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In April 2006, Mary Turner Thomson received a call that blew her life apart. The woman on the other end of the line told her that Will Jordan, Mary's husband and the father of her two younger children, had been married to her for fourteen years and they had five children together. The Bigamist is the shocking true story of how one man manipulated an intelligent, independenIn April 2006, Mary Turner Thomson received a call that blew her life apart. The woman on the other end of the line told her that Will Jordan, Mary's husband and the father of her two younger children, had been married to her for fourteen years and they had five children together.The Bigamist is the shocking true story of how one man manipulated an intelligent, independent woman, conning her out of £200,000 and leaving her to bring up the children he claimed he could never have. It's a story we all think could never happen to us, but this shameless con man has been doing the same thing to various other women for at least 27 years, spinning a tangled web of lies and deceit to cover his tracks.How far would you go to help the man you love? How far would he go to deceive you? And what would you do when you found out it was all a lie?...

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The Bigamist Reviews

  • Lesley
    2019-03-18 10:22

    I got through this pretty fast, and it was an absorbing read.It's very easy to sit back and say "Just how gullible was she?" but having lived through a daughter having a relationship with a sociopath, it's equally easy to see how this can happen.My only quibble would have been why she allowed it to go on for 6 years, but he had her held by fear for most of that, and he was able to keep her under control using that fear, and just ramping it up when she asked questions.I'd hate to be walking a mile in her shoes, that's for sure.

  • Alfred J. Coscia
    2019-03-18 08:10

    Wow! Just Wow !You have to read it to believe it! It is definitely worth your time to learn of the devious nature of a true sociopath. It's frightening and riveting to learn how enmeshed people become.

  • Nicola
    2019-03-12 05:04

    I picked this book up by chance looking for a quick read and was engrossed from the first page. This book is about a lovely, intelligent woman who was conned by a sociopath who had a string of women and children, including another wife and home. It's easy to judge someone as a fool when you hear that they fall for the antics of a conman but after reading this story I realize I would have just as easily have been taken in. Although Mary was eventually set free and Will Jordan was convicted of his crime, it does not replace the £200 000 he defrauded her of, the debt he left her in and the shattered trust or heartbroken kids that were mere pawns in their fathers game. I contacted Mary after reading the book and was horrified to hear that although Will Jordan was deported from the UK to New Jersey once released, he immediately went onto an online dating site to get his next victim (under the name Will Allen). The NJ police want nothing to do with it and he is free to destroy lives again. Already another child has been born bringing his number if known children to 13. Read this book, recommend it to your friends and tell the world that Will/Bill Jordan/Allen is out there!

  • Erin
    2019-03-07 08:09

    Read this book! I originally bought this book because at the time it was 0.89 for the Kindle & I had just finished watching Sister Wive's and found their non-traditional lifestyle interesting and a bit appealing (from a sharing of duties point of view). I didn't quite understand what this was about. In this case Mary Turner Thompson spends 6 years of her life married to a man who has another family that she is completely unaware of. He explains his frequent time away as being in the 'CIA' and the lengths that he goes to, to deceive her are disturbing and incredible. This is a true story, but reads like a novel. I 100% recommend it.

  • Alice Caryer
    2019-03-18 02:57

    I bought this after going to Jon Ronson's Psychopath Night where he had Mary on as a guest. I was totally intrigued and wanted to know more, but I think the problem with this book is she just isn't an author. It's extremely repetitive, which just adds to the reader's frustration at the fact this went on for six years; I understand how it could happen but the way this book is written does not make for an easy read. I was also a bit horrified by how obsessed she was by finding out everything about him and what he'd done after she knew the relationship was a lie. I think she's brave to write the story, but it just didn't do much for me.

  • Sherri Miller
    2019-03-22 01:55

    What in the actualI felt terrible for all involved.. I'm even more sorry those children will at some point know their father was a child molesting idiot... the author did an amazing job of telling her story..

  • Tara Calaby
    2019-03-08 06:02

    This was absolutely fascinating. I admire Thomson for her courage in putting her story out there, because I'm sure she's been greatly criticised for her involvement with Will Jordan, the bigamist husband that defrauded her out of £200,000 and left her with two further children, despite his claims of infertility. The reality, however, is that we're all capable of being deceived by people like Jordan. Most of us – luckily – will never experience anything as devastating as the events Thomson writes about. But there are gaslighters everywhere and most of us will know at least one of them in our life. On a more technical note, the book moved a little slowly at the beginning, but was utterly engrossing once Jordan's lies began to fall apart. I stayed up late to read the revelations of the other women he had victimised, and finished the book first thing the following morning. A very interesting and thought-provoking read.

  • Lyanne
    2019-03-05 03:03

    Tja, wat moet ik hiervan zeggen. Het verhaal klonk nogal onwerkelijk en je gelooft bijna niet dat een vrouw daar in trapt. Als het een roman was geweest zou ik dit boek geen voldoende geven. Het leest wel lekker weg, maar de schrijfster beschrijft iets te veel hoe geweldig haar man is en hoe anders hij is dan anderen, dat het op een gegeven moment irritant wordt. Misschien komt dat ook omdat je weet dat hij een oplichter is.Omdat het een waargebeurd verhaal is, vind ik het toch iets indrukwekkender. Want hoe kan zo’n normale vrouw in al die leugens trappen? Het lijkt veel te onwerkelijk. Daarom geef ik het boek net een voldoende. Maar ik zou het niet aanraden om te gaan lezen als ik heel eerlijk ben.

  • dayle
    2019-03-06 09:53

    Awful I read up to 75% of this book and could not believe anyone would be so stupid it gives women a bad name

  • Kathryn
    2019-03-15 08:09

    this book was very interesting to read. Gives some insight into how people are taken in by sociopaths. I paid 89 cents for this book, and it was worth every penny. I like how she told the story based on what she knew at the time of what was going on. And later poked holes in the story when she talked to others that had known him.

  • Barbara
    2019-03-20 01:56

    When reading 'The Bigamist' it's far too easy to think the author must have been incredibly gullible or stupid to have fallen for her 'husband's lies - especially when he starts to bleed her dry for money - but I had the impression that Will was such an expert liar that he really did believe the lies he told and the games that he played. This is a fascinating read. In the same way that you can't look away from a car crash, it's hard to stop reading as the lies pile up and the layers of deceit are unraveled. Mary TT is not stupid but I could see how she fell into the traps set by her bigamist fantasist 'husband'.So why only 2 stars? It's not in ANY way to denigrate the suffering of Mary TT or any of the other multiple women abused by this man. It's just that a great story doesn't always make a great book. This reads like the kind of article you might find in one of those horrible weekly scandal magazines - the 'I accidentally married my cat' or 'How I failed to notice my husband was a woman' articles you see in 'Take a Break' and similar. As such an article it would have been compelling but it's a bit of a stretch as a full book.There's a good reason that people who've had terrible experiences hire ghost writers because great stories don't necessarily make great books. See, I just did what I'm about to complain about; I repeated myself. And this book IS really repetitive. After the first couple of times Mary arranged to meet up with Will and he didn't show up, you don't need another half dozen examples. After the first time he begged for money and promised to pay it back, you don't need a dozen more examples to show you that he's a 'wrong-un'.I liked Mary a lot but the book needed some severe editing so that her powerful message of suffering and recovery and her warnings to other young single mothers wouldn't get lost among all the groundhog days of repetitive abuse. Or it needed a professional writer to tighten it up a bit. That said, I kept reading and I was hooked because hers is a fascinating story but we know the ending before we even start and it's all just a matter of watching that multiple pile-up car crash happen on the page in front of us.I wish her well - and all the other women he abused and (shockingly) continues to abuse - and occasionally wish that justice might be a bit more direct than the system allows. As the old joke about castrating tom cats with two bricks goes "It doesn't hurt so long as you keep your fingers out of the way".

  • Jannelies
    2019-02-24 09:57

    Mary Turner Thomson heeft de moed gevonden om op te schrijven wat haar is overkomen. Ze bleek slechts één van de vele slachtoffers van ene Will/Bill Jordan, een charmante Amerikaan. Vanaf zijn vroege jeugd (hij begon toen hij 15 was) heeft Will vrouwen opgelicht en gebruikt. Nooit heeft hij éne cent aan hen uitgegeven, nooit heeft hij iets betaald voor de tien kinderen die hij in de loop der jaren bij diverse vrouwen verwekte.Voor Mary begon het allemaal toen ze als alleenstaande moeder van een dochtertje van een jaar via Internet kennis maakte met Will. Voor ze het wist was ze stapelverliefd. Dat hij de eigenaardige gewoonte had om nooit ergens op tijd te komen, en soms dagen of weken te verdwijnen, nam ze voor lief. Will vertelde haar namelijk dat hij voor de CIA werkte. En later vertelde hij haar dat hij wilde breken met de CIA maar dat ze dat niet goed vonden. Helaas scheen zijn leven wel handenvol geld te kosten, geld dat er ondanks zijn werk nooit was. Na zes jaar blijft Mary berooid achter, en ze rekent uit dat Will haar bijna twee ton heeft gekost (in Engelse ponden). Uiteindelijk barst de bom en wordt Will na bijna twee jaar procederen veroordeeld tot vijf jaar gevangenisstraf, waarvan hij er twee moet uitzitten. Voor de rest van de tijd blijft hij onder toezicht.En dat, lezers, is dan nog het vreemdst van alles: Mary schrijft dat ze dat een behoorlijke straf vindt! Ze zal dus twee jaar rust hebben. Het is ongelooflijk dat die man, na alles wat hij heeft gedaan, niet minstens twintig jaar achter de tralies verdwijnt. Behalve voor bigamie wordt hij namelijk ook veroordeeld voor fraude en kindermisbruik. Het schijnt toch zo te zijn dat zo'n man zo'n enorme aantrekkingskracht heeft op vrouwen, en dat hij ze zo goed weet te manipuleren, dat ze er vrede mee hebben dat ze het geld nooit meer terugzien en dat hij slechts voor een korte periode opgesloten wordt.Het boek is eerlijk geschreven. Je valt van de ene verbazing in de andere. Het is moeilijk om op een gegeven moment niet bij jezelf te denken dat Mary en de andere vrouwen (van wie ze er een aantal ontmoet) toch wel erg dom en naïef zijn geweest. Maar ja, al Will's slachtoffers zijn ontwikkelde vrouwen met een goede baan, dus érgens weet hij blijkbaar toch hun zwakke plek te ontdekken. Het boek is soms bijna spannender dan fictie, en laat je hoofdschuddend achter.

  • Michelle B
    2019-03-26 04:18

    Mary Turner Thomson is not a daft woman. She found herself in a dreadful relationship where she was subjected to six years of the most appalling treatment by a sociopath who surrounded her in a web of lies. It is easy as an outsider with the benefit of hindsight to judge her and say 'I would never have fallen for it'. However, Will had convinced so many people, women, business people (including the office of the deputy prime minister) and Mary's family. Whilst his excuses seemed far fetched, he had evidence to back them up (such as knowing current affairs in advance in advance of them being broadcast). This seemed to give credence to his back story of having inside intelligence.It is a fascinating story and, I could understand how Mary fell for Will's tall tales and once committed to the relationship found it so hard to get out.I would suggest this as a recommended read as a tale of caution for anyone entering the online dating scene or questioning the veracity of their current relationship and as a book that shows that one can survive and indeed thrive after a terrible relationship.

  • Nikki Westberry
    2019-03-15 10:09

    Mary Turner Thomson is a bad ass.This book was an honor to read. Mary has flipped that 6 years of abuse, depression, financial hardships, and heartbreak on its head. She's taken the pain and used it for only good. I'm so inspired by the strength she had to mother 3 small children alone while enduring this nightmare- and do such an incredible job! Then she gives her story to all of us which I'd a huge blessing. There are more and more people being born with no souls everyday. We have to be educated and know the signs if one was ever to cross our paths. The education is in this book. If Mary can be manipulated yo this degree it no doubt can happen to anyone. She's brilliant.

  • Stephanie
    2019-03-24 07:06

    The book isn't particularly well written, but the story is fascinating. Thompson met her husband online after separating from her daughter's father. He convinced her he was a CIA agent working in Europe. He isolated her from her friends, family, and job while taking her money.It is easy to wonder how she believed him now, but I am sure it wasn't so hard to believe as it was happening. He had proof and answers for everything. He kept her exhausted with late night phone calls and instant messenger conversations. He took all of her money and left her tends of thousands of dollars in debt.Parts of the book are boring and confusing, but it is an easy read.

  • Lorie
    2019-03-21 07:05

    Very well written accountof a woman who trusted...and whom of us doesn't trust their spouse? One reviewer said, how could one woman be so ignorant, which I found to the reviewer not the author. "Walk a mile in my shoes" comes to mind....yes, it's easy to judge, but not as simple as sitting in judgment.I don't believe she wrote her story to be judged, she wrote it to arm others with information, and no doubt was cathartic and enabled her to understand herself. You can't fault someone seeking to enlighten themselves or others. I wish her the best.

  • Marina Oppenheimer
    2019-03-24 04:11

    An Amazing StoryThe story of this woman who during six long years was cheated and left penniless by her bigamist husband is nothing less than a horror story. Although we all know that love is blind, the fact that she kept selling all her posessions to fund the bigamist secret life leaves us pondering in life mysteries. The book is well written, but perhaps would benefit from including less story details and more reflections on what is going on. All in all it is a good description of the psychopath next door.

  • Darren Wilson
    2019-03-14 05:03

    FascinatingYou wonder how an intelligent well adjusted woman could be sucked into such a situation. His reasons for not being around and dependable seem at first so far fetched you can't help thinking laughable. However his skill at manipulation was so good. He played on her loyalty and decency. I met someone like that myself many years ago and my heart goes out to this lady and her children. Thankfully my encounter was a lot less harmful thanks to the intervention of friends.

  • karen
    2019-03-22 02:12

    Excellent and offers insightThis book is well written and tells the authors story of her relationship with her husband .Sadly, the authors marriage and relationship had been based on her husband's very convincing lies and his ability to manipulate and con women. This is the story of an intelligent and educated woman who ended up in a bigamous marriage and was conned out of every penny she had. Left with three children to support Mary finds out she is not the only victim of this man's lies.....A must read.

  • Courtney Burns
    2019-03-04 06:18

    You know how you hear a story of a woman who finds out that her husband had a secret second family and you are like, "how did her dumbass not notice?" This book clears up some of that mystery. The writer is genuinely baffled page by page as the story unfolds. She seems pretty naïve - how many stories about the CIA can one woman swallow? - but at the same time you can understand her fear and reluctance to dig for the truth. A quick read, worth the time.

  • Stephanie
    2019-03-02 09:09

    I struggle so much with mustering up sympathy for Mary; but I applaud her courage in sharing her story. I simply cannot understand how SO MANY red flags were repeatedly ignored, especially upon finding concrete evidence of Will's other family. It actually became really frustrating to read - and even at the conclusion, I felt that Mary had immersed herself in a victim mentality with little progress in unearthing why she was so ready to believe the outlandish stories of the man she married.

  • Sentina
    2019-03-23 10:01

    It's a very honest account, and I complement her for that, I don't know if I'd have the balls to do so. It is pretty well written as well. But I do have to say, we would understand after reading, and I still don't. I only see huge warning signs from the very first start, so it either didn't work out the way she wanted, or she has been naive, that isn't a bad thing, love makes us like that. I do wish her and her kids all the best, as well as the other women and kids!

  • Mrs. Jacqueline Campbell
    2019-03-18 03:16

    Deception isn't the word!This book is not slushy, romantic or humourous. It is a true story of an intelligent woman's unbelievable story of the trust she has in a charming man. Made me aware of how do many people can be taken in by another human being and how the authors inner strength helped her fight through this horrific time of her life. I have already recommended this book to several friends.

  • Lorri Stanton
    2019-02-24 08:11

    Unbelievable!!!WOW what a book! I COULDN'T understand how someone could continue to put up with everything Mary did, but then understood how towards the end when she herself understands it. What a sick, horrid person Will was and I have not an ounce of empathy for him, he should have spent a lot more time in jail!!

  • Rianne Clarke
    2019-03-24 03:18

    It’s a really good book of a true life event. This woman has been so much it truly tells the story of a woman who was abused by an awful person. You do read the book slightly frustrated that she never saw through this man she called her ‘husband’. The book does drag a little as you know he is lying from the outset you are just speed reading to how all the lies come undone.

  • Bridget Holbert
    2019-03-11 04:15

    GoodI have never read a book like this! Mary, who falls in love and marries Will. Will is successful, handsome and likable guy.They have several children to their surprise since Will thought he was sterile. What a shock to Mary when she finds out who Will really is and how he deceived her.A true story.

  • Lureta Whitewing-Porter
    2019-02-25 07:09

    CourageousThis biography takes the reader in a personal story of one woman's account of being married to a sociopath. A con man, highly manipulative he was able to manipulate several women, preying on their vulnerabilities. It is a story wrought with a warning, as we are all gullible and can be especially maneuvered when we are emotionally vested in relationship.

  • Jill Gooch
    2019-03-19 08:52

    I couldn't put this book downI couldn't turn the pages fast enough. I too, was conned by a man many years ago. I wish I had listened to that inner voice that was telling me something wasn't right. Yes, we met online and he swindled me out of 21,000. Lesson learned and I have moved on. Wonderful story Mary and glad you are moving forward.

  • Jane Thompson
    2019-03-06 07:17

    UnbelievableThis story is just unreal. I find it difficult to believe that this author could have fallen for the stories she did, and that she so willingly served as a ovictim of his financial tricks. However, she makes a good arguement as to why and points out that he is a sociopath who had many wives

  • daintymiss1957
    2019-03-18 05:10

    Amazing!I couldn't read this fast enough. It resonates in my soul because I too have been kept in fear and controlled by a family member for my ENTIRE life. This book is so helpful. Read it.