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At long last, Elizabeth Elliott—the bestselling author of The Warlord and Scoundrel—returns with a medieval romance that will take readers’ breath away.   Thief, assassin, and master of disguise, Dante Chiavari is the most feared mercenary of England’s King Edward. On one last assignment, Dante must play the part of a chivalrous knight to steal Avalene de Forshay from herAt long last, Elizabeth Elliott—the bestselling author of The Warlord and Scoundrel—returns with a medieval romance that will take readers’ breath away.   Thief, assassin, and master of disguise, Dante Chiavari is the most feared mercenary of England’s King Edward. On one last assignment, Dante must play the part of a chivalrous knight to steal Avalene de Forshay from her family and thwart the ruthless Faulke Segrave, who would wed Avalene and use her to spark war between Wales and the crown. Upon seeing the beautiful and innocent young maiden, however, the mercenary suddenly finds himself at the mercy of his own intense desire.   When Avalene meets the handsome knight she knows only as Sir Percival, he sweeps her off her feet even as he spirits her away from Coleway Castle. Their escape is wrought with risks and perils, but Avalene will find that the greatest danger lies in losing her heart. And after the truth is revealed, Avalene fears that she may never again be able to trust the dark knight who has come to mean more to her than life itself....

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The Dark Knight Reviews

  • Mandi Schreiner
    2019-05-10 02:19

    Favorite Quote: “I am your knight. You are my lady. Time is all that can change those facts, but time is not yet our enemy.”A while ago on Twitter, I saw a couple of people mention that they were very happy Elizabeth Elliott was writing again. After a little research I discovered this author has three books out in the mid-90’s (all well received). I became intrigued, and decided to request The Dark Knight for review, to see what all the hype was about. I’m so glad I did.Set in the late 1200’s, Dante Chiavari has one goal in life – to destroy his uncle, who murdered his parents and stole all that would belong to him and one day return to Venice, and reclaim all that is his. As a young man, Dante was left with no parents or money and eventually found his way to King Edward’s court in England. As an adult, he is the King’s assassin, an extremely feared man. Now that he has a plan in place to exact revenge on his uncle, he has decided he will do one last task for King Edward, before retiring back to his home country. His last assignment will change his life. The king’s magician who can foresee the future warns Dante:“Your fate and the king’s have become intertwined over the years. The fate of one woman in particular will affect you both in equal measure, but she is a scale that cannot be balanced.”He also tells him:“If this girl weds Faulke Segrave or if she dies by the hand of another assassin, you will never leave England alive. That is how your fate is connected.”His assignment involves riding to where Avalene de Forshay is staying with her aunt and uncle. Avalene has been betrothed to a man named Faulke Segrave. King Edward is worried that since Avalene has ties to Welsh heritage, that Faulke will marry her and convince the other Marcher lords to rise up against Edward. The king wants Dante to ride in, pretending to be her father’s knight, Sir Percival, and get her away from Faulke, who eventually will be forced to marry an English bride. Avalene, not happy living with her aunt and uncle, willingly escapes with “Sir Percival” thinking she is being taken back to her father’s estate.From here the story unfolds as Dante and Avalene travel across the English countryside, running from enemies and falling in love. She has to put all of her faith into a man she barely knows:After tomorrow my life will never again be the same. My entire future depends upon a man I have known for less than a day. My future depends on you, Sir Percival.” She studied his face, trying to reassure herself that she was doing the right thing in trusting him. “Tell me the truth. Do you think you will succeed?”He answered without hesitation. “I have no doubt of plan, so long as you remain cooperative.”“What makes you so certain?”The corners of his mouth curved upward. “I was sent here to protect you and see to your safety, my lady, and I am very good at what I do.”So much stands out in this book. First of all, at the beginning, Dante cares only about revenge and nothing else. He could care less about this woman named Avalene and what his mission is. As long as he completes it and gets to go back to Venice and live his days out in peace, the consequences of his actions towards Avalene mean nothing to him. But then he meets Avalene, and his world tumbles. There is not only an immediate physical lust between them, but he comes to respect her. She challenges him, and is one of the few people to ever look upon him without fear. He realizes this woman would bring pleasure and surprises to him for a long time to come.Under the guise of Sir Percival, he is a knight. Chivalrous to the core with Avalene. And so, so masculine.Even after his true identity is discovered, he is still such a gentleman to her. He cherishes her, and will protect her at any cost. He is horrible to his enemies and those he doesn’t trust, yet utterly devoted to Avalene, soft and warm. He is completely alpha and it’s truly romantic and just made me smile throughout.Dante has self loathing, looking at himself as truly a demon. I kind of wish this had played out more as the book progressed. He has such cold blood running through him as he revenges his parents death and deals with the man he has become, this side fizzles a little bit as the book progresses. I wish he would have held onto that a little longer.Finally he fitted his lips to hers in a kiss so gentle, so filled with reverence that she felt tears come to her eyes. Like everything else about Sir Percival, his kiss was perfect. It was a kiss that a knight bestowed upon his lady-love, a kiss that spoke of the yearning he suffered for a lady who was forever beyond his reach. It was a kiss that sealed fates.Dante is an extremely skilled assassin. There is absolutely no question that no harm will come to Avalene as they travel, and all of their enemies will be completely wiped out by Dante and his few trusted friends. This lends to great romantic notions in this book. All I do is read romance books, but this book has such grand romantic notions in it that it makes it stand out. One look from Dante to his friends, and they obey his every order. He can have a band of dozens of men confront him, and a few minutes later, he is the only one left standing. He doesn’t fight fair, even poisoning Avalene at one point, to eventually rescue her from someone, but it all just adds to the excitement of this book.This book is just purely romantic“I knew you were behind the tapestry,” he said. “I also knew the railing was about to give way. I was waiting for you, waiting for you to fall.”Waiting all my life for you, he added silently, waiting all my life for you to fall in love with me.Oh Dante. I’m in love with you! I hope other readers will fall in love too.Rating: A-

  • Katie(babs)
    2019-05-24 21:18

    Didn't want this one to end. The smutty reader that I am wanted more love scenes. Fans of medieval romance will enjoy this one.

  • Ƥʋиʏα [Punya Reviews...]
    2019-05-24 18:25

    My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...For me, storywise Dante’s book wasn’t as per my expectations. Somehow I was hoping for something more. I, again, felt that the story was dragging in the middle, without anything interesting happening. At times, I found Avalane quite the wishy-washy thing too. But there are good things in this book as well, one of them is definitely Dante himself. He was just... so romantic.I wasn’t impressed by him in Betrothed but WOW, I saw a really different man in here. Totally enjoyed EE’s writing and all the historical connections as usual.This story takes place 5 yrs after Betrothed. In there, we knew that Dante was working as King Edward I’s personal assassin. There were many conflicts and Dante’s boorish activities pissed me off. But his sister and only living relative, Claudia fell in love and finally married Guy, who loved her back equally. His childhood was a tragic one. Dante’s parents died because of a betrayal done by his aunt’s husband, Lorenzo. This man poisoned Dante’s father, an Italian merchant and his mother, an Englishwoman, was later murdered with torture, also by Lorenzo. The three siblings, Roberto, Dante and Claudia were cast off from Italy with a scheme which and robbed off their inheritance. I don’t clearly remember how they survived but Claudia was left in the care of their mother’s brother, another greedy bastard called Lonsdale. Roberto turned into a hired mercenary and as he was a impetuous man, he paid for his rash decisions with his life (in The Warlord). Now, Dante was taken in by a King’s adviser called Mordecai, who is a magician and has sights into the future. Mordecai trained Dante to be the weapon of destruction, with all kinds of skills. Dante is very handy with various weapons as he is good at being a chameleon. For many years Dante has killed on the King’s command; all traitors of the crown one way or the other. This, of course, shaped Dante and even though he can be called very efficient doing this job, in the core, there was a softness still lurking because the man inside, before he became what he is today, used to wear his heart in his sleeves. And, even though Dante doesn’t let remorse take him over, he was still bombarded by those after he met Avalene. So, Dante was trained and worked but recently, he just wants out of it. Dante’s next plan is to return to Italy and take revenge on Lorenzo, his one life’s goal that can’t be avoided. He also aims to take back his inheritance and the family Palazzo, a place he once called home. But today, he meets Mordecai for one last mission. Mordecai uses tarot cards to tell his future, which entwines with someone named Avalene. She is the last descendent of the late Welsh Prince Llewellyn. There are some historical notes here, for which Avalene’s ancestry can’t become public. Also, another of a prominent Welsh family, the Segraves, who are trying to rebel against the King, has to be stopped. And the leader of the rebels, Faulke, is apparently betrothed to Avalene; a marriage that can bring disasters for the King. Faulke needs an heir and a descendant of the last Welsh prince can make him very powerful indeed. Dante has to stop this from happening. Mordecai tells Dante that he can do anything he wants with Avalene and he also tells him that killing her won’t be of any use. But what Mordecai doesn’t clarify is that Dante’s own fate is intertwined with Avalene’s and leaves it find it out for himself. Dante is reluctant. He needs to be at Italy but because Mordecai tells him this is the King’s wish, Dante resigns for another mission.When Avalene’s mother died leaving her young, her Marcher baron father left her in his sister’s care. Avalene’s aunt never abused her or anything but never really loved her as well. But the woman never shied away of using Avalene’s help in running her keep. Avalene has been doing the work of a chatelaine since she grew older. Her aunt and uncle, Lord Brunor, were clearly self-serving people. I disliked them both. And then there was their steward, John, who has been after Avalene and made her life hell. He’s always demeaning her every efforts and charmed his way into the bosom of both the lord and the lady of the manor. Avalene hated the man. She was also hurt of her father’s treatment but she tried to be happy, keeping her aunt happy and never really complaining. We get to see plenty of that drama in Lord Brunor’s keep. Avalene already knew that she was almost betrothed to Faulke, heir to one of the most important Welsh families called Segraves, though she never saw him in reality. But duty is everything to Avalene and even after her father’s negligence after his second marriage, Avalene would do her duty. Now, the funny thing was, since Lord Brunor was nearly blind, people wore different colors of dresses to mark their rank. Avalene and John wore red. For a few days, they’ve been waiting for a man from Baron Weston, Avalene’s father, to arrive. They’re surprised when the man, Sir Pericval arrives early. Avalene is very interested to know what her father has to say and so she spies on the handsome Percival from the upper story alcove, which needed repairing. As they speak about Avalene’s future, she tries to eavesdrop. Suddenly, the wood gives away and Avalene falls right into Sir Percival’s arms!Dante already knew of the plan, that he has to take away Avalene from her aunt’s household ASAP. So after his arrival and a very persuasive introduction, he tells the Baron that Weston wants her daughter to be taken to his household before marriage. Of course the message was false, and Dante doesn’t care to know how Mordecai came by the realistic seal. When Weston’s so-called wishes were made known, immediately Margaret and John begin whining and Dante knew they won’t let her go. The Baron seemed stoic. Then, he has already spied the girl on the alcove above and was amused. By her dress color, Dante thought she was the steward’s wife but soon his assumptions were corrected. Dante also instinctively knew that the wood would gave away and he discreetly places himself where he can catch her… which he does a few minutes later. Then he realizes a few things; one, this is his victim and not the steward’s wife. Two, she felt just right in his arms. She was also wearing the Chiavari color, red (dress) and gold (her blonde hair). Dante, very unexpectedly, feels a pull towards her, as everything fell away when he looked into her eyes. He saw that they reflected back his own reactions. It shakes Dante badly. The king’s personal assassin can’t feel strong emotions like this, ever! Dante has kept his emotions in check for the most part of his life but this girl, she seems to undo everything he has worked for. On the other hand, Avalene was lost in Sir Percival’s eyes too. She already loved his voice. He made her forget everything around her but reality soon kicks in. Aunt Margaret was talking about the living arrangements for Percival and it was certain that she wanted him to live in the family quarters... Now, there was an evil plan, concocted by the aunt. She was totally taken in by John and wanted Avalene to stay here and work her arse off for the rest of her life. But Avalene would get away from here, no matter what. Margaret’s plan was to compromise Avalene with the knight. There’s a convoluted means to this, which would somehow help her achieve her goal. Later she can marry Avalene off to John. But, Avalene hears of it when she accidentally eavesdrops as her aunt and uncle fight about it. Dante already knew of it from the Baron himself, who was annoyed by his wife’s machinations. This information helped both Dante and Avalene later.Avalene had no idea who really this Percival was but she decides to ask for his help. At night, when she wakes from a nightmare, she finds Percival in her room. She was, at first, a bit apprehensive but soon, she gives into the feeling of security that Percival so obviously carries. He’s so perfect, in looks and his behavior, that Avalene can’t help but fall a little and become dazed as she stares at him. Later they plan to run away in very next morning since there wasn’t much time. The next morning, the plan works perfectly, as most of the people of the castle were out on a hunt. The guards, seeing Percival with Avalene, let them pass. Avalene didn’t question him anything, she trusted him that much. But Dante knew that if she knew of the depth of his betrayal, his goal would be lost. Dante wants to take her away to Italy and make her his mistress. Oh he wants her alright but Dante is still a moron and thinks he won’t marry any English miss but an Italian noblewoman when he gets back to Venice after this mess was sorted out. Now, to the matter of revenge, Dante has already meted out his own form of justice to Lorenzo and his conniving longtime mistress as it was seen soon after his meeting with Mordecai. I’m not sure when he made the time but Dante was in Venice, in his house, where Lorenzo was now living. He comes in with his mistress and was talking about how to thwart Dante and so on. I leave you to decipher how he poisoned them but Lorenzo took the most of it. We observe the cold, ruthless side of Dante through this demonstration, the way he kills the mistress without even giving her a chance to be surprised. Then as Lorenzo lay dying from the poison, Dante made sure he knew of his identity, what Lorenzo’s mistress did to his own kids and to Dante’s aunt. He wanted Lorenzo to know every bit of the sordid detail. But the joke was on him too, as Dante knew the man can’t talk back. It was a chilling scene and I thought, was done extremely well. On his way out, Dante remembers the Circassian young boy who was the poison tester and was now chained as a guard beside his master’s door. I was saddened by the truth of how the mixed raced kids were used in such a horrible way, treated lesser than a street dog. Dante knew he has to get rid of him but when he stealthily has a look, he finds the boy awake. As he takes a look at the bodies, the boy’s eyes seemed resigned to his fate. Then we see the different Dante; a man who with a soft heart. That look in the boy’s eyes gave way in his heart. I had tears forming here, as it warmed my heart and I knew I’d end up loving Dante sooner or later. Dante notices that the boy is malnourished. Upon asking, he replies that his name is Rami. Dante then takes Rami with him and we frequently see Rami and some of his funny antics throughout the book.Now, in their journey, Avalene meets Oliver and Armand, two of Dante’s men (introduced in Betrothed) but she doesn’t question why only two men. Dante explains something about getting away easier with fewer men and she believes in it. And she believes in him for a time being, before Faulke finds her out and rescues her from the King’s assassin. But in between, they kissed and so on, with Avalene dreaming away about her Sir Knight. I begin to feel uncomfortable because I didn’t like Dante’s thoughts on duping Avalene. It pissed me off that he’d take advantage of her in this way. As Faulke takes her back, Dante knew his plan has come to an end. But, by then, it was clear that his emotions were deeper than simple lust. So Dante follows them. Meanwhile, Avalene learns of Dante’s treachery from her future husband but she can’t believe any of it. How could her gallant Knight be the king’s Assassin? A man no one has lived to talk about, while others fear? At this point of the story, I began to feel a little restless because I thought nothing interesting was happening. I don’t know but maybe I expected more actions or something... Avalene resigns to the fact that she’d have to marry Faulke, who, even though strong and attractive, doesn’t make her heart sing like Percival (note, she still didn’t know Dante’s real name). And, then Faulke came off as a cold individual, whose only target in life was to create rebellions in Welsh at any cost. He didn’t care what he has to do to get it and there was a healthy dose of blackmailing involved from his side, which concerned Lord Weston. Now, gotta talk about him. Faulke, though young still, is his father’s only heir and so, he needs to beget an heir at any cost to keep his lineage alive. Faulk has already been married thrice and widowed, has 3 young daughters, information that didn’t make me swoon over him, can tell you that! It was hinted that his wives died of mysterious causes, which means there are whispers of murders. His father is a greedy bastard as we saw in the later part of the story, and it was also hinted that he was behind those murders because of his own ambitions. I don’t know what Faulke’s thoughts were though but he’s determined to marry Avalene because of her link to Prince Llewellyn and how it’d further his cause. But even a really good fighter and all that, he’s no match for Dante’s trickery as it was proven soon enough.Dante uses poison but doesn’t kill Faulke or his men. When all, including Avalene, are unconscious from the poison’s effect, he and his men ties them up and takes Avalene. She is sick for quite sometimes as the poison took time to wear off. She tries her best to hate this man but to no avail. There’s something about this man doesn’t click to her as a villain. Then Dante decides to open up about himself to Avalene. At this point, he was desperate to let her see the side of his that no one really ever saw. He opens up about everything and I appreciated Avalene’s trust on him, which never really faltered. It was something Dante definitely needed; this unfailing, absolute trust from her, to deem himself worthy enough.Avalene has already spoken much about herself to him before. At some point, both realize that they’re in love. There was just no denying it. Dante tells her that he’d take her to London because they need to do something about this situation. In an abandoned tithing barn, where they take rest, their relationship goes somewhat intimate but Dante doesn’t take it further because he wanted her first time to be special. And this wasn’t the first time where Dante has been so very considerate of Avalene’s needs, though many-a-times he tried to convince himself that it was for selfish reasons. But now, Dante is determined to fight his cause in front of the King and break the betrothal. He doesn’t want her to be his mistress anymore but his lady in every sense word. The scenes in London were interesting and Dante’s huge palace, which was owned by some Earl whom Dante himself executed on the King’s behalf, too. I loved this scene when, after seeing Dante’s vast wealth, a dazed Avalene thinks how foolish it was of her to think that Dante was a lesser knight. Then she hears of the Earl’s name and guesses correctly from Dante expression as to what happened. But she doesn’t force him to tell her, even when he offered it. Avalene knew instinctively that it’s not a topic he would feel comfortable talking about. I totally applauded her understanding of Dante, which amazed him more than once and drew him to her in the first place.Avalene is in shock learning of the extent of Dante’s wealth, more so when Dante explains to her that he’s indeed a nobleman’s son and his title can compare to that of an English earl. Even though she’s already decided that no matter what, she’d give herself to him, still she felt uneasy when the time came. And funny too, when Dante realized she’s not as knowledgeable about sex as he initially thought her to be. But everything went good, making them both realize how perfect they’re for each-other. It is in London where things started picking up in the story for me. Dante was already making his own plans about what to do, including meeting up with Mordecai for help. By now, Dante understood the magician’s intents and the meaning of his words and the cards delivered to him throughout the journey. The King’s recently widowed daughter, Isabella, was already in residence in his castle by the king’s order when they arrived. Dante didn’t like this invasion of privacy at all. Then Isabella decides to pay a call when Dante fails to present himself on her summons. He went to meet with Mordecai instead. With her, Isabella brought some of her husband’s German servants (they hail from that part of the world), who are devoted only to her. She was quite insufferable with her snotty ‘princess’ ways and all that pink, white and gold dress code. I mean every single servant and soldiers, including herself, wearing that shade must’ve been trying on the eyes of the others! Avalene, who has never met royalty, is in awe of Isabella, as she was when she first set foot in London. But, Isabella’s personal guard insults Avalene in front of everyone, calling her a whore. Now, I got pissed at Avalene’s thoughts here as she told herself, of course she’s a whore as she’s now living in sin with a man. Of course she should take herself away from Isabella because she doesn’t belong there in front of royalty. I mean WTF?? Woman, you love that man and he loves you back. How can you think this way? I did wish to see some fire from her time and again, which never happened. Anyway, Armand, who was now devoted to Avalene’s honor as he knew of her place in Dante’s life, comes forward to preserve it. Before things got out of hand, Dante is there and showers so much affection and love to Avalene, that it made me swoon. *sigh* Isabella couldn’t help but notice that there is much more into this relationship than they initially believed. She then invites Avalene to accompany her every day for a few hours, to allay her boredom no doubt.There were new twists here. Dante also paid a call to the King and learned that there is a new betrothal contract being processed, approved by the King and Faulke’s father, the greedy bastard. But this time, it involves Isabella too. Edward wants Isabella to marry again, to Faulke. There was a sneaky plan underneath. Faulke’s father was thinking of the all the wealth and title the King would bestow but what they didn’t know that Isabella is really barren and that her husband wasn’t impotent, as it was bandied about later to protect Isabella’s interest. As the princess herself hears of it, she sees the joke and asks many questions to Avalene, who knew much about Faulke’s family. She also her her own plans in mind... I won’t go into the last climax and how the whole thing was brilliantly solved for Dante and Avalene, so you have to find it out for yourself. Now, TBH, I wasn’t looking forward to Faulke and Isabella’s book, which would be out next as per EE’s website. I didn’t find them interesting enough. But, later, after reading the excerpt, I’ve changed my mind. It was intriguing and now, waiting for that book. I hope it’s out soon! Meanwhile, for The Dark Knight, 4 stars.This ARC was provided to me by Random House/Bantam Dell via netgalley which didn’t influence my review and rating in any way.

  • Marialys Scarano Rodríguez
    2019-05-03 23:25

    Aaaasssssswssssswwweeggggggrrrrrrr <3 Dante, ti amo caro. Valió la pena la espera, Elliott no decepciona. Veamos con qué nos sorprende pronto, hope so. Extrañé a Guy y a Kenric :(

  • Zoe
    2019-04-25 18:24

    I wanted to like this book more. But I can't. 3 stars for the medieval setting, which I love. I feel little chemistry between the lead characters. The heroine is especially boring.

  • Ana T.
    2019-05-20 18:20

    I had fond memories of the previous books in this series. I did enjoy this one although they fell in love too quickly. Really curious about the next one in the series.

  • Heather Book Savvy Babe
    2019-05-26 18:14

    I enjoy reading historical romances, but I was looking for a change. When I saw The Dark Knight was from a medieval time (instead of Regency of Victorian), I was excited to pick it up and give it a try. I am glad I picked this book up, I thoroughly enjoyed the The Dark Knight and I found a new-to-me author to watch.The Dark Knight is an alluring novel that transports readers into a medieval English world full of deceit, intrigue, romance, and just a hint of magic.It took me a little bit to really get into this book. The book begins with the King's Assassin, Dante Chiavari, visiting his mentor, a mystical magician who gives Dante his new mission. It took me a bit to understand just who this mystic was to Dante and to the story. As the book continues, it becomes clear, but in the beginning, I was uncertain. The mystic, Mordecai, is a mentor to Dante and also an advisor to the king. Mordecai predicts the future and helps guide it. Dante gets his mission, to kill his enemy in Italy and to abduct a woman to keep her marriage from threatening the King's reign. While I was a bit confused about the mission in the beginning, it proves to be integral to the story. According to Mordecai, Dante's actions and choices on the mission can drastically affect the future for both himself, and for the country.Dante Chiavari is a dark man, he is a deadly assassin, loyal to King Edward of England. Dante had been wrongly exiled from his home in Italy and was trained by Mordecai to become a killer. For most of his life, Dante's purpose was to destroy the man who murdered his parents and ruined his life. Once Dante accomplishes this, his purpose in life is not as clear. When Dante pretends to be Sir Percival to abduct Avalene de Forshay, the attraction between them is strong and Dante begins to think more on what he wants his future to look like. As for Avalene, she is surrounded by people who only want to use her, for either her beauty or for her lineage. She doesn't know who to trust, and when she learns of "Sir Percival's" betrayal, she doesn't know if she will be able to trust any man again.Avalene and Dante's relationship develops at a steady pace. They have a definite attraction to each other from the beginning, but they both have doubts and obligations the keep them from falling into a serious relationship. Avalene is betrothed and she believes her father has her best interests in mind, but after absconding with Dante, she realizes that her reputation will be ruined. Dante has to figure out where Avalene would fit into his life, the life of a monster. In the meantime, Avalene's betrothed tries to kidnap her back from Dante and there are significant political implications to whoever Avalene winds up marrying. There is a lot going on in The Dark Knight, plenty of adventure, some sizzling romance, and intrigue that kept my interest throughout the book.As the story progresses, so do the characters. Avalene discovers that there is more to Dante than a cold-blooded killer, and she begins to see the bigger picture. She looses some of her naivety and learns the value of having faith in the right people. Dante learns to see himself as more than a killer, he begins to see that maybe he can actually find happiness in his life.The Dark Knight is an excellent read. There is a highly developed plot, with interesting sub-plots and enough intrigue to keep me fully engaged in the story. The romance was excellent, it was believable, tender at times, and also sizzling at times. What really cinched the Dark Knight as a good read for me was the hint of magic that Mordecai the magician brought to the story. I would not classify this book as paranormal by any means, but there is that touch of magic that makes the romance, adventure, and intrigue really stand out.Readers who like slightly darker romances will really enjoy this book. I recommend The Dark Knight to historical romance readers as well. I am definitely looking forward to read more by Elizabeth Elliott in the future.*I received this book for review*

  • May Mostly Romance
    2019-05-14 18:27

    สำหรับคนที่รอเล่มนี้มาสิบสองปี (นับจากเริ่มอ่านงานของอลิซาเบ็ธ เอลเลียต) เราคงบอกว่า ถ้าคนแต่งต้องใช้เวลาสิบหกปี (จากงานเล่มสุดท้ายที่เธอเขียน) เพื่อเขียนเรื่องนี้ออกมาให้เป็นแบบนี้ เราก็ว่าคุ้มค่านะคะ เพราะเราย้อนกลับไปค้นบทสั้น ๆ ที่แนบมาท้ายเรื่องเมื่อปี 1997 ซึ่งถือว่าเป็นคนละเวอร์ชั่นกันเลยกับหนังสือเล่มนี้ (แต่ตัวละครเดียวกัน) เราว่าเวอร์ชั่นปี 2012 นี่ดีกว่ามากมาย นี่เป็นอีกครั้งนึงที่เราตกหลุมรักพระเอกตั้งแต่ฉากเปิดตัว ใครจะต้านทานได้เมื่อเขาเริ่มต้นด้วยการฆ่าปาดคอ (รสนิยมเราออกจะโหดไปหน่อยค่ะ --- รู้ตัวนะคะ) ซึ่งเป็นการล้างแค้นคนร้ายที่ฆ่าพ่อและแม่ของเขา และนั่นทำให้ดังเต้ขยับเข้าใกล้กับการคืนสู่สถานะเดิมของตัวเอง หลังจากถูกญาติสนิททรยศจนต้องลี้ภัยออกจากอิตาลี มาอยู่อังกฤษ และทำงานเป็นมือสังหารให้กับกษัตริย์ ในที่สุดหลังจากทำหน้าที่นั้นมาหลายปี เขากำลังจะกลับอิตาลี เหลืองานสุดท้ายเพียงอย่างเดียวการลักพาตัวหญิงสาวจากตระกูลสูง ผู้สืบเชื้อสายสำคัญที่อาจจะสั่นคลอนฐานอำนาจของกษัตริย์ ถ้าหาเธอแต่งงานกับผู้ชายผิดคน ดังเต้ปลอมตัวเข้าไปในปราสาท และเหตุการณ์ก็เป็นใจทำให้เลดี้เอวาลีนเชื่อใจเขามากพอจะหลบหนีไปกับเขาเหตุการณ์ช่วงต้นเรื่องทำให้เราคิดว่า ธีมของเรื่องจะมืดมากกว่าที่เป็น แต่จริง ๆ แล้วไม่ถึงขนาดนั้น แก่นของเรื่องก็ยังคงเป็นเรื่องโรแมนซ์ระหว่างอัศวิน และเลดี้ผู้เป็นเจ้าของหัวใจของเขา หลายสิ่งหลายอย่างในเรื่องคลี่คลายง่ายเกินเหตุ และลงตัวมากไปหน่อย แต่ด้วยจังหวะของการดำเนินเรื่อง ระหว่างที่อ่าน เราไม่รู้สึกว่า เป็นปัญหาอะไรนะคะเราชอบพระเอกตั้งแต่ฉากแรก (จริง ๆ ตั้งแต่เขาออกมาใน Betrothed) เข้าใจว่า บางอย่างเกิดขึ้น ทำให้คนแต่งเปลี่ยนใจไม่เขียนเรื่องของเขาออกมาอย่างที่ทิ้งท้ายเอาไว้ในบทส่งท้ายของ Betrothed ไม่ว่าเป็นอะไร เราขอบคุณนะคะ เพราะเราชอบตัวตนของเขาในเวอร์ชั่นนี้มากกว่า กระนั้นดังเต้ก็ยังคงเป็นดังเต้ที่เราเจอใน Betrothed นักฆ่าที่เลือกใช้ยาพิษมากกว่าการต่อสู้ซึ่งหน้า ไม่ใช่เพราะเขาไร้ฝีมือ แต่มันเป็นวิธีที่ได้ผลมากกว่า มากยิ่งไปกว่านั้น เราชอบนางเอก เราคิดว่าคนแต่งเขียนได้ลงตัวเกี่ยวกับคาแร็คเตอร์ของเธอ เอวาลีนเป็นหญิงสาวที่อยู่ในยุคนั้น เธอไม่ได้ก๋ากั๋น ทำตัวเก่งกาจ หรือมุ่งมั่นจะเอาชนะผู้ชาย เธอแค่อยากมีบ้าน (ปราสาท) สามี และลูก เมื่อสถานการณ์ทำให้เธอต้องเลือก แม้จะเป็นการเลือกระหว่างสิ่งที่แย่ กับสิ่งที่เลวร้ายกว่า เธอก็เข้มแข็ง (ทางจิตใจ) แล้วก้าวต่อไป เราว่าเธอเป็นสมดุลที่ดีกับคาแร็คเตอร์ของดังเต้มาก ๆ ประเด็นที่ขัดใจเราไม่น้อยในเรื่อง ก็คือความเชื่อที่พระเอกมีให้กับ The Magician กับคำทำนายไพ่ทาโรต์ของชายคนนั้น แต่คิดอีกทีก็พอทำใจยอมรับได้ เมื่อคิดว่า อยู่ในยุคกลาง และคนยุคนั้นก็มีแนวโน้มจะเชื่อเรื่องเหนือธรรมชาติ (แต่ก็นะ เป็นพระเอกอ่ะ เราคาดหวังให้เขามีเหตุมีผลมากกว่านี้) ส่วนหนึ่งที่ชอบเรื่องนี้มาก เพราะดังเต้ทำให้เรานึกถึงพระเอกที่เป็นมือสังหารอีกคนนึง Allegreto ของลอรา คินเซล ไม่กล้าพอจะบอกว่า เล่มนี้เทียบเคียงปลายเล็บของเล่มนั้นได้หรอกนะคะ แต่แค่เศษเสี้ยวเดียวที่เตือนให้เรานึกถึง Allegreto ได้ ก็ทำให้หัวใจของเราพองโตแล้วล่ะอีกอย่างนึงที่เล่มนี้ทำให้เราคิดได้ก็คือ ความเปลี่ยนแปลงของหนังสือโรแมนซ์ในช่วงยี่สิบปีที่ผ่านมา เล่มนี้อาจจะออกขายเมื่อปีก่อน (2012) แต่สไตล์การเขียนยังเป็นโรแมนซ์เมื่อสักสิบกว่าปีก่อนอยู่ ซึ่งก็คือ การอัดแน่นไปด้วยการบรรยายฉาก และเหตุการณ์ที่เกิดขึ้นในประวัติศาสตร์ ซึ่งเดี๋ยวนี้หาอ่านไม่ได้แล้วในโรแมนซ์ยุคใหม่ (ที่เขียนในช่วงห้าถึงสิบปีที่ผ่านมา) และทำให้เรารู้ตัวว่า คิดถึงเรื่องโรแมนซ์แบบนี้มากขนาดไหน

  • Amanda Ryan
    2019-05-23 02:20

    'Tis true, I am a murderer, a liar, and a thief. 'Tis equally true that I will use whatever monstrous talents I posses to keep your daughter at my side. You can take Avalene to a convent at the ends of the earth and I will find her and steal her away again. I will lie to God, himself, to free her. I will protect her with my life, and I will murder anyone who threatens her.Redonk Nutshell: King's agent sent to abduct a female political pawn ends up falling in loveDante Chiavari is sent by King Edward to intercept an envoy on route to collect a Welsh descendant of the nearly extinct Welsh royal line. He is to abduct her and keep her from being delivered into the hands of a man that threatens to raise a Welsh rebellion against the crown. Dante accepts this task with the stipulation that this will be his last - he finally has his cards set to return to his Italian homeland and claim what was stolen from him. He poses as a knight and enters Coleway castle with intent to steal away Avalene de Forshay. What he doesn't count on is falling in love with her.Avalene hasn't seen her father in years. He sent her to be raised by her aunt and uncle, two people she can't seem to ever please, regardless of how hard she tries. She is sheltered in the castle, but not ignorant. She knows she is a pawn to be played in the game of kings. Her arranged marriage to a potential threat to the King of England has yet to be ratified. When "Sir Percival" arrives in court to take her to her betrothed, she is relieved to FINALLY be put to task. She is drawn to the knight, though she knows it's futile. When he welcomes her attentions, she becomes even more torn about her impending marriage. When "Percival" ends up being the notorious assassin to the king, she's mortified and irate. Yet still, she can't help her attraction to him.This was a fun medieval romance. It's dark in the sense that Dante is not a "good" person, per se. He is, at heart, a killer, though he does so in the name of his king. His love for Avalene is the first he's ever felt of passion, and it's very romantic watching him fall for her.Overall, this is a sweet and romantic read, though I don't foresee myself reading it again.The Dark Knight by Elizabeth ElliottRating: CRomance: 3.5/5 Raunch: 2/5

  • Katie_la_geek
    2019-05-15 00:31

    For this review and more visit my *I was provided with a free copy of this review in exchance for a review*The dark knight is a book I enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would. From the first page I found it very atmospheric and intriguing. I thought the writing was great; it managed to be descriptive without info dumping. I thought the first half of the book was very interesting because the main character thinks she knows what is going on but you know that actually things are not what she thinks they are at all. The second half of the book was more focussed on the romance. Generally speaking the romance was good, it had a lot of tension and a lot of build up with was great but the build-up lead to nothing, just a sex scene. Because of the build-up I expected more to happen between the sheets. I quite liked the characters. I much preferred Dante to Avalene; he had more personality and is an assassin which I have a bit of a thing for. I couldn’t connect to Avelene as well. She did not have as strong a personality as Dante but she was ok. The Dark Knight is a good historical romance with some good writing. I would have liked some more intimate moments but over all I really enjoyed it.

  • Clarice
    2019-05-20 01:15

    Dante Chiavari is what the English had made of him. Thief, assassin, feared mercenary, and master of disguise. Dante will do his part and play a chivalrous knight and steal Avalene de Forshay away from both her family and the ruthless Sir Faulke Segrave, who would wed Avalene, to use her as a pawn to start a war between Wales and the crown. Dante's job was to remover Avalene. Send her to a convent or something else. After meeting Avalene, Dante suddenly finds himself feeling something that he has never known, his own intent desire for Avalene, who in turn will find the greatest danger of losing her heart to this dark knight, and all of his secrets.

  • Anne
    2019-05-12 00:19

    Dante Chiaverri is a Very Bad Man. Assassin, thief, wicked, damned -- how else to describe a man who has served as King Edward's hired assassin? A nobleman's son, he has come to England in hiding from the family that would assassinate him and his family (his sister was the subject of Elliott's prior book, Betrothed). He's jaded, dark, bitter and skeptical, and believes that his sole purpose in life is to reclaim his heritage and home. Fate has other plans. The King wants Dante to prevent a young Welsh noblewoman, Avalene de Forshay, from becoming a political pawn among the Welsh Marcher lords who wish to regain power from Edward. If she marries the man her father has approved, it will mean war. Dante is dispatched to kidnap her.Avalene is young and innocent, but understands her worth to her father and to the other nobles in Wales. Dante impersonates a nobleman sent to escort her to London, but he's a goner for Avalene from the moment she falls into his arms. She doesn't see the man he is, she sees the man he could be, even as Dante tries to convince her otherwise. She isn't young and stupid, she's young, inexperienced and wise, and sees Dante's essence and loves him for it. I loved the bond these two formed. They are very lonely people, used by the powerful people in their lives. They are afraid to trust one another, afraid to believe that this miraculous love could happen to them. Hope is a hard flame to quench. Despite his scars and past, Dante wants very much to be the man that Avalene believes she sees. Their love story is tentative, funny, heart warming, and so very tender I had tears in my eyes. There were never two lovers who needed one another more than Dante and Avalene. Loved this book.

  • Gail
    2019-05-12 02:08

    Nice story. I like medieval-set romances and this one is a good example. I liked that Elliott included some history outside of the usual English knights and castles, though the Venetian bits were minimal. The hero is the King's Assassin. The heroine is a woman he has to keep from marrying her betrothed, without killing either the woman or her betrothed. I had to think a bit to figure out what annoyed me about the story-- I kept having to remind myself that I was actually enjoying the story in order to get myself to keep reading it. And I'm pretty sure it was the "most beautiful heroine ever, but she doesn't know it" cliché that bothered me. Yes, Elliott explained the girl's obliviousness well, but it's still a cliché and it's one that I've never liked. I'd rather see an author play with the cliché than find a workaround, an explanation for it. It made the heroine seem kind of a dim bulb and it made the story more ordinary. It was a nice story. I enjoyed it. But it wasn't extraordinary.

  • AmyChristine
    2019-05-16 02:09

    Thank you Goodreads for this first reads giveaway! I love historical romance. The plot was a bit much for a romance, but the main characters had good chemistry. I was a little turned off by some dialogue such as "I love you" with a response from Dante of "thank you". My overall impression is mediocre.

  • Belinda
    2019-04-28 18:29

    I loved this book by Elizabeth Elliott. The characters were very believable and interesting. Dante is the oh so handsome male lead who is dangerous, deadly and desirable. Avalene is the innocent, beautiful and virginal woman who captures the man of her dreams. For those who like medieval romance, this is the one for you. Read and you won't be disappointed.

  • Samantha
    2019-05-23 19:36

    3.5 StarsI enjoyed this book very much. While I thought the middle slowed down (to a halt) it does pick back up at the 67%. Dante is a great hero and I loved Avalene (just not her lip biting quirk). I'm looking forward to the next book. I hope Armand gets a story!

  • FV Angela
    2019-05-13 21:23

    Orignally posted at I read the blurb for The Dark Knight by Elizabeth Elliott I was a little intrigued. I haven’t read a medieval romance in ages, it seems that most new releases in the historical romance genre tend to be with a Regency or Victorian setting. Then I found out this author released several romances set in the same time period back in the 1990′s, which made me even more excited. Some of the best and most diverse historical romance I’ve ever read were put out way back in the 1980 – 90′s. Remember the older Johanna Lindsey, Julie Garwood and Jude Devereux works? That’s what I was hoping I would get when I decided to review The Dark Knight.Dante Chiavari is a dark, scary man. After being exiled from his homeland as a child he has become the King’s Assassin. His one goal in life is to punish the uncle who stole his lands and had his mother wrongly accused of killing his father. After this goal is completed he fully intends to retire and take his rightful place in Venice. As a child he and his siblings were taken in by Mordecai, an advisor and magician to King Edward. Mordecai and his mysterious advice is who guides Dante throughout his life and who gives him a mission to complete before he retires from a profession he hates. His mission is to pretend to be a man named Sir Percival, abduct Avalene de Forshay and prevent a forced marriage that will result in the rebels in Wales having a direct line to the Welsh throne.This was a very romantic book. The attraction between Dante and Avalene starts from the first moment they meet. For an assassin Dante played the chivalrous knight very well. Avalene has been living with her aunt and uncle for years and has dreams of getting married and becoming mistress of her own home. When a knight named Sir Percival comes claiming that he was sent by her father to retrieve her because she has become betrothed she is more than ready to go with him. What she didn’t count on was being immediately taken with her knight. Avalene is a little naive at the start, but at the same time very engaging and brave. She has ideals of who a man like Sir Percival should be and how he should act. Very shortly into their journey Dante and Avalene start to fall in love. They both try to fight it as Dante thinks of himself as a monster and has never intended to take an English bride, and Avalene is already betrothed and knows that to stray will brand her as a harlot. Ultimately they can’t help themselves.Finally he fitted his lips to hers in a kiss so gentle, so filled with reverence that she felt tears come to her eyes. Like everything else about Sir Percival, his kiss was perfect. It was a kiss that a knight bestowed upon his lady-love, a kiss that spoke of the yearning he suffered for a lady who was forever beyond his reach. It was a kiss that sealed fates.Eventually Avalene finds out that her Sir Percival is really the King’s Assassin, a man named Dante. There is some misunderstanding between them as she can’t really believe that he wants her like he does and he can’t understand why she isn’t afraid of him like everyone else. Dante is the ultimate hero, a man who is both dangerous to his enemies and gentle with his lady. He always treats Avalene with respect, even when he is considering taking her back to Venice with him as a mistress instead of a wife. He just seems to cherish her. I do wish there had been a few more sexy scenes. I think I’ve been conditioned to expect a little more sexy with my sweetness, but overall I found this book to be incredibly romantic.The comparison at the start of this review of The Dark Knight to those old school romances is a good one. I got what I wanted; a story of a dark, engaging hero who falls in love with a brave lady. There was romance and an interesting plot. Now I’m looking forward to this author’s next release that includes the semi- bad guy from this book. I might even look into finding out if I can find her back list. I would recommend The Dark Knight to any historical romance addict who is looking for something a little different.Favorite Quote:“Fate has taken away much in my life. You are a gift I did not expect but one I will selfishly take, even if there is a price I must eventually pay for my greed. You are worth the consequences, Avalene.”

  • ~Jessica~I'm a Hoodie Ninja~
    2019-05-01 18:20

    This review was posted at Under The Covers 3.5“ In his world, truth was an illusion built upon lies, a place where one wrong word, one wrong gesture could cost his life.”Dante Chiavari is the king’s assassin. He is known as the most ruthless and cold hearted killer out there. His latest mission; to pose as a Sir Percival the Knight and kidnap Avalene de Forshay before she is married off to a family that will use her heritage to start war with the king. It was supposed to be a quick and easy job, but one look at Avalene and he became undone. And as the days go by he knows for sure that he would do anything to keep her in his life. But how long can he continue this charade?Avalene has been primed and readied to be a fit wife. But when she literally falls into the arms of Sir Percival, her body and heart decide a different path for her. Avalene’s inhibitions and reputation are put to the test as she falls deeper for Sir Percival. As the days go by she is hit with the truth of his identity and realizes that her life was in danger the whole time. Will she be able to trust the man that stole her heart even though he was sent to ruin her future?Oh! Oh! Dante. Just saying that name makes me swoon! Bad Ass? Check. Hottie? Check. Total Romantic? Check. Check. How can you not love a man who says things to you like;“Do you have no wish to indulge yourself just a little, to know what it is like to be kissed by a man who wants you regardless of your dowry, or family connections, or your marriage prospects? A man who wants you and nothing else?“I will not surrender you to anyone………. I will never again allow anyone to take you from me.”Or a man who will look your father in the eye and say this:“Tis true, I am a murderer, a liar, and a thief. Tis equally true that I will use whatever monstrous talents I possess to keep your daughter at my side. You can take Avalene to a convent at the ends of the earth and I will find her and steal her away again. I will lie to God, himself, to free her. I will protect her with my life, and I will murder anyone who threatens her.”SWOOOON!And Avalene? She’s not so bad herself. She may be naïve in the art of love making, and she may have low self esteem, but what I really liked about her was how she had her own mind, and she made sure to let everyone know how she felt, regardless of how un-lady like she came across.Dark Knight is a historical romance with all the toppings a historical romance needs, lies, scandal, deceit and a hot man to absolutely take your breath away! Whip cream anyone?

  • Katie Michaels
    2019-05-02 23:10

    Ever since the murder of his parents, Dante has been working to become strong enough --and lethal enough-- to get the vengeance he has always dreamed of. Now he is darker and deadlier than anyone else in the English kingdom. He has become an assassin for the king and has earned enough favor to get him back to his homeland of Italy to reclaim his birthright.He only has one last mission before he can go home. Dante must extricate a woman from a marriage disadvantageous to the crown. To do so, he must pose as one of her father's knights who has come to collect her for her betrothed.Avalene is miserable in the home where she has fostered for the past several years. When Dante arrives, he is like an answer to a prayer. She is more than happy to get away from her aunt and uncle --and she can't help but be taken by Dante's nobility and favor. She never dreams that a man so fine could possibly want her. But he does.The story follows Dante and Avalene as they escape from her home and from those who would drag her back to a life without choices. And, of course, we watch them fall in love along the way. It took me a little while to get into the story, but it really picked up for me once Dante and Avalene make their escape together.Dante is an interesting character. He is man plagued by darkness, but he finds relief in Avalene's light. It's very sweet to see how hard he falls for her. The attraction between these two is instant and I felt like their bond happened kind of fast. I'm a little skeptical of Avalene's near sixth sense for sussing out Dante's moods and dishonesty. But I did enjoy watching him rebuild her delicate self-esteem. I liked how quickly he came to respect her and how willing he was to throw away his ideas of making her anything less than his wife.The betrothals and kidnappings were all about politics, but the story was never weighed down by too much by it. Unlike some period stories, it was easy to keep all the players straight and understand their motivations. I enjoyed the sexual tension and Avalene's sexual awakening over the course of their romance. There's not a ton of sex, but there were enough love scenes to satisfy me.It was an interesting change of pace from the Regency era historicals I usually read.Rating: B-*ARC Provided by NetGalley

  • Lesley
    2019-05-11 00:20

    As the King's assassin Dante Chiavari is a master of disguise, on his final mission before his long awaited return to Venice he must convince Avalene de Forshay he is the chivalrous knight Sir Percival sent by her brother to take her to her betrothed.Avalene is very much a pawn in her family, the Segrave's and the King's plans, promised to Faulke Segrave, Dante must ensure that the planned nuptials do not take place as with Avalene's connections Segrave plans to lead a civil war to overthrow the King.I don't tend to read a lot of historical fiction but I was absolutely engrossed in The Dark Knight. Initially it took a while to understand all the political and royal background information but when Dante and Avalene met I knew the story was a winner.As an assassin Dante is a dark character who has been hell bent on revenge for most of his adult life and is therefore not exactly obvious hero material. His initial reaction to Avalene and his growing feelings for her took him very much by surprise, he doesn't believe that he deserves any goodness or kindness in his life and it's obvious that what started out as Dante pretending to be an honourable knight actually becomes a reality as he falls in love with Avalene. Avelene's sexual awakening on her escape with Dante was very well played out, adding a nice little bit of spice to the story but never overwhelming it. I think I gnawed down to my fingertips waiting for the inevitable wait, your NOT Sir Percival??? but like Avelene I had fallen a little bit in love with Dante and could see his good side too. Although this is book four in a series (I didn't realise that when I started reading it) it could definitely be read as a standalone. I enjoyed my venture into the world of historical fiction even if the image of the Sir Galahad the knight from Monty Python's The Holy Grail with the servant behind him clip clopping with the coconut shells slipped into my mind a few times at the first mention of a chivalrous knight!Thanks to Net galley and Random House for the opportunity to read and review The Dark Knight.

  • Ave
    2019-05-18 02:26

    I really didn’t think I would enjoy this story as much as I did. I thought it would be just another torrid romance novel that would be more about how many times the main characters could make love in a single book and we can maybe throw a little story in there. I was happy to discover that that was not so with this novel :) With this novel I really understood the difference a romance novel and a romantic story. The romance in this story is nothing short of swoon worthy; Ms. Elliott had me I falling in love right along with the characters; it was very sweet and realistic. Dante, as mentioned in the synopsis, is not a nice guy and he comes across as a scoundrel and cad more than a few times in this story, especially when it comes to Avalene but he also had a lot of heart and loyalty. He kind of reminded me of Jack Sparrow in that way.Just a couple things to mention about the story:Mordecai is the magician who sends Dante on his quest, but don’t read too much into his behavior! He’s actually quite nice and sneaky. Also I was a little confused about the quotes at the beginning of each chapter. Turns out they are the tarot cards that Mordecai used to tell how this journey must unfold or there would be dire consequences. I then figured out that he was somehow delivering these cards to Dante throughout his journey and they are prophetic to each chapter and leg of the journey. One other thing I would like to mention is that the synopsis makes it sound like this tale is told mainly from Dante’s POV when really his POV only shows up in the beginning a few times in the middle and the last couple chapters; this is mostly Avalene’s story.I also did not expect to learn so much about England in 1293. The author tricked me into a better understanding of this time period without me even knowing it!I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed Firelight by Kristen Callihan.Happy Reading!!!

  • Melanie
    2019-05-17 00:15

    I can't believe I let this book languish on my Kindle's TBR for couple of years now. I finally got around to reading it this month. It's a fourth book in Montagues series, which I've never read, but it hadn't bothered me at all. It can really be read all on its own.This is my first time reading this author and let me tell you, she is G.O.O.D. Very good. From prose to plot and on to pace, this book sucks you in and doesn't let go even days after you're done reading it.What I loved above all else, were our hero and heroine. These characters were extremely complex, yet so likable. The slow burn of their attraction to each other just jumped off the pages. There was one thing that could have made this book even better than it was, and that's the dialogue in the Medieval Renaissance speak. It would have had me sigh even more than I already had been! I do understand the reason behind not using it. It would probably drive some readers bonkers, and I probably would have had a hard time understanding some of the dialogue. But oh it would have sounded so very good.If you're like me and feel the need to step into Medieval time romance, please don't hesitate to pick this one up. It will surprise and delight you. I promise. And now I'm off to track the other three books in this series, The Warlord, Betrothed and Scoundrel :) Melanie for b2bComplimentary copy provided by the publisher

  • Linda
    2019-05-14 22:29

    From the time when she was nine, Avalene's father sent her to his sister as he had a new wife and sons and she was not needed anymore As she grew she was trained in ladyshio fashion eventually taking over the running of the castle since her aunt was too busy admiring herself. Then sir Percival was sent to return her to her father's castle in Wales..............Dante Chiavari, the English king's assassin, met with Mordecai, one of the kings advisor and a magician enter into his mentor's home to get an assignment on who to kill next. Mordrcai had taken him in when he was just a boy after his uncle killed his parents and stole every thing from he and his siblings. Dante was a quick study and learned quickly,and became the king's assassin killing all who were not loyal to the king.Elizabeth Elliot spins a tale of deceptions, love, lies, and slaughter. One Avalene and Dante escape her uncle's castle Avalene found herself falling more and more for the knight her father sent to retrieve thinking nothing about her reputation of being unescorted by a chaperone, then she discovers that her knight tricked her and was the king's assassin! With her reputation questionable was she doomed to be locked in a tower forever like her other family members/

  • Julie
    2019-04-27 21:17

    This was just a very well written love story. Some authors have the magic touch when it comes to writing about history, laying out the scenes with beautiful detail and emotions that are almost tangible. The book was balanced with the right amount of tension, drama and realism to help the reader to fully experience the lives the characters portrayed. I loved the fluidity of this book. The heroine wasn't the usual damsel in distress. Her thought process lent to true rational thoughts that gave her credibility. The hero was a true hero. Gotta love the guy that can take care of business.So why didn't I rate this book higher? Though I looked forward to each chapter and tried to read it whenever I had a chance, I somehow expected there to have been more to increase the suspense of situations. I almost felt like I was in an emotional bubble with the two main characters, which wasn't bad. I just would have liked a little more drama. Elizabeth Elliott is a master at sensory description. Loved that part. I definitely will read other books by this author.

  • My Book Addiction and More MBA
    2019-05-10 01:35

    THE DARK KNIGHT by Elizabeth Elliott is an exciting Medieval historical romance. A dark tale of the assassin,thief,and mercenary, Dante Chiavari and the beautiful Avalene de Forshay,who could be used as a pawn to start a war between Wales and the crown. With deception and danger at every turn, Avalene finds the man she knows as Sir Percival has been keeping a secret that could destroy them both. With fast paced action,danger,secrets,betrayal,passion,risks,perils,trust and the greatest danger of all losing your heart, "The Dark Knight" is a must read. An intense and emotional tale of love. If you enjoy medieval knights,chivalry,mystery,and fast action you will enjoy this title. Received for an honest review from the publisher and Above The Treeline. Details can be found at the author's website,Bantam,and My Book Addiction and More.RATING: 4HEAT RATING: MILDREVIEWED BY: AprilR, My Book Addiction and More/My Book Addiction Reivews

  • Conny
    2019-05-03 21:15

    I was a first read winner and I have to say I really enjoyed this book. Once I got started I could not put it down, and that is pretty much what I want in a book. It has plenty of action, royal intrigue, forced marriages, romance and so much more. It does leave some things unexplained, for instance if the steward John was so obsessed with Avalene would he not try and recapture her? But we never hear from him again once she escapes her uncle. Also just a few pet peeves of mine are all the kissing when you wake up with horrible breath, not even an attempt to rinse your mouth out. And how romantic you can get on the road, dirty, sweaty in clothes you have worn for a week that have gotten repeatedly wet and dry again, the BO must have been terrible. But that is just me, over thinking things. Overall a great read.

  • Amy
    2019-04-29 22:24

    I had to read this book slowly as I enjoyed it so much. It's much like a fairy tale-esk in the over all romance that slowly builds. and as a bonus it's a good guys wear black novel.I'm also biased as I've been in love with the Assassin's Creed games, so an Italian assassin just made my little geek gamer heart swoon.There is plenty of internal monologue and struggle to keep any reader happy and Dante, while very male isn't the tropey alpha we've all come to expect.A very fun fluffy read that I wish there was more books about this pair or it had just been a longer book.

  • Janie
    2019-04-27 23:06

    I had been stalking Elizabeth Elliott's website ever since I finished her book 'The Warlord'. I'm so glad she's returned after such a long hiatus with this book! Sometimes I feel that the book did drag on a little bit too much, but I'm just glad that Elizabeth Elliott back. Hoping that she'd release a new book soon!

  • Kelley Robbins
    2019-04-30 20:34

    I loved this book. It has passion I lack in my live, although I am only 15. It had a great adventure theme that I truly enjoyed. It shows no matter what happened in the past, a simple love for another can change who you are. This, I think, was a different, more thrilling version of Beauty and the Beast. A good read and I would share this with anyone who doesn't mind a hint of sexual attraction.

  • Susan (susayq ~)
    2019-05-10 20:34

    I don't know. Maybe it was me, but this book just didn't do it for me. I found myself becoming irritated with both the hero and heroine and their wavering between their feelings. And the final resolution seemed to go off without hardly a hitch. I'm sure someone else will read and love it. just not me.