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Happy with life at Elvesden Manor, Rowan is doing her best to put the past behind her. But it's tough to forget the past when fairy messengers won't leave her be, no matter how many magical boundaries are put in place to keep them away.When Tanya arrives to spend the summer at the manor, she notices that Rowan is acting strangely and becomes determined to find out what sheHappy with life at Elvesden Manor, Rowan is doing her best to put the past behind her. But it's tough to forget the past when fairy messengers won't leave her be, no matter how many magical boundaries are put in place to keep them away.When Tanya arrives to spend the summer at the manor, she notices that Rowan is acting strangely and becomes determined to find out what she's hiding. As Rowan sets about a risky secret quest, those she is working with soon begin to vanish one by one -- each in a way that is symbolic of the Thirteen Treasures. With time running out, will Tanya be able to prevent the past from consuming Rowan altogether?In this stunning finale to the 13 Treasures Trilogy, Michelle Harrison delivers a dark tale of mystery and adventure, set against a deliciously wicked fairy world....

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13 Secrets Reviews

  • Sanya
    2019-05-16 20:18

    I didn't find myself getting along with this book as fast as I thought I would, maybe because I read the first two books like three years ago and now I got to read the third, so there's long distance between them. But I do remember that I liked the first two books more than this one and there were more interesting events happening. That doesn't mean that this book isn't good, because it is and I quite enjoyed it.And the cover of this book is pretty and adorable and breathtaking... just PERFECT!

  • Penni
    2019-05-02 00:17

    fantastic books! wondering if there'll be a fourth?would highly recommend to any adult even tho its a kids book, I really enjoyed this whole series! and will get my kids to read them when they're a tad older.

  • Teresa
    2019-05-18 02:08

    The Thirteen Secrets is the final instalment in Michelle Harrison's wonderful trilogy involving the relationship between faeries and humans. I adored her first two books, The Thirteen Treasures and The Thirteen Curses and I anticipated the latest novel with a mixture of sorrow, excitement and dread - sad because it was the signalling the end of my interaction with well-loved characters, excited to see how these characters would develop and the tiniest hint of dread that I might be disappointed. Fear ye not as the author does a fabulous job of bringing events at Elvesden Manor to a close whilst introducing us to some intriguing new characters.I don't want to give away too much of the plot but suffice to say that you are in for a real treat. Rowan (Red) is living at Elvesden Manor and she is doing her utmost to lead a "normal" life with Tanya, Fabian and co. Of course "normality" is off the menu when you live in a fairy-infested house, fairies in the grandfather clock, a tea caddy brownie in the kitchen complete with walking stick and a drain dweller in the bathrooom whose belches smell like rotten eggs. However, Rowan is haunted by nightmares from the past and it would appear that everyone, human and fairy alike, is harbouring some sort of secret, some of which have dreadful consequences.This is an even darker tale than the preceding novels, perhaps due to the increasing maturity of the characters who have already experienced the dark and light side of faeries. We have already seen the malevolence of the Unseelie Court, the random removal of human children replaced by changelings, the vindictive nature of Tanya's faerie guardian but things take an even more sinister turn in this volume with the battle between good and evil becoming a fight between life and death. Some scenes are reminiscent of the Chronicles of Narnia, especially the battle between Aslan's followers and those of the White Witch - stirring stuff which doesn't pander to those of an overly sensitive nature so expect tears amidst the smiles and rejoicing!So, the feeling of dread has vanished but there is still some residual sadness that the 13 series is over. At least I will have the pleasure some day of reading the trilogy aloud to my daughter (who, at 7, is still at the Tinkerbell stage..) I highly recommend this whole series to children of all ages (9-99) who believe in some sort of magic and who don't automatically attribute those odd noises in the bathroom to faulty plumbing!

  • Alyssa
    2019-04-26 19:14

    Rowan is trying to put her past behind her, but it soon becomes clear that she is not finished yet. An organization that she was involved with when she lived on the streets that helps switch changelings back to their original homes, has come back and asked for her help on an unusually difficult case. She try's to keep Tanya and Fabian out of it, but they soon discover it on their own. They are all in danger, and an old enemy of Rowan that has been haunting her has possibly returned, and someone ha seen leaking their most heavily guarded secrets to an outsider.This action packed book is full of surprises.

  • Nikoleta
    2019-04-25 23:09

    Ένα ενήλικο βιβλίο με παιδιά για ήρωες! Μυστικά, δολοπλοκίες και πολλοί σκοτεινοί φόνοι! Κάποιος έχει αποφασίσει να «ξεπαστρέψει» ένα- ένα τα μέλη μιας κρυφής Σύναξης, της Σύναξης της Ρόουαν. Κάποιος βοηθάει τον δολοφόνο από μέσα… ποιος; Για άλλη μια φορά όπως και στα δύο προηγούμενα βιβλία, τα «13 μυστικά» διαβάζονται μονορούφι.

  • Jenny / Wondrous Reads
    2019-04-26 21:12

    For anyone who reads this series, I can tell you now: you won't be disappointed. My Michelle Harrison worship is going nowhere!

  • Evangelin
    2019-05-25 22:17

    3.5 stars

  • Leslie Ramirez
    2019-05-02 20:57

    Have you ever read 13 Secrets? If you haven´t you really should read it. This book's genre is fantasy because I really don't think any of this would happen in real life. I think the book was really great. The setting of this book is at the Elvesden Manor and its relevance to the story is that that's where almost all the action happened. Rowan was dismissed from school so she started walking and she met this girl on the street who gave her a message. The next day, Tanya came back to the Elvesden Manor and was suspicious that Rowan was hiding something so she followed her to where she was going. Rowan, Sparrow, and Crooks found Dawn dead in the roof. While Tanya and Fabian were in the woods, they saw that someone tried to kill Morag but they got there in time and they also had a clue on who it was. It was a black piece of cloth. Back at the Elvesden Manor, Rowan found a similar black cloth in Sparrow's clothes. Tino locked Sparrow in the secret door of the bookcase and Tino said he would leave him there until they knew that Sparrow was telling the truth that it wasn't him that wanted to kill Morag. Rowan followed Sparrow out of the tunnel but when they get out, it turns out that it was Eldritch that was disguised as Sparrow. Eldritch took Rowan cavern and kept her there until Tanya and Fabian saved Rowan. Gredin let Eldritch fall down the hole and they left. When the four of them got back to the Elvesden Manor, Rowan went in the tunnel looking for Sparrow. They found him and carried him to the fire place to warm up. Rowan told everyone that Suki was lying about the whole thing and that Suki was the one that killed Dawn, Victor and Fix. Suki was going to leave with Rowan until Rose interfered and made her a deal. While Suki and Rose were making the deal, Rowan was able to slip out of Suki's grip and take off her fox skin. Suki tried escaping but she cut herself and she was taken back to the fairy tale court. In the end, Raven was killed and Rowan stayed at the Elvesden Manor. Sparrow also stayed there because he wanted to be there with Rowan. The type of conflict is person vs self because Rowan is debating whether she should still be involved with the coven or not. The theme of this book is braveness because all of the characters are brave enough to go against who ever was hurting them. Like how Tanya was brave enough to go against Eldritch when he had Rowan captured.The third person point of view affects the story because it doesn't just focus on one person. It focuses on other peoples point of views. A major event that changed Rowan was when she figured out that Warwick and Rose were together but she still felt okay with it because she thought that they deserved happiness. Another theme that recurs throughout the book is love. This theme can be seen when Rowan becomes worried about Sparrow missing. I was surprised when I found out that Warwick was with Rose because they seemed so different and how Warwick said that he would never feel happy again without Elizabeth. I was angry about when Suki was the one that was betraying the coven and how she killed Dawn and Fix. My favorite part was when Warwick and Rose got together because I also thought they deserved happiness after all that happened to them. I thought the ending of the book was great because I liked how Tino had sent Tanya a letter that she was about to rip apart but something stopped her from doing so.Overall, I would give this book 5 stars because I thought this book was better than the last one. I would recommend this book to someone who likes a good fantasy book. Would you like to be in Rowan's place?

  • Charlotte Phillips
    2019-05-15 18:21

    I have very much enjoyed this series because of its lack of romance, the way that it always has some sort of mystery going on and the fact that its only slightly predictable but not totally. The series has been a rather refreshing write that has allowed me to escape to a world where not everything is black and white, where what you thought was meant to be good kind and gentle is in fact evil and vindictive. After the first book you expect the story to drag on a little, but in fact they only continue to hold the readers attention because there is always something that doesnt quite add up, so you have to read in order to find out. I liked this one as well as I liked the others because of the mystery that it held and the way that I was never really sure who it was that was evil. At first you expect it is perhaps Tino as he seems to be the controlling one who leads them all, but then its not. The books themselves Are written very well that they seem to have that method of attracting both teenagers and adults. There is some sort of tone to them that just captures you and pulls you in.I loved the way that the imagery is used, but I have to say my favorite character is Obrean, the dog. There just seems to be this element of cuteness to him that you can't help but love. He seems to have a part in the story as well which is nice, because it adds a little something different to it, giving it this sort of freshness and newness to its plot. I liked the fact that in all the books the bracelet has had a significant meaning because it just added more to the piece and it linked all the books together as well. I feel that this is a series worth reading and I simple dont have much to say about it because its all very good.

  • Emma
    2019-05-07 20:05

    This is one of those series that I wish desperately had been around when I was in the age range it’s aimed at. I remember seeing the first one, The 13 Treasures, coming out and unsure if I wanted to read it. I love fairies, but I’m all about the good ones. In the end, the cover (so predictable of me) won me over. When I read the first chapter, just to check it out as I was reading something else at the time, that was it, I hunkered down and read- scratch that- devoured the book. Naturally I stalked the second book, The 13 Curses, and read that in one sitting too. I even started buying the books for any young people who liked reading because they needed to have this series in their reading lives. When I finally got my mitts on this book, I did my usual and threw all partially read books to one side and got down and dirty with this one. And I wasn’t disappointed. This is definitely my favourite book in the series. It’s darker, edgier and has a whole bunch of new characters to meet and keep things fresh. It had a whole new plotline from the other two, yet answered all my questions from the other two books and tied everything up neatly. We get to find out more about Rowan’s past and how she came to be part of a gang that helped get human children back. It was interesting meeting the people she worked with and what each one brought to their group, yet there was something dangerous about it all. Every time I learnt something new about one of them, I had my back up. I was part of the dangerous world of fairies and trusted no one.The small subplots that went on in the background were a nice touch too. I love things like that because I always wonder what’s going on in the smaller characters’ lives, and it was answered for me from time to time. I also have to say that the African Grey got a lot of hate from me, as well as the characters. I have to live with one (hates her with a passion) and nearly everything was spot on about how hateful they can be to live with if you don’t love parrots. The only thing missing was how they like to pick up high-pitched shrieks and use them on you when their beloved has left the room! Overall, this last book rounded the series off nicely. I saw some things coming, but only when they were about to be revealed. Some things I didn’t and had a few ‘No way!’ moments before rereading what had just happened. This trilogy definitely needs to be enjoyed by children and adults. It’s a series that will stand the test of time, in my opinion.

  • Melissa
    2019-05-10 21:20

    What can I say? Michelle Harrison is an extremely talented writer and storyteller. Despite the fact that The Thirteen Secrets is a sequel as well as the conclusion to a trilogy, it flows well with the rest of the story. It’s as if Harrison has planned all this out and 3 books were just what it took for the story to be told. Some authors don’t do that. They decide on a story to tell, and when it’s done, because it’s making money or something, they decide to add in a sequel; only it’s written poorly, clumsily and adds nothing to the story.This is not true for The Thirteen Treasures trilogy. Everything makes sense; everything links. It flows so beautifully, it makes you want to cry. But I digress. The Thirteen Secrets is book 3, in which Red is now living at Elvesden Manor under her real name. But soon, her past starts to catch up with her and everything culminates in an epic battle at the Manor.I love the action! Action is always constant in the 3 books and it’s written superbly. The characters are true to themselves and you’ll always be rooting for Tanya, Fabian and Red. But the best thing is the faerie lore. I won’t go into that much detail but like I said before, everything links. You don’t necessarily have to read book 1 and 2, but they are highly recommended for the full experience, and really, there’s no point in reading The Thirteen Secrets if you don’t read book 1 and 2. The chapters are also divided in that, sometimes, there’s a great revelation before the end of a chapter. Some of them are surprising, while others are just shocking. They’re all great twists though and really compel you to read further! Another great thing about this story is the lack of romance. Perhaps it’s because it’s a MG novel, but the lack of romance gives focus to other themes like family, loyalty, bravery, friendship, etc, which is great. I’m not sure if The Thirteen Secrets really is the end end of the series but it feels like it’s a good place. Well done, Michelle Harrison! I can’t wait to read more of your books!

  • Elevetha
    2019-05-16 01:26

    3.5 stars.I enjoyed this conclusion to the "13 Treasures" series quite a bit. The characters were well done and I loved Rowan especially. The villain was appropriately creepy once he\she appears hell bent on revenge. The plot twist was thought out and, I must say, I didn't see it coming. I wanted more backstory on many things but, alas, was not given it as much as I hoped. But I did find the ending closed with...closure but not enough of it. I would have really appreciated another 50 pages or so but 20-25 would have done the job and been entirely satisfying. Heck, I'll take a spin-off series if that was a possibility.Rowan and Sparrow's friendship was so sweet. (view spoiler)[ At first I was, "Hey, there's a guy that she used to know. He seems nice." Then, "OH! They're so cute!" "The cheek! The cheek!! *sighs* SO sweet.""It was a LIE! All of it. Why do you do this to me?""Oh, it's good.""He....stayed! Booyah! They could stay friends and be adorable and I'd be cool with that but.....*HEADCANON*...they getting married. In 6 years. I'm calling it."So yeah. That was good. (hide spoiler)]Very enjoyable fey series with a slight twist. Recommended.

  • Maryam Noor
    2019-05-06 23:56

    It was good, nothing extraordinary. Like i said in my review about thirteen curses, I could not see the importance of the witch's character as she was too undeveloped. Eldritch is out to kill Rowan, and I cant blame him, but in the pervious book I never found him interesting and I still dont find him interesting in this one. This book focuses too much on Rowan and we get to see very little of the other characters. Rowan was perhaps the only developed character in this book, and the others were put there just for the sake of it. I never found any importance of the clove in the last books, so their sudden appearance did surprise me, but did not amuse me. Saki? Well, I have no idea what Saki is like. She's been keeping up a show for the entire book (not a good one that it. The plot twist was still predictable) and right when we're told that she's evil we're also told that she's misunderstood? That's just a cheap tactic right there. At least give HER some character development.

  • Lee Pritchett
    2019-05-19 22:03

    If your children haven't read this series, then they really should. All of the characters are very well written, intriguing and larger then life. This entire series is really good fun to read. There's plenty of magic, danger, excitement, suspense and plot twists to keep kids interested right the way through. An ancient society of humans and fairies is being hunted down, one by one, by forces unknown. If they aren't stopped soon then there will be none of them left. Red is deeply involved in the danger. Tanya, Fabian and the others are drawn in along with her. I think that this whole series is fantastic, but this is the best book yet. I liked the way that the book was left open at the end, to suggest that one day the author may come back to elvesden manor and its inhabitants to begin yet another story...

  • Marlee
    2019-05-12 20:10

    This book is by far my favorite of the series. Usually trilogies decline as they go on, but not so with this one. 13 secrets was grittier, the characters grew and developed with age and circumstance, and the plot twists were wonderfully executed. This one was more of a mystery, and definitely more suspenseful. The various romances were nicely done as well - realistic and not over the top. I've read this book twice now, and the first time I was upset by the affair between Warwick and Rose. Warwick is my favorite character and I liked the idea of his tragic love history with Evelyn. The second time around, however, it made more sense; he deserved to be happy. Overall, I really loved this book and it made a wonderful ending to the series.

  • Miss Clark
    2019-04-27 18:01

    3.5 starsOverall, a really well done conclusion to what has been one of the best fey/faery stories I have read published in the last ten years. A lovely British trilogy (although there is a prequel that is being published), with a classic feel (in the very best sense) amidst its modern setting. Red/Rowan really gets to see the end of her quest, set to rest her worries and burdens, find her family and look to the future with happiness and safety. What more could I ask for?We get to see all the important friends and supporting characters from prior books and see what becomes of them.Sparrow! So much better than I had hoped.I will be very glad to see what Michelle Harrison writes next!

  • Erin
    2019-05-26 00:07

    Really good series! Loved the characters and the unique settings. (can be misleading though...written for JUV readers w/ cute sparkly fairies on the covers but while the storyline fits that age group, the somewhat gruesome visuals at times would be more fit for older kids. (dead bodies w their eyes getting picked out by crows, etc.) The fairies in these books are more of the old time folklore evil type fairies...nothing glittery about them. Sadly, the covers also lead you to believe that this book is for girls when a boy would enjoy it just as much. A bit like Spiderwick....

  • Megan
    2019-05-14 23:12

    With other trilogies I have read I was a little afraid this last book was going to end poorly, but I was extremely surprised when it had just as many twists and turns and excitement as the first two books. I thought the second one was my favorite, but I don't know, this one may tie it for first place! I still have a couple of chapters left before I'm completely finished, but I wanted to go ahead and add it as being read today.I love these and will be reading them many times in the future!

  • Nilsson
    2019-05-12 02:01

    Feathers are flying whenever you get involved with changelings, but I'm glad it was resolved for all that.

  • Haley
    2019-05-23 23:23

    I loved this bookthe ending was a bit dissapointing though, because id have liked to have seen Tanya, Rowan and Fabian older and maybe married. *this series as adorabubble tho*

  • Kevin Bolton
    2019-05-11 23:22

    Hi there this is such an awesome book yes I am only 10 but to me this book is amazing I am not gonna spoil it if u wanna read it but if u like books with twists read this

  • Syara Villarreal
    2019-05-24 01:08

    I finished the series last year ... And now I have a puppy named Oberon ;) I loved these books so much I had to name my dog after Oberon from the book :)

  • Cierra Wriddley
    2019-05-14 22:17

    She was a girl and her name was Rowan and she was trying to leave the past but the fairies kept sending her messages to remind her of the past and she wanted to stop so she does something but it didn't go as it planned. The Genre of this book is Fantasy. My overall opinion of his book is that it's really good. I love this book a lot because it give you a lot of details. It gives us more than one conflict of the story. The setting is at Elvesden Manor(Rowan home)the fairies caravan and Curiosity Cabinet. These places is important to the story because the climaxs is mostly at the fairies house and in the story the people is these place mostly. There is this 15 year old girl name Rowan/Red Fox. When she was little it was her, her brother(James)and her parents. Rowan and James parents died in a car accident so James and her had to go to a foster. Then James went missing so Rowan ran away so she could look for him but she never found him. Rowan been living in the streets for a year. Rowan found a family that cares for her. There's a Dad name Warwick and a 13 year-old boy name Fabian. They took Rowan and they live in Tickey End. One day Rowan was at bus stop waiting for the bus and Fabian. Rowan sees this girl, looks about 18 years old, she have staggly white-blond hair (it need to be wash), she was playing the guitar, she had a knapsack and her opened guitar case and Rowan walked to her and put change in it. The girl plead "Thanks" and as Rowan turned the girl stop playing and was staring at her. The girl confessed "Your the only person to give me change all afternoon"Rowan replied " I just put them there to make it look like I wasn't being ignored"Then the girl and Rowan stared talking and Rowan told her about her life as she was growing up. Then the girl told Rowan that she has a message for her from the fairies and Sparrow(one of the fairies)had sent her to look for Rowan. Rowan got the envelope and as the girl walked away Fabian came and he called her Red and she had got mad because the was an old name the people used to call her when she part of the fairies. Fabian pouted, "I'm sorry."Rowans replied, "That's okay." and the both walked home. Tanya(Fabian cousin-14 years old)and her grandmother(Florence)came to visit for the summer. As they got there and finish unpacking Tanya notices something weird about Rowan but she doesn't speak nor do anything. As the night came Tanya heard Rowan get up and leaving(there room is next to each other). So Tanya wakes up Fabian and they both follow Rowan to the the Curiosity Cabinet where the fairies was having a meeting. As Rowan went inside Fabian and Tanya was about to go inside but one of the fairies(Suki) caught them and she brought them inside to Tino(another fairy and captain). Rowan had a big shock on her face and she was mad that they had followed her. As Rowan told Tino that she didn't want to be a fairy no more and she wants to leave the past and start a new life with Fabian and Tanya, Tino was upset because Rowan was the best fairy ever but he said that she can leave but she have to do one last mission. Rowan also told Tino, Suki, Cobbler, Dawn, Sparrow, Fix, Victor, Samson, Crooks, Peg, Merchant, and Nosebag (all the coven members) Tanya and Fabian a story about this coat and it turns only her into a fox. She was trapped inside this cottage for a long time with two other members(Warwick and Eldritch). Rowan was going to escape but she only took Warwick with her, she left Eldritch there suffering some more with one of his hand cuffed to something. Rowan left him them because when Rowan was looking for James he knew where he was at and he didn't tell her. Now Rowan regrets leaving him there. But Eldritch wants his revenge. Days later it was this show and all the coven members presented except for Rowan. Victor asked for a volunteer so he could throw knives and Tanya was one of the person who raised her hand and she got picked. He threw the knives but none stabbed her, when it was done Tanya seen this boy in the audience and he looked unhappy and weird and Tanya knew something was right. So after the show they had meeting, Rowan, Tanya, and Fabian was about to leave but then Tanya guardian(Geldin) told her she couldn't go and if she dis obey her than she will get punish. Tanya was mad, but Rowan and Fabian had left with out her. At the meeting Suki came in with the boy that Tanya saw when she was on stage(his name is Jake). He told Suki, Tino, Sparrow, Crooks, Fabian, Rowan and Tino that his mom was acting weird and she was not like she was before, she always been losing her appetite, she always uses her left hand but she's right handed, and she so close to Lucy(younger sister). Tino explained, "There's someone else in your mom's body but we will help." Suki left to take Jake back to his father and sister, when Suki came backed Tino explained the plan. Part of the plan you need a potion to pour on the mom and Fix knows how to do that. Sparrow and Suki goes to her caravan because she wasn't heard of in a while and when they get there she's on her couch dead with glass in her hand. The know she poison but they don't know how. But the plan couldn't work is we had the potion and Rowan thought of somebody name Morag, she has a section where she do potions and Tanya with to ask for one. But she couldn't make it in time so she gave Tanya something else that might can work. When Tanya was about to leave Morag was feeling weird like something is trying to reach to Tanya. She gave Morag some water then in the water it showed all the coven members and they were dying/dead. Morag gasp,"They abut the thirteen secrets." Then Morag wanted Tanya to leave quickly and tell them. Tanya left but she didn't tell anything until they finished the plan. Then Tanya went with Suki, Fabian, Rowan and Tanya so they can do the plan. It was at 3 o'clock and Jake came out Suki went of there and gave him the potion secretly. Then after he went inside and they waited, minutes later the mom was closing all the windows. Sparrow went up there and he made Jake's dad run after him. So Fabian had to go and get Jake to come down stairs so he can get Lucy and him and leave. But Jake didn't come downstairs so he had to go upstairs and get Jake and Lucky. So, minutes past by and he was able to get him out. Suki went in and the Rowan was waiting for her but she was able to run through the back and into the woods and Suki was trying to follow her but something wrapped around her ankles and she couldn't get up. Rowan was going to catch up with the mom but she didn't want to leave Suki there hurt but then Sparrow came and Rowan put of the coat and it made her into a fox and she went into the woods and then she saw the mom with someone else. One of his hand was cut off. Rowan was trying to fight with the person so she can get the mom and when Rowan looked closed at the men on his lip it spelled Eldritch. He was back, back for his revenge. As Rowan was still a fox he had put something over her had. He was going to kill her but then Sparrow came and they was fighting. Then Eldritch was chocking him and his elbow pressed on his bone. Rowan knew he need help so she bit the cloth and the she attacked Eldritch to get him off of Sparrow. The Eldritch yelled,"Leave, run, I found you once I can find you again."Then Sparrow and Rowan looked at each other and when they looked back he was gone. Rowan and Sparrow took the mom back home and now Jake's family is okay. But that's not the end of her mission. Eldritch knew that she would help this family, he the one that made the mom like that so he can get to Rowan, he want his revenge. Meanwhile, Cobbler and Dawn is missing so Suki, Rowan, and Sparrow goes to Dawn caravan to find any clues but then a lot of birds was pecking on her roof so Sparrow goes up there to see what it is and he sees Dawn laying there dead. Then the go back to the Curiosity Cabinet and then the see someone is delivering them a big sculpture and they don't remember Tino buying something so Sparrow signs and then they see the sculpture and they see that there is a person inside there and they realizes That its Cobbler. So everyone goes to Tino caravan but he's not there and everybody thinks that he's dead but after some minutes later he shows up and everyone s happy. They tell Tino about Cobbler and he is sad . They all left him alone. Sparrow Suki and Rowan went to the Elvesden Manor and as she get there she sees only Tanya and Fabian and so they asked her,"Where she been all day."Rowan replied,"Where's everybody i have to talk to them.""Their all in the kitchen", pointed Tanya. They all went in the kitchen all the family was in there. Warwick tells Rowan what happened to Morag and that she will be staying with them for a while. Then Rowan, Sparrow, and Suki tells everybody about the 13 secrets. Then she tells Warwick about Eldritch too. After that, Tanya tells Fabian that his mother have been killed by someone but they don't know buy who. He was sad because all his life he was lied to. Then Rowan goes into this cage to meet Eldritch. He stabbed Rowan and Suki knew something bad was happening to Rowan so Rose, Warwick, Tanya, Sparrow, Suki and Fabian goes to the cage and save her then. Warwick killed Eldritch and He died. The conflict is person vs. person because Rowan is actually going through this with real people. The theme is that nobody how some one hurt you, you shouldn't make their life worse than it already is. The major event that changed the character is when Rowan found out that Eldritch escaped and he found Rowan and now she is that scared, horrified girl now. Eldritch told Rowan, "Go run, I will find you like I did before." She was scared, she never thought tat she will see Eldritch again. Rowan regrets what she did to him. I was surprised when Eldritch was behind of this and killing the people. He did all he could to get to Rowan so he could get his revenge. But also his revenge backfires because he tried to kill her but Warwick came and killed him. Rowan knew that Eldritch did what he did to the mom so she would get closer to her. I also like how Sparrow had came and help Rowan and then Rowan helped him. I rate this book a 5 because this book give out a lot of details. It's also sad and intresting, like if you wanted to stop reading you couldn't because they give you new subjects and new events happening. Like there is a lot of problems in this story. It's good. Very unique and it is like that book you would always want to read over break. I recommend this book to every body who like went through a tough time in their life. as they was growing up and you wanted to leave it all behind. This book is great, i hope people read it.

  • Daphne van der Meer
    2019-05-11 21:09

    Wauw, wat een serie. Geschreven als een kinderboek, maar met plotlijnen en verbanden erin waar nog een heleboel schrijvers van kunnen leren. Op naar de prologue! Ik kan er niet genoeg van krijgen!Het verhaal gaat verder met Rowan (voorheen red). Ze woont nu in Elvesden Manor, en gaat naar dezelfde school als Fabian. Ze heeft een boel om in te halen van haar jaar op straat, maar ze komt er wel. Op een dag komt ze net uit school een meisje tegen, dat daar voor geld gitaar speelt. Of dit lijkt zo. Ze blijkt een lid van de coven te zijn (ook wel the 13 secrets), en is gestuurd door Sparrow.Ze willen Rowan's hulp bij een heel ingewikkelde zaak (Rowan is zelf ook lid) waarbij een moeder is geruild voor een fairy. Een volwassen fee dus, en erg gevaarlijk. Ze ontmoet iedereen weer bij het circus waar ze ze oorspronkelijk ook heeft leren kennen om plannen te bespreken, en neemt Fabian en Tanya met zich mee. Er is een nieuw lid bij de coven, Suki. Dit is het meisje dat gitaar speelde.Ze besluit ze te helpen, voor de allerlaatste keer. Maar dit wordt ingewikkelder dan verwacht, wanneer er twee leden van de coven plotseling verdwijnen, en die later dood worden aangetroffen. En er vallen nog meer doden, en worden er leden van de coven aangevallen. Een van de eerste die dood gaat was Fix, zij maakte potions, onder andere een potion die ervoor zorgt dat een fairy zijn glamour af moet schudden. En hiervoor gaan ze nu naar Morag, die ze wel kan helpen. De volwassen fee blijkt Eldritch te zijn, de fee die Rowan en Warwick in de kelder van de hedgewitch lieten rotten. Hij was blijkbaar toch ontsnapt, en doet dit nu weer. Maar hij geeft wel aan dat ze nog niet van hem af zijn.De moeder is gered, maar dit is pas het begin van alle problemen.Er verdwijnen steeds meer leden van de coven, en die worden dood of zo goed als dood aangetroffen.. Maar waarom? Gaat dit alleen maar om Rowan?Op een bepaald moment zijn alle resterende coven leden in Elvesden, om zich samen sterker te kunnen maken tegen Eldritch. Maar zelfs hier gaat dit helemaal de mist in. Suki, de voorspeller, blijkt samen te werken met Eldritch om de coven the vernietigen. En zij vermoord ondertussen een ander lid in het huis. Ondertussen is Rowan met Sparrow door de geheime gang in de bibliotheek gegaan, in de hoop van buiten meer te kunnen doen. (Sparrow was eerder in deze gang opgesloten omdat hij het bijpassende shirt had waarvan Oberon een stukje had meegescheurd na de aanval op Morag).Maar Rowan kreeg berouw en ging naar hem toe.. Maar helaas, dit was in het echt dus Eldritch, en hij ontvoert haar naar het bos, en dwingt haar haar vossen gedaante aan te nemen omdat ze dan veel makkelijker te wurgen is.Gelukkig weten Fabian en Tanya hem te stoppen, met de hulp van Raven en Gredin (de fairy Guardians) En belandt hij zelf in een van de deneholes (hij had hier Rowan in willen laten verdwijnen-letterlijk)Ze gaan terug naar het huis en gezamenlijk overmeesteren ze Suki. Hierbij sterft raven.Ze gaat meegenomen worden naar de fairy court voor een straf.En jammer genoeg eindigt het hiermee... Je komt zo veel dingen niet te weten dat t echt vreselijk is dat er geen deel vier is. Ik hoop dat Tanya en Fabian deel gaan uitmaken in de coven. Ik vond Fabian meteen al "the book of knowledge"Ik vind het ook jammer dat je uiteindelijk maar weinig leert over Tanya. Ik zou best eens willen weten hoe haar leven er uit ziet naast haar zomers.Tevens vind ik het gaaf dat ik het al die tijd mis had. Ik dacht dat Tino degene zou zijn die dubbelspel speelde. Ik zal deze serie zeker nog eens lezen.sidenotes- suki werd ontmaskerd door Tanya en morag. Haar tekening van de Hex onder haar woonwagen was nep. En zij of all people zou het juist precies moeten weten. Ze werkt morag dus expres tegen, terwijl die alleen wil helpen. - de 13 secrets, of de coven, bestaat uit 13 leden die ieder een van de charms representeren. Hier komt Fabian achter, tot de grote verbazing van Tino- suki is een meisje dat door een fee was meegenomen naar de fairy realm, en daar weer uit werd "gered" door de coven. Hier ligt haar motief voor het willen verwoesten van de coven. Zij werd meegenomen uit die familie omdat ze daar werd verwaarloosd. Die fee gaf haar the second sight, en ook het vermogen om visioenen te zien. Ze was er gelukkig. Maar ze werd dus weer mee terug genomen naar de normale wereld, waar haar ouders nu misbruik maken van haar helderziendheid. En op een dag breekt ze en vermoord ze haar hele gezin. "de fee kwam terug om wraak te nemen" Hierop neemt de coven haar aan in hun midden. En de naam van de fee was wat later de hedgewitch werd. Ze wilde wraak voor de moord op haar aangenomen moeder.

  • Amy (Golden Books Girl)
    2019-05-19 00:20

    In the last book of the 13 series, Michelle Harrison continues the story of Tanya, Fabian and Red, whose lives are all in some way tangled up with the fairies. The fairies in these books, though, aren`t flowery or sprinkling fairy dust though… I don`t generally enjoy darker books, but I do like these a lot. I like the majority of the characters (especially Red and Oberon the dog) and Harrison`s world and sinister plot hooked me in and kept me reading, and I`m of the opinion that this is the best of the trilogy by far. It`s a very hard plot to describe without spoilers, but it`s about a secret society linked with the faerie world as their members are being murdered, and Tanya, Fabian and Red need to work out who is responsible. I would never have guessed the culprit, and I enjoyed the action towards the end, as well as the fact that we got to see some characters from the other books like Brunswick the goblin. I`m not sure this is one I`d recommend to the younger end of middle grade readership as I found myself biting my nails a few times, but if you want a sinister read then these will be perfect for you.

  • Raven R.
    2019-05-16 20:17

    I really liked the story when the plot centered around Tanya and not Rowan. Rowan always made horrible decisions and the problems, which were attempting to be adult just came out juvenile. Even the adults were making stupid childish decisions and it got annoying fast. We have several new characters, I liked Sparrow and that there was a clear romance there even if it was shrugged to the side over the the more pressing issues in the novel. I didn't like much of anyone else. I hated Suki the most, and I was right to in the end. I had a feeling something was off with her, so the foreshadowing for her character was done nicely. Unfortunately it just meant that I felt like I knew what was going to happen before it happened. I'm actually really glad this series is over, I'll be happy to move onto something else.

  • Julie
    2019-05-02 18:02

    For me this whole series is a little misleading to the young reader. The cover is fantastical looking, appealing to a younger market, yet it's marked 10-14. This is definitely NOT for the feint of heart. There are some pretty gruesome murder scenes described and some serious bad guy stuff happening. It was good, the plot twists keeping you reading on and she does a great job with an unexpected ending. Just be mindful if you have a child prone to nightmares and easily disturbed by pretty scary stuff.

  • Sharon C
    2019-05-13 22:18

    A series that only gets better. With an intriguing location, deep and sometimes disturbing mysteries to solve, and faeriekind in the mix--as well as said faeriekind's melding with modernity--these books are a great series for readers, young adults or otherwise! This could be a great story to read aloud to older children, as well.

  • Evangeline
    2019-05-22 18:19

    FIRST TIME FINALLY READING THE THIRD BOOK. I have loved the first two books for ages, but I have never read the third, for some odd reason. It was just as good as the first two, but in a different way. Here we see things take an even more mature and grisly turn. It gets intense. It was an awesome way to wrap up the series, but I am sad that it has ended.

  • Lauren
    2019-05-22 21:04

    Was really disappointed with the final book. We completely changed main characters and the orginal main one was nearly forgotten. Still enjoyed, just wasn't what I hoped it would be. Book one was the best of the three by FAR. Two was... confusing, and three was the result of two.