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Based on Emily Schuman’s popular lifestyle blog of the same name, Cupcakes and Cashmere is the must-have guide for those looking to establish their own sense of style, organize and decorate their home, or throw an easy and stylish party. Organized by season, the book expands on Schuman’s blog by including DIY projects, organization tips, party-planning ideas, beauty how-toBased on Emily Schuman’s popular lifestyle blog of the same name, Cupcakes and Cashmere is the must-have guide for those looking to establish their own sense of style, organize and decorate their home, or throw an easy and stylish party. Organized by season, the book expands on Schuman’s blog by including DIY projects, organization tips, party-planning ideas, beauty how-tos, and seasonal recipes. Cupcakes and Cashmere features original material that has not been previously published on the site. With her signature photographic layouts, Emily creates a lifestyle that is chic and achievable for every reader, making this the ultimate style guide for living a fashionable life....

Title : Cupcakes and Cashmere: A Guide for Defining Your Style, Reinventing Your Space, and Entertaining with Ease
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ISBN : 9781419702105
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 176 Pages
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Cupcakes and Cashmere: A Guide for Defining Your Style, Reinventing Your Space, and Entertaining with Ease Reviews

  • Heather
    2018-10-14 23:17

    Not sure what I was expecting, but I didn't love the book - still trying to understand why she says in her introduction that a book was needed because all of this information simply couldn't go in the blog.....I didn't really see anything that couldn't go in a blog - and if I had wanted to read a blog, I wouldn't have dragged myself to the library for the book!Maybe it's just me, but I also found the sheer number of pictures of the author in the book to be rather jarring - I felt like I was looking at someone's personal photo book - you know, where you're trying to be polite, but you really don't want to see another picture of how great they think they look in a parka....

  • Heidi
    2018-10-06 23:20

    This is one of those books that makes you think... why couldn't I have gotten a book deal and written this? there are tips on how to shop a flea market that include such whitty remarks as 'don't wear nice clothes cause you will get dirty' I feel like if you need to read a book like that then maybe you should prooooobably not go to a flea market in the first place. However, there are a few good recipes I might steal. The rest UBER basic

  • Amy
    2018-10-12 01:21

    I know this is going to sound petty.... nearly every full-length picture of the author shows her standing like a five year old who has to pee. I wasn't able to take anything seriously in the entire book after realizing that.

  • Christina
    2018-10-16 01:27

    I bought this book a couple of months ago as I am a huge fan of the blog of the same name and having read so many positive reviews and comments about the book, I knew I would love it. Both the blog and book are written by Emily Schuman who lives in L.A and writes mostly outfit posts with a few lifestyle posts thrown in. Her blog is simple and is very heavy on photography. Emily is an icon in many ways, her style is impeccable, she has had so many fashion jobs including working for Teen Vogue at the same time when Lauren Conrad was interning there on 'The Hills' season one and not to mention, she is incredibly beautiful. Her daily blog posts tend to be mostly fashion based, whereas the book has a lot of variety and is sorted into 4 different sections for each season; Style, Beauty, At Home and Food & Entertaining. Described as 'a guide for defining your style, reinventing your space and entertaining with ease,' the book is the perfect companion for any young woman looking for tips on how to lead a glamorous lifestyle.

  • Jessica
    2018-10-04 01:33

    The only reason I gave this book 2 stars is because the photos are pretty. The content is dull! If I wanted to figure out what items I should have in my wardrobe I'd pick up a Nina Garcia book or "The Lucky Shopping Manual" (or a fashion magazine). If I cared about recipes I'd pick up a cookbook. If I wanted to know which brand of lipstick to buy I'd check YouTube or a blog. This book is all over the place, and it has no staying power. Yawn.

  • Rachel
    2018-09-19 22:42

    It could've just been titled "Pictures of me being cute, and ways I think you might want to try being more like me." The advice was very VERY basic, the tips weren't really universally useful, and there wasn't much in it that I hadn't seen before somewhere else. Less than inspiring.But I do love the title.

  • Victoria Moore
    2018-10-11 20:33

    I could tell when I read the title of Emily Schuman's book "Cupcakes and Cashmere" that I was in for a treat. Beautifully laid-out, with exquisite photos and short, pithy text, it proved to be a delightful escape into a world I already love that consists of fashion, beauty, food and interiors. Arranged by season it also reminded me of all of the things one should enjoy about each time of year, whether it's doing something as simple as creating a wonderful bouquet of flowers in the Spring or creating a costume for Halloween in the Fall. Inspired by the blog, of the same name, Schuman has a special talent for integrating her own life experiences with informative tips on such fascinating topics as flea markets, organizing bookshelves and cleaning out closets. Simple recipes, with easy-to-follow instructions, for "Sugar cookies (shaped like watermelon slices) and decorated with royal icing," "Grilled shrimp and asparagus salad," and "Orange-lime margaritas" made me want to pull out my pots and pans and whip up something wonderful in the kitchen. The same can be said for the beauty tutorials where Schuman demonstrated how to apply "bright lipstick," "how to do a smoky eye" and other cosmetic tricks. To say I'm a fan of this book is an understatement because it brightened my days so much it's definitely one I'd refer to others who need something wonderful to read and savor.

  • Meril
    2018-09-29 19:37

    Found at the library (today!) and read in about an hour. I like picking up random home/lifestyle books and magazines at the library to see if I can get any ideas from them. I didn't get any from this one, mostly because Schuman shares my aesthetic on a lot of things, down to favored shoe styles and preferred candle and makeup brands. This was indeed a random find; I've never even heard of this blog before. After finishing the book I went to look at the blog, and it lived up to my expectations: little content, lots of pictures of the blogger, lots of mentions of products she was sent. Sigh. I'd honestly just recommend checking out the book if you're unfamiliar with the blog and leaving the blog alone; I like the tone of the book a lot better than I do the tone of the blog. (I should have suspected something when looking at the books on the bookshelf organization part and noticing the only books we appear to have in common are "Brave New World" and "Moneyball," which I suspect does not belong to her--no posts about the Giants in October!)

  • Nancy
    2018-09-18 00:21

    This book had potential, but it totally fizzled out by constantly stating the obvious and lacking any genuine inspiration or original creativity. Too bad. For instance, there's a section about posing for pictures. You would assume a helpful topic like this would cover sample poses, lighting, how to discover your good side, etc. Instead, she advises that you spend a lot of time in front of a mirror.

  • Nicole
    2018-10-08 22:44

    This book was basically a poor attempt to smash a blog into a book format. The recipes weren't very enticing, the "tips" on decorating and entertaining were insanely obvious and I didn't find any of the photography very impressive either. Stick to reading the blog, this is just a waste of paper and nothing that will have any longevity. I would be very surprised to see this on a library shelf in a year or two.

  • Rachel Bishop
    2018-09-21 21:44

    I have just recently found and started reading Emily's blog on a regular basis, and I feel like the book has gotten be "caught up" on the earlier days. The book is fairly basic , but there are definitely some helpful tips and tempting recipes! An enjoyable quick read with nice photography. I like her style a lot!

  • Jennifer Rose
    2018-09-18 00:35

    I felt this book was basic though I did enjoy the pictures. I feel like this is information I can get from a good blog, maybe even the author’s. I gave it three stars though because I did get some inspiration from the pictures in the book, even if the written content was generic.

  • Megan
    2018-09-29 03:40

    Sadly no new ideas. And I got a little annoyed of all the pictures of her engagement ring - we got it you got a nice rock. The one sticking out of the jeans was the one that made me start to notice it.Really? it's called cupcakes but she tells you to use a box mix?

  • Jenna Hazzard
    2018-10-03 22:34

    This book was like a lifestyle blog all rolled up into a book. I liked the way the book was set up into seasons, but I found that some of the sections in the book were on topics that I had read about a million times before.Overall, it was pleasant, but nothing super special to me.

  • Brandy Price
    2018-10-04 19:18

    Fantastic tips from a seemingly classy woman. I'm putting all of it on Pinterest!

  • Kayla Hollatz
    2018-09-18 20:25

    Not a whole lot of substance to this read but I did enjoy her tips on flea market shopping. More of a coffee table book for sophisticated, chic gals in their twenties than anything else.

  • Courtney Gawthorp
    2018-10-03 21:34

    After reading other reviews, I guess I realize I'm one of the few who actually enjoyed this book. But I think I'm also a target audience.I'm not a reader of Emily's blog, so I wasn't already familiar with the content. And I borrowed this book from a friend after deciding that it was time for me to actually make an effort on my personal appearance and home. I know that most other girls my age already know most of the content in this book, but I have never been very good with hair and makeup and styling outfits, so I actually appreciated this information. This book has been helping me get familiar with makeup products and has been a good starting point for me to know how to start building a wardrobe with items that aren't just jeans and t-shirts from college. My friends and family and husband have all started to notice that I'm taking better care of myself. Don't get me wrong, I'm not an Emily clone I also really love that this book is arranged seasonally. I enjoy the recipes and and ideas for things to do and also Emily's examples of things she wears during the seasons have been really useful to me. There were things that are cute, but practical.I don't know. Maybe the other readers were right if all this content is on the blog and maybe the information is a little too basic to be worth the trouble of writing a book, but like I said, I really enjoyed this and have been using it as a reference. I actually bought my own copy on Amazon.

  • Pauline
    2018-10-04 19:29

    Oh dear. I think I'm just the wrong demographic for this book. It's attractively presented and has a nice variety of topics, but somehow it just irritated me. I'm not an existing reader of Ms Schuman's blog, and I suspect I'm older than her target audience, which I guess might be 20-somethings. And this book might still make a nice gift for a young woman, not long out of college. For a woman over 30... not so much.Having read women's magazines for more than a few years, I found nothing fresh or enlightening here. To me, it jarred a little for the author to declare herself an expert on everything from interior design to entertaining to cooking to fashion, and the corresponding advice was notably tame. Packing tips included 'make a list,' accompanied by a stupidly large number of outfits for an example week in New York. My husband chortled when I shared with him Ms Schuman's suggestion that a scented candle makes an ideal gift for a man. And was the author trying to be ironic with her advice for making cupcakes (part of the book's title, no less?). The precious secret: use a mix from a box.Lastly, a matter of personal taste: although the photographs were professional and high quality, I got sick of seeing Ms Schuman on almost every page.It's lovely to see a blogger hit the big time with a book deal... but unless you are a dedicated fan, best skip this one.

  • Hillary roberts
    2018-09-21 19:38

    I LOVE her blog and I really wanted to love this book but I did not. First I am not a big fan of vintage. I know there are some people that can make goodwill clothes look like it came off a designer rack but sadly I go into Goodwill and all I see is crap. I lack the skills to repurpose stuff so if I buy it stays crap.She had some recipes but as I am Paleo none of them would work for me. If you like sweets and stuff then you may find them interesting.I did like her tips on how to have people over in a small apartment. I am going to give those a try.I really really wanted to like this book but sadly it was not what I was expecting.This review was originally posted on Adventures in Never Never Land

  • Jessica
    2018-09-29 03:44

    If I would have picked this up 10 years ago I may have found some of the advice useful but not so much now. It's not that the author doesn't have some decent suggestions or advice, it's just nothing new or nothing that I haven't heard or seen done better. I feel that the information presented is best in blog form which I understand is where the author got her start. Do yourself a favor, save your money and just find a good beauty or design blog. You will get better and more current advice for free!P.S.Why the awkward stance in every photo? You might as well throw in a duck face while you're at it...

  • Nupur Vanderlick
    2018-10-01 22:38

    While this book might seem like a guide on how to live like Emily, it certainly isn't undesirable. I found this book to be resplendent with tons of great tips for beginners for everything from shopping to make up to entertaining. I also enjoyed how the book was laid out - seasonally and then according to major areas such as style, beauty, at home and entertaining.I think every woman can benefit from the seasonal closet checklist and packing tips. The pictures in this book are just beautiful and I see the choice of topics to discuss is very intuitive. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for some tips on upgrading their style.

  • Brittany Nicole
    2018-10-11 02:30

    I love Emily's blog, but I'm not a keep-up-to-date-with-blogs kind of girl. So this was nice to have a bit of it to carry around & read. I did take some inspiration from it. I'd really like to redecorate my home. & my closet, if you know what I mean. Some of the recipes sound yummy, but I'm vegan... so some don't apply or they would have to be altered. It was a fun read. I recommend it if you're a fan of the blog, but don't have time to keep up with it. If you do keep up with her blog, you can probably sit this one out. (:

  • Courtney
    2018-09-17 03:27

    I'm a huge fan of the blog cupcakes and cashmere, so I knew I would enjoy this book. It's an extension of the blog in that it shows how to organize, dress, different recipes, and beauty tips. I really liked how the book was divided into various seasons and that it had a list of certain items of clothes to have per season. I think I would actually utilize that feature after I'm done having children. There are really neat DIY features that seem actually doable. This book is full of daily inspiration on how to live life a little more glamorous. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  • Chelsea
    2018-09-22 02:47

    This book, from popular lifestyle blog Cupcakes and Cashmere, brings us gorgeous photographs and glossy how-tos on everything from the smoky eye to throwing a great New Year's party. Organized by season, it covers fashion, beauty, entertaining, and DIY projects all in one book. Though obviously a light and fluffy read, it's definitely worth a peruse - this girl can dress.Her blog now, however, is kind of a joke.

  • Ky
    2018-10-11 21:17

    Some interesting anecdotes for how to have style in every season, how to host dinner parties, and how to identify your interior decorating style. There were some unique tips, but for the most part they were rather straightforward. The book is very much like the blog, pretty much just an expanded version of the former. I mostly enjoyed looking at the pretty pictures, though I do believe I'll try making the chocolate chip cookies recipe soon.

  • Rachael
    2018-10-12 23:17

    This is a lovely book with some great ideas and beautiful photography. Whilst I did some find some parts interesting or inspiring- such as some of the outfits- I did find myself thinking that I would have enjoyed the book a lot more when I was younger (i.e. in my first year or so out of university), I did enjoy this book, it was a quick and enjoyable read that is similar in content and style to the blog.

  • Alexandra Consolver
    2018-09-25 19:27

    From the blog of the same name, a visual treat of a guide to the season's. Emily Schuman thoroughly lays out her favorite tips and activities of the season from fall wardrobe essentials to spring flea market shopping tips. She shares her favorite decorating tips, entertaining strategies, and recipes, along with specific details on things like party playlists and bookcase design. This book is gorgeous, approachable, diverse, and I love the seasonal layout!

  • Nadine K
    2018-09-18 23:20

    This is a lovely book adaptation of Emily Schuman's blog of the same name. Unfortunately, it didn't teach me much that I don't already know. If you're looking for an introductory book about entertaining, beauty and decorating, this is the book for you. For me, it will be a really pretty coffee table book.

  • Lauren Amanda
    2018-10-02 22:29

    I wasn't familiar with Emily's blog before reading this book. I was looking to read some different lifestyle types of books. I really liked the wide array of topics she covers in the book. There are lots of really great tips and new info in this book. What I like best is that all of the advice is budget friendly.

  • Britney
    2018-09-15 01:24

    Read it in less than an hour, content was lacking. Not much was original. The only thing I took from the book that I didn't know before was to apply chap stick before you put on red or dark lipstick to give your lips a stain. Love the blog, the book makes me think I could write better, But kudos to her for sealing a book deal.