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If you think PTA meetings are boring, then you haven't attended one in Barbara Marr's neighborhood, where MURDER is on the agenda. Always one to stumble into trouble, Barb learns the hard way that a seemingly innocent yearbook scandal is actually part of a seriously sinister and deadly plot. Join soccer mom and movie lover Barbara Marr in this second laugh-out-loud, chaotiIf you think PTA meetings are boring, then you haven't attended one in Barbara Marr's neighborhood, where MURDER is on the agenda. Always one to stumble into trouble, Barb learns the hard way that a seemingly innocent yearbook scandal is actually part of a seriously sinister and deadly plot. Join soccer mom and movie lover Barbara Marr in this second laugh-out-loud, chaotic mystery, where high-profile crime and suburban living collide in an unexpected fashion....

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Citizen Insane Reviews

  • Rachel
    2019-05-21 19:28

    This is hilarious suburban fiction. Karen Cantwell kept me laughing out loud through the whole thing.This is book two in the Barbara Marr series, and just when things had calmed down after Take the Monkeys and Run, life goes crazy again for Barbara and her friends Roz and Peggy. Life for these suburban housewives is always anything but normal. Sure, there's the usual PTA and yearbook committee stuff, getting the kids off the bus, but for Barbara and her neighbors, there's also Mafia hit men, bullets, and murder most foul. It could have something to do with the fact that Barbara's husband is an FBI agent…I've seen several people on Amazon giving bad reviews for this because of the "unbelievability" of the whole thing. This is ridiculous. It's not supposed to be real, it's supposed to be fun and outrageous. And it is. Cantwell takes the idea of having to live a day in the life of a stay-at-home mom to really know what a job it is to a whole new level. While it looks like she's taking care of homework and ordering Chinese take out to feed the kids, Barbara is really hiding a nut-case murder suspect and a bloody weapon in her upstairs room, trying to unravel the truth of the matter and decide whether to call the police or take matters into her own hands. Barbara is so every-woman you have to love her - in her spare time she does a movie review website, Chick at the Flix. When Barbara gets in a tough spot, she automatically applies a movie, and labels all the players as movie characters then decides what they would do to save the day. She day dreams about having Meryl Streep as a life coach and being the heroine. The things that happen to Barbara are so outrageous that you have to pull for her. It's impossible to put the book down when she's on the verge of solving the mystery or saving the day. I don't read to get more of real life - I read to escape real life. Karen Cantwell always does the trick. I can't wait to read number three, Silenced by the Yams.

  • Debra Martin
    2019-04-27 20:30

    CITIZEN INSANE is another delightfully funny story of soccer mom, Barbara Marr. All Barb wants is a Sweet Tangerine Spice Ultra-Ultimate Pedicure at her favorite spa, La Voila Day Spa. She just wants to relax a bit. Things have been rough since we last met Barbara in "Take the Monkeys and Run." Her handsome FBI husband, Howard, still hasn't moved back into their house and now Barb sees him with a blonde floozy (her words) at a local Italian eatery, Fiorenza's. Has she made another terrible mistake trying to repair her marriage? Has Howard found someone new while she was playing games? She starts to re-think her plan that Howard needs to woo her back before she'll let him back into her bed. As if that isn't enough for Barb to deal with, she finds herself embroiled in a neighborhood crisis with Bunny Bergen who is having psychotic episodes, a PTA scandal with her best-friend, Roz Walker, and an attempted murder of another neighbor. Add in her other friend, Peggy, and you get another madcap mystery adventure for Barb.Ms. Cantwell has a distinctive voice that had me laughing out loud throughout this book. I skipped right along with the story enjoying every moment of it. The writing is clever and I applaud the author for another fun book. I do, however, have a complaint about the editing and formatting. The text in my Kindle copy was skewed to the right-side and the book could use the eyes of a good editor.** This complaint aside, the story is fun. I'm becoming a big fan of Barbara Marr and I hope Ms. Cantwell writes many more madcap adventures for our soccer Mom. If you're looking for a light comedy to escape into, this book is definitely recommended.** I have communicated with the author and she has fixed the typos and uploaded a new version of the book.

  • Nancy Fulda
    2019-05-14 19:40

    I came to this book cold, without having read the beginning of the series, and I LOVED it.Barbara Marr is the wife of a movie-style FBI officer. She's also a dedicated soccer mom and perhaps the most hilarious amateur sleuth in literature. When her annoyingly beautiful neighbor shows up turning in demented circles on her front lawn, Barbara knows she's in for trouble -- and she's right. Within pages, Barbara is entangled in a top secret FBI investigation; a local yearbook scandal; a ruthless band of bank robbers; and an ex-mafia thug trying to make amends... all while trying to win back her estranged-yet-irresistable husband and get the kids to bed on time.Cantwell handles her characters with flair and pizazz. There's no doubt about it; this book is utterly implausible. But it's a dang enjoyable read, blending page-turning action with those little tender moments that get you right in the gut. I particularly enjoyed the fact that the main romantic interest was Barbara's own husband.I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys silliness, suspense, romance, or all three combined.

  • Mary Pyefinch
    2019-05-22 20:49

    Now, I understand why my mom never went to PTA meetings. Love Barbara Marr - wish she was my neighbor as long as I wasn't the next victim.

  • Tammy Soiseth
    2019-05-14 20:36

    Enjoyed this book and 1st book. Fun reads

  • PJ Lea
    2019-05-24 15:20

    Solid 4I like Barb and her neighborhood is definitely not boring. A funny story, even the dangerous parts are more calamitous than scary.

  • Debbi Mack
    2019-05-23 16:22

    In this sequel to TAKE THE MONKEYS AND RUN, suburban soccer mom and wanna-be online film reviewer Barbara Marr is merely seeking a nice relaxing foot massage at a day spa. She and her good friend and neighbor, Roz, are supposed to go to one together and be pampered. However, a slightly crazy dizzy weird woman named Bunny (yes, really!) shows up in her yard. And she's turning around in circles, muttering to herself.Now, on top of throwing a kink into Barbara's plans to hit the spa, it doesn't help that Bunny matches this description: "Towering close to six feet tall, she had a Cindy Crawford body and talked all breathy as if she were trying to be sexy, but really it just sounded like she was always on the verge of an asthma attack."Keep in mind that Barbara has separated from her husband, Howard. In the first book, she found out he's an FBI agent and kept it secret from her like forever. Sound familiar?True lies. And she's a film nut buff fan. Get it? Anyhow ...Also, keep in mind that Barbara has seen Howard with some mysterious blonde in a very nice restaurant. She calls the blonde the Fiorenza Floozy, because that's the name of the restaurant and, well, you know what they say about assumptions ... because Howard does look like George Clooney, after all.So, Barbara's got a whole lot on her mind. And it's driving her a bit nuts to say the least.This is creating a communication problem with her teenage daughter, but not (unfortunately) her mother, who insists on showing up at Barbara's door (unannounced) and giving her (honest and unsolicited) opinion (about everything).Then, to top it off, her friend Roz asks for her help in resolving a problem with the school yearbook. And it involves attending the PTA meeting. Oh, my God!If you think legislatures and high diplomatic circles are the only places where political games go on, you would be so wrong! Those guys are rank amateurs compared to the ladies of the PTA. And, as with all political games, you never know who's on what side or why.To read the entire review, see:

  • Lilac Wolf
    2019-04-29 20:19

    From Lilac Wolf and Stuff:The cover, just like her previous novel, is colorful and quirky. If I saw this as a paperback it would catch my attention. Looks like it is just an e-book right now. But on the bright side it's only $2.99 and worth every penny!Can you read this if you haven't read Take the Monkeys and Run? Yes! There isn't really much that happened in the first one that she doesn't cover in this one. Like her husband isn't living at home and she explains that with finding out he's an FBI agent their whole lifetime together was thrown under the microscope so she told him that they should start over with dating.Problem is she misses him dearly and even she thinks she was an idiot for suggesting it. Especially when she sees him dining with a hot blonde. And that's all I can say about this plot line. lolA character from the previous book, Frank, a mobster who hated killing is back. He is free in exchange for helping the FBI and is turning over a new leaf. He is a chef at the yummy Italian restaurant and brings Barb baked Ziti along with an apology. Oh I hope he's here to stay, he's a hoot!There are a few times in the book that make me laugh so hard (harder than other places) when Karen makes fun of it being a murder mystery. Like Barbara finding her friend missing and a note written in blood, she calls 9-1-1 and laments "why does this keep happening to me!?" And another friend in the story saying "We've become characters in a silly mystery book." Of course Peggy thinks that's great! Those scenes made me giggle.Well the mystery is that Bunny and Michelle have a fight after a PTA meeting, the only one Barbara has ever attended. And later that night she gets a strange phone call from Bunny begging her to come over. Barb grabs Roz and they make their way over, when suddenly Barb hears a thump. They hit Michelle. Poor Barb thinks she killed her - but that's where the mystery starts. Police are holding Michelle's husband but Barb is certain Bunny did it. So - who done it? Read the book! You won't regret it.And before I drop the 5 stars on this one I want to say BEST ENDING EVER!!! It made me all fuzzy and warm inside.

  • Yvonne
    2019-05-22 15:28

    It’s never a dull moment for movie blogger and mom Barbara Marr. Just as she’s ready to enjoy a pedicure with her friends…not just any pedicure, but a Sweet Tangerine Spice Ultra-Ultimate Pedicure, one of her neighbors is acting crazy on her front lawn screaming about killing rabbits. Not to mention that Barbara is sure this nut is having an affair with her George Clooney look-alike FBI agent husband.When another neighbor is nearly killed, Barbara knows there’s something ominous going on and she’d have to do a bit of investigation of her own – even if it means missing out on her Ultra-Ultimate pedicure! After all, her friends are in danger and so is her own family. The pedicure would have to wait.The wacky adventures of Barbara Marr will have readers laughing out loud. The story is complete with devoted friends, a husband who wants to reunite with her, his sexy flirty friend, and even a couple of zany mobsters. Barbara makes me think of a married Stephanie Plum. Reading this book is a great way to relax and spend a few hours.Citizen Insane is the second book of the series. Although it stands alone, you’ll want to read the first one, Take the Monkeys and Run. You won’t want to miss a moment of Barbara’s antics.I can’t say enough good things about this series and the author. She’s amazing! These books are better than a box of chocolates (and I love chocolate!) I’m just sorry it took me so long to get around to reading it.FTC Disclosure: The author provided me with a copy of this book to review. This did not influence my thoughts and opinions in any way. All opinions expressed are my own.

  • Joyce Strand
    2019-05-06 16:31

    Citizen Insane fulfills the promise of its clever name -- it is fun and unique. Barbara Marr is the mother of three girls who encounters all kinds of trouble -- at PTA meetings, while driving to a friend's house, and dining at a restaurant. We get to help solve the source of her trouble as we read the fast-paced chapters. As a mystery buff, I appreciated the puzzle and enjoyed detecting the bad guys. However, the real strength of this book is the humor. Karen Cantwell uses moderate sarcasm, movie metaphors, and character development and dialogue to make the story just plain funny. I enjoyed and laughed at many of the references. Granted I am also a mother and have attended PTA and other parent volunteer meetings, driven my off-spring to their many activities, and basically experienced much of Barbara Marr's frustrations -- without the mystery, of course. Nor did I ever encounter a mafia type hood who talks "like dis" willing to help me out of a predicament. But what fun it was to imagine this type of environment. In fact, I would have enjoyed additional details surrounding PTA meetings especially. I suspect that Ms Cantwell could describe the real thing with much humor.I highly recommend Ms Cantwell's books to those who enjoy humor and especially to those who enjoy humor with their mystery.

  • Ashley
    2019-05-20 19:42

    Barbara Marr, everyone’s favorite mystery solving soccer mom, returns in this humorous sequel and Karen Cantwell did not disappoint. I always get so nervous getting into series. What if the next don’t live up to the first? What if I am disappointed or disillusioned with a character I’ve come to identify with? I loved quirky Barbara with her colorful friends and movie references. I loved that the often unbelievable circumstances were handled with sarcastic humor and self-deprecation. I didn’t want to lose that with a second book, but Cantwell squashed all those doubts with the first paragraph. “If you think a stunt driver knows how to maneuver a vehicle, wait until you see me behind the wheel careening through yellow lights with a hundred dollar dentist visit at stake.” I started this book on Tuesday night and finished it on Thursday morning, and I worked in between! This is a book that I pulled out at the bus stop and in the checkout line at the grocery (which makes it awkward when I laugh out loud and everyone turns). I even considered skipping an obligation because I was at a really good part and didn’t want to put it down. Trust me, if you enjoyed the first book, you’ll enjoy the second. If anything this one takes itself less seriously than its predecessor.

  • Meg
    2019-05-13 21:48

    Just an average night at the PTA meeting, right? Wrong, for Barbara Marr that is... the suburban soccer mom who seems to attract interesting predicaments with every move she makes. After accompanying her best friend (and PTA president) Roz to a PTA meeting to help quel some yearbook drama, Barbara and her friends are witness to their neighbor Bunny threatening to kill her former best friend, Michelle. What at first appeared to just be an expression of speech turns into possible reality after Barbara finds the threatened Michelle fighting for her life on the side of the road, shot several times. Bunny's behavior becomes more and more bizarre, making her look more and more like the potential killer. Karen Cantwell has woven another hilarious Barbara Marr mystery, it definitely is not short on laughs or bizarre twists and turns that render you unable to stop reading. Karen did a wonderful job of composing the plot and dropping hits, while still leaving the reader shocked at the outcome. The characters are just as over the top as the previous installment, but also just as lovable.

  • Kim D
    2019-05-14 22:22

    Ah, part two in this wacky series is out and I am loving it.Barbara is back with her band of cohorts, or shall we say neighbors and of course the hijinks begin and nobody quite knows how they got involved. Barbara is a housewife, separated from her hot FBI hubby and she hangs with her neighbors. On the way out for a pedicure, neighbor Bunny is on her lawn, talking to herself and walking in circles. So the story begins. No spoilers here - just a quick review of my thoughts.In all honesty, the plot is ridiculous. It's silly and makes almost no sense, but hey after a long day at my ridiculous job, I need to come home and read a silly story. Besides, the characters are memorable and are now like old friends. They are all unique and they add to the story.Karen Cantwell may not be the greatest storyteller ever, but she sure can write. Her style has an effortless feel to it and the story just moves so quickly. It's very well paced and it makes me laugh. I look forward to the next pickle that Barb and the gang get in to.

  • Jackie
    2019-05-17 17:40

    It's almost a four star! There should really be some more distinction between stars because for me, 5 is amazing and few books get this, 4 is really really good and most books I like fall here, 3 is decent and readable, 2 is eh, and 1 is horrible. While I may not recommend this cute middle-aged-mom-kicks-butt-and-makes-actually-funny-jokes mystery to my friends, I think my mom would secretly like it. Not that I'll ever get her to stop reading her serious books and memoirs and dog memoirs to read it. I actually enjoyed trying out the mind of a 40-something with three kids (like my mom) and it wasn't too scarring! (That's how you know this is fiction.) I didn't have to do any hard thinking and I wasn't scared to go to bed so check pluses there. I wish Cantwell added some more poignant moments instead of belly laughs about Barbara's failing marriage, as this could have balanced the novel nicely but her technique is effective. Light-hearted beach read to lift you up if you're yearning for some good ol' L&O:SVU but don't want the nightmares.

  • Nicole
    2019-05-14 21:21

    "It's like one of those towns in those ridiculous mystery books - murders every week and the same person has to solve all of the crimes" she ranted once after three glasses of wine "We've become characters in a silly mystery book"This sums up all Cozy Mystery series really, but it was a fantastic quote from this fantastic book! They are a quick read, but funny, packed with action movie quotes/scenes and a tad of romance on the side. I had lots of laughs during this book. The characters are still highly enjoyable and even though the whole story is very far fetched, it was written as great as the first book. I was also highly surprised by the whole story line and how it all fitted together! Never thought that one of the characters wasn't who they said they were quite in the way that was written! Loved it!You can read this book if you haven't read the first one, but I would recommend reading the first one simply because it's a fantastically funny series. Combined with some romance and action, this is a high recommendation!

  • Lance
    2019-05-02 21:44

    I was mostly amused and at times confused when reading the book about the wife of a George Clooney look alike who is an FBI agent. I did not read the first book of the series but that wasn't the reason I was confused while reading it. The story was taking so many twists...from the PTA and school yearbooks to a hidden murder weapon and an Italian cook that I had trouble keeping everything straight. Glad I kept reading because everything did get connected by the end of the book and there is even a wonderful romantic story told...which is very appropriate considering what was troubling the heroine throughout the book.Being the first time I have read a book in this series (and by this author) I was hoping for a murder mystery with some humor. It delivered that well, as well as including a nice romantic touch as well. Very good book and I will look forward to reading the other stories in this series.

  • Lyndsy
    2019-05-10 15:37

    This book is much like the first Barbara Marr mystery. Fortunately it focuses less on her relationship with her husband, as that was just getting a little obnoxious. However, it seems like the author reuses parts of the first book when re-introducing the characters in this one. I get that authors have to make sure that people who didn't read the first book know who the characters are, but should really come up with new ways to say the same things. Janet Evanovich is great at it when she talks about Grandpa Mazur. Some things can remain consistent, but there should be something new. It may have grated on my nerves more since I sort of read them one after the other, but I think I would have remembered even if I'd waited.The story is outrageous which makes it a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to the 3rd one!

  • Kim
    2019-04-27 22:47

    Dove right into this without realizing it was actually #2 in a series. I was doing an exploration into random books on my kindle as I couldn't decide what to read next. This book sucked me right in. Fun and simple writing style much like Janet E. There's nothing like shutting off the brain and letting yourself get immersed into this type of novel!Great characters I wouldn't mind revisiting again. Suppose I should go back to read #1, the Monkeys, but I kinda like the idea of moving on to the Yams to see what happens between the MC and her hubby. Fun, eyecatching covers with smart, whimsical titles really get your attention. With so many books to read, this is key Marketing 101. Brilliant. Certainly recommend to those who love a quick, light, silly, entirely unrealistic mystery adventure.

  • Dianne
    2019-05-14 22:41

    If there isn't another book after this I'm going to have to hunt the author down and chain her to a chair and force her to continue writing books. She ends this book with a "The End---Or is it?" How cruel is that?This is a funny series with well drawn, believable characters and you just know if they were real they would be among your best friends.An amusing and briskly moving story line keeps you glued to the page and makes this a fairly quick read. The mystery was such that I just didn't see the person 'whodunnit' until they bit me on the butt, so you will be happy to just go with the flow of the story! Very clever!While you do not necessarily NEED to read the first book "Take the Monkeys and Run: A Barbara Marr Murder Mystery", I highly recommend that you do. I still wish I had re-read it before I picked Citizen Insane up just to refresh my memory.

  • Jeannie and Louis Rigod
    2019-05-03 17:40

    This series is simply one of the funniest ones out there for murders or cozy murders. Ms. Cantwell has a sense of 'style' of writing that makes me remember her titles and watch excitedly for the next edition out.Barbara Marr, a married mother of three just does not have an average life at all. She tries, but fate is plain against her. Trying to repair her marriage, she steps right into her FBI agent-husband's case. Added to the fact that the husband looks like George Clooney and jealousy rears it's head to add spice to an all together, at times hilarious, jaunt to foil murders and more!And it all started with Bunny...killing a bunny?I, personally am glad this was a print copy as I will be saving it for my personal library for re-reading many times.

  • Lisa
    2019-05-01 15:49

    Barb’s neighbors are acting weird, and a scandal has occurred with the elementary school’s yearbook. Barb gets sucked into the mystery full-force all while trying to grapple with her failing marriage to an FBI agent. I’ve found as I get older that I no longer am easily impressed by a book. But, I loved this story! The action took place almost immediately and was fast-paced! Characters were likable and entertaining. I could barely put it down. Yes, some of it was predictable, but some of it wasn't. In fact, I was quite surprised by one twist. I can’t wait to read the first in the series (this was the second). I think I’m even going to give this one 5 stars, which is virtually unheard of from me regarding a non-children’s book.

  • Lisa
    2019-05-16 17:43

    It was good! I was afraid it wouldn't be since I absolutely loved Take the Monkeys and Run, but I wasn't disappointed at all. After I got passed the "sleepy, safe, Rustic woods" description and realized this is fiction, I excitedly went along for the ride. Total page turner. Barb is totally likeable, unlike her husband, who completely had me annoyed. I would recommend he be written with a few more reedemable qualities and I'd like to see how his job fits in with their life in future novels. Overall it was very good and I would recommend it.

  • Penni Domikis
    2019-05-24 14:42

    The story was cute and the characters were cute but the writing was terrible. Barbara (the main) character is a movie buff... but instead of allowing the reader to pick up on the references they are force fed to you. Written for the lowest common dominator. However it was a nice quick read and a cute little diversion to some of the other longer more involved reads. It was a great little book for the Book Club to start the year reading.

  • Chande
    2019-05-04 19:21

    Barbara Marr is a mini van soccer mom with an FBI husband that looks like a movie star. Barbara seems to get herself in the middle of a mystery without trying and this book is no different. With the help of her crazy friends she gets messed up in some yearbook mishap that turns out to be a lot more than it seems. She slowly finds out that people she knows are not who they seem to be. This is a really fun book with a lot of laughs and a good mystery!

  • Linda
    2019-05-16 15:21

    I had forgotten how much fun Karen Cantwell's books were to read! I had read Take the Monkeys and Run last year and quickly picked up more of her books. Then they got lost in my TBR pile. I needed a light quick read and came across this book I hadn't read. This is absolutely delightful read. I love the quirky humor and suspenseful plot keeps you reading. I can't wait to see what kind of trouble Barb finds next.

  • Lbousson
    2019-05-21 17:29

    #2 in the Barbara Barr Murder Mystery.Well, Barbara is at it again. This time a PTA meetings gets out of hand and leads to murder.As I have stated previously, I like the Barbara Barr mysteries. The author has done a very good job of balancing the characters and the scenes feel like a real suburban. These books read fairly quickly, and everything gets solved nicely in the end. Not a bad way to spend an evening.Three stars.

  • Shelly
    2019-05-24 19:39

    Another hoot from Cantwell. I loved visiting the ladies of Rustic Woods, VA once more. I do hope that next time around we will find Barbara and Howard happily together though. I realized separating them gives Cantwell more chances for Barbara to poke around and get herself into trouble, but I'm sure she can work around having him a full-time presence in their marriage once more. I'd love to see them get into trouble together for a change.

  • Karinne
    2019-05-09 14:44

    First, let me mention that I won this book in a First-Reads giveaway. Thank you!!! It was a quick, easy read and I absolutely loved the main character Barbara Marr. She was witty and fun! I was quickly grasped by her, yet I wasn't with the story line. I had a hard time envisioning the action scenes and The story seemed like something you'd see in a cartoon. I would have liked to see Barb in a different role. I really loved the character, but the storyline didn't fit.

  • Mary
    2019-04-26 20:29

    fast, fun chick bookIf you think PTA meetings are boring, then you havent attended one in Barbara Marrs neighborhood, where MURDER is on the agenda. Always one to stumble into trouble, Barb learns the hard way that a seemingly innocent yearbook scandal is actually part of a more sinister and deadly plot. Join soccer mom and movie lover Barbara Marr in this second laugh-out-loud, chaotic mystery, where high-profile crime and suburban living collide in an unexpected fashion.

  • Robin
    2019-05-24 22:19

    I've noticed that Barbara has the same eye twitch that Stephanie Plum gets when she's stressed. That came across to me as the author copying Janet Evanovich (not necessarily intentionally). But it was only a small thing and otherwise, this is a well written, highly amusing series. Don't let the fact that it's self published put you off, it really is worth reading if you like funny, cozy mysteries. Can't wait to see more from this author, whether it's the Barbara Marr series or something new.