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The Disciples of Goedric, A Trilogy I. Gay Gene RisingII. Guardians of the BloodIII. SoulFire and TearsAll three books is one larger format volume.Gay Gene Rising: Etan Reyes Llamas, AKA, Patient G—a frail young man who is plagued by horrific visions is released from the hospital after his rare blood condition leads to the discovery of the gay gene. Within weeks, IFC PharmThe Disciples of Goedric, A Trilogy I. Gay Gene RisingII. Guardians of the BloodIII. SoulFire and TearsAll three books is one larger format volume.Gay Gene Rising: Etan Reyes Llamas, AKA, Patient G—a frail young man who is plagued by horrific visions is released from the hospital after his rare blood condition leads to the discovery of the gay gene. Within weeks, IFC Pharmaceuticals announces AEG/IS, the gay cure. While the world is busy debating the drug’s merits, a suspicious fever kills hundreds of thousands of gay men in the matter of hours, presenting millions upon millions of people with an impossible choice... take the gay cure or die. Guardians of the Blood: Etan flees his Chicago apartment, narrowly escaping corporate henchman who will stop at nothing to get him back under their control. His only hope lies with a rag-tag group of friends, led by the redoubtable Sues, two tough, old-guard lesbians who never thought they’d live long enough to witness the horrors of a second gay plague. Sue DeGault and Sue Keller pray for strength as they prepare to battle fate, and the IFC, a corporate goliath controlled by a powerful family with roots dating back to the days of King Yoshiyahu of Judah—an ancient family that has been raging a religious war against homosexuals for 2,700 years. SoulFire and Tears: In the remote mountains of Mexico, a great grey-wolf raises its muzzle and curls back his lips to taste the air. The scent of blood stings his palette, and he howls into ancient winds as they paint the mists with death. The winds were born on the battlefield, in a time long past. They saw the Great Purge of King Yoshiyahu. They witnessed the atrocities that were committed in the name of Yahweh, and they moaned in anguish as the blood of the Disciples of Goedric muddied the ground. The Sons and Daughters of Goedric had fallen, and their once noble creed was trapped in time, drifting like a ripple across an endless sea, waiting for the second dawn of Man’s hope—with no sign of shore.Prepare to remember what you should never have forgotten—for these pages were written for you......

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The Disciples of Goedric: A Trilogy Reviews

  • Thom Kennedy
    2019-04-24 14:55

    I wasn't going to write a review because I initially felt that if I wrote what I thought that my reasons for loving this book were my own and that it wasn't particularily important to share them with others.Then, I thought about it a bit more and I decided that maybe there were others out there not so unlike me and that perhaps my keeping my feelings to myself was a bit selfish.. so here goes. Take it or leave it.This book was sent to me by a lesbian friend of mine as a kindle gift on Amazon. She sent a little note with it that read... you are not alone and nothing is impossible. Of course she is wrong (some things are impossible) but her heart is in the right place.To be honest, i've been in a dark place for long time. Yes I am gay, openly, but let's just say that sometimes life doesnt seem to care how much weight it puts on your shoulders.No matter. I read The Disciples of Goedric Trilogy not quite knowing what to expect, and what I found was an awareness and a sense of worth that I thought was long lost to me.In truth, I am still in a dark place, but now I understand where I am much more than I did before and I think I have the strength to work my way out of it and to be everything that is inside of me to be.That's what this book means to me. So I gave it 5 stars and I would have given it half the stars in heaven if they were mine to give, because this tale (fiction or maybe inspired truth) gave me enough light to find a path to a better place.I have never read a book that made me so happy to cry. And not to take anything away from the author, but I just know that some of its pages must have been inspired by some muse living on a higher plain.Whether you are gay or straight, black or white, man or woman, young or old, these pages will touch you in a way you cannot imagine... if only you have the courage to listen with an open heart and an open mind.

  • Dayna
    2019-04-23 13:00

    I was going to try to write this review without using the word epic, but that's not going to happen. This book embodies the word epic as you would have described blockbuster classic movies. The locations are varied and well researched, the characters are diverse and compelling and the storyline whilst encompassing elements of fantasy/fiction also deals with very contemporary and relevant current affairs.Books can entertain, inform and hopefully enthrall the reader. Jeffrey Jude has accomplished all of this and more. My recommendation? Either buy the trilogy or download all three books together as the cliffhanger endings of the first two books will have you rummaging for your credit card at 3am to find out what happens next! Every character in these books has a distinct voice which is, for me, a crucial element of any good book. It would be very difficult to catagorise this trilogy into a specific genre as Mr Jude has managed (very competently I must add) in covering over half of the genres offered on the review list. Great books, highly recommended.

  • scavola scavola
    2019-04-04 17:02

    It starts of simply, with a group of friends getting together for dinner, add a touch of sci-fi and fantasy and BAM, you’re off on an epic adventure! J.J.’s quite a bastard though, as the action shifts into high gear the book ends, it doesn’t stand alone, so plan on buying all three or the combined edition. Reading this, I thought of Perry Brass’s Mirage Trilogy, as he also combines sci-fi and fantasy, along with addressing contemporary issues, and I thought of James L. Halperin, for being well thought out, informative speculative fiction. It was also nice to have the inclusion of so many lesbian characters. And did I mention the wolves?

  • Jurianne
    2019-04-15 13:10

    I completed reading this trilogy in one breath. I couldn't do anything else, no homework, no resume editing, no nothing, I barely took time to boil water to make myself some instant corn soup and quick noodles. I simply didn't want to get away from the story by making a more healthy meal ( sorry mom!) It was that intensive of a read for me. Dayna used the word "epic" to review the books and I fully support the recommendation. As I was reading through the pages, I can fully imagine frame per frame what is happening. I felt as if I was part of the story and not only as a reader. Have to admit that the story description and the cover don't do justice to this awesome story. I've actually put it aside for a long while, not expecting it to be this good. As I finished the last page, I found myself looking for more. I gave the trilogy a 5.First book earns a perfect score from me. I would gladly give it a 6 out of 5 if I can... and it never happens before no matter how good a story was. This is my first. Second book got a 4.5 Simply because I would end the second book at another segment of the story but It was such a good read still. I found myself really into the story, getting angry and emotional toward the story development, the characters, their choice and decision... it was so intense. and I loved the ride.I would rate a 4 for the last installment of the trilogy. It was good. It was more than good. I felt as if it was an open ending and yet I feel it is completed in itself ... I think I wasn't satisfied with the wrapping ... maybe because I'm simply greedy and wanted more from it? I'm not too sure. It was a good ending ... but not a perfect one. I still have many questions that are yet to be answered. But this was such a great ride! So many feels. I loved every moments I spent reading this and can only regret that I didn't start enjoying it any earlier. Awesome read!

  • Eric
    2019-04-18 12:49

    FantasticWonderful read full of intrigue, love, joy, and many other happy things. This put an interesting twist on religion that I find very amusing and some parts seem kinda prophetic. What if the world was on the verge of a gay cure to be followed by a plague...?

  • Barbara
    2019-03-31 14:11

    Disciples of Goedric: a Trilogy received from Goodreads giveaway. Absolutely fantastic book! Took me a while to read it only because I wanted devote my entire attention to it. I can't WAIT to read more of Jeffrey Jude!

  • Benjamin
    2019-04-08 19:08

    This has a lot of potential, however the shortcomings far out-weight the good. The basic idea is fine, and the characters are interesting, appealing, and a slightly unusual mix of ages and orientation (gay and lesbian).This is a very long read in three parts, and I am unable to make it to the end as it stands, it is so desperately in need of serious editing. I can just about take the information overload, after all it can be argued it is relevant to the plot, although it might have been better, and more succinct, delivered straight to the reader rather than disguised, among other things, in long winded dialogue. What I cannot take is the pages of inconsequential drivel - ““I’ll run back to the SUV and grab a couple of bottles of red wine for the old people, as well as the rum for you and Nathan. You grab the plastic cups from under the table and the bottle of coke from the cooler,” Kara directed, before heading to the vehicle.“Grab the marshmallows as well,” Kara called after her.“Can we help?” Nathan asked, walking up to the picnic table with Etan.“Actually, yes you can sweetheart. Can you boys take those bowls of chopped meats and vegetables, the skewers, and this roll of paper towels, fireside.”(sic). . . and so it goes on, and on.This book runs to nearly 700 pages, sorry I am not going to trudge through this sort of irrelevance, I might try skipping a few pages but I am not going to keep that up through 700 pages.I also have serious reservations about the use (part two) of the true name of the God of the Bible for a group who carry out atrocities in that name (as I understand it - I refused to read this part in any more detail, considering it blasphemous).You will understand then that I am sadly unable, for various reasons, to finish this book.

  • MatteoMC
    2019-04-19 17:14

    I love the idea of this story. Being gay is a gift, a unique identity making us distinct but part of the human species. The connection between gays and lesbians, the land, the divine/ dream world, wolves and whales is a great element of the story. It impressed on me the fact that we often undervalue ourselves and that we could do more with our lives. Though a Fantasy book, what is told within the covers could, without too much exaggeration and by leaving out the divine Beings, become true in one form or the other. The thought of a 'gay cure' scares me.I bought the three books but I review them as one because I think this should have been only one book, not three. This book had the potential to be fantastic but suffered for its less than great editing and grammar : 'rouge' instead of 'rogue' in a chapter title, would of thought , could of ... (really!?) The numerous characters and changes in point of view also hurt the flow of the story. The ending felt open-ended and abrupt to me, leaving the antagonists and the MCs hanging there as if forgotten. The book actually ends on a sweet promising note ... with a secondary character! is there a next book coming? It certainly feels like there needs to be. I would read it.

  • Sandra
    2019-04-14 16:09

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