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At the age of 15, Taylor Beauforte has only met her father twice in person. After all, he is the lead singer of a world-famous rock band, constantly on the cover of music magazines and giving interviews on MTV. He pays for Taylor to attend the Treadwell Academy, a prestigious boarding school in Massachusetts, and provides her mother with monthly checks to cover her basic nAt the age of 15, Taylor Beauforte has only met her father twice in person. After all, he is the lead singer of a world-famous rock band, constantly on the cover of music magazines and giving interviews on MTV. He pays for Taylor to attend the Treadwell Academy, a prestigious boarding school in Massachusetts, and provides her mother with monthly checks to cover her basic needs, but has never made much of an effort to play an active part in Taylor’s life. Taylor's mom Dawn is the only family she has ever really known, and because of Dawn's hard-partying Hollywood lifestyle, studious Taylor is happiest on the other side of the country in Massachusetts with her nose buried in a book.When Taylor 's mom unexpectedly dies the summer before Taylor starts her junior year, she receives a crash course in fame. She has no choice but to join her father and his new family on their summer concert tour before she has even had a chance to mourn the loss of her mother. Life as the daughter of a rock star seems like it would be enviable, but Taylor can't figure her dad out. He seems like a supportive authority figure (even if he's kind of a fashion tragedy) , but she is collecting a growing pile of evidence that he's a liar and a cheat. Her stepmother, Jill, can’t seem to decide if she wants to treat Taylor like a girlfriend or a nuisance. Having had no time to grieve and say goodbye to her childhood before being thrust into the limelight, Taylor is suddenly finding herself in situations she could have never imagined before this summer.With no one else to turn to, Taylor falls head over heels in love with Jake, the teenage son of one of the band's touring groupies. Taylor has growing concerns about Jake's background and the suspicious relationship between his mom and her own father, but is desperate for something real in her life onto which she can build a future. When Jake offers Taylor an opportunity to join him on a whirlwind adventure and leave her problems with her father far behind, Taylor has to decide – should she carve out her own way in the world, or try to repair the relationship she has with her only living parent? Over the course of the summer with the band, Taylor learns the depths of her own strength, the difficulty of overcoming loss, and that the definition of family means much more than shared bloodlines....

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The Rock Star's Daughter Reviews

  • ♥︎♥︎Sofia♥︎♥︎
    2018-12-03 07:03

    There is definitely something up with me lately; for some reason I keep downloading these YA romance novel's though I know that the Y in this case doesn't apply to me. So here I am again writing a review which I hope will be honest and helpful while feeling slightly uncomfortable doing it (mainly because of that pesky Y!)The Rock Star's daughter has a lot going for it, it starts of with a good premise, 15 year old girl loses her mother and has to reach out to her absentee father to take care of her. The exploration of this kind of situation is interesting; new rules, new family dynamics, feelings of guilty (if I have too good a time does that mean I no longer remember or love my dead mother) and alienation. The author tackles all these themes pretty well, she steers away from the stereotype that step-mothers are all witches and in this case tries to show the other side and the struggle/fears a stepmother faces when presented with another woman's child. She presents all of these dynamics in an entertaining way. Taylor Beauforte has lots of witty,sassy dialogue and is amusing. It's enough. All the some parts of this book is enough. Why then does the author have to spoil it all by inserting the prerequisite "boyfriend"? This character Jake is neither use or ornament; and I mean this literally, he doesn't forward the plot in anyway, he doesn't really impact any of the characters including Taylor's! A third of the way through the book Taylor gets grounded for four week (in other words for the length of the rest of the book) so she doesn't even SEE Jake! Its almost as if when this book was submitted someone in the publisher's marketing department said "nope if we're selling it to the Y(pesky!)A audience we have to have a boy in it", and so Caitlyn Duffy dutifully went off and inserted him. I think as such this kind of thinking sells this audience short, I think that this book would have worked better if Duffy had concentrated on the issues in the foreground of the story, the dynamics of trying to connect with a parent who for all intents and purposes is a stranger, and called it a day. The whole "romance" element of this book was a total waste of space (pages used to portray it could have been better used exploring further interactions between Taylor and her dad) the character of Jake was a totally waste of time and when you get to the end of the book, and you discover the fate of Taylor's and Jake's relationship you'll see that Ms Duffy clearly agrees with me.

  • Nasty Lady MJ
    2018-12-06 08:41

    To see full review click here.I got this on a whim via Amazon. It was free and I was trying to get to sleep.It did the trick.This isn't necessary a horrible book. Well, the first three fourths aren't horrible. It's just sort of meh.You know what your'e getting. The unexpected Cinderella story that only illegitimate spawns of celebrities get to experience.You know, somehow I don't think that's how it works. Having a celebrity dad who doesn't acknowledge you all your life and then rushing to pick you up from Child Services just managing to get you out of there without any paperwork or having to get a lawyer involved....Oh, wait, what did you say Stephenie Meyer...Yeah, it's fiction.Okay...Logic aside though, this book was sort of mess for other reasons.Like the fact that it has no plot. At first I thought cool, this story will be sort of like What a Girls Wants the father daughter relationship will be developed with a cute romance on the side. But nope, all we got was a start at these things then the dad acts like a complete tool (and yeah, he's a complete tool, no explanation other than that) and the love interest is, well, remember Josh from The Princess Diaries, well, imagine him as your hero.The romance turned out to be the lamest attempt of a romance in YA. The characters lack chemistry and half of the time I expected there to be some sort of Cassandra Clare incest twist there that just made me want to barf.Yeah, I thought they were siblings even though it was reiterated throughout the book that they weren't.That's sad people.It's still gross though mainly because of what her dad does with....Not going to spoil it.Really, the only likable adult character here was the Rachel Zoe stepmom and that's kind of iffy at best since at one point she was characterized as being super nice and the next wow....super bitch.But she honestly was the most stable influence that Taylor had in her life and that's sort of sad.What's really sad is the fact that Taylor seems to except the fact that the instability from her mother and father is okay.I really had issues with how Duffy whitewashed the mother's abuse.While it was true she didn't hit her kid, her mother was a bad parent. I mean, seriously, she drained her kids college account for plastic surgery. And instead of trying to let her daughter have a relationship with her father, she essentially sabotaged it. And we're told that's okay? Great parenting?Sure, I didn't think Chase was that great of a parent either, though you'd think otherwise till the last fourth of the book. I really thought he was trying and then....I'm sorry, I wasn't expecting a cookie cutter ending. I get that families can be dysfunctional. I expect it. And I actually applaud Duffy for not ending everything tied up with a big bow. But (and this is a huge but) dysfunction shouldn't be pimped. The parental figures weren't good. In fact, they were pretty terrible and saying that the mother was mother of the year material after all that shit...well, it made a fairly mediocre rating go to the dogs.Best Feature: Fluff Concept. I love books like this. The summary is perfect to read when you have insomnia and want something to get your mind off of aWorst Feature: My Drunk Mother Who Stole All My College Tuition and Lied to my Face is Mother of the Year. Um, yeah. That's pretty much the little life lesson we learn in this book. Let me be frank, I thought Taylor's mom and her dad to a degree were abusive. Sure, they didn't hit her, but they did neglect her. And her mother spent all of her college money on plastic surgery and keg parties. I'm sorry, but no. Just no. And why wasn't her dad more involved? Couldn't he like get the court involve and say she wasn't using her support payments the way they should be. Ridiculous. Just ridiculous. And the big lightbulb moment at the end that the woman who died because she drank too much when she threw a party like she was Hugh Hefner or someone-minus the bunnies-was really a great mother because she kept Taylor away from her dad (who really isn't that bad for a celebrity) just had me rolling my eyes. Taylor, your mom wasn't a strong independent woman she was a selfish bitch.Appropriateness: There's teen drinking, drug use, an OD, dads sleeping around, and men over the age of thirty wearing leather pants. Pretty PG-13.

  • Anna
    2018-12-16 02:43

    SOMEWHAT SPOILER ALERTI think that Caitlin Duffy does a great job conveying realistic feelings of guilt and strife and the aftermath of losing a parent. It seemed it seemed so legit and real. I also feel like she did a good job with the character of Jill (the stepmother) as well as the troubled character of Taylor's father. After all, after losing her mother, Taylor has no one but her father to turn to besides her maternal grandparents. I was sad to read that Jake is just using her, but the pressures of drinking, taking relationships farther, and peer pressure are shown well here. All of the characters were very realistic, but especially Taylor. She's witty, sarcastic, but also sometimes lacking judgement or knowledge which makes her looks stupid, even though she's not. The stress of fame, peer pressure, boyfriend pressure, and mistakes of adults who should be guiding her finally catches up to Taylor when she loses her best friend and has nowhere to turn for comfort. The two relationships that crashed and burned were the ones she should've been able to count on, boyfriend and best friend. I think when she's grounded for drinking and driving and she starts to reach out to other friends, that's when her life really picks up.Overall, my favorite character was Taylor for her witty and intelligent personality, her perseverance and her strength. But my favorite scene was when people she knows care about her show up for her violin concert, and the person who should be with her really shows he cares at the end and she realizes everything's going to be okay.

  • -k The Lady Critic
    2018-11-27 10:53

    Ok, so this book was free for me through Amazon and the iBook store so I was able to read it on my iPod - which surprisingly wasn't bad (first book to do so with).I went into reading this with few expectations and was blown away by the story and the characters. I liked Taylor and enjoyed reading as she went through all these horrible life experiences while discovering who she is and who she can trust. I also liked the look into the "rock scene". Granted, I'm sure that it was vastly exaggerated and not at all what it would really be like, it was nice all the same. There were a few little twists thrown into this novel (nothing along the mystery scene, but unexpected occurrences) which I didn't exactly see coming and I really liked that. Characters were always surprising me and it made me feel as though I was getting to know them as Taylor was and discovering everything at the same time that she was. If you're looking for a good read (that should still be free to download) then this might be right up your alley. It was a great contemporary novel and while at times was a little fantastical I thought it was a great novel to escape into on the NYC subway and it kept me company for the first part of my train ride to Washington.

  • Diana Hockley
    2018-12-12 11:06

    "I don't remember much about the first three weeks of the summer my mom died."What an brilliant opening line!Caitlyn Duffy's superbly crafted novel tells the story of Taylor, the fifteen year old daughter of a sadly unfulfilled mother and a famous rock singer. Forced to early maturity by her mother's lifestyle, Taylor reluctantly joins her father, her stepmother and half-sister on tour after her mother's death and learns that all is not what it seems.I have read few young adult novels (being a 68 year old granny!) but this is the best, and in fact better and more enjoyable than many mainstream novels. Duffy has captured the teen voice as well as the emerging woman in this delightful girl and stirs the reader's understanding of those around her. Taylor's mother - for whom one would expect to have no sympathy - is shown to be far more than superficial examination would suggest.The pacing of this novel is just right, the script tightly written with no more or less than is required, with exactly the right amount of imagery to stand the reader in a position to hear and see the protagonists.Highly recommended and very well done, Caitlyn Duffy! I would like very much to read a sequel and learn about Taylor as an adult - that's how much I admire this young author's work.

  • Monica
    2018-11-24 06:49

    This selection was available for free on iTunes, for which I am most grateful, as most of the novels I download are free. I could never afford to 'support my habit'! I am just getting back to being a voracious reader and reading YA novels is a new adventure for me.When I originally saw "The Rock Star's Daughter" on iTunes, I read the brief synopsis and was immediately interested in the premise. But at that time it was not available for free. Then, on one of my later visits to iTunes, I was pleasantly surprised to find it free and eagerly downloaded it.Reading several of readers' reviews, I find the range of opinions quite interesting. I've come to realize that most people will have their individual perceptions reading novels, based on their own expectations going in and how characters/stories resonate with them. I truly enjoyed this read, became totally engrossed in Taylor Beauforte/Atwood's story! I had the luxury of time and finished the novel overnight. Caitlyn Duffy did a brilliant job in describing Taylor's thoughts and feelings in the situations in which she found herself in. Although I'm a bit far from adolescence myself, I could totally identify with Taylor and her reactions. The ending came abruptly and I do hope that Ms. Duffy will pick-up Taylor's story again at some point! There is definitely more to be told.

  • Sarah O
    2018-11-21 05:07

    So I don't normally read debut novels until someone tells me about them or until I have the chance to see how they rate on sites like this one or library sites, but I took a chance with "The Rock Star's Daughter." I am very glad that I did take a chance because this turned out to be one of the best books that I have read in the last couple of years. It looks at the life of celebrities and how they aren't as glamorous as they may seem to the common folks. It looks at how to deal with the loss of a loved one. And it looks at how to overcome your own doubts and fears to remain yourself and find the good in all types of people. I love the idea of this book. A young girl who loses everything the night her mother dies of an overdose and is shipped to live with her rock star dad. A dream right??? not so much wild parties, bad romances, infidelity, and no privacy add to her anxiety and sorrow over the events. I won't go into detail because I think everyone should read this book. Girls, boys, adults, and teenagers could all learn a bit about themselves and a bit about the world at large through this brave new look at human nature. I can't wait for the next installment of the book series!!!! and keep up the good work Caitlyn Duffy!!!! :D

  • Paige (Illegal in 3 Countries)
    2018-12-10 08:45

    Too much exposition, not enough focus or genuine emotion. Exposition has its place in every story, but you've gotta stop and detail the scene too occasionally instead of just skipping over events! The 50 pages I read were almost entirely "yeah, I found my mom dead, my dad came and broke some laws to take me with him, I packed up my stuff" and there's no real detail to any of these scenes, which makes it harder to connect to Taylor. Compare to the first 50 pages of Blythewood by Carol Goodman. Though it's YA historical paranormal rather than YA contemporary, its opening blends exposition and focus on what's going on in the scene well to hook the reader and make them care about Ava. For a YA contemp example, see Ten Things I Hate About Me by Randa Abdel-Fattah or The Sweet, Terrible, Glorious Year I Truly, Completely Lost It by Lisa Shanahan.

  • Rachel
    2018-12-15 06:45

    I liked this book a lot and thought Taylor was a relatable character. not in the sense my dad's famous or anything, but that she's done things on her own a long time and suddenly finds her entire world upside down and being forced into a new situation she doesn't want to be. Her journey was interesting to read and i enjoyed seeing her develop in her new world, finding her footing.

  • Kaylie
    2018-12-15 08:07

    The rock stars daughterI would recommend this book to girls 11 and older. I loved how this book described what life is like when you lose a parent (Not necessarily having a rock star father though). this book described the pros and cons about having a father that is a rock star and how taylor survived all of the cons as well as the pros.

  • Lindsey
    2018-12-18 04:39

    This book was an easy read and something I normally wouldn't read but I enjoyed it. It was kinda weird and probably something a 7th grader would read but I did enjoy this easy read.

  • Kris
    2018-11-19 06:58

    I liked the characters and the story, and I would have given this four stars, but the use of the word "slut" was too liberal for me. I disapprove of slut-shaming of all forms.

  • Stephanie
    2018-11-26 10:51

    Actual Rating: 4.25 stars I picked up this book because it was a recommendation on my Kindle, and it was free, so I thought "what the hey, let's give it a shot." I'm really glad I did. I was surprised by how much I really enjoyed this book.The Rock Star's Daughter follows Taylor Beauforte (Atwood)as she navigates a semi-hectic life where she is more of the adult and her mother is more of the teenager in the relationship. Her dad is a famous rock star, a fact that she tries not to acknowledge because he's really never been around in her life. His biggest contribution is that he pays for her education at Treadwell Academy. Taylor's life is turned upside down when tragedy strikes and now she's forced into a relationship with her father. That includes her (sometimes wicked) stepmother, Jill, her spoiled rotten half-sister, Kelsey, and a life that uproots her from everything she knows and loves in Los Angeles. Throughout the journey in this novel, Taylor discovers a lot about herself, her father and her new family, how to cope with loss, and how to balance life as she knew it with life now as she knows it.What I loved:My favorite part of this story was watching the relationship between Taylor and Jill transform. Taking on a new teenage daughter is difficult and having a new step-mother is just as difficult. I liked reading the peaks and valleys and finally coming to an understanding that is tender and really just heart-warming. I loved the writing in this book. I though that Caitlyn Duffy's voice really grabbed you right from the start. It showed maturity, yet vulnerability and really brought Taylor's character to life for me.What I liked:Honestly, I liked pretty much everything in this book. I think it was well-written, the story was interesting, the transformations of the characters during the journey was really fun to watch.What I didn't like:Again, there wasn't much I didn't like. If I had to pick something that I might have liked to have seen more resolution to, that was the relationship between Taylor and her friend Allison. That felt a little open ended to me. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I felt like it was fun and genuine and heartwarming. The book struck a nice balance between the dark parts that made you sad and the light parts that made you happy. If you're expecting a book about the boarding school, then you might be disappointed because Treadwell is really only a mention in the book and is not the main setting for the story; however, it is the common denominator in the series. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

  • Rebeca Ruiz
    2018-11-24 05:00

    This is definitely a coming of age story. Taylor had just lost her mother, and is forced to live with her dad. She has only met him twice. While she's on tour with him, she has to spend most of her time with Jill and Kelsey, her stepmother and half sister.She falls in love with a roadie, or so she thinks. He just uses her, and in the end, she couldn't have sex with him, go her, and then he tries to make her feel guilty. I really didn't like him, he only did one sweet thing, which was bringing her seashells.Taylor finds out that her dad is cheating on Jill, and that just makes her so mad, who wouldn't it make mad. Especially since Jill really tries to make an effort to be part of Taylor's life, and her dad is just living his rockstar life.She does get into some trouble, and gets grounded for like two months or something. Then her dad buys her a laptop, he kind of sucks at grounding her.Towards the end, her dad ends up in rehab because he went on stage drunk, then fell and broke his collarbone. Before she found out this happen, the guy she likes takes her to a DJ gig, and promises to runaway with her to Tokyo. I knew it probably wasn't going to happen when he basically ignored her the whole time. Oh, and then he kissed another girl! I wanted to hit him. After convincing her that the girl meant nothing, he took her to his house. She ended up just asking him to take her home, she realized that this wasn't how she wanted to lose her virginity.Then she goes back to New Jersey with her stepmom, chooses the smallest bedroom just so she could be next to Kelsey's room. Then she goes back to Treadwell, and her ex-bestfriend's brother asks to meet up for coffee. Oh, Todd, I like him much better than DJ Jake.After they catch up, he gives her a birthday present, sixteen pennies for sixteen wishes. SO CUTE! EEP! But she had to open it away from him on her birthday. After giving her the gift, he kissed her softly. I had a fangirl moment. I was dying. Then she performed her solo, and she realized how much she really had. Todd and his friends were there, and so was Jill and Kelsey, and it really gets to her cause she had never had someone come to her concerts.Overall, I really loved this book, and if you're a teen, I think you would really like it. I got it on the kindle, and read it in one day. Every time I put it down, I would end up going back to it. My kindle even died, and I was reading it while it was charging it. I hope you enjoy reading it!

  • Katie Lawrence
    2018-11-25 02:53

    Taylor Beauforte is pretty much a normal teenager. She plays the violin, goes to boarding school and lives with her mother. However she has one big secret, her dad is a famous rock star. After a horrific accident at their house, Taylor’s mother dies. Having no other living relatives, her dad arranges to take custody of her. During the summer, she joins her father and his new wife and daughter on a summer tour around the US. She is overwhelmed by the luxurious lifestyle of her father and his new family. She makes friends with all the members in her dad’s band, especially a guy named Jake. As the trip goes on this just continue to go wrong. She realizes that this life isn’t all that glamorous. After realizing that her father has problems with alcohol and being loyal to his wife, Taylor is really hurt. She thought that he was better than that. Her new mother, Jill and sister Kelsey become a lot closer during the summer. She starts to think of them as her real family. In the end her father admits his problem and gets checked into a rehabilitation facility. Things don’t work out between her and Jake. Although she may not have found a boyfriend, she definitely gained a new family and a bunch of friends.I had a good reaction to this book. Whenever I had free time I would start reading this book. It was very interesting and captivated my attention throughout the whole book. I kept on hoping that she and Jake would get together, so it was a little disappointing when they didn’t get together. I would recommend this book to almost anyone. Most guys wouldn’t be interested in this book, because it’s a love story. However it’s a family story also and a really good book.

  • Amanda
    2018-12-16 02:49

    This book had a great premise, that just fell really really flat.I won't go over the synopsis of the book, you can read that for yourself. What you do see is the struggle of a girl who is learning to cope with a very new and different lifestyle after the death of the one person she could rely on (and I mean rely on very loosely) to be there for her. The main character was really well done, very complex, and I enjoyed her story. So, the 2 star rating and what that is all about.I'm not sure why the "romance" was included in this book. There was no romance or even the development of a relationship. The main character fell in love after seeing the guy and saying maybe 6 sentences. For most of the book the character is grounded and can't see the boy in question. What the heck? I have seen instalove done right, but this, this just didn't work at all. Jake should have been left out of the story completely and Taylor should have been pinning over Todd for the whole thing. I think that would have made a lot more sense seeing as how this girl is supposed to be the level headed, studious bookworm who doesn't take risk. I just lost interest when the romance or how in love Taylor was with Jake was discussed or pondered. It was an OK read, but sadly, this could have been an amazing YA book about a girl finding herself after her world is rocked by the death of a loved one and the subsequent change in her lifestyle and family unit.

  • Macie Goodspeed
    2018-12-12 04:08

    The Rockstar's Daughter, by Caitlyn Duffy is about a fifteen year old girl named Taylor Beauforte. Her father is a rockstar, and her mother was a constant partier, while Taylor is quite a responsible girl. After one party, her mother dies, and Taylor is forced to leave her life to live with her father in California, after only knowing her life in Massachusetts. Through living with her, Taylor goes through trials, tribulations, head over heels love, and struggles with her new life. I recommend this book highly to anyone who'd want something to keep them on their toes. I know I've sat on my bed reading 30 pages at a time, and I really don't like to read. I read it in Florida, and I was more excited reading it than going to different tourist sights!I adore this book. Though it's extremely girly and sometimes cheesy, the storyline is solid. There are so many things I know I can relate with, like for example: Taylor has a half sister named Kelsey, and she sent her to the hospital after an allergic reaction to Taylor's food. I know I've gone through a situation similar with my siblings. Taylor feels stress, and she gets so stressed from her life, that she receives love from others, so I can definitely relate to her.

  • Cat
    2018-12-16 09:54

    I was hesitant to download this book after reading some reviews, but I figured what the heck it's free. I'm glad I did.Taylor is definitely mature for her age. Maybe it's to make up for the selfish, immature behavior of her mother... Regardless, she is a self-proclaimed nerd/bookworm and is fairly shy. That said, I think given the circumstances (premise) of this book, she grows a lot. Although she is put in situations where others her age probably would have caved completely, in the end, she really stood her ground and stayed true to herself. The book moves at a fair clip and I thought the portrayal of characters was very realistic/accurate. I was seriously satisfied when she decided (SPOILER ALERT) not to be friends with Allison anymore (or maybe that she realized they were only friends of convenience).Anyway my only gripes about the book are small: I though Kelsey couldn't have dairy, but they ended up eating pizza, and we do have fall in LA - we have trees that change colors and lose their leaves just like everywhere else.So, overall good read, and it is definitely aimed at the YA market but I enjoyed it too. Bit of romance, lots of character growth.

  • Victoria
    2018-11-25 03:44

    This book started out ok. Then it sorta went down hill...We meet Jake who I pretty much wanted to punch in the face the whole time.Then we meet Bijoux and Betsey who were just annoying.My favorite characters in the book were Jill and Kelsey. The rest of them were kinda like Jake and Bijoux and Taylor...just annoying. I keep on hoping that Taylor is going to become smarter but she really doesn't...Until...Taylor finally figures out that Jake is several-words-that-I'm-not-gonna-say-right-now and she leaves him.Only then do I finally start to enjoy the book a little because Taylor finally starts to learn a couple of things. The end was pretty good I guess...That's all I really have to say. This book was not enlightening. It will probably not even stay with me until the end of the week. If you like books about rock stars or their daughters or band tours or something then this is free on Amazon. Go knock yourself out. Otherwise I wouldn't really recommend it.

  • Ashley
    2018-12-14 06:45

    I have read a good amount of books on my kindle just because they were free. Most of them were not very good. This was an exception and I was pleasantly surprised. Was it perfect? No. Was it the best book I have read? No. Honestly, reading the description, I was not impressed with the story line. Even if you don't think you will like the plot, still try this book because it is very good. I liked the characters for the most part. I was discouraged three fourths of he way in a little because I thought the characters were getting away from themselves but in the end the author pulled it back. I liked the storyline and the way the character realizes her faults. There is nothing more irritating than a superficial character who thinks she knows everything. I loved the ending. Try it out, because it is so much better than it sounds.

  • Amber
    2018-11-26 07:08

    I enjoyed this book, and read it in a few easy hours. One thing really bugged me throughout though and that was the use of the word 'slut'. Characters going to fancy dress parties as sluts, groupies being sluts... What does a slut look like? I am not a teenage girl, but I have been one, and y'know - I just don't think it's a positive thing to keep labelling people like that (especially directed from the main, 15 year old character).Other than that, good premise, nice writing and snappy pacing! Note for non US readers - you may get bogged down by all the brands and not knowing what they are.

  • Kayla Emerson
    2018-11-27 06:54

    The Rock Star's Daughter touches upon a couple of different topics but most prevalent would be drug use and alcoholism! The story shows how both effect Taylor's life. First through her mothers death to her father going to rehab. The Rock Star's Daughter shows the not so glamorous side of the celebrity life style. It also discusses the importance of saying "NO" in a relationship when you don't feel comfortable in certain situations . Would I read The Rock Star's Daughter again? Probably not. It was a fairly entertaining read the first time through, but did not have that DON'T PUT ME DOWN feel for me.

  • Wiebke (1book1review)
    2018-12-01 08:38

    Now this was a nice fluffy summer read!The story follows Taylor the summer after her mother died and she had to go on tour with her father, whom she hardly knows.I liked how Taylor was a normal believable teenage girl, not all immune to peer pressure and first love and misconceptions.There is nothing brand new or ground breaking to the story, but it was nice to read something without too much deeper meaning for a change!Clearly this is a good representation of the kind of books I read as a teenager! Loved it.

  • Laura
    2018-11-28 05:05

    I got this as a free book for my Kindle, sort of in a moment of nostalgia. It reminded me very much of the books from Scholastic I used to save my money for and order...actually, if I was a junior high girl I would have absolutely loved this book. That's the perfect demographic for it. I have read a lot of YA that definitely crosses over and is readable to adults as well, but this definitely skews young. If you have a teenage girl in your life that might want to read this, there's no sex, just kissing, and there is underage drinking with peer pressure and with consequences.

  • Emma
    2018-12-14 09:56

    As a quick, light read this book was ok. Although it seemed better suited for a younger audience than myself I couldnt help feeling that the story was missing some depth. It had the opportunity to become an interesting read but always seemed to skim over the aspects that would have grabbed my attention a bit more.

  • Brianna Allen
    2018-11-23 06:50

    The rockstar's daughter is about a girl whos dad is a rockstar and after her mother died he is appointed her guardian. This book is so touching and is saying the true meaning of family and why not to give up on life. This book also has a little romance between at first Taylor and Jake andTodd and Taylor.This book is also good because Taylor got to experience what happens on tour.

  • Ariana
    2018-11-25 09:05

    I really liked what Taylor did in the end of the book, and I really liked hearing the story on how Taylor's mom and dad meet. This was a really good book, but I just wished I knew more about her (Taylor) and Todd. I also wanted to know about Taylor's relationship between her and Allison, but other than that it was a good book.

  • Audrey Roco
    2018-11-25 04:39

    What a story! What a book. THANKS.I'm an old man soon to be 84 and I enjoyed reading this tale. MAY you continue to bring beautiful stories like this. And at the end - I teared up. Thank you again. Dr. Ralph Bozeman Rodriguez, Oh.D. DF

  • Faith
    2018-12-15 03:39

    it was a good book, I love how she is a rock stars daughter and for some reason she reminds me of Miley Cyrus (before she went Chra-Chra). The main character does relate to MC a lot more than u may think. I do recommend this book and BTW I got it for free on iBooks.

  • Bre'Anna Clifton
    2018-12-09 10:05

    Great ReadThis book was great! I enjoyed it and was sad to see it end. After the lose of her mom, Taylor ended up gaining a new family! I am glad she overcame her lose!