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Title : Horses nine; stories of harness and saddle
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ISBN : 13052573
Format Type : Kindle Edition
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Horses nine; stories of harness and saddle Reviews

  • Erica
    2019-02-28 08:46

    very satisfyingi recommend these stories from long ago. they are an interesting look into how the history of man and horse are intertwined.

  • Theresa
    2019-03-09 07:59

    1. Skipper- 31/2 stars. Skipper is a police horse and Reddy is his rider. Skipper gets a lump and the force gets rid of him. Skipper goes from one abusive situation to another until someone finds him and gets him back to a now rich Reddy.2. Calico-3 1/2 stars story of a farm horse that annoys the farmer and gets sold to a circus. He becomes the pampered show pony of a bareback rider and as they go through on a parade many years later Calico still recognizes the other horse from his original owner.3. Old Silver-3 stars fire/rescue horse who gets injured. He gets taken away to get better but gets right back to fire recue as soon as he is better.4. Blue Blazes- 3 stars- the story of a very badly treated farm horse who only loves Lafe the badly treated farm boy. Blue Blazes is treated so badly that he eventually becomes evil. Of course eventually Lafe as a n adult finds him and he goes right back to being gentle.5. Chieftain- 3 1/2 stars Chieftain and his rider both yearn for country life. When Chieftain gets wore on they give him and his rider a break in the country and they both get bored and escape back to the city.6. Barnacles-4 stars a sea man wants to marry a widow but she won't go by boat. So he and his first mate buy a horse and carriage to bring her home. They end up dying the horse and creating a boat out of the carriage. It's hilarious.7.Black Eagle- 3 stars the story of a horse that after being branded hates all cowboys so he eventually escapes and wrecks havoc on every horse operation around . Eventually he gets caught and subdued. He then becomes a race horse? That part is weird. I think the author got lost on how to end that story.8. Bonfire- 2 stars . Bonfire was at a horse show and they half abused him just to show him. A snobby miss wanted him and then made him part of her carriage team. After so long he gets used up so they sell him and he gets abused. (this is a trend in these stories). Then the carriage driver finds him and takes him in to help him support his life.9. Pasha- 3 stars a pure Arabian gets sold to a Kentucky horse farm and becomes Miss Lou's pampered pet. A nice man named Dave teaches him cool tricks. One of the mean farm hand eventually takes him and abuses him as a horse in the civil war. When the mean guy goes down, oddly Dave finds Pasha and using the tricks he taught him gets up on him and takes him back to Miss Lou.

  • Lena
    2019-03-13 09:51

    If you like Black Beauty, you'll like this.