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DECEIT BETRAYAL DEATH THEY'RE ALL RELATIVEIn 1948, a young German emigre reached the threshold of an incredible scientific discovery: a blueprint for the construction of the universe that could surpass the theories of Einstein. But the scientist's secret past catches up to him with a vengeance, and he and his work are seemingly lost forever.Now, buried knowledge has been rDECEIT BETRAYAL DEATH THEY'RE ALL RELATIVEIn 1948, a young German emigre reached the threshold of an incredible scientific discovery: a blueprint for the construction of the universe that could surpass the theories of Einstein. But the scientist's secret past catches up to him with a vengeance, and he and his work are seemingly lost forever.Now, buried knowledge has been rediscovered -- and whoever controls it holds the key to the future. Two sides, American and Russian, are in a ruthless fight for the ultimate fight for the power of the new millennium -- quantum technology -- and ex-Navy SEAL nolan Kilkenny finds himself caught in the crossfire. To stop the fate of the world from being hijacked, Kilkenny must wage a war across two hemispheres as he races to solve a decades-old mystery -- if the solution doesn't kill him first....

Title : Quantum Web
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ISBN : 9780743453936
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Number of Pages : 432 Pages
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Quantum Web Reviews

  • Joe White
    2018-11-18 14:18

    Take an old fashioned James Bond plot that has a very weak premise with no character development; add in some Tom Clancy special forces and top governmental support and distinguished career characters; and create from this mix a Johnny Quest cartoon: all plot, flat black/white-good guy/bad guy protagonist-antagonist, super simplistic nuclear physics that can operate in a set-top box and there you have it - the Quantum thriller.This gets 1 star because for me the quantum physics premise was promising, though only provided backdrop and sideshow appearances.It gets the second star from being a clean plot-only story that didn't get dragged down from overbearing psychological problems in the bad guys or from allied political infighting and politics destroying a career. No sex, straightforward plot, little intrigue, few surprises, not practical application physics, and internet penetration methods that work out of the box without hours of tweaking and hacking to infiltrate a system.You can safely skim this about as fast as you can turn the pages and it will leave neither a nasty after-taste nor a lasting memorable experience.

  • Balthazar Lawson
    2018-12-12 14:34

    This was a nice, easy and enjoyable read. An action thriller about the science of power and human power. It read much like a tie-in to a movie and there was no literary depth to the the story, just page turning action.

  • Kate
    2018-11-26 10:18

    This was an ok story that cements itself firmly at the turn of the century. E.g. Explanations as to how GPS works make it outdated and clumsy but the story itself is ok and the action parts make it readable.

  • J
    2018-12-15 12:31

    Fast, easy read. Tons of University of Michigan references! It felt like overkill at some points when Ann Arbor streets and campus buildings were repeatedly described in detail. I’m sure it would be cool if I had attended U of M, but alas...There were a few Catholic references at the beginning of the book, such as characters attending mass. However, the bulk of the book showed no religious or spiritual awareness. A scientific reference to Big Bang went unchallenged. Characters pursue money, violence, sex and power though scientific advancements. The hero, Kilkenny, seems like a decent guy but even he “mentally undresses” his girlfriend at the end of the novel. Not exactly pure of heart. He also makes some odd choices to pursue military tactics rather than rush to the aid of friends. This is the second Kilkenny book and I haven’t read the first. The source of Kilkenny’s family wealth was confusing to me. It isn’t explained but he (and his girlfriend) are always driving luxury cars. It threw me off a bit. The fact that his girlfriend is a rich, beautiful & blond scientist teaching at U of M also seemed a bit far fetched. The female scientists I’ve met aren’t exactly beautiful or rich. Does the author live in a gilded world where everyone is rich & beautiful? Or do these books just reveal his fantasies?Still entertaining enough. Quick read. Lots of violence, but nothing too offensive.

  • Dale
    2018-11-19 15:20

    So-so effortDuration: approximately 3 hoursRead by Jerry O'ConnellFor once this was an abridgment to an audiobook in which I didn't feel like something important was left out.Unfortunately, the plot and the characters in Quantum were only so-so. Jerry O'Connell read the story - and at first I thought that would be a big plus since I've liked most of the stuff that he has done. However, this time I was not impressed. Not his best work.Nolan Kilkenny, who should be known as 'the one man army' based on his unstoppable one man's (a former Navy SEAL) performances against several teams of battle-tested, better-armed former Russian Special Forces throughout the book, is a tiresome character. Many of the supporting characters were much more interesting and I would have preferred it if some of them would have had a greater role throughout the book.If you are a fan of Tom Clancy and want something that is similar (but not as well done) to hold you over until the next Clancy book, this may fit the bill.

  • Laurie Stoll
    2018-11-20 09:37

    I enjoyed Quantum Web very much. Giving this book four stars for me is high praise. I have come to only give five stars to the books that "wow" me.Although Quantum Physics is a very technical/intellectual subject Tom Grace wrote in terms for laymen to understand. I felt like I could relate to the characters and they felt like warm "real" people. I'm glad to learn that Tom Grace has also written an earlier book with some of the same characters.I would very much like to learn more about these characters and their lives in future books.Keep writing Mr. Tom Grace!

  • Alexander Vassilieff
    2018-12-11 11:31

    ODYSSEYA -- An Epic Journey: From Russia to AustraliaGreat Read. Combines New state of the art science fiction technology with a spy thriller - portraid in a masterly fashion. Written by an Architect turned author - who pays great attention to detail without loosing the reader and avoids 'Wham Bam thank you mam'. Go for it Tom!My favourite for 2010.

  • Fredrick Danysh
    2018-12-08 16:14

    In 1948 a German immigrant to the United States is on the threshold of a fantastic discovery when his hopes of a life in America are terminated. Hald a century later scientists in the USA and Russia are both on the path to discovering quantum power. Nolan Kilkenny will wage a fight across to hemispheres to prevent the Russian from stealing the power.

  • Tuan Ho
    2018-12-02 15:28

    What a page turner!Dialogue was a little unbelievable at times (many occasions actually)but who cares about that when you've got an ex Navy SEAL trying to stop a bunch of rich asshole Russians from taking over the world with a free energy device.It's amazing how quick and easy this book is to read.I can't wait to read more of Tom Grace's work.

  • Amina
    2018-12-13 12:43

    Awesome. awesome. awesome. Awesome.This is super cool.. all bout quantum physics abdintriguing shit that u dont get! loooll. Wow, its so interesting.. and the action. whooo, left me breathless. Oh and my best line "no, I'm just gonna stand here and watch you walk toward me, while I mentally undress you each step of the way,"Total romance! <3

  • Julie
    2018-11-26 12:20

    An utter piece of predictable, cliche-ic crap. Where the bad boys are Russian (duh), the good guys are American (double duh), the protagonist's an ex-SEAL (triple duh) and his blonde, PhD'd girlfriend, after being kidnapped at gunpoint, asks 'Do you think these guys are dangerous?'. All's well that ends well and discovers the TOE.

  • Veselin Topchiev
    2018-12-01 17:17

    Well this one deserves the 5 stars. Can't wait to get the next one.

  • Ron Holmes
    2018-11-17 13:13

    This is the second in the series with the Nolan Kilkenny character. It is a good, fast-paced read with lots of action and a minimum of intimate situations. Recommend the author and the book.

  • Joe
    2018-11-25 12:22

    This is a good thriller, pretty close to Michael Crichton in entertainment value. I picked up this book solely based on the cover design and title. I'm glad I read it.

  • Ralph McEwen
    2018-11-17 11:38

    A interesting fun page turner. My tax dollars at work. Requested online from my library. They found it, shelved it and sent me email say it was ready for pick up.

  • Beth A
    2018-11-20 12:37

    'round the world thriller about the possibility of nuclear energy.

  • Jayehesss
    2018-11-14 16:17


  • Ian
    2018-11-14 15:21

    i enjoyed this book both science and action so for me ideal. although i thought that the russian special forces were done a disservice as they are way tougher and most seals woulnt pass the traing

  • Jennifer
    2018-12-12 13:26

    Another good book. Same characters as Spyder Web. James Bond-ish...only the protagonist is a boy-scout, faithfull kinda guy. Good story!

  • Karen
    2018-12-05 13:40

    an enjoyable, fast paced thriller.

  • Tom Grace
    2018-11-21 11:27