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In this classic of alternate history by grand master Philip Jose Farmer, Native American bomber pilot Roger Two Hawks bails out over enemy territory in WWII, only to find himself on another Earth-one in which the American continents never rose from the waters, and the ancestors of the American Indians remained in Asia and Europe-an Earth embroiled in a world war of its ownIn this classic of alternate history by grand master Philip Jose Farmer, Native American bomber pilot Roger Two Hawks bails out over enemy territory in WWII, only to find himself on another Earth-one in which the American continents never rose from the waters, and the ancestors of the American Indians remained in Asia and Europe-an Earth embroiled in a world war of its own, with Two Hawks caught in the middle....

Title : Two Hawks From Earth
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Two Hawks From Earth Reviews

  • Ubik 2.0
    2018-09-28 23:15

    aggiornamento vecchio libro letto chissà quando

  • John
    2018-09-29 01:22

    I won't even begin to pretend that I'm an expert or even barely knowledgeable with formatting or the like. This is the first review I've written on the site, and I discovered the site yesterday. I thought the site is a great idea and a perfect way to store information about the books I've read, the books I want to read and the like.I've just finished Two Hawks from Earth (October 10, 2010). I read the Berkley paperback version dated July, 1985. This appears to be the first paperback in this form. There was an Ace hardback from 1979 and the book, in different form, was published in 1965 as The Gate of Time.This book at heart is an adventure yarn in the spirit of the fantasy pulps of the 30s through the 60s-70s. The book is entirely plot/story-line/action driven with little or no characterization. The book draws you along, assuming that you are interested in SF/fantasy, and in particular the concept of time travel, parallel universes and the like. Don't expect anything "deep" with regard to the SF background as to why it may be possible to enter a different world: this is simply a plot device to get a modern (in this case, modern means a WWII-vintage individual) person into a somewhat different stream of time, and explore the possibilities from there. Not to beat around the bush, if you are a Farmer fan, and I am, read the book. It is a quick, easy, engrossing read.To be clear, this is not one of Farmer's best works--this is no To Your Scattered Bodies Go. At times the writing seems hurried. Certain chapters seem to cry out for massive expansion, other chapters don't necessarily advance the book as quickly as I would've liked. But if you are a fan of this type of "pulpy" SF, you'll be used to these types of criticisms, and you'll forgive Farmer for matching the standard of the industry rather than exceeding it. In a sense, there is a parallel here to the Tiers books, as the "gate" concepts used in Tiers are used in Two Hawks From Earth as well. One can almost sense the concepts and thoughts whirling around in Farmer's mind between what he accomplished in this book and in the Tiers books, which after all first date from around the same time.The paperback has a nice Boris Vallejo cover dated 1978. There is also a 3 paragraph forward from Farmer dated '79 in which he notes that he's added about 10,000 words to the book, and clearly implys that he was unhappy with the text of the version that had been published nearly a decade and a half previously.

  • Rick
    2018-09-15 19:23

    In the genre of alternative history/science fiction. Farmer has become something of a legend as an early pioneer of classic sci-fi. Two Hawks is very enjoyable and zany in a good way.

  • Paul Weimer
    2018-10-06 03:40

    The scene is World War II. Native American Bomber Pilot Roger Two Hawks, off course on a mission to bomb the Ploesti oil fields in Rumania, has a mid air collision with a German plane over enemy territory. Along with Pat O'Brien, turret gunner, he is the only person to successfully manage to get a parachute open and descend to the countryside.Hawks felt something odd just before the crash, however, and that oddness is reinforced when Hawks and O'Brien land. The people are all wrong, with technology distinctly primitive (~World War I era) by even backwater Rumanian standards. What's more, they speak a language that Hawks recognizes as a derivative of an Iroquois tongue.Hawks, as a reader of science fiction and comic books has figured out what has happened. Somehow he and the gunner have wound up in a parallel history. One where the Siberian tribes that would have gone to America (only a chain of islands here), instead rolled west and vastly changed subsequent history. But events quickly sweep up Hawks along, as this world has a World War on a scale similar to his own going on...Two Hawks from Earth is the story of Roger's quest to make his way through this world, and find a way to get back home. Along the way, his skills in this slightly technologically backward world are much in demand. And, of course, like any good adventure novel, there is always the love interest.Some of the science (especially the ethnography) is outdated and flat out wrong. Given that, though, Two Hawks from Earth does what Farmer wrote very well--action and adventure, with a protagonist making his way in an unfamiliar world. I read this book years ago in its bowdlerized and shortened edition (The Gate of Time) and I wondered if the re-read would hold up to my memories. I noticed the differences in the text, but the basic premise of the novel and the writing still held up for me. I enjoyed it heavily. Fans of Farmer should not miss this reprint of a long-out-of-print novel, and fans of Alternate History novels will appreciate this as well. Its not a door stopper that people such as Turtledove put out, Farmer keeps the pace crackling and the novel and story never get dull.Sometimes you can go back into your reading past and come away delighted again. I certainly was in this case.

  • Jack
    2018-10-02 22:31

    Farmer has always been my favorite oddball in the speculative ("What If" sci-fi) fiction genre. This one doesn't let me down either... and I've just found out (after owning many of his books for over 25 years) that he is a Hoosier!)Roger Two Hawks is an Iroquois that has managed to move up through the ranks and become a bomber pilot in WWII. His plane is shot down over the Ploesti oil fields and he feels a sudden, sickening lurch just as a Nazi fighter plane hits his wing. Once on the ground, nothing makes sense and he finds himself in a Europe that is far different. A great tale of "what if North America never existed and the AmerInds never migrated?He does a marvelous job. I'm going to recommend this book to a friend that is part Cherokee.

  • Steve
    2018-09-20 01:33

    Well worked out alternate-Earth story. Imagine the planet Earth with no Western Hemisphere. Now imagine that, because there was no Bering Strait to anywhere, the ancient nomads turned west toward Europe, instead of east into North America. This is setting for Farmer's very well thought-out novel of what European history would have been like with invasions by people whose culture and language would have been the basis of Native Americans if there had been an America. Also, a Europe without all the plants and animals which originally came from the Americas (horses, rubber, etc.) A good adventure story with a realistic ending. I recommend it.

  • David Agranoff
    2018-09-23 03:28

    Wow, amazing speculative fiction in an ultimate what if novel. Two Hawks from Earth explores the idea of how earth might have developed had north and south america stayed below the ocean. At the same time it has a really alternate universe story as a a character crosses from our universe and has to battle a nazi in a arms race to arm the alternate universe. amazing amounts of detail and research went into the history and culture of this other earth, and at the same time there is a swashbuckling tale. Very cool.

  • Annabelle
    2018-09-30 02:36

    A Kindle download via The Burgomeister, The Gate to Other Dimensions would have been a more apt title for this one. Loaded with gratuitous violence and heady alternate-world history (too much!), our protagonist Two Hawks is alpha male extraordinaire who can out-gun, out-knife and out-tackle Stallone, Willis, Seagal and Schwarzenegger in their primes. Nifty ending, thus the 2 stars, but I forgot said protagonist's name twenty minutes after finishing the book. Yes, I had to reread the first few pages for this review.

  • Travis
    2018-10-01 03:34

    World War two pilot flies through a rift in time/space and lands on an alternate earth, where history took a major turn.Neat idea and Farmer has thought through his alternate history, but the book tends to just wander around. The ideas are good, so you go along with it for awhile, but it drags after awhile.The ending was clever.

  • Jaimee
    2018-10-03 22:23

    An enjoyable action/sci-fi novel about travelling through parallel universes. Two Hawks reminds me of Harrison Ford's character in Raiders of the Lost Ark. The lone, rugged explorer, versed in many different languages, and easily adaptable to his unfamiliar surroundings. My first Philip Jose Farmer book. Bonus: Cover art by Boris Vallejo

  • Chris
    2018-09-21 00:37

    Entertaining as a historical artifact - it's interesting seeing how quickly an author can go from being progressive for his time to sounding anachronistic. Farmer was ahead of the mainstream in recognizing the sorry deal Native Americans got and the degree to which historical accident which afforded Europeans the upper hand but was still unable to have a strong, first-class female character.

  • Horse N.
    2018-10-14 03:18

    Meh. This was recommended to me as a time travel book. It wasn't. It's an alternate history or alternate universe story. Again, it won't challenge your brain. The only reason I liked it less than The Green Odyssey is that it was about war - just not that interesting to me.

  • Charles
    2018-10-12 19:24

    A kind of mix of Sword & Planet with other types of heroic fantasy. The adventures of a Native American hero on an alternate Earth.

  • Babete
    2018-09-18 02:35

    ( Universos Paralelos )

  • Dan
    2018-09-27 19:18

    A parallel universe story with a twist at the end. Fast moving, well written, and easy to read. I like the social commentary that Farmer throws in every now and then.

  • Justin Macarthur
    2018-10-10 22:32

    The concept behind this book held great promise but the brutal torture and cold blooded characters sucked all life out it.

  • Clinton Sheppard
    2018-10-16 00:43

    A pretty good WWII parallel. Accidental meetings between characters are pretty coincidental.

  • David Blecher
    2018-09-18 00:26

    A War of Shadows