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Gay: A New Path Forward is an inquisitive text with heart-stopping, true life stories of individuals who have, directly or indirectly, experienced the type of oppression this book fights and is trying to overcome....

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Gay: A New Path Forward Reviews

  • Nicolas G.
    2018-12-02 15:44

    “Gay: A New Path Forward” by Nicolas Janovsky— What is Gay?AMOS ♦ OCTOBER 2, 2011 ♦Janovsky, Nicolas. “Gay: A New Path Forward”. WingSpan Press, 2011.“What is Gay?”Amos New author Nicolas Janovsky has an agenda and a good one at that. He wants people to get to know us. He feels like I do in that we tend to fear and stay away from that which we do not know. What I find surprising is that this is written by a first time author who is a member of the new generation of gay men–he is one of those that the older activists, like myself, tend to write off because we think they don’t give a damn. Let me say that Nick Janovsky not only gives a damn but he is the future of our community and if we have more young minds and writers like him, I think we will be just fine.In his new book, “Gay: A New Path Forward” he gives us true stories of gay men who like everyone else have families, work, watch TV, go on vacation and do the same things that everyone else does. Janovsky says that it is the stereotype system that has put us into second class citizenship and he takes this on and challenges it. But he does more than that—he challenges the inequality of society that puts the gay community into an inferior position.The book both asks questions and gives answers and I think that is just what we need. I have found that for some reason we do not always ask what we want to know and wait for someone else to do so. Janovsky asks some important questions and we get some very important answers. He shows us that something it is necessary to throw out the stereotype but we must have something else to take its place ad we have finally reached the point that stereotypes cannot define us.Janovsky combines his text with true stories of some who have experienced oppression, who know what being shut out is like and know how it feels to be regarded as a second class citizen. This is what the book is trying to stop and does so by pulling back the curtains and letting people see who we really are. By doing this, we free ourselves from living under discriminatory laws, from misunderstanding and we get rid of the ignorance that surrounds our community. By showing others how we live and how we talk we open the lines of communication and lift the veil of fear. Shame becomes a thing of the past and we can take our place at the table with everyone else.Again I need to say that I am so glad that this is written by a younger member of our community because it shows that they care and are willing to put themselves out there. I am also amazed that Janovsky was able to put so much information into just over 100 pages. But those hundred pages can make a big difference in many lives. There is a section on gay terms or a gay glossary and I learned something here myself—I know what a squirrel was but its meaning has changed and I have never heard of Gay Death being at age 30 but I guess we are never too old to learn.I want to close this review with a profound statement by Janovsky makes and I quote it, “if society could talk about Gays the way they talk about race, non-Gays would soon discover that their Gay friends and family members were just like them… all individuals would be noted as different in the same manner that people are short, tall, white, black, smart but not otherwise different just because of their sexuality”.

  • Nicolas G.
    2018-11-17 19:37

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEGay: A New Path ForwardBy: WingSpan PressWhat we talk about when we talk about ‘Gay’.For too long, the topic of being Gay has long lived under the rock of discrimination, ignorance and misunderstanding. In his new book, Gay: A New Path Forward, author Nicolas Janovsky reaches out to non-Gays with detailed descriptions of Gay life and attitudes. He explains terminology and various aspects of Gay culture through true personal stories of Gay men and women who have struggled with the shame and difficulty of being Gay in a critical and misunderstanding world.With Gay: A New Path Forward, the author hopes to enlighten non-Gays by offering them ways to talk to and about Gays in their lives. Through this, Nicolas aims to put an end to the stereotyping that plagues everyday language and society and that sets Gays apart from the rest of humanity. The author contends that if society could talk about Gays the way they talk about race, non-Gays would soon discover that their Gay friends and family members were just like them. Nicolas hopes that all individuals would be noted as different in the same manner that people are short, tall, white, black, smart but not otherwise different just because of their sexuality.From the wealth of information shared in Gay: A New Path Forward, the author hopes to forge a new path for Gays and non-Gays alike, inspiring them to learn from, talk and interact openly with one another. As part of his explanation of Gay culture, Nicolas offers intriguing looks into several of the Gay hotspot neighborhoods in America such as the Boystown district in Chicago and the Chelsea district in New York City, and encourages readers to dip into the wealth of culture and fun available in those locations.Author Nicolas Janovsky is a native Floridian, and a proud resident of the Gay Tampa suburb of the historic Ybor City district, known locally as GaYbor. Nicolas is openly Gay and works to bring others, Gay and non-Gay alike, into the light of understanding. “Spending time looking for what is missing in your life is futile; if you fail to look within yourself,” he says, “When we challenge everything we believe we are... we reveal that which we never knew about our own selves.”Gay: A New Path Forward is published by WingSpan Press, and is available from Barnes & Noble and in hardcover (ISBN 978-1-59594-406-1, $26.00), paperback (ISBN 978-1-59594-454-2, $18.00) and Kindle ($9.95)###Gay: A New Path Forward

  • Rob Riffe
    2018-11-18 20:49

    i won this in a good reads giveaway and gave it to my brother-in-law who had recently come out. He was struggling with his own inner turmoil, but said he really enjoyed this book and that it helped him out. Glad he liked it!