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Una historia sólida y de afán clásico que habla de padres e hijos, de mafias, de venganzas y deudas. Igort, histórico de la vanguardia gráfica italiana, reinterpreta las claves plásticas del género negro....

Title : 5 el número perfecto
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ISBN : 9788495634221
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 176 Pages
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5 el número perfecto Reviews

  • David Schaafsma
    2019-03-24 05:40

    A highly stylized and beautiful comic noir novel set it Italy, in Naples. Igort's art is the centerpiece here, dramatically enlarging the scope of the mafioso story of Peppino, retired killer, who gives his son a special gun for his birthday. Things go awry, and papa has to reenter his old life. There's sweeping romantic flair to the drawing and tastefully melancholy color, two toned, with sometimes several silent pages, sometimes surreal dream sequences. The story isn't that original except in the visual telling. It's a gritty tale that has some manga and samurai film influence in places in some of the action and drawing of characters. I see a lot of Goodreads readers don't like the dialogue in translation, but I thought in general it was a strength, actually, taut and tough, with only occasional awkwardness. I really liked it a lot. I like Peppino's teacher girlfriend, his being reunited with his now fat sidekick, and the fact that people read comics throughout.When I say "stylized" I also think of Miller's Sin City and Eduardo Risso's work in 100 Bullets as "stylized", though each differently, but they do share this dramatic and sort of magical realism and thoroughly operatic effects in their approach to crime stories. The world over we like to make criminals into larger than life characters. To paraphrase Hemingway, who when Fitzgerald claimed "The rich are different," said, "Yeah, they have more money," I would say criminals are different, yeah, they kill people out of greed and power. They aren't special, but we make them special through out stories, and criminals are easier to fantasize as interesting than non-criminals. Coppola's Godfather series has operatic, larger than life effects, too, of course, and Brando's mumbling godfather role indicates he is this amazing guy… and we (okay, I) believe it. Igort's work is more muted, less explosive (literally, though killing of course does happen) than our U.S. crime melodramas. It's a smaller, more intimate story of an old man forced out of retirement (think Batman Returns, but just an echo of that, and in this novel we see it from the killer's viewpoint). I thought it was hauntingly beautiful if not the best or most memorable crime comic I ever read. But an art comic crime novel! It exceeded my expectations.

  • Dov Zeller
    2019-03-24 06:17

    I've been reading some sequential art crime novels and stories after seeing a friend's goodreads list and I must say, I don't love so much violence. But this book is intimate, powerful, meditative. Even comic books themselves become part of the meditation in several places (heroes vs. badguys, American comics vs. the rest). This is not all gritty crime all the time. There are wild, cartoonish dreams and visions, complex personalities and complicated family dynamics. The protagonists are rediscovering themselves after decades of giving themselves up to authority without question, stepping suddenly away from the rules with a poetic vengeance.The art is fantastic. It makes use of the whole page, breaks up into frames or framed and unframed panels uniquely according to the mood of the page. Igort makes exquisite use of shadow and light and shape and tone, of caricature and subtle details and physical and emotional perspectives (floors, walls, signs, windows, staircases, rain, fear, reverence, exhaustion, desperation, hope). Even the cover I could stare at for a long time, admiring the hard angles, the muted color scheme, the black umbrella, the noir-ish rain, the imposing, serious figure of a man and, beneath him, his wavy, unsure and unsteady cartoon-like shadow.

  • George K.
    2019-03-12 06:36

    Πολύ ωραίο νουάρ κόμικ της Ιταλικής σχολής του είδους, προσωπικά με άφησε ευχαριστημένο. Ένας εκτελεστής της Μαφίας που έχει αποσυρθεί από το επάγγελμα, ο Πεπίνο, ξαναγυρνάει στις κακές συνήθειες, με σκοπό να εκδικηθεί την δολοφονία του γιου του από μέλη της Μαφίας. Έτσι, όντας πλέον γερασμένος για το επάγγελμα, θα αντιμετωπίσει σκληρούς άντρες, καθώς και προδότες. ΟΚ, η ιστορία μπορεί να μην είναι ιδιαίτερα πρωτότυπη, όμως ο τρόπος παρουσίασής της είναι που κάνει το κόμικ αυτό να διαφέρει από άλλα παρόμοια έργα. Το σχέδιο είναι πραγματικά ξεχωριστό και ιδιαίτερο, κάπως μινιμαλιστικό και αφηρημένο, αρχικά με ξένισε λιγάκι αλλά σχεδόν αμέσως το συνήθισα και άρχισε να μου αρέσει. Η εξέλιξη της πλοκής είναι πολύ ενδιαφέρουσα και αγωνιώδης, οι διάλογοι καλογραμμένοι και ρεαλιστικοί, ενώ οι χαρακτήρες μου φάνηκαν πολύ αληθοφανείς, με αυτόν του πατέρα-εκδικητή να ξεχωρίζει με το βάθος του. Επίσης ο χρωματισμός είναι τέτοιος που δίνει τον ορισμό του νουάρ. Εξαιρετικός. Γενικά είναι ένα κόμικ που προτείνω στους λάτρεις των νουάρ, αν και ίσως το σχέδιο δεν ταιριάξει με το γούστο πολλών. Όσον αφορά την ελληνική έκδοση, την οποία τσίμπησα πριν κάμποσους μήνες με τέσσερα ευρώ, είναι πολύ ωραία, προσεγμένη και αισθητικά άρτια.

  • Elin
    2019-03-26 07:34

    Manages to achieve the full potential of the graphic novel formula in my view, by using stylised art to convey meaning gracefully (rather than blocks of text).Downgrading to 3, it's really a 3.5 but while I loved the style and enjoyed the story, I just didn't QUITE get enough out of it for it to be a 4. Borderline, but there was just something missing that I can't quite put my finger on.

  • Komuniststar
    2019-03-11 05:30

    Mafijaška priča koja na trenutke djeluje koda je nesto puno veće, a uglavnom pokazuje koliko je to malo. Jednostavan i efektan crtež, minimalistička boja.

  • Noce
    2019-03-11 08:34

    “Each cloud has a silver lining”Lo scenario di una Napoli anni ’70 eternamente avvolta da pioggia e tenebre, cinematografica nella sua bellezza tetra, fa da sfondo a una storia che ne ricalca, senza sbavature l’atmosfera plumbea. Se non fosse che in principio sembra la fine di una storia, ma è solo l’inizio di un’altra.Non ho molta simpatia per l’inglese, ma adoro questo proverbio britisc inneggiante all’ottimismo: “ogni nuvola ha un orlo d’argento”. Anche Igort credo ne fosse a conoscenza quando ha fatto la sua precisa scelta bicromatica: un azzurro-viola abbinato al nero, che da lontano luccica come l'argento. Il nero delle nuvole, l’argento dei confini. La faccia nera dell’umanità che piange, l’argento dell’onore che ti rimette in piedi.L’amicizia tradita che ti spinge a solcare nuovi mari, la perdita di un figlio che ti spinge ad alzar la testa, la sete di vendetta che preannuncia l’arrivo di una nuova stagione di vita. E così via.Non mi meraviglia che Igort ci abbia messo quasi un decennio per sfornare questa meraviglia. La pace interiore di un uomo, che sia all’estero dove non ti conosce nessuno, o nella città natale dove un tempo ti conoscevano tutti, richiede una metabolizzazione che va oltre la narrazione di una storia fine a se stessa.Perché ci vuole del tempo per accorgersi di cose come questa:“ ‘Ossai come fanno le patate quando invecchiano? ‘Ossai come fanno? Che, non hai mai visto che ci crescono i germogli? Si’ so’ vecchie, nun servono cchiu’ ma ‘n coppa a superficie ce sta ‘a vita nuova.”

  • Jeff
    2019-03-02 08:24

    Although a bit slow to get off the ground, 5 is the Perfect Number does eventually find its pace, and turns out to be a sublime work built around a twisting tale involving violence, dreams, nostalgia, and new beginnings (even for those in late middle age). [return][return]This work is particularly impressive because Igort uses a spare but highly effective drawing style, coupled with superb page designs, to present a narrative that can only function effectively in his chosen medium. This is not a wannbe novel or movie stuck in the graphic novel format - Igort wields the full power of the format like a master. [return][return]This a wonderful book, and hopefully will help to win Igort more fans in North America, since his talents are clearly indicative of even bigger things to come.

  • Frank
    2019-02-27 07:44

    Pretty damn good book. Not sure why I'm not rating it a star higher, but there's nothing really that resonates with me after having read it.The art is great, lightly abstract cartooning, with different styles for movies and dream sequences.The plot is interesting, but at times, while not exactly confusing...has a few gaps in the story telling that I didn't care for.Still, a worthy read, especially if you have an soft spot for aging hit men.

  • Aad Kamsteeg
    2019-02-26 09:44

    Great story - artwork is marvelous and to the point - better than a lot of movies pretending suspence.

  • Alastair Hudson
    2019-03-13 06:33

    I initially assumed this was an American 'underground' graphic publication but it's Italian. My first Italian "Graphic Novel".A quick glance and this doesn't look up to much, skim the illustrations and they fall flat. But to read through it properly is a different experience. What originally appears hap-dash gels into a brilliant play of heavy dark tones, light and precise lines and a pale grey-blue colour fields that constantly vary in their construction from scene to scene and page to page. Bright sunshine, confused gunfights in the dark, busy streets and rainy nights are all conjured up by a deft hand that's pure pleasure to read. The drawings reference loads of styles and techniques from the past; Braque's multi-sided cubist toning, the "clean line" drawings of French and Belgian comics and the "flattened" style often adopted by American "independents". But nothing is laboured and constant variety flows with ease. (Sadly, a few halftone graphics appear badly scanned or enlarged but I expect this is more to do with the limitations of the printing technique.)The story itself is emotionally complex and, as the author manages to squeeze into the narrative, way beyond the typical American comic book. A tale of families, lost loves, daring deeds, twilight years and the ties that bind. This being my first Igort, and Italian, "Graphic Tale" I'm impressed and will search out more...

  • Feather Mista
    2019-03-15 09:40

    Buena historia de género negro que, paradójicamente, le escapa bastante a las preconcepciones del género. Una historia violenta rutinaria se convierte en un viaje onírico que se convierte en una búsqueda de venganza que se convierte en un proceso de transformación interno que se convierte en otro viaje onírico que se convierte en una epifanía y así... Me gustó mucho como "poema" pero no tanto como historia en sí, aunque lo que narre esté bueno y aunque el dibujo resulte de lo más interesante. Arañó las cuatro estrellitas durante casi todo el trayecto pero termino promediando para abajo porque le faltó un par de sacudones más que me dejaran con ganas de más del autor. Y si bien pienso reincidir con Igort en algún momento, tampoco siento un particular apuro por hacerlo. La edición en castellano está bastante linda, aunque es asquerosamente cara y tiene, cómo no, un montón de errores de tipeo, de maquetación, falta de acentos y similares, como suele pasar con todos los que no se gastan en poner un maldito corrector ortográfico. Parece una causa perdida ya...

  • Dara Naraghi
    2019-02-27 06:22

    A straight-up mafia crime story set in Napoli in the 70s takes a few surreal turns in this graphic novel by Igort (aka Igor Tuveri). Peppino is a retired hitman for the mob who picks up his guns again to avenge the death of his son, also a mob hitman. What transpires next is an escalating spiral of violence and intrigue. The artwork, produced in an atmospheric duotone, is in turns sparse, dense, breezy, or brooding. If you like crime stories, this is a pretty good one, and the artwork is sequential storytelling is quite strong.The only problem I had with this book was the translation from Italian. The captions sometimes came off as dry, stilted, and academic. By contrast, the spoken dialogue tried too hard to affect an accent or realistic slang, but just came off as stereotypical and clunky. Stuff like "Get yar a** over here" or "dis here is my gun".

  • Andrew
    2019-02-25 01:18

    Ok this is one of those random gambles - I saw it on the shelf at the book store I help out at and realised it was something different. Its a graphic novel in a classic hard boil noir style set in Naples. At times it can be very stylish to the point of surreal but to be honest I think it adds to the appeal of the story as its set in the early 70s. I know nothing of the author or the back ground to the book and to be honest I am intrigued - its all too easy at times to accept the American graphic novel as being the bench mark - or that the Japanese manga is the only art form - no this is neither (and in fact it makes passing comment about those styles) and I think it is better for it. Yet another gamble has paid off.

  • Tim
    2019-03-09 01:36

    A nostalgic tale of a mobster seeking revenge for his son's murder. Not only is the writer sentimental towards an earlier era of the mafia, but so does the principal character get lost in recollections, and recognizes himself as an anachronism, and no longer suited for the role he is taking on. The book flows very well, and feels like a film. Igort acknowledges his debt not only to film, but to cartoons and the literary establishment in this genre, through dream, product placement and a scene in a theater. The scenery is very well done, not for the detail as in Akira, but for the way it sets and holds the tone of the book. The art is simple and effective, consisting of a blue/gray, white and black. 11/28/09

  • k10
    2019-03-10 01:16

    Igort has a beautiful, although distracting, way of mark making which lends itself to both the atmospheric mood of this story as well as to narrative confusion. However, it is still highly readable and the limited color palette is hugely visually appealing. A retired mobster sends his son to work with a new birthday preset: the King Cobra, a big beautiful six shooter. But the gun can't stop the inevitable. Family vs. family, the mobsters of Napoli engage in an epic firefight fueled by pride and loyalty.

  • Nick
    2019-03-18 02:27

    I haven't read shit in over a month. Not proud of this. I picked up this graphic novel (nicely drawn, somewhat engaging tale of Neapolitan mafiosi that I can very easily imagine being adapted into a movie) at St. Marks bookstore last week (from the remainders table in back, to which I usually make a bee-line). 'Read' it in an hour this weekend. Well, at least that's a start.

  • massi
    2019-03-21 09:27

    Un capolavoro. Cinico e disperato. Pieno di umanità. Una Napoli bellissima e scura. Sicari che piangono e l'onore tra i vicoli. Una storia di altri tempi, senza tempo. A masterpiece. Cynical and desperate. Human. Napoli is the beautiful and dark set of the story, with crying killers and the honor around the streets. An 'old times' both timeless story.

  • Ryan
    2019-03-12 09:31

    Maybe I missed the news, but in the recycling of the same old names on lists of great graphic literature, this never seems to come up. I'm making a concerted effort to dig through all the interesting looking Drawn & Quarterly publications of the past 5 - 10 years, and this is the first of what I assume will be many pleasant discoveries.

  • Bryan
    2019-03-24 03:33

    Graphic novel about a retired mafioso who returns to a life of violence after his son is killed. There are moments of real graphic beauty, great mood and atmosphere. But the plot and the dialogue are ridiculous. A shame.

  • Never
    2019-03-14 08:33

    A pretty great mafia graphic novel that is interesting on a number of levels. I don't really think mafia narratives are that well-suited to the graphic novel format, but 5 is the Perfect Number does better than I ever expected anyone could do with it. A solid read.

  • Wendy
    2019-03-12 07:41

    while the story is an italian pulp fiction type gangster mob sort of thing and nothing too mind blowing, i really like the layout of the book, the drawings are pretty fresh and interesting. and others wise serious eye candy.

  • VAle
    2019-03-06 04:26

    preso in bibliotecaNon amo molto il genere noir, ma sono stata incuriosita dal successo di questa graphic novel. Ben scritta e ben disegnata, Igort merita la lettura.

  • Ivana Hajdinić
    2019-03-13 03:34

    Jednostavan crtež i zanimljiva tema da dijalektom...Sviđalo mi se

  • Patrick
    2019-03-16 05:15

    Easily falls into the 10 worst GNs I've read.

  • Arpad Okay
    2019-03-21 05:38

    beautifully rendered italian pulp gangster comics

  • Seth
    2019-03-02 08:36


  • Tim
    2019-03-17 04:28

    A classy affair. Igor Tuveri’s style is pretty spare and the characters are treated coldly, but I enjoyed this graphic novel about a workaday Mafia hitman.

  • Dina Rahajaharison
    2019-03-05 06:16

    'Gaspiller la vie est un art dont j'ai été un véritable maître jusqu'à présent".

  • Neva
    2019-03-10 06:34