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James Patterson, bestselling author of the Alex Cross novels Along Came a Spider, Kiss the Girls, and Pop Goes the Weasel, offers the first of a new series dubbed The Women's Murder Club, featuring a four-woman team that occasionally works outside the system. None of the gritty darkness or frenzied action is lost in 1st to Die, although the female protagonists offer an eveJames Patterson, bestselling author of the Alex Cross novels Along Came a Spider, Kiss the Girls, and Pop Goes the Weasel, offers the first of a new series dubbed The Women's Murder Club, featuring a four-woman team that occasionally works outside the system. None of the gritty darkness or frenzied action is lost in 1st to Die, although the female protagonists offer an even deeper emotional context to this suspense thriller.Inspector Lindsay Boxer of the San Francisco Police Department suddenly finds herself in the middle of two horrifying situations: The first is that she's just learned she has an often-fatal blood disease. The second is a double homicide case she is now heading up that involves the murder of newlyweds on their wedding night. Burdened with Chris Raleigh, a new partner reassigned from the mayor's office, Lindsay finds that she has too much to deal with and turns to her best friend, Claire, the head ME on the case. Claire offers helpful advice and human, friendly contact amid a job filled with violence, cruelty, and fear.Soon a fledgling newspaper reporter, Cindy, makes contact with Lindsay looking for a career-making story. Although Lindsay can't officially comment on the case, the two women form a rapport, and Cindy joins Lindsay and Claire for their weekly meeting. When a second pair of newlyweds is murdered, and later a third, the investigation leads to a prominent crime writer, Nicholas Jenks, who has a history of spousal abuse and a predilection for kinky, dangerous sex games. With the help of an understanding assistant D.A., Jill Bernhardt, Lindsay tries to make a case against Jenks, who even had an affair with one of the slain women. Eventually Jill joins the Murder Club, and the four ladies share private interdepartmental information in an effort to track and stop the killer before he strikes again.The major subplot -- Lindsay's facing up to her illness even while she learns to fall in love again -- carefully compensates for the novel's coarse scenes of brutality. Lindsay Boxer is't merely an obsessed cop trailing a maniac; she's also a terrified woman confronting the onslaught of disease. The story lines balance out to show us the true mettle of someone who puts the safety of others before her own.Again, Patterson's skill for producing furiously paced fiction are evident as the novel breezes by rapidly. The short chapters keep the narrative leaping with increasingly taut plot elements, but there's an emotional commitment that makes our protagonist even more amiable and involving. 1st to Die is a novel that works as an intense series of character portraits that will leave the reader touched and delighted.--Tom Piccirilli...

Title : 1st to Die
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1st to Die Reviews

  • Zach
    2019-04-06 02:41

    How in the world is he a best-selling author? His characters are shallow, his writing is mediocre, and when he writes about romance it feels mechanical and formulaic. This book had a twist at the end, but it was the worst sort of twist - the kind that you can't really predict because he probably didn't think to add it until after the book was already written - leaving out any traces of foreshadowing. I haven't read any of his other books and don't plan to now. When you have as little time for leisure reading as I do, you waste as little time as possible reading crap.Also, he uses too much vulgarity and too much sex. It isn't even romantic sex; it's cheap.I recommend this book only to people who have already read every other book in the world and would rather read something they haven't read then reread a good book.

  • The Book Maven
    2019-04-14 10:43

    Am I the only one that thinks that "Women's Murder Club" sounds not only hokey but juvenile and begging mockery?The story: a psycho serial killer begins murdering newly married couples. 4 women, each with their own stake in cracking the case, are determined to nail the killer, and so band together outside of official channels to pool their resources and figure it all out. There is a red herring (if one could call it that) and a vaguely surprising twist at the end, but I read this with an unusual level of detachment and disinterest, and so was not impressed by anything.I just wasn't hugely impressed with this book. Patterson's handling of the female characters and their relationships with each other were stilted, forced, and lacked nuance from beginning to end. I get the impression that Patterson does not truly grasp how women operate, and how their relationships develop.As for the plot itself, well, it was vaguely diverting, but not much more. The only halfway compelling facet of this mystery was the main character's struggle with an illness of which she has just learned; an illness that is potentially fatal, can advance rapidly (and in fact does), and that begins to make her realize her own sense of mortality, and how time might be running out. I love books in which the female characters are young, put-together, strong, successful...I think what is the most disappointing about this book is that there is SO MUCH unrealized potential. Grrrr.

  • Lydia
    2019-03-20 08:43

    This is my first Patterson experience. The book was quite captivating and enthralling.There are half a million detective-serial killer novels out there... Patterson's are by far near if not at the top of the list! His chapters are so brisk you'll find your self half-way through the book before you know it. As well, the suspense is so well paced, and he also tosses in so many possibilities and clues to murderer's identity into the mix, there's no way you'll be able to set the book down until you have reached the finale. In addition to top-notch suspense, Patterson gives deep insight into the minds of our four heroine's, we know their dark secrets , and sympathize with them (especially Linday with the rare blood disorder, an original sub-plot)therefore we truly care about what happens to them. And as you approach the end of Patterson's 1st to Die, you breath of sigh of relief, only until the last page where Patterson chucks another twist at you, you nearly fall out of your seat in cardiac arrest! Never have I read a novel with a final twist so near the end of the book I can't help but applaud Patterson for being so clever. Reading it was like driving a car, through beautiful countryside relaxing and enjoying it- UNTIL you suddenly see the road sink below the horizon realizing your approaching a cliff at rapid speed! Kudos to Patterson, this book Thrills!

  • James LafayetteTivendale
    2019-03-25 05:33

    I tend to read Patterson's books when I don't want my brain to work that hard. 1st to Die fits that bill perfectly. I loved the concept of a group of extraordinary females - including a detective, a lawyer, and a journalist - working together to solve crimes. It was an easy to read, page-turning thriller featuring a complicated, gruesome killer of newly-weds, and more twists and turns than a twisty turny thing.

  • Tea Jovanović
    2019-04-05 10:18

    Slabo je poznata činjenica da sam prva dovela Patersonove knjige u Srbiju... i bila sam godinama urednik njegovih knjiga za različite izdavače... i da verovatno najbolje poznajem njegov bogati opus... :) Od svih raznovrsnih njegovih knjiga i serijala ovaj mi je najdraži, koji sam uporno "gurala" godinama... Ovde ne možemo pričati o "velikoj" književnosti ali zato možemo govoriti o pravom kvalitetnom komercijalnom autoru, koji vas uhvati i ne pušta od početka do kraja svake knjige... čak i one koju biste ocenili sa samo dve ili tri zvezdice... :) I možete pročitati i po tri knjige zaredom i tražiti još... Zato on piše i po 8 naslova godišnje... po jedan iz svakog serijala plus poneki stand alone naslov... :)

  • Erica Poole
    2019-03-22 04:39

    While I greatly enjoyed this and the next 2 books in the Women's Murder Club series, I was unable to continue reading the series with the same enjoyment due to comments that Patterson himself made in regards to it. He basically said that they were crap, that he just wrote them because he knew that they would sell, and he basically made me feel as if by reading them, and enjoying them, he was belittling me. I know it might be a bit extreme, but he ruined this series for me, as well as other series, such as those involving Alex Cross. Hard to enjoy work from an author who condescends to write for 'the masses'.

  • Diane
    2019-04-19 07:13

    My impulse as I read 1st to Die was to start editing. Overwriting, reduncancy, and sentimentality took the place of plot structure, character development, and freshness. Each of the four women was described in terms of her profession and ethnic background--sassy Black woman medical examiner with a faithful musician husband, sleek, sophisticated put-upon woman DA who gets no respect from her male superiors, perky newspaper reporter whose risk-taking allows her to get the scoops that more seasoned newspaper people are afraid to go after, and, of course, our depressed, troubled, obsessed main character who gets her life back just to lose everything and speaks in cliches throughout the narrative. This book was a fast read, but I won't bother reading any of the other books in the series. I wonder if the TV show is any better? If so, it's only because some decent writers turned the script into something better than this book.

  • Lorena
    2019-03-21 05:38

    I was curious about this series because it's obviously very popular, but I can't say I'm terribly impressed by it. First of all, the sappy "you go girl" female characters didn't seem very true to life to me. Patterson seems to think that name-checking Sarah McLachlan and Tori Amos, plus a lot of hugging and randomly saying "I love you, girl", means he has created believable female characters. Not so much. Also, I thought the plot was melodramatic, and the continual twists were more tedious than shocking or surprising.

  • Marwan
    2019-04-03 02:22

    The first James Patterson book I ever read, and one of the best I read this year. It has exceeded my expectations. Honestly I didn't know serial killer novels could be this fun. It's filled with suspense and thrill, and Just when you thought you've seen the last of the twists, another one jumps at you in the final pages. The plot revolves around a serial killer who targets newlyweds at their wedding night, and it's up to the homicide inspector, Lindsay Boxer to track him down. However, in order to do that she needs the help of her friends in the women's murder club (Claire Washburn, Cindy Thomas, and Jill Bernhardt). Together they work hard in order to bring the killer to justice before he strikes again.

  • Jessica
    2019-03-20 03:15

    I love love love James Patterson, he's my new favorite author. His writing style is great, easy to read and fast. He explains things so you understand but without making you feel stupid. His characters are well developed in this series and are entertaining. Another thing I love, his chapters are very very short so you can always get to a good stopping place!

  • Heidi
    2019-04-20 03:14

    I’ve been having trouble concentrating enough to read anything involving thought and effort so mindless mysteries/thrillers are just what the doctor ordered. This one, though? No thanks.By page 45 I decided I hated James Patterson writing women. The head of the homicide division and the chief medical examiner of San Francisco are disgusted, sickened, and “have to turn away” from a body. What atrocity can these two strong, experienced, professional women not handle? A body with a single stab wound. What?! Oh, but the male detective? He’s just fine! He even steps in to offer our lead homicide investigator an arm to lean on! Seriously? You’ve got to be kidding me.I found the interactions between the female friends not realistic in the slightest. I actually snorted with laughter a few times at how ridiculous and cliché they were. Overall I found the writing to be stilted and not especially engaging. I can’t say I enjoyed it much at all. And I don’t normally notice these things but the man used the word, “chilling” so many times that, not only did I notice, but was really annoyed by it. Good writers don’t need to tell their readers how to react to their writing. I should find your descriptions “chilling” without being told to over and over and over again.And my most petty complaint: The Women’s Murder Club. Four intelligent, urbane professionals and that’s the name of their group? Couldn’t he have come up with a name that wasn’t so hackneyed and immature? It might as well be The Four Females Who Find Killers Club or The Four Awesome Chicks Hunting Bad Guys Club. Would a homicide investigator, coroner, prosecutor, and reporter who were male have to create a “club” and name it something so hokey? Again, I think it goes back to Patterson’s inability to write women with any realism or truth. And his desire to create a series and characters that could easily be marketed and turned into a movie and/or TV show. I enjoy gruesome, bloody thrillers but really doubt I can bring myself to skim through the rest of these books based solely on how poorly written I find the characters.ETA: I just found out that James Patterson earned $50 million from June 2007 to June 2008. No, that’s not a typo. I’m equal parts horrified and inspired to write something that my biggest fans will excitedly describe as a “quick and easy read.”

  • Wendy
    2019-04-11 04:27

    I believe this will be the last James Patterson novel that I read. It was another of his titles with cardboard characters, stilted dialogue, and a plot with unlikely but convenient and contrived coincidences, which all equal a very thin read. In this book, the women's "friendship" came across as canned and forced. I think the characters were developed solely on a quota system for just the perfect mix that could solve murders. It was almost as if I could hear him thinking, "Hmmm...let's see...I need a homicide detective (check), a medical examiner (check), and oh, maybe a reporter (check again). What else? Yes, of course! A district attorney too! (final check). Let's also make sure I represent the independent tough woman working in a man's world, the ethnic woman, the up-and-comer with moxie, and the uber-professional careerist. Done and done." Perhaps his use of ghostwriters who write stories about characters they didn't envision doing things that someone else has imagined and outlined is what causes this flatness. Whatever the reason, the end result just isn't for me. While I admire James Patterson's apparent marketing genius and entrepreneurial spirit in creating book outlines and farming out the actual storytelling and writing to other authors, he is now really just a brand cranking out books at breakneck speed. But at least he's honest about it. And he's right that his writing/outlines do appeal to a certain type of reader who wants a fast-paced read that doesn't require heavy lifting. Nothing wrong with that, but I'll be moving on.

  • Li'l Owl
    2019-03-22 08:37

    This is an audio book that I listened to many, many years ago. It's narrated by Suzanne Toren who did an excellent job. I remember that I loved it so much that I listened to the entire series back to back, or at least up until the point where I had to wait for the next one to come out. Then I listened to it immediately. This was published in 2002 and I own all of them on Audible audio books. Now, the 16th one, 16th Seduction, is out so I've decided to start back to the beginning of the series for the second time. I didn't remember the intricate twists and turns it takes all the way up to the very end. I can definitely say that it was a great decision! I'm on to the second one, 2nd Chance.Now about this book. I loved it! What an incredible ending!! James Patterson and Maxine Paetro have coauthored an ingenious novel staring Lindsey Boxer, slowly unfolding how the Woman's Murder Club gets started, all the way thru to dynamic ending that I guarantee you will NOT forsee!! You will have to read it to find out anything more.

  • Joyce
    2019-04-06 03:35

    There's nothing specifically GOOD about this book, but damned if the pages don't practically turn themselves. It's pure junk food, and I mean that as a compliment insofar as processed food is very highly engineered by very skilled workers to be universally appealing to the widest possible market.Patterson -- a top advertising exec before his writing career -- seems to have decided that in addition to his bestselling Alex Cross novels and film adaptations, he needed a series that appealed to women and television. Four chicks with different skills -- ensemble cast! Alex Cross works on the East Coast, so we'll set this series on the West Coast! They have complicated love lives and health problems and career setbacks for background color!It's a sign of Patterson's professionalism that he doesn't make you feel like a market segment while you're actually reading. He wants to tell a good story, and shows real interest in his characters' feelings no matter how banal. I doubt I'll be reading another entry in this series, but new writers could do a lot worse than following this craftsman's lead.

  • Celia
    2019-04-10 02:23

    Oh god - I really hated the first book I read of Patterson's, but I'd read about the Women's Murder Club TV series, and thought it sounded kind of cool, so I wanted to try the books. I'm about half way through, and this is pretty awful so far, in the same way as the previous book I read. Clumsy, cliched writing, ridiculous characters, a really ridiculous killer... bah. Why are these popular? At least it's a quick read.***Skimmed my way frantically through the second half of the book in order to finish it. Awful, awful stuff - Patterson is an incredibly bad writer. And that "twist" at the end? Jesus christ. I felt embarrassed to be reading this on the train, in case someone was reading over my shoulder. Ergh.

  • Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*
    2019-04-01 03:30

    Audio.A really light easy read. It helps with audio versions when the chapters are short and pithy, as these definitely were.This book is the first in the Woman's Murder Club series.Inspector Lindsay Boxer of the San Francisco Police Department suddenly finds herself in the middle of two horrifying situations: The first is that she's just learned she has an often-fatal blood disease. The second is a double homicide case she is now heading up that involves the murder of newlyweds on their wedding night. Burdened with Chris Raleigh, a new partner reassigned from the mayor's office, Lindsay finds that she has too much to deal with and turns to her best friend, Claire, the head ME on the case.With the help of fledgling newspaper reporter Cindy, and ADA Jill, Lindsay and Claire share private interdepartmental information in an effort to track and stop the killer before he strikes again.I wasn't expecting great things from this book, but I was pleasantly surprised and have already loaded the second in the series 2nd Chance to listen to.

  • Hari Kumar
    2019-04-10 09:18

    My goodness, I've completed this book. I decided to try this novel as it had (and still have) a really good rating on GR. And I thought this would make a good read. I have imagined this would be better read than the Alex Cross, but not much. It seems Mr.Patterson has read a way lot of Agatha Christie and had confusions on whether the ideas are his or someone else's and finally decides to write books before the conclusion of those idea's origins and ignoring their quintessentiality in their real storylines. I didn't like the narrative style which is weird and annoying sometimes, and the author thinks the book is narrated by a woman (thought, I'm not a woman), but trust me this ain't the way a woman speaks, but at least for women with such credentials.I think he shouldn't have written the epilogue which is completely out of sanity. But anyway Thanks to Mr.Patterson for this book, which made me write a completely opposing review (almost completely except for this part)

  • Aira Karina
    2019-03-30 08:29

    i was having a hard time to focus on the first few chapter .. but things change after i read through half of the book . james patterson is an auto buy author for me . i felt every struggle the heroines went through in this book .. this is a must read series ..

  • Marleen
    2019-04-17 10:29

    It goes to show that we as readers evolve, meaning that we as individuals evolve; we grow older and our taste in books change, which is a good thing. I gave this book 5 stars when I first read it, 15 years ago, now, well, I still like it, but I'm not so impressionable anymore; I do find flaws with it.For instance, the insanity of the murders, and what's behind it, is rather flimsy. You will say that a psychopath often has no good reason to inflict pain, to kill. He simply enjoys it - but to influence others? I don't know.I like Lindsey Boxer, SFPD detective, and I enjoy her friendship with Claire, the forensic pathologist, Cindy, the journalist, and finally Jill, the ADA. They all have a story to tell - and it was interesting to read how the Women's Murder Club was formed.The Bride & Groom murders are at the center of this plot - and now with all the years gone by and rereading - I admit it's not the greatest plot, but it's well paced. The author does a good job building up the story. It kept me captivated. Foremost, I want to know how these ladies grow in their careers, so yes I look forward reading the rest of the books.

  • Marisa Meiga
    2019-04-09 10:26

    Acabo de terminar de releer este libro de James Patterson y aún me estoy preguntando cómo no seguí leyendo sus libros. Esta historia es muy atrapante, tanto que no quieres soltar el libro porque quieres saber qué es lo que sucede a continuación. La verdad es que engancha de muchas maneras: la historia está muy bien, los personajes también; en este primer libro de “El club de las mujeres contra el crimen” el personaje más desarrollado es el de Lindsay Boxer, la policía; y, por otra parte, los capítulos son cortísimos por lo que te anima a seguir y seguir leyendo; además, la intriga se mantiene hasta el final del libro. Muy recomendable.

  • Andrew Neveils
    2019-04-12 05:13

    Wow! This book was great! I almost gave it 4-stars, as there are some subplot development issues (the main character, Lindsay, developed well as a character, but has a lot of things that happen out of the main plot that do not directly relate, but don't exactly take away - Patterson is trying to add more emotional, real-life appeal to the novel). Overall I loved it!The book has a lot of suspense is a very quick read! Lindsay is trying to catch a "bride and groom" pyschopath killer while dealing with issues of life. She and three other girlfriends form a club - The Women's Murder Club - so they can solve the murders together, off the record, and as a "girls-only" atmosphere to alleviate the male dominated professions each woman is involved in. Lindsay is a senior inspector for the San Fransico PD, Cliare is the Assistant Medical Examiner, Cindy is a rookie reporter, and Jill is the Assistant District Attorney. These women come together and make real friendships as they each help each other's case, career, and life.3/4 of the way into it I thought I had figured it out. Well nearly every chapter after turned the book into a corkscrew - twist after twist after twist. It did not take away from the book because you kept guessing! I was so close... Then, the ending is - killer.Read it and continue on into the next books in the series!

  • Phrynne
    2019-04-18 05:17

    Oh that was excellent! I really enjoy James Patterson 's style, short chapters, fast paced storyline, and characters I can relate to. This book even had a nice little romance even if it did end sadly. I loved the way I knew who the killer was, then I didn't and then right at the last minute when I thought it was all done and dusted back came yet another killer. Fantastic. I look forward to reading the rest of this series.

  • Eddie Owens
    2019-04-19 02:28

    All a bit silly, but it just about kept me reading.I haven't read any James Patterson since I got sick of Alex Cross twenty years ago. So I thought I'd give this a try and see if he'd changed at all.He hasn't.Same old Patterson: Very short chapters of two pages, so you don't get bored; One dimensional characters, ridiculous plots, too many twists...I won't go on.Patterson shouldn't have a female protagonist because he is so soppy it makes you sick at times. When Lindsay talks about "my girls" as though they are her bff's, having only know them a week or so, it is just silly.There are so many manufactured twists at the end that I lost interest in who did it. A plot has to be organic and grow out of the facts. If the author ignores his own plot premise to add another twist, why should I care about his plot?The idea of the women's murder club is also quite insulting to any detective force. Why bother with detectives if three women can solve the case over wine and chocolate cake?I won't be reading any more in the series.

  • Joyzi
    2019-03-21 07:22

    It is really hard to rate this book since it seems that this is a mix of cheesiness and cliche but it is also unpredictable and thrilling. It has some terrible parts but there are also amazing parts.Pros:1. I love the title 1st to die and my assumption to who will be the "1st to die" is wrong so I guess that is a plus point for the book.2. I really like the murder scenes it is very grotesquely describe that it made me shiver just imagining them.3. The twist in the end about who's the true murderer is something that I totally didn't see coming and I think it is a great twist, very shocking indeed.4. Even the epilogue of the book is exhilarating, I thought it is all over but there's still some heart-stopping action at the epilogue of the book. Cons:1. The characters and their relationships felt very awkward and contrived for me. The dialogues are very cheesy that it actually made me gag a couple of times.2. Even the Women's Murder Club thingy felt a little bit push, it is just there for the sake of a bad ass title for the series but it is really lazily written. The parts wherein they're talking or even when they first met each other is very unnatural. They're like BFF's all of a sudden.3. Lindsay's "blood disease" is a little bit cliche even the coughing of the blood part."I coughed a raw, burning stinging in my chest, then I shook and coughed some more. Gradually, I felt the spell recede. I took a breath, opened my eyes. I shuddered. There was blood all over the sink."--What I mean is that this is really cliche when you watch those drama series on tv, you'll always have this scene.4. The romance is a bit cheesy too, especially at the beginning of the book. Even their first night together is written in a very cheesy way it just made me puke.5. Also another thing that pisses me off is how the chapters are really short and guess what this book has a total of 126 chapters and one epilogue. I am so not kidding.6. Here we go again with James Patterson's ridiculous deux ex machina. This is not my first J. Patterson book and I've read the first two books in his Maximum Ride Series and that's what I notice about both of these books is that he uses deux ex machina all the time to just move his plot.Like for example in this book, Jenks was inside the van and he is there because he's already a prisoner and then he have these handcuffs and some police who were watching for him etc. Then a GOD DAMN EARTHQUAKE came and he's free. I mean come on James Patterson this is just too convenient isn't it? Okay ranting over, all and all I did enjoy this book and I really am grateful that someone from The Filipino Group here in Goodreads gave this book to me last December. Though now I'm not sure who's the original owner since I just pick it up on the giveaway pile. Nevertheless thank you whoever you may be :).

  • Crystal Starr Light
    2019-03-26 10:28

    It has been some time since I have read any mystery novels, so after much hunting through bookstores, I eagerly picked up the New York Bestselling book, 1st to Die.The beginning had me hooked. Looking through the eyes of the criminal-and the eyes of his soon-to-be victims-was awesome. I started out liking Lindsay, Cindy, and Claire. Lindsay's medical condition helped me grow closer to her (which I found slightly surprising). And as a public transportation rider, I enjoyed the short chapters. But as time progressed, the following began to annoy me:1. Through most of the book, I had a hard time thinking of Lindsay as a woman. It just felt like a guy writing what he thought a woman might think!2. I don't see why Patterson bothered to call this a Women's Murder Mystery Club adventure. Almost the entire book centers on Lindsay and her point of view. Cindy has only two major sequences where she does anything of any consequence. Claire is only given one section to herself. Mostly, she appears only when Lindsay consults her. And I don't understand why Jill was brought up at all-her role was completely meaningless.3. The formation of the club is something I would expect from a young adult novel. One minute, the women go out for drinks, the next, they are bragging about having sex and where they have tattoos (yes, this is exactly what I do when I just meet a new group of women!). And what do the four really do to solve the mystery? I don't see how they helped Lindsay out much at all.4. Lindsay and Chris were a cute couple, but their romance went way too fast. They started off okay, and then suddenly, they were in bed with each other. Their chemistry was thrown together hastily and more "telling" than "showing".5. Once the last couple is killed, I feel that there is no more reason to be invested in the story. It's almost as though Patterson said, "I've killed the last couple now." I would really have preferred him to allude to a fourth murder, and for Lindsay and Chris to rush to the rescue.I was really looking forward to reading this book and was sorry to see it continue to fall below my expectations as each page progressed. As soon as I finished it, I took it to a bookstore and traded it in for something else. I really would like to give Patterson a second chance-perhaps some of his earlier works-but after this novel, I am a little more wary about how I spend my $8.

  • Larisa
    2019-03-26 08:41

    This was my first James Patterson novel, and I have to say it was probably my last. I was expecting much, much more from a best-selling author - more complexity, more depth, more emotion. While I can see how the plot lends itself well to summer movie adaptation, as has been Patterson's style in the past with Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider, I found the writing entirely too simplistic, as if were distilled down to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Nothing too challenging so as not to offend the masses. The characters were flat. The love affair.. Don't get me started. Let's just say that you could totally tell that a man wrote this book. The two main detectives jumped from begrudging partners to passionate lovers with a blink of an eye and little to no development, which annoyed me. The ending - a disjointed killer-surprise-attack-for-one-final-bloody-act kind of deal. Eh...I would recommend this book to someone who just wants a quick read for a plane trip, someone seeking a cheap & dirty thrill but not much else.

  • Tammie Tackett
    2019-03-27 06:43

    This book was very good the 2nd time around. I wish i had the 2nd book and 3rd book but i don,t.

  • Πάνος Τουρλής
    2019-04-15 06:23

    Ένας κατά συρροήν δολοφόνος στο Σαν Φρανσίσκο σκοτώνει νιόπαντρα ζευγάρια το αργότερο 24 ώρες από την τελετή του γάμου τους. Η Λίνζι Μπόξερ είναι επιθεωρητής του Τμήματος Ανθρωποκτονιών της πόλης και η υπόθεση αυτή είναι πολύ δύσκολη. Στο πλάι της είναι η επί δέκα χρόνια παντρεμένη φίλη της, Κλερ Γουόσμπερν, επικεφαλής ιατροδικαστής της πολης. Η δημοσιογράφος Σίντι Τόμας εργάζεται στην τοπική εφημερίδα Σαν Φρανσίσκο Κρόνικλ και αναλαμβάνει το ρεπορτάζ για την υπόθεση. Και όταν όλα τα στοιχεία αρχίζουν να δείχνουν τον ένοχο η Λίνζι ενημερώνει την αντεισαγγελέα Τζιλ Μπέρνχαρντ. Με αυτήν την υπόθεση ξεκινάει δουλειά η Γυναικεία Λέσχη Φόνων, μια ιδιότυπη παρέα τεσσάρων γυναικών που ανακαλύπτουν κοινά σημεία αναφοράς και μια χημεία που θα τις βοηθήσει να λύνουν τις υποθέσεις που παρουσιάζονται ανταλλάσσοντας απόψεις και πληροφορίες. Κλασικός, αγαπημένος Πάτερσον, κλασική αγαπημένη αστυνομική πλοκή. Με τις ανατροπές της, την κινηματογραφική, σχεδόν σεναριακή γραφή της, τον αγώνα ενάντια στον χρόνο, την κλιμάκωση της υπόθεσης, το κλείσιμο του ματιού, ό,τι θέλει να βρει δηλαδή κανείς σε βιβλίο του αγαπημένου συγγραφέα. Μέχρι στιγμής ακούω αντικρουόμενες απόψεις για τον Πάτερσον, από το ότι επαναλαμβάνεται μέχρι ότι γράφει κατά παραγγελία βιβλία-φασόν ή ακόμη ότι γράφει επιφανειακά. Προσωπικά, ακόμη δεν έχω βαρεθεί. Έχει ακριβώς ό,τι μου αρέσει να διαβάζω σε θριλεράκια του είδους του και το γεγονός ότι κατάλαβα σχεδόν αμέσως πως ο ένοχος δεν είναι ο ένοχος και έχει ζουμί η υπόθεση δε με αποκαρδίωσε καθόλου, γιατί απλώς ήθελα κι άλλο!Το 1ο έγκλημα είναι ένα θρίλερ μυστηρίου, γεμάτο σασπένς και εκπλήξεις από την πρώτη ως την κυριολεκτικά τελευταία σελίδα. Με ικανοποίηση πρόσεξα ότι οι τέσσερις γυναίκες δε δημιούργησαν τη Γυναικεία Λέσχη Φόνων για να πίνουν τσάι και να κουτσομπολεύουν, ούτε για να αναλώνονται σε κοινωνικούς σχολιασμούς άνευ ενδιαφέροντος. Με εφαλτήριο την υπόθεση που καλείται να επιλύσει η Λίζι, συγκροτείται ένα ετερόκλητο σύνολο που έχει κάποια κοινά σημεία αναφοράς και αυτή ακριβώς η παρέα έχει τα συστατικά εκείνα που αληθοφανώς επιλύουν την υπόθεση ή έστω την προχωράνε παρακάτω. Μέχρι στιγμής έχουν γραφτεί τουλάχιστον 12 βιβλία κι εύχομαι ολόψυχα να μην ξεφουσκώσει η ιδέα αυτή. Η Λίζι μας απασχόλησε λίγο περισσότερο εδώ, μιας και γνωρίζει τον έρωτα στα μάτια ενός συνεργάτη της υπόθεσης ενώ ταυτόχρονα παλεύει με μια σπάνια ασθένεια, οπότε είναι συγκρατημένη στα αισθήματά της, μιας και δε θέλει να ξεκινήσει κάτι καταδικασμένο να τελειώσει και μάλιστα σύντομα. Η ερωτική αυτή ιστορία δεν είχε πολύ συναίσθημα, αντίθετα, ακολουθούσε τον φρενήρη ρυθμό της υπόθεσης και πέρασε από όλα τα στάδια μιας σχέσης. Δε βάθυνε αρκετά, δεν προσέδωσε ολοκλήρωση χαρακτήρων όμως με συγκίνησε, αν και η κατάληξη αυτής της σχέσης μου φάνηκε ολίγον κλισέ. Θα κερδίσει τη μάχη με την ασθένεια η Λίζι; Έχει δικαίωμα στο όνειρο την ίδια στιγμή που κάποιος αδίστακτος δολοφόνος τσαλαπατάει αυτά ακριβώς τα όνειρα νέων παιδιών;Η ταυτότητα του δολοφόνου ήταν ένας δύσκολος γρίφος, που μου θύμισε αρκετά ένα άλλο θριλεράκι, του Γουίλλιαμ Ντίαλ, ως προς τις απανωτές ανατροπές και τις δυσάρεστες εκπλήξεις. Τα στοιχεία ένα προς ένα και οι ενδείξεις που μετατρέπονται σταδιακά σε αποδείξεις υποδεικνύνουν έναν και μόνο για δολοφόνο, είναι όμως αλήθεια αυτό ή κάποιος προσπαθεί να τον παγιδέψει; Κι αν είναι κάποιος παλιός εχθρός του γιατί θέλει να τον καταστρέψει; Πώς συνδέονται αυτοί οι δύο άνθρωποι στην πλεκτάνη; Πώς θα αποκαλυφθεί η μεγάλη αλήθεια, που με άφησε άφωνο και με κέρδισε απόλυτα; Το πρώτο βιβλίο της σειράς με τη Γυναικεία Λέσχη Φόνων είναι ένα γρήγορο βιβλίο, με καταιγιστική δράση, γρήγορους ρυθμούς, ανατροπές και ένταση. Μόλις το τελείωσα, έσπευσα στο ράφι της βιβλιοθήκης μου για να διαβάσω το επόμενο!

  • Michael Britt
    2019-04-11 08:14

    Actual rating- 3.5 Stars. While I didn’t enjoy this as much as Invisible, it was still a pleasant read! I’m still new to the mystery/thriller genre, I really enjoy these types of books. It’s a nice switch up from Fantasy. This was yet another fast-paced page turner. While the ending really wasn’t the best, I still enjoyed it as a whole. I’d definitely recommend to someone looking for a low effort thriller.

  • Rhonda B
    2019-03-23 06:41

    First in a series that was excellent. In the beginning we read how the Women's Murder Club comes about. Then the story unfolds with a good twist near the end. Thought I had it figured out but, to find out.