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One Man, Two Women, Two Gods…who will survive the Trickster’s snare?Ghostly images materialize in Nina Weaver’s photos. Goons try to kidnap her. When her photographs are stolen and best friend is shot, she realizes that she has no one to turn to but her ex-lover, Pascal “Goofy” Guzman. Together they go on a desperate road trip in search of answers. The truth is darker andOne Man, Two Women, Two Gods…who will survive the Trickster’s snare?Ghostly images materialize in Nina Weaver’s photos. Goons try to kidnap her. When her photographs are stolen and best friend is shot, she realizes that she has no one to turn to but her ex-lover, Pascal “Goofy” Guzman. Together they go on a desperate road trip in search of answers. The truth is darker and more terrifying than Nina could ever have imagined. After their love re-ignites, they fall into the Trickster God’s trap....

Title : Chasing The Trickster
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Chasing The Trickster Reviews

  • Gaele
    2019-03-06 09:25

    What a fun twist on a paranormal mélange of Native American and Old European lore to create a uniquely new dark fantasy, and bring readers something new and different in this popular genre. This is not a book that ‘feels familiar’, nor is this author’s style reminiscent of any others that I have read. It is unique – and delightfully so. The characters are cleverly and tightly crafted, with plotting and timelines being far more variable and “Dr. Who” than one usually encounters. This adds some delightful twists that keep the reader wondering just what is next, while a surprisingly satisfactory conclusion leaves the reader both satisfied and ready to know more. Fortunately, I believe the author thought that would be the result, so a tidy epilogue ties up the ends and sets the stage for a whole new adventure with this Trickster god. There is tons of goodness neatly wrapped in prose, clever dialog and the engaging style of the author – making this one of the quickest and most satisfying low-calorie treats out there. I received an eBook copy from FMB Tours for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.

  • Fangs for the Fantasy
    2019-02-24 02:38

    This is a story with a twist that follows 3 people. There is Linda, wife, mother, photography graduate setting out to make her life work. She doesn’t have a perfect marriage and even her photographs have odd, phantom images, but she is making it work, alongside Pascal a university professor who asks her to work with him to write his book as they bother become enamoured with each other.Then there’s Nina, photographer though plagued with phantom images in her work. She’s supported by good friends and neighbours, but her life falls into chaos when her ex-lover returns out of the blue with hurried instructions that they have to flee to New Mexico – after goons try to kidnap her and nearly kill her friend.And Pascal, devout Catholic, still reeling from his divorce and fighting his deep affection and growing love for Linda and then Nina. And he’s carrying a passenger, the pagan god Cernunnos, god of lust and fertility who is constantly pushing him away from his rigid morality.Then there’s the Trickster. A powerful god he has taken an interest in the characters – and definitely has his own agenda.This book was a real rollercoaster for me. When it started, I loved it. I loved the concepts, I loved the switching to the three main characters/time periods and was eager to see how they fitted together. I wanted to see the conflict between the Trickster and Cernunnos and what it meant for Pascal that he was carrying such a supernatural passenger. And the characters themselves were complex and flawed with major issues in their lives that seemed like they were going to be addressed – like Linda and her deeply flawed relationship, Pascal and his wrongheaded policing of his wife’s sexuality. Nina being torn between her mysterious lover and her deep abiding loyalty to her friends.And the story started well – we had a brief introduction and then Nina’s life was suddenly thrown into chaos. Goons were chasing her, her lover had a god in his mind, her best friend was in hospital with a bullet in his chest and she was hurrying to Santa Fe to try and find some answers to the chaos that had suddenly over taken her life.An excellent start.Then it kind of petered out. The supernatural took a huge step back, occasionally appearing as a voice in Pascal’s head but otherwise it became a story of the mundane. Pascal and Nina taking a road trip, with their growing sexual tension and conflict with Pascal’s rigid morality. And memories of Pascal and Linda working together on his book, spending time together, growing every closer and always with that underlying tension of his attraction and affection meeting his morality andIt was decent, but it was a mundane tale, the magic and the mystery seemed to have become lost, even the reason for the road trip seemed to fallen by the wayside. And I had no idea how Linda was supposed to fit into the narrative or why introducing Linda and Nina was supposed to solve any of the problems Nina was facing. There was a lot of foreshadowing laid out and a lot of character development. We were introduced to many of the characters that added so much texture and depth to Pascal’s life and Linda became a fully formed person. But I was still lost and kind of wondering what I was reading and why.Then, at about 60% things began to fall into place again. A lot of major action picked up, some major themes were developed – including the ongoing powerful theme of environmental and the major consequences of that – especially in relation to healthy children being born. All of the little foreshadowing elements of Pascal and Cernunnos’s life came together to make the Trickster’s grievance very real and understandable. Things happened, there were grand revelations, all of the foreshadowing was suddenly wonderfully clear – and then we get the grand revelation of Linda and Nina. I cannot spoil it without completely ruining the book – but it brings a whole new level of themes and concepts to the book and turns what happened before completely on its head.Read More

  • Nancy (The Avid Reader)
    2019-03-17 06:46

    Nina, her best friend and next door neighbor Rich Flannery who she calls "the Geekboy" are out at "Mickey's" on a Saturday night. A guy dressed in a black t-shirt, blue jeans and cowboy boots walks up to their table. Now Nina is ready to jump this guys bones right there in Mickey's place. He ask Nina if she works at Quasi Gallery and tells her that he is interested in the photos of Nina Weaver and wants to buy one of her pictures in her Spiritus line. Nina knows if she tells him to go to the gallery to buy the photos that the gallery will get a commission. So she tells him that she is Nina. He wants to know if she has more photos?Nina and the cowboy who tells her his name is Joe Guzman are very attracted to each other. Nina and Joe start hanging out together. After Joe and Nina spend a lot of time together and Nina has started to care a lot for Joe he just ups and disappears right out of the blue. This upsets Nina a lot because she hasn't cared about anyone in a long time.Chasing the Trickster has a lot of twist and turns that just when you think you have it all figured out bam something else hits you in the face. April Grey keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time. She takes you on the ride of your life. She keeps everything hidden right up until the end. You think you know what is going on and then you turn the corner and your like what just happened?

  • Tee loves Kyle Jacobson
    2019-03-24 03:42

    Chasing The Trickster is a refreshing read with a little mythology and folklore in it. I have to say that it was very comforting reading this book because it did not follow the regular story telling pattern that a folklore or mythology story tells. The Trickster God is up to no good he has his eye on a new victim to play a nasty trick on and when he does he is surprised by how the person acts. Nina is a photographer and when she looks at her recent photos she thinks she sees ghosts. After her best friend is shot she turns to the only person she trusts and that is her ex-boyfriend Pascal. Pascal is determined to get to the bottom of who is trying to hurt Nina but what he doesn't realize is that the danger and the truth are darker then he or Nina could have imagined. As their love re-ignites and they come together as one Nina and Pascal will have to fight like hell to remain together. The trickster has so many tricks up his sleeve and he wants to have some fun.This is such an amazing story that it is a MUST READ! Go on out and get it and read it and see what tricks the trickster has in store for this couple!

  • ChristinaTorretta
    2019-03-21 08:23

    I have been really lucky and have read quite a few books lately with mythology interspersed throughout the stories. This one is also has some mythology in it, which again, I am so glad to read about! I haven’t read much Native American lore however and although I knew about the Trickster, this definitely has some twists that I didn’t see coming.The characters really pull you in. I love characters that you feel are REAL. They are not perfect but they are so well written that you think they are perfectly human.What I absolutely loved however is that all throughout the twists and turns you wonder where this plot will take you and the ending fits it perfectly. All the questions you have built up have been answered. I love reading a book with an ending! No cliffhangers to leave you waiting around for the second book for a year or two, it’s fabulous! The story was good, the ending was good, the characters were a ton of fun. All in all a really good read but I do love a good bad guy! ;)

  • Jackie
    2019-03-21 08:19

    I really enjoyed this book. I thought it was a good start to the series. The characters are very well-formed and the story has some really wonderful twists and turns. The love triangle between Joe, Pascal and Nina was just a really good addition to this book. Being that Joe is basically residing inside Pascal makes it interesting when one takes over the other. I also love the Pascal/Linda aspect of the story. I think that added a depth to Pascal that you don’t initially have. This was a real page turner that won’t allow you to put it down until you are finished and panting for the next one. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys Paranormal and fantasy. April Grey is an excellent writer that keeps you guessing and moves the story along at good pace. You won’t regret picking up this book!

  • April
    2019-03-04 04:34