminiscent of Nancy Drew than Sammy Keyes. And, like the classic old series mysteries, this one has an exaggerated sense of reality that usually works well. Occasionally the mix of humor and spookiness doesn't quite mesh, and an anti-hazing plot is worthwhile but a bit heavy on the didacticism. More often, though, this is an intriguing story filled with surprise and suspense.

  • Sandra Stiles
    2019-05-24 23:51

    Gilda Joyce, a self-proclaimed psychic investigator has been given the opportunity of a life time. She has been offered a scholarship to a private school, "Our Ladys of Sorrow School for Girls. How did she get this lucky opportunity? It was her mother's boyfriend's doing. Gilda really did not want to go until she saw the place. Anything that looked like a haunted castle had to be haunted, right? The mystery surrounded the death of Dolores who fell through the ice into the lake and drowned. Now Gilda is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. I loved her attitude toward the snobby girls at the school. She tends to be over-dramatic and to put her nose where it doesn't belong. Her reason is that it is justifiable if it will get to the bottom of the mystery. She can't believe that Dolores was stupid enough to just step out onto the ice. Someone must be responsible for her actions that night, and Gilda is going to find out who.

  • Tila Kalypso
    2019-05-23 23:05

    I ❤ this book, I do have a favourite part (flipping though book trying 2 find the right page) the page is 337 it near the end of the book I don't really know y it's my fav part anyway, I own the book here's my fav part:"Keith disappeared behind one of the crumbling walls and be-gan to rake dried leaves from the interior of the ruins. As he worked, he reflected that it was odd to see three freshmen girls sitting on the bridge after school on a half day. There was some-thing strange about the one with long, tangled blond hair; he didn't recognize her, but she looked eerily familiar. He rubbed his eyes and turned back to his work, grateful that his broken rake still worked pretty well bound together with a pink silk scarf he had found at the edge of the lake three year ago."That's straight out of the book, if you have read the book then you will have a good idea y I this part is my fav part out of the whole (sp) book

  • Aya
    2019-05-10 20:03

    Gilda ani ve druhém díle nezklamala, i když první byl prostě první a pro mě lepší (berte tedy mé hodnocení jako 4.5*).Tentokrát se čtrnáctiletá parapsychologická pátračka vydává do soukromé dívčí školy (nikoli však internátní), která je plná zbohatlických dcerušek a jejich rozmarů. Gilda tam dostane stipendium díky mámině příteli, kterého ale Gilda nesnáší. Tu výzvu přijme jen a pouze proto, že ve škole straší duch utonulé dívky.Gilda rozjíždí vyšetřování a jak je jejím dobrým zvykem, strká nos tam, kam by neměla a kde je někdy docela horko. Píše pro školní noviny, režíruje fantaskní divadelní představení a ještě pátrá v uměle vybudovaných zříceninách hradů.Výsledkem je rychlá akce s občas předvídatelným pokračováním, přesto však dobře napsaná a až do posledního řádku čtivá. Kapitoly jsou prokládány dopisy, které Gilda píše svému zesnulému otci, jež posouvají děj nebo dávají nahlížet do Gildiných myšlenek a pocitů.Pro fanoušky Pátračky Gildy jednoznačná nutnost!

  • Sherrie
    2019-04-29 20:10

    This the second book I have read in the Gilda Joyce series and I'm hooked. I enjoyed the first book, but I loved, loved, loved The Ladies of the Lake. Gilda is an absolute HOOT! She has no "internal editor" and just says whatever pops in her head which often has disastrous yet humorous results.In this latest book in the series, Gilda has been accepted into the exclusive private school, Our Lady of the Lake. She wasn't all the excited about attending the school until she found out that a student had drowned in the lake and that there might be a paranormal mystery to solve. Gilda is also dealing with her mom's new boyfriend and she is not happy about her mother dating. If you enjoy spunky heroines, mysteries and humor than pick up your copy of Gilda Joyce: The Ladies of the Lake today!

  • Gina
    2019-04-30 21:49

    I finished listening to this audiobook before realizing it was the second in a series; my OCD makes me prefer to listen to or read things in order. I enjoyed this story a lot. I found the characters very believable and the somewhat suspenseful storyline kept me thinking about it when I was away from it. Gilda has been given a scholarship to attend a Catholic high school, based partly on her creative writing talent and partly due to her mother's boyfriend pulling some strings. Things are not as they seem from the beginning and Gilda feels it's her duty to bring to justice three popular senior girls who may have played a role in the death of one of their classmates - which happened when those three were freshman. Definitely a book for kids that like spooky reads and enjoy characters that try to make things right.

  • Linda
    2019-05-03 18:57

    Gilda's mom has a new boyfriend, whom she does not like, but he does get her into an exclusive girls' school. Gilda, a Freshman, decides to attend because the school is in an old mansion and she senses a ghost, a mystery, or both. She isn't wrong: she soon discovers that 3 years earlier a freshman girl fell through the ice on the school lake and drowned and that she seems to be haunting the place, especially now in what would have been her Senior year. This series is more than stories about ghosts and psychics. Gilda thinks she's psychic but the actual ghost contact phenomenon is kept to a minimum mostly with just a creepy feeling. Like the other books in the series, the story is partially advanced by letters Gilda types on her typewriter to her deceased father. Gilda is witty and clever and the books are fun to read. If you like Sammy Keyes, you'll LOVE Gilda Joyce!

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-08 02:51

    This second installment of Gilda's adventures was pretty good, though her psychic abilities didn't come into play nearly as much as in the first one. She relied more on her smarts and sense, which worked out well overall.Despite the lack of actual psychic events, I must give props to Allison for putting Gilda in a somewhat difficult situation where she must do what is right or what is easy. After presenting her evidence to the authority who could actually set things right, we see the authority figure seems to struggle with the evidence and whether or not to go to the police. Worse yet, the authority figure punishes Gilda for bringing to light the uncomfortable and inconvenient truth. I'm checking out the 3rd one today and can't wait because in it, Gilda goes to Oxford, England!

  • Jannah
    2019-05-15 22:02

    It was really full of suspicion and funny moments which really lightened the mood. SUMMMARY MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS:Gilda Joyce is a physic which means she is a sort of instinct detective. She goes to a private school called our lady of sorrows to investigate Dolores lamberts drowned death and finds three of the schools best students Priscilla, Nikki and Danielle guilty of accidental murder of Dolores lambert which also ruins Priscilla's chances of getting into Georgetown university. However she tries to run away but her car breakers down and she hitchhikes on the main highway and later gets picked up by a police officer. However Gilda was so busy with the case that she neglected her studies and her scholarship ends.

  • Cassar Pinkpug34
    2019-04-30 21:52

    Do you like mysterys with ghost girls,psychics and secret clubs well this book has it all this book was so great it had amazing writing style. I liked this book because it was intense and had good writing mixing to make a book that made you sit on the edge of your seat.I also loved how it was easy and hard to read at the same time.This book would be most enjoyed by people who are over ten.I couldnt put this book down when i was reading it because I loved the authors writing style so much.The only thing i didnt like was that i think it could movea little quicker by solving the mystery. Out of everything i really liked this book and i would definatly rate highly and i would recomend it to anyone.