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From her ten years of experience in the Queens, New York, district attorney's office, the author offers a searing indictment of our justice system and how it "collaborates" with rapists....

Title : Sex Crimes: Ten Years on the Front Lines Prosecuting Rapists and Confronting Their Collaborators
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ISBN : 9780805035025
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 304 Pages
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Sex Crimes: Ten Years on the Front Lines Prosecuting Rapists and Confronting Their Collaborators Reviews

  • Ruth
    2018-10-26 04:02

    this book is almost guaranteed to make you angry or trigger past issues if you are a survivor of a sex crime. it is well written, and tells a lot about what is wrong with the system that should be making life difficult for sexual predators, not their victims.

  • Laura Akers
    2018-10-17 22:07

    Alice Vachss was on the cover of Parade magazine in the early 1990s as one of the top prosecutors in the USA. Her dedication and experience handling hardcore cases makes this story compelling. Even more important, the book should be required reading for anyone who wants to understand the politics and internal backstabbing that hinders the criminal justice system and how the few who fight to do the right thing are hindered. Highly recommend this book.

  • Nancy
    2018-11-12 01:02

    I found the inner workings of the Queen's D.A.'s office and the NY City Court systems in the 1980's fascinating. I'm sure it's very different now (hope it is anyway), and I found it quite different that Oregon's. Most readers will be gripped by the details of some of the cases Vachss' prosecuted.

  • Fishface
    2018-10-30 00:42

    A very encouraging read, focusing for a change on the possibilities of prosecuting sex offenders and empowering their victims to feel safe again and move on with their lives. Told from the POV of a prosecutor who specialized in this issue. I would hate to be a defendant when she's on the job.

  • Arthur Augustyn
    2018-10-21 23:07

    Vachss is a terrific storyteller and her life is a story worth being told. The book manages to explain personal stories from specific trials and conveys the cruelty of these cases but also speaks to the institutional problems that face sex crimes prosecutors. Not all her ideas are rock-solid, but by the time she starts suggesting ways to reform the system the reader has a pretty good sense of who Vachss is and where her ideas come from.I thought the last two sections of the book dragged a little. I suppose like life itself, we never have the grand finale we expect. Unfortunately that means the pacing of the book gets a little lost in the back 50 pages or so.Overall it was an easy read and illuminates many of the problems in prosecuting sex crimes. Vachss keeps it interesting, whether it's about the crimes itself or the paperwork required to fight against them.

  • Kaethe
    2018-10-17 00:48

    Vachss writes well, and her account of setting up a sex crimes bureau is fascinating.

  • Elizabeth Rodriguez
    2018-10-21 03:45

    so upsetting mainly because it is true. I would love to do this kind of work and help women that have been abused. Alice is a hero of mine.