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Every child in Belle Dam is taught about the feud from an early age. There are ‘our’ people and ‘their’ people. Friends and enemies. Associates and strangers. It’s the kind of town where eyes are always watching, and you don’t need a reason to sell out your neighbors.But the feud is a lie. As a new wave of fury sweeps through the town, creating a third front to an alreadyEvery child in Belle Dam is taught about the feud from an early age. There are ‘our’ people and ‘their’ people. Friends and enemies. Associates and strangers. It’s the kind of town where eyes are always watching, and you don’t need a reason to sell out your neighbors.But the feud is a lie. As a new wave of fury sweeps through the town, creating a third front to an already overtaxed war, Braden has been broken worse than ever. His innocence? Shattered. His heart? Crushed. His magic? Gone. His new life? Ruined. And this is only the beginning.Beneath the city lay deep wellsprings of power. The one who controls them is the one who will win the feud. In a city filled with puppet masters, Braden must elude their strings and end the feud once and for all. But first, he must outsmart his father, evade Catherine’s dark magic, regain what was stolen from him, trick a phantom who refuses to die, and foil a demon’s master plan.Even then, he may not survive. Because power is a problem, and victory comes with a cost…...

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Phantom Eyes Reviews

  • Micah
    2019-01-24 03:01

    The end is here...and while Phantom Eyes has quite a few stumbles & annoyances this book promises you an epic conclusion....DETAILED REVIEW BELOWI read Book 1 and 2 earlier in this year and the wait for the final book was nearly unbearable but I read it in 4 hours of it's release!I absolutely love the character of Braden & the mythology of the world. But I do feel as if the trilogy did lose a lot of it's fire in this book....and overall it makes me look back at the issues the trilogy as a whole had that I wished were addressed. But this is still hands down one of the best YA LGBT Novels and I will certainly read more of Scott's work.1. Writing & PlotAs always just like the first two books, the writing is excellent. He mixes the right amount of humor with emotion...Braden is king of Sarcasm and I love his one-liners so much. As well as the battle scenes were full of vivid descriptions that you were just caught up in as if you could feel the magic and power.The plot of the books has the final battle set up between Braden & Lucien and Grace as well as the Thorpe vs Lansing feud. While I absolutely love the way the Lucien & Grace was tied up...the Lansing vs Thorpe resolution was certainly a bit weak. Braden does something that is a game-changer in the book to Jason & Catherine...and yet as soon as it is done....We actually never get to see any outcome of it because the focus goes back to Lucien & Grace and I was a bit disappointed.Overall, the writing and plotting was superb only weighed down by Trey & Braden's romance subplot(More on this later) as well as a slightly uneven pacing to the end but still good.2. CharactersHands down Braden is the best character in any LGBT book I've read. He is flawed. He is a bitch at times. But he is resilient and tough. He is a fighter even when he wants to sometimes hide. I LOVE BRADEN SO FREAKING MUCH. He reminds me so much of myself. I do not like his relationship with Trey...there really is no chemistry between the two of them nor did I care about his relationship. He spent 3 books more or less hanging more with Drew than he Did Trey and I felt more chemistry with Drew/Braden then I ever felt with Trey. But I love that Trey does manage to keep Braden off-balance. Braden has issues with letting someone else be in control and thus that makes their relationship slightly interesting because of the control issues...Braden is a powerful witch while Trey is not yet Trey feel as if he has to always protect Braden.Trey, however, is still just as one-dimensional as he always had been. Early on in Witch Eyes, I got a forbidden romance feelings from the two of them but to be honest, Catherine nor Jason ever really made that big of a deal of the two of them being together. I wanted more struggle from their families for me to care about them. Trey made several stupid decisions in this book but again it is hard for me to care because all Trey has ever done is make stupid decisions...for Braden a guy he has known a few months. Hell in Witch Eyes, he barely knew Braden and was making dumbass decisions. This book may work better as 3rd person alternating between Trey and Braden POV because with it being told from Braden's POV, all we ever got from braden was yeah Trey could be a hot guy but he is an idiot and annoys him so much. I never really understood what was attractive about Trey to Braden because Braden was always annoyed with him for most of the trilogy.Drew is my 2nd favorite character after Braden....But by 3 books...We really don't get much character development. 3 books we know Drew is a jokester who is a bit of a bad-ass but has a good heart and intentions. Drew has an amazing storyline in the first half of the book that is quickly handled and literally we get no follow-up. After the devastating situation that happened, Drew disappears for a bit and then returns and it's not even mentioned anymore. That pissed me off because I felt like that would have defined Drew's character more than just the arrogant hot jackass he is. And then when the Second half comes along in the story, Drew plays a big part in this and it just still felt a bit weak to me. Even though Drew is incredibly one-dimensional, I certainly enjoyed him more than Trey and despite him being straight(I guess...) he had more chemistry with Braden simply because he challenged Braden to be better instead of trying to make him out to be some weakling who needs to be saved like trey did.Jade & Riley-Jade was more interesting to me in the first book. By Book 3, I was hoping to get some development with her. She is a great friend to Braden...this much is true....But I wanted to see more of JADE. Everytime we get some moments where we see vulnerability(Usually with Drew), it is pushed to the side and never brought up again. Braden is the star of this book but the secondary characters shouldn't be used as tools to develop Braden..yet that is all Jade ever was. Something to develop Braden. Jade has a big secret of her own in this book that tbh wasn't keept secret since she didn't do very well to hide it from Braden and still by the end of the book, Braden is STILL the only person who knows the secret. Could we have gotten ONE scene where she told Trey or hell tell Drew...the person who it actually directly affects?Riley is back in this book and I have to say I liked Riley more than Jade because early on she was the nosey girl who had her own POV of the Feud but she still befriend Braden and then she winded up getting caught in the crossfire and she got screwed up by witch and demon magic. I absolutely loved her scenes in this book though once again she was used as a tool to develop Braden. The difference between her and Jade is, at least Riley is a bit more 2-dimensional to Jade's one-dimensional Spoiled rich girl but still a sweetheart persona.Catherine & Jason-Well we FINALLY manage to get the two of them in a scene together. It has taken 3 books. To be honest, I never really feared them the way they were talked about. All they ever did was hide and throw petty and sarcastic quips and when they did something devious, it still didn't feel bad-ass enough since they were the ones the town feared most.So we finally get a confrontation with Catherine & Jason that once again was used to develop Braden...This was a pivotal moment in the trilogy and yet instead of defining the two Parents, it was to dominated by Braden. I enjoyed the confrontation because we got to see Braden being a bad-ass but I wanted to empathize with Catherine and Jason and understand better.Still...Jason does get much needed development in this book though with this being a trilogy, I would have rather had gradual development throughout all 3 books instead of trying to make Jason seem more human in the final book. Catherine also gets developed as a character as well but like Jason, we get this in Book 3 instead of gradually throughout the trilogy and it felt a bit rushed at times. Even worse, since Braden is the central character unless he is in the scene with her(and why would he be) she is at a disadvantage to Jason who does actually spend more time with Braden.Overall, I like the two parents a lot in this book. I can understand why they are the way they are but at the same time, I wished we could have seen more interactions between the two of them as well as a final resolution to the events and twist of Book 3. There is a big twist, courtesy of Braden...yet after the twist, it is never really mentioned anymore and that was a PIVOTAL moment in the book.Also can someone explain to me how Trey or Jade can act some apathetic to the mother? Yes, she has done bad and what not but she is still their mother and Trey most of the time was so caught up in his feelings for a Braden...a boy he has not known that long vs caring about his actual Mother. I was a bit...confused.Lucien & Grace(And Matthias)Well...Lucien is still Lucien and I love how devious he is. He is a great villain and quite manipulative and it's kind of fun and sexy in away. He is purely evil through and through and I love how there are so many layers to his evil and we even manage to see some vulnerability to him.Grace is another character I think was great...She thinks she is this Goddess of some sort yet she is some bitter woman holding on to her rage and punishing an entire town for it. I loved her scenes with Braden and I love even more the vulnerability she brings.Matthias is such a joy to read. I love how he can be good or bad...for the right price :) He isn't a hero of any sorts but he is nobody's villain either. He was very well-written and I love the involvement he had with the plot.3. OverallYes I absolutely adored this trilogy. Along with Steven Dos Santos "The Torch Keeper" series, Witch Eyes is absolutely amazing because it has such a STRONG and wonderful lead Character. Braden is certainly worthy of leading the book.The Problem is that even though Braden is the lead Character, there is way too much focus on Braden. We have long since gotten a ton of development for him as a character....So the focus should have shifted to the secondary characters around him.Trey is the weakest part of this trilogy and thus he brings Braden down because Braden cares so much for this guy...But why? They always fight and argue...and Braden is always annoyed. But he has such strong feelings for him.Even worse, for 3 books we get rivalry and tension between Trey & Drew and there is no resolution. Yes both boys are still at each other's throats in this book but it doesn't get revolved. In fact, even in the same scenes they barely acknowledge each other as the book goes on. Trey is jealous of Drew and Braden and is possessive over Braden...WHY? It's obvious Drew loves Jade(Trey's sister) so why are you jealous of Drew? It makes no sense.The writing was superb for the entire trilogy but the pacing was off....Development we got in this book should have happened in the first book. Jason shouldn't just start acting like a concerned father now because it is the end. Catherine shouldn't be this sensitive mom because this is the end. They both have been entirely selfish for nearly 3 books and then all of a sudden, Jason is not that bad and Catherine is ready to make sacrifices to protect her son.The thing that bugged me most about Phantom Eyes was the ending...Yes, the ending was great because I love the twist at the end of the book. That was a good twist.ANd I Love the fact that it does end on a mostly happy note but while the story itself is over with, the characters we are supposed to care about feel like they are still incomplete...even Braden who is arguably the most developed character.Several plotlines are open(The twist with Catherine & Jason...Jade's plotline....The trey & Drew rivalry....Jason & Braden's relationship...etc etc) that really don't get any resolution.Normally I'm okay with books ending with something that leaves it up to the reader's imagination but in this case these were established plotlines that never actually had any sort of real conclusion. They happened and then they weren't really mentioned much.And after such near Perfection with Witch Eyes & Demon Eyes...Phantom Eyes is an entertaining read but it does miss the mark that the first two books hit. The book is as entertaining as always but it feels incomplete.I'm hoping there is some sort of Book Four or Epilogue released to wrap things up with the characters.Overall I love this series so much...As a Whole I rate the series a 4 out of 5 star. For Phantom Eyes itself...I rate it 3 stars

  • Dennis
    2019-01-04 07:44

    4 out of 5 stars... for this book at least. The whole series is a 5***** star series. The series about this gay teenage boy, who is dragged into a magic feud, falls in love and struggles to find his own path, is great. The main character can be annoying from time to time and you want to scream at him "OMG just do something about it and stop to wail". But I guess that's kind of the development you have to observe here.The story is great and there are many twists and turns, which keeps you wondering and interested. I could put the fist two books down.The last book was still good, but the first half was kinda boring. Nothing really happens and we only get to observe the inner struggle of the main character, while only a little plot plays beside it. The second half is as good as the other books!! So that is why I gave the last book 4 instead of 5 stars.If you like fantasy and witchcraft this book is great. If you want to see a gay protagonist in the centre of it this book is perfect.If you a looking for a coming out story, long romantic scenes or explicit stuff, you won't find those here and be disappointed.

  • Julesmarie
    2018-12-25 07:57

    My favorite of the series. It did such a great job wrapping everything up that it almost makes me want to raise my ratings for the earlier books.Definitely a unique paranormal world. Favorite Quote: but it would be okay. This was a destiny I'd chosen for myself.

  • Casia Courtier
    2019-01-07 03:44

    I LOVE this trilogy. Scott Tracey weaves a formulated story into his own mythos. Described as a Romeo and Juliet story, the WITCH EYES trilogy is set in a town in Washington state. The rain isn't the only thing in this sleepy town. There are witches, demons, 100+ year old crazy ladies, and on top of that a feud that threatens the relationships of Braden's friends amongst themselves and his own relationship with Trey.We first meet Braden in Scott Tracey's WITCH EYES and again in DEMON EYES. It is not until PHANTOM EYES that the epic story ends. And dare I say it, I feel more might be in the works because of one paragraph, but you have to read the book to see what I'm seeing.Like I said before, PHANTOM EYES is the tour de force ending that Scott Tracey fans have been waiting for. Braden finally steps up to the plate and boy, does he bat home runs. The snark comes back with a vengence in this book. I love Braden's snark and how everyone else has started to adopt a bit of his personality just as he's adopting theirs. It shows that he is loved in the crazy world of Belle Dam.What I really love about this book series is that Tracey follows the format of paranormal young adult fiction, dashes in a bit of Romeo and Juliet, and then shakes it into his own masterpiece. The main character is homosexual, which for a non-stereotyped book, is very hard to come by. I would say it's LGBT, but the sexuality of Braden isn't in the forefront of the book. Sure he's worried about his relationship with Trey, but really, he's more concerned about other things... like demons... or a creepy 100+ year old lady wanting to destroy.The romance is there and you are rooting for his love life as well as the love life of Jade, Trey's sister, but the romance takes the back burner. I like that about this book series. It shows readers that there is more to life than the boy of your dreams. And it shows realism in their love. I'm sorry, but if I had the issues Braden was having, I would be pushing aside love too.On top of that, Braden changes so much in just this book alone. He's angry and vindictive. For once in his life, he almost embraces the evil within him. The fact that he doesn't let the power take control shows how much he's changed and how much he's still the same. I love how he stops the feud and watching his plan unfold was amazing. You find yourself at the edge of your seat by 75%, hoping that what you read 25% ago wasn't what you've just read.If you love action, paranormal fiction, young adult, or are looking for an LGBT that isn't stereotyped: this is a series to look at. LOVE IT!

  • Hattie Parker
    2019-01-18 05:42

    Satisfying conclusion to the series!! Really great to see Braden's character arc and the open ending showed the possibilities of where else he and the characters could go! Great climax to the showdown with Grace and Lucien and all the characters coming together at the end was nice. Very happy with this series and where all the characters have been left. Still slightly rushed but didn't detract too much from my enjoyment of everything.

  • Joseph
    2019-01-15 04:38

    Review on my blog!

  • Dinara Tengri
    2019-01-04 09:02

    Okay, it's the last one in the series. Or is it? I'm not really sure what happened with Phantom Eyes, but here is where this series lost me. Or maybe I just got lost within this book's many spells, rules and in-universe logic. Where the first book managed to set up a strong world and tell the beginning of a very captivating story, it's the second book that really lived up to this series' potential; it explored the characters and the many complicated rules and traditions of this world. The story sizzled. It burned bright. Perhaps it burned a little too bright, because when time came to finish this most epic of tales, there wasn't much fire left to keep the story going. Sure, part of that can be explained by how short my attention span really is, and that after a couple of books, I just got tired of reading about the same characters, doing the same old thing. For the most part, though, I think the culprits are the characters themselves. And the plot. And the story. The whole shebang. I get that it's difficult to live up to the expectations set by the previous book, especially if that book was awesome, and the bar was set pretty high. Not only does Phantom Eyes fail to live up to the sizzle of Demon Eyes, but it also fails to generate its own sizzle, and keep me invested in the story. I mean, there is so much at stake, and at the same time there's no sense of urgency, no tension. At some point in the book, the story gets so entangled in this world's rules and history that it has trouble moving forward, and actually going somewhere. The story starts out promising, and then slowly but surely fizzles out. That includes the romance between Braden and Trey. When they first met these two in Witch Eyes, sparks were flying. It was the forbidden romance between two teenage boys from two feuding families. "Oh, Trey Lansing, Trey Lansing! Wherefore art thou Trey Lansing?". In Demon Eyes, their relationship became more infuriating as Braden was chasing Trey who was being cold and distant (for reasons I now cannot recall), but the tension was still there. In this book, it's Braden who's being cold and distant and Trey is doing all the chasing, although now the tension is gone, and it feels like the two of them are just going through the motions. Phantom Eyes is by no means a bad book, but it is a disappointing one, both as a sequel and as its own work of fiction. It's the final book in the series, but not the last one as there is a prequel, titled Homecoming. Maybe I'll get around to it someday. But for now, I feel like I'm done with this series.

  • Gregory Angeloff
    2019-01-19 05:43

    I really enjoyed Braden as a character throughout the series, which was a big plus. Certainly one of the most enjoyable gay characters I have read. Braden is a snarky, emotional teenager that feels real. He's not the "not like other girls" YA star, he is a fully realized gay character - just because his romance is annoying doesn't mean it doesn't feel real. You just wanna slap him :)Unfortunately this, this is the biggest plus. The rest of the story is a bit of a mess and could have used another pass in outlining and drafts. The magic system isn't defined enough but is involved with the plot intrinsically, leading to it being a deus ex machina machine. For secondary characters, no one truly stands out. They were all enjoyable, but nothing special. Drew was hilarious, Trey was sweet if annoying, and Jade was loyal. Mentioning Trey, the author didn't write him well enough to earn his role in the story. He is Braden's great love, but do they do more than squabble? Not really. They just love each other because the narrative says they do. I would have preferred some bigger moments to lock their fates together as well as sex (off screen) to show that they are going further than people who sit in a car next to each other and bicker before marching off angrily.The novel could have used better progression in its romance and primary plot, however, the elements we do have are generally enjoyable. 4 stars for Braden, 3 stars without him. I would love to see Scott Tracy write more with this character in the future so we can see how Braden has grown as well as the author.(note: Most of the more critical reviews I have seen basically love Braden and say the book needs work. If you love a good MC, read the books, but do know you will be left wanting in plot - not that the plot is weak, but that it promises a lot and doesn't quite match up).

  • Elenenca
    2019-01-07 09:59

    Durante tutta la trilogia ci sono state parti che non mi hanno molto convinto - nello specifico, la caratterizzazione di Trey, uno dei protagonisti principali e il fatto che, fin troppo spesso, non si capiva dove il protagonista volesse andare a parare con i suoi pensieri. Non che fossero confusi - arrivava a determinate conclusioni, e a noi lettori non era dato conoscere per alcuni capitoli. Come ricorso narrativo può funzionare, ma non se se ne abusa come ritengo abbia fatto l'autore.Nonostante questo, però, la storia scorre, è avvincente e poco prevedibile e la maggioranza dei personaggi sono ben scritti e non 'macchiette'.E l'happy ending finale è proprio happy and i'm weak for happy queer characters.

  • O.R.
    2019-01-15 08:51

    I am giving it 5 stars but it probably deserves 4 instead, but there was way more good against a few bad things to make me drop the average rating. It's been awhile since I read a trilogy where the plot was not taken over by romance. I absolutely loved Braden x Trey relationship, and half of my love is because the relationship was subtle and sincere, not obsession where you sigh because there is no plot, just two people being capable of only lusting one for another. The plot was great - it was interesting, it was thought through, it was original. Even though Braden easily could turn into a typical Mary Sue, with his power, he did not. There was a lot of work done to finally accomplish what they accomplished at the end. No one suddenly bursted out with power and yay no more problems, let's live happily ever after, Mary Sue saved everyone. There was a lot of damage to be fixed and this is why we had a whole trilogy working towards it, and it was great. I thought Braden's character was fantastic. The way the demonic powers could change him, the fact he had guts to do a lot, all the pain he went through... I really thought it might end with him becoming bad, there were moments he pretty much was, and it was pretty damn beautiful, let me tell you. Till the end I did not know how it will all end. Being tired of special snowflake main characters who would never do a bad thing, and they just have everyone worship them and of course their powers they never used suddenly saved them... this trilogy really went far, far away from it.Side characters, or you know what - I would not call them that. Every character was treated with respect by the author, no one was there to just be used to prove Braden's power or anything. Everyone had their story. Everyone was important, and I loved it. Of course Braden/Trey relationship was the sweetest and I loved it. I actually felt how they loved each other, it was not lust-based or just two hot guys obsessing over one another. They were very realistic and their relationship was healthy. One of the best relationships I ever read. Also I felt like the author subtly addressed a few cliches in YA. And I liked how he slapped them all, not romanticised like way too many books do. I absolutely loved that nothing was overlooked, we always got an insight in Braden's character so we could understand his actions. When I expected him to feel a certain way - he did. When I expected characters to act/react certain way - they did. I really do not like authors overlooking certain situations so their character won't be called out on anything and stay pure. Scott Tracey did not want to give us special snowflakes, he gave us real people. Ok, what annoyed me. Jade/Braden. Now, don't get me wrong, I like how Braden had other people as friends, not just a boyfriend. I just felt like that relationship was a bit... too far? For example, Jade wanting to run away with him made me side-eye her. She knew her brother loved him, and she just told Braden to leave him, said some (not to be taken too seriously but still) crap against Trey and expected Braden to run with her? You're a suckish sister, Jade. Especially that Trey always thought about her. Trey sacrificed himself for Braden, and Braden wanted to run away with his sister. Kinda...? I would never get as close to my brother's boyfriend as she did. In my opinion she should have backed off a bit, and the ending where she moved in with Braden but Trey chose to stay away, plus the whole bonded together to the city I kind of... No, I did not like that part. (Although you can say they paid for wanting to run away once) In a way they were more in a relationship (not romantic of course) than Braden/Trey and it gave me a weird vibe. Lol, she even actually slept with Braden, but Trey was supposed to just wait until Braden will fall asleep and then leave? Trey did side eye their relationship a bit too. I don't know, maybe altogether it just looked so weird to me. Now before you will tell me that when she wanted to run away boys were kind of not together (still, he kinda is your brother's boyfriend, woman, have some respect), explain to me why Braden did not have a problem being with her, but had a problem being with Trey. They were siblings. He should have seen their mother in her as much as in Trey. It did not make sense.Also why Jade wanted to run away with him, but not Trey? Or if they wanted to run away they could take Trey too and show a middle finger to the town. Either I missed something important, or it was some kind of big plothole in this whole thing. Basically Jade related moments in the story were far from my liking. But the rest was so good that I still enjoyed the whole story a lot. I really recommend it. (I was commenting a lot during reading it, so you might have a look at the statuses to get more insight)

  • Lukas (LukeLaneReads)
    2019-01-14 09:06

    The end to a unique, yet overall confusing trilogy. First off, I'd like to say that this is more of a review of the series as a whole. The 'Witch Eyes' series is unique in the fact that it is one of the very few paranormal YA books that has a gay protagonist. The gay aspect of the book isn't the sole reason for it existing, and the author tries to weave a good amount of mythology to make this into an semi-epic tale of good vs. evil in a small town. Sadly though, I think too much mythology and ideas are placed into certain things, with not enough explanation. I'll start off with the things I liked... Braden - A lot of effort has happened here to help Braden not be a boring main protagonist. He is constantly involved in almost every plot line of the novel, has a snarky sense of humour and is generally a 'good guy'. He may not be one of the greatest YA characters ever invented, but he is easy to root for, and generally stands above the novels cast of other (admittedly lacklustre) side characters. The feud and history of Belle Dam - This is where the majority of the mythology comes into play. There is a very large focus on the back story and creation of the town that really helps bring the feud between the two founding families alight. The power struggles and politics are interesting, and I liked that both heads of these families are considered the 'bad guys' here, as it would have been very easy to make Braden's father the 'good guy', and the novel works when there is awkwardness and differences between these two characters. The romance - This is kind of a mixture of like and dislike. I really liked the character of Trey, and enjoyed that he wasn't your typical YA romance material, yes he's stupidly good looking, but he's also a bit of an loveable idiot, which I'll take over tortured and brooding any day of the week. The bad side of the romance though is that I felt the author kept keeping their relationship up in the air when it wasn't necessary. I kind of just wanted them to get together and be done with it, instead of focusing on a little more 'I want you, but I can't have you' drama. Onto the things I didn't quite like... Braden's Powers - After three books, I am still unsure as to the exact power and limitations of the main character's (Braden) witch eyes. It seems they can simply do whatever is needed for that point of the story, until they can't or aren't needed anymore. I feel like the idea of Braden's powers either needed to be simplified, or needed more explanation, as I often found myself wondering how he could suddenly do the things he was doing or wondering why he couldn't do something else, since his powers seemed oddly limitless. The side characters - I don't know if I'm the only one, but I found Braden's little scooby gang to be rather annoying, and a little under developed. I think they could have dropped Riley specifically all together and just focused on the little romantic 'are they, will they?' drama between Jade and Drew. Overall though, I can say that I liked this series, and that if you're looking for a gay paranormal YA series this will no doubt be one of the best ones out there. Although I'm not sure if that is the case because the series is that good, or just because there are so few gay paranormal options out there.

  • Stephanie
    2019-01-06 08:06

    The Witch Eye series is definitely one that is original and different from your typical story with magic, romance and violence. It wasn’t what I had expected but that being said, it didn’t exactly disappoint either.The one main thing that I enjoyed about this book was how the main character, Braden, is gay and is in love with Trey, the son of his father’s rival and long time enemy, Catherine. To be perfectly honest, it threw me off guard when I first found out about his sexual orientation mainly because I just simply did not expect it. Most LGBT books out there are set to be realistic and in the modern world and are certainly not in the fantasy genre. So this fact alone surprised me a lot and I really liked that – I feel like there aren’t enough books like this being written out there and that needs to be changed. Anyways this was something I highly applaud the author for thinking of and incorporating it in the series.The storyline, otherwise, was a mix of cliché and originality. Cliché in the sense that there are always two sides – good vs bad, light vs dark, family vs family, Capulet vs Montague, etc. and the Witch Eye series was no exception to this. In fact, it incorporated a lot of those I just listed. There was a family feud between Braden’s family and Trey’s family. There was a light side versus the dark side with humans on the light and demons on the dark. However, it was also pretty original. There were elements that were surprising such as the Widow and her powers, the Witch Eyes itself, the history of Belle Dam, etc. So while I found this book to be intriguing enough to complete, it didn’t suck me in as much as I would have wanted. Another thing I didn’t enjoy so much was the writing style. For some reason, it just didn’t sit right with me. There were many times when I couldn’t completely follow with the author’s train of thought because there were simply so many variables to consider. It was not a book where I could read it lightly – it was a book where I had to actually concentrate. And that made things difficult for me because if I wanted to read a book that I had to focus a lot on, I would’ve picked something more in depth than a fantasy book with magic and witches. It was not something I had signed up for so it wasn’t expected nor was it wanted, to be perfectly honestly.Overall, it was an okay book. I think the last book was definitely the best but overall, it was just meh to me. I didn’t dislike it nor did I particularly enjoy it. I think I just liked the fact that Braden was gay.

  • Liviania
    2018-12-25 03:06

    It seems like witches are having a moment in YA, becoming the next hot new thing. But trends always start with a groundswell, which is why you should pick up Scott Tracey's Witch Eyes trilogy. The final book, PHANTOM EYES, is now out and brings everything to an insane fever pitch conclusion. You can get all sorts of witchy goodness and there's zero delayed gratification! (I cannot be the only one who hates waiting for the next book in a series to come out.)Braden is in bad shape. The events of DEMON EYES left him powerless, grieving, and with a burning desire for revenge. There's an obvious solution, but it involves Braden becoming worse than the monsters already plaguing the town of Belle Dam. He's desperate to find a way to stop the town from getting crushed and keep his identity. It doesn't help that everyone else is trying to make their own plans. His dad is trying to keep him safe, his boyfriend is trying to keep him safe, and honestly, maybe Braden's plans would go better if he trusted other people more.I liked that there was still room for character development among all the crazy plot, mastermind vs. mastermind vs. amateur mastermind. In PHANTOM EYES, Braden still needs to find peace with himself. But did I mention that the plot is cray-cray? Now, I felt that things might've gotten a little out of Tracey's control at the end of DEMON EYES. The climatic showdown was a confusing at times. But PHANTOM EYES manages to up the clarity while throwing all sorts of unexpected developments out, rapid fire. Unexpected allies, double crossing, triple crossings, relationship drama . . . it's all in there.I highly recommend the Witch Eyes series. It's very silly in the very best way, and comes to a satisfying conclusion that ties up all of the major plot threads without being too neat. The characters might be in therapy for years to come, but they overcome their biggest hurdles. It's fast paced and fun, with lots of quippy characters. There's a nice dollop of angst, mostly having to do with a family feud that makes the Montagues and Capulets look tame. And almost everyone is a villain, depending on whose point of view you take. It's dark fun.I'm happy that Tracey has already started a new witchy series, The Legend of Moonset, because he's good at conspiracies, family ties, and consistent magic systems. And I'm happy that witches are becoming popular, because they're so much fun.

  • Adriana C
    2018-12-31 03:00

    I've been waiting this book impatiently, I loved the previous book - Demon Eyes and I couldn´t wait to know what would happen with Braden, because at the end of the previous book he swears revenge against her boyfriend/ex -boyfriend 's mother .... so I needed to know what was going to happen in this book, because this is the conclusion of the Witch Eyes trilogy.I really liked seeing the relationship between Braden and his father improves and he and Jason although they don´t have a parent-son relationship, at least they aren´t strangers anymore and I liked that little by little instead of feeling like a stranger in the house of his father, during the course of the book he begins to think of it like a home.Also something that I really liked is that at last! (finally!!) Trey dropped his blindfold (figurative speaking) and realized that his mother is an evil witch ( hahaha ) and he finally starts to help to some extent Braden with his enemies. I must say that in previous books I did not like Trey as Braden´s boyfriend, because he couldn´t see what was before his eyes, the fact that his mother wanted to kill Braden.My mainly complaint about this book is that I didn´t see Drew as much I would have liked. I love this character in the previous book and I love the way the way Drew and Trey that they´re frenemies and they banter all the time and Drew flirts with Braden to make Trey jealous. And Drew is Braden good friend because he help him and he even gets to save the life more than once.Overall, I really liked this book, but my favorite of the trilogy is Demon Eyes. But at last this story that was very like Romeo and Juliet (or Romeo and Romeo) has a happy ending, and the bad witches and demons have their comeuppance. I really liked the final fight, in which almost all the characters in the story are present and that Braden accomplished that the feud between the rival families (Thorpe and Lansing), reaches a sort of truce agreement. I loved this trilogy and I felt that it has a very good ending.I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

  • Chiara
    2019-01-14 10:00

    I didn't like Phantom Eyes as much as I liked the second book in the series, Demon Eyes. I felt like Braden was a bit annoying at times, especially how convinced he was that he had to hide things from everyone, and keep so many things to himself.There were some great moments, though. There were some huge twists that I hadn't been expecting, and that added a nice touch of surprise to the book. Even though Braden struggled a lot with his relationship with Trey, there were some lovely moments between the two. And talk about sex and sexual experience, which I was so happy for. These conversations need to happen, in queer books and cishet books, as well. So all the plus points to Tracey for including that.I still kind of shipped Braden and Drew. There was a shit load of sexual tension between those two, and I wanted it to happen. Even a little bit. Or maybe just have that tension moved into Trey and Braden's relationship. Because this tension was on point, I tell you. ON POINT.There were so many more things that I wanted to know after the book ended. So many questions that were still unanswered. I have to say that the ending didn't really satisfy me much at all, sadly.trigger warning: unfortunately, i did not take note of the trigger warnings in this book because i was not intending to review it at the time i read it. i apologise

  • Thibaut Nicodème
    2019-01-18 02:57

    Full review and recap on my blog, the Snark Theater.Phantom Eyes concludes the series quite perfectly. Just like the second book, Demon Eyes built on the base laid by Witch Eyes and improved, this one improved as well.The romantic subplot actually went back to a more natural flow, and while there were still subplots piling up, they weren't as numerous, or as disconnected, as they used to be. And the main characters all reached the end of their arc.The overall plot was very nicely put together, drawing from elements from both previous books, tying the trilogy very well together. No Two-Parts Trilogy here, no sir. I like that. I really do; it's excellent, as a matter of fact.Really, the only thing that costs this book its fifth star was a teeny tiny detail: the fact that the book, for all its improvement, keeps hiding stuff from the audience that it shouldn't. Specifically, a scene is intentionally skipped over by the book, only to come back in the very climax. That's… frustrating. I wish the book had found a better way to do it; a foreshadowing/payoff setup would have been much better.

  • Jesse Aubrey
    2019-01-13 04:02

    Okay, I really liked this series. There were a couple of times when I scratched my head or had to go back to a previous book because of something I forgot or something was unclear. Easily, my favourite part of this book was the portrayal of sexuality. "But this isn't about sexuality, it's about magic and demons and sh*t!" You're absolutely right, and that makes its portrayal all the more relevant. I'm sick to death of reading high school closet romance stories and dealing with the struggle of coming out and .... that's it. It's much more fun for the plot of a story to be something ELSE and maybe the gay character talks about coming out or hides his true self from friends and family, but it's not the focus. There are plenty of books like that already, so this is a breath of fresh air. Scott Tracey is great with characters. They were all unique and stood apart from the others, for one reason or another. Even characters who weren't in the story for more than a few pages had full lives and traits and qualities. Definitely one of my favourite things about the book.

  • Tara
    2019-01-17 02:46

    Strange , confusing and with a need for slightly better editing.In some bits the writing, in particular the visions that Braden has, tries too hard to be mystical , as a result that it was difficult for me to place it in the overall storyline . Speaking of the storyline, the main conflict seemed to be underdeveloped as there were too many things going on which weren't or only faintly connected to the main conflict, which as a result didn't seem to be fleshed out properly.I also didn't understand what the whole deal was with Lucien and Grace Lansing . Did Grace actually fall in love with Lucien or did she just want his power ? If it's the former, did she find out he was a Rider after she fell in love with him ? Do demons take on a corporeal form only when humans bind them or can they do so at will ? Despite its flaws , the Witch Eyes trilogy was an enjoyable read , and this end is rather perfect.

  • Michael
    2018-12-28 06:45

    I enjoyed this trilogy. Braden is an interesting character that continued to surprise me. Many of the other characters were deep and rich as well. The plot was complicated, with many players on the board moving at any given time. I felt that the third installment wasn't as tight and as clear as the first two books though. There were also many type-o mistakes that led me to believe this one was a bit rushed. I liked the complicated way in which Braden's love affair with Trey grew slowly over the books, and it felt natural that it ended the way it did. Although the solution to the main plot problem might be more realistic when dealing with uber powerful demons and witches, I was hoping for something different. I'd like to see what happens next, which I guess could be the whole point? Another sequel? I'd buy it.

  • Daphne
    2019-01-06 06:48

    So much happened in this book that it was kind of hard to keep track of everything. I feel like there were a few missed chances to develop certain characters more (Jade, Riley and Drew) and I still don't really feel the chemistry between Braden and Trey but the ending was amazing and wrapped everything up. I loved Braden as a character so much, he's flawed and realistic and still really likable. I have some mixed feelings about this book but because I loved the series overall and the ending was really satisfying, I'm still giving it 4 stars.

  • Abi Walton
    2019-01-01 04:46

    Thos book was really good like all of the witch eye series and definitely deserves 5 stars. HOwever i was disappointed with the end for through the last 2 books Tracy has led us to believe there was going to be an epic finish a sacrifice which needs to be given and although Brandon does have to pay a price i feel the ending could have been a little more dramatic. but still loved the characters and the relationship Brandon has with his family and friends

  • Mikey Smith jr.
    2018-12-25 10:02

    It is a perfect ending to the series but still leaves you wanting more. Brendan came from the abyss of sadness to triumphant savior. I loved everything about Phantom Eyes. It ended the series in a way that it started.

  • Damian Brzeszczyński
    2019-01-19 05:39

    The third book of the series was, in my opinion, a bit worse than the previous two. Too many visions, too little romance and this weird feeling like the author was rushing to meet his deadline. But... maybe that's just me :)Overall, I really liked "Witch Eyes" as a series :)

  • Tamarrion Lash
    2019-01-07 06:38

    Отличное завершение серии. Автор все очень аккуратненько подобрал и всем сестрам выдал что положено. ХЭ не совсем хэппи, но очень-очень правильный.

  • Kim Heimbuch
    2019-01-13 04:00

    Review coming after posted at its original source.

  • Tem
    2019-01-22 06:57

    It's good. Really good. I just doesn't feel like it's as good as the firs two books. The ending is fine, but not too satisfying. It is still one of my favorite series though.

    2018-12-26 07:37


  • Olivia
    2018-12-25 02:40

    That was certainly a whirlwind of a read. I like how it all came together in the end.

  • Brittany Perry
    2019-01-09 07:44

    Epic ending to a really good trilogy. I loved how different this book was. They flowed together very well and the characters are really diverse so it was a lot of fun to read.

  • Me, My Shelf and I
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