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This is a Halloween Howl Free Story from Dreamspinner Press. Click on the gargoyle to get the story! This was a limited edition that is no longer available at Dreamspinner Press. ...

Title : Independence
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 12804726
Format Type : ebook
Number of Pages : 12 Pages
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Independence Reviews

  • Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion
    2018-11-30 11:51

    I'M ON FIYAH!!!!!!How the French toast did I miss this?MANTIES alone and I'm sold.Little did I know that I also had in store for me: collars, nipple rings, cock rings, some teasing… SWEET CHEEZUS!*groans*My new amigo, Catherine, nailed it. Hard.

  • Alex
    2018-12-06 06:03

    Stars: 4.5/5Not strictly a Halloween tale, this hot little story is sizzling with a touch of sweet. Cross-dressing and power play pack a punch in this short and sexy glimpse into the lives of these two men in an established relationship. Definitely worth a read...or two.Be sure to check out my other reviews on my blog.

  • Catherine
    2018-11-29 09:09

    *** 3.5 Stars ***Well this little morsel was full of kinky fun. Collars, cock rings, and manties. How can a girl go wrong?! But... Not a thing to do with Halloween. This "Halloween Howl" series is seriously confusing me.

  • Justin
    2018-12-10 09:58

    3.5 stars rounded up because it was FREE! This is just one scene or snapshot but there's panties/manties and growling and teasing and hot SEX! All of my favorite things in a FREE story. It like Christmas in July!

  • Trix
    2018-11-25 09:03

    Lovely story... quite arousing. But much too short!It felt like the enticing prelude of an interesting story. Are they in a master-slave relationship? Are they role-playing? What happened before, what will happen after?Good suspense, eroticism! If only it had been longer.

  • L-D
    2018-12-07 08:09

    This story was really just a quick scene. It was pretty kinky with one of the men wearing black lace panties. There was an implied Dom/Sub role, but other than that I have no feeling for the characters or their relationship. I appreciate that it was a free download offered to readers.

  • Rachel Emily
    2018-12-13 07:51

    Sexy, short story...left me wanting to know more about the characters!

  • Chris
    2018-12-02 05:05

    Steamy, kinky short m/m scene between an established D/s couple.

  • melek
    2018-12-14 12:39

    no halloween but kinky stuff. Involves in rings in certainparts maybe little bdsm dom/sub maybe or role playing but yeah also involves panties.

  • Pia Veleno
    2018-11-23 12:53

    1. Halloween freebie that had nothing to do with Halloween2. No story, just sex

  • Enny
    2018-12-11 10:43

    A hot little kinky story. My only wish was it was longer so that we could get to know the guys a bit better.

  • Liade
    2018-12-12 09:53

    I read this story as a freebie Clare's website and I loved it; it's such a wonderful combination of fun and (mild) kink. Just the right thing to follow up with a "proper" story, too :)