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Sebastian Black is a god amongst men: he’s devastatingly handsome and charismatic—and telepathic. So when his scheming mother, prophetess Kitty Black, announces that her son is the “next species of man,” the world begins taking notice. Together, Kitty and Sebastian forge a spiritual movement that celebrates “divine evolution” while warning of a mass extinction. But just asSebastian Black is a god amongst men: he’s devastatingly handsome and charismatic—and telepathic. So when his scheming mother, prophetess Kitty Black, announces that her son is the “next species of man,” the world begins taking notice. Together, Kitty and Sebastian forge a spiritual movement that celebrates “divine evolution” while warning of a mass extinction. But just as their fame and wealth are building, a tragedy befalls one of Sebastian’s disciples, and threats from Christian militants become too real to ignore.Sebastian flees Los Angeles—and his mother—in search of peace and freedom. One by one he encounters “common” people who astonish him with their uncomplicated stories of love and compassion: an aging lesbian couple; a Mexican handyman; a shy, anorexic woman; a recovering meth addict; a gay teenager; and an unthinking college jock. Surprisingly, each has a profound effect upon this arrogant young “messiah.”As Sebastian drifts further away from Kitty, she becomes more determined to preserve their celebrity status and glittering lifestyle. She sets out to reel Sebastian back to her—even if it means conspiring with his enemies, in particular a dashing young Spaniard who darkly mirrors Sebastian’s supernatural talents and good looks. But not even the telepathic Sebastian can foresee what happens next.From the sleek penthouses of Century City to the savage coastline of Big Sur, Black as Snow twists the beloved fairy tale of Snow White into a suspense-filled story of intrigue, spirituality, and greed…and the unstoppable power of everyday love....

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Black as Snow Reviews

  • Kate
    2019-02-05 17:51

    "Black as Snow" is what the author calls a 'deconstruction' of the Snow White story. Sebastian Black is a surprising re-imagining of the Snow White character; handsome, charismatic, and telepathic, but also incredibly callous and shallow. Sebastian and his mother, Kitty, lead a religious cult called "Evo-love," which sets Sebastian up as the next evolutionary step, while touting love and environmentalism. If you're looking for a fairly familiar Snow White structure, you'll find it, but Nolan does a good job of refraining from smacking the reader about the head with it. Sebastian, disillusioned and disheartened with his Messiah-hood, lives his "wicked" mother behind and sets off into the wilds of California for a little R&R. Along the way he meets a host of characters determined to show him the True Meaning of Life; this is a plot line that could be rife with cliche, but again, Nolan navigates it with at least a little skill. Unsurprisingly, my favorite of Sebastian's personal dwarves are Tess and Libby, an elderly lesbian couple running an inn along the highway. They, along with a handful of others, begin to teach Sebastian about Real Love and Personal Responsibility. Other characters include Reed, the Recovering Anorexic who's Learning to Trust Again, and Ramon, the Good-Hearted Hispanic Construction Worker. Evil Mother Kitty, on the other hands, sits in her penthouse and schemes various ways to get Sebastian back into her clutches, most of which revolve around his iPhone (it's an apple, get it?). There's also, of course, a handful of nutjobs who've conspired to bump Sebastian off, using the guise of religion to cover up their personal vendettas (the author's opening of organized religion starts to show here).Surprisingly, Sebastian's a pretty likable character, and I was interested to see what happened to him in the end. There were only a couple of scenes that threw me, but unfortunately, they were pretty big ones.Sebastian has several conversations with a character who has Passed On, both as the character is passing, and at the climax of the book, after Sebastian's been shot by aforementioned nutjob. They have a discussion about the nature of death & heaven, and it gets a little heavy-handed. We all come from god. All living things, even plants and animals have some of God...I think of God the sun that's always giving off warmth, and we're all created out of that warmth, which is life and love. Then most of us go back and rejoin with God, with that huge sun of love, when our souls are ready...That joy you felt is to God what raindrops are to a big thunderhead cloud. Those raindrops wash and soothe and clean and nourish. And eventually, as you learned in school, all raindrops return to the sky...All people are really just raindrops who help others grow. Then when we die, we return to God--that big cloud in the sky. The rest of Nolan's writing is fairly crisp, but there are a few places, like this, where it gets bogged down in metaphor; it happens largely in places where I suspect the author's true opinions are coming through.The second really unfortunate episode is the book's one sex scene. My problem isn't that it's explicit (which it is, fair warning). It's that it seems like it was written by a fifteen-year old girl writing her first fanfiction. I don't know who else could write something like this with a straight face: At first Reed was concerned, knowing she was not quite ready for their union, especially after feeling the size of him; it had been months since she'd been with a man, and she'd never been with anyone as heroically built as Sebastian. Later in the same scene, she watches "his rippled back and shoulders writhe and twist." Really?Even so, I recommend that you pick this up (it's $1.99 in the Kindle store) and push through to the end. After all, it is Snow White; the bad guys get their comeuppance, and the good guys live happily every after.

  • Debbie
    2019-02-06 17:31

    Sebastian Black has known he was different from a very young age and with his mother Kitty’s guidance went from strange kid who heard voices to Telepathic Evangelistic Susperstar. He’s rich, he’s handsome and he has fans literally throwing themselves at him on and off stage. Kitty sees nothing wrong with this and has in fact encouraged it, so much so that Sebastian has throw away one night stands at every venue. After a tragedy at the ripe old age of nineteen he’s having a crisis of faith, in himself, in Kitty and in what he believes. In his search for answers he comes across people willing to give him solace and sanctuary, he’s found links to his past and hints at his future but the closer he gets to the truth he’s also unbeknown to him getting in the crosshairs of a fanatic religious group out to put an end to his ministry and his life.This is described as loosely based on the story of Snow White in my opinion the focus has to be on the loosely, because Sebastian is no innocent flower. Our author has given us a tale of a misdirected youth who leaves home for soul searching and self discovery. He does this with legible and understandable dialogue and an narrative that is strikingly colorful and animated. And although at times that dialogue tends to limp it doesn’t disturb the reading enjoyment. He gives us characters who will run the gamut from girl next door to lesbian couple to ex-drug addict, to overbearing cigarette smoking mother, in other words eclectic to the nth degree, but they will never the less reel you in and keep you turning pages to learn the outcome of this twisted tale of Snow White the dwarves and the evil Queen. His characterization of Sebastian will make you hate and love him, mourn and curse him for his more than apt humanness and for his piety warring with his depravities. The other characters both minor and major are definitely worth getting to know and you will because Mr. Nolan intimates us to them all.This is a coming of age story, it’s a love story, it’s a dysfunctional family drama, it’s a story about friendship about diversity about tolerance and about intolerance. It’s a morality tale, a good vs evil story and a lesson in compassion and kindness that we could all use a little more of.

  • Wonderkell
    2019-01-30 21:30

    Black as Snow is a modern day retelling of the Snow White fable. Sebastian Black is a evangelical superstar who has amassed a fortune for both his mother Kitty & himself, despite being only 19. Like many a teen with money to burn he has become incredibly materialistic & narcissistic. But he feels trapped. Kitty controls his entire life (the evil queen) & Sebastian, who is starting to feel some doubts about his situation, just wants to escape. So he heads off to visit a friend on what will become a journey that will change his life forever. Along the way he meets many very ordinary people (dwarves) who teach him extraordinary lessons which change the teenager his is into the man he is meant to be. Let me just say that I normally avoid religious fiction if I can, but this is not necessarily religious fiction. It does speak of God & what God ends up meaning to Sebastian, but it is in NO way shape or form preachy. I adored this book. The correlation to Snow White is incredibly clever, the characters are beautifully drawn & I came to love them all (except for Kitty). The story line itself is at times gripping & at others beautiful in its description of how Sebastian comes to love the people he meets like a family. I cannot recommend this book enough. Ignore the word 'God' if you, like me, don't like religious fiction & just give it a go. You won't be sorry.

  • Maya Panika
    2019-01-22 18:57

    An interesting story but a bit of a curate's egg.I enjoyed it. Most of the time, it's a good read so let's get the bad stuff out of the way first. While I truly enjoyed the story, the writing felt in need of a good editor, the prose sometimes gets more than a little fan-ficcy and not in a good way; the chapter with the sex made me giggle.Setting all that aside, I'm still going to recommend this as a damn good read - far better than I expected from the blurb. The story is about Sebastian, a cult preacher with supernatural abilities - Sebastian is tall, blonde, impossibly good looking, he drives a cool car and wears obscurely-named designer shades; in other words, he's a bit of a Mary Sue, and he has a greedy, domineering mother he's trying to shake off. The story is a fable, Sebastian's progress from spoiled brat to human being. It's apparently a re-working of Snow White, which I can see now I'm done but never guessed while I was reading.It's a page turner, for sure, a little un-polished, but a cool read nevertheless and, all bitching aside, I really did enjoy it, an entertaining read indeed.

  • Mary Myers-Huff Barger
    2019-02-09 17:59

    This is the third book of Nick Nolan's that I read. I cannot begin to tell you all the things I liked about this book. I was raised in a religious home and a lot of what is said in this book, holds pretty true to what I was taught and had to UN-learn once I could. Being based on Snow White doesn't make this a dopey Disney story, there is some heavy stuff involved and Nick handles it all extremely well. Where it could have turned into a total "let's bash all religion" it didn't. Sebastian is a leader of a "church" it's clear from the beginning that Kitty is the catalyst behind his rise to fame. He meets some fantastic people along his journey that all teach him lessons without beating you over the head with it. With a good guy you love to love and a few bad guys you'll love to hate, this book should make a mark on your radar! Well done also with bringing in characters from other books to tie it all together!

  • Whitney
    2019-01-21 00:47

    I didn't make it every far through this one and that is saying a lot since there are only two or three other books that I have been unable to finish once I started them. The writing in this was atrocious. I have no idea how a book about telepathic kid being forced into creating his own religion by his mother came to be described as a re-telling of Snow White. Maybe I didn't get far enough to find the fairytale buried beneath the garbarge. Every single sentence was jammed full of the most unnecessary descriptives and everything had to be compared to something else. When the author compared beef stew to diarrhea, I was done. I couldn't take it anymore. Maybe I'll finish reading it some day...when I have absolutely nothing else left on my to-read probably never. I wish there was some way to get my money back.

  • Donald
    2019-01-22 20:52

    Not a bad book, but not sure it was what I expected. I have read Nick Nolan's first two books, Strings Attached and Double Bound and really enjoyed them. When I came upon this book, it was in the discounted section and I recognized the name and I, of course, made a huge assumption about the premise of the book. Even the cover eluded to my assumption. The primary character's are not gay. Additionally, I am not sure why, but Reed's connection to Double Bound didn't immediately register. Also, I must admit that in reading several of the other reviews, I did not see the Snow White connection. All in all, not a bad book. I enjoyed getting to know Sebastian, Libby & Tess, and Ramon...can't forget Chuck. The only cautionary blip is that this is not a 'gay' romance story, but a love story none-the-less.

  • Christel Grady
    2019-02-13 17:59

    LOVED IT! The last paragraph literally brought me to tears. Of course, that's probably due to a lot of my own personal life shit and all the death I've had to deal with lately, but damn. Great book! Yet another random library find. I heart the library.Tess paused in thought as a wistful smile bloomed slowly across her face. "My dear, everything worth having in this life comes at a cost," she replied at last. "And grief is simply the price we silly humans pay for love. But even as grief-stricken as I feel some days for the loss of Libby - and our friends and even our dogs - when I weigh all that love against this prief, I still consider love to be one of life's great bargains."

  • Star
    2019-02-16 20:36

    Black as Snow is an interesting loose rendition of Snow White. Meet Sebastian Black, who is a messianic figure who is on the run from his mother, who pulls all his strings. Along the way, he meets people who teach him valuable lessons and open his eyes to the ‘real’ world. All of the characters are richly detailed and the plot reads like it’s torn from the headlines, but with its own unique lushness. I would have liked to learn more about the evolution of man and the passing of the ‘old god’ and rise of the ‘new god’. Overall, I found Black as Snow to be an intriguing and thought-provoking read.

  • Georgina Sampson
    2019-01-31 17:58

    An interesting read, shows strength and growth of character for Sebastian black and he really improves and grows on you as a reader. People might not be his biggest fan at the start of the book but he matures a lot. His mother is the 'evil mum' character and all characters can be compared with people out of snow white which i think is interesting and intriguing. Definitely will read other books from this author and would recommend this book to people if they want to see an improvement of characters as you read on.

  • Jayson James
    2019-01-21 20:54

    This novel is unlike anything I have ever read. Once again, Nick has done a wonderful job writing characters that draw the reader in and (in my case) become attached to them. It was wonderful to see him include characters from previous books as well as introduce new characters. The storyline progressed at a pace to keep my interest, but not too fast to where I found myself wondering what was going on. I absolutely loved this book from beginning to end!

  • Andrew
    2019-02-15 20:30

    Much better than I expected. Bought as a Kindle cheap-o. Good characters, interesting story, slightly disjointed and the time got a little squirrely. All in all, great QPR to borrow a wine term. Retelling of Snow White set in an a New Age Christian cult type setting. Some gratuitous sex and violence, enough to keep me interested.

  • Erika
    2019-01-28 23:45

    Read using a Kindle loan from Andrew. He recommended it, I found the story engaging. I liked the character development, but I thought the end of the book was a little disjointed. I did like the author's note at the end, explaining the Snow White parallel (which I didn't find apparent in the book). A very different kind of novel, interesting concept, I would recommend it.

  • Molly Z
    2019-02-14 00:47

    This was a nice read. It could have been a little more challenging. a sweet story

  • Frank Mundo
    2019-01-26 16:31

    Check out my review for this book at the New York Journal of Books

  • Helen
    2019-01-24 18:31

    a good read showing the scary side of religious obsession!

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-01-31 23:47

    In comparison to the previous two novels by Nick Nolan I have read, especially Strings Attached, where I had immediately caught the connection with the fairy tale they were loosely inspired by, with Black as Snow I had some more double check to do, and in a way I’m still missing some “characters”. Sure, Sebastian Black is SnowWhite (Black/White), his mother Kitty is the stepmother/witch, and I think I even matched two dwarfs in Tess and Libby (Grumpy and Doc), even if I didn’t arrive to 7. Ramon is probably another one, and Reed is the female version of the Prince Charming. And yes, I didn’t commit a mistake since even if there is a gay subtheme, this is not actually a full gay novel, it’s more a novel about modern society, and there is everyone, gays, lesbians and straights.There is a lot of gay references throughout the novel, Tess and Libby B&B in Big Sur has each room devoted to a LGBT classic author, like Paul Monette, and the lesbian couple is reading a copy of Double Bond by the same Nick Nolan. One of the supporting character helping Sebastian find his way back to life (another reference, also SnowWhite was running away from her world but then she went back), Ramon, has a gay son who he deeply loves, unconditionally, like probably Nick Nolan would like happen to each young gay boy on his coming out.But in the end the main element of the novel is the searching of a new religion than in the end is simply the acknowledgment we are not alone in the world, that you are not an isle and that you cannot live by yourself without considering what your actions, or even simply words, will do to whom is around you. As I have always found SnowWhite to be a bit too much naïve, so is Sebastian; he is not against his mother ideas, maybe he doesn’t like how she is realizing them, but more or less he believes what she is telling him. Sebastian is living in a crystal ball, detached by real life, programmed to believe he is so much better than other people he can do practically everything.But Sebastian will learn a taught lesson: no matter how much you try, no matter how much you believe it, at some point you have nothing to do if not surrender to life, and the only think that remains to do is to love even more who is still there with you.

  • Caroline
    2019-02-16 19:45

    One of the worst books I have ever read. Utterly unlikeable characters, but more than that unbelievable characters. With the exception of the cuddly, old lesbian couple the rest of the characters and the storyline just lacked any authenticity at all. There were so many points when I found myself shaking my head in disbelief. Firstly, the notion that anyone would take seriously, let alone "like" a nineteen year old boy who claims to be a superior breed of man is ridiculous. Sebastian Black, to any normal person, is just a selfish little git rather than a charismatic and brilliant orator that people would actually pay money to see, let alone follow as the head of a religion, unbelievably called "Evo-Love". Reed was a real wet-weekend of a girl. The author couldn't quite decide whether she was shy or confident... or both? Who actually cares? The antagonists were a bunch of cardboard cut-out nut-jobs with little or no fleshed out background. It seems that just being a devout Christian is enough to fuel your homicidal tendencies. The final blow for me was the ghastly sex scene at the end which literally made cringe. Not sexy. Having read the author's afterword, he seems like a thoroughly nice guy and clearly had good intentions when writing this but that doesn't make it good. I must learn to get over my stupid need to finish whichever book I start.

  • Iliana
    2019-02-06 16:48

    This book has the elements to be a hit. Unfortunately, in the mix, something gets lost... Contrary to what usually occurs, I found the downsides of the novel in the earlier stages of the plot rather than at the climax. Nolan actually does an excellent work of bringing every subplot together in an interesting enough fashion.My issues with the book are more related to general ideas insinuated through the plot (such as women are in general stupid/manipulative/shallow/evil and no christian being worth a dime) than with an actual plot point. These ideas are big deal breakers for me; so it really affected the way I perceived the book.

  • Kimberly
    2019-02-16 18:49

    Over the years, thank goodness, I've learned to put aside books that do not work for me. This is one of those books. There are too many good books out there to read, so why waste my time on garbage. That is what this book is. The writing style is atrocious! I felt like I was reading one of my fourteen-year-old student's essays. The sentences were stilted and pretentious. I do not need all the brand-name-dropping to "understand" the details. The characters were unlikable and not "realistic." Do not waste valuable reading time on Black as Snow.

  • Lara
    2019-01-23 20:43

    i liked this book a lot more than I thought I was going to. I got it on a Kindle special, and when I started reading it, I kept waiting for the highly Christian references to go away, based on the blurb I had read on Amazon. (I don't happen to like in-your-face books of any religious nature.) In the end, the feeling did mellow because the book was so well-written, and the characters turned out to be the tolerant kind. I don't want to give any more away, but I do recommend this book.

  • Leisa
    2019-01-29 22:59

    For some reason, I kept on reading this one even though it was meh. Very loosely based on the Snow White story, with the main character (a new age religious guru) running away from the "evil queen" (his mother) and his adventures meeting all sorts of new people "dwarves", along the way. Like I said, meh.

  • Connie
    2019-02-06 19:46

    This is a Snow White novel. The protagonist is a young boy/man who leads an evolutionary religion scam for his evil, materialistic mother who pimps him out to anyone who will donate to the cause, male or female. The helpful dwarves are mostly homosexual Too much explicit sex for me. Another Kindle Daily Deal. Not a great one.

  • Jessica
    2019-02-06 19:39

    I'm glad I'm done with this. There were parts that really grabbed me but they were few & far between. I got this because it was supposed to be a modern Snow White ( with a guy in the title role) but it didn't really work for me at all.

  • Rin Okapi
    2019-01-21 19:48

    An interesting "retelling"of Snow White. The ending got a little too religious-y for my tastes.

  • Edgars Dāle
    2019-02-10 22:50

    A bit of a fluff of a story, good for the beach. Got this book from Kindle for free.

  • Matthew Horsfield
    2019-02-10 18:38

    I read his first two books about Jeremy and all his gay beach friends. Had to quit this book in the first chapter with all the religious references.

  • Rachel
    2019-01-20 20:52

    it's an ok coming of age fiction. Some of the characters are really likable, some you like not to like and Sebastian's character growth is believable.

  • Christine
    2019-01-17 00:32

    Total piece of garbage. Makes me irritated that I have this almost pathological compulsion to finish a book, no matter how awful it is, once I start it.

  • Leigh Ann
    2019-02-01 18:50

    Hated it. Such a good premise, deconstructing Snow White, but so poorly executed. Great title, but that's the only thing I liked. 17% into the book and I am done