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What Would You Do!Weeks after the discovery of the gay gene is announced by researchers at the IHI Medical Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, IFC Pharmaceuticals announces "AEG/IS"--the gay cure. While the world is busy debating the drug's merits, a suspicious fever kills hundreds of thousands of gay men in less than twenty-four hours, presenting millions upon millions of peopWhat Would You Do!Weeks after the discovery of the gay gene is announced by researchers at the IHI Medical Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, IFC Pharmaceuticals announces "AEG/IS"--the gay cure. While the world is busy debating the drug's merits, a suspicious fever kills hundreds of thousands of gay men in less than twenty-four hours, presenting millions upon millions of people with an impossible choice--take the gay cure or die. And so begins a epic tale of unspeakable conspiracy as Etan Reyes AKA "Patient G" flees for his life. His only hope lies with a rag-tag group of friends led by the redoubtable Sues, two tough old-guard lesbians who never thought they'd live long enough to witness the horrors of a second Gay Plague. Sue DeGault and Sue Keller pray for strength as they prepare to do battle with fate, and the IFC, a corporate Goliath controlled by a  power family with roots dating back to the days of King Yoshiyahu of Judah--an ancient family that has been raging a clandestine, religious war against homosexuals for 2,700 years.Also available of Amazon:The Disciples of Goedric I: Gay Gene RisingThe Disciples of Goedric II: Guardians of the BloodThe Disciples of Goedric III: SoulFire and TearsThe Disciples of Goedric Trilogy Collection in a single Kindle volume Keeper of the Grey, The Chronicles of Abigoth: 0.00What others are saying about The Disciples of Goedric Trilogy..."Spellbinding and terrifyingly possible! Jeffrey Jude has spun a tale rooted in historical facts that will grip your soul and inspire your imagination"-- Reviews"If I hadn't had book two and three in my possession I could have been pushed clean off the edge of sanity... The characters in this story are three dimensional, well described and 'real' on every level. Each with unique emotions and reactions to the many high adrenaline situations that Jeffrey Jude throws them into. Even the wolves in this story have their own personalities!"-- Top 2 Bottom Reviews"I was going to try to write this review without using the word epic, but that's not going to happen. This book embodies the word epic as you would have described blockbuster classic movies. The locations are varied and well researched, the characters are diverse and compelling and the storyline whilst encompassing elements of fantasy/fiction also deals with very contemporary and relevant current affairs. Books can entertain, inform and hopefully enthrall the reader. Jeffrey Jude has accomplished all of this and more." -- Dyna Leake, G2Z ReviewsGoodreads Reader Reviews..."Best gay themed fantasy I've read in years. Was totally enthralled by the narrative..." "What an amazing, inspired, and frightening look at the world and the history of homosexuality. By blending past, present, and future so seamlessly, you have given us our own mythology, our own place in the universe. I cannot wait to continue on and see how this loving family of chosen members saves the world. Thank you so much!"Tweets..."I was absolutely moved by the Gay Gene Rising Series...""Intruiging...""It sure inspired me to get more involved in gay issues in my city. Genius man!"...

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Gay Gene Rising Reviews

  • Suzanne (Doppleganger)
    2019-03-27 14:15

    This is not an easy book to review. The concept starts out great, with a chillingly realistic look into what would happen if a genetic cause of homosexuality was discovered. It was easy to geek out on the science and I started this book thinking I was going to LOVE it.But it takes a left turn into fantasy with oddball quasi-religious prophesies that I couldn't understand. Add that to poor editing and the book isn't ready for prime time. The ending is what I would call a 'chapter ending', where it seems like the book was clipped too short. Not a cliffhanger, not a conclusion - just the end of a chapter. Which was frustrating. After slogging through the long prophetic sequences, I deserved a conclusion!

  • Wart Hill
    2019-03-30 15:52

    Edit 2/2/16: I'm changing the rating on this because it really doesn't deserve 4 stars..."When the insane becomes probable, the mind wraps itself in a veil to block out the light."I know I complained a lot about this book in my status updates, so I'm sure some of you are like "Why the hell is he giving it four stars?!"Well, here's the thing: there is a lot to complain about in this book:- The writing is inconsistent. Jude has an amazing hand for detail and is very good at making technobabble sound not so technobabbley, but at the same time his writing can be stilted and awkward, particularly dialogue. In fact, his dialogue sucks.- Straight women in this book? Pretty much non existent. There are two who we see. The first, Diana, is dating Michael's (one of the MCs) friend Christopher. All we hear of her from the other characters is that she's horrible and awful, and all we see of her is her being horrible and awful. This bothers me. Because I feel like the only reason she is horrible and awful is because she's dating someone Michael likes. Which is bullshit. Straight women aren't horrible people because your best friend is straight or bi or confused and closeted. IT IS NOT DIANA'S FAULT THAT CHRISTOPHER IS NOT DATING MICHAEL.- The other straight woman we see is Connie, she's married to the owner of Silver Paws Ranch where they raise Wolf-hybrids. Connie is pretty much a one note character.- In fact, most of the side characters, including Connie's husband, are one note characters. I feel like Jude should have cut down his cast list because he doesn't have enough space to develop all of these people so he just doesn't and it gets irritating. Not as irritating as the misogyny, but irritating.- Towards the beginning, all of the lesbians we met all seemed the same. And then later one of the lesbians was talking about how they're women so they're maternal. No. Not all women are maternal. Not all lesbians are the same.- In fact, Jude has a habit of making sweeping, generalized statements about entire groups - including Gay men. Which is just all kinds of annoying. I realize that it has to do with the nature of the story, but that's not that hard a thing to fix, so...So, I'm sure you're all still sitting there wondering "why the hell is he giving it four stars?!"Here's why: I really liked it.The story is captivating, Jude's world building is very well done, even if some things within said world building make me roll my eyes. I found myself invested in what was going on and I really could not put it down, as evinced by the fact that I completely neglected the other two books on my 'currently reading' list for the sake of finishing.Jude's writing isn't the greatest. He needs practice and a good beta reader to get on his ass about the grammar, the dialogue, and the other little technical errors that are frustrating. Not to mention the side characters and the whole sweeping generalizations thing...But, he has a gift for detail - his descriptions are gorgeous, particularly when the main group goes camping. And he does a wonderful job with the technobabble, making it sound interesting and understandable.So, yeah, the book needs a lot of work, but I wound up really liking it. So it gets four stars.

  • Jerry
    2019-04-10 19:56

    This is a story/saga/epic that I both love and feel ambivalent about. As a gay man I feel I should embrace the theme and love the whole ancient creation theory. I have certainly enjoyed other books that had over arching plots that are centuries or melinea old.The characters are all well drawn, interact well and the writing is generally good. Yet there is something that is keeping me from wholeheartedly loving the story.I am sufficiently involved with the series that I will continue on to the next book.

  • Stuart
    2019-04-20 20:08

    Best gay themed fantasy I've read in years. Was totally enthralled by the narrative. It ended far too abruptly. I was left wanting more despite reading the entire trilogy. Just think the third part of the trilogy was rushed. Obviously the story continues and I'd be deeply satisfied to continue reading.

  • Roberta Mark
    2019-04-11 14:15

    This series was recommended by a friend who has just gone up 2 stars on my list. I found this an easy read that kept me up nights reading to see what was next. If book 2 and 3 are anything like book 1 this one is a real winner.

  • Cynthia Camacho
    2019-04-26 20:55

    I really liked this book, as soon as I finished it I had to go and get book 2 and 3 (and they are even better), just couldn't stop reading.

  • Allen
    2019-03-27 17:14

    Innovative, filled with extraordinary characters in seeminglyimpossible situation - increasingly involving and tense-building.2nd and 3rd books should make a new "must read" series.

  • Chris
    2019-04-16 14:02

    Fantastic read. Had me gripped from start to finish. Can't wait to read book 2. Xx

  • Jeff Vitale
    2019-04-09 18:10

    This is the first book in The Disciples of Goedric Trilogy."Spellbinding and terrifyingly possible." - Jeff Vitale,

  • Nicky
    2019-04-26 15:18

    I loved it. The dreams are a bit confusing for me, but I gues that dreams just are confusing ...I can't wait to find out what's gonne happen next so I'm gonne start on the second book right away.

  • Randy
    2019-04-08 18:16

    I found this to be an easy read and enjoyed it very very much.

  • David
    2019-04-24 17:16

    This was a great read. I cannot wait to read the next two. Jeffrey is one of my new fave authors. I can't say enough about this book - and I just love the hero - his wolf and his boyfriend. If anyone wants to read a really good thriller with gay men and lesbians (and lesbians that rock) this is the book.

  • Allie
    2019-04-16 18:21

    This is not a stand alone story and ends when things start to get exciting. There is too much information regarding genetics and mutations and I omitted to get my biochemist degree before reading this book. There wasn't enough actual story in this first (of three) book. Lots of historical references to some gay fantasy evolution which I ended up skimming through. Lots of nightmare scenes which, again, I skimmed. It got really rather tedious. I bought all 3 books so I will be reading the rest. Might take a break between books, though. Some of the story was good but there was too much, for me, that did not hold my interest. It was just too technical. I am no scientist.

  • Nijin
    2019-04-16 22:16

    Pros: Good ideaCons: POV switches constantly without any reason, to such extent that it is very annoying.To give the reader info author uses comments out of nowhere or, literally, lectures from different characters. Telling not showing.The style of writing is floundering from Sci-Fi to Fantasy, it could have been ok, but author is not quite pulling it. The switch of styles pulled me out several times, and it was a last straw.50 % DNF2 out of 5 for the idea

  • Jennivie
    2019-04-17 17:02

    I'm going to wait a bit to review this one. Let it really sink in. There is so much to love here but you have to wade through things that don't make sense. Well... not until later at least. That being said, eventually I will have to finish the trilogy because I have to know what happens.

  • Paul Mclaughlan
    2019-04-25 22:00

    Slightly clunky, but a little naive, but generally reads well. Obviously pushes my buttons :P

  • Kevin Orth
    2019-04-01 22:03

    I'm so disappointed in this book. I'm half way through and don't think I can read any more. The writing is poor and the plot is boring. The premise is interesting but the execution is lacking.